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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 11

The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada • Page 11

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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GIANTS CANNOT HOLD ATHLETICS IN WORLD SERIES New York Loses Fourth Game and Appears Beatcu Desperate Rally Featured Yesterday'? Contest Philadelphia. Oct. 11. Bui one victory stands between the- Philadelphia Athletics Biid the world's championship In baseball today for th Mack men defeated the New Torli illoms ut Khlhe Park yesterday afternoon, by score of 6 to In the fourth K'nno oS the titular series. Uefore the on ten ag i Inched, however. yualicr city fans suffered a period of NiiHpense that will keep the Giants' eleventh hiur batting rally green In their niemury for some seasons to come. The game effort of the National leaKiiers to overtake their rivals hanged the, entire, complexion of the batile, making what appeared to be a niia-sitled mutch Into contest that hull in the balance until the last put-out. HOW ATHLETICS SCORED IJetnartu received a warm welcome at the stall, but It was not until the second inning that the tlrst Athletic creased thu plate. Mclnnls opened with Texas leaguer that Snodxrass could not unite, reach. Strunk sacrificed and Harry's double scored Mclnnls. The blow came In the fourth. Willi one out, Strunk knocked llorzoif over with a xinughlnv slnglo anr Harrv put him on third with another. takitK second nn i-ihnfer's throw to third. followed with a vIcI.mis liner Doyle, scoring Strunk aril He went to second on tho throw to the pl.ite and to third a moment luter on Mcl.eun'H piiHded ball, Scha nit scored when Merkle fumbled Holder's When the Athletics next iHine bat tiiey faced Mirquard. and after two outs had been recorded. -Strunk walked on four successive wide ones. Harry's second double- to left put Strunk on third Hnd SvhHiis promptly singled to centre scoring Strunk and Harry. Hender went oul, Miinimirri to Merlcle, and the Athletics' run gathering for the day was ended. (HANTS' RALLY The desperate, but us It proved Today's Game PHILADELPHIA. It. E. Murphy, rf If Collins, 2b Raker, Mclnnis. lb Strunk, if Barry, Schaiiu', licniler, NEW Sued grass, cf Herzog, 3b Doyle, 2b Fletcher, ss Burns, If Shufer, 3b ami of Murray, rf McLean, Cooper "Wilxon, Crundall Merkie, lb Deniaree, McCorniack Maniuanl, Cirant 34 5 8 24 11 2 Coooer ran for McLean in fifths "McCermiek batted for Demares in fifth: Crandall batted for Wilson In ninth; Grant batted for Marquard In ninth. Summary: Two-base Hits Barry, Burns. Three-bose Hit Oldring, Shafec Stolen Bases Collins, Burns, Murray. Sacrifice Hits Strunk, Hits, off Demaree 7 in 4 innings: off Marquard, 2 in 4 inninqs. Bases on Ball Off Bender. 1 off Marquard off Demaree 1. Struck Out By Render 5: Marauard 2. Hit bv Pitcher Murray by Bender. Passed Bull McLean. Left on Bases New York Phil adelohia. 7. Umpires Egan, behind bat; Klem on bales; Reglor and Connolly in field. SCORE BY NEW YORK 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 PHILADELPHIA 0 1 0 3 2 0 8 0 Batteries NEW YORK Deniaree, Marquard and McLean, Wilson. PHILADELPHIA Bender and Schang. INNINGS: 8 9 10 II H. E. 2 0 .5 82 0 9 0 0 10 for 15c 10 for 15c 10 for 25c 10 for 50c The Perfect Egyptian Cigarette Maspero Freres Cairo, Egypt No. 22, plain No. 31, cork tipped No. 37, plain No. 41, plain futile rally of the Ciants, came Illte a bolt from clear sky. Bender, the inippewa Indian muster of myaievioua curve and a bleak, had held the Ciants runless tor kIx Innings, while his tcani-matoj, by piiu urlvlns lilts, had-scored us many rum at tlio expense. iJtmuree and Muriiuurd. Already the funj that illlod every seat In tho stands and bleachcis were exulting In the downfall of the New York club. Bender, confident In the biff lead of his club, was pitching consistent ball, and there was not a single danger slgnul In sight. Suddenly the UiantH became transformed from hltlesfi weuklinns to real giants, who hammered the speed and slants of the Indian twirler to all parts of the It was In the "lucky seventh" hatt the storm of hits burst upon the astonished Athletics, and before the aborlglnee and his fellow players could recover, three Giants had crossed the pluto and the fusllade continued into the next session, hen two mure scored, and the team which whs but a few moments before apparently outclassed, was battering down the last defences of the Mack men. Fred Merkle, whose injured ankle still caused him to limp percenptlbly. was the player who was directly responsible for the breaking through oi the coat of whitewash that Bender was applying so artistically. MERKLES HOMER With Burns and Murray on second and third as the result of two singles and a double steal, and two out, Mer-lo caught one of Bender's low balls on tho outside corner of the plate and lifted It far out Into left centre, where neither Oldring nor Strunk could quite reach II. The sphere hit the green turf oi Shibe park, and with a mighty bound hopped the fence Into the bleachers, and Merkle trotted home after his two teum-mates with the third home run of the series, thus Joining Baker and Sehang in the roll of baseball Immortals. Spurred on by Meikle's example, l-rzofr, who had not made a hit In the series to date, opened the eighth with a single, only to be forced by Doyle, who was similarly eliminated bv Fletcher. Burns came through with a double down the third base line, scoring Fletcher, and Shafer shot a triple past first, tallying Burns. Murray smashed a scorching drive at Collins, but the Columbia boy managed to hold the ball until he could steady himself and throw the'runner out at tlrst for the third out. Although McGra' sent two pinch hitlers to bat In the ninth the Oiunts could not get over the run that would have tied the score for Bender wan now fully aware what beset him anu his team mutes and pitched a ball Hint fairly whistled lis It flashed and broke across tho plate. GIANTS STiLL. HOPEKI'Ij It was the narrowest kind of an escape and but for the equally heavy hitting of the Athletics In tho forepart of the game, and some brilliant displays of defensive activities the in Cold Figures II. P.O. A 0 0 3 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 0 4 2 4 0 0 4 0 0 4 1 1 2 2 1 4 2 3 2 1 2 4 0 0 3 1 3 33 YORK A.B. 2 2 4 4 4 4 2 2 0 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1) 27 R. 0 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 II, P.O. A. E. 0 2 0 0 12 0 0 ,0 2 4 0 0 1 0 0 2 2 0 0 110 0 12 0 0 2 110 0 0 0 0 0 110 0 0 0 0 1 10 1 2-0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 C'igarrttr-s are universally rrcngnlv.ed as hclng the most perfect Kttptiun cigarettes on the market. They are smoked all ovrr thu wurl.l THE GREATEST CHRISTY MATHEWSON Johrr McGrsw's only hope in today's game. Can ha stop the AthletlcsT He is the only Giant pitcher to finish a game in the series. 1 Giants would now be on even terms with the I'hlladelphians Instead of railing two (tames In the rear of the American leuguers. The sully was effective, however, in that It encouraged the. men of Mcliraw to believe that they might yet uvertako the flying Athletics. The probabilities aro much against such a feat hut the Giants are preparing; for a lust stand at the Polo grounds today and claim that If they can once Ret going they will yet win the series. All tho rlrciimstances point In the opposite direction, however, for the Mack men, with a record of thrco victories out of four games are now well versed In the ability and resources oX the Giants. When they drove Demaree from the box ut the end of the fourth InninK, after four runs had been scored from his delivery. It marked the passing of every New York pitcher, except the veteran, Christy Mathewsnn. in four games Marquard, t'randall, Tesreau and Ie-maree have all fallen hefor ih. ferritin hitting of the heavy hatting Athletics. only Mathewsnn in' his wonderful exhibition of Wednesday, when he shut them out, has been able to hold tho American league pennant winners in check. WEAKLING SLUGGERS As If to show the versatility of the team It was a new quartette of hatters who bombarded Demaree from the mound this afternoon, and also gave Marquard, in his come-back rote, a taste of their ability. Whereas in tho Hist three games Murphy, Aldring, Collins and Maker did the brunt of tho stick work, It was tho lower half of tho batting order that sprang Into the breach when tho leaders faltered In their stick work. Seven of the nine hits recorded off' the Giant twlrlors were made by Mclnnls, Strunk, Barry und Schang. This fluartette also scored all six runs that were credited to the men. Of the upper half only Oldring was able to get his bat on the ball sufely. Barry mado three hits in four times ai bat, two of them being doubles. Schang did even greater execution, gettlnrc two lilts and two bases on balls In lour times up. His hits scored four runs and ho crossed the plate himself, with another. Oldring, who has made a sate hit the first time up, in every game of the series, earned the honor of the longest hit made by the Athletics yesterday when ho tripled in the opening Inning on tho first ball that Demaree served up. BENDER'S FINE FORM It was not alone by batting that the Athletics won, however, for both their Holding and Bender's clever pitching were factors that helped to bring victory. Tho Indian twlrler waa at the top of his form, except In the seventh and eighth Innings, being steady and having absolute control of his breaks and curves. He gave but one on balls and hit one batter. The Giants garnered but two hits oft his delivery until the seventh, and their sum total was eight, while he funned five as a sort of retaliation, 1 lender was in trouble In the fifth Inning when he walked Murray and McLean singled. McGraw sent Cooper In to run for McLean and McCormick to bat in place of Demaree, who waa already marked for the bench. promptly lifted a humming liner over Harry's head that was labelled a hit. oldring came in sprinting lit top Fpepd, and with long, low dive scooped the ball off tho grass tolas spectacular a catch as has been witnessed for many a month. With two out McGruw ordered Cooper to try to reach second, but Schang shot the ball to Collins like a rltle bullet, and Cooper, fast runner us he la, lost out by five feet. It was but another demonstration of the heights to which the Athletics can rise when occasion demands. For the Giants Burns made two hits, one a double, while Lurry McLeain singled twice In two times at bat. DEMAREE NO MYSTERY The New York club uocd sixteen plajers against the Athletics' nine, and had four left on the bases to the Mackmen's seven. Demaree was not much of a problem to tlio American league champions, who secured seven hits In four innings, but Marquard, after his weak opening In the filth, tightened up, and pitched high class bull, the Athletics going out In rapid fire order. The came was played under the most favorable weather conditions of the series 10 ilate, the sun frequently shining through rli'U in the cloudj, and on a field tumparalhely dry und fast. At least 5,000 spectators watched th pluy from the housetops overlooking the park. The sun wurmcd the atmosphere to a point where thu fans felt Hale In removing overcoats and vents, and as a consequence the dead black background waji relieved by patches of whito, which addeda, touch to thu scene heretofore FIRST INNING. First half Pnodgruss went out on a pnp lly to Maker. Marry threw out Fletcher. Doyle went out on a- high one to rttrunk. It wus a quickly played Inning. runs; no hits: no errors. etnodgr.ies vent to centre field, while Shufer replaced lienor ut third. Herzog not havinir tnnde a hit In the three ptevtous games. Lnst Deniuree's first pitch to Collins was ball. The second pitch Collins fouled oil'. OliirlniT was out at Hie plutv. when took Colllnn' grounder mill threw to Mclean who touched th runner ns he slid Into the plate. Collins stole second when De-meree held the ball for a minute. Do-inaroe held tho ball for minute. De-throw to second wan too lula to ca'ch Collins. Murphy died out to Hnod- OF THEM ALL rlght for three bases. smashed the tlrst ball pitched. The New York players gathered around Demaree. Baker out on a foul to Shafer. No runs; one hit: no rrors. SECOND INNING First half Bender worked carefully and slowly. He had good speed and kept the ball on the corners of the plate. Hums tiled out to Murr Shafer fanned, Bender finding his weak spot by keeping the ball around Shnf-er'a neck. Murray was hit on the arm by a pitched ball and went to first mutteilngs at Bender. McLean singles to right. Murray to third. Me-'-'s fouled out to Mclnnls who took the ball over near the Giants' dugout. No runs; one hit; no errors. Last half Mclnnls sent a Texas leaguer to centre which the limping Hnodgrass couldn't reach. It was lucky hit for Mclnnis. Btrunk out on a sacrifice. Deniaree to Merkle. Demaree used a slow drop ball nn the outside of the plate. Merkle dropped Barry's foul after a good ruR. Official score gave it as an error. Mclnnls scored on Barry's long two-bagger to left. Barry claimed that Merkle interfered with him as he rounded first base, but the claim wus not allowed, Hchang walked after Demaree had two strikes on him. Bender filed out to WORLD SERIES BATTING (Statistics of ths Four Philadelph la-New York Championship Games) AND FIELDING AVERAGES PHILADELPHIA A.B. Jl. H. Pet. T.O. Collins, 2b 16 6 7 .437 14 18 Baker. Sb 17 2 7 .412 1 Schang, 10 2 4 .400 14 6 Barry, s.s 1 .375 9 Oldring, If 18 .333 7 0 Bush, 4 0' 1 .250 0 1 Lapp, 4 0 1 .250 1 Plank, 4 0 1 .250 2 Murphy, rf 19 1 .15 13 0 Strunk, ef 13 3 2 .154 It 0 Mclnnls, lb 15 1 2 3t 0 Bender, 0 0 .400 0 6 NEW YORK A.B. R. H. Pet. P.O. A. Mathewson, 3 1 2 .667 1 3 McLean, 9 0 5 .556 9 3 xMeCormack 2 1 1 0 Fletcher, ss 15 1 5 .333 6 7 Snodgrass, cf. 3 0 1 .333 3 1 Merkle, lb 10 3 3 .300 24 1 Murray, rf. 14 2 4 .256 7 0 Doyle, 2b 16 1 3 .187 12 12 Burns, If 16 2 3 .187 12 0 Shafer, cf 17 1 3 .176 6 0 Herzog, 3b 15 1 1 .067 6 Murquard, 1 0 0 .000 0 8 Wiltse, lb 2 0 0 .000 15 3 Tesreau, 2 0 0 .000 0 2 Wilson, 8 0 0 .000 4 1 Crandall, 3 0 0 .000 0 2 Meyers, 4 0 0 .000 4 1 xGrant 1 1 0 .000 0 0 Cooper 0 0 0 .000 0 0 Substitute batsmen; substitute buse runner. TEAM BATTING- AND FIELDING Philadelphia A.B. R. H. Pot. P.O. A. H4 20 40 .278 111 43 New York 137 31 .226 108 41 The Fit-Reform Store Policy SERVICEreal personal service courteous and unhurried by men who know good clothes and careful tailoring. LATEST STYLES-all that is new and exclusivein Suits and Overcoats is shown first in this city at the home of Fit-Reform. SENSIBLE PRICES-the featuring of new and attractive- styles at reasonable prices is the keynote of our policy. Suits and Overcoats from 15. to $35. SL FIT- REFORM, Burns. Murphy filed out to Snodgrass. Pne run; two hits; one error. THIRD INNING First half Demaree filed out to Murphy who had to run over the right Held foul line to take the ball. Unodgrass out, bunting, Bender to Mclnnis. Dovle filed out to titrunk. No runs; rio hits; do errors. Last half Herzog went out to play third base and Shafer wont to centre field, replacing Snodgruss, whose trained leg began to b'uhcr him aguln. Demaree took oldring's pop and threw him out at first. Burns caught Collins' lly. Doyle took care of Baki. throwing him out at tlrst. No hits: no errors. FOURTH INNING First half Fletcher mado a vigorous objection whou Umpire Kgan culled a strike on him. Fletcher Hied out to Collins. Burns popped a lly to Baker. Mender appeared to have more "smoke'' than during his former game oRalnot the Giants, breaking his curves around the knees and then shooting the fast ones shoulder high, across tho Shufer fanned for the second time. No runs; no errors. Hhafer angrily threw his bat toward the bench-Last half Doyle threw out Mclnnls. Demaree's slow ball bothered the butters not a little. Strunk bounced a hit off llerxog's legs. McLean almost caught Strunk off first by a quick throw to Merkle. Marry singled to left. Htrunk took third. When Shufer's throw to catch Strunk at third. Bnrrv went to second. The New York Infield then drew In. Strunk and Barry scorcn on Schang's single to centre, bchana took second on Hiiatcrs tnrow 10 me plats to catch Barry. Schang went to third on a passed Dan. j-ciiuiik acmcu when Merkle made a muss of Mender's grounder. Murphy popped out to Doylo. Oldring singled to left. Bender going td second. McLean threw out Collins at first. Three runs; four hits; one error. FIFTH INNING First half Murray we Iked, Bender pitching four wide balls In succession. McLean got a single to centre and Murray went to third. Cooper ran for McLean. Schang almost caught Cooper napping off first with a snap throw. Merkle fanned. McCormick batted in plaoe of Demaree. Oldring caught McCormlek's fly after a dead run toward the diamond. Cooper out stealing. Schang to Collins. No runs; one hit; no errors. Last hair The defense work of the Athletics In tho fourth Innings was Ktmnlv sunerb. Marquard In the box for New York. Wilson catching for New York. Baker fans. Marquard kept the ball on the far corner of the plate and was too slow for Baker. Marquard threw out Mclnnis. Marquard lost control and Strunk walked on four pitched balls. Marry got a two-base hit. Strunk went to third. Burn's made a gallant try for the ball but he overran It. Strunk and Marry scored on Hchang's single. Marquard threw out Bender. Two runs; two hits; no errors. SIXTH INNING. First half Barry threw out Henog. Dovle beat the air viciously and went out on strikes. Fletcher came to the plate, he Jokingly made a move to hit Umpire Egnn on the back of the head with his hat. Fletcher out on a fly to Strunk. No runs; no hits: no errors. Last half Doyle tossed out Murphy at first. Oldring struck out. Wilson threw him out at first. Collins popped out to Fletcher. No runs; no hits; no errors. 8EVENTH INNING Burns scratched an infield hit. It was the Giant's third hit of the game. Shafer filed out to Colllus. Murray Pet. .968 .909 .950 .944 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 looo 1000 1000 S.B. S.H. 3 1 Pet. S.B. S.H. iono lO'lO .000 .929 lOuO .926 10110 .923 looo 1000 1001) looo looo 1000 1000 1000 iooo .0:10 .000 E. 4 Pot. .975 .968 Burns Company 291 Portage Next Manitoba Hall. singled to left. Burns going to second. Wilson struck out after Burns and Murray executed a double steal. Maker dropped Schance's throw to catch 'NMiirns when the double steal was made. tuirns sna Murray and Merkle scored when Merkle drove the ball into the left bleachers for a home run. Bonder threw out Marquard. Three runs; three hits: no errors. Last half Baker out on a fly to Herzog. Mclnnls fouled out to Herzog. Doyle threw out Strunk. No runs; no hits; no errors. EIGHTH INNING First hnlf Ilerzojr singled to left. Herzog was forced at second when Collins took Doyle's grounder and tossed to Barry. Doyle was forced at second when Bender took Fletcher's hot smash and tossed to Barry. It was a good stop by Bender and shut off a hit. Fletcher scored on Burns' double left. Burns scored on Shafer's three-base hit to right. The Giants were hltttne savagely. Bender appeared to be tlr- ng. Collins threw out Murray. Two runs; three hits; no errors. Last half Mnrrv filed out to Murray. Schang walked. 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