The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1953 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1953
Page 5
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FRIDAY, .TUNE 5, 1958 SLYTHKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE tent Caterpillars, Army Worms on Rampage in Mid-West, Eastern States By The Associated Press Two of mankind's toughest Insect foes — army worms and ten caterpillars — are voraciously rampaging in record hordes in severa sections of the country this year. A check by Associated Press bureaus brought such comments as "heaviest infestation in 20 years," . . . "worsening by the hour" . . . "million dollar damage to crops," and comment by the U. S. Depart- of Agriculture that preliminary results of a survey now underway showed a "general outbreak" of army worms from the East Coast to the Mississippi. At Watertown, N. Y., tent caterpillars blanketed railroad tracks in such hordes that a freight train was delayed 35 minutes as wheels Pamphlet 1 to Aid Gi's in Buying Their Homes WASHINGTON UP) — A 32-page pamphlet designed to tell veterans many of the things they need to know about buying homes with GI loans has been published by the government. The Veterans' Administration said today the guide covers such things as what a veteran should r — look for in location and house, costs | Ocularly heavy army worm out- skidded on the pulpy mass. Minne sola was ready to do battle, with the most complete pest contro program in 30 years, against wha experts have predicted will be the state's "worst tent caterpillar in festation" in history. Two other Insect pests were re ported out in major force in more limited areas. Massachusetts Is contending with gypsy moths tha are expected to strip trees of their foliage across 25,000 acres; and the grape steely beetle is plaguing vineyards in an area around West field. N. Y. Serious infestations of arm; worms were reported from Illinois Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, West Vir ginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Penn sylvania, Virginia, Louisiana and Tennessee. Weather Blamed Tent caterpillars are concentrated in New Jersey, New York Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington Georgia and Maine. No one coulc say what the cause of the outbreak was, but freakish weather was mentioned as a possible reason some quarters. The U. S. Department of Agriculture said its survey showed par- of home ownership, contract details and what to expect before and after moving into a new home. Veterans who apply for certificates of elgibility for QI loans will be given copies. Veterans may also write to the VA's regional office for copies. The pamphlet is free. Brodie Twin Appears on TV NEW YORK OT—The world's rarest baby, 21-months-old Rodney Dee Brodie, went before a big audience last night, looking like any pink-cheeked tike awakened from his evening nap. He appeared on a nationwide television show — six months after an operation seperating him from his head-to-head Siamese twin brother. He Is the only child in medical history who has survived such art operation. Wearing gurgled contentedly while doctors in Chicago told of the delicate eur- | gery which gives him a chance for j a normal life. ! His brother, Roger Lee, died 34 i n__i. /%££:,__ fl-. ~J days after the operation. rOSf VrrlCG lrlOS€Cl a floppy cap. Rodney breaks in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Tennessee. In addition, It reported damage hi Illinois and Indiana by the corn flea beetle and harm to the cotton crop in some sections of the South by the boll weevil. The army worms concentrate on grass crops such as clover and grains like barley, rye, wheat and corn—but if supplies run out they readily turn to tobacco, tomatoes and other garden crops. They are about an inch and a quarter long, thick as a pencil, and have smooth greyish-brown appearance. After they have eaten their fill, within the next two weeks in most sections, they go underground and emerge in the fall as moths. The tent caterpillar (furry, inch and a half long) also becomes an autumn moth, but digests its feast of leaves on tree branches. All of the pests are night eaters, which means that the men armed with sprays of DDT, arsenate of lead and Paris green are handicapped in daytime extermination efforts. M— '~ v Award Brings On Disaster STANLEYVILLE, Belgian Congo (/P) — Camille Ngbomi. of Alberta some* fifty miles below Stanlcyvi on the river Congo, recently paddlec across the Congo river to get award from the local chief for saving the chief's wife from drowning He was offered two calebashes ol palm wine, got drunk, paddled back fell into the river and was drowned. LEATHERNECK LADY-Col. Julia E. Hamblet, is the new director of the Women Marines, succeeding Col. Katherine A. Towle. She was the first officer candidate to enlist in 1943, and was commissioned a second lieutenant soon after. Hays Store Phone 2001 We Deliver High Quality Low Prices Wayne Feeds layer Mash Layer Pellets Klg Pellets Chick Starter ; Grower Mash Scratch Feed Siigarlnc 16% aDiry Wayne 16% Dairy.. 32% Dairy Feed ... Calf Starter Pellets Fif & Sow Meal... Piir & Sow Pellets.. 35% Hog Balancer. 40% Hot Sip'lmnt Pork Maker Horse Feed Rabbit Pellet! .... Do* Food WR Shorts Polished Chop* 100 Ibs. 4.39 100 Ibs. 4.93 100 Ibs. 5.33 100 Ibs. 5.69 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 Ibs. 4.39 100 Ibs. 3.69 100 Ibs. 4,49 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 Ibs. 5.79 100 Ibs. 5.39 100 Ibs. 5.49 100 Ibs, 5.99 10« llw. 8.39 100 Ibs. 4.79 100 Ibv 4.39 100 Ibs. 5.99 100 Ins. 8.99 100 Ibs. 3.69 100 Ibs. 4.19 WASHINGTON (f)— The government is discontinuing its postoffice at Sulphur, Nev., Because nobody there is qualified or willing to serve as postmaster, Rep. Young (R-Nev) said today. Sulphur, in HBmboldt County, has a population of only 11 families. 2 Ships Collide; Crewmen Saved MESSINA, Sicily (/P) — An American freighter and a Norwegian tanker collided in the .Straits of Messina today and exploded In flames. All crewmen escaped injury and both vessels were towed into port here after the fires were put out. The collision, shortly after midnight, entangled the 7.606-ton American Export Lines ship Exmouth and the 9,938-ton tanker Pericles. Tugs pulled them apart. The Exmouth suffered a smashed bow. The Pericles had a 50-foot gash in her side. First Aid Fails, Baby Robin Dies ALBANY, N. Y. (/P)—Two tearful 7-year-old girls brought the patient to Albany Hospital. Busy hospital attaches promptly took x-rays and applied splints to the broken leg. But the next day Ellen Abclson and Leslie Berliner reported that despite expert treatment the baby robin had died. Alpine Rescue Dogs St. Bernard dogs no longer are used in the rescue work at the famous Hospice of St. Bernard in the Alps. The dogs now used are most- y of a cross-breed, part bul'ilog, Dart terrier, and part Pyrenees shepherd. "IT'S GOOD TO BE ALIVE"—That's what these girls seem to be saying as they soar over the flowers in front of Royal Albert Hall in London. They are rehearsing 3 performance of the Health and Beauty Girls under the watchful eye of their teacher. Car Leaves Street, Raises Havoc On Sidewalk —- Yep, Woman Driver DALLAS I*—Go ahead and sa; 'Woman driver." All she did was mistake the gas ledal for the brake pedal and send ler car scooting along the side- valk, making pedestrians jump ike kangaroos in downtown Dallas oday. The car knocked down a larking meter, shattered a plate 'lass window and "chased" a >londe 20 feet into rush hour traf- ic. Then it smashed head-on into mother car for the grand finale. Three persons were hurt. In reality, nobody was driving the car. Mrs. Warner L. Holland f Dallas had stopped near the urb to pick up her husband. She cotted over as he opened the door n the driver's side. The car was n automatic "drive." "Then the car began to roll." Holland told officers later. "My wife reached back toward he brake pedal with her left foot nd pushed down. She hit the ccelerator. "I was knocked down hard on ie street. The car spurted av.a\ he must have pushed harder on .he gas pedal every time the car it something." Mrs. Holland got a ticket for egligent collision. Doctors Checked Food Physicians, in 700 B. C., were mpowered to inspect the stock of ood merchants and put any out of usiness if their stock was not up par. Pressure Phenomenon Strange things often happen to ubstances under great pressure, /ater, for instance, heated to 180 egrees Fahrenheit has been ELIZABETH) By Marion Crawford farmer Govtmesi fc Htr Majtsty CHAPTER 27 In Africa the first intimation of the king's death was given to the Princess's staff by a local newspaper reporter. Lieutenant Colonel Martin Charteris, the Princess's private secretary, liardly crediting the news, sought confirmation from London. It was the Duke of Edinburgh j "" who gently told his unsuspecting wife the news of her father's death and that she was now Queen of England. When she first understood what he was saying, she wept, but, said Lieutenant Colonel Charteris. she took the news "bravely, like a Queen." It was the first time in history that a British monarch had no ceded to the Throne in Africa. X"^»^^__ _*/* f> !••! *—-"^^^•••"^ tH«T*l»UT«0 PXINTIOt HALL. INC. T NtA imvlCI lik« to attain. Her influence Is not factional, but Is above factions, maintaining the balance among classes and Interests. Some of Britain's greatest rulers, in the ages of greatest glory . — such as the Elizabethan age London Airport, to be greeted by the church at Sandringham, was and the Victorian age have been the inscription: Queens. DARLING PAPA— her uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, who handed her a sealed envelope from her bereaved mother; and her moist-eyed veteran Prime Minister, Mr. Churchill. On the next day the Proclamation of Queen Elizabeth the Second, Head of the Commonwealth, took place in London and through- t the Commonwealth, with all its rich traditional ceremony. At once the new Queen gave or- " B i' tne dors to return, and through streets (Jear 'other Then the Queen drove to Sand- ringhiim to meet her mother and to take her last sight of the father who for 25 years she had so dearly loved. Before she left London Queen Elizabeth made her accession declaration and, in a clear, firm voice, the new Queen^ said: By the sudden death of my lined with rows of silent, sorrow- | ing Africans she drove to her airplane. But — so typical of her — before she left she did not forget to give her personal thanks to every person, white or colored, who had attended her during her stay. So began the Atalanta's 4444- mile return flight, to Britain and the airport from which only six days previously the King had waved his daughter farewell. Tropical thunderstorms delayed the passage of the Royal plane, and escorting aircraft carried land and rescue gear throughout that sad journey from continent to continent upon which the attention of the whole world was fixed. In Britain, the time-worn wheels Royal and State procedure for :he proclamation of a new monarch and a royal funeral were al- I am called to assume I the duties and responsibilities of sovereignty the grief which his loss brings us is shared among us all. "My heart is too full for me to say more to you today than that I shall always work, as my father did throughout his reign . to advance the happiness and prosperity of my people, spread as they are all the world over. "I know that in my resolve to follow his shining example of service and devotion I shall be inspired by the loyalty and affection of those whose Queen I have been called upon to be. "I pray that God will help me to discharge worthily the heavy task that has been laid upon me so early in my life." When the Queen was a little child there was one diminutive ready turning with all their his-1 name by which her father loved Loric significance when the sad- I to call her. And on the all-white 'aced young Queen alighted at I wreath which lay on his coffin in BEEPER'S A HONKER- Two-year-old Patricia Kittle of Hutchinson, Kan., has a custom-made "honkev" to clear the road'when she goes for a ride on her tricycle. Pat wanted a puppy, but the city requires all dogs to be penned up She settled for "Beeper," and now she has a "honker." Call the Sheriff A law on the Idaho statute books makes it illegal to purchase chicken between sundown and uickly frozen by a pressure of'sunrise without first notifying the 45 tons to the square inch. sheriff. We Will Be Open All Day EVERY SUNDAY Effective Immediately! A Registered Pharmacist Wiil Be on duty at All Times OWENS DRUG STORE THE NEW AUTOMOBILE LAW BECOMES EFFECTIVE JUNE llth See us and drive with security. Our insurance is not the CHEAPEST, But you only get what you pay for. Claim Service is the best, -FOR — "all that's good in insurance" CALL 3361 W. M. BURNS AGENCY PROM LILIBET Cmpare if TRUCKS 1 •A ^, *-%u^4&aJ6& fills 7953 CMC Kdm at _ _ _._ delivered locally includes all this: 105 HP Valve-in-head Engine • 8.0 to 1 Com. pression Ratio • "6-Footer" Cab • 45-Ampere Generator • Double-Acting Shock Absorbers • Recirculating Ball-Bearing Steering • Self- Energizing Brakes • Synchro-Mesh Transmission • 6-ply Heavy-Duty Tires. •Model 101-22. DUAL-RANGE TRUCK HYDBA-MATIC arid olhor optional equipment, accessories, sloto and local lo*ei, il any, additional. Prices may vary slightly in adjoining communities duo to shipping charges. All prices subject la change without notico. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN STREET, BLYTHEVILLE FIVE (5) BIG DAYS! TUES-WED-THURS-FRI-SAT No Increase in Prices! CECIL B.DEMiLLE'S ^w'«M«'WArfh* •***•* ^ur j«* * T i^^fc^.».»^*fc.^ f^f - •- ^_ ^^~^ ^^m.^m -^^^^ ""M ,«»EST SHOW ON EARTH (2 BE Aj ff*^ color by TECHNICOLOR * i^ ^••H ^^^L ^Jf^*^ ParomowH prntnti C«;H I. D.Mm.'. "THE GREATS ST SHOW ON EARTH" ilarrlng lilty HuttMi • Corn.l Wild. • OiorllM ^^^™ ^* ^^ . M«ilon • Doraltiy lomour • Gloria Grahom* wllti H.nrv Wllconon • We B«lto«r • lowr»nc» Tl«rn«y • Emm«rt Kwy THEATRE M«ilon • Doraltiy lomour • Gloria Graham* wllti Hinry Wllconon • lyle B«ltg.r • lowr»nc« Tl.rn.y Cutciolo > Concetto ond Jom.i Sl.w.rl • Produc.d and Diretl.d by C.cil I. D.Mill. • Color by Tichnlcolor Froducid wllti Hie toop«rolicn or Singling (roL-lomom i loil«y Cirtui • Sa.inplay by Fr.dric M. Frrtnlc, to"' lyn««. •mi ThHdon SI. John • Story by Fr«drtc M. fionk, Theodot» Si. Jokn and fronk Coi.n Queen Elizabeth was the first of Inspired by the gracious woman we now know as Queen Elizabeth, shall we sec a second Elizabethan age, marked not only by the re- her line to be proclaimed Head of 1 surgence of the old spirit of adven- the Commonwealth. | ture Du ' also b 5' a renaissance of Millions of people of many races | the arts and sci ™=«? and colors are bound not only to ! We British people for many gen- her but also to one another by j orations have been fortunate in our their common allegiance. This al-1 Ko - V! »l women. They have served legianoe is dependent on many fac- j lls wc " an< i in turn w e have given tors, including mutual assistance i them a devotion that has kept and defense; but the one factor that gives meaning to all the rest is the affectii Throne is held. When the world was stunned by the shock of her father's sudden death, Princess Elizabeth faced the news _ and all that lay before her — with the courage with which she faces all crises. For the Heir to the Throne private grief must be swallowed up In the office and the task must be merged in the continuity of the Monarchy. It is her lot to be, in a sense, "owned" by her people. No longer does a monarch command in the old, absolute way. Today he is the personage who symbolizes for all of us the perfection we would most alive the spirit of Chivalry. (To Be Continued) WARNING ORDER In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- snwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Walter Anderson, Ptf. vs. Mrs. Joe Carr Leroy, et al, Dtt. The defendant. Mrs. Joe Carr Leroy, is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named In the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Walter Anderson. Dated this 28th day of May. 1953. Geraldine Listen, Clerk F. C. Douglas, attorney. 5129 815-12-19 OPENS 6:30 EACH NIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK 2 SHOWS EVERY NITE! RAIN or SHINE! ADM: 50c Children Under 12 FREE with Parents LAST TIMES TONITE EXTRA! Cartoon & Comedy SATURDAY! 2 HITS! Split-Second Adventures! TRIGGER TRAIL" Rod Cameron —SATURDAY OWL SHOW— fiiamount Picture FREE We invite everyone who is in the Drive-In for the Regular Show to stay for th« OWL SHOW FREB OF CHARGE SUNDAY & MONDAY THE SCREEN'S, STRANGEST LOVE STORY IDA LUPINO ROBERT RYAN WARD BOND- Product by JOHN HOUSEMAN • Directed t» NICHOLAS RAY • Screenplay 1 1 A. ;I. BEZ2ERIDESI for the COURIER NEWS in Osceola, ca BILLY BEALL, 567-M

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