The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on May 21, 1908 · Page 5
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The Winnipeg Tribune from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada · Page 5

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1908
Page 5
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TK2 2G TBIS'JITE, THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1908. CONSlDEIslKG ESTIMATES Cutting a Swath in Society ON S CO E D Roisfliivis Number ot Items Were Tassed Yesterday G.T.IMt. Bill. Ottawa. .May The House spent a nulet ()h.v in supply. The prlnclpa.1 Item passed was the civil service estl-mateB for several of the departments. Ihe opposition showed that they had no Intention of depriving any officials of their salaries, anil allowed these Items to go through. A number of mounled police estimates also were passed. These, however, do not affect the main Issue, ami the one-eighth supply was not touched, nor will it he allowed to no through until Sir Wll-1 rid Iyaurler actually Introduces his amendment to the Aylesworth bill, which provide for no discrimination against Manitoba. Unnecessary Extravagance. When the House went Into committee of supply on the Mounted Police estimates, Hon. O. K. Foster raised the question of sending Capt. Bernler up to assert Canada's Jurisdiction In northern waters. In his view the mounted I.ollce were doing the work and the tending of Capt. Bemier was an unnecessary extravagance. ' The premier's reply was that Capt. Bemier went further north than do the mounted police. He pointed out that Canada had lost Rkagway through failure to assert her Jurisdiction there. In reply to another question by Mr. l'oster. Sir Wilfrid stated that Saskatchewan and Alberta each paid seventy-five thousand dollars annually towards, the upkeep of the mounted police in the two provinces. It was about one-third of the cost. John Hermn made a plea for better pav for the mounted police. He criticized the smallness of the reward ' fered for the discovery of the murderer of the mounted policeman recently shot at Frank. On the latter point, the premier replied that the force was limited by law to $200 as a reward. On the other question he made not statement. Post Office Estimates. When the post office estimates were up, Mr. Bergeron called attention to the commnets of the civil service commission on the employment o women. Mr. Lemleux said that women employees, were in the department before he became minister. They had been doing their work satisfactorily and he did not see his way clear to remove them. However, he would prefer men If he could get them. On the subject of letter carriers' uniforms, also raised by Mr. Bergeron, who called them "ridiculous," the postmaster-general announced his Intention to" give the letter carriers Home additional pay to encourage them to keep their uniforms "natty with creased trousers." "Rather hard to keep trousers creased with only one suit for rain or shine," commented Mr. Bergeron. "They have rain cloaks," said Mr. Lemieux. In all votes for Jl.109,000 were passed. G. T. P. R. Bonds. Hon. W. S. Fielding Introduced ana explained the proposed act In respect to the government guaranteed bonds ol the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway company. The bill, he said, had three objects. The first Is to authorize th6 lirand Trunk Pacific to pledge, for th purpose of raising money, bonds which aro guaranteed by the government. This was Intended In the original legislation In respect to the bonds, but the proper machinery had not been available. The second object arises from the recent Judicial decisions In England to the effect that when bonds are pledged tliey are deemed to have been issued and the power to Issue them ceases. The bill would make it clear that the pledging of the bonds will not Interfere with the right to sell them later on. Mr. Fielding said these Judgments may itrect other companies and general legislation may be required later on. The third object of the bill Is to facilitate the construction of the railway and avoid delay by providing that the government may Issue i letter of credit to the Grand Trunk Pacific for an amount not exceeding one million dollars out of the proceeds of the guaranteed bonds. The expenditure of this money must be limited to the objects set forth in the act respecting the National Transcontinental railway, and must be duly accounted for. If it is found that the money has been used for other purposes It must be made good. The iirand Trunk, the parent company, will be made responsible for any money wrongly spent. In reply o questions put by Dr. Sproule and Hon. 11. K. Foster, Mr. Fielding said this arrangement does not create any new obligations, or add to any former obligations. The letter of credit would not be chargeable against the con-lolldated funds, or constitute an advance to the company. Missing Ballots. R. L. Borden brought up the question of the Ktanstead bye-election ballots, which were found missing when required recently in connection with the protest. Whatever suspicions might fxlst as to the cause of the dlsappear-wce, he was quite sure no suspicion Ltiirarr'iajiv.v . i nvi i r y s Kg could attach to the late cleric crown In chancery, Mr. Lamothe. It did not seem, however, that the government had taken proper precautions to ensure the safety of these papers which affected tho seats of members. The room in which they were kept was accessible to many persons, and one or two keys would open all the various bolts in the room. He thought a departmental enquiry should be made to ascertain. If possible, the cause of the disappearance. sir Wilfrid Luurler replied that he was convinced that the ballots had disappeared prior to tho death of Mr. Lamothe. He would be pleased to have an enquiry, and would move in the house tomorrow that the matter be referred to the committee on privileges and elections, or to a special committee, If so desired. VICTORIA'S SENSATION Trial of a Dentist and Medical Doctor on a Serious Charge. Victoria, B. C, May 20. Dr. Richard J. Oaresche, dentist, and Dr. Richard Carter, prominent professional men of Victoria, today appeared before Judge Lampman. charged with performing a criminal operation on Katie Glenn Mcintosh, the seventeen-year-old daughter of a prominent and old time family here. The girl was on the witness stand all day, and the case will be resumed tomorrow. The tflrl, amid outbursts ot grief, told of her life for the past two years. She told how In Vancouver she had been the sport of men prominent in the business and social life of that city, had been induced to enter a notorious house run by Ruth Owens, had been surrounded by fallen women and banders, and had finally been rescued from her immoral surroundings by a leading Vancouver business man, who had communicated with her parents, and had hsr sent home to Victoria. Since her return she had been cm-ployed In Pr. Garesihe's office, with whom she had been intimate. At his request she consented to undergo an operation, and his friend, Dr. Carter, performed the operntlon, but not before she had consented to submit ta Indignities from him. Ild 750. In his efforts to hush the matter up, Dr. Uareaclin paid the girl's mother t'oO, admitting he was responsible for her condition, but when the girl became 111 the fact of the illegal operation became known, and both doctors were charged with the criminal offense. The police investigation showed that In her two years of shame the girl had been Intimate with many of the prominent men of both roast cities, and It Is expected before the trial ends there will be sensational evidence submitted. Both defendants, who have been out on $25,000 ball since the preliminary hearing, have been practising here for several years. Garesche being a man of wealth and wll connected. v f 1 5. V.S Alfred CVanderMf H0SSACK GIVES UP HIS PULPIT "Abolish the Bar," His Cry Letter of Besignatiou .Read at Church. Fishing Leases. Ottawa, May 20. In the upper house, numerous petitions In favor ot the Juvenile delinquents bill were presented. Senator MacDonaid of British Columbia was told that when the government leases fishing rights In the western lakes It does not give a monopoly of the waters to the lessee and the lake cannot be assigned without the consent of the minister of marine. Toronto, May 18. To be free to conduct his campaign in North Toronto, Rev. D. C. Hossack has resigned the pastorate of Deer Park Presbyterian church. His letter of resignation was read at the close of last night's service, and was pretty much of a surprise. The letter makes it clear that "Abol ish the bar" will be the leading plank In Mr. Hossack's election campaign. Letter of Resignation. Mr. Hossack's letter was as follows: Dear Mr. Thomson I hereby tender my resignation as minister of Deer Pafk Presbyterian church. I do this with great regret, as my relations with the congregation have been most pleasant. It Is a satisfaction that the congregation is not only harmonious but strong and vigorous. On account of the character of the district, It is clear that the congregation will soon be one of the largest and most Influential, not only in the city, but In the whole country. I am resigning that I may deal in a public and practical way with a great moral question, which has 'been discussed academically, but without that result which has been desired. I refer to the abolition of the bar. The academic question of personal liberty Is not Involved, as I am not referring to prohibition. The bar, as an institution of our province, In the opinion of very many, Is a social blight, a menace to morality, and an economical burden. It Justifies its own banishment. The miseries which spring from It appeal to all men to abolish it. As It is a provincial institution, every citizen Is personally responsible and cannot discharge his responsibility ty silence. Those who now suffer by this institution are calling for help. I, for one. am not prepared to decline that call. I hope and believe that the church will prosper abundantly. It is a great satisfaction to my family and myself to know that we are to remain here, where we have so many friends. With kind regards, I remain, sincerely yours, D. C. HOSSACK-Toronto, May 18, 1908. For 8ix Years. Mr. Hossack has been pastor of the Deer Park congregation for six years. Prior to that he was pastor of Orange-vllle Presbyterian church and Dunn Avenue Tresbyterlan church, Park- He is also a lawyer by profes- In his now famous letter to O. W. Ross in 1904, Mr. Iiossaclc devoted considerable space to the temperance question: and roundly scored the Pre miers failure to reoeem nis pieoges. He also censured him for taking in O. P. Graham and A. O. MacKay, who "wrecked the temperance resolution" at the great Liberal convention. W. C. T. U. Meeting Postponed. The meeting of the W. C. T. U.. called for yesterday afternoon, was postponed owing to the Inclement weather. Instead it will be held this coming Saturday at 8 o'clock, in the Wlllard Home, Balmoral street. As this will be the final meeting before convention 1 iu very important that all members attend. OPENING OP flAPPPYLAND Special Attractions Will be .Ready for Monday, May 25th. Happyland will open for the summer of 1908 next Monday, May 25, the day celebrated for Victoria day this year because of the date. May 24. falling on a Sunday. The big pleasure grounds will undergo considerable changes during the next two or three weeks. Electricians, carpenters and laborers are now busily employed cleaning and repairing. The opening date will not reveal many changes In the amusements although the management provides plenty of interesting features. The Old Mill will undergo many changes after the opening, many new scenes will be placed along the course of the fairy river and considerable color work placed in the grottos. The big figure eight coaster is the same as ever, no changing this solid structure and no need to do so as it affords such an exhilarating ride and the amusement so eagerly sought by the patrons. The splendid ballroom will come back to Its own this summer. Dancing will be the feature of this building again. The directors of the company feeling assured the public prefer the seductive amusement to the roller skating. Dancing will be the inaugurating feature May 25, continuance of same desending upon the public patronage, the enclosure will remain around the building as last summer, admission charged to enter the outer gate. The ice cream soda pavilion will again be controlled by the Blackwood company, and will be In operation opening day. The Johnstown flood will again be seen in the big scenetorlum building and at a reduced admission fee, later this popular and interesting feature will be removed to another building on the grounds and an organization now in existence in the States devoted to Musical Comedies will become the occupant, presenting popular musical comedy productions with a change of bill weekly, Wednesday nnd Saturday matinee. The company number 20 actors and actresses, singing, dancers and comedians and at very popular prices will no doubt become a popular attraction to the city and the feature of Happyland. Another building will be devoted to the moving picture entertainment, arrangements now being made for the feature film, "Bluebeard." The big aerial swing will again be in commis- 39B-40I MAIN STREET, WINNIPEG Friday's Attractive Values 35c Glove and Hosiery Section LADIE3 81 LK GLOVES Beautiful fine quality, elbow length and Jersev wrist. Colors, white, cream and black. Sizes to Si. Friday AQr Special Price, per pair tyv LADIES' LACE LISLE GLOVES Extra good quality. A dandy lot of lace patterns to choose from, elbow length. Colors, white and black. Sizes 6 to 8. Friday Barg-aln Price, OCr per pair OJl LADIES' FANCY LISLE THREAD HOSE Very fine elastio quality with lace ankle. A dainty assort ment of designs to choose from. Colors, sky, pink, grey, champagne, hello, tan, wnlte and black. Sizes 8i to 10 inches. Friday Price. per pair 60 DOZEN CHILDREN'S PLAIN CASHMERE HOSE Pure wool quality, full fashioned with seamless feet, medium weight. In colors of cardinal, tan, white and black. Sizes 8 to Si inches. Bplendid value to 60c pair. OC Friday Sale 3Q Silks and Dress Goods 40 INCH COLORED CHIFFON TAFFETAS. Special low price on this extra wide silk, lovely finish and light weight, in the following Bhades light, mid and dark navy, red, cardinal, reseda, vleux rose, sky, hello, grey, purple, bronze, mvrtle, eto. Regular selling at $1.50. Friday, M in per yard pilv BLACK SERGE FOR WALKING OR RIDING SKIRT8. Splendid quality of Black Suiting Serge, good hard finish and medium twill, correct welg'ht for ladles' Jong coats, walking skirts or riding skirts; also for men's suits. Regular selling at $1.60. tf Q Friday, per yard pl.iy ALL REMNANTS OF DRE83 GOODS selling this week at a further reduction of 25 per cent. Many instances you can buy a good skirt length Less Than Half. VEILINGS TO THE FRONT ON FRIDAY. A very high class offering in pretty veilings on Friday, 24 Inches wide, in the following up-to-date shades navy, brown, black, white, ky, Copenhagen, che,mpagne, etc. Ribbon border, hemstitch and spots. Regular 85c, 90c and $1.00.. AG Friday, per yard .' UJC Bargains in Leather Goods Ladies' Leather Hand Bags In assorted styles and colors. Nicely Mulshed and lined. tfO fA Worth up to Jj.00. Friday Special J.UU LADIES' STEEL AND GOLD BEADED BAGS In assorted colors. Chain handle. Regular COr price, R5c and $1.00. 'Friday Bargain QJ GENT'S BILL BOOKS In large and small size, containing several compartments; also gent's cigar cases In assorted colors and leather. These are all worth up to $1.50. Friday Sale 50C WALRUS LEATHER BOOK COVERS With convenient handle and bone paper cutter, assorted colors. Regular price $2.60. d fu Sale Price plUU Ladies 9 NeckwearReduced FANCY 8ILK AND CHIFFON-Collars and stocks in black, navy, tan and all the delicate shades. A variety of designs to choose from. Regular Off. 65c up to $1.00. Friday, each u3C EMBROIDERED' SILK TIES In all the fancy colorings. Regular 60c. Off-Friday ZDC VALENCIENNES LACE YOKES In fine' dainty patterns, with collar attached. CflL Special Friday DUC NOVELTY LEATHER AND KID BELTS In fancy atrip, Persian and oriental designs. A variety of styles. All sizes. Regular $1.35 up to tCI AA $1.65. Friday 3l.UU SILK BELTS AND GIRDLES Just a few dozen to clear. All shades. Regular 60c and 60c. Iff-Friday 13C SOUVENIR BELT PINS In hard enamel and sterling silver. A variety of colorings. MC-Speclal Friday 1DC NECKLACES In all colors, also nnri niaiu miAtfu, iwg siranus. xveguiar ouo ud to o&c, Friday ,. 35c aadies American Silk Embroidered . 0. 25 Cents 17 Pieces of American Organdy Muslin White ground with white embroidered silk stripes and neat floral effects end fancy rings, in pale blue, pink, hello and yellow. Also a few pieces in stripes and embroidered dots with fancy floral designs. "Fast colors." Regular 82c and 35c OC Friday Special, per yard aWC slon for a whirl through space high up in the air. The miniature railway will be much in evidence with Its shrlU whistle, and carry the delighted children at a reduoed price this summer, In fact, most all the amusements will reduce the price of admission for children. The big Edlsonla building will be fitted with machines of new design and novelty. The shooting gallery will be in operation and the merry-go-round again whirl the children round to the merry strains of the big organ, As an open air attraction Barrow-clough's big Winnipeg city band have prepared a special programme for the opening and will continue the pleasing concerts began during the early winter ponths. Moving pictures will also be a free attraction, a big solid white frame erected near the band stand, upon which 4,000 feet of the beBt subjects procurable will be seen for nearly a t hour. This form of amusement appeals to all classes and will no doubt meet with success as an entertainer in the park. Night admission to the park will continue as in former years, except for children. During the afternoon th; entrance will be free except holidays, permitting parties to plcnto on ttiD grounds, tables and benches In abundance being provided, although some of the amusement features will not be In operation until 6 p.m., except holidays and Saturdays, when everything will be In full blast from 1 p.m. The gate will be open Monday, May 23, at 12 noon. OBITUARY The funeral of Sail, five-year-old daughter of Mr. and jtlri. Joseph Bad-all, who died Tuesday, took place this afternoon at two o'clock. The funeral of the late Melbourne J. Johnston took place yesterday afternoon from the family i residence, Langslde street, to St. James' cemetery. Rev. Mr. Spence oonducted the service In the presence of a large number of sorrowing relatives end friends. The pall bearers were W. Scott, B. Stevens. F. Milllgan, H. Weirs. 8. Boyd and B. Hawkins. Many beautiful floral tokens covered and surroundel the casket, among them Being from Father and Mother, Lilly. Willie and Maggie. Uncles and Aunts, Cousins, Supt. and staff C. N. R. dining car department. Sam Cahoon, Charlie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. "W. Boston Towers, Mr. and Mrs. Thorlackson, Mr. and Mrs. Arch. Spiers, Mtss A. Case, Mr. and Mrs. Cahoon, Will and Bert. Stephens, Mabel and Bert Hawkins, 'J, D. Cahoon, Mrs. J. Hutchinson, Cholfield family. His Companions, Miss Jennie Johnstone and Mrs. W. Dowdle, Mrs. Mulvaney and Mabel Seymour, and Mr. and Mrs. Harrison. iyiiurmmii;juijiuui No formality or delay in opening SAVINGS ACCOUNTS. I Large or small sums may. I I be deposited or withdrawn 1 as desired. H. H. O'REILLY, Manager, X 399 Main 8treet, f y Corner McJermoti Not the Man Wanted. Macleod, Alta.. May 21. Last Friday night the police at Lethbrldge arrested a man named Ernest Hayes, who was thought to be connected with the robbery at the Canadian Paclflo railway station here. Chief Rhodes, of Macleod, was communicated with, but upon investigation gives out today that Hayes U not the man wanted. MEN AND WOMEN. Dm Bit CI for unitml dlsWhAriMetnflftmmfttioni. IrrltftiloQi or nlcrtioi.i of nieoii mmbrnt. Baliilssa strut Skn astrisi. WEvwCsEMNlLCt, gmt or soiionona. SMI4 ww DntlUU, ' er ent la pi .In wrjr, " er aortal, pravsid, tor SI.OO. or I bottlM 13.75. (areolar sast sa raquon. Read The Tribune and get all the news. Qwhim U 1 JJ HrtMar.. WS0IIIT1,I J 1 ALLOW AYi CHAMPION tea Mala Street. Dealers In Btooks and Bonds. Uoney sent to any part of the world Bankers and Brokers Osier. Hammond & Nantoo Stork Broken, Buy and Bell on Commission - OCK AND BONDS On Toronto, Montreal. Naw York and London Exchanges. DOMINION BANK BUILDINO. WINNIPEG. Read The Tribune and get all thi news. The Tribune Is the people's paper. ik ma Q SENSATIONAL CARPET VALUES. Finest Axmtn store, in beautiful designs and rnlor-ings. Worth up to I2.7S per yard. Special. QCr per yard 'v' AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. A large assortment of Elegant Brussels Carpets. Worth up to $1.90 per yard. Made and Oflr laid for, per yard 7Ut AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. Rugs marked at half and leas than half regular prices, with a further discount JQ Pgf ect. A RECORD CUT IN CURTAINS A good assortment of high grade tapestry curtains. Slightly soiled. Worth 118.00. QQ For.?.!1?;00:. .. .. .. .$4.00 Worth ,30.00. $800 AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. clall Ar Curta,n' ln rr"',nl "nly. These aro spe- pric. $2.75- $500, $6.00 an.t $10.00 AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. These prices are Just shout half regular value, mam w tiki pus AT THE IDEAL BAMWT SALE EVERYTHING IN THE STORE MUST GO AT ONCE DEGI NNINC this morning there will still be a furthar cut of Ten Per Cent in all prices. We have. left the regular sale price tags on all goods everything is marked in plain figures and you can select any article in the store and buy it at 10 per cent, off special sale prices. If you have been looking at a carpet, rug or anything in the store, come and get it now at this discount. There is still a lot of fine furniture, carpets, rugs, draperies, etc., in stock. You will find something to suit you. Don't worry about the price. You never saw as big bargains before as are being offered here. Don't miss it. jvJ U i LIU IrLni WINNIPEG'S BUSIEST CORNER T H PORTAGE AVENUE AND HARGRAVE FIREWORKS. Get ready for next Monday. We hava Just opened the balance of the atock of the Western Sporting Goods, Ltd., bankrupt stock, and are offering exceptional bargains ln cannon crackers, rockets, torpedoes, colored fire, pin-wheels and all kinds of fireworks at 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT OFF SALE PRICES. SIDEBOARDS. Two only, ln empire oak finish. 1fl "TR Special BlUaJ AND 10 PER CENT. DI8COUNT. Two only ln empire oak finish. fell 9 Special spUaia AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. at ?z $13.95 AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT-EXTENSION TABLES. Ten only In empire oak finish. Extends to S feet. Very heavy table, with five square legs. fi f C Special eJOalJ AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. Three only Round Top Extension Tables, In emrplre oak finish, lias five heavy round legs, 11 Off and extend to I feet. Ppola4 pa.7 AND 10 PER CENT. DISCOUNT. J

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