The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 18, 1958 · Page 22
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 22

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1958
Page 22
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fARMIR'S MARKET--* HERALD WANT AD SECTION DIAL HE 3-8851 ,0M*f to Mrt tnan» tuindftdl M ClawiftM AfltmUfciBMJtt in tat wmwa ear* month the eon of titta wilMtifto aad bdokkece. tB| *«« It unprofitable to 9hMt» th«N gmaii amount*, for jjrti rtMon Mi« policy of the RiraidI to to feqirtW CASH WITH OftDEft, w* beltete our readers fwsogniw the condition and »iu fin M>«lr wnilBg eonpwation. In elm of emergency when It U tmpoiatbit rot patrons to call *t tbtt efflei to maftt pamwntt. arranftSTntntt can be made tor paynienta through their Herald earmr-salegman «o carrier col- i«oMon charge for ada not paid « hmui after expiration. Ol,AS8IFtKD AM (Want Ad) Rate Minimum charge 18 worn* |ijo. I Urn* ................ *... M JUra« ... ................ 188 S times Ada accepted until 9:4$ a.m. seme da; of publication, irregular inaertiona U *LL * toft * •*<*• *" * d « restricted to eiattUcatloa and type style. !0c aer- vice «h»rge for blind ada. It you do not want Mind ad repllei to fall into certain hands almply address your rtplf M the mtmbert in the ad attaching a li«t of paniee you do not want ym» reply to reach. Place both to Mwther entelope addreeaed to Want Ada Confidential Service AIM- tin Dail fterald. ) AsstiMsa NO_- ron ERROM AFTER INSERTION and reaerrM the right to edit o» reject any copy »ub- mittea, . CLAsatFIRD DISPLAY: Minimum apace 1 inch. Not over 20 worde per inch allowed. 1 tune per inch $1.30 a or more eonaeeutiTe time* 11.20 per inch, irregular inaertlona take 1 time rate. Display copy must be In ,eom- poejngrooim by noon preceding day of publication. Space larger than « J»oj«""J day* before publication. READER ADS on Society page: Mln imum charge for heading and is word* $1.80. Over IS words. 60 per word additional. CABD8 OF THANKS and IN MB- MORIAMS — SO words or leu $1.00. CLASSIFICATION INDEX 1— Announcement*. J— Personate, S— Loet * Found 4— Employment 5— Rental* , •—Fanners Market 7— Mctae For Sale 8— Business Service 9— Financial 10— Auction Salee 11— Real Estate 12 — Automotive Place An Ad Today Dial HE 3-8851 ANNOUNCEMENT-l WCE 4 room apt. Washer, dryer, uttt. Hies furnished. Child considered $80. HE 3-8478 or HB 7-3512. XAOLBfl regular meeting Thursday night, Dee. 18, 8 p.m. > ROOM apt. Utilities furnished. Close In. Reasonable rent. 303 S. Chatham evenings. FOR RENT—ROOMS TERP BALLROOM, Auatln, Minn: Friday, Elmer ScheM. Saturday, Bob White Orchestra. Sunday, Andy Dolt Chrlstanaa night. Dec. 25th, Conway Twltty. PERSONAL BUSINESS —IB CHAIN-SAW Chains machine aharp- ened. Rent ft Save. 1000 X. Water •ANTA will com* to your home or to a party for a email fee. HE 39583. STAUFFEH Horn* Plan. BE 3-474«, WILL play Saxita, Claus. Have old time sleigh bellsl HE 3-7938 after 4:30 p.m. for reservation. CHRISTMAS trees, wreaths, roping. Norway boughs. Open now! A ft W Hoot B«tr, wloh. corner Mapl* and Oreen- LOST AND FOUND-3 FODKD — Small brown dot. Dial HE 3-2438. EMPLOYMENT-4 BELT WANTED-TEMALK CONVENIENT hours and high rate of pay for full or part tlm* work. Car and, phone necessary. Dial HE 1-2039. Stenographer Wanted Age 20 to 35. Must have pleasing personality and be capable of dealing with the public. Good salary plus. excellent fringe benefits. Mutt bt able to take shorthand at 80 to 100 words per minute. State Employment Office 110 E. Oakland Austin, Minn, CASHIER wanted, prefer alngle girl. Typing background alao required. HELP-MALE AND FEMALE —«C A BUSINESS of your own—This la an unusual opportunity for men or women who are open minded and •an accept new Idea* and new things, if you are honest and sincere and nave a deep dealr* to brtnt happlneas to others and are determined to make a success of yourself then wrtte 113. Box 3J7, Auatln. Minn. SALESMEN WANTED —4D local Salesmen Neat appearing. No age limit. Car necessary. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. High Earnings. For Appointment Dial HE 3-3088 ROUTE aaleeman wanted al*o a direct aalecmao. Salary and • oommtwlon. Bee It*. Noteimann, Beheld Plumb- la*. SITUATIONS WANTED —4E CUSTOM picking and dreaainc of poultry, all kinds. Turkeys, geeae, ducks, chicken, HE 7-1474 or HE 7-3JM. LEP88 — Place your orders now before the Holiday*. Dial HE 3-tlU. WILL do Iroalng, HB PIANO tuning and complete repair. Ptal HB 3-3718. Luther Hanson. 8MQW removal. Dial HE 7-17M. BEWIMQ. Aprons. Etc. HE 3-2180. MIDDLE H«« man wanta part tlmei full time, hourly work. Write Ell, Box 337. Austin. Minn. RENTALS-i MtNr—nouses •-5A 3 ROOM duple* West College *40 per month. HB • MODKRH < room bxmgaiow, o»r«e and garden. DIM HB 3-M48. FOR RENT-APARTMENTS Private entrance . »4l. HB 3-7S« or HE 3 FURNBH'S' room apt. down. AIM room for light hoxutekeeplng. Tjtll- me» furniehed. »«.so and r * —•-•» vivmi. \SI\JZTG m, WBSII* a^M* 0 ' m 8 ' mn * u »- KE y. 2 room* and bath. Washing facilities, utilities lshed. Adulta. Bial HE 7-4249 or FftTK AV6. NSAjR high school. Very good 2 bedroom apt. Dial HS 7-3449 after S p.m. HB 3omm * r » apt.. 008 *'>J»NISHKD 3 room and bath apt Newly decorated. 60S N. Seventh. FURNISHED kitchenette apt. Suitable - mmtle * 8 RMS. Furnished. Down. HE 3-6824 2 BEDROOM downstairs apartment. s tt>T«. refrigerator, utilities furnished. Washing facilities available. Dial HE 7-3156. FURNISHED kitchenette apt, block off Main, Adults. 102 s St. 2 BEDROOM, near plant. HE 3-7419. FARMPRYDE42% Hog Concentrate With viatmins and antibiotics added or without for f a s t economical weight gains. Manufactured by General Form Stores Inc. Austin, Minn. MISCELLANEOUS For Your Livestock Watering Needs: NELSON WATERING BOWLS SMITH-GATES Electric Heating Tape. Austin Seed Co. Highway 218 N.-HE 3-9215 B3CTRA nice furnished J rooms and bath. Call after 6 pjn.. HE 3-4140 or 406 W. Mill. VERT clean basement apt Hot water HI *** b * th * nd * ntrance FURNISHED a room apt. Washing fa- cllltlea and utilities furnished 107 W. Wlnona, 3 ROOMS and kitchenette, private bath. 306 West Ookland. UAROK 4 room furnished apt. Also 3 room apt. over garage. West Oakland Ave. HB 7-1245. 3 ROOMS and bath. Adults. Inquire 807 Hope, rear apt. FURNISHED 4 room apt. Bath. Everything furnished. Bob Holgate, HE DOWNTOWN apt. Stove, refrigerator furnished. 3 rooms. Private entrance. Immediate possession. 305\i East Bridge. HE 7-2491. ROOMS with bath. Downstairs. Qas heat. East aide. Available Deo. 1. VERT clean downtown apt. Stove and refrigerator furnished. Dial HE 38080 or HE 7-1049. NICE kitchenette apt. downtown in Wanner Building. Available now. HE —«c HSNJOT comfort and privacy of lovely studio apt. Reasonable. Kitchen and laundry included. Downtown. HE 7-4348. BOOM. Gentleman. Dial BE 3-8088. T. Francis Hotel. Weekly and monthly rates. T.V. Lobby. 312 E. Mill. FOR RENT—MISC. —5F ._ chairs by th« month, *7.50 Rent ft Sate, 1000 B. Water. HE 3- ground HOOT office apace now available. 4 and 9 room units. HE 38349. WANTED TO RENT —SB WANTED to rent - Hay land for OOW aeason. Joe Weak Dial HE 73320. FARMER'S MARKET-6 MACHINERY A FARM EQUIP -6* SNOW bucket for Toroaon tractor, al- ao a heat housera. Metal turning lathe 1947 Ford dump truck In- qulre at 700 East St. or HE 3-4148. POULTRY AND PRODUCE GEESE, live or dressed. Dial HE 72963. DRESSED Muacovy and Rouen ducks. 35o Ib. dressed or 25c alive Ray Kruger, Oakland. CAPONETTES, «-7 Ib. average weight 45olb. dressed. Dial HE 7-1474. DRB99ED chickens, 30c a pound, bagged and frozen. Live, 85c. Deliveries extra. HE 7-3838. QEE6K, 12-1« ha.. 30o Ib. alive, 11.00 extra dressed. Dial HE 7-1474, 9 to 1J LB. GEESE, 2Jc Ib. Will dress for $1.00. Ducks $1, 11.50 alive HE 7-41M2. OEE6E, alive or dressed. John Register, HE 7-3010. DRESSED geeae. 39c Ib. Knauera. RUSSETS. Kennebecs. Cherokees — cooking quality wonderful! Prices low. Put In your winter supply now Petran Parma. POTATOES — Cherokees and Pontl- acs. Best cooking. $i.50 hundred. Sunnyhlll Farm. 3 miles west of Corning. Hgwy. 251. (Always open.) FOR SALE — 480 pullets, 220 hens Vaccinated for all poultry diseases Brownsdale phone, Logan 72265. POTATOES — Fancy Cherokeea, $1.49 per hundred pound bag. Tree- rtp- ened Texas fruit. Prlnzlnga. Austin. LIVESTOCK -6C YEARLING Berkshire boar. Certified meat type. William Jenkins, phone 13J13, Dexter. Minn. FOB SALE — 33 spotted 80 Ib. pigs. John Grass. LeRoy. SHETLAND pony for sale or trade Jordalry heifers, Joe West: Dial HE 7-3320. NEW Freeway necessitates sale of 19 400-500 Ibs. Dial Old 23018 Grand Meadow. plga. Call 20 HAMPSHIRE brood sows. Close upT Ted SUndee. 4 miles north a mile east, airport. 4 SOWS. 6 gilt* to farrow In January. 3'.' a mllea north of Austin. Warner Haney. QUALITY Spotted Poland China boars. Heavy boned, meat type from large litters. Well marked. Vaccinated. Good bunch to choose from. Leonard Frazlsr, mile east, 3 north of Northwood, Iowa. NOBTHEBN feeder pigs. Elner Dllla'- vou, 2 miles south and 1 mile west of Rose Creek. Dial HE 7-2859. KNIPCO PORTABLE ELECTRIC HEATERS Heat you can take anywhere such as the: workshop, hog house, machine shed, etc. With or without thermostat control. Satisfaction Cu-trantfed M04f. *OR SAtf Market on 111 W. M*.pw St.. Re««a,tmrters for Austin's freshest intiKil poultry (not frown). W* buy.jitoeesi and s«u only the b«t blrm produced on Mower y^frtm*. mturtng super M*Mt*d torn tOT*ey« 3*>c ib. or wnole). Hen turkeys 49e }b. Prarfift {dung dressed ducks, 4Sc BLJ25** 1 " «**•« 3»e ib. rime? ,«**£** «*P°»« «*c >". Bxtra fancy / *pMnt, efhloKens. 33c ib. swwint 5* n ? JSSJ*- Au Dlrtto ft*** dr *»*a (not fratefi) and drawn oven ready at no additional charge. We also enffy* eomt>iete iin« of trimming* neoesKMy to complete tBe meal. Be assured of the beat for Christmas. Place your otder now. Lean double, trimmed picnic hams «e ib. FreaTt lean country style aaus- ng« 43c Ib. Ranch Style Bacon, a ibe. $1.09. Hickory smoked lean boneless Canadian bacon 98c ib. good beef roasts 49e and $9c ib. Freah ground beef (round and chuck meat) the beat, S ibs. 11.05. Northern grown good graded pota- Pli FINANCIAl-9 REAL ESTATE-11 COASTS Christmas Loans A T«ft Oty Loan of $25 costs 25c $50 costs 50e $75 costs 75c Proportionate cadt tm Ittget tmounts and for much loftget ter«w. "You Must Be Satisfied" Phone, write or drop in today. Murphy Finance Co. 201 Babcock Bldg. - HB 3-2346 —*A roil sAtft —it A - cwt. Plilsbury Best ihour 50 Ibs. 13.89. Beat grade luteflsk 29c ib. Fresh halibut and red salmon steaks. Freah black cod or sable fish. Fresh oysters 11.95 qt. Complete assortment of nuts, ohrlst- m»s candy, canned hams and smoked hams reasonably priced Sweet Juicy, flun-kist oranges. 2 S2*u n .i V*' ,£ r * e •*««"«" 8™P«S u ! t «l fof 89 °- Qlv « l » » trial — dial HE 9-a57S. (Closed Sundays) . IMtlSMtNT CO Rose Creek, Mmn. HE 7 4050 WANTED TO BUT —«F WANTED — Horses of all kinds. F. B. Bartlett. Call 2689 Spring Valley. MDSE. FOR SALE-7 HOUSEHOLD OOOD8 FURN. —7A WBSTINaHOTJSE electric eewlng machine, practically new. Call 23316 Grand Meadow. HAMMOND organ. Dial HE 3-4061. RECONDITIONED refrigerators, $15 and up. Maloney Refrigeration. 105 N. Railway HB 3-7228. DISHES — Complete seta. Plastic and china. i4 price while they last. Savel Come In today. "Axe" Johnson Hardware. KENMOBE portable sewing machine. Almost new. HE 3-7230. 1305 N. Kenwood. MOTOROLA HI-FI set. like new. only 8 months old. Dial HE 7-2507 after 5 p.m. ANTIQUE marble top dresser, good condition. Library table. Mantle clock. HE 3-2243. SPECIAL SALE ON GIFTS FOR THE FAMILY New Norge or Bendix Automatic DRYERS SPECIAL $139.95 Big reduction on all famous make appliances (mixers, roasters, waffle irons, shavers, electric clocks, coffee makers, fry pans, deep fryers, steam irons, irons, vacuum cleaners). Also radios, portable and Console T.V. sets, automatic washers. Special on chest and upright freezers!! CLOSE OUT ON USED APPLIANCES Good used 17 cu. ft. (chest type) freezer. Good used combination freezer and refrigerator. Good Used TV sets Good used electric dryers Good used automatic washer Good used stoves (gas and electric) Good used refrigerators Quality Appliance 207 N. Franklin 1 DITTO direct process duplicator Regular price, $345.00, special $225.00. Wll Scott. Dial HE 3-6634 WEARING APPAREL —7C LADY'S racoon coat, size 14. Prac- tlcally new. Dial HE 3-7648. BUILDING MATERIALS —7E POPULAR Reclining Chairs Choose one of these for the man in the family. Watch him beam! — Choice of Smart Decorator Styles. Sale Priced . $CQ.95 From ^J^S Hi-Way Sales Co. E. of Airport - Highway 16 Austin, Minn. - Open Evenings FOR Christmas! What would be nicer than a beautiful piano or organ, new or used. Dial HE 7-4817. ELECTRIC range, refrigerator. Blcy- clea. Furniture. Snow tires. Cloth- Ing. 612 Madison. ANTIQUE lamp. Large cut glass vase. Many other antique dishes. Trad- Ing Pogt. Lyle, Minn. USED Spinet piano, excellent condition. Available at once. De Lores Helvlg. 918 South Shore, Albert Lea, Minn. MISCELLANEOUS —7B COMPLETE 125 piece American Flyer train set with switches, dual transformer, etc. Dial HE 3-3878. Self Storing ALUMINUM Combination DOORS Any Size ONLY Complete with all hardware. Ready to install. Johnson Cashway Lumber Co. 206 N. Railway - HE 3-3478 Open All Day Saturday SPORTING GOODS —7F BICYCLES — New Schwlnn and Raleigh. Top dollar trade on your old bike. Rebuilt, used bikes, all sizes. Open Evenings. R&F Bike Shop, 1109 W. Oakland 1959 SCHWINN bicycles are here! Over 100 bicycles to choose from. Trade your old bike In. We give green stamps on everything but Fair Traded Items. Small payment holds. Myers Cycle Shop, 309 E. Bridge since 1910. 1929 FORD coupe, l Colman. 1 Quaker oil heaters. Gas refrigerator. Gas range. Reed organ. Franklin treadle •ewlng machine. Victor cabinet phonograph and records. Battery radio. .Miscellaneous. All In good condition. Ed. Blonlgan, Adams I Minn. Call 23660 or 23405. tCE skates — Over 1000 pairs (new and used.) Sharpening, repairing. Socks. Free bells. R & F Skate Exchange. 1109 W. Oakland. DOGS, CATS, PETS —7H TOM and Jerry set. Bowl and nine cups. HE 3-9172. TOY Schlpperkles, Cockers, Toy Terriers, German Shepherds. Kittens, canaries, parakeets, tropical fish. Pet toys. Supplies. Clark's Pet Shop. HE 3-5628. BEST BUYS i You can 'get the best buys on re- ' conditioned TV sets, washers, dryers, refrigerators, Vacuum cleaners, etc. at i GAMBLES "Your Friendly Store" COME IN AND SAVB! RUMMAGE—email girl's bicycle. Girl's Ice skates. Children's clothing. Teenage boys' trousers. Uniforms. 1406 Lyndale. ELEOTROLUX vacuum cleaners sales and service. Free borne demonstrations. George Wllmert 1109 W. Al- legheney. HE 3-8331. GUERNSEY third calf heifer. Freshen" Jan 6. call Corning 622. Pat Coch- Un, 4 mllea weat Corning, 1 south. BELT6VTLLB No. 1 meat type boars, open gilts, bred sows vaccinated. Jake Schmlte. Adams, Minn. ANGUS bull. 3 years old. Glenn H. Nelson, Rt. 3, Austin, Minn. HE 34857. SEPTIC tank cleaning. HE 3-7676. FUBNIT0RS moving, local and long dl»t*ne«. Agent* for United Van Una*. Aabloo Service. Dial HE 3- 8KWIMO. Altaratlons. HE 3-4eai. I4G HNBQU, now for certified Instruction on the instrument ol your ». Kopet Music Center. HE 7- KNTALS-5 -44 « house. Neveln School _»-»». AuaUn aaaity. to»*roQ« hpuae immediate >»<)*» «iw. Dim BE REGISTERED Duroc boars. Orlean Braaten, }« mile north Dexter-Elkton corner. NORTHERN feeder pigs. One or truck load. Priced right. Harold and John Bralnerd. Blooming Prairie. CERTIFIED lean meat' type Berkshire boars and gilts. Triple M Farm. Dammann. Blkton, Minn FOR sale or trade — 1 buck. Phone 73173. H. Danks. YEAR END SPECIALS! 1—G. E. 9' Refrigerator. Top freezer-5 years old. $74.95 3—Used refrigerators. Your choice . . . $34.95 1—Repossessed 12 gauge "pump" shotgun. . . $55 2—Conventional Washers. 1—Maytag - $38.95 1—Speed Queen-$29.95 BUDGET TERMS GOODYEAR Service Store 113 N. Main-HE 3-3419 TROPICAL FISH and Supplies- Foods - Etc. Give an Aquarium for Christmas Cliff's Tropical Fish Rt. 3, Austin (one mile south of new construction on highway 16 west) HE 3-2464 REAL Estate loana. J. A. Raoiaeth, 111 S, Water. Office HE 3-3<M. AUCTION SALES-10 AUCTIONBRRS —IDA COL. Paul Hull, auctioneer. HB S-8794 AUCTION SALES -UB FRIDAY. Dec. 19. 7 p.m., Hull 1 ! Auction Mart, a miles south of Auatln on River road 105 to auction aign, >,4 mile west. Heated building. Furniture, household goods,/ tools and miscellaneous. New furniture, toola and toy*. Christmas shop at auction. You will enjoy an evening at Hull's Auction Mart. Cols. Hull and Thomson, auctioneers. FRIDAY, Dec. 19, 3 p.m., 301 8. Second. Furniture auction. New Kenmore gaa range. Apt. Frlgldalre refrigerator. New hlde-a-bed. Nearly new Ne*eo electric roaster with stand. Etc. Stlna O. Flke Estate, owners. Col. Albert Ropfe * Son, auctioneers. SATURDAY Dec. 20, 1 p.m.. Hull's Auction Mart, There will be a large line df furniture, household goods and toola consigned to this sale. 300 gal. storage tank and steel stand, corn cribbing, 2000 ft. of No. 1 pine 2" x 4" in 12 and 16 ft lengths. Also new furniture, tools and toys. Cols. Hull and Thomsen, Auctioneers. REAL ESTATE-11 FOR SALE HOUSES —11A OWNER transferred - 3 bedroom rambler and garage. Near new Junior high and Neveln School. Wardrobe closets. Tiled bath. Aluminum storm doors. Completely decorated. Nice lawn. 1203 Deneen. BT OWNER—One block from Ellis Junior High. New 3 bedroom rambler. Jan. 1 occupancy. Small down payment. George Gunderson. HE 34339* A HAPPY LIFE.. Real Estate-HE 3-7339 Close to Neveln School — 2 bedroom, 1V4 story home with unfinished upstairs and garage. $500 down. Immediate possesion — Neveln area. Only $500 down on this 2 bedroom rambler and garage. Taxes paid for next year. Shaw school area — New 3 bedroom rambler and garage. Large living roow, large kitchen dining atea. 3 comfortable bedrooms. $17,200. 3 bedroom, IVi story home. Gat- age. Finished recreation room. Living room carpeted. Large kitchen. $14,900. Sterling — J bedroom rambler and garage. After 5:30 p.m. Gene Butts • HE 3-3074 Bud Leif - HE 3-4670 Lloyd Cummings - HE 3-4258 Jerry Quinn - HE 3-4521 NEW and used trallera — Smokers, Zlmmer, Rollohouse 10 widths, any make. 7 year financing. We trade for anything. South Broadway Trailer Sales. Albert Lea, Minnesota. TO SETTLE estate — Charming small 2 bedroom home at 808 S. Franklin. Main floor has living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom and bath. Upstairs, one large bedroom. Nice lot and garage. $7500. Outside of Austin where taxes are cheap! Lovely, near new, rambler. Carpeted living room and dining room, convenient kitchen, 2 bedrooms and bath. Large sun porch. Basement has fine rumpus room with kitchen, also an extra bedroom. Oarage space for two cars. $17,500. Northwest location. Deluxe 3 bedroom rambler with built-in stove and dishwasher. Double garage. Mrs. Sommers Realtor, HE 3-5605. Modern 3 bedrooms, close In on South Franklin. Neatly new furnace, metal combinations, new kitchen cabined with formica. Downstairs all newly decorated, $11,000 with 5% Jowl to G.I. or will take your smaller home in trade. Looking for a small home? We've got a good one *t J17 Cleveland. Living and bedroom np with basement kitchen and bath. Excellent garage and concrete drive. Cheap, on easy terms. Magnificent 3 bedroom bungalow at 707 Neola, only 2 blocks from Shaw School. More than 1200 sq. ft. of comfortable living area. Top design and best construction. No taxes till I960. FHA terms available. $20,400.00. HARBER'S Member M. L. S. HE 3-8864 Evenings: Larry Ganfield—HB 3-4128 Len Harbet—HB 7-4136 FISHER Real Estate. HE 3-95*3. FOR sale — 7 room house, barn and garage. Call 54661 Lyle for appoint ment. Capretz Agency Since 1905 219 N. Main-HE 7-4503 CLOSE IN 4 bedroom home with extra apt. Home has 3 bedrooms and bath up. Bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen down. Apt. consists of combination living room and bedroom, kitchen and b«th v One stall garage. $21,000. EVENINGS: Bob Hart— HE 7-1101 Earl Miller —HE 7-4125 NEW home. By owner.' Large llvlni room, dining room, kitchen. Fam lly room 3 bedrooms. Bath. All Interior woodwork — oak. Double garage, cement drive. West location HE 3-8591. ESTATf . SALES \Z\ e. WATER HE3-7245-COOPERATIVE LISTINGS Here's a beauty! Northwest location - nearly new 3 bedroom rambler. Big living room, tile bath, large kitchen, dining area. Single garage. Be sure to see this one. $18,950. Neveln Area — Beautiful new 3 bedroom rambler with garage. Tile bath, oak throughout entire house. Lawn sodded. This is an ideal home already to move into. $17,950. Neveln district — Here is a rare combination. A near new 3 bedroom rambler with a price tag lower than you would expect. Features are: oak finish, self storing windows, rooms all large including kitchen, recreation partially finished. Cement drive to roomy garage. No taxes till I960. A real low price - $15,200. Evenings: HE 3-6074—HE 3-6065 HE 3-9658 FOR SALE HOUSES EUCLID STREET COLONIAL You'll like the size — 3 spacious bedrooms, 32 ft. living room, 20 ft. kitchen. You'll like the location — close in, on bus line, 2 blks. to school. Best of all you'll like the price. $15,900. We'd like to show it to you. C-209. Babcock Agency Realtors—MLS HE 3-6707 After 5 p.m. H. K. Lund HE 3-6049 R. O. Babcock HE 3-6516 —11A FOR SALE BOUSES —HA '15,900 GOLDEN retriever puppies, 7 weeks old. Eligible for registration. Dr. C. A. Paulson, Grand Meadow. Call 31615. PARAKEETS. Canaries. HE 7-4490. CHIHUAHUA puppies. AKC litter register. Christmas delivery. 1301 Johnson Ave. after 12 noon. BUSINESS SERVICE-8 BUILDING SERVICE & REPAIRS—8A DIAL HE 7-4445 for plumbing Installations and repairs. Patterson Plumb- Ing and Heating , BAY Smith. Elec. Cont. HE 3-8379. WE service what we sell. Hill Heating and Roofing. Dial HE 3-8801. If You Don't Locate Just What You Want It's Easy To Place a "Wanted" Ad To Get It IDEAL Heating and Sheet Metal 1305 S. River. Dial HE 3-8883. ! Large, 2 bedroom, \Yi story home located in Sterling Addition. Check these features: *^ Carpeted living room ** Unfinished upstairs ** Garage with cement drive **?. A. gas heat ' *" Oak trim t* Recreation room Austin Realty Co. 105 N. St. Paul HE 3-5035 Carson Sterling HE 3-8397 ROOFING, Insulation, siding, roofing' repairs, all typ*s. Free estimates. 3 years to pay. Jorde Insulation Co..' Blooming Prairie 38 or HB 3-9265. FEEDER plga. Quwantced weight oJ 40 Ibs. Castemted. $15.50 p«r head delivered. Call collect. Keith E Myers. Orundy Center. Iowa. Call [ CHRISTMAS trees — Freah load every, morning, all varieties. Wreaths -! MISCELLANEOUS Roping. A & W Root Beer. j APPLIANCE SALES & SERVICE—SB j EXPERT repairs — typewriters, add- lag machines, etc. 30 years experience. WU Scott, HE 3-6634. Shop For Bargains Everyday Through The Want Ads LIONEL train sets. New. Half price. Lt;» than wholesale. Dean White, _200 Southwood Road. HE 3-3649. NEW and used snow blowers $50 and up! Cliff Greenman, Gravely Sales Service, HE 3-7975. MOVING? MISCELLANEOUS sale at 602 w! Bridge. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. . We can move you within a few ' hours. I personally supervise mov- ' ing jobs. For careful moving con| tact EARL HUFFMAN HE 7-2191 WANT ADS Pay for 4 Runs ...... Get 6 FINANCIAl-9 LOANS —•A LOANS on farm tad city property. HesJd Rea4 Ert»te.> Dial HB 3-8943. $15,300 Owner has been transferred and listed this excellent 3 bedroom rambler close to Neveln School for immediate sale. Check these features: X'Biich finish f Tile 'bath ** 3 bedroom with wardrobes ** Formica cupboard tops V* F. A. gas heat v* 14x20 garage & concrete drive Austin Realty Co. 105N. St. Paul HE 3-5035 -.== Pai MtAnally HE 3-5286 --^ MAI ESTATE-11 Botrsits Sterl! • Newly betoratid $500.00 down buy! this food two bedroom home, targe kitchen, dining room and living room, front porch tfid attached garage. Quick possessioti, See Pat. Sterling Tri-Level home with plenty of H»- ing space.. Three bedrooms with large dosetJ, kitchen, living room, and family room. FHA down payment <750.00. Full price $13,500. Neveln IVi story home with large kit* chen, birch cupboards, 25' carpeted living room. Three bedrooms. New furnace and hot water heater. $9,500. Elm Tree Rd. New 3 bedroom rambler. Wardrobe closets, built-in vanity and medicine chest in bath. 28' living room with picture windows. Family kitchen with bu;It-in stove, and oven and hood. Beautiful oak trim. Finished stairway to basement. A real buy only $17,850. List With Miller and "Start Packing" EVENINGS: Larry Keane—HE 7-2095 Pat Curtin—HE 3-6023 Bob Lewison—HE 7-3148 LUNP Rtal Estate Agency. HE 3-6049, ~CT,""r a 8tory 3 bedroom home. 3 b j°j :lc « west St. Augustine church and Auatln High School John i^l'SS.^ 7U Moscow Street. Dial OT 3-«637 or HE 3-8251. REAL ESTATE-11 row *ALt ROUSES A PWB toAflLY KOMfi (Am to the new Bill* Junior High School. Practical^ new 3 bedroom rambler with 23 toot living toon,; full tile nth attd 38 foot recreation room. Qtttgt. $16,900. YOU'LL PEEL AT HOMB when you first wtlk In. 1V4 Mory home with ipaciouj, carpeted living room and dining room, bedroom and tiled bath down. 2 large dimension bedrooms up. Garage. Convenient to Sh«w School. $15,750. ITS EASY TO BUY this 2 bedroom home located between Austin and Brownsdale. Combination storms and screens, F.A. oil heat and large double garage. Low raxes. $700 down, balance like rent. $10,900. THIS BEATS RENTING and you can move right in. IVi story home with carpeted living room and dlnng room plus kitchen with dining area down. 2 bedrooms and bath up. F.A. gas heat. Garage. Woodson school area. See this one NOW. $700 down F.H.A. $11,40O. Kellogg Agency 122!/2 West Mill HE 3-3434 Evenings: Nick Braden—HE 3-3670 Red Lewison—HE 3-3740 Larry Kellogg—HE 3-5092 WANT ADS Pay for 4 Runs Get 6 RIAL ISTATI-11 POM MLB notram Let Santa Come Down The Chimney of Your Own Home 2 wdrooffti 4 fbott ntow. Cofflpletely finish** eft busetnent. Double ttttched jgtMj% breezeway, MHO with roof. Ta*es $106. Urge lot North of Austin. Priced at $14,300. 3 bedroom Hambl« looted nar Woodson School. J yetfi old, hardwood trlra throughout. T«e $280. $11,321. Mortgage may bt assumed — $85 per month. Priced at $14,000. Realtors—PH. HE 3-6601 Evenings: L Meehl HE 3-3659 B. Skinner HB 7-4406 K. Legried HE 7*1253 C J. Legried HB 3-9542 FOB lAt«r*A»Mi — im ROT Barrlck, realtor. Fanna, hornet. Farm loana, a^%. Dial mj 7«i7sa. GOOD farma available. All alee*. «. X. Kraft Real Retate. KB I-S138. OOOO farros available. Le Vaaaeur Real Eetate. SIS B. Water. KB 3-8478. FOR SALE, RENT, TRADE -.IIP WAREHOUSE on Milwaukee Road trackage. HB 3-M01 or see Paul Oendier, 800^ N. Chatham. LISTINGS WANTED —llf Real Estate — Insurance Income Tax Service H. F. Ohde Agency 300B N. Main Dial HE 3-2324 READ CLASSIFIED ADS CARS. TRUCKS. BUSES —12E CARS, TRUCKS. BUSES —1ZE CARS, TRUCKS, BUSES —UB A SLEIGH FULL OF SPECIALS Santa has asked our help — so you can be the Knight Before Christmas at | your house. Maybe you can't hang it on the tree or put it in your stocking ;but | you can make the whole family happy with a shiny like-new used car;. COME IN-LET US HELP YOU , '58 Pontiac ['52 Buick '52 Mercury '54 Oldsmobile '55 Chrysler '54 Dodge '58 Buick '53 Oldsmobile '53 Buick '54 Ford '54 Pontiac I '50 Chrysler | '54 Ford i '57 Pontiac ; '53 Chrysler '54 Mercury '58 Chevrolet '54 Buick '57 Ford I'57 Buick '55 Dodge '54 Mercury '55 Buick '55 Pontiac '51 Buick Bonneville Sport Coupe. Everything on it including air conditioning. Blue and white finish. Roadmaster 2 dr. hardtop. This car hat dyna- flow, electric windows and new paint'job. (100A) 4 dr. sedan. All black with automatic transmission. (10E) Super "88" 4 dr. Sedan. Radio, heater, hydra- matic, power steering and power brakes. (118A) 2 dr. Hardtop. Radio, heater, lorquefliw drive. Red and black. A real buy. (107D) 4 dr. sedan. Standard transmission, newly painted and valves ground. Ready to go. (31 SB) Roadmaster 4 dr. hardtop. Completely equipped with full power including power seats and windows. Also has air ride. Save over $2,000 on this one. Super 88 4 dr. Radio, heater, hydramatic, newly painted. (30 IB) Super Riviera 2 dr. hardtop. Radio, heater, dyna- flow. Blue and white. Excellent car. (63C) V-8 Customline 4 dr. sedan. Radio, heater, Fordomatic. (139B). V-8 Chieftain Deluxe 2 dr. Radio, heater, hydra- matic and power steering. You'll like this exceptionally sharp one owner car. (144A) 4 dr. sedan. An ideal second car. A real buy. (53B) V-8 2 dr. sedan. Radio, heater, standard transmission. Black and white with new tirei. (3 82A) Chieftain 2 dr. hardtop. A beauty in coral color with black and white trim. Radio, heater, h»- dramatic, good tires. (325A) New Yorker 4 dr. Radio, heater, automatic, power steering and brake*. Excellent buy. (123C) Monterey 4 dr. sedan. Standard tranimtnion. Radio, heater. (153B) Bel-Air 4 dr. sedan. Radio, heater. Powergiide. Black and white. Only 1500 actual mile*. (390A) Special 2 dr. hardtop. Radio, heater, standard transmission. Newly painted light green. A steal. (154A) Fairlane 500 4 dr. hardtop. Radio, heater, ford- omatic. You can't beat it (396B) Special 4 dr. sedan. Tutone, radio, heater, dyna- flow. One owner (142A) Royal hardtop coupe. V-8 motor. One owner, very, very low mileage. Tutone green. Radio, heater, standard transmission. Like new. (401 A) Monterey 4 dr. sedan. Radio, heater, Merco- matic. Good rubber. (308A) Super 4 dr. sedan. Car has had excellent care and offers lots of luxury. (161 A) Star Chief 2 dr. hardtop. Radio, heater, hydra- matic. Leather trim. One owner and sharp! (58B) special 4 dr. sedan. This car has dynaflow, radio, heitcr and can be yours for only (131A) 25 OTHER SHARPIES TO PICK FROM LARRY HALTOM'S 508 LANSING Buick- Ponti USED CAR LOT - ST. PAUL & WATER ac HE 3-2321 £

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