The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 24, 1939 · Page 3
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 3

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 24, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCT. 24, 1939. THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. PAGE THREE NEWS BRIEFS | ILLNESS The nicest courtesy that you can show your guests is to have their visits mentioned on this page. The nicest courtesy you can show your friends is to let them learn of your visits through this page. Please call the society editor, telephone 106. Choir—The choir of The Community church will meet for rehearsal at 7 p. m. Wednesday in the church. Sponsors' Club—There will be a meeting of the Music Sponsors' club at 8 p. m. Wednesday in Oriole hall. All members are requested to be present. Announce Birth —Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Haiisen, 114 East Danaher street, announce the birth of a son at Paulina Stearns hospital, this morning. Week-End —Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gust and children, 109 Sixth street, were week-end Riiests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Gust in Manistee. PENTWATER. — Herman G. Morgan/ 63, who had been a patient at Oceana hospital in Hart for the past .several days, passed away Monday night, Oct. 23. Mr. Morgan was born in 'Chicago on July 7. 1876, and had lived there all his life until 11 years ago when he came to Pentwater. He had been a plumber by trade. Surviving are his widow, to whom he was married on Feb. 19, 1912; a nephew, Herbert Beck of Oak Park. 111., and an uncle, Ernest Kurz of Milwaukee. Funeral services will be held Wednesday morning at St. Vincent's Catholic church in Pentwater with Rev. Francis Emmerick officiating. The body will Turkish "Lock" at Dardanelles Gateway Meeting — The Ludington then be ta>en to Chicago for Junior Townsend club will hold a business meeting and social hour at 7:30 o'clock this evening in the Moose lodge hall. Returned Home — Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Myers and daughter. Nancy. 604 West Loomis street, returned recently from Hinsdale,, 111., where they spent several days in visiting relatives. Week-End — M i s s Norm a Lunde. student at Howell Bus- in<'ss school at Muskegon, returned to her studies after spending the week-end at the home of her parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Jacob Lunde, 712 East Dunaher street. burial in the Forest Home cemetery. Grocery Features Canned Goods Display An extraordinary display of canned foods is ueing arranged by the Park store, the display to begin on Wednesday and continue throughout the week. The display will feature the Monarch Finer Foods brand, of which every variety will be available at the Park store. The store will remain open Wcdne.s- day evening. A French officer is seen inspecting one of the guns in the powerful fortress of Seddul Bahr, commanding the strategic Dardanelles. Turkey has forts on both sides of the strait, effectively controlling all passage through Europe's "back door." Pact Turkey signed with the Allies opens the waterway to British warships. like a half moon, points up. That area is the north point of the Navy's traditional defense triangle: Hawaii and the Panama canal are the other two. Saving 100 miles Now, for the first time in history, accurate knowledge of navigation conditions in the Aleutians will be made available. When the survey is complete, t commercial ships can follow ithe great circle route from Se- lattle to Yokohama, saving something like 100 miles one way. That's about 10 hours' sailing 1 time for a war-vintage freighter, five or six hours for a new one. More important, the great circle route takes ships north of the Aleutian islands where they escape the gales that sweep the present route. Four 1,500-ton ships and 300 men are busy charting the island area and the ocean bottom. They sailed from Seattle May 1 on what may be a five- SSWoSf Jt wm cost some Russians Made a Start And the results will be the first complete survey of the area although early Russian explorers charted sections of it V. F. W.—The meeting of the , auxiliary 01 Leveaux post No. j Miss Ellen Palm, who will present 2409. Veterans of Foreign Wars, ia study of the reading habits of scheduled to be held with the Ludington high school graduates. Classes for Fathers Opened In 400 Cities By LYDIA GRAY SHAW (AP Feature Service Writer) NEW YORK — A year ago tion has diagrams to show how to build . simple, inexpensive cabinets and shelves to take this spring, the Maternity Cen- ( care of baby's belongings. Also, White Lake auxiliary on Wod- ' Further arrangements concern- i ter Association hesitantly an- it helps men budget the new toa- ne.sday, Oct. 25. has "been post- ' poned, it WAS announced today by auxiliary officers. Townsend Ciub — Ludington Townsend club No. 1 will meet at 8 ]). m. Thursday at headquarters. A special program is ing the meeting will be announced later. * * #——• freesoll Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt entertained the following Sunday -i». >*-w*.»tr. • • *../ij%. *- i M t }vivc.iulil I.T • .. , . ; • < • it being prepared for the occasion.! at a_dinner honoring; the birth- Luncheon will bo served at the close of the evening by the Ladies' auxiliary. Everyone is welcome to attend this meeting f.D.A.—Plans for the Hallow- T J ,, . e'en party of Court Ludington i nam Hunt and Maxme, No. 745. Catholic Daughters of i anci Caro1 Hunt. America, have been completed it j Amos Washington of day anniversary of their daughter, Carol: Arthur Stephens of Detroit, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hekman, Mrs. E. M. Stephens, Rex Hilden, Lloyd Tubbs, Wil- Eileen nounced a class to initiate prospective fathers into the mysteries of babyhood, then sat back to wait for a handful of diffident gentlemen to arrive. 'by. No more jittery fathers, says the association. The courses are guaranteed to take him out of his floor-pacing. cigarette- portaiit to national defense be kept secret. Why? Because the new route will run through the Aleutian islands that extend about 1,000 miles off the Alaskan coast IF THROAT ISSORE Instead of a handful, 100 pa- j smoking role the day his wife pas-to-be showed up at the as- | goes to the hospital. sncifit,inn's t.inv nffions Thp IPP- • ccc wa.s announced today. The party will be held at 8 p. in. Wednesday ! rind Myrtle Charon j. s in ! charge of arrangements. An j evening of fun is promised for all i members who attend. ! In laidingtoii—Mrs. Joseph F. i Tyron of Ann Arbor and infant a Freesoil of Camp Stronach was visitor Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Seitz Farwoll visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grinnell i and other friends Saturday. Ruth Tomlin of the Darr district was a Sunday visitor of sociation's tiny offices. The lee turer divided them into two groups, but even so, some of the initiates stood up against the wall all evening. They had so many questions to ask. the session lasted till 11 o'clock. That was only the start. Today, more than 400 cities and towns hold classes on the pattern of the first New York session. Chicago. Cleveland, New daughter. Sandra Kay, returned i Mrs. Nora Black, recently from Mercy hospital at I Miss Dorothy Tobey, a teach- Manistee and will spend a few | or in the Oviekania school, spent weeks at th<> home-of-Mm.— fy~ j the week-end- at the small towns too—run i six-week courses instructing i the prospective father in everything from anatomy to lessons in bathing the baby. The Association says the pub- first U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Chart Waters Little Used Now ron at Ann Arbor. Mr. Tyron is Ivan Feller. 305 East, Ludington avenue, before joining Mr. Tyron at An Arbor. Mr. Tyron is affiliated in business with the research laboratories of the Michigan State Highway department. To Chicago—Mr. iincl Mr.s. Harold N. Oberg. who have been guests for some time at the home of Mr. Oberg's parents, Mr and Mr.s. Oscar Oberg of Hamlin lake, left Monday morning for Chicago where they planned to spend the remainder of the week visiting Mrs. Oberg'.s parents, Mr. and Mr.s. Herman Johnson. her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Law-1 rence Tobey. j Misses Helen Bennett and Josephine Piazza of Ludington were Sunday guests of relatives in Freesoil. Mr. and Mr.s. Engermann ,i licity resultant from the Home OI i New "York class was responsible for the development of other classes. Mothers said: "Now it my husband had only, had a course like that . . . '' They said it in health committee meetings. , Finally, they asked the assoeia- , Mariorie. of Kalama-i "°" in SJ ork how to set up were Sunday visitors at the ' ^ ihn ^ ^^ pom . ed ^ ZOO. Celia Hagstrom home. Mr. and Mr.s. Engermann were enroutc for their home after visiting their daughter, Miss Ruth -ennann at Elberta "The Ladies' Auxiliary of Latter Day Saints church meet Thur.sdav afternoon, ' En- As these the slaff decided to prepare a syllabus to help other organizations plan their classes. Now, when an inquiry comes in, they k nc )just ship the syllabus off. wi jj They're doing that every few Oct. da , y . s - 1V1I . UI1U iVll.-l. IIUIUUUI JUUll.MJU. *.". niun «»i»n. mtui. v>w.^. A.H-.J „_,,,..,„ !„ n,- „„„„:„„ Mr. and Mr ? . Oberg will return dames Arthur and Clifford Tubbs S? i 8Bn ? e b ^° Pn (By The AP Feature Service) WASHINGTON — Off the coast of Alaska Uncle Sam is charting a new trans-Pacific route that interests both sea commerce and Ihe U. S." navy. It will run through waters about which so little is known now that insurance , companies won't assume the risk on cargoes shipped that way. Hurry, Say the Admirals The Navy isn't saying much about the job .because it's being- done by the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey. But the admirals have asked the surveyors to hurry. And, where it doesn't interfere with needs of sea commerce, the Navy has asked that information im- on Oct. 29 to their home at Young.stown, O., where Mr. Oberg i.s affiliated in business with the Truscon Steel company. AAUW— The meeting of the Ludington branch of the American Association of University Women, previously scheduled for Thursday) Oct. 26, has been postponed until' Thursday, Nov. 2, it was announced today by Mr.s. W. E. Rynerson, president. The pro- will be assistant hostesses. The traffic death rate in the United States last year was 12.9 for every 100,000.000 vehicle miles. Gyroscopic motor cars, with only one front and one rear wheel, have been .successfully operated. . , . . , . , , ., 26. with Mrs. 'Alice Cole. Mes- Most popular part of the course is the session with the model baby. After the first class, the association thought it would drop the child care lesson. To a man, the papas chorused "No." The same thing happened when they thought of eliminating diapering from the syllabus. "Don't," protested classes everywhere. So a seven- pound dummy Junior' keeps on having his hide stuck with pins. If he wants to, the prospective More than 10,000,000 trains father can receive cabinet-mak- gram at that time will be in are operated annually over the charge of Miss Dorothy Fitch and railroads of the United States, ing instruction too. The associa- Everyone Is Invited to Attend v the Monarch Finer Foods Demonstration at The Park Store Wednesday Evening and continuing throughout the Week. FREE GIFTS WHILE THEY LAST! GREATEST OIL CIRCULATOR VALUE IN WARD WEEK HISTORY! OTHERS ASK UP TO '75! 10" Burner Heats Up To 5 Rooms. 1 44 94 HH JHL MONTHLY; Down Payment, Carrying Charge Compare it ... feature for feature . . . with any oil circulator selling for up to $75! This "Miracle Value" heater has a powerful 10" pot-type oil burner, equal to the finest made! Fingertip oil control adjusts to 6 differerit,,.posi- tions ... gives fust the degree of warmth you need'/$BfyiIt- in TORRID DOME cuts fuel costs by increasing radiating surface and reducing waste heat! Radiant side doors, open to pour out intense heat that warms you in a jiffy! Constant-level valve positively prevents flooding! Installed in our delivery zone! WARD I A Enjoy th« Ihlngi you want today . i • pay tn convenient monthly Initall- ** menu on Wqrc|i Payment Plan. Any $10 purchaie opent on account. 103-109 E. Ludington Avenue Buy all your needs at Wards. Our Catalog Order Service brings you thousands of (terns that we hove pot room to stock In pur storel Telephone 158 IF A COLD has given you a miserable sore throat, here's how to relieve the suffering. DO THIS NOW-Melt a small lump of VapoRub on your tongue and feel the comforting medication slowly trickle down your throat- bathing the irritated membranes —bringing blessed relief where you want it, when you want it. DO THIS TONIGHT — Rub throat, chest with VapoRub. Its long continued poultice-and-vapor action loosens phlegm, relieves irritation, > eases cough- % J|4*ftf 4* ing, invites «f IWf\9 healing sleep. V VAPORUB and the Navy Coast Guard, C. and OK Survey and other agencies have done some exploring. After the Aleutians have been completely charted it is expected insurance companies will under-write cargoes carried over the new route. Incidentally, the survey is expected to explode a number of legends about disappearing islands in the area. The Coast and Geodetic Survey lays these stores to tricks of fog and to the volcanic origin of the islands. Some do change appearance and a few have active volcanoes. Jim White, a New Mexico cowboy, discovered the Carlsbad Caverns in that state, and explored them. PENTWATER THEATRE You TONIGHT Can't Blackoiit Truth. AND THE COST IS LOW The feeling of security that dependable Automobile Insurance gives you is worth the cost— and that is surprisingly low. May we explain? WV.W.WV.V Meny-Washatka AGENCY Phone 58 110 E. Ludington Ave. BUYER'S INDEX The guns spew again. Men are mad again. The world faces a crimson hell again. Millions want to know—what does it all mean? The answer is here. The greatest war picture of all time. More timely now than ever before. This younger generation has not seen it. Many will want to see this uncensored version. READ f THE ADS* Your Progressive Merchants Show You Where to Shop and How You Can Save Money. LOOK THE ADS OVER . . . YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK THEM! THE UNCENSORED VERSION! AIL QUIET ON THE WESTERN ALEMITE OIL AND LUBRICANTS DECREASE Auto Repair Bills LUDINGTON AUTO SALES Phone 600 W. Loomis Street Beer—Groceries—Meats Domestic and Imported Wines Open Evenings & Holidays SERV-U-WELL GROCERY W. Ludington Avc. Phone 593 WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY Oct. 25-26 Here's one of the best pictures, most entertaining you'll see all winter. ; Wallace Beery, Chester Norris, Virginia Grey, Douglas Dumbrille * in "THUNDER AFLOAT" Make a note on your calendar, tie a string around your finger or tell someone in your family to remind you—it's important—that you send in the coupon today. As an old or new subscriber you are entitled to enormous savings on The Ludington Daily News and your favorite magazines. Reading pleasure for a whole year! Look over these bargain offers ... select your favorite ... and hand the coupon to your Postman with your remittance. But do it now! LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS, 1 yr. and your choice of Any Three Magazines ALL FOUR $3.90 | True Romances 1 Yr. 1 American Girl 8 Mo. | American Boy 8 Mo. I American Poultry Journal 2 Yr. | Breeder's Gazette 2 Yr. | Christian Herald G Mo. Household Magazine ..2 Yr. Modern Romances 1 Yr. McCall's Magazine 1 Yr. Open Road (Boys) 1 Yr. Movie Minor 1 Yr. 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