Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on September 21, 1884 · 1
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 1

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 21, 1884
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DAILY ATESMAN CHAS. KOCH. XJyovandCIcancr I.'i s' and Gent's arnnr.13 and Rep tired. ITALIAN QUEENS AMD BEES. -' FotmrJatlon WIIOLKSAI.K AND ItKTAir.. EHrsclci Hanty. Hcney h ma ncmB l-e-KeepfrV Nnppliea, Honey Extractor, Knives, Be. Smokers, Etc. Beeswax Hoi-out. Tlio OlUy TomoorMtlo " :-Cii--c ttio Oaptttil or tlio State of Toxa. Jstnblli3iaect X V X I VOL. XIV. ( ttrrt't or KTswiiosrs I I fStTASt IBET, JfST TO KonKl AUSTIN, TEXAS, SUNDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 21,1831. i tutT ri at tsi Pfirrorrine t at snsr I s sl;h.-:usi hit-!'. t NO. 4r, J- C. TAYLOR. lit Cosur.tsa Ave, Aran:;. Austin. TEX. THE AU STIN ST 0 Xn O T EE I The J-'cliool-? roDmf-nce the? ok Clotuk-, a Hat, Siiikt, etc. The saramer has been extremely ion?, the heat excessive, an1 the old clothes will hardly Boys Is perfectly immense, and 103 CHiHnm' 75 IS 75 305 Boji' SoiL', nu U Sixteen Years of lie, $3.53 ta $5.00. U these pice every mother's pride to ha e tn -if 1 ttl ones dressed neat and comfortable can easily be gratified, Wfare now installed in orrt new tAUTKSi.s, 5H ar;d 52o Congres avenue, where we have ample room to exhibit our good: and pay all attention to our patrons. Cheap Column. Hcmr tin- n-.t'eeii-Wantixt. For Kent. Koi Hal. IW, Konii'J, .-tcUiierW Uj tills equina lortwsutv-fIeenU, WASfE!. TiViTHiA man mid woman to (I" farm work. Apply t.i Kloyd Mebown, over 101 W-t !'' u rt.-sui, Austin- irANTKl Trent to jtenllenien r small ltlll:..y. TO-IIH IWH l.tM-k WOl l.f pOt- rilicp. A'o lieKirw day boarders. Mrs..(.i Mww, ft liiiiulttluiw street.. "WfANTKI- -',: iipitnti for twonice rooms at lr,ijl .-r', w u xeeiieia tot- am Knit Ant. -ffti. 1 t A K ( Koit all'UKVlS-Ono b! k wt I) of N. V. ronier university grounds, .t OiUhic.j i!n' t. iTAUH KKM Ami ICBMd fr t( . rarrUK hotiia on tirfmim. fur uU WAiKIx Koiir un varsity stuilHiits as txiftntert. t'ii l sins mhiIIi of imivr. sily iffoiiitilit. Wwit Marcos street, east Kid)!, MrH. A. Kiiy. ii r i v f Kll To lit, to iemli'eitorma!l I V Uimh two or thrt pi .iiih near pititll :e. Mm .1. I,. Mixtltr. w tiua'alupe s'rffet. tr ANTI'.lt A situation M t)OOkkfr IT iiitlHHii4n or liiinn! :it?rk. ( an coinnii a kdoiI custom, li il ::ty n fcreuco Kiv-n. Atklrrss H, .SlaK-sluiMi omoe. V'AN'ii'.I-lViniI(! tolmyoltl p,i,; . rt, V. CW. V V Hfr tiuntlrwd, at thM hkw. "VAfAN I Kl IS iirk-r, (r. Vi.nlwi, VV northwest i-nrnor (I'nialupo an t Walnut, N'd. ). ;mnl liiiiu'd aod nice rooms. FUK KALK. I II A VH two beautiful !i'mft;ry lot forfait'. Nonet Iwtutr; title from original purviiaMfr. ali iiuiut:tJiat'ly. Ali-xaiukT i.;uif.i. 1?OIl HAI.B-OrcxcliaiiK" lor city property, . ttM KtMHt Hlit!i. M.A.Taylor. Sl'ft'I Al. ItAUtiAIX (itonn hous, !S rooms, lt-rii, itr. , low ifr;nifl m1h.u1, ill 'i roit. AHo frafo.1 lioum7 riwuui, wll.wUT, il ;UM. Apply at Uiit Jtook tor Monday allvr 4 30 p. in. O I'Ki'f AI. i:Alt'JIN-Mt'jiif liwelVuur ivnr O UT.Kltd Ifi.-ltol, 5 roOIlM, ClMtl'ni,'t ,iiii, whu.'ii ih only '-4 eo'tt Al Iratiw houso of 7 rooniH, w I, etc, 41, court liouso. '. Apyly at room 10, 1,1)11 HAI.KTwo tut buys one Lunared old X papers at tho Matesmau otltoe. xT one ti -t .M iii will buy a bous of B rooms ll and bat. Irouttii!: o . tic ti . street railway, I uit tree-, tondvater. for pit.tti'Ulars, address ttooMe, tills utile. POU KKNT. ir"0!C KEN r -Two-story houie, si rooms, X et.tlerti, servmit s room. Corner rtest J'e-ean and Wt avi'imt). Mrs. B. J. Smith, 700 Wi st l'ecin a. reel. l.-(Hl KKNT- -Homo I'ontiti.lng sli rooms, X 8'illatne for tio;irJliiii liiiu or resideuee, one block from Avenue and I'ecan street. Ap- ply to ir. CuiiiioiiiK. "t?uill HKN'll-tti KihXt-slzcd unturmshel 1? trmt room ; il.GO per inoutli; suitabla lor one or two yomiK "'' wl'o would funnsli their own liiriuiure; ajjooo re.u uraui in ui nemu-1 l)"riiwKl,.iiext tj iurner I1.U1. I-iVaea street. 1700. X1 Hickory and K.o urar.ilo stns'ts. Apply to feCKleston A. liiv. XTOTICK-A i Dowell. nice cottAe for rent by John i T7L)R KKNT Kl-cant room f r t wo, with er ixstnniee. Kelrreno vxeUaiiK'-a Austin. A'ldess Advertis r T-Miii kkni-Two e ml rtablv f iriiislied P rooms, s ltable for eet-.t'enieii, a'o. 3 4' W s- Ho d'Arc tr et, to suuiiri'9 from i P'istoi'il e. nolt KENT Til stores now OiTiipietl by X1 t luid Co., Hurke fc Co., and otliee and rooms in thttJ.T. Milier luitldins. K.r terms .ply t James W. rtimlll or Monroe Mi.ler. fl:t KKNT fne best dairy farm in Travis ts ...H.ntv. o :irre-i. 4 ; inil-s from Austin. M) rres in cuifvati n, liua striiu;s, llrn wood . -luiiidiuit. re." id.: nee six rM-ms. cow stietls. Mtiililes and otiier improvement. Apply to lr. C. . Jones, corner ColieKO avenue and, Lavaca stnxt. I'suU BEST A neat, newly renovated dwell- iii;. Apply to JOHN SHKKHAS. ffil K- N f The sT.ire buildm,? now oecti-1 i.l.Hi Lv me. directly ai-ros I'.ean street Sroui lilt) vvjst-oitico. K. C ISH..vCKtNKilK; e. MHCEILASEOl'S. CI-K.AV. ftliu-' and p"tterl oui papers, twen-' v five cents per hundred at the btatcs- tiiice. 4,'Tt'IiKN IS cm fun.lshvd r-ioms w O t.'r i ill it pnv:e f.iniMy ut re;wuibl.i r.iti s roused: lit to utvrMvV. IS i brazos r t t. Lr.i.-S HNt K A i'ti-inesi already i cr iii.-d. wit'i tk tli-.tcn be b'u'ut I at halt v.tiue, Pr -.ii-', A tine eli-.noe b-r a I tood mart i ii miuII cipiuii. Addres , for 3 dajs, JAt tins oiltve. . M7( 'K, Notary Pafcltc. I ..r.C 8. D. DaC-okdova, DsC0RD0AtS0N Bit ib'.tsJ-.eJ t P. Ce,r.lova la !8.l ..' AfSTlJt.TK3C.S. " 1nuli,Tu3iSianlliS-) Dealers In Laiti GertLCaatcs 231 L; 511 ( IUJt Tax h I'aldl oa lands la every cotiuty in J ji?td- Examlnert, divided and prepared 'or sie in smaii tracts to stilt inc tunes. " Titles t.xaIicl. periecied ami record ed in tin proper wuuM'-Pari;.ii: attuiilion cvea U t 5cvLo of" Xa i cl. and prticeerts oromi,tlv remitted. t'rreiMiiSenee- desjirod ssKll th wisuui'! to uiiioir.e, and a i'; pr. j.t- ly answered. Kfrial Attention to collection ofc aims 1ijsi l..e E.iverjuiM.l cr indivulis. 12. iH turt'Ktt. as in i'iik PAr, we InxOBtmont r Monov t- icirty-Ere yearv- experience in leias Laud Matters is a suiheteut piarantee to one Inends tiiat invesimeuta p taa tv us will be BOYS' AND CHILDREN'S 15th of SptemW, and almost Ar. 1-1 iwirnri Bfhnnl in. OUR STOCK OF and Children's Clothing, Hats and Shirts we propose to sell them s Suits la ?od1, from Fear t3 E!e?ea 1 1 - Fins f col, Caster, FiseCasre, 1 1 M ISCEI.L AN K t."3. nCCKKN'S MOCK Tl.RTLKSOCI, Milwaii Xr i!wAS;fc, lunrii tni$o. Kronen p-Ss miiMt room, etc. gn-s avenue. at, K. Y. SMk'TU'-S twi Cou IJI.UM PtlDDIN'l, prfrvfll n, oran rnarm-'fla'li:, P. ,1, Kitt(T' prewrves, .Shake prsTV:!. jiiies. irf-su-ti butter. par butter for sal at, 11. P. .M k'TH'd tfc!l Coniire Aw I .''KKHH Bl'lTElt, freih but, t!o flue lniulit to flim tu irKt-t, ai.ys iresu a It. Y. SMITH S.fS'Jl t.'iii;r-ss avnu e T'lII': Ftlfhra ed wnitenwan Hour, pa JL ct -it, for sale at U. I'. SMI I II S, ateiit (ii gress avi'iiiH!. I i. MM VT I ( twllit .nipion oil in any qiliU t ty and funiHIiesi a Jlvu-Kailon faucet -van to regular customer. HALK At 1' P. KM VTH'S, VCnXt-' in. suirdmea in toniaUHm. nardhit1?! Hi .1. mi-atj. I. lonit'ss sarliiifs, tou-W4 pigs fe.'t, tilf kys, coniPtl etc. C InIAf,IAS SOAP, tl-.e cheapest and bw Us i;iir tor laiiiMH hMV'IH'SOJl (ouress avenutv s T. UMA C HACKERS iii all ttvle,f, fres!) K. P. SMYTH. at. TMPOKTKU prunes, dates. n and cholo X tiaud-niade candy at. MV III'S. t'hcao Keadtnjc 10..,Vol'.tn -Itookti Ionaeit Unl, "let I'rom.... 10 The Old Bookstore, (Und'T Avenue Hotel.) W' yearly tict et In our Library, or rent out Imoki ty tlitt week or montU; and Imy, sell and exchange books. Nehjol ISookaat Hair Price II. P, X. Oammrl, Manager. 715 Couare Avenue. Austin Texas. 50i,04K ruralpn KEADY NOW. Also. Cabbage, Radishes, Pepppr. Kag-plaur, Aar:u!us, Stiar-beans and Mustarit tresii irorn from t tie garden : can bo lout at my Seed iitore. 2) tKiunds tresii turnip a ed, new erop, in store. - WM. RAO AM. and E. Cedar Mt. Cor. Connress Ave. DR. F. KARLOW'S Water anil Swrdimh IVZovomoxit Curs Is tmdnubted'y tb best as it ts the cbeapost ami most pleasunt. lr. Karlow is a Hydropathic Physician LatA of lterllii. Hermany, and comes to Aus'in us highly recoiniiieiKli-d as any one who lias ever come here. These recommendations come from some of the Best Known People Both of (lermany and America ana emhrare utmost every disease to wnicn uu- man flesh Is heir. Oieases of Women And acutis and chronio all blood disorders jlseiises, and specialty. Address DR. c. KAKLOV, 401 K. Linden St., Austin, Texas. Austin Goal Ciurt w. ,. SIlvIS, ICai , ss . Vear now r'.-civi!is twenty carloads celebrated Indian territory coal per mouth. hiu wil1 be. furuishe-J any piace in the city at $8.50 Cash Per Ton. Sn-fia' c-ir.trwts will b" made on carioad I ld on the lr-k. t which wo call i t.M'ial Attention er .mner. au i others ustiiir coai buruui engines. MX or cnl this voar Is streeaed at the mine, and here iti a fur supcrtor con : diuon to what it ever did before. 1 -ay in your winter stionly at once, and thas uiucii worry uid trouble. SHi:itIF"'S SALE. IY yiKTVE OF A CERTAIN ORDER OF x sue .uei m;t f ti. rountv CTHlrt ol IravMeoubty. on tue tTt.h .lav nf s..m,..i .li;llv:inft , Ilrnuia? l:. sjurt mim .....1 .1, : . : . vt . - .-oi?iiut , s, i reeled to .1 e as h-nS of Travis numtv e,i. nt.ui ii me to wn crta u n-isimu k-viejou by menu tne irta d:iv of jiiv iw4 IIV DtlUti .11 AU;UrtlTlMt)l tl 91,. T . . O l the ejmity, will, 3 tih l;y of .September, IK.S4, prfx-eej to set! for fasti to the hiattit ntdd'-r at tue t-tre hiue tuTKi-rv occupied by 1. M il- 34 iuky. oa Connss sivuuc, lu Austin, le. U Mori f sits nl by I. .M i,av iiiv ' iI W.-.1 .;pou bj me under and by Virtue oi ! tlie aforeahl tatIetitlMu the o.P r.i l".s..j.'. jr cietK of Travis ctMtntv, stnd w d : Ait-Gil o on the day ofsile, and t rt -y i-H.Li;' lrts enods. hi- ry. f -,-5C ir-xxj. ftniTa-iiii the eii-trest. i ia u-iisci sitd I .Val-ui.kv. at the aaie i n -j. ,vt. m. ih ikjb . tuentl of iravis Cnuiitv, 1 eias. Uv M. M. JuHxmin, Uninits. This aeptemtier IIUi. Ic-si. LEVYS01 i M G ! every Boy will need a New Suit at exceedingly low prices. 1m, $2,50. $3.03. $3 50. $4.03. t t t UPSON FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ETC., U3B HYPNOT1QUE, POR SALK OXLY AT Druggist and Chemist Congress Avenue ad Pecan Street. OSCAR SAMOSTZ, Drug hv Consresw Avcnne.neit door to Pharnacy. Orders rom the country Blled promptly and satisfaction ki veil. HAMOSTZ'3 Quinine Hair Tonic. The best :Hair Kestorative known, wl cure the head from all dandruff and ail diseases of the scalp; It gives the hair a rich and glossy apearance and ts free from all poison i.xoia SADSTZ'S FACE POVDEB SFEOI A-TiE- H contains nothing which can possibly ui ure the skin. It gives the skin a perfect whiteness ana neat and velvet-lik amwar&Qce. It Is a strange divinity That shapes ocr But Sjtmfwtz's Corn core is the t,. Fr sale only at samostz s era: stone. Austin, lexas. SAMOSTZ tra hi Tt:ti (!. it. s powJ"i o! Milk 1 whoe haits ts C.rrfs Knot and r-iufr os Jiiia combined w;tn locia substaiiee. rentiers isie ivta white mid ciean. remove artar and restT-s bnulancy to the enamel. By Its baisande f raeraii ?y it keeps the mouth fresa, mattes the breath sweet, brightens the enlor of toe sums and lips, and ""-V" Utew with Ute brlhUM, ftoeu carnation. il3 mil imiw BLAINE EXPLAINS HIS iJSWXS3 TO THE ET- TEESOGATOSIiS IlTHESOn-HEULIBEL SUIT. He Claims a Secret Matrimonial Alliance With 31iss Stan-wood in 1 S.jO. And ia to Have Ileen Married Pittsburg the Follow-ing-; Year.' ' ' 3Iis8 Stanvoxrs Hrotliers Iates and Names A Ioor Show lor Him. I-VIIAfAPOLIS. SfDtmhr 2ii fr lilitine's attorneys to-d;iy filed aa answer to the interroa-atorisi of the ?en tinel, which were tiled September 5. These interrogatories wereaa follows; Jrirst W hat was maidea name of your wife? becond When and where did von uiake her acquaintance? i mru state whether vou ever liv ed in the state of Kentucky : if tw what emplovmeat voa were thr pin- ployed in. and at what tlace and at what time you were so employed. Fourth state whether the person whom you afterwards married lived in Kentucky at that time, in what employment she was esgatfud. and what place she was so engaged ' Fifth sate when von -ti nail v lft Kent'" k v, ir oii. any time, reaideti there ? iu r a -ju went therefrom : where yon were next emDloved. and in what business, or calling. It you answer that the maiden name of your wife was Harriet fetan- wood, state when she finally left Ken tucky, where she went, with, whom, and when and where you next met met her. Seventh When and where were you married? V ere you not married some time in the month of March, lssol ? JNinth Give the date and place of your marriage, and names of persons beside yourself and wile, who were present on the occasion. lenth What acquaints nee had you ith Jacob Stan wood ? Eleventh What relation, if anv, had he to the person to you married, and. what conversation, or interview, did you have with him before aaid marriage, concerning same, and where did such interview, it any, occur; and what waa said and done therein ? Tweltrh Was not the first child of said marriage born on the 17th day of June, 1851? Thirteenth What was the name, how long did it live, and with whom ? Fourteenth When did said child die, where was it buried, and, if ia acy cemetery, give the name of tlie cemetery. Fifteenth Was any tombstone or monument erected at the grave of said child? give date of its birth; and by whose directions was such tombstone erected? Sixteenth Was there any inscription on said tombstone, at the time of its erection or shortly thereafter ? and, if so, give said inscription in words and figures, as the same was originally engraven on said tombstone. Seventeenth Did not said tombstone bear the following inscription, lelative to the birth of said child: "btanwood Blaine: born Juno 18th, 1851 ? - Eighteenth Has any portion of said tombstone been erased since its erection ? if so, what portion ?. nineteenth What acquaint mci have you with a book called tht) JMfo of Jas. (i. liiaiue, written by Kussttll H. (Jonweli, witn an introduction: bv Gov. Kobie, of Maine, and published by E. C. Allen & Co.. Ausrusta. Maine. in the year 1884? 1 wentieth vV ere not the procis cf such a work submitted to you for re vision ? Twenty-first; Is not the statement made upon the With page of said book as follows: "Miss Stan Mar ch, laol, became riiswlttt at J'lttsburft, I'a." a correct statement as to tile time and place of your marriage? Twenty-second ma not you communicate to the author of said book. tor his tsse in such work, the time and place ot your marriage, as atoreaaid 'f To these interrogatories Mr. Blaine responds as follows: On September 5, 1, Jas. G. Blaine, of Augusta, Me., on oath depose and say,, in answer to the foregoing interrogatories, Firit Harriet B. Stanwood. Second In Georgetown, Kentucky. in th$ spring of 1848. Third 1 lived in Kentucky as assistant professor, or tutor, in the Western Military institute from .1 an-uary, 1848, to December, 1831. In 1848 and 1849 the institute was at Georgetown; in 1850, at Blue Lick; in 1851, at Decennon Springs. Fourth The lady I married lived in Kentucky from the spring of 1848 to the spring of 1851, engaged as a teacher in CoL Johnson's female seminary the first two years at Georgetown, the last year at Millersburg. Fifth I finally left Kentucky in the latter part of December.lsol; went to New Orleans on business, and thence directly to Augusta, Maine, which place 1 reached" February '., 1852, and was next employed a.s principal teacher in the Pennsylvania institution for the insttuction of the blind, in Philadelphia. Sixth My wife left Kentucky In March, lsol, aeeompanie l by myself as far a3 Pittsburg, Pennsylvania thence she traveled alone to New York, where she was met by htr brother, Jacob Stanwood, and under his protection proceeded to her mother's residence in Augusta, Maine, where I next met her February 'J, l'soS. Seventh, Eighth and Ninth 1 was married in Millersburg, Ky., June &, lbou, in the presence ot fe ir iti G. ;tan- wood and is. L. Blaine. Tke m tni:M was secret. Having a doub subse quently of its valid.ty uioer the laws of Kentucsy, wnicn tnea s'.r.agtntly required a license trom the cicri; c the county court, I hid the manias soleoiniz-jd a second time, in Pi:t. : burg. March 29, 1851, ia the rresecce of John V. LeMojne atd David Beli. lentn and .levent.ii Jacob Stan wood was the eldest brother to my wife. 1 had no acquaintance with him at the time of my marriage; had never seen nimj nor heard trom him in any way, directly or indirectly be fore my marna.?. l met hioi, f..rthe? first time, in February, 1852. I had two letters from him alter my marri age, and before I met him, one warmly welcoming me as a member ot tue family the other inquiring if t& could" promote my business interest by a loan of money. 1 had no further correspondence, of any kind, until after 1 had personally met him in-. February, 1s-j2. My wife had two other brothers, neither of whom I hu ever met when I carn t. New Eng land ia February, 1 852; nur did I t-ver meet any male relative tf my wife tit-fore my arrival in New Jngid, in February, 1552. Tweltth, Thirteenth and i jurteenth My first ehild, a son. w r.m in the house of his graadasoir.ei,, on the hth of June, lvil. llu iiaai-s was stanwood B'aiae. il-i ity-d with his parents in 1S521s54, and was buried in the siaawood PUTTY, Window Glass, VARNISH. fasa;:y let in Forest Grove. cietery, A.?usta. Me. Fut-rGtk, Sixteenth nd Seventeenth A nscnunie-t ws placed by roy direction over Lis grave t:se jt-.r sltrr his death thus injuTib-ed: "stanwootl, son of Jatns (i. mid Harriet lUairte; Urn June 18, 1551; dkdJulv 31. 1854. Eihtceth. I have not teen the stone &iee the first week in July, but have reason to l-elieve, and do believe that since that date, many letters nd fi;urfj thereon have been drfawd, and tat the bure 1, m the year 1551, has bet.ii entirely removed. I have no means of srcertaining by whom this was done, but have reason to believe, and do believe, that a photograph was taken of the defaced stone by procurement of one of the publishers of the New Age, a democratic pa-published in the city, and that copies of said photograph were sent to di vers and sundry person?, iueluding t the putmher ot the Indianapolis Sen tinel, the defendant or thi3 suit. Nineteenth, twentieth, twenty-first and twenty-iecond 1 know tne book referred to" as the life of Jas. G.Blaine. I did not revise the volume, nor become in any degree responsible for any statement mde in it. though I saw parts of it before publication, but did not, and have not to this day, seen page 68. to which the que tion refer, though the statement tnere made w as doubtless derived from the au thor, Rusell II. Con well, from a con veraatian with me, but not trom any special authorization from me to make it. Signed JA3. G. Blaine. United States of America, i IlrcTRU'T CtV MtVR S3' i Before me, W infield S. Ghoate, commissioner of the circuit court of the United States, in and for said district, personally appeared James G. liiaine, nd subscribed and made oath to th truth ot the foregoing answers. Witness my hand and official seal, at Augusta, this 1. th day ol September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-four. t. S.) W INFIELD S. ClIOAT. Commissioner of the circuit court of the United States, for the district of Maine. WASHINGTON ITi;MS. .Ippoittiuient New Silver Vault-r-The Taliapoosa Case Keports from Oalf Coast. Wasiiikton, September 20. Mr. Sylvester Nichols has been appointed melter of the mint, at Denver. The announcement that wucox received this appointment is incorrect. The larare new silver vault under the cash room of the treasury depart ment is finished, and the transfer ot silver to it will begin Monday. Silvr dollars now stored in the treasury, amounting to 5,000,0u0, will be trans ferred to the new vault, wnere win also be stored the surplus coinage of tho different mints accumulating every month. A court of inquiry appointed to investigate the circumstances of the collision between the Tallapoosa and Baiuuiuro t caooner find3 the Tallapoosa did ail in her power to avoid the collision and con. iel with the law in all respects, le d hi the blame of the collision rests tth the schooner. The department approves the finding of the court. The acting assistant surgeon at Brownsville, Texas, reports to the surgeon-general ot the -marine hospital service there have been no cases of veliow fever at Matamoros, Mexico, nor at Brownsville, and that the season at Mexican gulf ports has been one of the healthiest ever known, and that the fever is decreasing at lierm-osiilo, Mexico. CINCINNATI FIK3I FA1L-I). IJuchman Jlrothers Their Capital and Liabilities. Cincinnati, September 20. Iiuch-rnan Bros., clothier?, assigned this afternoon to.M. J. Mack and Herman HusiMiian. Their statement to Brad-street's in Julv List made their capital about S10U.000, with personal means of members of the tirm 000 more. The liabilities were then given at from S50,000 to 75,000. No statement is made yet of the present condition except that it is understood preferences to the amount of $200,000 have been given, mostly of creditors in this city. Private advices trom Jiew York sav the firm owes Rinds-kopf Bros. & Co., of that city, 8100,000, but a member of the firm yesterday stated toi a representative or Brad-street's agency that they had no financial relations whatever with Kinds-kopf Uros. & Co. The firm is composed of Alexander and Joseph Buch-man and Abraham Mayer. The best estimate that can be made places the liabilities at 3400,000. Look Out for the Rascal. New York. September 20. W. B. Dinsmore, president of the Adams' Ex press company, and J. C. Fargo, pres "dent of the Ameiican Express comp tny, caution the public of the United states against a person signing him self, L T. Lloyd, now canvassing the country, representing himself as publishing a railroad map, and presenting wiut purports to be the endorsement f the eorrfpanies named an endorse. -ent given more than twenty years sgo and long tince withdrawn. ; Agricultui'al Department. Washington, September 19. The September report of the department of agriculture, just out, devotes considerable space to tie subject of wheat In India, and says, among other things, as regards freight charges: We have iiriitant.ial advantaire ver India, not onlv in the comparative proximity of our Atlantic ports to European mark ets, but also in tne comparative cneap- ness or our transportatiou '.y wu. Schedule in AssinnieTit. Vork". SeDtember 2tl. The schedule in a3stirnment of Gou- veneur I'auldinir. Gouvenetur Kernble, Peter Kemble, and James Paulding, fonmrisinff the film cf Paulding, .Sr. Cki.. manufacturers of machinery. 30 Broadway and Cold Stirinsr. . Y.. to Charlra J. Nourse j wnich w; tiiel to-day, saows wi j liHbilitied of $;i'Jl,7j; nomii al assets, j S743.201, and actual assets, 3225. A Double Tragedy. DirirE, I A., September 20. John Lange shot his wife in the head this morning and tea shot himself through the head. lie is dead; she may recover. Lanje was a laborer about 58 years of age, and a native of Darmstadt. He was tne woman's second husband and she his second wife. This morning the couple had a quarrel which culminated in the shooting. '- ' Relieved of his Command. Providence, I-- I- September IS. This morning Commodore J. E-Tewett. TT. S. X tsroceeded to the flaar ship Tennessee, in Newport harbor. and relieved Admiral .uce ot command bf the North Atlantic squadron. Gagsreclautl Robbed. Spb ing field. Mass., September 20. The widow Gait was gagged and rohed in her own house, at Heath, lait night, the robber? obtaining a larger sum of money. No clue to the burglars. Rettorai natetl. So n en ect ad v, N. Y., September 20. The 20th democratic district convention renominated Edward Wern-pler for congress. P it KHCKIFTTIO St , SPECIALTY OAT AND SIGHT. AT HOME. WASH J05E3 OPES 3 THE BALL BY A TAE1TF SPEECH AT EASTE0P. The Sage Declares Himself in Line With Ilantfall and Converse, of Ohio. The Jury at Sau Iarcos Find Itobinson Guilty He Gets Two Years. The Fort Worth Ualiists JJadly Heat the Unlucky GaHestons. IJASTIiOP. Waali Joiicd Tabes the Stamp, and .Mke A ltijr Spee4h. Speeiil Tebrain to Tlie Statesman. Basteop, September 20. lion. G. W. Joaes opened the citfivass this evening ia a two hours' speech, at tne court house, lie i olio wed the general line marked out by his manifesto, criticising both parties as living upon dead issues. He discussed, at iengtb, the tariff "question, announcing him self a3 agreeing with Kandali and Converse. He denounced the democracy as being cowardly and inconsistent upon the question of a national currenry, saying that both the republican and democratic parties belonged to the national banks. His remarks upon the land policy of the state were the same as in his pronuneiamento. TWO YEARS' SENTENCE. The I'lndlufr of a Hays Coonjy Jury A Gala Day The Programme as Carried. Out. Soecial Teleirrum to The Statesman. San Marcos, September 20. The jury in the case of the state vs. J. I), liobinson, for the murder of Jas. Kone, returned a verdict at 4 o'clock this afternoon, giving Itobinson two years ia the penitentiary. 1 esterday was a graad day lor the firemen, every one turned out to the springs to see the races and so on. All the business houses closed at twelve o'clock and remained closed the balance of the evening. The programme was complete and a success. Kverv one was delighted. The proceeds ot the evening were between S-ioo and 8400. and for the purpose of buying the firemen uniforms. Firs! there was a base-ball match- Mother Hubbards vs. the Dudes. A J. Swasey, John Durham, captains, won oy the Mother lluttbards; score 11 to 4. Alo running. 1000 yards, bv Mr. F.Kerr. The sack race was won by Mr. W. Thompson. The three-legged race- was won by Mr. U. Kone. The single scull race was won by C. M. Holmes; double scull race was won by C. C. Weems. The tub race was won by A. J. Swasey. One mile walking match was won by C. Kil- lough. The swimming match was won by J. Durham. In the evening cakes were rallied off for the prettiest girl; won by Mis3 Hattie Kone amount, $79.80. The ugliest man; won by C. Hutchings; amount, 848.75. Miss Hattie Kone, most popular lady. The counsel in the Robinson mur der case got through speaking last night at 7 o'clock. GALVESTON. Itase Ball Fort Worth Walks Oyer the Oulveston a-ils Arain Steamship Lampasas. Special Telegram to the Statesman. G v-veston, September 20. Not withstanding the advent of Terregona. the pitcher from New Orleans, on whom Galveston banked largely to re inforce their game with the Fort Worth nine, to-day, Fort Worth had another walk-away by a score of 13 to 7. The condition of the grounds at Beacn park was something terrible. The continued drouth had absorbed every particle of moisture. The sand. particularly at the pitchers and catch er's stands was nearly anklejdeep.while the field was only a trine better. Terregona claims that he could not get a toothoia, and thus accounts tor hia unmerciful slugging. lie was succeeded in the 7th inning by Cruso. Galveston led to the bat, and after the fourth inning, the game was a regular picnic for 1 ort VV orth, as the following score indicates: Fort Worth 3-O U-2-0-3 0 o-tJ 13. Galveston 0-3-0-1-0-0 2-1-07. Arrived: Steamship Lampasas, from New York. The Lampasas made the run in 5 days, 22 hours and 10 min utes, the fa-stest time on record; also arrived, steamer Itanger, from New Orleans. Sailed: Steamship, State of Texas, for New York; steamship Lone Star, for New York, DUPItEE. Organization of a New oda of K nights and Ladles of Ifoaor. Dupkee, September 20. Buda lodge Knights and Ladies of Honor, at D i-pree, Hays county, Texas', was organized September 15, by Deputy Grand Protector D. C. B. Connerly, of Austin, with 23 charter members. The following officers were duly elected, and Installed for the present term, by the instituting officer: M. P. Wilson, oast protector and medical examiner; J. II. Schmidt, protector: Mrs. Obli T. Goforth, vice protector; It. E. f'Jar-rington, secretary: J. W. Wilson, financial secretary; W. I. Goforth, treasurer; Mrs. E. M. Goforth, chaplain; L. F. Porter, guide; W. T. Acklin, guide; Jno. P. Anderson, sentinel. RAILWAY NOTES. Farther Oolncs of the Meeting of Wat- to Managers at Chicago. " Chicago, September 2 ). The general managers of the western and southern lines, at their adjourned session tlm morning, resumed negotiations with a viw to forming a pool on (kl:rdo and Utah business. No progress, however, wa3 nvi.l, and adjournment wa3 taken ti 2 o'clock this afternoon. The impression la-t night was that no further attempt would be marie at this time toward a aettlment of Colorado aad Utih traffic, beyond a possible attempt to maintain rates similar to the ninety d3V3 agreement, entered into yester day with respect to Nebraska business and freizbt. The agents of all Oiiiaha lines have been in session, to-day, in the endeavor to arrange a tariff, to Nebraska points, in conformity with the action . taken by the managers yesterdar. - A number of officials intend leaving the city this evening, and, in case of failure to agree upon some basis of settlement this afternoon, it is deemed doubtful if negotiations be resumed again next week. v Another Elopement. Chicago, September 20. The published statement is made here that Miss Ella TurnbulL only daughter of N. S. P. Tnrnbull, the wealthy pork-packer, has eloped with Alexander Nervon. employed in the Turnbull Dacking establishment for a number of years as a slaughterer. Sae is described as a handsome, aad ia a mem ber of the south side Episcopal church choir. Nervon is declared to have aeouired some means of hiJf own. He is a man of iie physical appear- 1 Graham & Andrews, No. 917 Congress Ave. ante. The affair iweante public' throtigh Mr. Turrbuil prov-uring th of dt-Ut tires lor the osten-j sihle purpose of asctTtaiaiog- the whereabouts of h:3 daughter. FIKIUCLCOKD. Steamboat liarned. Cincinnati. September 20. A fire started in the patrv of the steamer Morning Mail, shoitiy before 2 this morning, and coram ur.ieated to the steamer Bonanza and U. S. light house U-nder, Lily, ltirg alongside. Ail were burned to the water's edge, except the Lily, which escajf-etl vuth the loas of the upper works. The bots were lyicg at the upptr landing ia Fulton, where a number of other steamers were tied up during low water. The steamers Guff and Shirkle were etd b-xwe and tl j.iti d away out of danger. Nooneis aIe to tell how the fire started. Tho Bonanza and Morning Mail were owned by the CicinnatL Portsmouth and U;g Sandy Packet company: the farmer hiving been built in 18. t, worth now 24lo. The Morning Mail was builttwoyetiraxgn, ana Vrtiiteu ai s.5it,t.M.; insured m Cincinnati for i?0,uia Tht? Li! damage is estiumed at Slu.Ooo. No lives io'-t. 1-Tiui la Iery vllle. St. Louis. September 20. A Po.t Dispatch tpejiai from Jersey vilie. ins , says oetweeu is and t this morn ing, the church of the Holy Ghost, (.German Catholic) and school hoasa adjoining were burned. The church was recently dedicated and insured forS2 ,000. The school hous.-j lacked three days' work of completion. Sup posed to oe the wors ot an incendiary Woolen Mill' Destroyed. Boston, September 20. The Mer chants' woolen mill, at Dodham, was entirely deatroyed by lire this morn ing. The loss will reach 875000. Five hundred men will bd thrown out of employment, aud the niiiis will not be rebuilt. Fire tn St. Louis. St. Louis, September 20 Golden Eagle cb'thing store, corner Broad way and I'm", owned by Browning, King A, Co., N. Y., was destroyed by tire at 3:i'j-rhU morning. Loss on stock estimated ar, ab:u't 8150,000 stock insured for nu,ou); loss on building slight fully insured. At. Milton, Ind. Milton, lnd., September 20. A fire yesterday destroyed Is:i:ic Kinney's block, containing tue opera ho.idf, Jones & Co.'s ary goods stere and otiier buildings. 'Loss, 820,000; insurance, 810,000. Fires iu the Woods. CiiAitDON, O., September 20. A forest fire is rttging two miles from Uie city. Thousands of dollars damage has already been done. Tug Itoat Destroyed, - Chester, Pa., September 20. The tug boat J. 13. Woodward was destroyed by fire this morning. One of the crew was lost. A $30,000 Itlaze. Philadelphia, September 20. A fire this morning damaged the carriage factory of Win. D. Rogers & Co. Loss, $30,000. A DEMONIAC C1CIME. Diabolical Attempt to liurn a House Full of Feople. New YrOKK,Septemberj20. An elaborate and well planned attempt at arson, in a house full of people, was brought to light to-day. The diabolical crime, however, miscarried. Its only result was the killing of a woman, the wife of the man whom the police arrested charged with setting fire to the house. The woman was Mrs. Gusty, wife of Leo Gusty, saloonkeeper. The Are was discovered in his house. He lived on the, second lloor with his wife and child; seven lodgers occupied the third tioor. Early this morning a police oflic'3r saw dimes in the house and gve the alarm. He and another oflicer went in an adjoining room and raised the inmates. Tries!, ascending to the roof, they went to the rescue of the burning building. They, at the first alarm. had fled to the street, all but two, Mrs Mrs. Gusty and a y-year-oM boy. They were found on the roof, the boy nearly choked with smoke, and the wife dying lrom horrioie burns. Arter the fire was extinguished, it was discovered that coal oil had been found everywhere; that all the gas was turned ou and the fire started ia thes-; places. - . A 1H2INOUS CK1 ME. An Old School Tea her Stalls a Woman Locisville, Kr, September 20. The Times' Mount Sterling, Ky., special says: Last night Sam Clay, an oid and respected school teacher, made an attack on Miss Sallie Oldham, and her sister, while in their buggy near his house, and stabbed the former several times, it! dieting probably fatal injuries. He also made an attempt to kill iiis wife, but she made her escape. He is not regarded as crazy. Threats of violence are made against him by indignant citizens. No cause ia assigned for Clay's action. Miner's Resolutions. Pittsbuuo, September 20. This afternoon, at a meeting of miners, resolutions were adopted sympathizing with striking miners along the Monongahela river: denouncing the conspiracy laws of Pennsylvania and requesting their repeal, and urging th mine inspector to make more care ful examination ot mines, as com plaints were made that the mines were in bad condition. The meeting then adjourned. Victims of Sewer Gas. PiTTSiiCKO. Pa.. SeDtember 20. John shin, bricklayer, aad John Reno, helper, were suffocated by gas in the sewer at Edgar Thomas' street works, at Braddock's. this morning. They were repairing and were overcorrut by the gas which had accumulated. Shin was 40 years old. married and leaves a wife and three children. Reno was a Hungarian, aged 35, and unmarried. Both resided at Brad- Flour Mill Destroyed. New York, September 19. The big ft ur mill of VViliiam II. Payne, l'Jth street, was destroyed by fire this morning. The mill was a four story brick lull ot valuable stock and ma chinery. Loss, O.0O0: covered by a considerable amount of insurance. Oa the secona floor of the mill were the offices of three local newspapers, all of which, with their contents, were destroyed. Greely's Report. Washington, September 20. The chief signal oflicer has received Lieut Greely's report, giving the results of scientific observations and expeditions during the first year of his stay at Point Harrow. The remainder of the report will be completed in time to incorporate it in the chief signal officer s annual report to congress. Maritime News. Oceevstown. Septetober 20. Ar rived: Republic, from New York. New Orleans, 20. Cleared: Steamship Soteri, Umatilla Arrived: Cityof Julias L'vinsrstone jos. rerrens, .ew casii-, Republican Nominee Dead. Boston. Septum 2-). T. B. Hits. republican notriitie.- UjT congress the fifth di-trior, diei ia Lexingto thi morning. A LIE NAILED, LI HESDEICES SPEAKS TO 40.000 PLC PLE AT HAMILTON. 0.-A BW OVATION. He Pronounce aat Fjilso the Kc-lMibiicait Story About the " anainUgti.uN." The Sort of Stuff Circulated l Blaine Papers gatu.t Honest 3Ieii. Anfio of Zuni ,J u k in Malum tu Valley Romulus Up the 31 i iters. Hamilton', Sr-p'.t itjer 2 deiatM:rtta h.-fi Otoe Oi tbe large. ij;.gi l-,)-.i;tv Had to-Li bt eer . i:.e t ttieet-!ield in thii e.itmfy. Tio- iit'.::ibrr was frui 25,(K t. 4o,mm, ;r:uwtt.d A li.riic mii-i-er c;iiue from Intdana. 'i'h chief i;:lert sr. w;l- tin aptK-ai;.nee of Mr. Hendricks and other Sjteakers. Present were Allen G. Thunuaa. Gov. Hoodlev and Durbin Ward. Letters of regret were sent by Gov. Cleveland and Senator Payne. Mr. Hendricks was introduced by ex Sena tor Thurman. and began by saying he had before him an article written for rhe Commercial Gazette and copid very extensively by the republican papers, to the effect that in 1863 a club was iormed at what was called the Stone house, in St. Clair township, this county, by about seventy persons who were disloyal to the union, called the Valhuidigharn club; that he (Hendricks) was Invited and came to St. Clair township and helped torm the ciuo. " l wish to say, ' he continued, that 1 never knew there was a house called the Stone house, nor a St. Clair township. until i saw it in this article, i only refer to this as an example of the mul titudes of false statements the republican press is circulating about democratic candidates. A lie never hurts a man; it . is the truth that hurts." Mr. Hendricks then turned to other P'cs, first arguing that it was time or a change in administration even if here were no scandal in the present administration, lie repeated the argument, oa this point used in other aadr.s-iv.'s. aud ia the main devoted ii time to the Siinie linn followed 1 l other pi act .i. J he meeting was very enthr ;c. and by reason of its great. ' ..."tc confusion exMed, at live .nndcrtng dillicultfor the er'uer portion to hear what was sbid. THE CAMPAIGN. Lojfan Stuniplujj Mahonlni; Valley, Ohio. Younostown. O.. September 20. The republican campaign m the Ma honing valley, the great iron and coal district of Ohio, was opened to-day by the presenceof Gen. Logan, lion. Wni. D. Keiley.Gen. Noyes aud otherprom-inent speakers. The demonstration was the largest ever witnessed in eastern Ohio. The crowd was estimated from 30,000 to 85,000; marching clubs, uniformed, boing present rom Cleveland. Pittsburg. Warren. Niies, Girard, Mineral Ridge, Pantie.ld, Leetonia, Alliance, Beaver Falls.Falls-town, West Middlesex, Sharon.Green-ville, Hubbard, and a score of other small towns. The industrial display of iron manufactures was the finest ever witnessed in Oho. Gen. Logan aad other speakers addressed the peo ple. To-night there is a monster torch light procession; Judge Kelley and Gea. Noyes spoke Kelly in the opera house aud Noyes to a thousand it en overflow meeting. Logan .ttour liKtfi Koihrster, ew l ork, to ourgstown, has been a commons va'ion. Ue r-iii.iiiis l.-r overuu- day, tier irueht of C ll, Andrews, himi will go io Alliance.Ma'.-illou nnd ( au- ii o:i Mund i v. i U'duc ho speaks t Akron; .September 25, b. W beeliiig. Railway Collision. Denver, Col., Sepb ttif -er 20. At 30 this iii'.rnirtg, a cotltaiou of a ri iirhl arid p i-seM . r t;;.:is tooa place fcVvt-n lui'fj so-itlf-.i.-.t at Aibn- llrn'!t., JN . .M , oil itiu IK'fllSO.'l, ip.-ka .v'iit Fe r.ii;v(iy. whi.-h re- lute-; mi ifi.'-'.'fi ol i-.'.t.-ie'-r t . ). Fi .l.t-r, ! "ire -tic. n i;o:rt Batt-tr, and Leirifd br.ii-.etiiafi, ljiu" ri't kr.owil. fiie'-ijg. i werf- 'JnyroiiKiy bhak a Up, but t-i' -ii-?.! urditllt. Af"tt;r Two Thousand Siallots. Memphis. Tenn.. ?iv tnbor 20. The democrats of the. n.nth dtiLrict, at 1'rentou, Tenn., last night, riciiiijHted P. T. Glass, for congress; 2ti5i ballots were taken. Great diss-atisi action exists over the nomination, dined by the abolish menlof the time-honored wo-thirds ru'e. Many delegaus bolted. Suspender Company Suspended. Cincinnati. September 20. Green 'ity Suspender company assigned to Jno. A. Blattery; assets, 922,000: lia bilities, 821,000. , , Altjreldt lor Congress. Chicago, September 20. Thedemo- crats of the fourth Illinois district nominated John P. Altgeldt for congress. EGYPT. THE SIEGE OF KHARTOUM. Caiko. September Two more telegrams have been received from Gen. Gordon, lie complains oi tne slowness of the authorities in sending the relief expedition, and states the number of rebels besetting Khartoum i3 increasing. GORDON TAKING CARE OK HIMSELF. Cairo. September 20. Conflicting rumors reach here ot the progress ol events in Soudan. According to the latest, which was brought from Lion gola this morning, by a messenger, Gen. Gordon within the last lew days has gained two victories, and the siege of Khartoum has been raised. A TRIPLE PROTFST. Cairo. September 20. Austria, France and Germany have instructed their representatives here to present a collective note to mar iha, the Egyptian prime minister, protesting against the suspension of the sinking fund, whiob was ordcrea day beiore yesterday. M. Barred, French diplo matic agent, protested personally, to day, against the suspension. SOCTH AMERICA. Affairs la Fera -A Frovlnce Declared for Ijtfeslas Lima, Peru, SepteniU-r 20. Via Galvefcton. During the landing at Cherrepe of a division of soldiers under the immediate command of the minister of war, threes ofiicers and seven soldiers were drowned. The surviving soldier in the Iuach were saved by the timely arrival of assist ance from shore. The debt of LaLiU-rtad has been de clared for the Igleisias government. ITALY". THE POPE AND THE CHOLERA. Rome. September SM. IM 1'oj.e, in token ot his atieetion f jr the jjornao has granted 8 JO.fmO for the esta'dtsh njoTit of a honptfrfl in th vicinity the W.icaa. In thu event of an out break of cholera at Rons-, hi4 h bne- protrd-.e-s to vi-c the L':.-i!.al per OML.V ltlt.;!4T-ClltM PHARMACISTS UPOX 1 MaddosBros. & Andsrsoa, LANMLALERS GEM'L AGENTS. AUSTIN, TEXAS. Buy and St-11 Land Certificates. r.x:id:e aud IVrftct Tt'les Liods Ex-' and Divided. i.aiuls Ro-iiht aud and Sold. 1 '.dears Obtained. Taxes Paid. Luida Iteihv!cJ. iavc.-tii;enF Madfs. Prontpt attention u all business in trr'ti.'ral Lr.d otlK-e and other State De p.irunefitt. Correopocdenoe Solicited FRVNCU C"!!A TEHPOIUZINO. Pakis, JvtuV'iT f;i. The Voltaire hays i":;in;t is iuiHr.t:tlv trying to resume, aogotiutl ts w ith Franc?. M. P.ttt iiotrw. k reut-h minister to China, .':a.f a-ked Prime Misub-r Ferry what ti:;.;ittp.i 10 a.-s:un..- in case (Miina s a luo. dutvt fi'iirs". and haa Urn iatormod tdi-it Chint;so overtures would lie net ivitl with extreme can. tiou, as it is believed lh-Y are not in eartiei but or.Jy iiiamvaveriiig for the sake f gfeiuiut: time. NO DEATHS AT MARSEIL LES. Mau.seilles. StDtemlier 2t) Vn deaths trom cholera here vestwrdrfv. but three - caes developed on itoara the ship Leresoln. from Mar tinique. ' . THE BOUKSE OUAKDED. Paris. SeDtember 20 rim bnuran is guarded, owing to threpteiiin letters of anarchists. CATHOLIC CHAPELS DRSTKnYKD. PAKIS, September 110 The Cathoili- missionary authorities uf this Hi v. have received advices from Hotig Kong, statinir that the Chiiitn b.i,i destroyed the Catholic chapels in the provke, of Canton, and that 6,000 Christians in that province are homeless. . t CHKAf IiUICK. M. Butler Comes Boldly to the Frou. The Statesman congratulates the people of Austin, as well as the whole people of Texas, upon the fact that M, Butler, the great Texas brick man who has made Austin brick famous all over the state, has reduced tho price of brick to the small sum of seven dollars per thousand. Any remarks about thf finality of ih. ,vi tri: k would bft usele-ss, as they have tt're.tdy acquired that decree o funic-thu-t one itud nil. aad especial!? build- I T.s pror.'-up- o Hieiii "the U-td in 'lex- a." Now Is tho tlmo to h;:Ud, arid those w Ho contemplate Improvements won where ' brick wi be used had best begin now. To Our Lady Friends. We Interpose again a word of cau tion to protect our friends, our lmly friends especially, from imposition. The diamond in the rouh is not tho diamond in its purity. Pond's Extract is the result of costly, elaborate unl .ufinml .llu.tll.i.l... ttki . , . n&.v. 1 uii'.u Uldlrllliui.l J lll.f 11. tllO published and reiterated verdict of tho ending scientific experts and the highest medical authority of Europe and America, You can only buy Pond's Extract in our bottles with picture trade-marks. Its use externally and internally is perfectly harm less. Like all other success! ul things, it has been counterfeited. These Imitations are injurious. Don't Spill tlie MUk. "There is no use crying over spUb-d milk," says the old saw. It yoimro not only bald, but have no life in this roots ot your hair, there is no use ct v- ing over that, either. Take both tbi n d yourseJi; by the forelock whiio ore is a forelock ! K Apply Par If r t liitir J. u-"iut to 'our hair befora '.alb rs get u.ive it, w!U firl.-st the tlintroll. of votii' hair and restore its igiiiHi roll ii, gloss aud softtiessi It a pi'tl'c-t dressing withal, clean. ichlv ppj-fu unA, coois and heals the scalp. What sfty you, Doctor V Siui. pivsi' Pins are afraid to pre.v cribeatiy' tdngexcept what they direct the t'pol "fit-cary to compound. Y'et IfqiU'filly we t:ud li's( who have lound Biowrs Iroti Litters such a ilnabl." iutt"h:s tint y are glad o pie-.'-nbe it. Aii" ri'j these Is Dr. B. F. Sooth, of I bit On-vk, Va.. who ay. "1 hate iiei,",.nUy prtiscribod iiowrs Iron i'.it)irs in my practice. rsd i'.rtd it a most tr-Hlcut preiiara- loii. .Notit e of K.-tfp)vaI. OnO-.-tob-r 31.1 shall be located In new tt'ittrtr-fs, iMt dour, South, jticas & Co.'s dfig store, where I fhall lie, plea-; t to tvi e toy old friends and patrons an 1 thou who desire gootls, etc., in the- art line. GEO. II. UAIiKtK, Proprietor "Art Depot." The Austin Athletic Association wishes to express its gratitude to the ladies who so kindly volunteered their services! in making up the Mother Hubbards and bats for the boys, a . also non-members who assisted and added to the success of last I riday s sports, and the public who attended, for their patronage. Loss of memory, mental gloom, the "Blues," low spirits, despondency. nervous trembling, cured with English Female Bitters. Rionosa coffee is Bold only in pound- packages, always guaranteed of uniform quality and flavor. Purity, freshness and fine flavor are the chief characteristics of Rionosa. The best smoking tobacco Is "Little Joker." Make your loans at L. lick's i2tl r -!- mmmm Absolutely Pure. This rtev.-r rarl. A tiiiunfei of nur-" if tre.:., aoi ln(i rtiiwnriws. M ie rf ";v -a. than tie .,r'h!:rv kniibi, and cart ... (u,-,ij in e.iii''iiiia i.htti tnoltit-Mle : ! I -i -li-xt in-iKhf. itt'lUI 1 T pt Sptlt ty ...1-f . ll, lt'. l. ISAKIftAl l--. .,'i.fcH CO., VV'aU tr-et, New York. DRUGS, PAINTS jf5 3S5S BOB Sfl mi

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