Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 3
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r THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY E^'ENING. JAXUARY 19, 1928. PAGE THREE C. E. May, a linotype operator -at the Register offke. js iinabit? to be ajL the otficc on acdoiint of ill- l^ss. He will iirobal»I>f-be off th* reat,or the week: \ j ; Allen ronutj- Poraona X«1« The Allen (bounty Pomona met last Saturday with a basket dinner and a Rood'attendance. Ther^ will be a called meeting in the Chamber ol Commerce room in the Memorial hull. Siitufday. January 2ij at. one o'clock anil all members are nrped to be present as there is ithportant business to attend to. Mrs. C. K. McHenry—ReiHjrter. —Rummase Sale in SifeKs BIdjr- by Presbyterian ladioR Friilay .ind jJaturday. Mrs. G. E. Pendarvis. of 408 East 'Jackson avenue, who has been ill for two weeks. \va.^ reported better today. ; • . —A. II. Sihwnrdt. rabiii.-l Makf-r. r.ll South Colborn. —Dr. A. n Twadell. Osteop'jath. Now Olobu Illdg. Phone 191. ' :—Beautiful dress h^tj> at $2.50 _and including' new spring ,nnm*erp; also siik hosiery for less monej-. Edward^ Millinery. I '.AHenfion Modern lYoodiuen. -^District Depu^ Geo. L. Slavy- soti requests that every member be present at-.the M. >V. A. Hall to- r Mljsht. Special business. Stan bijg cjonpalgn In Alu-n county. ' .' E. P. .SIPVCK. qerk. Mr.<. "V\'e.sley Shaw and daughteK M'lSiue, of Emporia, "ia liere for it tihori visit Willi relatives and friends. —Baby clilcks hatch every Tuesday at the Stunly Chick Hatchery. —Discontinued patterns and small loLM of Staiiiped .Pieces off of regular prir^-. Inelmled are lunch Beis. liuff<-l 5 s.isi yrUtfu. bouddir .wliti their iiareiiis anil Krandpar- plUotts. ei -nif-r (fTK .H ;tiid ipnins. I'lit-. Mr. and .\trs. Jop Melton. The .Siylf S!i«i>. :— I ; - ; — Dr. J. T. Held, SurKory and Mrs. .\ J ;llay.-i w.tit loOiiawa X-ray. Phone rs:.?. j, loda^. ealltiliby ih-. d.-alh of her • .. i jjiHU -r, .Mr^< Uiii.-.- Kaiitv.- • elilclo and a br<".d.r J'.t 7.'> 1 , X_ ,at the SInrdv <"lii<ik llal>li.-i v. l'L''i . ^ - " Jleniird: • Hir .-.t 1, - Hav.n.l UmIk- .V.i 1 .7 m ,\ r \ _ ' -,- wiU pay J :iiM( M -.van't I')r ariist' Tin- Uanuar.v iiiMiiln -r of "Tlio and lonviii jo.'i nf p.-niif-, ihat held -M'dii-al \\\»rld,' a in«'ilical inaj,'a- up liie'Hayiird Slur.- i!i tiie iw .i r.--^ ziti.- published ' in Pliilad-lpliia. cent biddups^ ..I 111.- arie.~l and c<intalti.-i an aiti.l.- by l>r. W. i-\ conviiMion cf. .-tiiy uiiH Ihdiliiii; u|i -ir • *'"'.w. <ii' Inla. iindor the l:ea"liii!i " atiemptinif i-i ImM up' ain nf irs "'-^'iiiii- OlHi -i-vatidu-; ami Heniarlis m.'UJbers in lli.- fiiiiir-. ,<"' Orfrin.-^ <if the Sp.-iial t^en.-ses.' ! It i:i an intereslinu aui! s.linlarly - • _Piv.-. alitiii-t Mi-.v 1";!.!. rw<i<id t i >utrilni!i(ui and o-lupi^-s a proni- Ty'pi-writi'r.-i |"-r niuuitr. in< ut l>fcief in tln' .Macazim-. W. f'. Miller, cit.v motorcycle patrolman, aud ••I>oc." Daggett, county jailer, returned la.«t night, from Indepeiidence where they testified In a chicken stealing case. . - MH'Ired Curtis. .M. D. General Medi'-ine. ,.,l)tric-e over Cook'.-* Drup Store. Pay or night idiom- .">."i4. Altpntlon 3Iadem M'lMtdinen. — District D<;puty (Seo. U Slawson requests that every member be' present at the CM. W. A. Hall tonight. Special busiiicsF. Start big campaign in Allen county. E. P. SI^ACK. Clerk. The program committee of the IjiHarpe unit of 'the ^Viimeu's Farm Bureaii wUl confer with Mrs. Florence SvTerud. '.county home demontration agent, today at the home of .Mrs. J. C. Reeves in I^a- Hariie. . . •— • -—For Real Estate Loans see the •^erurity Rid::. & Loan Assorlatlon, IdlB, Ks. Office in First Natl. Bank. / ) Teachers, —Teachers' e.\aminatIon Friday Jnd Saturday. Jan. 27 and 2S. Fee, 11.00. Dollie V. .-Xdanis. Ci,. Supi. -Mrs. Thomas Fitzpalrlck. vvho MYStERIOUSLY MISSING MISS M,.. I >f n .: II 11 u. • -"'•s. Thomas Ftzpairck.- who Vnnnl. I ,m T.'? if" 'Las been visiting Mrs Hettle Viu- . T?v\ i V i.*^ r '".f.""^ i "f Krie. and with her ,iar- Sprlnas. Tf xa«, jor a months visit L„,. „„,, hmh., ents, .Mr. and Mrs; Phon WilliajuH. Ol' 60i> South Sycamore street, re- tiuTDcd today to her home in Ponca City, Okla. \yyi. V. TRKiv • Physician iind Surgeon F.y.: Kiir, .N'ose and Throat * Classes Pitted * 2'-i S \Vasliin;;ton. lola • (.Mfice phone S2U: Re.--. II.'jO NEWS NOTES OF |tertained-a -few frii-nds in. honor nbn', here, our boys were victor- of their wedding anniversary .M6u- ious but the girls were defeated, iday evening. " ! The W. F. M. S. of the Methodist mrn /vnilA'T>1 f f O ' -'^ crowd attended the re- j <hurch met at the home of Mrs. lirllNHII rUl I \ ception at the M. E. CInirch Tue.-^- 1 Gordon ' Thursday afternoon. IIUVUIIV 4 X\UUU |day'evening in honor of the new f . . j pastor, the Rev. A. C. Steward and ii :elK»kuh Lodge Elilerf«lns Leroyi^aWy -Mrs. Bacon had char*:., of I I .tHlgf - .Mr. ;ind .Wr*. Taylor Riddle I'elebrate Weddinv ' Anniiersiry D. Kent has been list this wt-ek. on the sick ; • (.Mrs. \\: P. Heath) j .XEOSIK)^ FALLS. Jan. 14.—Ur. fBamford who has been in the hos- jpital at Chanute where .«ihe under;went on op-ration, is getting along (nicely. • ' . Owinn to the remarkably fine the program which consbited ; of -^n airplane tran-sportationl com- miisical numbers given bv her pu- Pany is being organized which wilt iplls. fJames were phive.l and re- ~^?*-ciaIize in rlift traits^wrtation of ifreshnients -if -cake and eoffee Urnits. vegetablen and other per- were serveil. j isliable produce from Califonria to High school juniors, and sponsor. ' "'^ Kastern markets. • Prof. Mayi attended' the show, j '*Ber\-Hur." at lola picture .Monday evening. Several lyoung folks from here I attended the show at lola Thurs- Venezue!a now rank.<; among the countries of the fourth world ! in the production of petroleum. ; weather w.- are having,! many are iday evening. getting their gardens plowed. j ' O. L. Johe.s- who h'as been seri- : i J. C. Henderson and family arejously ill for many weeks, remains jaiovint- from the Lynn farm, about the same. I of town. Clarence Henderson and. itamily will accompany them, i -Mrs. \V. T. Pfke is quite ill. , Mrs. J. E. Williams has been -Mrs. Hodges is making her i daughter, .Mrs. Warren Wilson, an ! e.xt(>nded visit. ' f John Meyers is attending court 0its -Burns .\orihan:i jtJiii. .Mas.s.. J:in I'l d ilia'i i, ilailglilel. KralKi-'; Si. .Iniiii 5' y •suffering from an Abscess in her at Yates Center this week, •^ar. • . When the "Red r '.cliib received i Mr and Mr.s. Brewer who have,,^,jpr„ ^^^^^ morning. Melvin Lee. ibe.-n rooming at Mrs. Woliord s „f our high school boys, rear.- leaving this week. Mr. Hrewer i^.^Iv^d justly proud ,was ailing as for the M-Melvin's in alhletics at K-T ac.-nr. • ^ junior college this voar. j .Mr. .Stoker who was formerly | ,„ hasket ball Wed- ' •M-K-T av.-ut h-iV. will r-lurn with .np^jay„,p p^^,,^ y^,.. •-^ family to his old position here ; i-r. toiiav aiiiiouni • i. ,;hh Si . .I-' iiiiiii' (..uu-. lll.'il. ..<! 1. Ralph lirakf w. nt lo I'haiiiite on' the noon tr.iih loii.iv lo visit his : wife, who is Til in tli- .lohnson hos- pitiil. Frieiuis ot .Mrs. Drake will he ^lad to know thai .she is re-t |.or'( d as beitiT. I —Discontiiliied paltcilit' and small ; lots of Siam !i »-il Pieces, 'i. off of i We know,Bakery Products • are good. But Have Vou Tried Ours? VA.\ HOOZER'S. — Dr. G. K. Pi-ndarvii, Dentist. ^ r..| Id 1 regular j)riie. Inr liidt.d. are liiu'h ; Dik ovj-r CJobe. Plio. oSt; lies. 112:5. seta, buffet, sets, scarfs. . iKMidiiir pillo\y-». centi-r pi« r|- and aprons. The .Style ,Stiup. • ! —Sa»e ii|)h(d-tered furniture iYo>« mi.nse«^.l of imoIIk, 1» p Ki.V-'lOX, I —^Ir;^ L..A. Mundis. of Ale.xandria. l.ii. who has lj.-en hen' since ! "'tie counties ill - .soUtlieaM i Christmas, a gueM in the homes of j '^an-'«t,s by I>re.-^ident Vuri; l.ruk- i-tiivn "1 eTilIt tie .-ill' e from llulchin.soii where s'lie: at- ia $1. jeward fur any information her. recovery. j tended ihe .state ei >nvenlion( of !ijc j _ - _ , . _ ;- r. - •V^ne^av o^ t u'Jek I r X- f'"' inM>rov- Vienna. w!,i.U tuk- s is U-uus ^.tterieTl ' s ,e< f - and is able to sit up a little' train, i- n.,w a. .1 ' tire" 'slW' d -iJlS 'bv Dr.'«: i -'"^ ""^ u i.. Ml .r. e-i:,.,.- .ight ..v...:u,.. tnou. M. I'eckham of WaierDnr'y, Conn..|''""''^' _ ^ "i - Rnmin;ig.' Sale in Sifer.^- Bl'!^'-—O. L. Cox, M. D. .Sperlali^t. 1 li\ l'res |i\ leiian ladies rriiiay aiel i Kye, K ;ii. .Nos,- and Throat. of the uervesi siil/ldv-iiigihe'eve'^"''"''''^"' — mu.'.cles andisr of great aid to tiic optonietri.>;t in the diagnosis of I nius<ular_^ jnhalaniej and In eor-! reeling "Same wiili treatments on ej-e exei' Or. Lee has been i re-appointed as zone ehainiian of . . let;e -luiientj. alise The hirl has been iiiL —ufK !:i >!n D.-. .Mila Ha.ves Lee has returned January i:!.' Wiien he b-anied of her di.-ai.i .eaiMii. •• .Mr stutlying a course In "Bin<M-ular | Balance" wfiich-coii.sisrs of a stnOv I ' — ! Kren. fi hiplaiii'-•fiyine tw.i'.' 1 —We pay 6'.' c'n Full Paid and |-wireie-s .ontiol x pit. Installment Stock. The be.;t invest-: has mail- sov, ral i::;;.:!-. ..:;>! iia ment. the best method lo save. }iak>n ofr' hunleil tiin-^ -SecurllT Hldsr. A: Loan .\>soclalion, I iih'ir. niishai lola. ^iiiiiHas. T. J. .MiDerniotr.'Santa F Benny I..ursari!. inr:it.r vj.rld:- icirlstmas. a gueM in the homes of j -^^s ny fre .^ident A W Benson' i"' •><^. .«lH«Ht'ht .. ra ,>,,ioi,. .is one oi i .r and Mr.-.. W. P. Hull. Mr. and ''^'"la who heads th- K'ansa' I" «>•'«>'.•."' Kansas tl.e .very te-.y I u- 1- !,o ..iers «ho li.n e iMrs. P. .Sehonaerls and Mr. .nnd ' "•'"•'ailon ihis vear. •' " K-ity. was a Ims .ness v.snor at the ! re.ire.l r .rile. .ten. an'! n .M> . . ^ • . > • • loc.i otl .ce today. . , • lurne.l i„ ih- nii„; lo .io ^e. tMr. K.nierson • L.\ nil. ..advertising maJiager of the Register, was called to Boulder. Colorado, by ;i telecram received late yesterday afternooii li^r.ii. •statitig that his father was <rit-| • ' — i.-iilly ill. As it was too late fori - i^mall -election ofT)resses left him to ^et a train li-re .Vnce'o | f'""'" ""tr prfie sale Ftriday I Sf'ott drove him. la.-t ni-jht to Km- i'l'T'iing. o'ciot-k to 11 olcloA. pori .T. to catch a westlio'iiic! train jJue'thfl're at niidiiighi. r.- hi i'.galii. as .Mrs. Kiink is yet^ too ill to relnrii to her work. She has been ill t|(|. hospilal at Par.sons many weeks. i Frank Kreiiger. of Si. Joi-. .Mo..! lias been visiting friends here. | .Mr. ."xu.sbaiim ha.-i been Intsy this j we. k hauling corn from Geneva! fur S. It. Scott I Sam r>ennis lias been appointed j niana>;er of the Farmers Store to I -Mice d L- •• Saferile who lias been ! 'Ill-re for several'mohths. .Veosho F.tlls Uij:h school plave.; Colony Jiieh School at ba .sket ball; Friday eveninc. Tlie score -.vas in favor of Colony. _ ; The high school'play. ".Xnil liom.-. Catiie Tei!." will b- given here' soon. " ; .Mrs. Bloliin, who lives south of i town. be. n Very ill for many; wei-ks. .Mr. and ilrs. W Perry Heath at- teiidrd the junior c-ollegc play,' .\re Von a .Mason." which was giv-j .n in the higii school auditorium.' in lola Tliursdny eveninu to a well ; liHe.l house. Iladiel Heath who a iiienib.r of the p!:iy cast, re- : turned home with ile-m to spmd ! II;.. Wt-ek-end. Prayer nieetinp at the Congre-' uiiional clii:r<-h Wednesday even-' itic was wi'il ;ittendeil. The meet- ins was 1-d tiv the jiasfor. the Rev. \ (• Stewart, who gave ieresiing and useful instruction. Wr. and .Sir Relieved Vidcs' hewing, antiseptic in- ^edklnts bring ^soothing relief _>/VAPOR UB 0y£ftJ[^M/w6NJAfl5US£OYEA/ta in- Tayloi" Riddle en- fcr Kansas Clly. .Mo., where she will go through the clinic -of Re- i s;arili hospital- before retuPning | .on. These .->re wool jerseys, flat h icrep;? and satin crepe, siz,es 14 to The Style Shop. ,1 ! j . — . ! -Chester Thohias w.ll be glad to i see his friends at fhe Diatiioii i', I'.arber .«f!op. J. L. Afaffitt. Prop. ! r. L. B. LEAVEI.L. .M. D. ; Special, attention given Dis- eaf-es of Colon and Rectuii. " • — . ' Electro-Phvsiotherapv I •] Mrs. J. .V Biirnside.s. of r.O!) .Office lola State Bank Bldfe. •••North Washington avenue, received , : " Phones—117 and 7U."' ' • •' '"H t yesterday from her daiigli- • • • ; tor. .Mrs. Howard Wheaton. oflj ; I Buenos .-\ires. S. \.. saying that —Dr. Lucy E. Poison, Chiroprac- she and Mr. Wheiiton would arrive tar. NoTtbrup Bldg. Phone 326; '•Mr. Isaac Decker was in from ' fhsage township today and brought -With hinv a notice which appears • ! .else\vhere in this paper by whi<-1; the Bayard lodge of the .\. T^ offers a reward of for arrest ! snd conviction of the bandits who rifcenfiy. held up and robbed the Bayard store. Within a p^i^iod of than eigiit- weVks this stm-e •was twice he :.d up, $4 ''ifi iii cash 'being taken at'ohi| time aif'l "tKe second time. 'Hi'- .\. T A. cer- .taihtly is doiiii: i'~ -li.ue to apprehend tht' rohI«-r- i here about the last of March for a vi.s'it with homefolks and friends. They will sail from Buenos Aires February \ for a visit in France and England before coming here. —Dr. Montgomery. Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 13S. ;! ! —If voii aani to ti'iy or bulld, ! I ^:iv -..i..-. - r. lerlv. "I'he lola j "•tii'l -itMe I,e:.<i \ssi.. iaii'iti Will' t,,; • . • . 1...,; :i .t ...,.st rat^. j no commission. See C. V. Peep";\i at oM Kegi.ftcr building • southwest corner of square: j* ; jliarge of ihe The contractors in <.li f iire .sfies i^ft Kric-Parsons road pvi 'ijecl believe -ale Friday "'"'i with favorable weather the • :—"Snr-Ml selei-.ticn Ji:om ouF,'•• price , - , -morning. 9 o'clock lo 11 o'c!,>. k. • J'''',^?-'''>''•"".'I-''^,^^^^^ - $5.00. Th^se are woo: jer.:.e.vs. flat i'rj-^'l^' ^iox^ April 1. the. time to crepe and satin crept', .sizes M to >;is Thi> Style Sln4). i —"Van's Bread." good as ever. . ^, . ; . , , I one-half miles. The present roai ..^Tlns mornir.g..1lyIrsday January x\^v*^n^ from Krie ! follows • th, y.\. lei .phon.. service was opened l,.- -,.\v. (l .-om a poin for lb' first tune between th-^ ,„„,.^ ^,,| . ,„ ,, „,,, t piled States and .<mnn.-nlaI .KMi-n.jx „,il..s ,oulh wh-ri- it sirike: laye 'r-St. l-'iiiil djal road.: a mil'. West to floin the n ape. coniiectioti. I" iim made by way kj^. xhav ot London with l'.ri!~s.-|s and .\nt-' •wer[i in tielgiuiii Mins hecom.s the ! fjfih f<iri<lgii iiati'in r'l be brought of the Uiihin speakiiii; <li-ianc averuKi- .American home .\ 'all.j,.||.^ from any jioini in. lv:irisa- to Brussels or .Aiitw.ip uill cost $81 for the first .three niiinile,s and $2S.uii for each miiuiie thereafter. It l.cli'l "likily, therefore, that any^ Ixidy will'pui in a H'lgium call for _a llitle idle missip. hut It is inter- _esling to know iliaf if it is really Itnjiortnnt for'.soir.e Kansas cat to 'call the Kin--' it tan b" done. which the ciintract time was recently extended, chat bus been spread at this time from the .north etid -of,the project four miles south jot Erie, for a distance-jof four and I one-half miles. The present roail the point M s and turns a uiil'. west to floin the new I'rie-Parson- roiul at KM -elsior school house, from where it coii Big Spiecial Purehase Sale! One Hundred Fresh, lively New FLAT CREPES (;EORGETTJI:S Especially featured are these two jjreat groups for Fridsi.V and Sa.turday. THE CLEVEREST NEW STYLES IMAGINABLE Georgettes and Flat Crepes Especially f (\Tluriug the new: high shades vivid folors—pa.stel shades—also navy .Many aiirac'ive c:olor coinbinations—in one a'tld .two-piece iiioihs cape effect.s ideati-fj •and side styles—smart tailored froi-ks all si/es. be sure lo sec; tji^m. ' tinue.s smith lo the loiiniv line to A G REE OAYS' GH S KOOR DANGER SIGNAL ttotbers, Do This— p , ^ ,^ , ^ ' -1 P «r5i «tem ccmglts ahd colds lead to ; When the chikir'-n cotiph, rub Mus- ,criou$ trouble. Vou c»n stop them now terole on their ihr' .at; and cheats. 'No with Creoraulsion, an emulsified creo- telling how soon the, syr .'.ptonn may dif- Velop into croup, ui v.'.ch-. ttien's _ .when you're glad you Itave a jar of i-Mnsteroie at hzrA to give prompt zelief. \ • As ilrst aid, Musterole is excellent. Keep a jdr ready for instant use. .. It is the remedy for adults, too. Re" . lieves sore throat, bronchifis. tonsillitis, <jt)up. stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheu- ihatisro. iumbagbi pains and adies of Ij^ck or joints, sprains, sore muscles, dhilblains. frosted feet and oAis of the cliest (it jnay prevent pneumonia). To Mtahera: Mnctjerole U also made in milder form .fi>r babies and small children.'~ •_• Ask for Children's Miuteroie. Jar» & Tabes. sote that is plej^nt to take. (Jreomul- -'.n 'is a new medic;ll discovery with; Iwu -folj :ictiun; it soothes uhd heals the inflamed membranes and inhibits j ;;erra growth. Qf all known drug;, creosote is rec- ognizeil bj- high medical autboriliesas ', I iav of the greatest healing agencies for '\ persistent coughs and cold: and oilier forms of throat_tr«ubles. CrcomuIsion» rontains. in addition to creojote, other ' healing elements which southe add heal the infected membranes and stop, the irritation and inflomfnaiiun, while the' creosote goes on to' the! stomach, is absorbed into the blood, attacks the seat •if the trouble and checks the growth of tl^e^gertns. 1 CreorauUion is puarant--cl satisfactory in the treatmrnt , iif persistent i-oughs and colds, Lronclii-;! asthma, lironchhis and other fonns of respira- •.orf diseases, and a excellent for bund­ ing up the system after colcis or fli)..| ^^nef ref onded if any coogh at coii. ia not rdieted afcer'naldng accardink to other Wondi-rfiil New Spring Frocks Up to $45 these are (he very latest treation.s C'las.>5y .lean, strictly individual .style.s! I )V ART INEXPENSIVE SILK DRESSES i Beautiful Colorings 5.98 'Df .-e ^ir !•ssp^i liave just come in and they • rt positiveiy the preiiiest, sm'art ».st things v.e !;;iv;- ev.-r haci lo offer at such a very low (ir^i.;.- in a long tinle. They are the kind jif i!:-e.----.- every miss needs for general use j'hI tliey will ail'l .1 fresh touch lo your wiiiNr" uarllrobe for morning -for after- I1 ..IOII- fi .r oftee. business, street.- school ro;»l;i or college. . 'Voti will deliRht in seeinjj the New Sterling Coats for Sprinj; $12.50 to $35 "Dre^s I leiS. Sport li^al-. I'tilily Coals, Tnufl 1 iiiits. llie'niD-I luinderiiil >tyl«>> eier vlfon-ii.. ??ew Dress Pri;its 25c Yard Yard wide. fa.*:t co!ors..:in the most beautiful hew sprinK I patterns, li^ht and dark back);round.s. . : Other Print.s at 20c to .50c y.\fry Trlnt sold at thiv >torp must \» fact colors. New "Rosaine Hosier>- f;orvice weight: full fa.-hioneti. pure silk. d>-| pTA >i\k over ih.- knoo. pJir JL^ til/ New "Rosainer Chiffon Pure Silk, full fa-rhiorietl. new .<hade.s silk from toe t<i t <ip..j ):vir 1..i-- A «.c /tl QiHHTi f hancttf .Silk-St<>tking,>^ _ 1 Sl.OO Spring Suits Big- shipment.'^ arriving daily, tweeds and twills Call and in.-^pect sma|'t. chic styles. • .Shop Karlj. BeOne of Hip Kir^f !« ( hooso fine ..f rhpsejjVon- drriiil Urpsspv Tonii>rm^«. Ida, Kaiisas - Spring-Hats Big Shipments arriving daily, the .sea.son'.s very smartest styles will be found here. $3.98 ""$5 Company DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MIILINER\' lOLA - « - - KANSAS lOLA'S POPULAR STORE January- Clearance COMPARE'THESE PRICES S1.98 Cotton Blankets, Double Size. 64x76 _-_._-_?r:69 .S2.4.S Cotton Blankets, DoubW Size. 66x80 $1.98 §2.98 Cotton Plaid Blankets, Size 66x80 $2.25 S3.95 WoolFinJsh Plaid TJlankets. Size 66x80 .._$.3.25 S4.9.5 Wool Plaid Blankets. Size 70x80 $3.98 $.5.00 Wool -Mixed Plaid |Blankets, Size 70^80 $4.i25" .S6.9.=> Half Wool Blankets, Size 66x80 $5.50 $10.00 All Wool Blankets. Size 66x80 $7J95 $12.50 Air Wool Blankets, Size 70x80 $9.95 Outing Flannel Yard 17c Good tiuality Oiiiing Flannel. .'56 inches wide. Whlto and colors. Bleac^hed Muslin ^ardlOe Extra-fine-quality ^lus- iin. full bleached and free from stiarch. .'Je inches wide., ; ' / Brown Muslin Yard 10c X good weight ' Brown Musljn. 36 inches wide. Clearance price 10c yard. Pepperell Sheeting : 42c Yard 9-4 width which iii 81 inches. Your choice of either bleached or brown, a real value.: Sleepwell Sheeting 35c Yard 81 inches wide quality full t sheeting. Pillow Tub a good tleached ng 36-inch.: Linen Finish _25c 40-inch: Linen Finish _29c 42-inch'Linen Finijsh _39t 4.5-inch-Liriefi Finilsh -39c Giiighams Yard 19c .Merry Maid. 32 inches wide. Thi.s Ginghiim i.s known in every householfi; Colors ab.solutely. fast. January s.alo price 19c li yard. ' . Toweling^' *^ 16c Yard. Brown li-jien weft Tt )w- fling. .*\ splendid value at 16c a yard.- EXTRA SPECIAL Sleepwell Sheets $1.19 Each Size 81x90 Seamless sheets, an e.xceptional value. , Pepperel Sheets and Pillow Cases Size 81x90 full bleached and .seamless sheets. 'Jan-; uarv clearance price— $1.29 Each Size 42 .X36 Pillow Cases in above quality— 33c Each Size 42 .X36 Worth Pil- . low Gase.s— . • 25c Each r SILKS $1.59 .Yard Silk Brocades, Silk Can tons and— many colors from which' to choose. LA. real value. Turkish Towels 23c Each Good weight double' thread towel.,size 18x36. Turkish Towels 48c Each Extra Heavy Jumbo- Turkish Towels, size 22x-' 44. Wool Goods 1 Yard $1.98 All wool Bouele and' basket weave Crepe, 54 inches wide. All new. shades. Regular $2.98 values. January sale price ?1.08. Comfort Challie 16c Yard Bungalow Cretonne 19c Yard Silkalines 23c Yard The alx)ve three items are all exceptional values offered in our Clearance Sale. They are especially adapted for. comforts^as well as many other uses. i Percales Yard 16c .•'.G-inch. stand. Count Percales in both light and dark colors in a good variety of patterns. 20 Per Cent Discount —on the follo-wung items: Women's Knit Underwear, Children's Knit Underwear, Women's and Children's Sweater.s, Flanel- ette Gowns. Silk Bloomers Satin, Radium and Jer-; .sey Bloomers. Dark colors only. ' $1.00 SENEKER'S

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