Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 6
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MANY PLAYERS tiessf irf' New PerfonneVs Tit Hustle Vfets For Jobs tIdveHardRace flO TO OLYMPICS J INFIELD THE SAME I HoweTei* Recruits May Take Positions ; This %»ring i.;. This Is the 15th!of a series' i of.articles on the prospects of : fi th« Major Iwague clubs during the.coming seasdn. 6 Boston, Jan. 19. (AP).—A. winter . i Cf Tlgorons (lonse-cleaning . by .; - President Bob Quian, of the Boston • Red_Sox, leaves manager Bill Car- •figan with tbe.dusty corners of the •zoster swept clean and a bosF of new performers, mostly young and ' c ^L inore- than average promise. xiBBdjr to hustle the remaining vet-! Aim in.tlie 1928. Amaricati Lea- flfne-pennant race.' ^ Three pitchers, three catchers and the entire 1927 outfield, with tbe exception I of Ira Flagstead, hkve passed out .of the picture in diBses and releases which have tie series of trddes. swaps, pur- aiarked Preident Qulnn's off aea- 8^ activities. { ;i4tst rear's veteran infield ^has bfen held intact and is expected 4o prove a fonndationl for Carrigan Ui^ build on in his second "comeback" year along the managerial |rkil. Phil Todt at ilrst base. Bill Kansas City. Jan. 19. (APl-^Two! Missouri Valley *asketball games I last night created a new pair of: , , ties in the. lower half ot the col- • . L , umn with Grinnell rurnlshing the p_ ' Pj,-** Airrpp feature by no.sing out Drake 27 to l^Ommittee l I AgrCC 25. On Aggregation to It was the flrj<t victory for Grin-' Mok** TVin noil ill sevea starts this season" xiiif 'I and also the first time in nine years that'i<5rlnilell had defeated MANY HAVE REFUSED Drake. In the second contest, the Kansas Angles beat Iowa State 3S Cj,,,„J |^ RillpH t/» Sfnrt to 2S at Manhattan. ; ptl«aa IS DllieO TO JSian This: left Drake ;ihd the AcrOSS Ucean On Aggies tied for sixth place with •^. * Inminrv V\ wins and four losses, while Iowa uaHugij' State dippped to'a tic with Neb-. .. , . .~u raskk f^ seventh with one victory ; ^ <AP)-The: and foui!.((ero3ts. The Ames quin- l^^"'<''d States apparently will cn-j tet mcpts Kansas !it Lawreme to- tor no team in the Olympic lioi -key', ! night. The Jayhawker.s have won competition at St. Morllz. Switzer• two of five games. lan.l. this v.>ir Intrastate tests feature ilie re- >'*"^- ! mulnder of the week's six-gam.- rin.s. mokt ob«erveiH uprocd. was slnte. Missouri plavH W.ishlngton I'lacticul effect oi the Amcrl- at St. i^Hiis tomorrow nlnht. whIU* '"i Olympic committee's action, the Kansas Angles meet Xebriska y <'slor (lay in dcclliiInK to apprm'e, at IJmoln and the Oklahoma ;.\K- tl'<' >elp<lii:n «C the Aupbuig lol- Ries face Oklahoma at .Norman. U'-\m ot MInneapoli.s. to carry Saturday. 1, -1^ Number 1 jtlilK coiiiitry's cijlor.s in the Olym- ;l)i(s III) the ground that it was not : siifficienily representative. • The .Vug.tbiiry f mi SCOTTS HERE ' . - • * Smith's Aggregation to Battle Fort Scott Friday Night VISITORS"~ARE GOOli ixCfPyls Puzzled Over Boxing Battle SiouX;City. la.. Jan. 19. (AP). •T|he Ijoj^ who watcli the bo.ting matches in,Sioux City are scratching th^ir heads today, trying to figure but who it, was that Buzz ariffithi Sioux Falls S. D., middleweight.; knocked out Monday night. EverVone- thought ^t was "Kid" Culbertson of St. Paul. It so programme'd. and a receipt s.igne>l "Kddie iCuaertson" was given to the promoter in return for the los- Reports Indicate Squad i e'^'s share of the pucs». <3 \' The jiecond honm game of the ^">; \\''^- Is One of Best In League It has developed, "liowcvci, ih.Tt Kid. Culbert.son was:; at home the^ night of the fight and coiiseopently not in a prone positfun in a Sion.x I Southeast Kaiisas high "^^'a't Pritchanl. the promoter. , , , ,„ . , ^'^""'"l.Kai.l he thought he^wa.s dealing league, for lola will be played to- with Cutbeitson.^)ut-added that morrow night when the highl never had seen tlie St. Paul .scrap- school t^am meets the invading ^"^s" ^'"-^ ''''^'^ ''een mistak- squad from Fort Scott. The game I j,','; Some who .saw the fight said COLLEGE TO LEAVE T Olathe and | Kansas Are Booked FIRST ROAD J( IT^NE^ Stiff Competitittn I Seei In Two Cla she^ This We4k cam. it was point-' (Cuntthned Crom* Page One) c-d out. was chosci; ojiiy after AVil-j Canny Jim !i:imlllon (iii.siti. pilot ofjhe .Nashville club of the South- Piltt-burch.! •\>'.s<>ciation. h<>p<s i ake a big league hurler out of young Ed Ih'm S. Haddock, of chairman of the OljmpU; hockey i PlPB'as (hft) by tpplying the >:a:ne kind of baseball p.sychology {''•"'^^'ed lola, on roiiimittee, iiud met with numerous that helped make a star pitcher of his .brother. Uborge (right). | ^5; the respected." and cited as a strikinj;^ refusals from other aagregations now of the wor.d champion Yankees, example of Cuba's progress since to wluih Invitations to compete -r,r- - - . _ • .--.rii^^ her Independence from SpanIsM had Icon extended. It was doubt- L..^, domination. Calls Coolidge Message iJiist Dream Montevideo. Uruguay. Jan. (AP)—La Plata, daily, newspaper eil that .Mr. Haddock could get to-, gcther a reiireaeiitalive learn on i .••nch short fiiotice. The ITnlted • States sqiiad. had one been select- e'd that met with Ihc Olympic com- inittoes approval, would have «.ill- la ed January 2.'i. * ' JUNIOR HIGH TO FREDONIA COURT FOir TWO GAMES Ke«»il at second. Russell Rawllngs; in an editorial on Presidfut Cool-j KanSaS ConerreSSliian atttlilrd and Rogell. Jack Roth rock i idge's speech at Havana, comp &redj ^ j,l„„" A ©rx- u ' ~ and "Charles "Buddy" Myers as , the President wjih William Hohen 1 laUS tO Ketire »00n i Fifteen jyig^ Expected tO UNIVERSITY OF IOWA VOTES ON COACHPROBLEM zollern. former German kaiser, at , the time of the lalter's, ' \V::shiiiBlon. Jan. 19 (AP)--Hays! Ic dreams. I?. White of Mankato. Kansas, who ; The editorial terms the vovage o." serverl the sixth Kansas dis- ' Coolidge to Havana "futile." calls congress ^ for nearly 10; his speech at the opening of the retire from putdic life' nis speech at the opening of the 'J^" •"'""'^^^'"V s'!""'' "i" '''a^c tomor conference "la,:gely unsubstantial.' the expiration o| his .term new : K,.^.„„„ia where it wi and points to the display of force y^^i'.'- ; . . . ... accompanying the visit. El Paso Will Have Tourney - Golfers There El: Paso. Tex., .lau. 19. (API i- - Crulckshank. .New; York, .winner nV '"""•^ Thursday the Texas open last yeai\ and Al Esplnosa. Chicago. ; Bbortstop or utility points on the ; base palhs are again available. - Rogell plays either second base orl third, Myer at short or in the outfield I and Rothroclc can handle - -any infield assignment, ..exclusive otlbatte^ work. .'The'two outstanding infield re- fruits are Joseph Cicero, a 16-year- vOld y9ntb who batted for .330 in 1^ r the Eastern Maryland circuit after leaving; Ischool for the diamond. ' -and Paul Hinson. a third baseman -purchased from Joplin. Mo. Cicero'a mother signed his contract fori him. - ; V •. The departure of Walter Shaner.. - Carlyle and Frank Welch for - the. Minors leaves Ira Flagstead vdnd- Arlte Tarbert, former Ohio . . Stsft^ star, the only prominent': pa- trolin^ of the outer gardens Who gwtedi: the .'roster last year. The . biggest gap was plugged promptly by itbe purchase of Ken Williams .|rom St. Louis, followed by the acauisiaon i of three 'promising , Miqor : Leaguers. Doug Tate, a .slugging left-hander from Nash- ;vlUe, and G. H.'Loepp .and Benny . IWUUama, both from Mobile. Loepp was hit .372. while Williams, another left -hander, is exceiftionally . fast and hit for i.350 last year, i The pitching casualties of the WlBFter season included Tony Welter,; Delmar Lundgren and Fred .Wlngfleld. The 'outstanding jre- .' .plat^ment seems to be Herb Brhd- iey .iwho was farmed to the Wathr- , bury Eastern .League club last year '-'^'imdl -was^ recalled in time to hlirl peroral; excellent games. ," T vo , more ex-Moblle players have bf en \ \ odtadned Jn Ed Morris and MJ ^r- rlU ;Settlemlre. Morris won 15- games with a tnll-end club aiid finished more than 40 contests as . a relief hurler. Settlemire is a iBft-iiander. Cliff Garrison of the : Texas Valley League is another ; recruit, while the remainina veter- . ° ana .«re Slim Hariss. Charlie Ruff- Inr .L 'Dannv MacFavden. Jack Russell land Hal Wiltse. Itfjthe catching department. Fred Hof|tlann weathered The s^orm thA sent I Moore to Moblte. Knox , to Kashvllle and Grover Hartley • to .'Cleveland- on waivers. The new • recruits added are Charles Berry tfom Dallas. Texas, John Heving from the Toledo American Association. Ed Doberty of; Holy Cross - endi' Ed Connolly, a New York ^tate semi-pro.'^Berr}-. a former ' football and baseball star' at La- -fayette. is considered the most ^•wt)R>'sina'. Farmed to Dallas by Coniile'Mack, the 185-pound six-, xopeka. Jjin. 1!.. (APi-H. F. - !?:?^'"..^'^il'in nUvC f7/Tol^t ^^'^ " M.'^-Henry For.l called on Mrs i ^l^^^.^^^l},lJ^f^A^'^^\ '^'^ "en Urown ^Vednesday afternoon. •with a Bed Sox Btrina on him and, ,9 more tlays lie would Mr. and .Mrs. Leslie Keed spent have Celebrated his lOOtU anni- .Moudav cveliTng with Mr. and Mrs ver-sary. Charley Stroh and George. -Mr. Golden was a resident of To- \ Rov Ellis Make Journey ' Friday The local junior high school omorrow noon ill play its .Mr. White said Ke ha(l b..'en ad- first game this .season on a toreigu vised l)y his physician not to seek couit. .Vhout l."» players will make jr^j-grscn ; re-election because of continued ill the trip and the invasion wiU be "rofcr health, lie is nearly "S years old. for two games, a first and second "I am grateful." said .Mr. White team battle for each irutip. But Student Council Not $0 Sure of Itself will be started aljput S o'clock at the high school gymnasium. The Fort Scott team is credited with being one of the strongest feams In tlie league and decisively upheld that idea last Friday night •when it defeated Chnnute .Tl to 12 at Fort Scott, and the Fort Scott team goes ' its 'best it seems on a foreign court. Last year Port Scott 'lefeated lola, on the local court score at the half 1)eing 13 to 8 in favor of the visitors. Several of the same Fort Scott team.members are back whjle Don- man billed as Culbert.son was "B'altling" McKnlghf of .Minneapolis. Tomoriow afiernooii the Junio CO II PKC will start on its. lirSt toa trip of the season in whkh it wii- play two games, playing iilie Olath: .Mutes tomorrow night. and^jCan-. . sas City junior College >Satiiraaj-J night iti a conference-tUt.- • • ; "i Coach Kiockebrand does_ ncV I know how many men will be'abl \ (Confinned from Tage, One) become a Catholic baiting party I for one will get out bf it;' Senator Copeland asserted that ! there Were four million Catholic • votes in .New York State and in,, ... , , , , vcighed against assaults upon them aldson is the only ola man o play'and the other millions of Catholics in that game that is back with the,Uy a Dethocratic senator, locals this year. A stiff game is. ^ was announced after the con- expected and the lolans should do, ference that Senator Reed, of Mis-,. _ some good scoring during the on-,|so „ri. .sent his proxv in favor of "'^ Kuar.l rather thatf the resolution of confidence. center position, of las | tire game now that they have found that they can reaVy score when they want to. j The high school team has been Is I scrimmaging against the -i-oUcge some during the past week ajid has • run up against stiff' competition ! there so should be used to having 1 to play hard. 1 \ From present appearances tha lola team will probably not see many notable changes in personnel, and will probably start much Iowa City, la.. Jan. 19. (.\P) — State alumi)i :of the Cniversity of Io>ya today <Iif!avowe(l responsibility for the stfident referendum 011 the question of letaining Burt In-- the same this week as it 1-as the as head football coach. two weeks. Severns played a The referendClm held vesterdavv '>Hle more consistent guard game was ilescribetl by Martin Smith, 'ast night however, than for sonie vice president" of the state alumni <ime and looked good McClay \i\\k - - '• "-'^ first service on the first hen he was sent in last night is improving rapidly I Li....... .mi night toy. the stu- ""d mixht break into tomorrow candidate for congress." Regret the best that ihev have gone thls:,,^,,^ ^.„„„,.i, i^y^^^^^^ the disap- "^gbt's lineup. thai Mr. White had decided to re, |stason. to win I.y a .Vi t.. 19 score, pp^rance ,of one .ballot box and the • -The advance guard of the armv of i !''••' "f.f^P'™' ''-Vix^^^^ ^'""^ TT. reported "stuffing" of others. None Endurance Flight Try firbfeisioiial golfers who will ^om- '"''•'^ lelbgation. sorimma^es ^ o^ r Ifls t. i^^ le.f °' """"'^ ' In Calif Omia Fails tK-te in the second KI- Paso open i rkiirWo^n'^ \\^''^,^^''^'l^^^JV^^ The student-ciJuncH had decided. _ • lU t^lllOrnia 1« aiiS fourmimetit here next-Saturdav and! OWL CREEK ;;'°s<'l>-'^c o^^^^^ Sunday arrived here, yesferdav. .Ian. 16. -Mr. and Mrs. Hajrry i'"-'^ '» f^. 1^" '"iPt of a telegram bearing the sig- ! ^San Francfsco Jan Ifl. (AP)the procession coirtiuued last'llav and family and Mr. and Mrs ij',"''^^- '.'^'i^^ri nature of the president of the state j The monoplane "Spirit of Califor• — * —— nla" attempting to set a new- world's endurance record, failed by less thatx four hours today when It was forced down at Mills Field at 10:16 a. m. Pacific tim?. The monoplan'e was forced down due to exhaustion of fuel supply. It took off at 8:09 a. m. Tuesday. Its time in the air was approxi- j •niately fifty hours and seven minutes. The. record, held by two German fliers, is f)2 hours, 22 minutes and ."51 seconds. To set a new- record the flier.*; Captain Charles Kingsford-Smith . ainr Lieutenant Drigg.^, i pjonship of Japdn, having defeated ; Giorgi> R. Pond. I,'. S. X. would were business callers In Yates Cen"- ^''^rds: with Grant jind Trombold. outstanding contestants. have had to beat that by an hour. ler Tuesdav" " forwards, and Wimsett. center, as • ^ »• . . Washington. .Ian I!... (.\P,- Mrs. neii" Ellis spent several days '•^sf'-^-^s- -^bouf seven of the sec-, Greatly pleased with his reception in Yates Center at the home of Bert ""<> team men will get to make in, Havana President Coolidge re- Stroh while .Mr. EllLs served on th< , trlp.^^ turned to his, desk today in the jury. , ' ; x^ o' \ • x hope tliat" his first journey to I^atin Pert Orth ami Henry Ford .ship- xlarry r. ainCiair IS America Would result Tn a firintr r>ed hogs with the Farmer's Cnion I Called BcforC Senate i fojindatlon of good will among the Monday. \ '> nations of the new world. .Mr. and .Mrs Irwin Win.torshietl i tv„„,,i„„, ,, " i., <.i.> ^-llo reached Washington shortly j of Gridley and Mrs. Mary TthcideH,, • ' after 7 o'clock and left his spec-ial of Yates Center spent Saturday i fo ".. rnev^T es.Hy "^^ train Immediately with Mrs.. Cool-, night and Sunday with Mr. and -;^»;- ^.l^^^""^.,, ^.l, , idge for the White House for .Mr.s. C. F. Stroh. \vill rpoiuni The Temot DoniP inJ breakfast. Secretory Kellogg, who : Mr.s, Hen Hrown called at the , ^^^^^^^^^^ spe<iallBen Ellis home Friday afternoon i ^^' Chicago Crime Wave Not Bad, Says Strawn Chicago. Jan. l!t-iAP)—-Another poultice has been agpliojl to the black eye Chicago has been "-iven a."? a crime center, thi.s time by the president of the American Bar association; Silas H. Strawn. Mr. Strawn and 250 others President Coolidge Back In Washington .Mr. and Mts. T. J. Hell bf Emporia spent .Monday night , and Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Pen ISrown and grandma Bell. scoring. The first team coach for anotHer season. at ":riO with Iho .second iciini same following. Tlie s:ariiiiK lineup fori ^he Waseda -tTniversity basket- lola will , probably he Sharp and ,,j,„ te„,„ .^^.J,,j,h is now touring .Thompson, foi-wards; narbison, (jhc Pacific coast, holds the cham- Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wagner '""t'^^'-. an.l Skinner am! lawyers,, judges and business lead­ ers—lialtf a "town meeting"- last night to diagnosis the': city's crime aud • prescribe remev^ies. They wound up in virtual iaceord that the citp^s- rep'iitation has been maligned and that actually Chicago is much better off. so far as crime is concerned. There was one dissenter to the general sentiment—T.". E. Donnelley, chairman of the citizens committee, ile refused to believe crime had been ma'teriallv reduced. : ' year. Stalil scored 14.point5 ever thong)! playing guard last Saturday. H. Dean, center, is/th; d«ic shot oi the Kansas iCty tean mak ing 2U points by 10 field goajls lasii week. ^The lola team is rimning smooth er .'tlmost every game and litoiuld b< going good by SaturdayJ nfeht,; with] Burger and Kemp possibly doing good deal of the scoring. , 'to make the trlpor who they wll Whoever it was. Buzz Griffith ^,,1;^ certain that he win tak, knocked, him out. ,ht. nien possible on the tlril; '—'• I The college has been working haVH (luring the past week in aik effbr^ to get into good shape fji • bOtC^ rhe.^e games, especially th«f Kansap- City game which will proh iblx_ b.: one of the stiff contests of the eiar ly sea.^oii for lola. The Ka.nsas City team basjproveifl its<'lf lo be powerful by tint otie' sideil game played against- Coffeyjjl ville Saturday night in, wliich i won '>o to 15. Stahl and Sh imack er. both numbers ' of last sjason'; team are back Stahl has beet shifted to guard from forward"*) last .season with Shumackerl start Detroit Pair Near Havana FUght Goal i'arris Island. S. C. Jail. 19 (AP), Austin F. Bpment. - Detroit adver -1 tising man and Leonard !sl ";"Pl6J pilot, took off at 9:20 aJ 'Am., foi I Jacksonville, Fla. . after '^haviiia been forced down by fog on theln projected non-stop Detroit-Hay«^ flight a few hour.* earlier!. [\ Federal Troops After .. t Rebel Mexican Band For Paso, TeX.. Jan!; l!t, (AP)~ If'-deral lrooil«.are pursuing a rebel detachnienV who Monday en- gageti in'battle with members 'of, the-League, of .Civil Defense in tliei town of fala. State of Jalisco. Elf Continental, a Slianish language, newspaper states todayi In the bafHe liflecn rebels were killed and many wounded, while casualties among the ^-League -of Civil Dcfeoso was rei'orti-d as three killed and several wouniled El Continental reports. \ said - before leaving the tralii that the • president's trip Mrs. Barrel Howell spent Thurs- 1 I ton. his cunsel said today he would would demonstrate the day with Mrs. Charley Stroh. Mr ' ""'"I'l'^/i'iii«T^i'';i»..i.,r»H of the western hemisphere, went Howoll and Cathryn called in the „,„^^^„^'"'*^^°" .^J^''',^^'^,^ '^J, ilirPfflv »n hi= v./%™„ n-wi, i^.-nnirtr ; moniu), oo siiuidir was mei directly to his home withi Mrs. Kel- evening. logg as did secretarv and' Mrs. Wilbur. Kansan, Nearly Century Old, Is Dead at Topeka sum- mereiy a ruse on the 'part of the committee to force him to claim ihi! privilege of immunity which the members knew he already had and thus pre- juilice him and his case before the (.'arl Pribbernow was absent from school Friday and .Monday. . Wan da Ellis was absent Thursday land Friday on account of sickness, i Mabel and Floyd Ellis ^Pent I •.Q^'"." "• Every member of the committee knows he can't testif\-." said . M K. Littleton, "because of the charges I the Ber Wednesday afternoon at Brown home. Air. and .Mrs. Clyde .McMillan spent Sunday at Charley Stroh's. ROAD FaR /S W6e»< NW=»*<ll»«<a T«S G'jy THAT Ev /eR TRlSX> -t> ,5 «-eW IM.ONS ; he must combat. batted for .35$ last year.- More Money Asked To • Fight Cdm Borer Now ^S^^ r,{\ years. He was born! Sunday with Roy Stroh, February 17. 1S2S. in Frederick j Center ' Vfashlngton, Jan. 19. (AP)-The X^utef tT.Knchms. in Yates'i X- depfirtment of agriculture proposes! • to tindJertake all quarantine en-{ forqement against the spread of the corifborer. SjecretarJ' Jardine said - tod^ in explaining the department's program submitted to con- gress. H Tftci department has requested ; - totaj of $1,257,380 for this work, an _ Increase of $548,000 over the current; appropriation. . '"Thl* program recognizes the ImptfBVibility of the eradication of the borer." the, secretary said, "and : > la. based on the establislied policy of ttie. department of co-operation with: jtbe states in any permanent . and ^continuous effdrt to retard tli< apreteil of the injurious insect." • Independence M^y Get ~ In Western Assoknation Howard Ellis is visiting at the Charley Stroh home. ,. : Tdi»eka, Jan. 19. (AP)—Com• jueniing today on a report from ft-' ' Independence that a Western asso- /-V clatltaltranchise had baen granted '' ! - that ;<Jlty-. Dale Gear, president of the ^bbclat/on. said that while In- :dependencc prijbably -would be giv- - .'. .en a'^berth. no. official action had - yet been takeni •v;.:. A" postponed meeting'of the aflsp- r ?s datlcfti la to! be held at '.Ipplln. Mo... • rOtrtatj 5. at whlcl| tlnie^it.wqi; •JS "~ ilwid ^eraitofia whether Ihe ^araofila- j Lien 's Germozone Lee's Egg Maker and Chick Grower Lee's Lice Killer Liquid Lee's Lice Powder -I . ' • Lee's Poultry \^former For'25 years the fiCe Poultry remedies have given satisfaction and l^ave contribtitsd largely to success with Poultry in this Icraiity. We'sell and recommend them.. The Evans Store -'AMD FH4AU .V -^OO Mnr A RCAt. Xd««lJ WITH /S RSAI. Ho-TttU AWl> .To R6ST "T M S ARivts, OP f^QKRHt ( USI » -< sqniiiside Famoo* Sum Fc traiiu every d«y, >«BT from wiotiT wcathci to bad* of Mnuhine. To CBlll«ma —di* tunny play ' Stoond of the Faci6c-^bm you cin . enjoy en cndlcM vsrlctv of plc^ium I in scUaatethkiUpcriWct. Life talcs : oa jiew faadnadon ia cbia aparklins | couatrr of the Coaall ^ ' • T«—tlM>aAtli»wa wldiltieol- : orfal deacTta and feitUe vallcva — lt» [ orange sroye*,oliyct and figs. An open | coootry— ideal for riding or mottnint , —the loft air it a tonic—the aunaUne | turn TOtaout of doota; to BmfnU altar GUU«rnto Coral beaches—exodc flowcringtrcca—South Sea aplendoral New worta and new ezpc- flcacca await yoa on theidandar' Tha Santa Fa will take yoti. swtldy, lumiiovia* | lytotheachndaofdc < liglitthuwiBlcf. t ^IadJaa -^Slsv I6Z -A . W. E. Balston, Agt- lola, Kan. Phone 375 Smao^er and Better (^/i^ffi^ ijiat a coiigh in a carload

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