The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 10, 1997 · Page 7
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 7

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 10, 1997
Page 7
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THE SALINA JOURNAL FASHION SATURDAY, MAY 1O, 1997 T AFTER A FASHION The evolution ofhairgoop We want our hair to feel like there isn't anything on it — but act like there is PATRICIA MCLAUGHLIN Universal Press Syndicate ' • Ezra Pound said the artist is the antennae ;of the race, out there trying to feel the future ^before it gets here. So think of Irvine Rusk as : •- the self-styled antennae of the ^ hair-care industry. Rusk — white shirt, black silk tie, black cashmere blazer, black wool crepe trousers, silver hair combed straight back — looks a little like James Stewart and a little like Maurice Chevalier. He started cutting hair when he was a boy. of 16 in Scotland; at their peak, his salons were styling 2,000 heads a week. At some point he grew dissatisfied with the hair goop — mousse, ; * spray, gel, conditioner, etc. — ; available to him: If the pre- jsent generation of styling products works, he !asks rhetorically, how come frizz is still a iproblem? i So he decided to make his own. He counted, ihe says, on his finely honed sense of what new things people want their hair to do at any given time, and what new sort of goop that requires. In the 1980s, for instance, peo- •ple wanted big hair at all costs, and that re- iquired super-strength spray that wouldn't iwilt in a wind tunnel. Then in the early '90s, '.during the brief heyday of grunge, high fash- lion demanded lank, dank, overdue-for-a- 'shampoo hair, which called for heavyweight '.mousses and silicone syrups that could give (hair that slept-on look without flattening it .out too much. Universal Press We ask a lot of hair products. Now stylist Irvine Rusk has developed one called Thick that beefs up thin hair. It contains a combination of ingredients referred to as Thermplex. His products are sold only in salons. Now, he says, people want "a very clean feeling — almost a no-product feel." Which, of course, "you can't do with no product because you also have to get the hair to DO something." What we need now, he saw, is stealth goop — goop that can bend hair to its will while itself remaining undetectable. So he huddled with some hair-care chemists and they came up with two products, one called STR8 (pronounced "straight") to eliminate frizz, and one called Thick, to beef up thin hair. Both include something they're calling Thermplex, a combination of ingredients that, under the influence of heat from a blow dryer, is said to penetrate past the cuticle and into the hair shaft to modify the behavior of hair from the inside out. It's a wonderful metaphor, at least. Stealth hair spray next Next, he says, comes Stealth hair spray. His company already makes "a very heavy hair spray," and will soon introduce a "very light" one. They aren't called "heavy" and "light," of course. Nobody would buy a spray called heavy because it sounds stiff and sticky, and no one would buy one called light because they'd be afraid it wouldn't do anything. Unfortunately, the resultant euphemisms make it impossible for you to tell how the million different products on the drugstore shelf differ from each other, if at all. "This is why you need a professional recommendation," Rusk says, and why he sells his goop only through beauty salons. Sure, some people think salon products are a rip-off; Consumer Reports has reported time and again that practically any shampoo will get your hair clean. But once it's clean, Rusk says, "you canna get the hair to do anything!" Your stylist, he argues, "will have an idea of the right product for your hair." Even if it's expensive, he says, it could end up costing less than buying a dozen less-expensive drugstore products that all turn out to be wrong. Truth to tell, though, he hopes to see his own products knocked off on drugstore shelves before too long. •Antiques •Arts •Crafts •Collectibles Mothers Day Specials 116 S. Santa Fe, Salina Tues. - Sat. 10 - 5:30 Sun 1 - 5 (913) 452-9976 New Lindsborg Construction 60S W. Garfield 3 bedrooms. 2 baths, close to completion with full unfinished basement. $118,500 Carol Gusenius, Owner/Broker 913-227-2913 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Breakfast Buffet With Omelets Made To Order Served 7:30 - 11:00 am At Sirloin Stockade* we are proud of the reputation we have earned by serving up quality and offering our customers excellent service in a down-home atmosphere. Our breakfast buffet is no exception! We will offer great selections designed to please just about every palate with omelets made the way you like them. 2351 S. 9th • (Central Mall) Cooked The Way You'd Mil! TIN THE HOME Keep paintbrushes in good condition MARY LOU ODLE KSU-Saline County Extension Agent- Family and Consumer Sciences \ Warm weather has arrived. It's I time to grab the paintbrush and j bucket of paint and give new life |to the inside of A ! your home. ! Paintbrushes ;and roller covers ican last through •several jobs if giv- ;en proper care. iThat starts with ^selecting the ap- ;propriate type for jthe paint or finish ;td be applied, i cleaning the brush lor cover thoroughly after each use jand protecting it ;in storage. I Natural bristle •brushes are expensive but have jlong-lasting springiness. That's 'retained when the brush is used jwith oil-base paint or other sol! vent-thinned finishes containing jno water. Products with water, a latex-based paint or water-based ! stain cause natural bristles to absorb moisture and stiffen. Synthetic brushes, nylon or •polyester, are not absorbent and are usable with all types of paint. : Rollers with a plastic or plastic- coated cardboard core are prefer- iable with latex paint. Uncoated jcardboard cores may disintegrate. • Proper use of brushes and i rollers also ensures a longer life. iDip a brush into paint or finish 'only % to Vi the length of its bris- 'tles. Avoid splaying bristles when jpainting so the brush doesn't lose its shape. Don't leave brushes propped vertically or soaking in liquid supported on their bristles. • The first step in the brush clean;up project is to wipe brushes and [roller on newspaper to remove as imuch paint as possible. Hold i brushes used with latex or water!base stain under running water, 'then wash thoroughly in a sink or i bucket full of sudsy water. Carefully clean between bristles, especially at the top near the handle 'where paint tends to collect. Change the water several times until brushes are completely clean. Then rinse well in clear water. To dry, shake the brush inside a plastic bag so water won't spray everywhere. Smooth the bristles so they spread flat and edges are square. Finally, place the brush flat on newspaper or hang it by the handle until completely dry. A roller used with water-based paints and stains is also easy to clean. First remove the roller from its handle and place it under running water. Clean it in several changes of sudsy water, drawing it through a tightly clinched hand. Be gentle so the core isn't crushed. Cleaning brushes and rollers coated with oil-base paint or solvent-thinned finishes is an entirely different process. Brushes should be cleaned in a wide-mouth jar with an inch of the solvent recommended for the product used. Standard solvents for paint, stain and varnish are turpentine or mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner removes lacquer, while denatured alcohol removed shellac. Remove residue from a brush by pressing its bristles against the jar bottom, flexing them briskly. Continue until solvent is saturated with residue. Pour used solvent into a container for proper disposal. Start the process again with new solvent after wiping the brush on newspaper. When the brush no longer streaks the newspaper with stain, it's clean. Next, wash in warm, sudsy water. Rinse, shake and dry. To clean a roller used with oil- based paint, wear rubber gloves. Place the roller in a clean tray with about an inch of solvent. Squeeze and wring out the roller in the solvent. Then roll on newspaper. Quickly wash in warm sudsy water. Rinse and stand on end to dry. If a brush or roller will be used within a short time, seal in a plastic bag. Wrap brushes in brown paper during storage. 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N ' Mismatched mattress set with Luxurious cover lor durable comfort Twin Set Full Set $ 88 $ 119 Set KlnSet ^••-•^''•' .&:?,. « .'.^Bassett Captiva Pillow Top Mattress i .£•1 r • Luxurious pillow top on both Bides, 15-yc non Twin Set""" $199 Queen set prorated Warranty ., _ Twin Set Full Set ; -ii.i $ ^ f\fk $ 259 King Set $299 $ 449 ^"'•^•^iv^S/" 8385611 Rations Pillow Top Queen" • -,< .-• , ..,«M Size Mattress Set Cases & Pillows with Purchase! fee • 570 Colls with Damask Cover provides ultimate comfort backed by a 15-Year non- prorated warranty Queen Set $' •12 Months No Interest available on selected items only. Minimum monthly payments are required. Must pay entire balance In lull wilhin 12 months to receive no interest. 6 Months No Interest & No Payments are available on selected items only, with credit approval. Must pay entire balance within 6 Months to receive no interest. Payments are 1/30th of Highest Average Daily Balance, wilh credit approval at 23.88% APR. Lifetime Price Guarantee is excluded on mail orders. For every product we sell, we'll beat any legitimate price from a local store stocking the same new item in a lac- . lory-sealed box. Even alter your purchase, if you find a lower price during the lifetime of the product, we'll relund the difference. Our lifetime Price Guarantee is excluded on cell- , ular phones. DSS/DBS product and pagers. Not responsible lor typographical errors. Some items have limited quantities. ' TV & APPLIANCE Open Sunday 12-6 Mon-Sat9-9

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