Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 27, 1974 · Page 10
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 10

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 10
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IDA NEWfrHKRALI), Panama CWy„-^aiiif8Aiy t J IMP 27,W4 Ml If husband won 't see counselor, go alone By Abigail Van Buren ft ItM W CMet* TrtNwM, V. NWi IfM.. IK. DEAR ABBY: I can't believe I'm actually writing a letter to Dear Abby! Wow, what a corny tripf I know you're not "God," but you say a lot in a few words and your answers make sense, so here goes: I'm a 34-year-old married woman with two kids and a million problems. The biggest is my marriage. It's going downhill fast. My husband and I fight all the time. We've got money problems, In-law problems, he says I'm a lousy housekeeper and he's right, and I say he spends too much time with "the boys" and not enough with me and the kids. [He's a sports freak.] We can't, even discuss our problems without ending up in a fight. The only thing we've got going for us is sex. That's terrific, but you can't stay in bed all the time. Don't tell me we need "counseling." He'd never go. And I can't afford a shrink, so forget that. All right, Abby, you've got all the answers. Answer this one. . MISERABLE DEAR MIS.: The answer I have for you, you won't like. You need professional counseling. [Friends are a watte of time. They tell you only what they think you want to hear.] You say your husband won't go? Well, go alone. If you learn how to handle your husband, you will know more than you know now. And with tack, you can get him to go later. If you need a shrink and can't afford one, your Family Service or Welfare Department can provide that at a price you CAN afford. Now get going, and let me hear from you In 30 days. DEAR ABBY: I was a very happily married woman until I went to this mind reader. She'told me that my husband was on drugs and also that he was unfaithful to me. I asked my husband about this and he denied it. I want to believe my husband because we have two kids, and I don't want to break up my marriage. Abby, why would that mind reader say something like that if it wasn't true? I don't know what to believe. Can you help me? MESSED UP MIND DEAR MESSED UP: I'd believe my husband. I would also stay away from "mind readers." DEAR ABBY: Tell me something. Do I have a right to complain? We've been married for 14 years, and for the last ten years my husband has taken a lfalay skiing vacation without me. I couldn't go because I had no one to leave the kids with. I took one vacation without my husband five years ago. I went to Florida for a week to visit my folks, and I took my kids with me. Some*vacation! My husband says: "Just because YOU have to stay home doesn't mean I have to." Rah, rah, for women's lib! ANGRY DEAR ANGRY: You made your first mistake when you stayed home with the kids while hubby took to the slopes. They're his kids too, aren't they? The squeaking wheel gets the grease, so give him three choices: [1] The whole family takes a vacation together—kids included. [2] You and hubby vacation together and farm the kids out. [3] You and hubby vacation together, and hire somebody to stay with the kids. Mien ooob THAU •AT, JUNE 81, 1074 OPEN 7 DAY! A WEEK TIME TO SEE THE DOCTOR wktn your youngster's too bant for letame strttt.. P. 300 BATH SIZE LIMIT 2 [DISCOUNT PRICE} 3 DAYS ONLY JOHNSON & JOHNSON BABY POWDER 14-OZ. LIMIT 1 [DISCOUNT PRICE 3 DAYS ONLY KLEENEX TOWELS Jumbo Roll LIMIT, 1 {DISCOUNT PRICE 3 DAYS 6RLY BORDEN 'S title Brand *M/0aJy BOX Of ft LIMIT .1 .DISCOUNT PRICE $ DAYS ONLY HALF GALLON LIMIT 2 [DISCOUNT PRICE 3 DAYS ONLY \P *ISCniPTIONS CAN HflPf one reason why we fill over 52,000 prescriptions ;a day! WIN AT BRIPQE West's play a matter of honor EAST f Q107 • A107432 4*9843 NORTH 26 4 AQ1043 • K943 • 8 *765 WEST * K6 t J852 • Q965 *KQJ SOUTH (D) 4J987S2 • A6 • KJ • A 102 East-West vulnerable West North East South U Pass 40 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-*K By Oswald & James Jacoby One of the general rules of play that everyone is taught is Cover an honor with an honor." Like all general rules you will do better if you follow it every time rather than never follow it. But you will do best if you learn when to follow it and when not to. South wins the first club, or ducks and wins the continuation. It doesn't matter much. He has to lose two clubs and one diamond and success or failure depends on whether or not he loses a trump trick. With eleven trumps the correct percentage play is to try to drop the king. It will work exactly 52 per cent of the time. So, all else being equal the expert will play for the drop. However, all else doesn't have to be equal. Any good player will lead his jack of spades. If West has been taught to cover an honor with an honor on each and every occasion he will clatter up with the king and south will make his contract anyway. If West sees that this is not the time to covec (it isn't) but goes into a huddle before ducking, South will finesse in the theory that West's huddle meant that he was thinking of covering. However, if West just plays his six spot unconcernedly. South should rise with dummy's ace. After all, that is a 52 per cent chance. East will show out and another contract will bite the dust. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN) The bidding has been: 26 West North East South U Dble Pass 20 Pass 30 Pass 4? Pass 5* Pass 54 Pass 6? Pass ? You, South, hold: • 654 ?KJ432 4AQ97*3 What do you do? A—Pass. Be satisfied with the small slam. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding three spades your partner has jumped to three notrump over your' two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Al Sutphin Taken by Death FORT MYERS (UPI)-Albert farm here and permitted C. "Al" Sutphin, founder of the Cleveland Barons hockey team, died at his winter home here. |fewas880. . Following service in World War 1, Sutphin entered the printer's ink business and rose quickly to a partnership then full ownership of Braden-Sutphin Ink. Co. . • He had been" a winter resident oj Fort Myers since 1938. 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