Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 5
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[• ' •. t^y The AtKoeia'tcd I'rcis'}''- ProRi -ami In Central StundaM *Ime. Air tlinu isP. N. junlrda iiherwlsc lii- iiic«.t<-d. ira -v* lenKthH o i Ml lit mil , lett.fiK, .kll<H-yclt.i vn -rieli , . 272.6—WPO Atlantic pity—1100 'i-TJ^KWllo Prdcram l>.iiii—CortCfrt OrchiPlra I lOtfiQ—l >a |llro Music- 285 .Sr4W8Al. Baltlmijre—1060 «:3n-^«ntrur Program I:<W—MIxfd Quarirrl < Tj -io— Joli)l Rerltal ; S;0O-^\VrlBl.-y Kcvlew i isOBij—WEEI BOEtoli -i ^SW) ; 5:0<t—Joe:RlncB Orrhpslrfi' ' 7:e<)-^avallcr8 . E :eO— AnRlo-PersIans • S:00—Palmollve Hyur - .461.3—WNAC Boltcjn—CM 7:08—Mirtir "irtislolana S:flO—The Merrymaiciprs I 9;30-Hpd: Nichols liand : 302^1—WGR Buffaija—990 7:00—Caviallers S:00—Anglo-Perslahs S :0«—Palmollve liour • 8:0O^Merrymakers S:30—Capmln Kldd : »;00—Red; Nichols Band 635.<!lr-WtlC Hartfdrd—560 - S:30.^DInher *£aslc ' 7:00^aTOllerri, CENTRAL S :00-iAnglo-Perslans S:30—Ivanboie Knlghta , 422.3—WOR Newa S:15^1d King Cole 6:»0—••Thrtfta": Ensemlj 7:00—Sessions Chimes 7:15—Georgia Camp Met 8:00—^True Stories Hour k— 710 lie • itlDg . 9:00—Captain Kldd , 9:30—Red Niehols Ban^ 10:05^Byer's Orcheitra 491.5-i-WEAF New Vork— 610 C:00—Wajdort'Astoria < rchestra 6:00—^torralne Orchestia -• 6:30—Hanpiness Bora ' 7:00—Cities Service Or(j»ie»tra ,! 8:00—Anglo-Persians > S:3l)—^LaFrance Orchesjra pftra jrk— 660 ipstra lurgh—950 Orcheslra; 5»00—Paltnolive Hijur 10:0(Jr^Ben Bernie's Orr! F 454.3--WJZ Nev»;Y 5:00—Gct^ge Hall's Off 6:00—Short Features' : 6:30—Koek-a-Bye Lady 7;30-^Whke Rock Crus4drs S :00—Wrlgley Review 9:00—Victor Hour 10:00—Slumber- Music 405.2- T)WF 4- WLIT Philjidelphia—7- W ' 7:00^aviller5. T •'• 8:00—Anglo-P^rslana . »:00—Palmoll«a_Hour 348.6—WOO Phllsd^lphla—860 6:30—Dinner MuBid «:00^WO© Orchestra ^ &:30—Ope^aUc Ensemble 9:00—Son;^ Recital : SIS.?—'KDKA Pittatji • S:1S—iitltle Syhiphony • 6:39—Eock-a-Bye Ladj - 7:0»—Bena4 Tales 8:00—^VriiJIey Review 4M .e—SyJAP Provi<}tnct—6»0 , 8:00—^ingld-Perslans .?:00—"Palmollve' Hoiir : .277.ft=7yVHAM Hoch 6:30—Rocka-Bye' Lady 7 00—Studio Program 8%00-^Wrlgley Review ^ ,37S.l^WOY 8cher>«|; 6-S5— wot Players , 7:00-r-Fro-Joy Hour • S:0O-:^Anglb-Per»lans 9:00—PsumoUve Hour < i 333.1— WBZ Sprlnrfneld—900- • «i:o.—Roc]f-a-Bye L^dy TrOO—Musical Program ^:00—WrlgSey Review «':05^THea<er Symphoi y Orchestia .. 4 <e.S— WRC^Washiijaton—640 7:00—Cavaliers-" .- S;00—Anglb-Per»IanB 9:00—Palmollve Hour 616.9—WTAG -Worister—D30 " 7;3fr;-Hawalian Serena^trji - 8;00—AngtoPerslana 8:30—Male Quartet 9:00—Palmo}U;e Hour : SOUTHERHl »ter— 1080 tady—790 296gS— WWNC A«hej/ill«—1010 •:45-rDInnpr Music • :475.9r-WSB Atl4r ta—630 «:S«—Ecliijse Clippers •7:00 —Dixie Entertainer S;00-r'Wrigiey Rcviirw 9:00 -rPalmoUve Hour , 243.S-^WDOD Chatta ooga—1230 1:30 —^Briuiswlck Half 1 our >:0O -^Stndlo Prognim 384.4— KTHS Hot S( rinni— 780 8.00— SpecialUes ,'9:00 —Musical'Comedy i Jcnia .»;«5 —Dan ^e Erolic 340.7— \yjAX Jacks< nvltle—880 7:00 —Redial Prosram _i "3:30— Studio Prograju f 8:00— Maxwell Hour ' '322.4 -4WHAS Uoui< ville— 930 ' t:30— TeR:Outdoor Men 8:00- Wrlgley. Review 9:00— PalmqlJVe Hour 616.$^WMC Memi his—S80 8:00— Wrigleyi Review 9:00— Palmollve Hour 10:00 -iDance Elu^ic 1 '• 336.9t-WSM Na»h< lite—890 • «;00— WrlgleX KsvU w . 9i6*— Pdlmciliv? Hour, . 249 .»-fWCOA Pen »a cola— 1200 8:06i -Musical Vrvf^rnm <Z hrs.) " lO.QOi-OtKaa •»4 .t -:VVRVA Richn cntf- iiaq 6:00—Ordn'pira 8:00—Review ST K R DISTRICT (^Mrs S. Dick T.son.p .l:iii. 14.— Ri>y Hhikc oann- for a vlsll-with' hi.>» si.ster. MIH. f, C. ' lle.inl sin^ ranilly TnoMlay. VprdeU'RoHo siiiitaliU'd'a pslinful Injury tohiH left wrist .,whi 'n a winch hp wa.s lurulnK lo raise an Injured c6w WOH su(t<l*-nly rflcu!i«d. - TFie C. C. club sent potted planlH (0 Mrs. Su%Sawyer aiid fo H. E. ; Boone, boih convulc -HcijiK from sur! elcal o^ieratlons. ; Clifton Dickersoii was paiiifully .; injured by being struck in tlie fact.' j-with a branch while ciittinK IiedK-.-- I One eye was badly bnliscd. I Mcii. Aiina - Simp .soiii caIl <Ml ut jliariguesss Saturday JcveninR and called on; Mrs. S. W. •{Vatkins Sun- jdaiy eiTBning. ' • ; Mr.s. Cbasi. Kiveti AJislifjd in the ,l;oine of her son Ciei i Ktvett. the iiirsi dt ilie'week.- \ Mi-s."^. M.•DIckersoli an' daugli- tet -8, Dorothea and R] th. >;'Iled on Mrs. n. A. Nicholas ljuesda afternoon. 1 Mca. Anna Sinip.soi and .V-rn'. C. L, DIckerson helped tn a qrilt for 828—KYW Chleaoo—570" 6:00-^1 Jiicle Bob ; 7:«U—Keloid Talcs ' S:Oii—WilgldlMlovlew i •J:')|)—Con(frci!S Carnival 365.6—WEBH-WJJO Chlcaflo—820 »:0<l—Children of ..Mooi<eheart 1»:')0— Jidc<!\i:iter lle.ich Orrh<>ilra II :f"i)—Palmer llo»^e .SlO«lio s 416.4—WON-WLIB Chleaoo—720 7 :'MI— Old KaNliliihort Almanak •.s :hi)— .\nKlo-lv rsians >:.•!')—I'.n 111 Ash 344.6—WLS Chleaoo—870 r.:nO—Supperbr-I! Procrnni 7:::i»—Drii'iiial AJ.Tle yuarti-l , ;':::»—WI.S ••|'oii"'f..iu;:ri . I'.>:i.i0—WL.S Slinwboat 447.5—WMAQ-WQJ Chicago—670 e:.1i)—Orchpstr.-i -t ' , ' x:00—.^ame asVV<Vl (2 hr.=.) IO:u()—<;haml)ec Mn.'<lc nsyers n :00-^3rchcstra (2 hr .«.x 428.3—W1.W Cincinnati—700 C;20—Rocka-Byo Ijdy . 7:0"—Harmony Team '. S;00—Wrjel'-y Review ; 361.^-WSAI CIncinnat;—S30 7:00—Cavaliers •I :un— Palmollve Hour 10:00—Daofce Musuc -- 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 S:00—Hearthside" Program 7:00—CavpIIers S:00—.^nglo-Perslans •.t:«0—Palmollve Hour i 545.1—WFAA Dallai—550 7:00—.Music ; 374.8— woe Davenport— tfoo 6:00—Lecture 7:00—Cavaliers 8:00—Anglo-Persians »:pO—Palmollve Hour 535.4—WHO bes Moines—560 7:.oo—Mu!:Ical Program * !i:.^0—LaFranre Or.^Iicstra !i:f .O— Palmollve Hour 440.9—WCXjWJR Detroit-T -aaO. 7:00—Retold Tales , ' f;iin_\Vrisl(>,v Rpvlew • 10:;)0—Siring Trio . ' 352.7—WWi Detroit—3oO (i:nb—.Mlchlcan Xiuhi. •7 r'»0—Cavaliers.' •' • •'; S ;O0— A^Blo-Per »!ans ] ; • •9 ;00'—Palmollve Hour 499.7—WBAP. Fort Worth—300 6:09—Qrche8tr.T. .<i :0U—.'VngloiPersIans ii:-30—Popular Number.s 361.2—WOS Jefferson City—830 7:00-rRadlo Bible Clai's : S:l.>-TRadlo Farm School »i::;0—Studio I'rogram i70.2—WDAF Kansas City—810 C:00—.School of the Air 7:00—Cavaliers S:00—Anglo-PiersLins- • 9:00—PalmoUvo Hour i-: 293.9—WJMJ Milwaukee—1020 S:(io—Anglo-rorsians . —l.ali'ranc« Oiiix-ilra U;00—Palmollve Hour 405JZ—WCCO Minneapolis-St. Paul—744 7:00—Cavaliers ii :00—Anglo-Porsiana !l:30—Musical I'mgiam fl lir-) ;S08.2—WOW Omaha—S90 , C:'00—'Mariiliba and Piano ' 8;il0—Angla-PeriUanM a:U0—Palmollve Hour 499.7—WOAI San Antonio—600 9 :00—Musical PrDgnain jfi :UO—Dahco Mukiu 545,1—KED St. LouiS'-550 7:00—Ca Callers S;OU—.\nfeIo-Eersians l*;30—LaFrance Drchtstra ' S;Oil—Palnioilve Hour '348.6—KVOO Ttilsa'—860 0:00—Banquet Broadcast 7:110—Cavaliers S:iM)—Male QiiartPt WESTERN 352.9—KOA Depver—K20 S:3fl—Sunday School I,os.-;on 3 :Ufl— Musical Program l2 hrs.) 11:00—Dance Music 468.5—KFI Los Ahoelea—640 10:00—Wrlgley Review • •* H:V0 —Memory J ..3ne' 416.4—KHJ Los Angeles—720 11:00—LiRht Opera Hour 12:««—TroubailoiiiM 336.9—KNX Los Angeles—890 10 :00—•Courtesy Progjr-un 11 :00—Hotel Orchestra l :0Ua— Dance Music 384.4-:-KGO Oakland—780 10:00—Wrigiey Review IJ :0O— Memory I-ane 12:00-Dance Mualc 508.2—KLX Oakland—590 10:00—Opera Hour- 11:00—.Mhens Orchestra 491.5—KGW Portland—610 S:00—Golden We.n Olrl l«:00-^Wriglcy Review i :!:30a— Hoot Owls 454^.3—KFRC San Francisco—600 8:30—Ceclllans ' 1:00a—Dance Music' , 42?.3—KPO San Francisco-710 S:30—Organ; Violin 10:00—NBC Programs «2 hrs.> i:;:00—Dance Orchestra. hrs.) ' 348.6—KJ R Seattle—860 11:00—Studio Program 12:00—Danco Music , ' , ^ 870.2-KHQ Spokane—810 8:00—Davenport Orohc«lra 1U:UU—Miigiu.toic 11:00—Memory Lane MbM'N POP S"- ATTHERISKT VIE HAWe <ADM ja'POPOOWM •,| mwINQLY. IN THE CLUTCHES OF Aswikotsd. P061MG AS SILL | GERftlCK.SON OF POP'S OLD COOEOEMPTC- MOMN'POPOOMTl KNOW TMPmHE f SMOOTWeRTHEf CDSTOMER THE TREATMENT." i BMDATTHE- ' (REAOiMG FRONV TOP TO BCfTTOW) VsiE HAVE MR 8/ MRSHENRVTVTE, >MHO. FOR MO . GOODREASOM^ ATALL, EXCEPT To MAKE SOME EASV WOM6X, ARE IM THE SAME SCAT AS THE SOWNS A, A IHE FAl ^e 8lLL<3E «^lCVl, (REAL MAME ONKMO\MN) VlHO CAME OF FROM CHJLE TO SWINDLE PoP- HE 'ALREADY HftS MOM 'S MONEY AND WJIU- HA \)e POP'S ^ANKR-OLL .TOO IN A VERH FEW DAYS IF ^OMeTHINQ DOESN 'T HAPPEN—-r :i «6.U s .i»Arofrl Qtf. s» WA sCTWct. mc AMY OF THE OTHERS, IS VJfW TO SAvie THE GmmS ANO t\TBS AND FjbMlSH .THE IMPOSTOR - 'NNILU HE ARP.\\1E IN •/I QUIET SIRENGTH IN STOCK PRICES Abudance of Call Money Is Factor In Trend INSANE? j .NVw York. Jan. 19. (AP)—Quiet jstrengih chai acterized today's .stock inarkeL The abundance of money, available on call at 3% percent. an«: a renewal rate ol 4, ! t «^nded to allay •uneasiness oVer the io)f<lit Kitualloni altlionRb!^' many i^r.-i 'lerH ..ihowed" a disposition to jkpep out of Hie market, pending > liiiblic-ailoii 01" tht*' weekly federal j rcHerve report lin brokers loans at; ' t «v I he close. • Wlu-iit Vaiu«-!i I'll. i. (."hicago. .Ian., 1». l.^Pl— lUPUffi- j riejtt' niiufalJ together 1 wiiu; uaexoocled higher Liverpool iimitaiions and ' report.i of better . Ml itinli niillipg demand helped iliiiiig aboiil mitiirus today in wheat values hen-. Chicago future - ; delivery wheal trading was .some- i wlijii larger than of late and there J were numerous bids for cash wheat jilt the Hcaboaid, bni generally oe-1 low a wbiklug ibasls. Corn de-' cllijfd in the late dealings as a re- sM'it of heavier imrchaBes to ar-; rivi' liiTf. and because of prospective better weatlier the remainder j of the we(-k. ' Wlieat closed firm % to Vi cent ^Straypd, Lost, ^Fonnd 10 BULL IJdO—Smalf fblack dog~ child's pet. .N'otifv; Ouv OHver. . phone 979-11. UM X. Jefferson. RARTY—Setting irajss on Kd Cooley farm may have sime by calling for them. AV. W. Eaker. T.- C. Farlln. A»i nionntaineer fvoodchopper of Che Ozarks. is passing his time in the county jail at .Mountain Hoiiie. Ark., "sweeping away floods." and officers say he either is insane or feigning insanity. Fnrlin faces the charge of burning two of his cJiildren to death in his cabiiv. Farlin's wife had left him. before the fire, objecting to his attentions to Edna .Mae Floyd. IT-year-old mountain girl. The children, locked Into the cabin lot. could not escape. ANNOUNCEiiWENTS AUCTIONS AnctionH PUBLIC AUCTIO.V -^Public aucUon every Saturday at jl:00 o'clock at Blshop.'s Sales PavlHon. ' PlIBLir. AUCTIO.N'-4-I willj sell' at pirblie. aiirtioQ ar jii.«;.hop'a Sales ravilion, Satl !nta^^ .iimuary 21. horses. <-attle'. •htigs, .chickens.' •calves, auioinobiles: !!:irness. laitri machinery and u 'world of real good hoiisehttld fiifniture. <" S. Ill.ahop. .Xnciionc'T: - • EMPLOYMfcWI ,MI«:.\' AND Wa.ME.V—Work iocally. guarantee fli day; $91.ft0 and ex- i)ensf<! month traveling, welfare efforts. Oive phone :>nd address. "L." care Register. " . FINANCIAL Mon^y to Xoan—Mortgnpes 4i) FARM LOANS—Quick service .and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 15% West Madison. ) FARM AND CITY LOANS—The -Allen County Investment Co., Kelley Hotel Bldg.. lola, Kans. ROOMS AND B0-4RD Kooms WItliont Board LE6ALS Rooms For Housekeeplne 'fi9 FITRXISHED RpOM& ltou?ekeeping. For light modern. Innuire NOTICE. ' J, ROO.'.^—in modern home, student; Horace G. Smith; sentenced Jan:- ~' i preferred. Inquire 401 S. rt'alnut.i^. 1924.'from Allen county for = ' — ^ I Crime Against Na'ture. will prcr seiit his application for a parole tti-ii,;^^^ the Board of Adminisfratlon/ i ^r,]- ? Vr^^ their, iiest regnlar, meeting;'^ helii=;i'^]^^ at Lansing. Kansas,-February- 7''f, 1928. ^ • • : Petitioner HOR-^CE G. SlHTH/ij r ^ (12) 22-29 (1) .5-12-19. • -iP'^j^'wp 206 South Chestnut street. TWO ROOMS—Furnished for light housekeeping, cheap rent. Callat 624 North. f:treet. i REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments.and Flats \7i | jg,g ^^^^ y,^^ - i^p iP -A -RTME-Vr—4 room, downstaii-9. i issued' out of the District Court of • • ,.i with garage. Inqtiire North! Allen C<mnt>\ State of.Kanfea?. in. ->& .leflTerson • ' i ja. certain action therein pentfittgj, f- U .»•" ; j wherein the .Vatioiwi Life Insur- V-iJ^ BusinesK Places For Kent :7.^ajice Company, a corporation, > AUTOMO^^'IVE Antnmdblle Ai^enoies,. A USED CAR—Is as dependable as the dealer who sells it. Dodge Sales'and Service. :tl'li,e best place to hiiv good, dependable used cars. At prcent we have'a complete line of 'lioth open and v-losed niudels, priceo to sell. Kllis .Motor Co., 214 North Washing |9ii. . ' AntomobilesfoiV .Sale 11 j net ihigtier. corn at V, to % cent iiledlne; outs unchanged to V4 to I -v li -nl lower and provisions un- Irhuhgid to a rise of in cents. huii>a«. Cltf I'rmlnce , City. Jan. 19. (API- BRONSON I Mrs. t;. M. Qnist.l j ^Jnn. 16.—Friday inorninu. Jaiiu- ; atp- 1.!. at 9 o'clock, the beautiful j and hcspitSilde home of .Mr. and Kansas City. Jan. 1». (An—;,, , ... , „ ih-ggs: firsts. .iDc: necond.s. o.Oc; •->"^''- ^''"""•''•^n ^^•"'"•'"-"'t""y 'othi-r produce unchanged. . ; tlec«,rated witli.sraa!! breakfa*! ta- f ' j bles adorned with snow white llu- Kunsas flfy liuy ; e„. iK -autiful .china and-silverware. nttSg^d^'^s^l^/r"'''^!*''—"e'". a breakfast for • the members of the Woaian's Hume KanMis City timiu, ; Missionary So:it.ty of tlie .M. 1:^.. K:insas City. Ian. 19. (.Al'i — i^ nuiiiber of 'invited " ' The hreakfasr was .si>on- O. K. fSED CARS- 1927 'Chevrolet loaili: 1!>2.-.; Chevroletl touring: 1927 Chevrolet toii tiuck: 1921 Chtvndei roadster;^ 1924 Chevrolet ton truck, with graiii body. Other cheaper used »ars. Shelly Motor Co.. Us West Jackson. Plume CO. OXKLA.Vn - Deab^s Pf).\TIA(' '2G Oakland .onpeir''^.-. Bui.rk light , .six louring, fine s?'npe; '26 Nash ' fidvanci-d roadster.; .\1 shape: "26 Ford roadster: '27 Ford coupe: •>:• Ford tudop. fine shap FARM AND CITY LOANS— rate on farms, , city 6'.r. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham .MO.N'i^Y—To loan on farm and city property. Ja,ckson Realty Co/over Brown'.s Drug Store. ' MONEY T0~ LOA.V—On farnis" "tir city property. rate. Stewart * Funk. _ .MONEY T() I.OA.V—On "reai estate, repayable in small, monthly pigments. These loans -never come due - better because cheaper and more convenienL Secnrily Building i Loan Assn.. 1st .N'ntl. Rmik Bldg. 1'RTVATK: .MONEY—TO loan" on farms or city property. W. H. Brister. ovi-r Howard's Candy Shop. _ .AP.ARTMENT—4 room, downstatr* (First published Itt The lol^ Dally Begister, January 5- 1928,) r NOTICE OF SHERIFFS SALE. Whereas, on the 4th day of Janiir»; ary. 1928. an order of sale ws^ dnljr, issued' out of the District Court; of ' r Ftyms ana Land For Rpnt 7C ; glT .^-J ^^-^g^f^^SiJj: I ONE .•',20 ACRES—Well improved; i R. Kalm; B*rieda R. Kalini h 8 wifri, ' -1 two.'iO's. improved. Bo.y 20.3> Iqla. • were defendants, being cabe Nol.i ] '" ' ir,71.S therein, commanding: ine. tHi > <« i iitidersltmeil Sheriff of Alleii Condr-l LIVESTOCK Hor-MMs^aJflf. Vehicles 4S iVuROC M.VLEllfOf:--.V good one. '.-52.-.. Phone ll62W. HOLSTKIN' COW — Extra good, coming 7 years; old. .fresh: also Phone 146 or 441. Houses For Kent ' si-r.->eni'd in baclij porch, close 'in. j ln(|uire ut Dr. Curtis' offhe. _ 'ompany. a corporation, vrti^< ...7,7;"<."v:ri:,~ir>TTr. 7! plaintiff arid Harlaii Taylor; Sai-^iJo,u^ BUSINESS bUILDING- -For rent, i '^^^^ ^^y,^^ j .^.t^caniit^-sfT, I sey: ..Jake Swisher; -Bradforjd Stirij=, j. a corpora.tionl;_ J;^l|- .iy^^ M ' 1- -iisl. f .tJ^ '-/"Ml uriderslgnetl Sheriff of Allen ConUr tt;^AGfi-4 rooriis. modern, large i'>-- Kansas, to a aver Use and ^ \ - - «- according to law, without appraise-,, i and subject to eighteeii ;|;: I months' redemption, the followingj GOOD HOUSE—Of four rooms "for • dp-'^cribed real property, sitnatedtn, rent. S1.00 per month. Chimney , .-VUen County, State of Kansas..t(»7 Sweep. : .; > wif- . ' - ... ., :_ - - The Southwest Fractional • HOnSE—-Nice tli ^ee room 14; and West M: of V.'est % of " furnished, good fearden spot. and'. .Snutheasi % of Section 30, some fruit. Call'. 126SJ. . : 'Township 24. Range 21 East of ' .„.^r,„>. —7^ . ' the Sixth Principal Meridian; . .MODERN HOLSB-For rent. A.i- g^^l^j,. ^^^,ta,„ j,„,g^g„tTend- nished, or unfurriished -Ailso gar-saidxaction on the 19th day age. Phone Sia .aO. S., Jefferson, i Decembei^. A; D- 1927. in fawr |Whlt«r AVyandotte egas from stand-1 ooTTACE-AIoifern closet of said plaintiff. Na'tional Ufe Itt- brdizecl fjoc -k: 7 .ockertls. L. A. ^^Ihoal- -ji ' surance Company, a corporation, _Ave^^aHaj-im,Kans.__^^^^^ - —=^ ! and against the .said defemiants. Poultry and SnppUes 43 BABY CHICKS—Eleven ieadilVe breeds. $tl..and up per ln'ildred^ .-•'1 W, discount on orders placed >3U Oaklaiifl touring. gq^Jd :.'2.-. Chevro-. ^j ^^^.j, advance. Sunflower Hatch- let :touring: '24 Clrevndel coupe: ; RronFon. Kans. •24 Dodge toiirine.;' Several other chcapiT used cars: Casli.- terms or trade. Hcd)art Votor Co. *'';^M'' M . <i -M- - tnir- ti 905' 'he tables by clever place-cards CI <..«e. .May. $1.24v«,.u> ^.t^^^. Wotnans Home Mis- Corn. rece.nLs J ^\';"^VJ /'v^ il .sionarv emblem. The three-course eent hicher: No. 2 white .S.Jc No. u . • , , I 'ir^'/^l^.^^'V . I'u ^ii'e^'N'o" ^ menu. .-onsiKted of grape fruit. i=.,t^A'"J. 'v • , ivt1l si3 r«i »'U ^'k«l>eat cakes, bacon, waffles. ^ S2>A®Slc: No. Vm.xed Sl=.«. .^^ ^^^^^ -^•y- ,', 'c-u ;,-v ..-a not only enjoyed the delicious meal , Close. May Sa%c •' J^^' but thP -social good lime together, i ;Oats, receipts cars: nnchan^g^^^^ Mie of the hos- |No. 2 white, nominally C6@58c, No. ^^^^^^ Catherine turned out to Milo niaizc; $1.4S. Kafir.. $l.:«'r»l.:!7. l{ve, $1.0(1. Barley. S2if^ S.-.i. ; tesses the gatltpring turned out to be ia weddiiig breaklast. wlitn .Mrs. H. D. Smock, nee Mary G. Rogers announced her wedding of Thursday evening. January 12. at 7:30 o'clock to .Mr. H. D. Smock, of tola. Kansas. The guw»t.s show- i ;i2fi CHEVROLET j^tll'PE-Chev­ rolet sedan: Chrys'i 'r ".lO" luather sedan: Clirysler - '•.'iS" eoupe: Dodge toiirins: jFord sedans, coupes and' roa .lste^rs All are in jrood 'ihape. A\"e tiNiiie. Ross Ar- bucklc's Caia;;^. Cl^rv.«Iciv dealers. Phone lie. BABY.' CHICKS—li -iO S. C. R. I. Jleds for tomorrow. Custom hatching . I<- per egg. Come in and look over our line of brooders. Sturdy Chi'-k Hatdiery. 220 street. lU-^VS-White Rock: also 2-year- I old Jersey heifer, fresh in six weeks. L. H. Beeding. Gas. Kans. ,. "^""IJil^.^'l^ '-'ir-v' AP . <r 1 '"•ed M.>.- smock With best wishes Kansas City.. Jan. 19. (API-(I. 1 hanninesa Agriculture)—Hogs: ''"'J h^PP'"***^- S. Dept. of • Miss Betilah Dudley of Wichita .^.'ino; fairly active, strong to 10c:. Ihighor tlfan AVednesdays average: i*)'-'''' e'lef' of .MIs^ Bessie Hol! stock pigs .steady: top $S.40 on 210 ; and Miss DoriB Siarliper over 'ff/2C0 Ib.s.: bulk desirable 190 Hi.s.J *^'<'«'''-t'"''- UM.-S.2.i(f,.s.4ii: 140f,l.S0 lbs. 7.75(fft 'V"' .^'' Anderson of. Ead^i. packing sow.s. 6.65f«7J'..=;: Colo., is visiting her parents. Mr. stocli pigs 7.«0ifr7.7.5. -^''••''- J- i'attox. Callb': 2.000: calves. 500; fed Several from here attended the steers slow .*Stead?;- supply mostlv funeral- of Po.stmasfer A. A. Stlres medium to good short feds of light fnlontown last WeiltlcMlay. and Tiiedium weiglu: other classes Jriends or Mrs. E. Norton are comparaiivelv scarce, unchanged:' K ^Pved by her death. We have lost . r a dear frieii'd and a good neighbor. I)orse£t Produce Co. \ 1202^feast) street, I014 qasli for Ponllry and F.jrgs . Call ITs Any Time. We nlli fomft «ft r iMioltry. GBEiSfNAN '3 MARKET Corner East Monroe ind Kim Sl*> 10I.A. KJ XH. We iw ^t Your Pbultry, Eggs and Hides (-Mrs Harold Boone at her mother's \Ve <liiesday afCertiooii. • Homei- Sldul tlireslied kaflfr lorn for the faiiners in this n<'iglibor» hood last week. Mrs. Joe Gregory very plca.santly entertained the Community CenKtr dub Thursday aftemtion. The bad roads kept ineiiiHers , f rom being present. Those tiblc to be there spent a very pleasant time with needle work and vtslting. Mrs Gregory served, d«'Ilcloiis refreshments and live club adjourned..'The next meeting place will be announced later. j is busy In thi* neighborhood. Tliey Mrs. Ceiia Dickersoii li :id tlie fol- a^e tlrreshiiig for J. F. Ross today, lowing to dinner Sunday: Mr. and .Mrs, S. M; Dickerson. Dorothea and Olilion. Mr. and .Mrs.^C. L. Dickerson. Glen and Ralph. i?: Lockart was a business caller a ,t.. Steve Dickerson's .Saturday inorning. .Mr. and .Mrs. S. B. Boone- anil ;m^"^d'yt^rsead5^•l^^^^ - tiSticiri'vonl T .S1n .<ra"- • I -o"'- -inve our sincere sympathy. Attorney General Smith of To- ,l„g" generally Ocffi^Oc higher: J'eka. "'"s the speaker at the W C. iint,s " / ,, . ...-.-u, .;T. L. meeting Wednesday after- lr«6 lbs k ^rTo packers :Uo i^^^^ Stewart, Luli Arnett. Alie. tmetous .ctsi.^nme^^^^^^ Maggie Anderson and i 1^85 9.-5 lbs. offerings 12.10; shorn ! Q"l«t were guests, attending '11 ......i.^... on:; >' 'hi' Bronson un on. yearling wethy.s. 9.6.-.. ^.^^.^.^ ^^^^^ BHD AVUiTE Mfn:r»R CO. III'D.SON K.S.SEX niCALEIS^-- rilEVROLET, 192fi'SEllAN. f CHRY.SLEU. 1926 fOURI-N'tJ. HODGE. 1922 RO.^DSTEI?. DODGE, 1922 Cimimenial Truck. DODGE. 1924 Touring, wiuler. enclosure. * •DODGE. 1926 COCPE.^ ICSSEX. 1027 C(I.\(;H. ' . ESSE.V. .1 19211 COACHES. FORD. 1924 TOITRING. Fif^lRD, 392:! ROADSTER. FORD. 1921 R0AD)?TER. FORD. ]92U TOURl.VG. FORD. 192:7 TOPR.l.\G. HUDSON. 19--'6 BROUGHAM. JH'D.SON, 1927 Standard Sedan. OVI?RI,ANb, 192.VrO.\CH. oVUitLAND, 1924 ijTOlIRlNG. I Cnsb, Terms Or Trade. 219 9. WASH./ PHONE 180 lola : was present at the P>ihian Sis-j I ters meeting last Tuesday night , and a very interesting meeting . ,, i WIS enjoyed. Jan. 17.—The thresliing machine j, g. Elliott.and wife spent ^Saturday witii Raymond Smith . and family, south of town. .Mr. and j.Mr .s.< Dennis Atkis.son of ROCKY POINT (.Mrs. Anna Stout.) Anto Accessories. Iflres. Farts 13 BUSINESS SlggYtgl We Iwve received: word that TheViia Huffman, formerly of tho | channte .ipent Siinduy at the p-ar- Rislug Star neighlwrhood. but now , ental. J. E. Burnett home. (if Yachats. Ore., where she is! Alrsj Wm. Mckean is quite ill, „ teaching school, has suffered ajat the home of her daughter, Mrs.'CALL DE.^N TRANSFER — Plione !{rfn stroke of infantile paralysis.; jvj ford Volmer. ' j .S.S.".. will move,you Tjy hoiirorcon- WE ARE WRE<;KING—A WillysKnight: good :14X4K- tire.". lola half mile west M( Auto Wrecking ay Phone 7S2. . —— - • — -- '. . 1 TR.\C1'0R—.^nd plO Tl-RKEY HE.NS -Two, bronze. Mrs. J. E. Hunter. Phone :n .S -22. MERCHANDISE REAL ESTATfe FOR SALE 1 Harlan Taylor and Susanna Tay— . . — —-| lor. WK wife, for the sum of.|5,- IJrokers fn Real Estate Ri6«4.70. together with' Interest on •—: T- ^ said total Judgment of $5 ,044 .70, at FOR SALE ORTRADE—LaHarbe:Uhe rate of 10 per centiRnT ahniim ten acres well improved, close jn; i-from and after the «ate thereof, store building, welllocated. lola: i until paid, and aH costs of said aCr four room house in cSty: 36 acres: tion. and the ta.xes d«e an<l Sit- three miles out. Humboldt; Two i ijnquent upon said real estate. I- properties. W. IH.: .\'oW. THHREFORE. improved- city AVooii. ].aHai-pe, Farms and Ijind For Sale j 89 .'i.MALL DAIRY FAR.M -Two miles • from lola on hard surfaced road. Phone 47,=>. . - .. noUco' Is 1 ; I hereby given; that on the 6th day of .j February. 193S.. at the hour af;'2 ! o'clock j). m. of, at. thr | South door of the County Conft -ii House fn the VCity of lola, Allett County. Kansas I will offer Salii- al>ove mentioned and (iescrlbed real-; property for sale, and will sell same to the highest and b6st WdJ C t t)l ir. ACRP:S- :: milips on .\ortIi Kpt tiickv street road, known as .lef- . . • w fers farm. D! W. Jeffers, Seima, | der Tor cash m hand, subject to 1» Kansas. i mouths' redemption, as in said ,!; Articles For Sale. »1 — j jmlgnieniand order of sale-'cHre^ t^ i 9i> .AntES - improved .\n«soiiri i ed. - ; ?. farm for sale or exchange." H. 3.1 Witness myliafi'd this 4th day of CREA.M SEPAR.ATORS — Slightly used .McCormick - Deering ball-! !ii«irin Holth antei'd as new. Alien C'ltin'.y Im- plemeiit Co. AVilliams. Maconib. ..A-o. '''^6 ?™ng \HK ACRES-^Bott^Hi land. well:lo-i sheriff of AUeif Cotfnty. k L'. ?h.i-. snguu> usen AOKer (.gtec'. gopd improvements, priced , -c.^ , niinfM» VmU^r «;h No. :A sepanitor. $6.^. guar- ,f,,.,,,. , J^^. vv >iie for full tnHAXV^^V des<-rii)tion. A'. C. Archer. • Januar.v. 192S. . H. D. SMOCK. KaniiaiEl Sherip:*' EARL BOHANNON. Attorney for Plaintiff. , Ilonscs for Sale ^IP^-^-^-^ q)-2 FOR SALE AT RARGAl.N - On ac- _ _ '•— (First published . in The Idld . count of leaving lola: One Tn-iTWO GOOD HG.MES-For sale. Daily Register. January ,=):.192|.)i derwood typewriter. 12-iiuIi carriage, almost new. - I'ho. '\'M\ s()O0. GOOD OAK AVOOl) For sale. *:!.'iu rank l^hon both-v.-eU locaieH. both bargains.- NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALfcJ" IntiulrP C. C; Ali-iliermnn. 621: N.. ' Whereajo. op the 4th day of Ja^i'4 A\'alniit street. ^ j ary. 192S. an order of sale was dul ... . . ,x mill . I., n/^rtx ,,r>r --.T.-- ii i f ' issued Out of the District Court ; delivered. A. O. Hlin,rant. :5 ROOM HOr.-,EpHas goo.l roof-; ^„p„ gtate of Kansas. 1 le 87.S. • . . I price $2<.->. Lee Tipton, west edge ; i . ! I LaHarpe. - 1" HEDGE POSTS—Foi: sale, ciidap. certain action thereiii' pendinj^ wherein the .Vational Life 'Insurir. I'hone 949F21. ;{00 PAIR—Ladies' new shoes. ;2.=>c: 4 ROOM HOL'SE'-For sal», $125..: an^e Compan.v. a corporation,-wai to be mowe<l. liiqufre 19 S. Ohio.! P'aintiff and Harlan Taylor; ,l^uai<i . -. - - . : =— ,anna Taylor, his wife-; J. A.Canatr ' all kinds ladies', men's and chil- .7 ROOM rMODEKX HOUSE -Good sey; .lake Swisher; Bradford Su]>i dren's clothing cheap; Second | garage; on paved street. :! vblocka . ply Company, a corporation; J. li Hand' Clothing Store. 110 Sonth from the Snuare. for .sale af a i Smith: Don S. Hawthorne. Admin-; Kentucky. • liargain: $500.iii>'. cash, balaiice , i.stralor of the estate, of Anthony ——— —7 Bke^rent^ tola .Land Compdny. Blum, deceased; The Moran Gas . ""iTL"-"—.-'^_ --1 ,„V .~.Tc Company, a corporation; Ilarve,* ^ILL TRADI-> .1 DeLaval, 1 Mi- lolte. 1 Dono cream separator for stock. Allen County. Cream .Co. Business and OtBce Egnlgment M TYPEWRITERS—For sale, rent or trade. AVilliams Typewriter Co, \Y.; AVest .Aladison. Farm Etinlpment SAA AVERY CORN PLANTER—lit ^ood running order. Swan A. Johnson. Moran cemeti-r.v. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss' j„ j„ without appralse- n the Probate Court in and. for! ^^^.^^ ^^^^^^^ .said couiit.v In the n.a ter of the, , redemption, the following Estate of Arthur E. Cnghtij, real property. Situated li*'^'''''*'"- • ' .Allen County; State of Kansas, towit: . -,. The Southeast % of Section. ' ' 2.-.. Town.ship 24, Range 20- ? if -'/: .•I •1 .t~.i .^orlns^ Trncklnr. Storatre M Phone ;il» her entire left side being affected, j Bertnim Stevcn.son and wife are tract, villi^ipcrli^nced men. but. gie doctors, jplvo her hope ol 1 visiting their relatives here and .vHii'v~Ymr\!Oi'E Or «tore a';r-,.,';rV« -i^ST.;,, ! • EMPLOYMENT lows for sale, in Creditors and all other. i>ersons interested in the aforesaid Estate are hereby notified that I shallap- ply to the Probate Court in and for \ said County, sitting at the Court • East of the Sixth Principal Meridian: to ' satisfy a certain good condition. Terms, or will trade for horses, mules or cattle. JPIioneJjSjJLJ-*'- —• - —is Honsefaold Oooda CO.N'GOLEUM RUGS-$S tip. 6x9's: e.tnjola. Conn y of -Ml*^"; ! judgment rendered In said action 4 i r ,.rv"f 'h °»-Sl fo! VftO^ ^ "-i 19th d^y of December. 1W7. r bruary. A. P. "-SI foi a.fuU . .Vational Life lusurauice am. unal settlemeii or.said rotate. I c ^ corporation, and aiul for an ""'^f^""'' ^f: I against the said defendants. Harlad judging who are the heirs, devisees . / Susanna Taylor, hia atid •--tc-es^ot^sai .l ^dece^ed^^^^ , PHpHE IfUMBEE 19 5S« will be an original joke. - The C. (•'. diii) is in receipt of a very nice^ letter from .Airs. Sne Sawyer thanking the inenibirs for a potted p^ant sent to her. The rumored wedding turns our to be minor and nothing more. .Milo. Smith. .Mrs. Harold Boone and .Aliss r.Hirothea Dickerson vis'- iteil Sunday with ilarold Boone at Jidiii.son's hos|i!tal in Chanute. '1.-::old is getting along fine. The progress ;0f the French in" 1 iiKby was evidenced recently when ai French team beat a team of English players, for the llrst time in history._ ; LL Dowd lifted . from the jvith hands alone . 1411 IrolrtirWOTCfeSfer": Maaa..' March 82,-1883, ^- - ;> Help Wanted-4-Female S2 "%^"^'"5oSn|""£ roads i 1 ™^ f!''^"' -'i^'ed an I Claude Stout was reminded, that ejosl npi-i^i- • . T" , ! .«=unday would be. his birthdav by a : u-'lne^^^^^^^^ and AVO.MA.V-Wanted Jor honsework. surprise parlv Satur.lay evening.: ?afeww r" ' '^"'^ X- Wasaington avenue. which .. was a complete : surpri.4. i se/ved '•^freshments were ,VTi ;;rwi,-n~ w" rt„ " "T T The evening was sn warm inrt ^ ., i EH—A\ ants-housekeeper in pleasanrt"atthrvonrtg*X^ '» -"'ami. Ok!.,.. I •>"">''"» of 'ola: stale nahie and !^oTme .pKi^^^^^ -i'h her cpusJ ! ^e :^<iJli>H^^i^^^ 31 lije older* oiies visited and enjo.v-.' yxri. G. I^ Webster si)ent tbe'-l 't ''*'P~y*'* ed music in the house. Uetrqsh-, ,iay .Menday with .Mrs. Lidj \'<,lr 1 J?.i *l AVEEKLY—Man or-, woman ments of pie and cake were -serrid. j nier. Lucritia Msher has be.n sick Mrs. Ida Milbern's mother, age several da.vs with tonsilitv-; ' jiS. wlio lived with her died sud- •The Charley AA'bitcomu fainiUy, ,ienly Monitav morning. spent Sunday at. the Hnb-rt! \Vhit- ! VI .nb home. • - i Charles Gorman, the fleet skater -Miss .Alandie Powers of Ki.ieald, of St. John. N. B.. holds both the vlfcitedHbo schoi /i ^Idaj*. i IntemationaL outdoor and the in- fhe Guder. t.imlly rl^.ied -Mr. j tematlonal indoor championships ando Mrs. Jim Slireonin ttoelr new home near Morau Sunday evening. in addition to several world's records. I wanted ^with ambition and industry, to distrfbhte. |tawleigb's Household iProfliiCts to t-teady usen*. Several oi^enings in lofa.! <ind nearby towns.; AVe train and help you so you cnn make up to (100 a, week or mo )K. No experience necekaary. I^easant, proflt- abi*,^ Oignined %qfk. Write to- dajr. W: T. Raw»igh Co*. Dept. KA4068, Freeport.:IU. liiio'.enm specials. Henningei; Fur-[Kxeiiitor of the fc-=t.-? of -^nhiir ' ntture Store; ' . H ' K. Brightl^^ -^i^^^-;^, . ^ j III^ i^h day FURNITURE-New, and second •'""",'?7 ,^..,c V -i, 3-9 - ^ "•- P'""''; haiid. lis Jackson. Phone _ l:jL.r 1 ^1 #cnon. and tl .-,:!. Mel AV. Fuller. i (Flr-st Published In The lola- Daily Imquent upon •• ^ —rr\ . Register January 12." 1928.) NOW. THl GAS RA.N'GES—New and used. W^' exchange. Easy paymi-nis. Delivery service. Curtis Furniture Co.. l^Harpe, Kans i (Flr-st Published In The lola- Daily . Register January 12.' 1928.) .XOTll'F OF FIXAL SKTTLE.HENT State of Kansa-s, ^llen Countr, s.-?. In the Probate .;Court in anlTfor ' gether with interest th.erep"n at thf, per cent per aniium Itom day of Decemberi 19271; , anlt all cost4 of aal^ !{ the taxes du^ and de^f linquent upon said rfeal estate. - • £ ; NOW. THEREFORE, notice Is . ' liereby given that on the 6ith day of . Febrnai'.v. 192.S. at the hptir-'of 2 i' o'clock p. m. of said-day. -at th^ SPECI.\L S.\LE—On and mattresses this $22.«0 values for $16.00; parlor and dining room suites at Wg ductions. Come and see for > self. Eryson Furniture Store, Jefferson avenue. Xnsfral -Merchandise PORTABLE VICTROLA—Condition same as new. also some records. Will sell right. 306 South streeL Waat«d—T« ftiy cattle and bdss. J. C.\Batchejr. Februar}-, A. D..- 1928, lor a'full and final settlementiof said Bstate. and for an' ordeif fmdiiig and! ad- Judging .who are sthe heirs, devfeees and legatees of siaid deceased, i gt L.-E. HORVUi|B, — - Admlniatraitor iof the Eatatd'* Of WANTED TO Binr-^^AII kinds of Daniel Honrflle, decease^ i - Witness my hand this 4th day of J^uary. 1928. r *" Xf-i^ - ' iH. D. S»OCK. Sheriff ot AUeu'COnntyeT Attorney torJ^bOsmi^. "Ti"-'*? ^^^^^

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