The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1948
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS octe ewA— Phone Miss Margaret Mitchell's Engagement Is Announced The engagement of Miss Margaret D*an Mitchell to William Hpnc Mrs. Scrratte Hostess Td Demonstration Club Mrs. Odis Serratte was haslj last night to members of tht nog. MoWiiliajns Jr.. s °ii of Mr. and i wood Home Demonstration Club Mrs. W. B. McWiiliams Sr. of O.i- ', when it met at the clubhouse. There cecla, U announced today by nor I were 19 members present. parents, Mr. and Mrs." Edward Arnold Mitchell of Blytheville. Flam lor the wedding to be sol- trnniied July 25 will be announced at i later date. Miss Mitchell was graduated from Blyiheviile High School where slw WM a member of the Camera Club »hd Home Economics Club. She i-s now employed at the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. .•,„,,,«-. uunc a aim me prc - Mr. McWilhams !s a graduate of ( will bi- u.'.ed to buy bnseball uiii- Osceola High School and is now | lorms for the. Lutes baseball learn tmployed by the Criuw-Loney Lum-1 Following tho business session, a social hour was held, at which time Mrs. Harrj 1 Lutes led the group in singing. Rcfre;r>uirnts of cookies and iced dunks were served by the hostess. Mrs, J. T. Hipp, president, presided during (he business meeting, at which lime reports were given by the secretary and treasurer. tain View, Ark., July « through July 9. Approximately 26 members plan lo attend. 11 was also decided that the club would sponsor a pi* supper June 29 and th* proceeds :>; :•»:? and Mrs. Raymond Smith Coming Events Social Calendar ThuiwUjr Members of the 20th century Club wll be entertained with 8 dnnce, tonight at the Legion Hut si S o'clock. Hosts and hastcsses will lie Mr. »nd Mrs. R. H. Parr, Mr. and Mrs. Jmnei Edwards, Mr. and Mrs mil Godwin, Mr. and Mrs. Ilarncs Crook and Mr. and Mrs. James C Guard. The Phetjean • Sunday School Cl.iss ot the first Baptist Church will meet at the home o( Mrs. Kcl- lou Francis at 7:30 p.m. for a regular business meeting. The ladles Bible Class oJ the Methodist Church will meet r Company in • • • • Tri-Town Club Meets With Miss Molly Guard Mrs. Jack Hale and Mrs. John ! !.'„,,.:i.. l?-,,,,;«,, T II 1 I . McDonald were guests Tuesday l ail)ll > '<CUI11on Is Held R, McDonald were guests Tuesday : •> --- — afternoon when Miss Molly Guard At Waller LunSiOl'd Home entertained members of (he Tri-1 •«^ini- Town Club at her home. During the afternoon bridge ts played. Mrs. Russell Farr won iecond. returned today from Montgomery, „, ., , '",""" --•-•«• -••• •" Ala., where they vlsiied with Ihelr,'? 1 thc chul i ch al 6:0 ° » ">• tor .laughter. Mrs. John O. Weathers, j bu »" es « »»<i «K"" meeting. Mr. Weathers and son. Jtmmie for I ' Krida-j- Club meeting at the s. Alvln Harrty. , Jimiiiie foi • week. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. AfTllc today [or a month's vacatl icn . III. They will visit with Mr. Amiclt's sister In St. Ixiuis, Mo. Jerry and Paillette Bust arrived by plane from Richmond, Va., lo spend a month's vacation here with their K rn nd pa rents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lunsford. Mrs. Robert L. Porter, formerly of Blyiheviile and now of Houston, Tex., Is recovering Balisfaclorily from poliomyelitis. Condition uf J. E, Green, who has been seriously 111 at the nap- C. B. C 1 home ot Mi the . Club b.,,« games played. Mrs. Russell Hayncs high and Mrs. Hale. . Bouquets of mixed gladioli were arranged throughout the home for of Richmond, Va., and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Luiijlord. Dinner was served al th« dining table which was centered with a Ion- crystal bowl filled with mixed the occasion. were served by the hostess. Dinner Party Is Given By Mrs. Hugh Hayes Mrs. Hugh Hayes was hostess Tuesday night when she entertained with a dinner party at her home on West Davis honoring Ephrum .1 _ _, Roberts, who was celebrating his.'^qfS C_ (-] birthday. There were 19 guests w,th i ' ' one out of lown guest. Mrs. Eaih'11 f?pfi irnc Menders of Dell, present. jixcini 1 Ib TB Conferences A family reunion j-a.s held Sun- ! list Hospital following ,-i major op- the singing, day at Use home of Mr. and Mis. I eralion two weeks ago, t» much Im- Waller Lunsforil. ' Gucsl.s included Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin Whlthead and children of Ridgcly, Tenn., Mrs. JacV Peeler, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lunsford and Community Singing to Be Held at Flat Lake Stinday Community singing will be held at the Flat Lake School Sunday afternoon. 2:30 o'clock, under the auspices of the Flat Lake Methodist Church. Joe Morgan of Gosnell and Barney Threlrikcld of Manila, will'lend flowers. The remainde *<*'" ""»""»»* r of the day was was served buffet style j from the dining table, which wus' centered with an attractive arrangement of early Summer Hoy.' Mrs. C. G. Redman, executive tf- ers Other vases of flowers were -r.jla.ry for Mississippi "cminty"Tub- used to decorate the home. ! erciilosis Association, who was one Following -'-' - - ' ' - dinner, various card lamp,-, »ere played by the guests. Baptist Girls Auxiliary Meets with Mrs. Brewer AU « UI «^ of the six Arkansas representatives attending the National Tuberculosis Conference in New York last week lias returned to BIylnevJIIe. In reporting on the conference, attended by almost 2.COO. Mrs. Redman said that among the outstanding developments to come out of the 'conference was the hii- proved. Waller C. Collum Is spending pnrl ' of the Summer In Ahim, Ark., wllh his parenls and from then, he will go to Tacoma, Wash., where he will ! visit his sister, Mrs. Charles Walk- I cr. and on reluming from Tacoina, ! will stop tor a few days In Denver, I Colo., to vlsil his anut. Mrs. IV C.' Offield and his cousin, Mrs. William Dominlck. He will return to Blyihe- viile several days before the ' next school term begins, lo continue his teaching here In the high school. | Charles Crigger, accompanied by • his guesls.,George Lawson of Wll- Oil SSO '-lop * WE, THE WOMEN By RUTH MIU.KTT NBA Sun Writer THURSDAY, JUNK 24, 1< o Better Figure Out of a Hat Xnlh Mlflett Hamson, w. Va., Dlclc WcnU of Dnyton, Ohio, and Bob Pomcroy of Louisville, Ky., have gone to Little authorities an family me ence on the ~...,„,, ,„„,,! .. *,.*.,.*,*, ,, t *,•«"?„"£ a ° UBht " <°'>*'•' B '"'d Vou'rt : wears bvlmlcss or closc'fiiuii Slirfi ,rt npar «s\n\o r..,. .-.i . ~..,.,«. nktiii o • * - - o —-'" »" «Jni.,i, | . -„ ... _,., ...,u , ul KOCH lo be the guests of Monroe ' 3llre to hear some funny ideas Pranks. While there they will enter i Take Ihls one, lor instance tlnl the tennis tournament. Charles'and came out of the recent National his guests were classmates at Ken- ' lucky Military Institute, Lyndon, Ky., and were member! of the school's tennis team. Mr. anil Mrs. Shelburne Brewer have as their guest her niece. Margaret Ami Tyson of Sikeslon, Mo Because of its si/.c. shape, color and dynamic design, a hat can used lor all its worth to create Ihe Illusion of a bolter figure for the woman who wears it. A wide hip-span, for example, seems to escape notice if U is balanced by a hat with a wide brim. If the wearer is short and hippy her hat brim should not be extremely wide and it needs the upward roil which gives her hip-balancing widlh plus figure-lengthening line An example of a good choice of hat for this type of figure is pictured in the ccmer above A lady with.ample hips simply calls attention to their size when she . h , " llh tal ' "» r ™«' crowns. The type of hat to make a woman look !e:.s top-heavy has a protruding brim wide enough to balance an ample besom. If the forwadd-juttiiig brim swing? up a bit. it gives the cited cf modilying as well as raisins her bustline. Thc hat worn in the picture, inset left, illustrates this cflec' Thc kind of hat which appears to enlcwgate a short or stocky neck , sweeps upward in a diagonal line. In order to accomplish this objective, a hat needs to be fairly small with the suKsestton of height created by the brim. Its brim, if any, should be jiarrcv.-. The model in the picture, inset top right, wears a hat which is designed to add Illusory length to a short neck.—ALICIA HART. NEA Staff Writer. Mrs. S. S. Patterson will return ! same age tonight from Mount Petit Jean where she represented St. Stephens Episcopal Church of Blyiheviile at „ ,„.._ .,... mccUng 0 , t , )e LAdl(s Conference on jFamily Life. A sociology prolcssoi came , ronh wim (lie idea that a man should marry a girl al least six or eight yea-s younger tuan himself. He cln'imed smh marriages would be happier than those between persons of the High Schools' Teacher Supply Large But Grade School Classes Will Suffer Happier, Maybe Happier for a. while, perl- proi'euor. But By Dorothy \Vlilianu (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, June 21. lUP> — | with 59.858 In 1941 and 31,071 ot' them are trained for high school teaching. thai women are outliving men?'So - naV *lc. ^w"™^ #£ "£±S °™' '_«< F ™ 'Pec" wht, iCe four Institute of the Arkansas Diocese'» wife lia.s a good chance of"ii'vine of the Episcopal Churches. ! Part of her llle RS a-widow even ii Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gllles|iie hail j she marries a man her own age as their guest yesterday, Mrs. Myr-I Add "at least six or eight years' Il/i H/ii_-/i nt O* r ,,.,j_ > , _ i _., i_ j i. _ j > . . J ••»•« tie Boyd of St. Louis.'MO. I on to that nnd you're eoing to in _._ ;_ -_V-. T, V ^ .J ' ii"n.m.-.. rive specialise, who have ""*• •• "•• riimncy. lormerly with ' crease tnc ntn *"ndtS^^lin«'Bni^«^ »? CW i*' ori " :d °" tilc st «»-*'de surveys, 1 " 16 Child Welfare Department ot i United Stales. _«na um< Visitors. Ruth.Hate Mnv- ! i,^i, n ,^«i n .^ .1.. __,,_. . . RU,ii.a.,in a 1 >^.._ ..... ... -^^ _. „.. ^^.u.o, iTiu. i .... iu IU^L ,LLXU ^uujc gumg LO lii- iiuwiiiirtL i m 11 u i L \s i [i L .survey coil- Mrs^. T. R. Pinkney. formerly with ] crease the number ot widows in '-he ducted by the U. S. Office of Edll- High schools generally should be able to gel all the new teacher; they need from this month's crop j thirds "oTtiie of college and university graduates.' should he Bui grade schools are going to, iiri ,• find things as bad as ever-If not th .. n hn ,, . worse. l "' m " a " This Is the trend indicated in an college training which informal nationwide .survey con- , generally advocate teachers normally only slightly more new cletneinary I Just Takes Nerve to Get ' Free Clipping Service WICHITA. Kan. iUP>—Standing on a Wichita street corner, reading a newspaper. Joe W. MacConkey was interrupted by a stranger. The man walked up and without a walk away. MacConkey shouted. "Hey, what is the big idea?" Tlie man turned, smiled and lh? national scale B1 S'l h eville, and Mrs. Herbert L. And Increase Ihe number ol \vi- Iblc remedies: dows, lonely and perhaps financial- 1 Eduafpay and prestige lor atl' ^ ^^t^fj^n' ',°Qnr~ ma " d ts tor "compctent"teacher^ •achine tnbs »,,, t vi.,,i» ro ^, n ,, • ! 11R " . i< ' 11001 l'a»»»K. Some 1.900 both ,,, cn nnd wo , M n-to instruct • v l " v yt;vi«i^u ui? national scale 3 mcvmc, HIHI Mrs. Herbert L. Ana Increase the « clinic, plans and ro|>orted on results R °we. who formerly taught school dows, lonely and pt 'of state surveys. '- .. htre, of Lttlle ^Roclt.-Ure, guesls: of i iy' ilcpciittent. and? you're" going'w teaching Job^ and kindergarten: L" h ." £«™' t " "*'" u bmcc the rcinfoi-iMi^p u-oe Qi,,,n^ Mr. and Mrs Fmvri Hai-Taien,. «..^ l<jrn»iii, i,./. ran ^ n it.- t-i ., tT,r,.,. n i, v,;^i (._..i • ii'i^c naa only one year in addition: to high school work. Tlie prospective high school t?ach- ' siiecialities may run :»nd thrt« visitors,"Ruth,llale, Max-; ^nauguratert ine »nd Margaret Ann Tyson Sikertoh,TMo., present. -\; : <S£% br^\ushtl"se^ d( lt. «««, «,-c ^ f «,e«, was' aimed Mr. and ^T^^S^^ I ^eitT''^^''^^^^ V«;L.M.J ihof .. ness sesslon - "-; «!• timing pci-ionnel In tuberculosis ^ other "-lends this week. "-'- ; n«t"S? fir ™t »^T PM *°H C °" tro1 NVO '' k "' tllc most "«'" i Ml ' 5 ' Josel]h w ' McHaney and In- "urik fhe monih, nf i.,^. $'< lr f Rlmcnt ? a "1 '««' '^"^ hi care ! <«"<• daughter, Lynne Joan, S§.5j£SZ2 ^,r^; lg -r^,opi^a ^^^^. i^S^^^^^ 1 5wi .f .1 • ' terial. Mrs. Redman s»io. i T.,»^.,, .„....>. _.,.. .. Following the program, a social; T |,e Biwklvn Tiiberculosu RIUI i Health Association stationed a new j "liealtnmobilc" near Ihe Hotel Pennsylvania during the four-day .IULICII uj uie U. t). Utllce 01 Edll-i Al,,,,,. cnnn r .1 -cniio,i.TheoIficc S ,,se<'stsUvopo 5s -U^ b0 "i 6 ; 00 ' of " e ^achers n.i- _. ,. i'".j-! are atxiiit to pnlcr oi-oHo r "-^ v " n".-^t: nt\v cjctiieinajy J ne man lumen, snuled nnn icacners have had the four years of said: "My daughter., .she's °cmns rnl1 """ ''-'-'"- : -' educators • married, you know." Then he walk. ed on off. are about to enter grade schooli But thc big nnd continuing de- thr-ir grown children. __. „ tl ,„ One more thing, prolcssor. Just Bet additional teachers into thc through high school. 2. More vocational guidance In I youngsters in their three R's. -hour was held, at which lime refreshments were served by Ihe hostess. - --• -- ... were whase happiness is going to be In- ni'i™ i 2 tr °' n " >e Bl >' tllcvlll <: Hos- 'croast'd in ihe marriages where iii^ wile is considerably younger thon Reagan of | the husband? Not the wile's, surely. nr - v Husbands grow old and settled through eighti is going to remain! educatois ers ; Mrs. McGregor Hostess To Avalon Bunco Club Mrs. Speck McGregor wns hostess ' ' - «•"> >^«"4.. B1I1VI;(1 tUKfi- ' IMOUrtllUA grDW j Tuesday lo visit with his mother, I 'ns 1 . enough without having any Mrs. A. L. Reagan, for a week. heed start. Alt any wile, professor' Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Drugmand and ' — daughter. Knren Sue, have arrived from Los Angeles, Calif., to spend grades v.-hcjc the jobs are. <. - -•-- -* ."«. mu Because of record birthrates dur- iUo J° b -hmiting problems. There ins nnrt aflcr the wnr. the element- a - lowL "? surplus of te.lchors school population (grades one !" l° l "'nalism and physical educat- I NOW! MOSS BRYAN recommends THE COOL TOUCH or Brass and Copper Planters as a refreshing addition to vour Summer living room*. The GIFT SHOP Moss Bryan Main Street conference in New York for Inspec-' I R " ludeflnlle visit here with he, tion by thc various representatives.! P» r ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Stone Outstanding leadcis in tuber- 1 '"" 1 daughter, Doris. Mrs. ! P/ ar ,f rlons - culosis control work discussed health mnnd is education, public relations rehab- Stone. in tuber- all<i daughter, Doris. the former Miss Wilnia Drug- S ' al Si ""' uf Women Cross Unit Meeting Officers of the Osceola high for several years, educatois'. rl ls a » ot her crowded field- point out. At the same time, the ... '"dusinal and with a capital supply of elementary school teach-i Tlle '"Eh schools also have 1 " to fall for short ' Jl j- st aboilt a " tlle teachers they need ibjecis as English, mathe- i of sucli ers is continuing of the need. * .... ~.. fc .,.,,,, »,nLut:- Colleges and universities surveyed ' matics ' history and foreign langu- in 41 states turned out about 54,- ot 000 teachers this spring compared aGCS °" " ie othi>r hand, teacher; Chapter of the American Red Cross ! much as SI to"the Red Cross anrt home Kconomlcs are so badly needed that educational groups and in- : and Hill ;Witt Vancieve, IGilbow. low. The home was decorated novel arrangements of white anrt .pink gladioli and other mixed Sprinc ' ;flowers. t "—~— — 4 wi^ced i dr s ;nk" vctl * SRlacl " lalc 'Demonstration , and Dr. William P. Shcphard o( ... i sa " Calif., were nmoii? lh ""° participating in the confer- t An electrically-operated machine .changes pasteurized cream into but-' T~ D r>' I ,ter in less than 10 minutes. I O DG DlSCUSSCC! Big Pickle Mrs. Gertrude Bond Hollmnn gave > demonstration kitchen arrangement, using pasteboard models, to members of the Ya- \ o . Home Demonstration Club at their 1 meeting in the home of Mrs. Elza Wheeler yesterday afternoon. I The afternoon's business session was followed by a discussion on various methods ot food preservation. Mrs. Holiman was presented several pieces of her silver as gifts from the club. More than 20 members attended yesterday's meeting. • .....~. .,...., ^.,,1, ^, tvj ,,., ,,.„,.,. ,,.j ^4 vu mt ivt:u v^uwta null "• \'in\. Cu lll-rt UU11H1 gl'OUpS an<1 will be elected at the annual mecL- : who the in the jurisdiction ol the stitutions are campaienine to mg of the chapter next Wednesday,-chapter are a.sked to attend. ' B. Colbert, chapter chairman [ Thc yearly report of chapter of' ficcrs, and levision of by laws of all [ the chapter are also scheduled Id- a.s ' the meeting. •at FOUNTAINS- W. announced today. Mr. Colbert explained that persons who had contributed At The Hospitals Plans (or the animal rest camp sponsored by the County Council of IMsslsslppi County Home Demon- | stratioii clubs ror members will be made at a picnic at the Dig! Lake Tower Saturday. Mrs. Gcr-| trudc Bond Holiman, county home'! Blylheyllle Hospital agent said today. " Dismissed: The group will hear committee Mrs. Joseph W. McHancy and ba- reports on the American Overseas, by. city. Aid and United Nnllon Appeal for Mrs. Lennlc Duke. Cooler, Mo Children activities, and decide w!ic- Catherine Smith cilv thcr or not to participate in the Carl Thompson cltv"' i program as a club, Mrs. Holiman I Walls Ho*p'i'al sai<i - Dismissed: Leachvule club will be hos-1 John Sevmorc citv " ' " ; less to the Council and each club i ' ' '11 participate In thc program. Read Counter News Want Ads. I E s C A N D fxc/ojfVe/y in fi,ythevif/e a* WOODS DRUG STORE Pcler I'iper, who used hand . power to pick hit peck of pickled >J*PP«rs, should have lived In 19«. He *-ould havt had tha ; benefit of thij new «l«ctronlc pickl« sorter, which ii beini j demonstrated In Chicago. E!«c- ' trie tye« »ort th« picklet iccord- ini to rizi, but the big fellow A'i« G»nnon i» holding rtumpi Enroll Now Minnie Lee Jones Studio Opening Summer Classes In PIANO Beginning July 1st 807 Chickiisawh. AT«. Phone 2991 Tuitinn Reasonable Brijiit! GJJ! «io() cixii! A onc-picccr tiilnrcil of summer's In bright rjin- bow cokirs Jim- or sizes 9 to n. FEINBERG'S Smart This Summer It always pays to look your . . . calls for kccpinjr smart . . and stimmerlimc special care in clothes looking dean and neatly pressed. He sure; call l.'il.'i for C. &. A\'. Clcanci-s, I he name thai is your guaran- lee of Faultless work. C. 4 W. CLEANERS Phone 300 So. Division Shows Every Day Box Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO Kl.CN 8-.9« a.m. 1Z:45 p.m. 4:J« p.m. Thursday and Friday j SAMUEt'oOtOWYN pf'nnl. j 1 CARY tORETTA OAVIO I GRANT-YOUNG• H1VEM The Bishops Wife I »lih MONTY WOOtltY Sflccfprl Short Subjects Continuous Showing Every Day Box Office Opens 6:3» Show Starts 6:45 Opcm Sunday 1:00: Starts 1:1S Continuous Shows Sat. A: Sun. Bargain Nijht Every Night Except Saturday Ne pn5ics honored on Sunday al Roxy Theatre Thursday & Friday nOIJRI.R PKATL'RE ON6QFTHHHIHMAN WYNN STEVENS „ { RtpERtCK* CORDOVA

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