The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 30, 1976 · Page 6
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 6

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1976
Page 6
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Humphrey text WASHINGTON Public life is K.W,. , exKr enrl n> , r ei s >'- " ls would not enter the primaries. 1 have also said that, if at Ihe time of the convention, my party needs me and wants me, I v/ould be prepared and honored lo be the Democratic presiden- raonlhs I have Fergis Fills (Mi.) ferul Fri.. April ?0. 1976 ] Today in history strong position in the public B y m Associated Press opinion polls both amongst Today is Friday, April 30, the «m«,, i cs Democrats and the public at ma day of W6. There are 2« In the past I h=., <*iri ik , i ge ' "f "' surveys r ° llou ' in S days left in the year. Pa« i iwe said that I primary elections have demon- Today's highlight in stratedthat I have considerable support. All of these factors have been weighed in the decision that I am making. J have had calls and communications from a host of people giving me the benefit of their advice. Many of them have urged me to enter the .New Jer-,,.„_..., ._ sey primary. Others have , *.^ HINGT0 ^ (AP) - The 'urged that 1 maintain my original position. I have discussed this matter with my family and, in particular, with Mrs. Humphrey. She j. ..- • and our children, as you might <t«>l sL '.f^ 0 " 10 ?' 1 ", and "Pert. arc P™Pareci '<> SUPJWt ^.':. (! ™ male<1 b >' a few laf « e whatever decision I make This Monopoly on cereal is cited WASHINGTON (AP) -Th government tocV the top fou ' corporations. The prosecution by Ihe Federal Trade Commission is an unprecedented attempt to apply antitrust law to dominant companies in a given market even though they may not have is obviously a source of strength and comfort to me. To become an active candidate at this late hour is an enormous responsibility. I have no organization, no committee, and, frankly, no campaign Today's highlight in history: On this date In 1789, at Federal Ilall in New York, George Washington was inaugurated as the first president of the United States. On this date: In 1798, the U.S. Navy Department was created by Congress. In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was made from France — more than doubling the size of the United States. In 1812, Louisiana was admitted to the Union as the 18th state. In 1900, the engineer of a famous American folk song, Casey Jones, was killed in a train wreck at Vaughan, Miss. In 1915, wireless communication was established between the District of Columbia and tbe Panama Canal Zone. fn mi, White House Chief of indulged in a direct conspiracy funds for the presidency.'Hav- Staff H'R Haldeman P™ SLSZ' ar f er "• '"6 eo« through national cam- ^^vte^EWkS: pressed^ illegal acts. paigns I know the prob ems of man Attv Gen Richard .In this case, the FTC staff organization and campaign fi- Sdien* 'J Whte iS nancing. Any campaign effort Counsel John Dean left office as is extremely costly, totally demanding and requires well disciplined organization and , claimed Wednesday that Kellogg, General Mills, General Foods and Quaker Oats — which together account for 91 per cent of the ready-to-eat cereal market — have engaged in tacitly cooperative marketing practices that serve to shut out new competition. In other words, that they tend to behave as if there were a conspiracy, even though r.onc is demonstrable. The FTC lawyers are asking Administrative Judge Harry Hinkes to order Kellogg, General Mills and General Foods to divest one or more plants and brands. Quaker Oats, the smallest o! the four, would not be required to divest but would be required, as would the others, to license its brands on a royalty-free basis to other companies. If Hinkes should .uphold the prosecution, his decision then is subject to review' by the five FTC commissioners. The cereal industry is asking for an outright dismissal by Hinkes. Edward HoHrey, attorney for General Mills, ^declared, "The government is not going to be able to show -any tacit conspiracy or anything. ... The in- scandal Ihe Watergate mushroomed. Ten years ago: President direction. Time under present LvnQOn Johnson'announced circumstances as it relates to the New Jersey primary and other primaries in which I find my name entered—Nebraska, Idaho and Oregon—just doesn't permit effective organization in those states and active campaigning. In light of all of these circumstances and others, 1 have arrived at a de cision. 1 sh all not enter the New Jersey primary nor shall I authorize any committee or committees to solicit funds or work in my behalf. I intend to run for re-election to the United States Senate from the state of Minnesota. I shall continue to speak out on issues as I see them. I shall serve my party to the best of my ability in that a cease-fire had been arranged in the Dominican Republic, where U.S. Marines had landed during a revolt. Five years ago: The Communist government in Peking, China, denounced President Richard Nixon for what was termed "fascist suppression" of American demonstrations against the Vietnam War. One year ago: Communist troops of North Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government took over Saigon, ending the Vietnam War. Today's birthdays: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands is 67. Conductor Robert Shaw is 60. Thought for today; George Washington was the first and the status of a non<andidate. I last ^ Afc(eA presito , t of took forward to active par- (he United States without tell- licipation at the Democratic convention in New York in July. ing a lie — anonymous. . . , .... - Bicentennial footnote: Two- As I have said, if my party hundred years ago today, Samuel Adams declared that another battle between British and .„... , . American troops would do sion mil be disappointing to a „„„, toward-a declaration of host of my friends and s— ' should need me or nominate me, I am prepared to serve. I fully realize that this deci- , independency than a long chain ers. I has been a most difficult -* • 1--=-- - • •- JUST ARRIVED! A TRUCKLOAD OF CARPET SAYINGS Arriving Nowiit A solid truckload of carpet savings, fresh from the mills. All Kinds! Patterns. Sculptured Shags, Shags, Commercial, Tip Sheared, Kitchen, Rubber Back, Jute, Nylon, Splush, and Plush. That's Right! Over 8,000 yards of carpet from which to choose. AT THE FORMER MINNESOTA MOTOR BUILDING, DOWNTOWN!!! OVER 800 SQ. YARDS AT AND j . • • • L j F u * "Jvvifuiuair^ ai K mircj ik3 m dustry has furnished con- one for me. the Contintental Congress, then sumers with nutritious cereals, I urge those who are in the meeting in Philadelphia the cereals they desire, at very contest to continue their cam- competitive prices. The paigns and address themselves housewife gets more for her to the important issues that The first state to enact a pro- dollar at the cereal shelf than face this nation and our world, hibition law was Tennessee in any other (cod shelf." Thank you. IBM. Hospital industry defended By JOHN CUNMFF •• continued. "Some of these in the face of unlimited de- AP Business Analyst promisors, through martd." NEW YORK (AP)— The na- political programs and health Nevertheless, he said, thou- tkm's 7, 000 hospitals are count- insurance programs, promise sands of hospitals are prac- erattacking against what they care at any cost." ticing quality and cost control feel is a uidespread impression But, he continued, "if you ex- programs today, and, while im- they are inefficient and the pri- pect hospitals and doctors (o proving care, have produced mary reason for the nation's control costs when you promise hard-won increases in produc- rising health care bill. to pay for any service, then tivity. Part of the attack is aimed at you've forgotten the history of McMahon said the the validity of government sta- the United States." association disputed the key tistics commonly used to show Such an assignment, he in- statistics used by the govern- that hospital care costs are ris- dicated, is beyond the ability of ment to measure inflation in the ing faster than the over-all rate any institution to fulfill because hospital industry, and argued of consumer price inflation. it encourages unlimited and of- that the practice of contesting Contending that charges of ten wasteful demand for its hospital costs with other con- hospital extravagance were ex- services. With emphasis, he sumer items produced a aggerated.J. Alexander said: "You cannot control costs distorted picture. American Hospital Association, challenged recipients, employers, insurers and government officials lo look also to themselves for an explanation of rising costs. To some degree, McMahon said in an interview, all are "insulaled from the consequences" ot their attitude that the very best should always be provided without regard to cost, because thai can be passed on to someone else. McMahon seemed especially irritated by the attitude of some insurers and government officials — by the failure of the former to provide incentives aimed at reducing wasteful use of health care benefits, and by promises of the latter. He said he agreed with legitimate efforts to reduce costs, but that government efforts dkin't always fit that category- While promising free health care to the elderly, he said, they seek to put the payment burden on hospitals by limiting payments to "reasonable" costs, an imprecise, subjective determination. Since this might mean less than the hospital expended. McMahon said, "let them tell us what services they don't want us lo provide arid what patients Ihey don't want us to take care of." 'Such efforts, he said, sought to drive down the cost of the system not by changing cither the inpul of dollars of the benefits, but' by bureaucratic COR- Irols. "This is line trying lo make Ihe funnel bigger but the bottle smaller," he said. ••We cannot do it atone." he 35mm. CAMERA and DARKROOM SEMINAR The PHOTO CENTER and the HEART-0- LAKES CAMERA CLUB will present these sessions, ...designed for ttie new Photo enthusiasts—or anyone who wants to brush up prior to taking vacation pictures: Tuesday, May 4 ... 7 p.m. 35mm. Camera Mechanics— Gene Wething Camera Accessories, Films and Their Uses- Joyce Fritz Electronic Ffash Units and How Best To Use Them— Gus Onken How To Compose and Give Interest To Your Pictures— Chas. Swenson Multiple Projector Slide Presentations— Rev. Chas. Morkin Wednesday, May 5 . . 7 p.m. Black & White Darkroom Technique— Gus Onken Color Enlarging Demo— Chas. Swenson SEMINAR HELD DOWNSTAIRS AT THE PUBLIC LIBRARY No Admission Charge (Bring your cameras) 1 1 • • 1 Values to $ 8 95 and $ 9 95 . „*«•• ""*" THOUSANDS OF SQUARE YARDS AT Values to S 13 95 Square Yard None Higher? You can't Pay More? HOW CAN WE DO IT? The answer is — it's not easy. First of all we can't handle a stock this large in our store, so, — we rented a huge garage for the month of May ONLY. This gives us room to stock and show. Then we engaged a broker to represent us directly at the mills to pick up values as soon as they are woven and become available. Here you'll find close-outs, discontinued styles and colors, irregulars, dealer cancellations, ex- perimental styles and over-runs. Our broker snapped Jhem up, packed them like sardines in a truck and shipped them off to Fergus Falls. Remember we don't waste your time with a phoney sale every day of the year. We wait to be honest with you and give you a real value. This one month sale has been two-years in the making. AT THE FORMER MINNESOTA MOTOR BUILDING, DOWNTOWN!!! Our prices are CASH and CARRY but delivery and outside financing can be arranged. FURNITURE 118 W. LINCOLN • FERGUS FALLS, MINN.

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