Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR iORi0 «N£WS : OF THE DAY I'rrd j SuislHT l'iin-li;ivrs Stin -k l-":irni North of Fori Srolf—- : .1. jM. I'aiil. ri .iiiccT, (IIAKLKS imilAllU BAKEK Ciiiulf.'s Richarc! Baker, son of n. S. and Jennie il. Bakea was horn npfir Klsmore. Kan.«.. January I'J. ISSS. aiul.departert this life ;Ja!iiiar.v S, iHtiS, agi- 39 years, 11 THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY llVENING, JANUARY 19, 1928. To Speak Here UKinti-.s'aiiil I'.J'days. HP spciit liis! early life <»ii a rami aciir KaHarjie., Kmi!?. Aibout thir- re-jt<-ii years ago Jie went to Rocky I'\ir(l. t'olci. He was a World war his lionie hero at ii-ii o'clock dav night, followiiis a .•••Iroke />f apoplexy from uhich he haii beeir mr;^. Kord) .MnUAX. Jan. JS .(..AI I';i;iJ,.,i'n.< of Moraji's oldest and' highly Hpectcd fitizens iuissi-d away at. :\Ioii- i"^*"'"'"."- enlismis at I>aJun:a, Colo- June lUlS, mustered into scw- !!(<• at Caii'p Cody..\ow .Mexico, sufferins the jiast iiir.!.- days. Mr. I*aul had passed h\<. ei^'hty third .hiiie •.)>>. VJIS, Co. •.!. in:ir<I Infantry. .'{Ith embarked for over- ,..-ea.s si-rvici- at Camp I.Xiills. l^on^ .= ., , , , J Island. October IM. 1!I1S. landed at •h.rlhday but hi.s erect .arrjase «t • uy,.^^,,,,,^ Knghinrl.- .Vovemhor 24, body and his very active. ener;i^elic habius-were Ihose duratterisiic 'if men twont.v. years his junior. Mr. Paul had hcieu in ilie licsl y^f heallli and in a nio.'-t happy liiood v.hen without a niomeiil's vvarninp: he iwa.s stricken aado^iilaiiit only a slight recovery voiiie Impc 'for a .short time l.iii after a day or two it became evident there would be no per .T .ancnl jiniprove- menl and the Jamily remuiiied iil- njost coiisiahllv at the bedside liii- lil the end eanie. Thi inade .\|'oraM its hniiK vixtet n, years and from the farm iidiiie aiioiii fuiii tnilcs north of. ii.wn. H-sides iiis wife he leaves loiir childri'ii. .\|rs. Irvviii of Boone. IUV.M; .MI >. ('.••rtba Ktiiison. wlio iias s,i( ni iiiiicli of her time with pavcnls in i"'cent years; Mr: Fred I'.iii' Kiie. jind .Mr. .lohn i'aal t>i .\'.ov:r.i. ni the imniedialc l.unily cin le ID mouin his loss. Faii-'ral teiviccs will lie idiidwcti'il tile i'res- lins. He WHfi a.s.signed to Co. F, .notli'Iniaiitiy TSth Diy., ^^emain- iiis :!s a member, of the A.-K. K. n;:UI M.iv H".. lyi'i. enibarkinc at I!oi'(ic.:u>n Krtncc. arriving in .Vew Veik -May :.'S. IDl!). and djsljanded at Korl Mariieli. Wyo.. Jitne 1'', .\f!er leliirning front overseas he remained at Rocky Ford until aboitcfive years afgo wheir he went to I'm'lid. where/ he lixed at llie time of his d'-alh." -After Koing to raebhi. hf v.iis f;iinilv has ; ,.,„|,]„ye(l l,y the Color;ido Fuel atid lor about , IJOIJ CO. , sin.e retirj;!.::; December il. lil'J.".. he was united i;' iiiarria!;<' to. .AILS'?; .Mary J-^'ans of llocky- Ford. riijiiles th:oni;hotit jhis life, hatl enjoyed ^'0(i(| health until Jleceiii- b'M- :;.*>. l!i-7. when he t-ontracted a sevre eeld which developed illtO pti'-iimoiiia. causing his death. Hi;- lather. "* mother and two Jii-fil'e-i •;. .lanies and Arthur, have pa.^'^ifd iiii^iid'ore hiin. ili' leaves NEWS NOTES W. r. T. r. l'o«f]H)nes Mt*ttnti.l'n- til Krida.r. Jannanr . ('jhurch .Notes und Pers«na:>.; (.Mrs. A: F. Holten.) i;AS..Kaus.. Jan. IS.—.Mrs. John Beoding has been enjoying a visit from ht^c. «iister of- LVIildredi the few' days. ' .Mr, and .Mr.s. Ciiarlie Fjne re- ccivc'tl a message from Uklah^m^ \Vi dne.4.iay stating that the former's grandmother, ^Ii-s. Nvilliains, had passed away. ' . ~ .Mrs. i;dward Uns.sell attended the W. C. T. r.. meeting at Moran Tneaday. * Servi(.(.'.-: at the .M. K. church Sun<'.i;y. Preaching at !i:45;'Sunday ichoal a: lla. 111. ..Vo Ejiworth I.eaKite Sunday night as all' w^o caii will aiteuil the fourth Quarterly coiirereuce at Trinity. Sundv.y school at I'hnrch of Cod }a; !i:l.'i a.y^n. Pjeaehing at 11:00 i a. 111., iirenching again at 7:30 p. : til. ! .Mrs KIsle lii.'wards" and little ; daiig.'i'ter from .M<iiiiuiia. arrived Tuesday for a visit with their par! c'uU.aiid grandparents. .Mr, and Mrs. IJert Haiteii , _ , , I The \V. C. T. f. which was to l.K)yal Temperance Legion I have met Friday has been post• Is Organized at Moran, -^/i;;;:;:^,;;;'-;'- \Vav0rly (Wette: ' >Hma. Christy! wa.s trca.surcr for 27 ' years, was a woman of praytr atad and was deeply spiritual. The work' of the church was ever on her heart. Even in her last illness she loved to talk over the interests of the church. Xow absent from the body she Is at home with the Lord Sto'nebill, daughter pt Mr. and -Mrs igi,,. ^ests from her labors and her Anson Christy 'was.born.ln Oil Clly works do follow her. Pal, October 6, 18.64 and passed to faith — her heayenlyfi her honje in Cp„.-,„u |„ frtntiniMurf Waverly, Kansas; ianuai>- 5, ,1928 ; oearcil IS A.OniinU^ _ For Missing Aviator age.63.yeaTs and 3 months. to early_ girlhood she "movpd with her Newell, iowa. Here Salt Lake <;ity, Itah. .Tan. 19. she attendedithe public school. Inj ( APJ —An intensive search of the March. 1884,. tlie .^aitdly !,movetl to i craters of the Moon counrrv or Waverlyi"Kansas,-and she-has llvedj j.iaho will begin todav in a desper- i John .\). Zimmerman.- Seero- tiiry of Kansas <!hri.stian .Missionary ."^o.-iet.v. who will be one (if the sjieakers ai the Kaaijas ("bris'liiiu Crusadi- dinner (if (he Ciiri^^tian church on . Tnesiray .evejirng. at the Map- tist temple. after-.: <o mourn wif.-.. Mr.-i. his (hath. hi> . , , . .. .Marv Makei: j-ix brothers and three I -lsl( rs, iis fidlows: tjcolt anil I i'ra!:l; .Moiiro-.ia, "Calif.: Mr.s-.- I'fMiI I.OSIK : l-<>nia V'DID .: Will ISali 'T." I'uebjij, Cidoi;: Clarence j;ai;'r and .Mr •. .Midlie EUler, Hiii-ky Kurd. Cid".: S- .1. Ual.'er »iiiil Mrs. I'.eiilia (iriffiils, .Moran. Kan;~.: iiii-l !. S. Maker, jlloininy. Olda.. be-ides niaiiv other j-'datlves anil a host -tf .-oriiiwini; friends. • -. Funeral M-vviees were coiid'iii;led freiii the - Pre.'--1>yieriaii ...churchy i;<i; kv Fori!. Thur.sday. Jjiiuiary V^i at 2 o'clock, the -Rev. .Mr. Weaver officiating- . \ . '.M'liibers from ihi' atled .IS paiili-avers. and hopo^ry (laJI- lie.-ireis v.-ere pr»!Seiit from tin- -In in the . depaviment F\ier and Iron Co.. I 'nehl". V [ Riuial was made in-Vall<;y View <.eme(ei-i; where the sail rites were conducted by the American l.rvii>n.-.V Friend. byterian iliureli U.edui sday nooii-al two <i'e|o L and iiil'-rnn nt made in the .\I<u-;rtl ii'liuleiy. The H, I!. Cirr laniily ;:!•• .xi-ii- pyint; ,tlie coita(;<- ;.i • nlly vanned by the Cliff I.aiiclilin f-iMiil>. '!'l;i- pK.-perty belong.- lo >!i*s Ivliih 'Slroitg. Word tr'-m Oincj- Kiiiii!) ! and f:i;ni'y. and his i!!.it'!.r. .Mrs. W. .1. Rujllliel. Ullo.-iefl 1;;;.! \\'<il ii, siiiiv " for IJie South, si.-.led' lle.v had 'reached Hherman. Te.\:i:. aie! Iiopi rl •to be'iii i-'an .Amojiio Siind;^y <-ve- nin;: and wonhi .-lop tiierej for a vi.sjt whit .Mr.s! Uii.ei iiirnibil's sister. W'heii i'.-ivi:- IK ilie pb'iis'were not d"tinit.- .'s i i wiia? place they mi?bi sn.ii tor i le r<'st of Ih.i winter sc.:-on a' tl depended entireb' on tlie 1 1 liic eli.^late wouhi hav-- on the le-aiiii of .Ml! Oliver Runibel. has gone there hojiili;: lo; ln' l-i'iielited •by the' elKinue. Frietrds here wer-- glaci to know tliey w.-r- e;.joyiim the irijv and not liiuliiic it 'O I'le- .sonie as- they bad fean-il it iniulit ' _„ . prove. ' Many friends arc u'ad lo-know.'Wichila Man Has Been .Mrs. .liiii Siiiiili is miw r.ipiilly cover'"'; f^oit; hi ! . • .• V" ry serious illness. ' '. -;Uv. aiui -»lr.-. 1" •('. .-•.•';.'have recentli- jmnbartd a line slock farm itorOi of Von .<-.o!l liin lio not e.xpecl- !(; 'al."- |.ii,-se.-sieii ;;i it he'orC aii.her year. TI j.' Swisher rf'sideiice here wu.i •-iveii as a part (it the pureha;! prie of llie farm and- it: will 'iif rei.;ini-d as their, hoitie aiioiher y.-a;. The t'rni :s finely''li)iai"d •<'n- ii'e i. iiu-n highway with the eleilir ll til lllle hv the farm anil wiili oilnr ) loderti' ••onvenieiivt; (hat v.ill ni:'.Ui it an ideal hiune. •.'.<;ii •.Vu]:- f; iends are congralitlatiiiK thehi in it's'puss,.s- sioii. While they will be preiiily. niisse<| 'be<au'se llie'.r lioini- has 'been lieje so hue. the best of amtA vvishts will c'l vv.ih.tleiu. -Miss l>ds Swisher is visit iua in Rartleiyille. the cuesl of relaiives rlliriim |the ^:;!catio)i ''Ij the lola junior co!Ie^M he;-.veen [-ene-^lei-s. .\liss Ijijs is I, (inipletill:; liie cidle;;'' Work this ye.-il- and u:i: <'uier the teachers' pioles'-ioii ait'-r Iter j;rad- natioii. Till- i-old'w.lve SI lirdiih d' lor ns * arriV" liat we haw ih-.;, chuids and iaiii. Sleeping for 72 Hours i Wiihila. Kans.. Jan. 10. fAD C. .1. Warner, w-ho has lieeii sleep- iaR lor ir-ire than 72 hours e-xcept tor brief iiei'iod.s ^vhen iie has rfiji.sid himself.hmg enntigli to take liio'l. tod.iy alipeareij to ;be rallying fioin his stupor, it was reported at the hospital here where Wani'r was taken Tuesday when •pi.rsoiis al his rooming house could 110^ wake hiin. - Warner resiitued his slumber today after iiiusing lonu enougli to Tike a little liquid noijrishment. Me is oflii veil to be suffering from si'-epin? sickness. ' .Moran. Kans.. .Ian. I'.i.-.Mrs. H.-rili:: Criffitis local presideiii oT th" Ml.ran W, C. T. C. ;.nd Mrs'i FhViird Kitsveli, iininl.v jire.-iiliin!.' organized an U. T. t.. in the Moran sclioid Tuesihiy alteriKuili .\p- tirox!;nalely .«ini> •liundreit I'liililren joiiiiil t;ie oru'aiijzatidii. The fol. Iinviiig leachi-rs showed -.i Vine d-co-operaiion In the work: M ;.-s Fiorence .Mill 'r. .Miss Craeo Miller. Miss Mildred Mlgcius. Miss Ci-rlriiiie 'liiiiiore am! .Miss Horo- lliy Coirnian.' Delail- of the work iiicJiiiiinv 111" "Comptuiy Itule" and "I-. T* I.. I'ledg.'" we.-- gucjl bv .Mrs Uass.ll. 'Miss • Cilnioie. the -id' III" i;raifes held lhi> eb-ctiou of licei-s .15 roUoas: Loiinie Ciiajiiblin. pri sjili n;: Fay W-asl. vice-president: ..liinmie .Strong, secretary: .'lili-n lliiliiigion. Ireasurer; ."Miss I)oro.;ii.v ColKniitn. ^Indrsier; and Virginia Taylor, librarian. The Mield at the Cas sehoolhouse. .SelKMiJ \(ifes • .Miss Flizaheih Warning, .state, 'rural school supervisor and . .Miss linllie Adams, eouiily superintcnd- eni. visited our .school Weilnesday . morning to see if we coiihl till-; requirements for a-standard ' sclibcd. .She complimented the ; • i-liool very highly upon (hi- dean; liiiess of III" blinding, and (he good , di.selpljiie :ind order foiiird In each I, riioiii. We failed in only two re- i iliiireinents to standardise, supple- nieiit.-iry books and hla<-k boaril. T!ieru_were Hi'ladies present at the ill; day meeliiig <if tlie I^iilies' • Aid Wednesday! at the IloUen I home. One quill wy quilted and' e:ie quilt hound. .\t ;'e iioiu hitir ,1 fine dinner s'-rved ealeiei ia st.vie j Was enjoyed by. all. in this coinmunity, until tt»e time of her dea^. -She always bad an interest in^ business life and for a number of yijars^was the bookkeeper in her father's store. She was linitpcT- in marriage to W'm. E. S|toneljilI at tiic home of her. parents ' fni Garnett. Kansas April 27; 1SS7. ' To jhls union two Children werfe,born, Maude E. and Grace'Mjirjc.'tlie latter dj-ing in infancy. Mrs.rS.tonchill leaves tc mourn her dtiparture, her husband. \V. .E. Stonebfll, her daughter, Maud E. Stonebill,cbdth ot 'Waverly, her sister,; airs. IJ. G. Mathis, of lola Kansas; an afinl. Mrs. B. C. Wright 'pfJSebr^g. Fla., an unple, Phillips Ch isty. of Gi,pve City. I*a., and otn- er relatives with of friends f he was an acftivc-member of the W. C. T. C. and'thc Arachne Club. ,Shc was always interested .in every niovom'eut tor the hettennent of the eonimunli-y. Mrs, S.tone&iU was a woman of considerable liusiness ability. Ue- cHUse of her active work' in her husband's store she had a wide aj- qnaiutancc throughout the county Ever since'^coming to Waverly meet i she has been-an'active ineniber of the Presbyterian church. She ha.s been a teacher in the Suud.iiy scliool fdr forty yeaiyt. In earl.v years she taught the Eliomentary classes and later was toather of the Woman'i? Bible elaKs.' She was always a leader.atnong. the Woman's Organizations of Itie church. SBe was active In hotH the I^idies' Aid Society and .Missionary Sjociety and ate effort to find Fred Iloyt. aviator wJio has been hiir-sing since Saturday afternoon. The .Moon crater country is lliO miles north of Strevell. Idaho, where Hoyt was last seen as he hieaded into a raging blizzard in his flight-from Salt Lake to Boise. • The country is a waste of lava i r<>Pk 'but IMlot Tonimy Thoiniisoii, who with a companion pilot in another plane flew over the'-'section yesterday, declared there . were many Jevel spots on the lava •where a nlane might land without, crashing. . ' I'he tvvo: planes ihade a swift surve.v^of the rocky' stretch yesterday. Little hope is huld out that.l'loyt will bo found alive. U . Admission ;10c-35c Last T^cs For .itf- Man': l*Jckf ord and Buddy Rogers —in— Vou'll Laugh!. You'll C}ryl ^^ary•s latest anil most thoroughly nioiierii comedy of life in a live and ten-cent store. . Comejly-'Our (Janp in "PJaying Hwtn? Tcincrrow—Bryant Washburn in "With Sitting. Bull at Th« Spirit I^ke iMassacre" ; -Matinpp. Piiliires Only IA<-.20r: Mglit :lUr-»r>c \n |iiNf»ri«'i)l picture <ii' the Indian iiefore he lost »H Ills (ilory. Whiskey crazed Indians go raining—murder a white man and carry off'his .two daaghters —Ihr-'.ls. romance and comedy galore. (•«.mf(Ij:^Our (^uiic'jn **l'lavlnt; iltiokey"- -Krazy Kat Kartuou Konift«lj--:AIs« Ilerljert IValters (.^lUcdiaus .in a bJgli CIJJSS com- oAy lltamn nifli liix orclieslra "The Sun.lJodgers.'' , [ .Connie'.Mack is out with his usual iirediction that the Athletics will be stronger this season than rtJist year. Leg'iJn wilt meet <iiiee a month. Tiie-iu'.\; meeting will he held the tliiril Friday in Febniary. Tiie local W. ('. T 1*.. will mother the orga-iiizaliiriii and .Mrs. (r.-iffitts is wel'' pleased with the wdiidrrfnl iiiteres; being siiown. not <in!y in the I.. T. L. hut in the Incjil union .w-!iieli has iT. new members, r The !-e?ula'- nn eting wa^ hrld at till- rreshyterian clinrcli. Tiiesdayj afternoon. The program consisted | of Ihe I'ollowinir: Devotionals by > Mrs. .Matlhaei: reading, by Mrs.i lliUinclon: temperance lecture. Rev. Peek: talk on W. C. T. V.. .Mrs. i-;dwar<l>'Russell: duet by .Mrs. Kfling am! '.Mrs. Hrouiilard. The lp<;mvi- by ihe Rev. .Mr. Peck w,".-! full o! inspiration. The next tiieet-- ing will be held'at the home of the iiresiih lit. Mrs. !!• ;•:!;;: Ilri:'- fitl.s. liiV third Friday in February. MONTEVALE (.\onna Isaac) i J:Miuaiy It;. .--Kd Wilson. Mmvrer and Donalif Mowrer icd a! Charley Hill's Saturday Child-birth^ M AKE the tnontha of expectancy casjcr, frfer from.tension and pain; anil m Par visit- even-' in .Miss Hessio Rogers visited her sisier. .Mr.s. Elbert Templenitin Saturday. >'rs. Charley :ls.iac and .Vorma ^ visiti'i! .Mrs. Clarence Isaac .Monday; afternoon. ' ! TJie school children took hi-) Begin ifmhthly examinations ' and Friday. i The following families wen* in loia S.ilniday: .lohn Rogers.Char- I ley Hill's Fred Uabcock's, Uiglows 1 Ed Williams and Chtirley Isaac's. • ' The people of this eominunlty were glad to hetir this morning (.Monday! Mr. Darr. who is iiil St. .lohn's lio.-.pii;il at lola. seeme<i sligiilly better. Hi.s friends wish him a speedy rerovcr.v. Kd Wilson and Charley Hill were lola visitors Friday. f. L. Hickersoii hml a sick horse Sunday. :c.the, "birth of your child a happy event by using • "Mother's Friend," the external lubricant for explectant mothers, used and praised by three generations of, mothers. Mother-to-be! using r ".Alother's Friend" riinrsday j 71010 and you wll realize the wisdom of doing so as thc.:nreeks roll by! Write frtr free booklet (sent in plain envelope) on "Things-to Know BdfoT^ Baby Come s." "Mother's Frfend" is sold by all good drug. Btoxes—everifwhere. Bradfield Regulatc'r Co., B-A 37, Atlanta. Ga. tmlilli S^your M$Ness Dealer^ GEO. W. MARSH imif Fast St. IMiiin^ II.'>:>J IF NEED IN OF GAS RANGE — an all whiff enameled (;as Range trimmed in grey. ' loop type oven burner, drilled liiirner.s. grill top. - drawer under cooking top. large broiler oveu.Ji beautiful asset to your kitchen $S2.S0 —will Jjuy this Range with heat control, while.gpiasUnrs. panels' drip-p:(ii, .^nd shelf, back guard and front Ipgs." " ^' The-;exact duplicate iof the $.".2..-)0. less heat control. The iame identical Range in plain fiui«h. but with white splash- rs and oanels. , ers and panels. W'JvDEXIVEK l>JIU>L' A. W. BECK FURNITURE COI^Ajii Have Too a House for Rent? Or for Sale? Want to bar Bnythinsrt Use th« Classified Cclumns I • Ti> I iitiiiiiMnorate fourteen ye.irs <if siiic->>liil eidleelive b;iri;ainiiiK , b"tweel> eiiiployers and i mplovi'.-!. i . tin- I'pliojstery We .T .-ers, I tninn . of ; A rnnr-mile :--iiisl<vcall world's Pbilanelphia rcceiilly uave ji't;reiit ' red.rd was made hvl-M Hanlau at bifnqnc: at which labor w.ij; the! (iRdens.bnrK. .\. Y.. .fnlv IS. IS.s;!— host and capita!<' honored guest.' J7 minutes .IT'c .seconds. South: Pavs Tribute to R<*er{ E. Lee's liirlh ~~.-r (lanl.i. f;a.. .la:i K' .-'AI'i Tie- Sonlli pans'-d Ki.div i<. j>r.y iriliiile 111 Ho!ie |-1 y. n\) i!ii l.'l-t an- .nivi'rs:ir.\1 of iii- liirrii. _^ Wbil.-.stale,!.-. def lapjil i.-:;al liidi- .'jilays ajRil banks .iii'ii'' ini.-r-o! iier (•oinme.Fcial in.stiMiiiuiis ..-nsjn nded IiiisinesK. Veteraii.-i <if fie- sj-ctjes. their sijiis and dnuc'ili-rs. and scliied-childr^-n niii'i (t in c( reniDii- irs 'of ilevo'.iiiu. In siai" Mnttn nr~\Uf ]>',). tonuu- there were proerains of formal piaise of the tiray Jeader. AIADDIH HOTEL KANSAS CITY .MISSOURi JS6 mederii, perfectly furnlthed TOom»—256 baths—convcnientljr iJocated. Sinde Roonu '...%2JiOxa $4.00 I>oable Roouu . . $3.50 to $6.00 Corner Walnut and LincoUi 21 ! Free! ^1"!;*^^ ^^^^ Peerless motor oil and can witili each $1.00 purchase of Aeropel Gasoline. Don't florgret tjbe Date TfieRoy^l Shoe S|ore is going out of business. The sale starts^t^a. m. Satucday and lasts until every pair is gone. The (fixtures are for sale and ^he building is for lea^e. F R E To the first 100 men or women in the store Saturday'mornHi^ a pair of hose free. 100 PAIR GIRLS' OXFORDS AT $1.98 $5 TO $6 LADIES' OXFORDS AT $3.29 $8 to ^10 Slippers $6.4^ $6 to $^ Slippers at 200 Pair Men's Shoes, values to $10.00 at ........ J. ...... $1.^, $2.98, $3je8 600 Piiir Boys' Shoes and Oxfords, values to $5.00 at $1.98, $2.19, $2.S9

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