The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 7
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
Page 7
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ANbWEEKtt. ALL HOME PBINT. THE SKNTINBL IB the only newspaper in Carroll county tbnt in tainted all at borne and It conning more local iitut county news than any other two papem 1» this county, POWBRS * COLCLO, Protw. FftlDAV, AtJOOBT 10, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. HHppers at Moore a. Fine shoes repaired at Moore's. Best shoe blacking at Moore's. The beat f 1.00 Work shoes at Moore's. Girl wnnted, for two in a family. Enquire of Mrs. N. H. Letts. Inquire prices on screen doors and windows and Hocking Valley cotl at . Joyce's, Babv carriages for sale at cost at Wobdrlng's furniture store for a few days only. ' Tbe Qermania society has determined to call tbeir new building the German opera house. The people quickly tecognlze nwrlt, and this IB tbe reason thesttler ot Hood's Banaparllla we CDnMmmlly Increailng. Hood's Is "on top." Hammocks' for sale cheap at Hattoii's; 14 foot sea grass 76 cents, colored $1.OO. Mrs. Emmi Forbes and children, of Newel, arrived in the city yesterday and and will visit with relatives for a time. Ayer's cherry pectoral gives prouipt relief. That's why it excels all other preparations for colds and coughs. Tbe larger number of the grand army boys of this city are at Des Hoines assisting in observing "Battle Flag Day." Mr. Rosenberg, of Traer, who has been ia tbe city for a tew days the guest of M. Simon, left for bis home this afternoon. Then enrollment at the county normal reached 214 during the first week. This is the largest enrollment ever made in tbe county. Do not spoil your shoes with inferior dressings/but if you would like something good and nice, you will find it at Moore's. Mrs. A. U. Quint left for Chicago last evening, where she will join her husband aud from there they will go to Lake Champlam, N. Y. Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Coburn a baby boy. The little fellow is BO bright and stalling that it was at once determin ed to name him Grover. Dr. B. C. Kelly has moved into tbe residence formerly occupied by D. L. Green on Carroll street, two blocks north of tbe German bank. F. M. Davenport, Peter Stephany, J. M. Boyce, J. L. Powers and F. Florcn- court attended the Democratic congressional convention today at Boone. Barnum's bill car arrived in tbe city this afternoon and the work of putting up the bills is now in progress. The date for the circus baa been set at Septembers. Floroncourt Indulged in a salo m brawl last week, but as they are becoming of frequent occurrence with him the police authorities passed him by as being beneath their notice. Tlio entertainment .given by tbe students of tbe normal at the court bouse last night was a decided success. We have heard several of them say that they trusted that the superintendent would arrange for another some time next week. During the dog day season, the drain of nervous and vital energy may be counteracted by the use of Ayer's sarsaparllla. lit purifying the blood, U acts as a superb corrective and tonic, and enables the system to defy malarial and other climatic IB llueuces. Herr Flnrencourt, in a maudlin manner, lays that Tun SBNTINBL IB run for what money there U in it. We admit this to be true but when we get money in as questionable a way as Die Gonun- n)a we will keep atill about our neighbors, Do you twlgt •To cleanse the system elfeatuully yet gently, wher costive or bilious, or wlum the blood Is Impure or aluKgUb, 10 porum- .iiuutly cure habitual constipation, to j awaken tliu kldueyuaud liver to a heultliy activity, without irritating nr wenkenhm tbotu, to dUpol headache, colds or fovurt- uuutivrupof Fig*. The funeral of MU* Maggie Murijgttu v at hold tute forenoon at 10 o'clock. The funeral services wore held at 81 Joseph's eh u roll. The remains wore u»- corUtd to the comolory by u long proem ijon of friends which testify to the re •peel in which the doceueed was held by those who know her best, ".1 know an old soldier who had chronic diarrhoea of long standing to have Uimti periHADtmtly nurcil by Inking OU»wlmr- lain'* ewll«. uhotovn ami dltwl»uu» r«u»o- dy," saysJCUward Sbuuuilk, a prominent dru(,'«lst of Mimionpolli, Win u, <>| have bold tlio rouwity tu tliU olty for aver sevwn yuars uud uoiisldur It superior louny oilier lltpdlwliio now on tlio tunrkot for bowel couiplalnts." 88 uud 00 oout bottle* ut Ihlb rowvdy for sale by J, (V. Uattun. fully on ike welt, It is his Intention to secure such a pump as is needed for work of this kind. The Well is 111 feet deep nod has 105 feet of Water. It is thought that Ibe city will ftgnin have a supply sufficient for all purposes as soon as the pump has been put In place. Kenneth Bazemote had the good fortune to receive a small bottle of Chamberlaiu's colic, cholera and diarrhoea remedy when three members of his family were sick with dyaentrey. This one snmll bottlo cured them all and he had some left which he gftve to Geo. W, Baker, a prominent merchant of the place, Lewiaton, N. C., and Itcured him of the same complaint, irheu troubled wlUi dysentery, diarrhoea, colic or cholera luorbus, give this remedy a trial and you will be more than pleased with the result. The praise that naturally follows Its introduction arid use has made It very popular. 25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by J. W. Hatton, druggist. Peter Stephany, of Manning, one of the unsuccessful candidates for the nomi nation for county recorder before the Democratic county convention, was in the city lost evening qn his way to the congressional convention at Boone. He was the same Pete and was just as enthusiastic for the SUCCORS of the party as if he had been successful before the convention. He made B splendid show, ing, coming within a few votes of securing the nomination, and should he ever seek -favor of the party in the future he will undoubtedly be successful for be is proving himself to be the . kind of a Democrat that the party feels like honor- log. Mrs. Elizabeth Deiter. the poor old lady known to nearly every resident of this city, has for some lime been losing her mind and now she is so far demented that it will be necessary to send her to a hospital for treatment. She is said to be almost u'ncontrolable and requires constant watching to prevent her from doing TUB HILLS. bodily injury to herself. She talks con stantly about her money and her relatives. For nine years her husband has been dead and she has lived alone working as no other woman ever did and it is not strange that her mind has become u'obal anced. She has a daughter living at Nevada, Iowa, who has been notified and will be here today, when some ac tion will be taken by the authorities. GBOVK MEETING. A grove meeting will be held in B. Salisbury's grove, seven milea northeast of Qlidden,, beginning on the third day of August and holding over the twelfth, to be in charge of 0. Bntterwortb ot Bell, la. President W. W. Blair, of Damoni, IB, ia expected to be present and other able ministers. All are invited. Oome one and all. B. SALISBURY. We publish in today's paper u. com. muuiuatloa foil our old frluud Miller who U at Hot Springs, B. D.,taking trout aim', for rheuttttttUut, wttU which he hut been sorely allllolod for somo woekt. Wo «w pleated to know (bat the distune U yielding to the wonderful medical prop, ertlui of lull witter and hop|j lo sou hitu return entirely cured. Win. Trowbrldgo wont to Omaha loduy GIUND LODGE. Jamea Thompson, delegate from the K. P. lodgft of thin city, returned this morning from attending the annual aea- aion of the grand lodge, K. of P., which was b»ld at LeMara. He reports a very interesting Beesion. Marehalltown waa •elected aa the place for holding tbe next meeting, and the following grand lodge officers ware selected: 0.—0. E. Piokett, ot Waterloo. V. 0.—L. E. Baker, of Toledo. P.—Rev. E. W. Arober, Eagle Grove. H. of E —R. B. Rtiuea, of Indepeod- enow. K, ot ft. and 8.—H. D. Walker, of Mount Pleasant. M. at A.—J. A.Wataou, Oedar Rapids. Trustees—0. L. Boot, Lyons, O. A. Tibbitt, Council Blnffa. How's Thin! We offer one liuadrod dollar* reward (or uny onto ot oatarrb tbal cannot tio cured by Hall's catarrb uut«. V, 1. CHUNKY & uo., Toledo, 0. We,th« anderilined, have known F. J. Cheney for the j'RBt ID rear*, and b»)lev» lilui perfectly honorable In nil biulneai transuuilons «nd nuauclallj abl« to carry out any obligation* made bjr their (irui. WMt ft Truax, wholeiale drutwUU, Toledo, O. W Hiding, Klnnim & Mwvln, wholesale ilrug- Vl«ti. Toledo, 0. Hall'* oaturrh oura U tikoii luternally, auiiug directly upon the blood ami muoouu surfuooi u( tba»>«tuin, TfBHuionlulB «tnt free. J'rloeTOo. per bottle, Sold by til: ilru ;ul»u. The Beet Route to the PaolffJOoast is tlui OliloiiKo, Uuloii t'ttuitlu ^ North- Iliiu. Kut.i yustlbult'd Iruiiib of otrn coKfiEsPoNonNT GIVES AN ACCOUNT OF f HB 8PKINOS. COUNTUY AND THE OO INOS OP tun cAnnofj, CONTINGENT. DEAU SENTINET/: Acoording to my promise I will drop you a few lines nnd Jet you know bow our invalid squad is getting along. Of course you do not expect toe to nor will I tell tmy tales out of school. We arrived here in good shape on Saturday morning, hnving been unable during the trip to lose nny of our party, nor the Dunlap Indies' band which seems to be very remarkable, for from start to finish the "denh" boys were completely "gone," and from nil appearances their attentions were fully appreciated nnd reciprocated. As a natural consequence, on our ar- rivnl here the main object \vas to ftnd comfortable quarters for our party so ns to make our stay here pleasent, nnd for thht purpose the general hustler, Sam Todd, was pressed into service, but lo and behold when called at the general round-up, we found to our chagrin nnd disgust that the following belonging to our party had followed the band off: His royal highness— Col. E. R. Burke; the descendant of the grand duke of Luxemburg— Baron John Nockels, nnd both of our inspecting officers on dress parade, Chas. Wielnnd and John Minchen, and the last Been of the lust two named was their heads bobbing up in the plunge both, in close proximity to a couple of loving Dunlnp females, with Charles playing his laughing "sleen" act and exclaiming, "Oh my, aint this nice! I never had such a nice time in my life. I am going to send for more clothes and stay all summer." The baron is taking life easy and enjoying the comforts of this great resort, but the life of the colonel seems to be a burden to him and you need not be surprised to hear l>uluc',y ali'cpinuoui-H, fruu retUluliiK uliuir <mr.i mid superb dining vitrn aro run dull t from points In Illinois and Iowa through to Portland. Oregon, with sleeping ours to Denver, Ooi,, Han Franolsoo, Civ!,, und other Important western oUles, Kor lion- i<t« and fiilM(if(iriu«ttoii apply to agent* OliloHgo Jt Northwuitlern K'y. 10-1 Him foil JAMTOK. Bids will be received by the president of tho school board for a Jutiltor to taUu I'lmrito of the south sidti sohool hiilldlug. ivds received until Aug. It), lioard ie- iurvui* ihorikblto reject nuy and nil bids. 0. 11. MOUKT, I'rusldcnl, Reduced R»to0 10 WMbiny ton, D.O. (ilUKI) KNOAMl'MKNr Uf TUV KN1UIITB of j'niius or TIU woituii. Tliu bUniuittl tuioauipiuunt of the tin- t'uiH Icktue, ami «»»«, ttuoantpuiuut or n' hiilglitftof Pytulnnof tlip world will uu Uulit »( the uatluiml ottt>it»l Aug, 87 to ft^i- or tliU oooaiUui the Ualtlmor* & Ohio nillroail oouiuuiw will «ull round trlptlok- "U Irtini all pyluta on Us llnwu, AUK. W to DO luuluitlve, valid for rotuiu trip until ,Xin4. M; a. furtluir vxteiuiott of iliitH to Su|it. 1Q van bo BOOH roil, prpvltlud tin* Hole- *'t H «ivpu»l^<) with (lie jn\»t aueiit at Wellington, D. 0., ou <>r t>efor<* i>fpt. t). TluuouuU tvlp r»to from Chicago will liy 817.60, mid flurrottpoudlntfly low ruu<8 frnm Qllifr points. T Ink ota will ulou bit »nld ittall iirlnnlpttl points throu||tui»t w«<Nt au4 'lui'thwest. No inatier his familiar sound in Carroll without any further notice, yet he is having a good time and has seen, a great deal of this wonderful country. He was seen to leave the large veranda of "The Evans" and start toward the postotTie, but tbe hot sun and the thought of being compelled to walk back and forth was too much for him, consequently he is holding the fort on the northeast corner of the Evans house veranda. The balance of our party is quartered at the Gilles- piennd is shown all the attention one could wish for. Good airy rooms, good clean beds, with number one meals and polite service are the recommendations of the Gillespie hotel. I hardly know how to go at it to soy enough about the famous Dunlap ladies' band that accompanied the excursion on the trip. There are twelve of them (not bands, but ladies), nnd oh, such lovely music they do make. Why, they actually play on silver horns, and then they play again, nnd then another piece after that. They really must be seen nnd heard to be fully appreciated. They do look so cunning, dressed in their becoming suits of blue, nnd are the observed of nil. And then they feel so proud ot their horns, and the nice young fellows from Carroll that show them every attention in their power. I must not forget to mention and to thank Mr. J. H. Gable, the genial and agreeable traveling passenger agent of the P. E. & M. V. rnilroud, who ac- uompanied the excursionists— nnd also the band— and left nothing undone to make the trip one full ot pleasure as well us comfort. Mr. Gable is the right man in the right, place and knows how to look out for the comfort of the patrons of his road. Dr. Chas. L. Wright is making Wno progress in taking baths, uud up to this date has succeeded in falling in the plunge bath twice, lie says he feels greatly improved already, and no doubt with one or two more elforts will be nil right. Coptniu Russell is improving niuely, and Bam Todd is just simply immense; he bus already gained sixteen pounds since his arrival here, and if he keeps on gaining at this ratio we will ship him homo in a palace s'ock our at the oud of three weeks. As tor your ' correspondent, I must say that he is doing very well, thank you, aud with the help of imothor barrel or two of this hot water and a doaon or two more hot biitlis, I think probably tliiit, ho will be able to pull through and givu you u letter next week that will be of uomo in'orest to your readers, mid also give them uu idou of the wonderful healing qualities of tlit'so great npriii(,'a iis \\v\\ us the bomiti fill BuoiioB uud the muuy plnaos uf inter- out tu visit while hero. More nuon. MUCK. CORHESPQIMPKNCe. ICorrunfiondoiits, to ln»ur«.(li« puiiltcHttuu of ttiolr lutiurn la tliv weekly, must mall IUHUI »u ibB) will r««o»i ourofllue ftccou tit of the failure, but a tew shy locks live hern jet, lint may not live long if they in KMtintf nil tlipre is rnisprl htre T he fanners In the vicinity of Goose Lake have mowed ittoypt tn« Rrnss; the surfnce sluikcs wlicn a team Roes over it. If yon have corn on sandy laod or want any foddt-r now is the time to cut and shock, to delay is a loss. Mrs. Lydla Gnbel of Spring Branch, collected B nice sum of money to pay on the organ In the. new church in Carroll, and turned it over to tbe pastor. Report snys that A. liedfnrd of the Valley, will be nominated for county supervisor by thpRepubllcan party. IPell, he is as good as they can get for that office. ;-. tTe learned that H. II. Lester of Carrolltown, and f. Ayers of Coon Knplds will take ft trip through eastern Nebraska and Kansas to look for a location. UNION TOWNSHIP. All the, teachers are In Carroll attending normal at present. Afr. Arbingast was at Dedhcm last week. Mr. Uolley and family, of Ral,ston,visit ed at M. O. Uuthrauff last Sunday. Afr. Q. W. Hpllidayis building a new barn In place of the one that was burned a short time ago. ' IFalter Buthrnuff was home frnm Carroll over Sunday to visit his friends. Some of the young people ate attending the camp meetiug in town. Miss Laura Wilson entertained a couple of her lady friends one day last week. T. B. .Ramsey is having tbe foundation laid for a large barn. MissSchriVer was in the neighborhood last week looking after the school interests". Mr. and Mrs. Darmer, of Kippey, were over Sunday visitors with tfieir old friend Mr. Rnthrar.ff. •AST LIBKKTY AND BUCK BUN. Still dry. There was a light rain on the nlgtit of the 80th. Miss Lulu Smock is visiting her sister and other friends at Des bfoines. I'lie latter day saints are holding a tent meeting in Sals bury 'sgrove. Kxhorter P7. L. Cox will conduct the services at East Liberty next Sabbath. Young Moore Is recovering from his injury. It was a close call. Henry Sliroder is having a well drilled, Mr. Porter of Oiidden doing the work. L«Nt weak John llinkley drilled a well on the N. Belter place, 155 feet deep; the water raised within four feet of the top. Kev. 0. A. Carlson and C. W. Sanderson have sono on a trip to Boone county. Mr. Carlson will visit his parents at Pilot Mound. E. W. Rampy of Glidden, one of the most successful teachers Buck Kun baa flver been blessed with, lias gone and got married, and now there Is wnillng among his pupils as tln>y naturnl'v suppose he will not leave home to wlrlil ihu "birch" over them again. Ye«, dear brother Santa; you and 1 still live. Sometimes however, when the thermometer is having a high old time nnd the compositor makes our figures lie, and liy omissions and interpolations causes i\» to say things we never intended, we feel like giving up the reportorial ghost. (re read of Mrs. Cololo's death with saddened feelings, irhen In the early seventies our family came to Carroll conn- ty, we were too young to remember any of the circumstances connected with our brief sojourn beneath iict hospitable roof; but we have so often heard our parents speak of the cordial welcome ami thoughtful kindness bestowed, ni'>ro like the treatment frnm loving kindred than the usnnl<>oiirt(>j.l»'o of a hotel, that we have alwnyi)'limit-lit of her and her family with frit-Hilly interest AugustO, JIM. • IOB. Ire season has now begun and the wagon ID now out. Leave your orders at the office of A. U Quinl or W. Simon's giore. you (tort from, ask for tickets via I). W louure »u mirlgUt puma to u»« wl b K«rlnfonufttlo» In rietill, adilrnm n«w w«ll whlnh hua lu uu ooinnlflled M""»« A«*'t Oew'J P»g». AtfVllt. U, & 0- new wwll wUloh HUB W)«u o° m Pi«««0' h<. u. Urand Coutr*) PaHbonger Depot, Jurge puuipoaunot ttt used eucc«#i-|Wilo««<i, UU. I'bRABANT 11ILL. Tim wutor supply U going down and folk* uru dUlilUK Utiuuer \vulU, MuiHri) Olivaobuu uud Uorwln of Uio Valley weru looking for tlmxwhlng jobs lust Sunday. II. L. Squires w»s to the mill at Manning uud ii'porls jiooror corn thai) huro. A number of gprluu Urauoh people will attoml the dodiottlou at Currull mutt vvuuk. Turn Uil>lilt»,of Currolliou, Imd tt nook- Uu puilyjut tiolU lUur'tf lust wt'uk. A ulue tluiu Is foporteit, Wm. liuybuak WHS In Deillmm last wuuk U) buy UQO uutthvlttuf earn, A- I). MaOurdy luul a tiovere »ttuok of tlieuraiuusltttlttuudiiy. Pi. lUwvur, of l>tfdb«iu, ttHomivd him. Tlw Jttudlords «re rt'duolug the rent lu oUuHUiniutB In our vicinity on phlldrenOryror Oarroll Market Report 00im-80-60 0 A TM-800 1IO(JS-*4.*0-4.50 POTATOEf Hirj'TJSH—10 to 15 K(i()S-Ho CATTLE-*2.00 TELEGRAPH" NEWS ABBREVIATED, Ed P(»nlH<lHw was Hiinpeudutl frotu th« Clilc-iiK" board uf trudu for 00 ditya. Now York titllorii hiivu bueii enjoined from keeping up u boycott on bhous wliosy men liuvu Mtruuk. Tlui Uonrd tluit luvvattxatud uhiiryoa o( cruelly ut the Insniie iiHyluiu at Lincoln, Neb., exonerated the ollk'liils. Tli" liitit coiupuuy of troops Una been witlulriiwu from Pullmnn, Waving thu ghopH (here without intliUry prv>U<ctlon. Dr. K'rouso of ChlciiKO riuul M ptipt^ ut thu lumitlug of thu NiitUiinU A&goclttUou of UeiitittU lit Port Monroe, Vu, A lunv county iii(lriitnry is tu do built at Ix'lmmm, lud., to cost 1^1,000. The ulioe utoro of Sluiit & liliilr WHH closod ill Fuirbury, I1U., ou The liUbluuwn portion of Franklin, Ills., wiw dwtroyud. ..Tliu Uum in jna ut |&u,uuu, with ln«urauuu uf iiiilf. Kuivut Ur«» iM-0 mill ni(,'hig in northern WUiMiiihln, uml Kfvat duuiiiue U being dune lo buy ami vritnbv rry uuii'sUes, Tuenty btiHiituwi buil(Uii|in uml thruu reKldeiieut* (u (be eunler uf Adalr, In., \veie Uuruud, Uftiulng a Ions uf *1W,UOO. J'tvo (Iroinuu wvtv luirt. An iiltuiupt to hold up a hiike Sboro exprtimi train ut Kobsler, Intl., wan fulled by the yiiKinuwr, wl»« run his train through tliu olmti'UcUou ttt full >*i>ml, Tliu boiler of a dl'iululinf bunt exploded at I'lilluUvlpbiii, Flvu »neii \vuro lujumt Miu) out) bluwu iittu tliu \vdUir uud I'anl UUtetutau u( Chlvituo wna flntnl t&M mid wnteitoed U> 00 day* In at CUn-eluud. uharyt»il wilbatuaUng fi'oiu ux- wagomi, der to get results. This is but one of the common stove troubles that have been overcome in Jewel Stoves and Ranges. They throw out all the heat generated. They make neither dirt or trouble and burn little fuel. As for looks—they are the handsomest stoves made. Sold by ali dealers. Look for Trade Mark. Where the Heat Goes t|p the chimney. You have to drive the stove all the time in or- JEW Elf N ; STOVES ' NWOO GUILD'S GUILD'S 1 CLEARING SALE COMMENCING TOMORROW AT GUILD'S NEW DRY GOODS S10RE !; OUR stock'too large at this season of the year, we 1 ,have decided to reduce it just one-half. P. In order to do so we shall CUT PRICES RIGHT AND LEFT. ;,.As every one already knows that we are headquarters | Jn ; Carroll for low prices we will still make them low! erand guarantee to save you 25 cents on every $1.00 11 1 you purchase of us. Here are a Pew of our Bargains : Very Fine Tennis Flannels, worth 8£; saleprice 6d H Best SMrtinpr Prints, J „ „, „ s a Spragues andMerrimacks ) ° 3 »' , *•* Fast Colored Cheffonette ( « in „ 'Dress Lawns ) iv) '» Lawns and Challies, ) . H . New Patterns > °> Imported Dotted Swiss ( « 0 . „ Beautiful Designs ) ^ Imported French Jacconets, " 25; " 20 pieces Cassimere Imprinee, " 30; " ' All our French Penangs, " 15; " Go<d Apron Ginghams, " 6; " All our Fine Pongees, " 12*; " •; All our Ribbons. Laces, Veilings, Hosiery, Under.'wear, Bed Spreads, Toilet Soaps, Handkerchiefs, and —*— NOTIONS--*—* go at sweeping reductions. Wetintendjto make every one remember GUILD'S FIRST SEMI-ANNUAL H CLEARING SALE if dry goods bargains willjdo it. pint will pay you tojbe on hand early if you wish first choice. IGUILD' DUY tiOODS STORE, N"ext door to Simon's Clothiujr Store KEEP COOL See our Special Low Prices on all Summer Clothing. *""" Must be Closed Out Regard less of Cost. Steam ship tickets to and from ail parts of the world at lowest rates. Pltcher'i Cattorla.

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