The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 13, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1933
Page 3
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EMAITCHES; Last Friday the 6oys tn t&e j*atfe M««age«i»ent class h«« tie jfst «t tfc*tt tpftnt tonfs. That fiiornltrg they -Hstted the Dsshwf tnd the Hy«e tartttS. At Basic fters they saw Junior's sheet and also the hots and feeding cattle on the faftt. At Hydes Dick showed the class his Shorthorn cattle, sheef, and Berkshire hogs. All the *af around the trip was a great success. Seventh Grade We had our si* weeks Reading test Monday morning. In History we are studying about the half breeds in Iowa. We teamed that halt breeds are children of Indian and white parentage. We Ate reviewing »ost of our studies for tests. Maty Louise Jneike. Editor * - - Ass't Edffo* • Mat fotie Advisor - ^ . Miss KA&tett Innlot - Bernlce 8eho*irfng 8ot*o»ore - Pttyllis Wilson Freshttatt - - M Weartn flnfttor - ^ Mftlcoltn Inelke 4. R., ttisie - Matle swebods Vocational Af . - Rolrtift BentoU Howe Be. Margaret McCof mick Junior High - Annella Watlef Grades - - Verneeta Walket Normal Training - - -» a - - - - oiinda Brennifig WH0 Wfto til tfce ftrtrifer toy *** treats «it erefy so ofteft fft a Ttoteirt red s&frt, thus eaasfn* t&i students to tffet f&efr eye* a*d feai that lie has t*en reading too ny western novels lately. Wfto te the latest couple to *ttett to tptrftg air (a ftraiof and softhoflrofej. Tftey bate lately "been ttoonteg fcttrtfti the *ehool gronftds With that s«* calf loot m thett efel. W6tf to the senior with the fongest «y*t*snes ot any bot high A fa*Hti ttttt Urs. b. O. fceftftinghatt eitfer- tatt*« twettty-fawr ladies at * rii taeliat. The ptacfe *efe decorated with spring fold ot tfc« *o%efs « Eight Grade New* Since nothing new has happened In the eighth grade t will give my version of some of the eighth graders: tn can not imagine Margaret Ann Bnttmanii without her hair ribbon, Paul Oalliher without ink on his hands and pencil not In mouth, Bob McCormlck in good sitting posture. Kathryn Swain not singing popular songs. Wahneeta Cox not talking about her bor friends. Juanita Kelso without bobby pins in her hair. Velma Jean Caudell without her play* things in school time. Burdelle Btroud without her pocket book, Georgia Marie Hilton without her curls, etc. ... Who i* Re«pofl»ibte fbf You? A* twentieth Century youths our Ideals and hopes ate teff uft- like those of our forefathers, f fee world does hot weep with us because ot our many mistakes —It merely frowns tt|>dft as. (Soft* scions ot the fact that the educational system today Is far superior to that etea a decade prfett* ous every high school student should make the most ot the op* portnnlties offered there. We ourselves, not the world, are re» sponsible for the wise use ot our talents, After all, it is the Will power we put back of our work and et* forts that really count. Each youth's Individualism is one of its greatest assets to future trials and accomplishments. "You are not all, but you are one, you cannot do everything but you can do something," thus holding you responsible for yourself. Young men and women of today, let us not lose faith in ourselves, lest the world lose faith in us! By Marjorie Donner. Normal Training New* Some' ~very attractive hand work has been completed by members of the Methods class. Easter greetings were made and the color combination was carefully taken into consideration in making this piece of band work, Each individual made an original poster appropriate for March or Easter. We showed originality in making the posters even though several duplicates did appear among the group. We tried to remember when "making a poster it is the decora- Ulons that tell the story and what i object wa have in Tiew we bring ;out in our decorating —-- • -- lot'I Home EC New* The Home Be department Is displaying garments of all kinds which will later be collected tor an exhibit. Ot especial Interest is the doll dress and hat made by one ot the girls. It was made from a McCall pattern sent to us for practice work in sewing. We are now making a quilt for a baby bed out of scraps donated by the girls. For, the department we arc making holders and have finished two new ironing board covers. .__ :Apple Brown Betty 8 large apples, sliced or cubed. 1 o sugar. KSftde We at* Irottrffcg **** fcaf d o* long division. We ate anxious to find ont what our grade will be this time on our report card in Arithmetic. in Spelling this week our review will be an oral spell down. Some ot us ha-ris a ^effect record for the six weeks. Wf are Studying North America in Geography. We will draw maps this week. In Reading we have made booklets about "Great American Authors.'* Last week ws read about Benjamin Franklin. Today we acted out one of his tricks for doing good. Sixth Grade We are glad to have another pupil, tvan Taylor, in our room. We had our six weeks Geography test Friday. Some found it easy while others found it dlfll cult. We were invited by the eighth grade to see a play called "Rip Van Winkle," Monday morning in the assembly, In Reading we have almost fin Ished the story of "Ulysses" htch most ot us enjoy. Doris Ireland and Eric Hall entertained us with a musical pro gram. In Penmanship we sent our drills in for our second award. Ralph Hall. card was the announcement of t&e fitatrtiit* ef her daughter, leace Citimfagftaft. to Walter iraa Mason oft S«pt. 17, 19S4. Wattet ttt H the son ot Mrs. Lett Mason of Omaha and Mrs. Mason «*s a g*est at the Inntti- eon. ffce afternoon was spent in worktnt Jig-«a# puzzles. Guests Were the Mesdames Veffce McCotd, Robert Boehner, Et Plumb, Fifank Robbins, Marin duftftjnfhara, Lonls Bass, hartey WiteOii, Bruce Boehner, Glen Seegef, Marshall Cunningham, AHath Wlnget, Aastln Bass, F. J. Buttmann, Margaret unningham, Gtty Breeding. Leo* afd Anderson, ft E. Mnlholland Lela Mason, aad the Misses Eveyn Paulson, Mlttftie Hall, Marie Rlggins, Dorothy Milter, Eliza beth Seattle, and Dorothy Boeh ner. ™-^ T y ^^. -* deslgaing «I^poBter. Good arrangement of Illnes, shapes, and objects are also necessary to make a successful ' piece of work. Usually one object, ; because of its sire or bright color should stand out more prominently than anything else so the rest of the "objects or shapes should be arranged to look well with the dominant object. We found that the posters meeting these requirements were the most effective. Second Grade TBpse making 100 in Friday's test are: Joan Saar, Betty Fickel, Doris Stogdiil, Eeggy Hall, Betty J»ne Btroud, Louise Fritz, Marjorie Herrlck, Ilene Miller, Peggy Cox, Pean Milltkan, Jack Bering Alvey BJggerstaff, Pwjgbt Mey era, CharJes Brewer, Kenneth Ad* ftms, Clyde Bateman, Donald Ougeler, We are working,on nanies ia our Language work. We have learned that all najnes begin w capital letters, We' write each, other's games. . -,^ , Third Grade 2 T tat, 2 c stale crumbs. Mix sugar, salt, and spices. Ar- •ange apples and crumbs alternately in greased baker, sprlnk- Ing each with sugar mixture. 3ot with butter, cover and bake ,'or Ms hour In moderate oven. Jneover and raise temperature a lew minutes to brown surface. Jerve with cream or hard sauce, Above recipe tried and approved by Home Economics department, Junior High New* Elinor Farqubar entertained with a musical program Friday. Louise Juelke played a piano solo which was enjoyed by all. Waller. Sophomores Debate 'Resolved that every high school pupil should pay |5 tut tlon," was discussed and the negative won by two — one vote. The affirmative speakers were Charlotte Wederqulst, Randall Don ner, and Phyllis Wilson. The neg ative were Jane Fletcher, Doro thy Qallther, and Louis Storey The judges were Marian Benton Betty Oilmore, and Lee Gary Stewart Hall was timekeeper and John Hall, chairman. "Resolved that the city child ha more advantages than tbe coun try child. 4 ' was jfocussed byjjar tlve^and*Marlan Benton.'Btewart Hall, and John Hall, who took the negative. The judges, Charlotte Wederquist, Louis Storey, and Randall Donner, decided the winner to be the affirmative two — one. The timekeeper was Dorothy Oalliher and the chairman. Phyllis Wilson. The winners and losers of both teams will debate again this week. Then Miss Hammers will choose the best debaters from each division for a final debate. are Garden Club fif*«ent» Bride's Garden FtoRMm The Malverti Garden club presented a Very interesting and en tertalnlng program at the Tues day afternoon meeting. Mrs. t. U Parsons was leader and her subject was "A Bride's Garden." She described a church as she had seen It profusely decorated for a wedding and then Mrs. L. A. Talbott sang "Oh Promise Me." Mrs. I. L. Donner played Lohengren's Wedding March. Mrs. H. H. Amos sang "The Love Nest." Mrs. M. L. Hlett told of the "Annuals a Bride'must have in her garden," and Mrs. Chantry played "I Love You Truly" during her talk.. Roll call-—Varieties of Daisies, Mrs. L. W. Boehner gave an Interesting legend of the daisy which grows wild in England. A plant and seed sale will be held in connection with the next meeting and Mrs. Otto Kline will be chairman ot the sale. tf SifffriM IJMl Bw*« Grotto* of MaHremians #oirt te ramble at times, cfaify so »fe«ti one ot thel* atrttt- feer approaches the natal day. this was tti spirit that ptoinft- ed a group ot friends to let Mrs. Or*! 8e*«* tn e* tfceir little secret and Sunday morning early they fitoWetf te Sttthrie Center ittfpHse iSfal eij his birthday. *f »r*iv*fd i* titos to attend chntch with tfte Bowers where they had the pleasure of seeing Darlene aftd Bofeht Bower bap- tltei IS the Methodist Church Well filled baskets ot choice ti ands satisfied the appetites ot th< tnefryfliakef* following the serv Ices. Was Oral Bower surprised? Well, was yon there Chollyf Those going were: Mr. an« Mrs. Walter siotnowet, Mr. and Mrs. Will Chafbbeflain, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Chamberlain, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur frively, Mr. am Mrs. Otto Hall and John, Mr. an Mm, Karl Hertz, Howard an Clayton, and Mr. and Mrs. Fran Juelke, Mary Louise and Ma! colm. AnnonneWwent was made last week of the marriage ot Mtes i'ranc** Rann«, daughter ot Mr. nd Mrs. R. M. Rante, and Law- eftce Hatl, ton of Mr. and Mr*. Alfred Rail. fh« wedding; took place in RocipOft, Mo., Ang. 21. 1931. Mr. Ran is a student in the «te£tfieal engineering department ft Omaha Municipal University atid plans to complete his eonrse 'Jones, Carter Barthofotte*. fttt« the honotee, Oerald Wfleo*. AH reported a very pleasant etWrfnt and wished Gerald many happy returns. :here. ... Hall attended Maltern „.„„ school hnt tooted to Council Bluffs several years ago with her parents who last week returned to Maltern to matte their home. Site has been employed in tbe Council Bluffs telephone offices for some time and Is at present staying with her parents. We join their many friends here in extending congratulations and best wishes. Honor* Birthday of GeMtd Wllco* Friday. April 7. was Gerald Wllcox's birthday and in honor ot it Miss Helen Pace had a few friends in to spend the evening Those present were: the Misses Helen Jones, Marie Kelley. Enid Wllcot, Enid and Helen Pace and Leonard Anderson, Ear A group at frlettds snr prised lira. H. H. Amos Monday evening honoring her birthday. They spent a pleasant evening at the Amos home playing bridge and refreshments which the guests bronght with them, were served at a late hottr. Those present Were Mr. and Mrs. H. A. GalH- her. Mr. and Mrs. 3. R. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Bering, and Mr. and Mrs. Amos. Sunday School Cliu» Him Party at Te«chpr> Home A Sunday school class party was enjoyed Saturday afternoon, April 8. at the home ot Mias Mar- Jorie Donner, teacher of the class. As a result of a recent contest, Mary Louise Juelke. Betty Caudell. and Lenore Mansfield entertained Mary Jean Ewlng, Edna Davis, and Edith Brewer. A variety of games furnished entertainment and refreshments were later served. As n general rule the man who says "1 say what I think" would, If he lived up to that statement, be rather silent. — Dayton Dally News. WESLEY CHAPEL third. sra^'baa a very good, spelling recorcl last Friday. Ml PttpU* *»»*« WQ Per cent ex. cepi.twa aew pupHs who entered our- -scjiftoV; this spring. > Darned ing o{ Bay ,We ls bftY9 HW Mansftejd one, . Mi Wrtbday be bad a party at treat bj» We ays wakin sftversl ito ft f« will Junior New» Bach week two girls of the School Management are responsible tor a sand table project. Tbe project this week was a Holland scene representing "The Leak in the Dike," Tbe scene portrayed tbe little boy who put bU ha»d ID, the dike and was later cabled tbe bero of bis country, Perhaps you remember tbe story! Frg«hman New» We have been pondering' over' quadratic equations in Alg°bra for the past'two weeks, We flPd that keeping tbe three methods of solving these equations clearly in mind Is quite difficult. Tbe flrat fortn of sojvipg these equations gtvenjcs u? was factwiftg. We were given another forni, completing the square, 'after factoring was understood tbor* F; f he j»etbad of using tbe was explained to us next. .,44 thjrt factoring wiU &ot |» all equations but pc-m- ,„* tbe square sud the tern- can he used to all quadratic .^Ationj. Tbe formula was fojjs4 tft bf Y9I3? staple. A test coverijjg quadratic eftu*.' How waa gi««ft to us tbe ea$ at la&t wwki M«#t el tbe -"" |M were gatltl»cjory, HQtil ^^^^IP^^TP^-- ^* • w CuABAMCyr ^Wl^^^'iW^^'"^ ^* w L^K OmahA Mrs. L. D, Thomas and baby son, Dwayne, returned home from the Jennie Edmundson hospital in Council Bluffs Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn, Parker anx sons visited her parents, Mr. am Mrs, H, 0, Winslow, at Tftbor Sunday. __^_ Maxlne Leu, senior in Henderson high school and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max Leu, was taken sick with scarlet fever Friday and is quarantined at her home. She is quite sick but we hope she will improve rapidly. Mrs. Rose Plumb was having dental work done in Malvern last week, Wesley Chapel's Simpson col lego students are home .between ^SiWW!^rdM^»»^?¥' Clarke,'- Pauline Sowers, and Arhur Luther. Mrs. Ward Fickel and her 4-H club girls attended the county' girls' and boys' party at Malvern Monday evening. Jeanette Luther, L,ols and Tacy Wilson, Leta and Mildred Slater, Lorena Davis, Geraldlne Parker, Joyce Plerson, Mrs. Clinton Parker and son, Clinton Jr., and Lawrence Fickel were among those that attended from here, About one hundred boys and girls were present and a fine time was reported by all. Loraine Fickel who has been visiting her grandparents, Mr, and Mrs, J, B. Fickel, returned to her home in Kansas City, Mo. last week. Mr, and Mrs. Cliff Plumb of Red Oak visited l» the neighbor^ hood Saturday, M,r. and Mrs. John Alley visited her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs, Qeo. Haynte, of near Tabor Sunday. t's UP Knock Imogene - S. E. Mills Mrs, Rose Wiman who has ,^e» a patient Rt Wercy hospital for removal of goiter was able to go to tbe borne of her daughter, Mrs. Vincent Slovac, In ~ Bluffs last Thursday. We CasseU Qmaba Saturday aua spent tbe day with bla parents and wife ber«, rstttrntnjf gat^-day wwiBf to o»»ba wbfre be has a mills route. Miss Jna Qriggs of Tburmaa a bujifteja sailer in tWa lo* last Friday. Mae Maber 4 teaeber at tb* tie last Wedjfteftiay evenlas- Mr*, q, 4« OftpiaU and son, Jim, Mrs, Pa* Maker, aftd Mae, ftjre. Mifc* MarUa ft»d son.** Miss Anaa MabWf »Rd Mr«. lloa^ vere sboppera STANDARD GAS ED CROWN (LINE 8eriQ u 8 ui&en o mother, Mrs. Kate Higgins Mrs. Qeorge Schtebler who i UJ, & patient at Mercy'hoaplta is gaining nicely. Mr, Schieble wbo speot the lore part of th in Council Bluffs to be uea came home Wednesday eve- fii&S. Bflss Mae Mahejr and brother, t an4 Mr, and Mrs. Ed and sou, George, were visr in the Lew autsphenrttter gud Wills, Hvisg near Climax and who U employed by Albert SU'%Uen,her&er, was quite badly bruised aud injured wbeu tbe saddle turned with fei» wbile riding a borse last Wednesday w 0 * 1 ^ l»s. His foot got caught lu tbe stirrup su be waa draesed quite a dlltftuce. He is under tbe care oj «, pbysioiau ajQ,4 bis luxuries are very paUifui. " " M ol ss&FrJftift vw* laat Suaday t<x tbe mfttfew wbo b«* Mr«. Ar' ot , » to It la * dWidiUou l» § UUU bftlttr u — no increase in price It has always been a great gasoline... the best non- Ethyl motor fuel you could buy\Now it's still better, It's up in anti-knock! What doe\ that mean? What advantages will you enjoy when yW use this higher anti-knock gasoline? The answerV that,,» more convincing than any claims you might read here .., is the result you'll get when you\ actually drive your car with Standard Eed GrownUn the tank. TRY IT,..Tiy 5gallon* in Drive in where you §§«.tJi§ familiar Red Crown globe and get 0 gallons or more of tbii ADVANCED Standard Red Grown Gasoline, Then put U to the test I Try it for (juicker.get«away in traffic, fry it for climbing power in the hiWa. Try U for greater MBooUweaa an4 longer mile* •p out on the big highway* STANDARD Oil. SERVICE Of AflUlt . y^

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