The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 24, 1933 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, January 24, 1933
Page 7
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tHE.BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA^. TUESDAY.,JANUARY 24,. 1933 Man Willed Medium $40,000 and Five Sisters Enter " , Legal .Contest (Vnitcj Pf«»» ttatoA Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.—Spirits In, nnother world—an unlisted planet crlled "Azureland"—may be called upon to assist the Superior Court In „ determining why Dr. Prank H. Bishop, San Francisco optometrist, willed $40,000 to Mrs. Gertrude Dlckson, self- sjyled "medium," beforo he committed sutc\de. Five sisters of the dead man • charged' today In their suit to break hljj: will that Dr. Bishop was Induced to., kill himself by promises he would Jcjn his wife "In the spirit world." .Testimony of witnesses tended to llft> the strange case from the realm of reality to an astral plane In which voices of the departed extolled the attractions of life In "Asureland." Judge C. J. Goodell frequently rapped for order RB titters from the crowded courtroom disturbed the legal seance "Chief Mohawk," an Invisible Voice that came through • trumpet "at seancei held by Mrs. Dlckson, guided Doctor Bishop in hit business affairs, testified Mrs. Bessie Puoh, one of the flve-slste'rs seek- 'ing to recover the money their brother willed the medium, A voice purporting to bo that of Doctor Bishop's dead wife was described by the witnesses. "You and I were soul mates," Mrs. Pugh said the voice Intoned at her brother. "It's lovely here. There Is no pain." At this juncture, John Relsner, attorney for the sisters, Interrupted to > point out to the court that one week after this Incident the optometrist drank poison and died. A month pre- .vlously, the attorney said, Mrs, Dickson had moved into his apartment to • bo his housekeeper and "spirit adviser." "HEAP BIO INJUN ST. PAUL,, Jan. 24. (A. P.)—St Paul Is going to have heap big In Clan. Cast of solid glass and 35 feet high the Indian will stand In the con course of the new St. Paul city hal and county courthouse. Designed BS i war memorial, the statue will portra; an Indian along modernistic lines smoking a pipe of peace. Around the base of the main flgur aro smaller figures of Indians, also I the pence motif. The cost Is estl mated between $45,000 and $60,000. Best Remedy for Cough Is Easily Mixedat Home Bares $2. So Buy! No Cooking! Had Five Trunks, 45 Suitcases, 14 Keys, Is Detained (Atiootated Pr«»i Lttied Vfire) CHICAdo, Jan, «4.— It appeared strange, the polio* tsld, that John Qrlgjjs had 45 suitcases and five trunks In his ham*,, "Why all the trunks?" they asked. ."Do you travel much!" "Not at all, 1 ' thsy quoted Qrjges as replying, "I keep things In them." When asked why he hid 14 skeleton Keys In hjs possession, Qrlggs also had a reason. "I use them to open locks," he said. ' ~ Still officials were not satisfied and thsy arrested him for questioning concerning his action In putting Into his osr a trunk they said belonged to another. \ OIL ami MINING January May End With New Low DailyOil Production L OS STATE Frt1DEO \ DATESJNOUNCED SACRAMENTO, Jan, 84.—Dates for holdlnir fairs, rodeos and horse shows throughout the state were arranged recently by 'the association of fair managers, Charles W. Paine, Sacramento, secretary-treasurer of the association, announced today. Fred S. McCargev, Salinas, was elected presl- | dent and Hugh .Walker, Llvermore, was named vice-president. The dates arranged follow: March 11-12, Imperial county midwinter fair, Imperial. • April 10-13, San Francisco bay beef show, South San Francisco. May 11-13, Llvermore rodeo, Livermore. June 2-4, Vlsalla rodeo, Vlsalla, June B-^0, Snn Leandro cherry festival, San Leandro. June 10-11, Merced roundup, Merced. July 19-23, California rodeo, Salinas. August 0-12, San Mnteo national horse show, Redwood City; August -14-10, Turlock melon festival, Turlock. August 15-19, Santa Barbara county fair. August 21-27, San Joaquln county fair, Stockton. August, date undecided, San Diego county fair. September 2-9,- California state fair, Sacramento. September 16-24, Los Angeles county fair, Pomona. November, date undecided, Pacific slope dairy show, Oakland. 4 « » Jan. 24,— Completed tabulation of 'reports for January 20 byvthe office of Oil Umpire J. R. Pemberton record the production of crude oil In California for that date at 480,000 barrels. Preliminary estimates for January 21 set the output at 467,000 barrels, while Initial reports from chief flush fields indicate that the final figure for January 22 may be "» low as 456,000 barrel)?, Sincere Efforts These figures compare with production that ran between 487,000 and 470,000 barrels dally last week and Indicate a sincere effort on the part of producers to bring production down, to the 440,000-barrel a day mark Allowed for the state. For the January 20 report Long Beach produced 63.000 barrels, as against an allowable of 68,000 barrels, while Santa Fe Springs produced 63,1*7 barrels. On that day Kettleman output was B»,m barrels, against a quota o 06,000 'barrels, The report from Kettlernan for January 22 shows'an output of 66,644 barrels, Indicating 'that.the flpw IB being reduced as rapidly aa possible. This field has hung up. a splendid record. In the last two ytftta It has added 87 wells with on Initial dally flow of more than 800,000 barrels and now has A given potential of 260,000 barrels. Its dally production Is approximately 20 per cent of that, which la about one-fifth of what It can do. ; Comparisons Compared with*" Kettleman. Long. Beach, with Its potential of 96,000 bar-: rcls dally, Us producing about 70 pet' cent of what It'.can do, and Is only asked to bring Its flow down to 68 per cent of its potential. Santa Fe Springs Is producing two-thirds of Its potential and la asked to produre only 60 per cent. Plftya Del Roy Is producing 80 per cent of Us potential. (United Pr«»» ieoterf Wire) WASHINGTON, Jan. 24,—Senator Borah, Republican, Idaho, has thrown his support behind the cheaper money movement In Congress with a statement warning that America IB "traveling In a vlolous circle toward economic collapse." The veteran western Insurgent declared It was futile to try to balance 'until we settle the It can not bo done T W A I. if. ft. .You'll never know how quickly stubborn cough can be conquered, until you try tuis famous recipe. It is 'used in more homes than any other cough remedy, because it (ires more prompt, positive relief. It's no trouble at all to mix and costs but a trifle. Into a pint bottle, pour 2% ounces of I'inci; then add granulated sugar syrup to make a full pint. Syrup is easily made with 2 cups of sugar and one cup of water, stirred a few mo- iftents until dissolved. No cooking needed. This saves two-thirds of the money usually spent for cough medi cine, and gives you a purer, better remedy. It never spoils, and tastes fine, instantly you feel its penetrating effect. It loosens the germ-laden phlegm, clears the air passages, and soothes and heals the inflamed membranes. Thia •three-fold action explains why it brings such quick relief in severe coughs. Pinex is a highly concentrated compound of Norway Pine, used for generations for its healing effect on throat • membranes. It is guaranteed to give prompt relief or money refunded. The year 1932, as officially recorded by Transcontinental and Western Air, was outstanding, according to he joint announcement made today >y H. W. Beck, traffic manager, and L. W. Goss, superintendent of operations. Revenue per airplane mile was increased through advantageous readjustments of popular schedules and operations costs were decreased through curtailment or elimination of less-favored flights. The readjustments lowered the passenger flying time from Los Angeles to New York, a distance of 2626 miles, to 24 hours and 42 minutes and the all-mall-and- express flights to 22 hours and 42 minutes. Local departures were Improved by starting the' passenger planes at 8 a. m. Instead of five hours earlier ns before and the mall and express transports were held back until 9:15 p. m. to allow full collection from the downtown street boxes after th'e close of the business day. Double dally service to BakersfleJd and Fresno was resumed early In the summer, which augmented a five* year-old service between .Los Angeles and San Francisco. Schedules and connections were improved and made to provide the shortest and fastest of all coast-to-coast passenger, mall and express flights, this speedy service arranged to In- BLALVELTTEST WELL COS1LYJPERIMEHT LOS ANCHBLE8, Jan, 24.—Abandonment of its Blauvelt No. 1 well In Kot- tletnan Hills resulted In a writeoff of $877,300 for- the North American Oil Consolidated Company in Its 1982 statement. Prior to this writeoff and after operating expenses, taxes, depreciation and depletion the company showed n net of $201,860 equal \o 73 cents a share on 276,659 shares of $10 par value stock outstanding. The abandonment writeoff and the federal Income tax adjustment of $344,994 covering previous years reduced the company's surplus account to $1,409,155 as of December 31, 1932, compared to $1,929,889 as of a year previous. TAXABLE GAS SALES DECREASE IN 1932 (Atsnoiated Preit Leaied Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.—California's sales of taxable gasoline In 1932 totaled 1,352,570,000 gallons com* pared with 1,401,545,000 in 1931, figures of the state board of equalization show. The decrease was about 3.4 per cent. Associated Oil, Texas and Union Oil showed gains over the 1931 volume. Standard Oil Company of California maintained Its lead with 276,967,000 gallons, a loss of less than % of 1 per cent. Centralization of the business was shown by figures computed by Dow Jones & Company, showing the seven largest companies sold 72.9 per cent JOURNAL ESTIMATES OIL FIMDECREASE of the gasoline. This was a hairline gain over their 1931 percentage, of 72.4. The seven leading companies were: Standard, Shell, Union, Associated, Richfield, General and Texas. (Attncfattd Prifi tetotA ~W{rt) SAN FRANCISCQ, Jan. 24, — California's output of crude oil was ostl- mated today • by the California Oil World to be 467,250 barrels dally average for last week. This was a- drop of 1060 barrels from the 470,300 barrels of the preceding week. Obiervers of trends In the oil Industry laid the reduction Was Insufficient .to furnish appreelsble relief from the pressure of large supplies of oil, which have been threatening the price structure. Aggregate stocks were about sufficient for ten months' consumption, being around 169,000,000 barrels. The chief cuts came. In the Mldway- Marlcopa and Elwood fleldu, tho former cut 1500 barrels dally, to 48,000 barrels, and tho latter 1000 to a dally output of 13,pOO barrels. SHELL MAY EMPLOY BIG PUMP Al Installation of large pumps may be required of Shell Oil Company to boost the output of Its Vedder No. 6 well, a recent completion of section 9, 27-28 at Mount Poso Creek In Kom county. Shell deepened the well to 1825 feet, and on recompletlon, obtained an Initial production of 740 barrels dally, which later was increased to approximately 755 barrels dally. The oil Is 16.6 degrees gravity and cuts approximately one-half of one per cent In order to pret this and other wells In th.e Mount Poso Creek district to produce near -capacity, It is necessary to Install 4-Inch tubinpr and large pumps. In the past Shell has been successful in producing as much as 900 barrels dally from Its Poso wells by that method. tile federal budget currency question. any more than you can build a house upon a receding sandbar." FERRY BUILDING HAS NOVELJIL EXHIBITS SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.—Crude oil drilling Is under way at the Ferry building, San' Francisco. Made to scale, a miniature oil field is In operation day and night' In tho exhibit windows, of' the California State Chamber of Commerce. Tho models, complete In every NJetall, were made rfnd loaned by John Blohm of San Francisco, It Is stated. / The -petroleum Industry -ranks first among the mineral Industries of California, as well as flrut In manufacturing, both as to value of product And as to value added to raw mate- rlaln by manufacture, 'according to statistics furnished by the research department of the state chamber of Commerce. Approximately 3,870,000,000 barrels of "black gold" have been produced In California over a period of years ranging from 1875 to tho present. This production Is valued at 13,940,000,000, li Is Rtatorl^ .In addition to crude petroleum, tho oil fields of California have produced natural frns and natural gaNollne valued at severnl hundred million dollars, It .Is stated. OKLAHOMA ASSISTS clude the points, majority of intermediate From the Eternal REDWOODS FOR i ASTHMA, HAY FEVER, COUGHS, COLDS AND BRONCHIAL DISEASES REDWOOD INHALANT Nature's Gift to Mankind \ FREE PAMPHLETS ON REQUEST Kimball & Stone The Particular Drucfiitt Phone 53 Phent 54 PROMPT FREE DELIVERY Bakcrsfiti?, Calif. SITES IN POSO AREA Calmay Oil Company has announced plans to drill a well on a site just 1C5 feet south and 165 feet west from the center of the southwest quarter of section 28, 26-28 at Mount Poso Creek. Pacific Coast Division Oil Company announces that Its No. 1 well will be drilled just 990 feet north and 990 feet east from the southwest corner of section 14, 27-27. (Associated Prcts Leased W<re) TULSA, Okla., Jan. 24.—A big decrease In the Oklahoma City field countered production gains In other areas to put last week's dally averase crude oil output 16,897 barrels under the figure for the precedlnR week In the United States, Oil and Gas Journal reports disclose. Total dally average production for the week ending January 21 was 2,022,073 barrels, compared to 2,038,970 barrels In the week ending January 14. The. Oklahoma City field fell off 81,720 barrels to 71,220 barrels and Oklahoma's total dally average WOK 26,540 barrels less, or 374,820. In Bast Texas, however, the figure wns 298,220 barrels, a gain of 4818 barrels and total Tesas flow Increased 4806 barrels to 801,800 barrels. Kansas was up 3355 barrels to 91,940; Rocky Mountain area up 4876 to 71,876. Eastern fields fell off tin even 2000 barrels to 114,000, and California was 2500 less than 469,500. NEWEST MILHAM ILL HOPED EDUCATOR WILL DEBATE WITH (United Prcn Leattd Wire) PULLMAN, Wash., Jan. 24.—Washington State College students were hopeful today that Doctor Claudius .O. Johnson, head of the department of history and political science, would accept Will Rogers' offer to debate him "on anything foreign he can think of." The cowboy-humorist telegraphed a challenge when he learned the professor had said "Will Rogers knows little about International relations, and folks who permit his writings to influence or shape their beliefs are likely to find themselves all wrong." •I want to tangle with a guy like that," Rogers wired. "Why don't these college professors lay off me.. I don't bother thorn, In fact I don't even read 'em—why do they read me?" Completion of Its Southern Pacific Company No. 14-31; on section 81, 27-23 In the Buttonwlllow district, has netted the Mllham Exploration Company an additional production of approximately 12,800,000 cubic feet of natural gas dally. The well was finished at'a depth of 2519 feet and was completed on January 17. The well was allowed to clean up after flowing for awhile and then was killed. The company is ready to drill Its Wh|t8ke.r. No. 3, on section 8, 28-23, Whltnker lease consists of 240 acres. CAL-WESTERN'S ILL 350-BARRELPRODUe Production of approximately 350 barrels dally was obtained by the California Western Oil Company, upon completion of Its No. 11 well, section 7, £8-29, In tho Round Mountain district of Kern county. The well was drilled to a depth of 1648 feet and completed on Jwnuary 17. Thlrty-flvo fete of liner was landed on bottom. The oil output registers 15.8 degrees gravity and shows a cut of 16 per cent. *-»-* TRY THIS! When children won't eat and won't gain weight — 'I To CHICAGO daily via Santa Fe ONLY |2S TO DENVER 132.50 TO KANSAS CITY reclining chair cars with ladies Lounge and easy wicker 'chain, on the fait Grand Canyon Limited • » ' Fred Harvey Diner • ' ' 100 pounds free baggage allowance • Tourist Fare $65 tc Chicago—plus berth charge. Dr. Harry W. Chase Heads New York U. (Aitociated Press Leased Wire) URBANA, III,, Jan. 24.—New York University turned to the middle west in electing a new chancellor, Dr. Harry Woodburn Chase, 45-year-old president of the University of Illinois, who announced his acceptance of the post. poctor Chase will succeed on July 1, Dr. Elmer Ellsworth Brown, who before becoming chancellor 22 years ago, was at one time principal of a public school In Belvldere, III. Doctor Brown will become chancellor emeritus of the university. HIS FACE HIS FORTUNE BELGRADE, Jugoslavia, Jin. 24. (A. P.)—Radomlr Yankoclch and Joseph Florlanats, two former gendnr- jneH who killed the Brestovtko town clerk with eight shots and dozens of bayonet thrusts while on duty at the village fair there, have been sentenced to serve two and three years respectively, Their defense was that In their rounds of the fnlr they had drunk at least 21 free beers apiece, meeting this man, didn't like hln face. 'ON KETTLEMAN HILLS fAsnociated Prc.H tented Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.— Holders of oil securities here wero watching closely tho movements of the group seeking to curtail production. Attention at the moment centered on the Kettlemnn North Dome Association, which has agreed to n 10 per cent cut In output, to bring that field's flow down to 65,000 barrels dally. This action Is contingent on a like pinching back of the flow in Los Angeles basin fields. The youngster who has no appetite, probably has stasis. A little syrup of figs will Boon correct this condition—then watch tho child eat—and gain! Mothers should never coax a child to eat. Nature knows best. Remove the cause of a youngster's poor appetite—get rid of stasis. Children's who don't eat are' sluggish. Read what the "California treatment" is doing for sluggish, listless children in every part of the country! A POUND A WEEK. Your child will eat wejl from the day and hour you conquer sluggishness. But that girl or boy with a furry tongue and a bad breath should not be dosed with salts! Begin tonight, with enough pure syrup of figs to cleanse the colon thoroughly. Less tomorrow, then every other day, or twice a week, until the appetite, digestion, weight, complexion, tell you the stauls IB gone. When a cold or other ailment has again clogged the system, syrup of figs will soon set things to right. When appetite fails, tongue is icoutod white, eyes arc a bilious yellow, California syrup of figs will gently stimulate tho colon muscles —and the child you used to coax to eat will fairly devour his food. The claims made for California Syrup of Figs are true and It will do the same for you—IF you get genuine CALIFORNIA Syrup of Flqs. Don't accept any substitute.— Adv. * TICKET OFFICE AND TRAVEL BUREAU W. R., WHITE, Agent ' C. " ti. HENRY,, Traveling Passenger Agent Santo, Fo Station. Phono 40. Bakorsflold, California InfrtdientaofVick* VapoRub in Convenient Candy Form VICKS COUGH DROP Oil Agreements The Texas Company to Mllham Exploration Company — Cancelatlon natural gas contract, covering south half of southwest quarter section 12, 29-23. Same to same — Same as to northwest quarter section 7, 29-24, DR. VAN METER CAREFUL DENTIST Niw low frlcti *n plit«« ind brldiwirk Midi In our two llbontory 1421 Nineteenth Street Aeriu Fran Wtlll'i Ph.m |79 MINING LOCATIONS ' Frank H. Kennedy et al— Big Three In Hoaamond district. Hiram Lelthead— Side Issue Nos. 8, I), 10, 11, Qoler district. Qraoe Kelch ot al— West Nos. 1 to 4, unknown district, section 18, 10-9. ANY WATCH REPAIRED....... Materials Used -at Celt Reader's Jewelers 1022 Nineteenth Street TOMORROW Promptly at 8 o'clock! 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