The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 18, 1958 · Page 21
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 21

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1958
Page 21
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ANN!! MARY WORTH THAT MAY BE TOO / " THEYWOULDNTLtT/: METHCAODRBSOF THE STUDIO? YOU SEE HIM! YOU WILL GIVE ME/ 50MEIDEA... / MOW.MA'AMUEXPECT WW HERE ABOUT * HAVt YOU EVER HEARD YOUR EMPLOYER MENTION MISCIllA'S POP-By Al Vwmeer AN HLDEkLY MAN WITH SUCH A DIFFICULT JOB! MOW CAN HE KEEP IT UP??, I VMONDER IF HE EVER THINKS OF RETIRING-! SURELX HE'S ELIGIBLE FOR SOCIAL SECURITY.' _, I'M NOT , r* SEEING *-> HOLLYHOCK \ TILL AFTER \ CHRISTMAS. 1 -I SHE -^ (WORRIES) it-ie !•*. u.m. r«t. cm. OUT OUR WAY-ly J. R. Williams MOLV SMOKE / HOW DID TMB CLOWW (SET IMTD A n?5rnoM LIKE THAT! TH' TWO RABBIT5 HE FUJ5HEP OUT Of THERE WEMT IN DIPFEREWT DIR6CTIOW3--HI5 PRDWT FeET-TtJOK OFF AFTER ONE OF THEM, HIS HIWP FB8T AFTBR THE OTHER, AM' HIS HEAP COULPN'T MAKE UP ITS MIK1P WHICH WAV TO 6O THB WOKICT WAIT? TIZZY-By Katt Otann _OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Heepl* K! H6A* HHE'S BEEN MUTTER- VIHERS'S TW&AtA30~R 6ROKEFROMW™ E 1 INS A60UT5ELL " AW ^HlSfl^WSTOOTOERJt^^I^lWllgJJ, HA>J£ ABOUT AS - MUCHCHAUCe WMOLE < OF CATCHING ~ OM AS CACTUS "PAYlNS'bFF" /JWEKICKSP (MINE STREETS ' E!^® A^TOM)W VB4IC6/., _- FOeTME ..NEEDY FAMILY* CHRIST DIRIGIBLE^ MAS DINNER/ PEEK AT THE \\ENU AMD YOU'D THlM* VIE BET VJlTH FRENCH CARNIVAl-By Dick Turner 'You keep on htting mud tnd you'll grow up to b« • nagging mother!" THESE WOMEN-By d'AI«»Io I just got 9 sudden chill.. . Quick, throw «ome mink nvnr m«T" "If I changed my title from baby sitter to child custodian, do you >uppo»e I'd make mor» monay?" * BUMP auwnnjr «bauuu IT FAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS"- «fiu •» »*i teunj of Modern Art. It A 15-foot high cast iron gate taken from the Entrance to a Parli subway atation la one of York 1 * Mu- was made about 1900 and U considered a work of art. The average American make* approximately Ml phone calls a year. ABNIft THI TOOOUS DO THE _i,-v—li.—"——r t i INDIANS THESE SLIDES 1 STILL 'YOU TOOK 4: DRraS ARCHIE NOWM6PE THEY ABB 1 DOING A OANCE •*> THEW BEARSKINS/ JUDD SAXON-By KM B«M and Jtrry Brondfidd REASSEMBLES THE TORN BITS Of PHOTO STEVE WRWHT ANDiAUIA LUCAS...' RIPP6O TO 6HRKJS... NOW, OO THAT? OKAY, . PR. LUCAS, VOU'VE BEEN HOLWNS , OUT ON MB«« MORTY MEEKLE OONT WORRY.,, THOSE GUYS OH OH/LOOK ATTHOSEBOV6 MAKING 6NOWBAU.5 "LL 5UPPOKT MB,«0 WKCMJ Bft TOQBTHeK.1 YOU WOWT HAVt . TO GIVE UP YOUR 5T*fie CAKC6R.1 KNOWN WHAT THB FKOW HI* PLAY WILL MEKK) WASH TUBBS W.LEVJ, i weyen KEAuze6 I^IPORK »low' you Nteo MCI weti, oo tic*. TO fH6 WltM TltL YOU flltAOUATe WXf . I'P UK» THATl BUT PIDWT A^KX wer Of »K YOU A NO, HI IMOt 5U4CI5TIOW & I GOT ^ PRESENTS FOR PORKY, PETUNIA... BUGS BUNNY ' AHBWIVT 1 * TOO EAP| PIDN'T \ IP I PID, YOU I CICtRO.,.1 t I'M K8BSH «OM8- t\ OUTA BOOy?AVt>OUOHl WICKIES ****! v-otar/ you've .OOPS! SORRT) ALMOST 6OT THg STgp NOW/ tMOU6H FOR, T6ACWW' VAL/ AUStfM (Minn.) fft^AlO t|| Thursday, Dee. 18, 1958 •• I | SHORT RIBS | . IP VOU THINK THE WBJ-,OOB A UNITED STATES NEED£ HOWVK 1OU \ A GOOD FIVE CENT BEEN? HOW'S j QSAR. WHAT PY* TOSAYTHACriOUaTRATES KwEUx.-MAYBS YOU SVtJ THE WHOLE STOW Of» '--**'-- •* ± f X MAN'S RISE TO THE THINGS BACK (THINK MOO NEEDS? IN PEAR OtOMOOTL* YES, KEEP TWIN* TO TH6 PLUMBtR! JACOBY'S BRIDGE HOMH • 44 ••;••; ;••:,<•; V108S4 4KJ854J It WEST 4A«2 VQJ7J • Q78 *1097 BAST 4Q10753 VKone •A100 80trtH(D> 4ICJ88 VAKB8S North and South vulnerable Sonlh West North Et«t IV Pass 2V 24 4 V Doublt Pea Pw« Pass Opening lead—* A Br P8WAID MCQPT : r ,Written for NBA Service Dr. Norman Godfrey of Austin bud a sound, bid and rebld and there WM nothing wrong with nil p»rtn»r'» raise. West'* double looked pretty good to Went and theoretically EMt and West have two aoei and two trump trlelci but things did not work out quit* that way West opened the ace of spades and shifted to the ten of clubs, covered by the jack, king and ace. Dr. Godfrey played tat tee of trumps and was slightly,; but only slightly, staggered when cast showed out. He led his singleton diamond and went up with dummy's king. He was pretty sure that East held the ace, but hod nothing to gain by playing the Jace. Sure enough East won with the aoe and led a second club. The doctor won; ruffed his* last club; ruffed a diamond In his own hand; took bis king of spades; ruffed a spade; ruffed another diamond; and led hi* last spade. By this time, Wsat WAS down to three trumps and one of his trump tricks had disappeared into thin atr, Ife could ruff low and let North's ten malco or he could ruff high and lead up to South's king-nine combination. Hot-Pot Helpers AH different, guy — cost almost nothing to makel Dalight a aoetu* with a pair — pit* up weord salts at U>e next bazaar! „ Si* penholder* plm paw of ov«a mitt* — easy to m»ie of fabric wt- overs. Pattern 849: transfers, dine* Uona. color idm*. Send Thirty . flt» CeoU (cola*) for this pattern -. add J| cents tor each pattern for 1st • class mailing. Stud to the Needlecralt Print ""plsUlY PATTtiHM NAMK. ADOKG88 sad * Seud (or for this book.

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