Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 2
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JPAGE TWO TljnB lOLA DAILY JREGISTERI THURSDAY EVE NING. JANUARY 19, 1928. • 1 WILL FOKD FLYSOUTH WITH LINDV? the and the r-. SCENE. I 'think Hint iti some far, forgot- ton (lieain Wy i-ycs liavo lookid vpon this ' ; BceAi- before— This covert liKhlcd \>y an errant gleam, ' y THOSI* rosoK IjloominK by a,<iulet ; door.. ' TlUs night of blrdi;. imhurryinji ! lliroueli spaw. j Tlip distant sliiranicr of a lake A i cloud (>r two whose calni, un- hiirrlfld pace la lUv tjie quiet wandering of sheep ID far-off paKturea, dim agaloBt • ih* «ky— . -Yes, I have Hoen it all 80 long" aKo; 1 cannot tell you where, nor whla- ; I per why ' . >ly heart beats faster, stirred with sudden glow. Of. recognition, wakened by ; night Of= petals falling, delicate white. . 7—Sydney Kins- KuHsell in , i New York Sun. ilendersoii Circle 147 Iristalls The following-officers for the enijuing year w<'re installed at a meeting of Honderaon- Circle 117, Ladles (Sf the prand^Arniy of the Republic, yesterday afternoon Ip ' heiidquartGrs at-Memorial hall, with T. S. Bali as installing officer: Mrs. Qra .B. Dillc, president; Mrf. Maiide C. Ilenrichs, senior" vice-president: Mrs. Lucy Foster, junior vice-presidenf; Mrs. Sadie Retaert Thonyison.- secretary, (re- apiicUnted); Mrs. Pearl Billbe, trcisurer; Mrs. Guila M. Ander- sont patriotic instructor: Mrs. JesKiC: Murphy, chaplain; Mrs. Ardie Kempi registrar; Mrs. Rhoda Mercery conductress; Mrs. Susan A. Broyn, assistant .conductress: Mrs. ( JVdelphia Rogers Smith, guard. Mrs.' iilande C. Henricha was chosen 1 first delegate and Mrs. Ethel Fry j alternate, to the di'parjmenf non- vention.' • • •:• Lotps EntiHrtaln HIehs •Memlh-TR of tJif WVdnesdiiy Br4^^ club and their husbands entertained wit h a seven! o'cl<j^ dinner and i-veiiing . of: bridge'i .1st night in 111.- home of; j^lr. und Mr«. Geo. C. DalKarno, jr..!"' 1'15 South Oat street, when Mrs.' |.•,,f,„J>p^• Palgariio, Mrs. E. B. Co'ik and .Mrn.' Kt ;jnl(<y Ifirk were lio-sieisscN. The jRoio.s were for the fir.-<t half of the BoiiRou. ' Favor.-J at bridge were received NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY l'<)llc< Ihni; Atrene .\K>|els ill' Colo Hrnni-dj' / COI retiiri whir.' ton. : with A. \'. Mr. rivml iili ex Hiiys KeimiiniDi; iij SInle Itaiik— tit lU -Nhle • In (Will lie. •:. i'.-iytoii) 7. lleriMHii Sciitt pcMiltiiie .Monday 1; witii .lolm Bor- iiK I lie week -enil Mr. and . .Mrs. (Mi-s. W. lONV. J:Ji. cd i.>. I ml «<• hiiM wo fl'T .s |H 'lld III--- parent S. citl. and Mr.'^. (.'. II. .Inlinson ar- hoine S;ilurday aftec (piite i-ndid !:tay «jtli. ilnMr -uns, K«l .Io'jlin.siin at Toju-ka and" W. T. Johnston at La\v 'reiK-<'. Mr. iinil .Mr.s. 1,((' H. lleltii k took Siimlay moruhiK with friend.s at lola, then drove with them to Uirleiieildenec and other towns in southeastijrn Kiniya-;. MisKj Beilha VV^ells rcliirned accompanied Wil .Moore, Clarence [ Silas Sears to [^Parsons Friday ivhere the>- attended a Hi-Y convention dud repojTt a fine time. The final assets of tli |ie Colony State • bank, comprised ofi notes, Judpnieinj< and ofjiie fnrniture. and toialinK about ?.'5?.0|i(i were put ni>., (am. Good, John [were Richard Rhodes and Donaldson and | Luca.s. / who were defeated Jesse whilcr of :n to 1.^. .Mr. Dulinsky, now of Colony, ibjit coach at the Falls last ul. auction Montfay morning aiid i-'''"ols. were bouKht by a'collertion agency for. This «ale niusit he coii- finned by the statii banking depart- n<<>iit. Smith L. ^.'ickson, assistant recidver and .1. ,Q. W'yi'off were down from GariiMt to attend the auction which tc *Hk place at the Burnett Jioiel. AVillard Marshal and Nellie I^uv- rence. debating here for Colony. ;*cn the (fecislon. The nuestion for debate, relates to the merits of the MeNary-Hau.gen bill. The judses here were the superintendents for! Nellie; t.Awreuce . and . Frances! the l^one Elm jyul Welda high; Swiikard, -The 'boys were: Rich -I ard Il|ho»les, -Eugene Stansbury. Winston i'ayton. Jack Deiiton. Carl, Prcnlfie. George; Ewcn and Eiii;enc' Karris. . is ready to continue on to Caracas, Veiiezilela. it wbs announced at the year, referecd the games with sat- 5i^d. Three army fliers took off isfaction.ito all. Tlie Colopy .!;irls from'the field yesterday to join the playing were: .Martha Post. Tola Lindbergh party at Bouqucte, Prov- AVilson. Anna Belle Freeman. Rubv|ic(;e of Chirinui. and presumably to and Irene: Speece. Faye Kellev,: bring the flyer back. •'.Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ki-niii-dy iire having a public sale the last 'or the month' and will niovi- to li farm near Olathe. Their iifighbors went in Monday evening and gave them a farevvell narty. The first matched basketlKill games of the season wi-re played A team of'Ifibatcrs from the Gar- I here liiHt Friday evening when the i .Cristobal, Canal Zone/. .Ian.' 19. iiett high iichool jvas here .Monday'hoys* and girls' teams played teams i t.VP)—The hunting trip of Coijinel evening for apractiie dtbate wh'ie I from-.NVosho Fall.s. both the Colony | Charles A. Lindbergh' will'end Sat< ne of the CoIonV teims went to i teams winning, the girls b.v a score lurday when he returns to Franco (Jarnett. . Those going to Garnett 'of 22 to 7 and tiie boys with'a score i field wh^re the Spirit of St. Louis Better digestion Colonel Lindbergh to * IS.W^<i«S ^2SlS E.ur; Vacation Saturday ^Jg ^^S rbu >nniul disratire tnatmenf end* «>tuwip.»u . irpuhles. Flut: Ekt stepler fooU.^ «Uoiniig I., w.itiife rram to impnrre. a«eond:_at&nUI&ta ; I itr I feeo . —.... write OlMfflberlaln Metf. , Ca.. B04 Park St., DMiaalm, 1*,^ CHAMBERUI»rS TABLETS '^ajs?" .iiii-i.',. week Work ;i"'nt .iiic of the s of 111,, -rhoiil I 'oK last The rumor that when Henry Ford flies to Jiis rubber 'plantation in Brazil, Col. Charles Lindbergh will be the pilot who takes him thei'e. has been frequently heard the last few days, .it the top is shown one of the Ford-Stout metal planes in which the trii^ will be made over the course outlined on the map. The shaded portion indicates Ford'a great property in Brazil. • j by Mr. and Mrs. S. 1. Slferi*.. " Thei niembera and their huifbands present were: Mr. and Mrs. S. 1. Sifers, Mr. and Mrs. F. G-. Apt, Mr. and Mrs. G.. B. Stodghlll. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Cook, Mr. and Mrs. : Stanley Kirk andiMr. and Mrs. Geo. C. Dplgarno, jr. ' • • Hostess to P. M. 0. tinb MrJs. C. A. Swiggeit, of Wheeler Heights, was ht)ste8S to the members iof the P. M. O. Club yesterday - afterpoon In her home. Pahcy-work was the diversion, aiid the hostess was assisted by her sister, Mrs. A. E. Anderson in , eervihg a two-course luncheon. MrK A. Swiggett. Mrs. A. E. Anders^ of Burdlckt Kansas, and Mrs. J. P. Setterstrom, of Elsmore, • wore, gtiests and the members prcs- .cnt .were: Mrs. Fred "Woodin, Mrs. O. D; Larson, Mrs. Claude Barker, Mrs. • William Dlangman, Mrs. J. W. McCartney, Mrs. J. J. Vamer, LAHARPEAND ITS CITIZENS Inloii Ships Two f'ur Loads Slock Ycsdordiij— Kucj J'eel I'linjhnses Sloro Biifldtiii;. LAHAHPE. .Ian. IS—The Farm- iTs' Union shipped .a car load of I hogs and one of cattle yesterday. Huey Peet has purchased the jC. W. Friedley buiidhig which is occu])Jed by the Garvey Dry Goods j 1;torc. A called meeting of the Prbsby- terlan Missionary society was held tixlay at the home of Mrs. Clair Kerr, the purpose being to work on the folding of little bandages for hospital work ioj China. Two hundred and thirty-six were made. Covered dishes were taken . for lancb; and' a very pleasant and profitjable day was spent Mr." and Mrs. "William Daugherty drove to Pittsburg, Sunday and. cpeht the day with their son, Buell Daugherty and family. —Pie supper and • progiam at Allen Center school house by Farmers' Union. Friday evening. Every body invit«d. ' • • I Mr. and Mrs. Bowers of North -n ... „ i Harrison street arc enjoying a vis^, , Mrs..^..R. Thayer and Mrs. R. D.. it with their daughter and grand -i Former German Army Officer To New Post ill rliii. Jail. r.t.« rAT'l —HiH>»idenl Von ilindciiburg today appointed Wilhelm Groener, who wiis In <-harK<' of nillway. o|»eratlon» of the German army during the .warV .MIn- istcr of l)cfen.«('. He succeeds Otto (icsvder. who resigned recently. II was as a colont'l in charge of r.iilway operations that Groener, who Was born November 22. IS*!", fir.-t canif into, prominence for upon him devol .veil the task of niu- biliziiig Germany'ji armed torcesi III :\lay. 1916. he was put in Fry. • • •:• J -HastPSseR ut Bridge Mrs. Avery Sherman and Mrs. Loui^ Breckenrldge were hostesses to the members of their bridge club rand guests for two extra tables -yesterday afternoon In the . home; of the former, 208 North Cotr - tonwftod street. Prizes were given to Miss Julia Irwlii for high snhore and to Mrs^ • Lnwreuce Copening for low score. Those pro8pnt were: Miss Thelma Ibiaddux, Miss Gladys Martnont, Miss'Blanche Murni^nt. Miss iulia Irwin; Miss B:irkcr. Miss Trench Dorify. .Miki Cnthorin'^ Cannon, ":Mlss Kaihlfi'ti Lanyon. .Mrs. '^t. O.. Kes .sinTor. .Mrs. Lawrence - - Copenlng. Mrs. Dewey I^ng, Mrs. . rjeorge Fry. Mrs. Honii-e Francis. Mrs.-.iOra niiiican. Mrs. Glllwrl Reeve:', and Mrs. Arthur Shannon. ' • I'niertnins llridiro Hub daughter from Joplin, Mo. I Mrs. "\V. D. AVarrctt was pleasJ j antly surprised last Sunday when her firiends gathered at: her home with a fine dinner in honor of het: birthday. Those *njoying ;lhe day ! were: Mr. and Mrs. H^rlpy War- iren and daughters from lola, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cushlng and son. of iKlncald: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kiggs. Fort S<;ott; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wornoll, Kincaid: Mr. and .Mrs. I*. V. Stout and sons, l>»nc Eli^: .Mr. and -Mrs. I^iitlTer Warren UIKI children, I^allarpc: .Mr. and Mrs; Orville Kiggs Moran; .Mr. and Mrs. B »Mt Warren, I^Harpe; Mr. nnd.Mrs. A. P. KlggsJ Moiwn: Mr. A. R. Sigb-r, l.allarpe; Mr. Roh- cris JMid cWidreii. Carlylc: Mr. and Mrs; ClHrJ ;nce RiecH iind <lJlldren, or MIldnMl. and Mr. and Mrs. Warren. • '.Mrs. Anna .Myers entertained a iiuinl)er of friends I 'Saturday evening in honor of her daughter I charge of the economic end of Gen- , . , , eral Von Hindenburg's program for If cooperation of civilians with the fighting forces. "As such he successfully persuaded Berlin workers to give uji their niunltioas strike in 1917. Josejih Collins, known as "Tui; Wilson" was born at - Leicester. England. .Mardu r>l. 1S47. lie woigjietl Ifio pounds wlun he met .Ifdin- L. Sullivan In .M;idison .Sfjiiarc Garden. July 1.7. 1.SN2. -Clean white rags wanted al the Register office; will pay 10c lb. to hcij liiisiiii'ss; Wifliita. ;!ft<T a iionie. ; Thi- 'ro..i!i.!ll 1.. outstanding eve:: .vear in..('ldoriy. Tlniv; d:iy ••Vftiini; .-:nd w.-r, volfd the 'ii -st oii<' ycl l\v IIK- hiindrcl pe<.']>!e alt '-iiiliiK:;. Tin- li :inqil''t which' is .standi in hnnof ol the fiinlhall MiUii'l "f ill'- p :>si sciisoii and the line tiin -c iiiiiise spread was pri'j-ari'd by Mrs. .1. II. liiiinett and .servca by Mrs. .\v i:. lii.w anil a class of iH -r ilome .siji- science ?irls. ' .Mr. Giiiiinre. niuniial truin- ius ilisliui ior. vcrv i :ii>;ili|v presided as tiKiyl'iiaslrr Ih;- fol- llSw 'iif; re.sporid''d !o iiDpropiiate to.isis: ••Kickoff." I 'V .Mr. Jiollos was it n\i>\v of ibr-. K .'in ^os of the past si'.-^son aii'i w ;'s :i v .-iy ii ;ippy talk a- tile si .i.sir .i \v;is .ilmiis! |;i ''onipli'ti'!.v yii -iorioii:; ii.u- lor the j :fo ()l1):ill tr.-iin. II. i; Kh'.^li:.. presi- • denl of tin- silidol 1-O;MII Iivctly jTcspiinib-il III "Knu'i tin- Siiu'line." laiiil '"riiin- Dnl" anil "Kii .sl and jTcn" vvci'.'- Livoii :)y .|i Im :Moor<' and I!ii-h;iiil Hlioilcs. r:iii;i:n and <aptaiii -i'!i'' I <>( llie Irani. .Mr. '.'lax- ton ;ict«'il as "llc;iilliiiesni;. :iiiil prc -i -nti'i! IflliT.-: !•! !!>'• s< '.iiiliti'ti men who won thai Iniiioi- iliiriir^ Ih<- pasi S'-ason. lie ;'\i-t look •'time out" to i -all mi .lohii Moor" who i>n -ii-.-itocI :i /.ill liMni tin- leain to Coarii MriclifV. wlici i I'SMOIIIICII with a he.irltelt word ot thanks. Till- ailii '.'c.-s oi liii- c."- ii!)-, \v;is mnilii liy" fn;;. Ii ll:iit ;iss. " I'^IHIII- clcrt ;<l K. r and Colony win very priillil 111 have pioi-nrcil • ; pi -ak""' of suuli proniiiieiii c in I hi- world oT sports, and llie assi 'inlilcd liaii- (Hietcrs were iiiori' lli:in didighle.l with his talk. Miicii- for the evening was fii!! Iiy :iii i rclirs- tl'.'i 'roinpii: f(l of .Mr. Ilollis.' Mr. Drfw. Mr. CUiMoii Ml lliiirisoii and ^Ir. ('ii ;-.e "aii <l : MI !cu niinli to tbi- jo.vful spir .il of the ociasioii. Another fine le.'itini' oV the eve- ning-wiis till' prc .'^t 'Ui .e as invited roaclii's .-iiiil captains from several of tli" tmvns played this year. Those iTi-se 'ii win- from .•Vltoona. lliiinbolili. Ciiiili -y. Lone Elm aiif .Neosho i-^tils. ainl all Iiroiight words cf •^•lu ;,n ! the assurance (hal iheir inv ilalions wto be present at tiiis liaiuiuet were much apiir ^ci:ite (l anil wotiUi go fur to foster the spirit of fiicndly rivalry, which is tile keynote of re;il sport. 7'esiiie Ihi- Irttirs awarded thc ^team was pr <seiit< ,1 with ;i sil- vir nioiinted fnolliail which is a tropliy iioiioriiitc llicir spler.ilid work in 1927. COLONY. Jan. IS.-.Mr. Gilinore •2^ . - Mrs. Miinsakir interiain- Opal's birthday. There were about ed hei- bridge club and three guests twenty young people enjoyed the • yesterday afternoon in her home eveuins with mtisic and games, at ;30l South Hl.'itc street. ' .Mr.s. M.vers serv^^'d lovely refresh- . "The guest i)rir,e was given to ments to the guests aiid all; left Mrs. L N'. Gish and the club prl.?e wishing the Kuest of lw>nor many to Mrs:. C. C. - Hite. The giipsts : more happ.v birthdays, .were: .Mrs. C. Canats'^y. Mrs. C.fM. • i .' —• - Jcw.'tt and Mrs. L. N. Gish. ' The members were: Mrs. C; C. Hitp. Mr.s; H. B. Parrott. Mrs. O. Q. .Mjiirsh. .Mrs. O. T. Peterson and Mrs. W. A. Porter. • <- • : Fntertalns ^Wednesday Evening Bridge riub ; Mrs. L. N. Gish entertained Uie " members of the Wednesday Eve- lu'ng Bridge club and three guests last night in her home at 602 East -Madison avenue. Mrs. Jack Hiatt • received the 'guest prize and Mrs.' Paul Reed the club prize. The gncjsts were: Mrs. WD; Jones. Mr.s. Logan Hunsaker and Mrs. Jack lllatt. - The club members present were: ' - Mrs. Frank McCarthy, Mrs. Mel FronU. Miss Margaret Smith. Mrs. . • ' Fred Jientoa and Mrs. Paul Reed. | " • •> • , Quiet .Strength 12 New York, Jan. ID: -(Aiy-.^ulel -strength charactorized -today's! stock ; liiarket. The abundance ..of money, available on call at 3V4 per- cent, after a renewal rate of 4, Jleiidcd to allay uneasiness over the - ct^edit; sltiiatlen, although many traders Ehowed a TiisppsltioD to keep out of the market, pending publication of the weekly federal rei;er\-e report on broker's loans 1 after the qlose. --: i Aprti 9 Is ibe date now jletinltcr f ly flxea ifor'the where savings are greatest" SOUTH SIDE SQUARK lOLA, KANSAS I h on Varied and Complete Stocks Than Ercrf—AbmdKBt Saving O^pcirtanities EveiiBetter When Washed Thafji What Women Say About Pence and Nationi-Wide Sheets . Because sheets are constructed to our own standara, they arc of a qualify that becomes finer in icxturc and smoother in finish the' lonj^fer they are used. Learn to kiibw Nation-Wide and Penco. Tcnco SlxDO Sheets _$1.<I9 Penco 81.\9y Sheets _S1.69 Nalinnwidc 81x90 Sheets „S1.19 NationwidiB 81x99 Sheets $1.29 1 : L • Wise Women Use "Honor" Muslin - A dependable quality that it {amons from coast to coast— hundreds of housewives know, this; nseful muslinl Bleached Brown Your choice of a splendid quality, bleached or. brwirn. Styplyyonri 27 ^Yeaf-s of Successful Mereha^idisiiig in lola 2Sth Throughout entire store'every department offers its quota of dependable bargains. You can .save by buying Beaconl Blankets. They don't roll'up, they last twice as long and. the colors never fad.fc or.irrow dingy. Beacon: cotton a»<I wool mixed, .shown in b.autilul phiids. .sold in every reliable department store in the Cnjted S.titto.s. Priced J fTfr (luninjr this .salo at per pair f O (Motion b!ankt;ts iti pretty plaid.s at— . $195 ,$2,25$2.95 $r,.7r. Beacon Bath Robes ' QPI .laniiary Clearance Price _ ' -. <pO*t/0 Awjay Down Deep Wrburtetl'the knife when we came to the Wasli (iCKfds department. 1.000 yards of ttiibrae, .Merry •Maid and ^Qiicen Ann Gingham.s. Yard wide Raj'ons with neat, tijriirt's plaids and stripes. Actual 50c, 59c and III) to •75c values. 00/» .Fainiary (?learinK Price per yard . 317;Yards of Genuine Serpentine Kimona Crepe In the ino.st1)eautifuI Oriental patterns, one the manybig outstiinding bargains in this salei^ I Dreris (lingliaiiis. ilist iiiitinuefl pat- .\nder.son :j)faids HIUOUB them, hnc liienerized linish. yard 25c .:i:!-|lU'h. in l!Oc value EXTRA SPECIAL (While F»rcsent Stock l^sts) 15 Bolts, about 800 yartls of 30-inch beautiful ^Lingerie Crepe, in pretty .><pring colors. Rose "| Q.^ Pink, .Maize, Peach and Nile, yard xXfXy Just in Time for the Spring Sewingr Bolt after boll of French Valenciennes l^ccs and lnst:rtionK. Plat Vales, etc.. regiJlar l()c to 15c laces, January Clearance Price, yard - -. January Clearance of Bath Towels 50c 39c 29c 25c 10c Kxtra heavy, three thread Turkish Towels, plain white only, each Two thVead Turkish Towels, lu^l so large or heavy but exceptional valiios Two Thread Towels, white > with colored borders at ., : Good Heavy Dependable Turkish Towels in wWite with colored borders Large Huck Towels January Clearance price each 27 Years of Successful Merchandising in lola 28th JANUARY CLEARANCE Jamiary Clearance of Muiising ; Underwear Large siz^s only in this group of silk am! wool iiiiion- siiits,'niadc; with Dutch neck, elbow .sleeves, ankle length, regularly priced at !55.5t!. Ke- x^tl QK priced for January ('loarance. suit _tpX».«/tl Munsing All Wejol I'nioiisuits for womt'ii regularly priced ."55.50. Jaiuiary ('learanc One. table ofj women's union.suits in, hi;avy. medium and light weight garments, regular (^"1 A A $1.50 values, on .sale each .tpA'-Ul/ $1.95 Ixjok F*or the Special Bargain Table - • Tomorrow For the Mo^t^'Extraordinary Values. On it you will Iind One jot of .felip-over Sweaters, all wool. ?5.n5 values at $2.95, in Jieautiful color effects and novelty checks. One lot of $2.95 value, all wool scarfs, rcduceti to 75c. One lot oi" novelty weaves in all wool Scarfs, !?;'..50 values rcduceti to $1.50. Child's two-piece Ca|) and Scarf set.s iegiilaii5' priced at $2.95; on isale at 95c set. One lot," 7 only. Jack Tar Middies, f>ongee color, regularly priced ,iat $2.50, remarked for Clearance at $1.95. One lot, 8 6iily, Beach-cloth'Middies, pongee and khaki color.s, regularly priced at $1.95, on .sale at 50c. One only, bnishcd wool Sw^eater, regularly priced at $7.50, on sale at $-3.95. % Two only. .silk Carriage Rt.I)e.'<, C<.'i>cnhagen blue, tan trim, .$-1.50 value at ?8..50. Only one,: infants' .silk robe, .slightly, .soiled, regularly priced at $3.95, on sale at $1.00. One only, white Baby Bunting Robe of wool Eiderdown,^ reguldfly priced at $4S0, on sale at $2.9o-. One assortihent of infant's wool Sweaters, $2.50 and $2.95 values, on sale at \ $1J25. $3.50 valued on sale at $2.9^ Six ,only. Children's Wool Sweaters, regularly priced at $4.$0, on sale at ^1.00. , - • \ 6ne lot of iiifant's hand made Gertrudes, with hanci drawn woric$nd Uu^'trim, of b^utiful; Sea .Island Nauiso(d4.-^ht|,v, to regularl^ir priced 4t ?3.50, A Great Showing This Week^f New Spring Models in

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