The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 13, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1933
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THE MALVERN LEADER s Aft fftllli.f *«WiPAt*«» ^fHtl********^^******, BALtttftfr, MtULS Cdtttfft, tfJWA, f HtftSftAf , Affttt i*. to Present Easter Sunday "the ft«suf f *etion" PtafHNsd for E**flifl* Com- ^ttiOdki&U 0 tttfttiS ft'it fmmity self ice Afi ftwte* i»af eant, "fhe MeV will 1W presented at evening Comntuhity settlee Sunday, to Whteh ft cart and Mitt* eft from the tftHong Maltetn churches win take part. It wilt fee gltett ift the Baptist ehnreh. • With scenes and etents follow ing the cttjctflitlon of ChHrt, the pageant wilt deft! With the tell* glotts Influence twraltlng ffott the occurence. Special gets and Mate effect* hate been built tot the presentation. A union choir will furnish & musical background during the pageant. The interpretation shows the tomb in Joseph's garden, the guards seiit by Pilate to guard the tomb against theft, the com* ing of Mary Magdalene at dawn and finding the open tomb, the angels appearing and Mary of Bethany, Salome and Joanne coming to the tomb. Later Peter and John appear and find that the tomb Is empty and Christ hag arisen. Mrs. L. R. Bobbltt and Miss Marlon Black hate directed the pageant rehearsals. In the choir will be Mrs. H. H, Amog, Mrs. Marion Wise, and Miss Helen Jones will play the accompaniment and Mrs. George Hilton the Tlolln. in the efttt: "Mary Magdalene, Edna Herts. Joanne, Margaret Berkhlmer. Salome, Luclle Mclntyre. Mary ot Bethany, Ruth Conner. Peter, Lloyd Short. John. Vernon Bobbltt, "it otft of two, fot're much better fit with threw." tie logic btotght forth ift th« song, "three tot Jack," seemed adequate last week to Snp't 1. C. Kineald, faced with the annual class flag fights of Malvern high school. When personal combat smoldered* then flamed, Mr. Ktncald called male students into conference, With the following results: Not the one flag of the senior class, nor the two flags ot the junior and senior classes would be permitted to fly from the staff at the top ot the water tower, but three flags would be uged. Up the tig-sagging girder llnkg of the northwest support ot the water tower scurried high school boys carrying three flags, Senior and junior class flags were fastened on two short staffs sprouting outward from the base of a central staff which shot several feet higher. On this waB placed the brilliant orange and black flag of the high school. By this compromise as to position peace was restored for 1838 among the ardent flag fighters ot Malvern high school, Council Meet* and Meet* Mid Meet* FOJT Civic Duties A******** Ralii, Stfeet y tfctffti, FifiM&iat l«nt TAkwt Up A Plan fot Local. fUltef W&ik Angels, Alice Betty Seattle. McNulty and Guards, James Seattle, Allen Wortman, Max Daihner. In charge^ of costuming are _ . Mrs. H. B. Ougeler, Mrs. W. D. >here gbe ^ WM wl|M|| ft McOausland, and Mrs. A. T; mile of the home where she awvely, Mrs. L. A, Talbott is . »»•»«• «. nontinr wi Mrs. W. G. Zanders Died April 7 at Home Near Malvern Had Lived in County Nearly Sixty Year* j Funeral Sunday Mrs, William O. Zanders, who died at their term home north ot Malvern, Friday, April 7, was born in Silver Creek township, Mills county, fifty-nine years ago, lacking three days. The home ot the musto »nd Pred Bobbttt " mile of the home where she was born. Nettle B. Donner was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Albert Attending town council meeting will nigh became a habit tot the members thereof last week when Malvern's municipal governing tody assembled three times for a new 1988 record. Met' eutean problems were met and solved, partly at least, by their efforts. Following the tegular meeting Monday evening, the council met again Thursday to inspect the rolls ot Assessor B. M. Bayes. Down the long lists of figures and descriptions fan the eyes of the councilors as they scrutlniied the source of the municipal finance. Friday evening the council was called by Mayor O. IS. Whitfieid in extraordinary session. About the walnut desk ot Clerk Wood' ford R. Byington the members gathered, smoked (but threw no matches on the floor) and pondered the financial situation. Careful checking ot funds and sources revealed that they would he well able to meet a coming bond payment, although utmost economy would be- necessary to do so. Following that problem representatives of the Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power company appeared with suggestions as to Btreet lighting, Arranged was a plan whereby the street lights will be run until the first of November by an almost painless method of financing. Much relieved, for they had feared the necessity of turning the lights out, the councilors quipped, adjourned, went out for refreshment and home and to bed. Not abashed by three strenuous nights, the council attempted to arrange an ex-oHlclo meeting with bank and depositor officials of the Malvern Trust and Savings bank, That soft* tets expensive method at handling local relief wotk to needed, tt evidenced by tfte bet that almost an requiring any financial outlay mast hi *HfUtt«l. Me*. R. B. Onge- ief has devised a plan which, If properly eaftted out, will eliminate a large amount ot the reiiet watt fdf next winter, wilt be self llgtttatlng and will be comparatlvel» easy to handle. J Briefly tat* Plan is this: „ L*t load Nttei organisation* obtain a plot of ground suitable for a garden and large enough to grow sufficient food to care for most at the relief work necessary n«t Printer. Doubtless this could M obtained af a very small cost. Let those heads of .families and men who Will need reiiet assistance next winter, plant, cultivate and harvest the garden under the direction ot some responsible overseer. Those working will be paid on a per hour basts in script. This script will not be immediately cashable, but can be ex changed for the garden prod .11 ii i '•" " "• ' '•"• ' Dollar in Trade With Each Subscription Paid Malvern Leader Again Make* IU Great Subscription Offer to You A few weeks ago we made an astonishing subscription offer to our readers during a two day Dollar Day Sale. Well, the banks were all given a holiday at that very time and the money tied up so that a good many were unable to take advantage of this offer who really wanted to, Bo, we are going to give them another chance. During our spring opening sale and Baby Chick nets when needed next winter. ptodnct* Wtrich «u> County Seat fee caused will be done so by those who will need relief, and these persons wilt be paid In script also. Potatoes, and like vegetables, will be stored where they will be sate from tfeeiing until needed. When the W»A ot planting, cultivating, harvesting and canning is finished those in charge will compute the total cost of the project, divide this into the amount ot truck raised and price it on a cost basts, the script will then purchase exactly as much as was produced so that those working will get full value for their labor. While some details ot this plan must be worked out more completely, It seems as if It would be genuinely workable. Rev, Gugeler would like to have discussion ot its merits or weaknesses so that it can be perfected. It will be necessary for it to be formulated and put into operation within a very few days In order to be in time tor the spring planting. Joe Wearin in Hospital for Operation Joe Wearin was taken ill last week and on Sunday grew so much worse that he was taken to the Edmondson hospital In Council Bluffs that evening and his trouble was diagnosed as a kink in the upper Intestine. An operation- was deemed necessary and was performed that same night about 11 o'clock and the kink straightened to normal condition. Since then be has been resting well and seems to be improving aa well as could be expected. His son, Congressman Otha D. Wearin, came In Tuesday night from Washington, D. 0. and is with him for a few days. Mr. Wearin has a host of friends in Glettwood May Get Reforesting Camp Yesterday's despatches indicated that there might be five reforestation camps placed in low* to take up the unemployed and place them at work in reforesting and soli erosion prevention. One of these may be placed at tflenwood. one at at Chariton and another at Al- bla. The other two would be in the state parks, the Backbone and the Each camp would provide for about 200 men. New Store Open* in Glenwood Ralph Cox who has been operating a branch of the Cox Grocery In Hastings for some time past, moved over to Glenwood the past week and opened up a new grocery in the building vacated by the Newton Grocery on the south side ot the square. Mr. Cox is a good grocery man and a fine citizen and will doubtless give Glenwood another good trading place. Mrs. Cox was formerly a Glenwood girl so it Is like moving back home for her. 700 Dogs Reported Delinquent Since April 1 It Is "Dog Days" with County Treasurer Judkins and Deputy Biitcher thla week. All dogs, upon whom tax had not been paid April I, became delinquent on that date and an additional dollar la assessed the males and three dollars for the females and it is their business to transfer this additional tax to their books. There were about 700 ot these as reported by the assessors and doubtless there are a good many others who escaped the eagle eye Eaatef Sale and Baby Chick Week Mat*eftt Basin*** Mett Offer Big Bargains, Free Chicks April 13, 14. 15 Next Sunday is Easter and the Easter weather is already here. Our Malvern merchandisers have been planning big things for Easter week and have stocked up to meet your every need. In addition to this they are ottering a lot of special bargains for their big Easter sale, April 18, 14, and 16, that should certainly prove attractive to the careful buyer. Baby Chick tfedk Alan As all our readers know, poultry raising IB one of the leading industries ot this section and nearly everyone raises some poultry, for their own use, tor market or for both. Nearly all buy baby chicks, rather than to take up the time of the old hen to hatch them. The largest and best electric hatchery In southwest Iowa Is located in Malvern and operated by the Wilson Hatchery. They are making some big runs with their mammoth Incubators and chicks are coming out fine. This is the time for baby chicks and the Malvern merchants are putting on an extra special as you will note by their ads. During this three day sale they are going to give absolutely free a baby chick with every dollar's merchandise sold and some ot them are also Week special! .offered by our MUU mmir who na ve been anx- of the assessors and were not Ivertlsenf tor the_remaln-j giving one chick with every dollar paid on account. The chicks are furnished by the Wilson Hatchery and you may have your choice. This will be a great opportunity to do your spring buy- Ing and at the same time get your supply of baby chicks. Celebrated Mrs. Anna Clark's Birthday Mr .and Mrs. Fred Clark and family, Mr, and Mrs. Horace Na- and Mrs. F. M, Boggess of Dak spent last Thursday J . ii*dt death. The^othew were* at Home Again Harvey A. and William M. Don- Dr. M. S. Campbell has return': ed from Omaha where he has been taking treatment for some time under a epedallst, and is feeling fine and fit again and ready to take up his practice. He 'was fortunate in being able to escape without an operation which at one time seemed imminent, and is feeling much like bis old self. We are pleased to see him at home again, and be is pleased to get back to bis office and practice, Federated Clubs Meet in Hastings The Mills County Federated clubs will hold their annual spring meeting ne*t Wednesday afteraoon, April It, In the Methodist church In Hastings. A spjen- did program has been arranged tor the meeting which will begin ner, The six living are; Mrs. Sam Norton and Joe C. Donner ot Malvern, Loren G. Donner, Hemmingford, Nebr,, Lee Donner, Hereford. Texas. Alva D. Donner, Columbia, Mo., and Ralph R. Donner of Council Bluffs. Mr. and Mrs, William Q. Zanders were married Feb. 11, 1897, This year they passed the thirty- sixth anniversary ot that event, Mrs. Zanders not only was one of a large family but also was a mother ot eight children, Of these seven are living. The one who preceded her }n death was Paul, Those who are left are; Mrs, Lowell Wiles and Mrs. Arleigh Sbepard of Glenwood, Bar) 0. Caldwell of Omaha, Frank L. Ralph Harry at Crime Wave Oil in Renewed Fury Here Four Small Job* Reported in Two D*y» ; Cj»c Caw MslYwa'a crime wave started OR a aew lease of life Saturday ew spall robbery G., Frederick A., and W, of Malvern. Bight children and one great grandchild shared her mother love. Mrs- Zanders wore » "Blue Star" pin, having had a son in the service at the time ot the World war. Mrs, Zanders not oaly lived her almost six decades la the same rural community hut being a daughter of a most highly esteem' ed pioneer family and marrying Long Tune Resideent Died at Home Near Here Saturday Last rites for Mrs. Will H. Mayberry, long time resident of this county, were held Monday afternoon at the Bast Liberty cburcb, Mrs. Mayberry died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Chaa, Wilbelm Saturday, Coming to this county in 1884 as tbe bride of Will H. Mayberry, this pioneer woman spent nearly all of her life in this vicinity where her Influence has been widely felt. Funeral services were conducted Monday by tbe Rev, F, G. Barnes, pastor of tbe Bast Liberty cburcb, of which she was a member. Burial was in tbe Mai vern cemetery. The following obituary was read; Nancy, the daughter of John (Continued oa page 8) Young People Plan : Morning Service .. To^every one layingurfor a BJru S* full year's subscription we will ***• «• «• giro a scrip or due bill good for one dollar at any store advertising in this issue of The Leader, These are good and will buy just as much as any other dollar. You actually get a full dollar premium with every subscription.. Bring or send in your subscrip- ion this Thursday. Friday or laturday, do your other trading, my your baby chicks, This offer will not appear again. We want you to take advantage of it. The Malvern Leader. ,ook. like Mill, county} was ^^^^'1?"^^.^, 'pretty well dogged, and that a aa8 ear ia were reported tae was Jat»-8si»4Mf , arefttty d.eatty. w tas tenter .for ft* jew wttJHMit iaMng wtWag, evening tbe Kuace a eon ot greatly respect ed pioneer family, she had a large personal contact with those who lived in the Immediate community. Her |&ttte»Qd, her school days* her wpwaabwd associates assembled ia large numbers to pay tribute to one they respected most fal&bly and deeply 10794. Mrs. ganders va» a member of the East Liberty - Methodist forced ani from the Ifto bad. at last LJberty Sunday afternoon & 8:80 conducted by tbe pastor, R 6.. Baraks* oj guyer peter Jacobs of t eb«rcb of first doab* a termer eastor at Silver Otty, §»¥» las funeral address, l&termsat to tbe Ra»t Wbwty BreakfMt, Devotional Arranged for Barter at Baptut Church On Easter morning at 3:30 o'clock tbe combined young peo« pie's societies of tbe Malvera churches will sponsor aa Raster at tbe Baptist church, tbe breakfast a 4e* Merchants Sponsor Special Show Here Starting April 19, Malvern business men are sponsoring a special show at tbe Empress theater each Wednesday evening. A small admission charge will be made at tbe box office, but this will be BO small that every ope can come to Malvern and enjoy an evening of good entertainment at practically no cost, Patrons should ask the business men sponsoring the show for coupons which will be good for Place in Contest Jane Fletcher to Enter State Meet at Iowa City in May Malvern high school bad not so many entrants In the district music contest at Council Bluffs last week, but the two who were entered brought back two honors for the school, Jane Fletcher ranked superior in the piano solo section and Harry Hilton was graded as excellent in the cornet solo class. Jane, as a result of her ranking, will enter the state music contest at Iowa City, May 4, B, and 6. In the contest at Council Bluffs were nearly 1,600 high schoo" musicians, representing group singing, orchestral and solo work The contests were held at Tbora as Jefferson high school. A demonstration of applause was given tbe two contestants a dog hunt might be due most any Ime. Doggone! votional meetiog will be lead by Max fiasbaer, Special arranged by tbe is.comppaed of has cemetery, A mils Wfifiakaa* I4o,y4 Paeip. aM OUSord wttb Ml*i tola Rfttaea it tbe Walter Or, fiffltt out tatives from the various cbvircbes, Tbe menu for tbe breakfast consists of; eggs a to goifleBmd, buttered toast, baeon, fruit aad, coffee, Tickets are P» aal» at tbe bieb gojiaoi and through ea<* of $a» sacieties ^ Baptist Vouog pea* pie's Uuioa, CbristisB Uadeavor. Iveryoae Malvern high school Monday morning when announcement o the placings was made by Mia 5c at the BmpreBB box office/ I Kathryn Walker, the principal With the lowaGeneral Assembly * Iowa Press Association State House Ctorrespondent Jensen-Wilson One lone marriage license has _een issued by County Clerk Jreene since our report on April On April 8 a license to wed was issued to A, L. Jensen and Helen Wilson, both of Council Bluffs. They were married in pacific Junction, April 11, Rev. Louis T, Rossman of Council Bluffs performing the ceremony. quiet Those who were not able to be 360 Chicken* Burned for Roy Schade The Glenwood Fire Department received a hurry call to the Roy Schade farm southwest of Glenwood Monday evening about 6 o'clock, A brooder bouse had caught fire and was quickly consumed and with it 360 little chicks about three weeks old. Three chickens escaped. It is thought the fire was caused by a detective oil heater. The firemen kept the blaze from spreading to adjacent buildings. County Jail Has Another Occupant Sheriff DeMoss went over north east of Malvern tbe first of tbe with her sent remembrances. Her room was filled with the fragrance of lovely flowers — roses, sweet peas, carnations, snap dragons and hyacinths, sent to her by her family and friends. Tells All! County Financial Report for 1932 Issued Auditor Schade Compiles Information of Value to Taxpayer* Information by the pageful about the financial activities and conditions of Mills county are now available to taxpayers and all interested persons. The Thirty first Annual Financial Report, compiled by County Auditor Ernest A. Scbade, was finished tbe past week and copies are now ready for delivery to all who want them. No charge is made for the book, Thirty-four pages and a supplement are contained in the booklet, each filled with authentic data and statistics. Reports of officers, budget summaries, school financial statistics for every district, amounts drawn on the several county funds — all those and is wi id la be p@a»al. TickeU for tbe aJ»jr my be Bveryoaa ii ur«»4 <3e»e>rftl Now o» Qa the I9tb of April the 45th Qeaeral Assembly will bave been ia session 100 days, *ad as 100 4a?s mafces, earned by the Bjembers adjouraawat can he almost (jleflaiteiy couated oa by that time, Wita apnroprialteae, hanking, beer and reorganisation bills still p«aiUaBi with coatereaoe committees aesaaaary »a awrly ail aad tae B<MW» aa4 of ba4 ft* t» as Oa tba eamjjiUs* la charge at rt* there is lit- BmwiMft'jim* 9tJk tle use ia «itaer bouse passing saiaU or unimportant measures BOW. Tbey will dimply be ignored J»y sitting cowoaUJees. Witb the to tat borne aad attend to Uwi ar« aiU aa4 ort on tbe bill last week. Now dvocates of beer are putting on he pressure, talking up their rading stock and will soos be utting the finger on tbose in heir way. Aw amendment has Hied to the beer bill as writ' en by the authors, to permit oad bouses aad cutclien shacks o sell tbe 8,8 per cent beer, aad bould this be adopted it will be almost certain to kill tbe bill ia he Senate, by «Wag tbe semi- drys an alibi to vote asaiast it, Al>iu-0i>rtfttio« Rill* he Stickers Tbe Seaate completed *«>* Friday ou tbe 9(8 appropriations bill, after having eaUrely .rewrlt? tea the House bill- The House carries appropriations total lag IUi601.m. a cut of pcaoti cally tour million dollars under tbe amount voted two years ago. Th* sjaate bill provide* tot a ' tal of llliUMIO w l«5. wore ibta ia« Hftut* voted, Tba ta» ippreprlaUoas of two aifi. week and arrested one Jim Roda- vay and brought him here. He Is larged with a most heinous of- ense and is being held to the rand Jury. He claims innocence. Flower Show on at Institution Greenhouse The awsual ftower show of tbe nstltution green houses is on this week and many visitors have been going up each day to see the wonderful display of laster lillles aad other beautiful flowers. J, C. Qooding, tbe florist, welcomes visitors every afternoon and evening this week- Tbe flowers will be used iu their Easter services iext Sunday* E. Starbuck WM 93 Year* Old Sunday 8ua4ay» April 9, was tbe third, bWftda.y of our good friend, HUaka Star buck, veaar- more will be found In the pamphlet. Information Given Amounts of outstanding bonds, acreage by townships and area of Mills county, population by town* ships, treasurer's statement of re* ceipts and disbursements are included in the report. Also found there are lists of township offi- ers, town and city officers, local egistrars and state officers. Especially interesting are the ablea of budget summary, taxable valuation, and amounts ley ed by town councils and school districts, valuation and tax reports and amounts levied by ev- y county taxing unit. WwrtU Study A rareful study of the flnauclal poi't, as compiled by Auditor Schude, will give anyone a com- sou»a kaowledge 0,1 ia M. ate eta** M. J. William Mrs, 0. MA Jin- ,£***«» war* al»o wUb to W» bom* (ftt **««*» county fla*>"«es. Taxpayers, especially, can learu how their moaey is being spent aad »tud will fiad tbe report a valuable text book la their study of local goveraaieuu. Although tbe flu»ud»l report was but *wo patM awallwr tbaa lag aad amingeaieat eaabled tbj coat tft b* out atarljf "" WUb tu« tor lisa. »U o» tbe buak lu Auditor acb*a».

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