Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 8
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 8

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 8
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^ 'BUT BKTTEI Of AXIS" AMM DAILY imtJiniTlltti, AMM, IOWA, THTT1BDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1933 fAQStBTBH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Junior Sherlocks! -PMWMttb Jlt- DANCE AT DAYTON'S PARK Saturday, yept. 16. Parks-Gann and Buddies 10-piece band. DANCE AT MOOSE HALL SAT. Music bv Adeline Fitch. Found 4.—Strayed, CONSIDERABLE MONEY WAS lost in Ames business section Thursday p. ni., Sept. 7. A liberal reward will be given to finder if money 1« returned to owner. Inquire at Tribune office. Work Wanted. Penult THREE LADIES OVER 20 TO travel demonstrating Madam White Cosmetics, Experience un "«»• WANTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all. hinds. Good clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward. Call 2034. COMP. SEC. DESIRES AFTER- noon position. I. £. C. »tudent Phone 258-W. 0—Auction Sale* HOUSEWORK WANTED BY EX- perienced woman. 411-J. AUCTION SALE SATURDAY, . 16th, 409 Lincoln way 2 p. m.. Call 2338 if you have anything to sell. GIRL, 21, WANTS HOUSEWORK. Phone Huxley 811. WANTED: 1589. WASHINGS. PHONE 8—AutomobUM, Track* tor 8*1 We Have the Be«t Stock of USED CARS as—Work Wanted. Hale TRACTOR PLOWING. 56F13. 48—Private Instruction we have had this year and at the I BALLROOM AND TAP LESSONS. best prices. 1932 Chev. 6-wh'l sedan with trunk 3932 Chevrolet ____________ Coach 1932 Chevrolet ---------- Coupe 1931 Chevrolet ------------ Coupe 1931 Ford __________ Town Sedan 1930 Ford ---------------- Coupe 1929 Ford ________________ Coupe J929 Plymouth ____________ Sedan Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th &. Douglas W. L. Patten, Dance instructor.— phone 2104. WILL GIVE LESSONS ON COR- net, Trombone, and Baritone. Call 1G22-J. 57—Miscellaneous for Sale WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PtYMOUTHS DODGES AND OkDSMOBILES Open vEvenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth • Dodge - Oldsmobile Used Cars Pickup $ 75.00 Coupe 255.00 2i Whippet- — 75.00 3ii Esses . 245.00 3" Coupe 225.00 IS Buick Coupe 135.00 Essex -— 85.00 Hudson 20.00 Mathison Motor Co. 1931 Poritiac Coach AH new tires. Car can't be told from "hew. ' ' ' 1931 Chevrolet DeLuxe Sedan 6 wire wheels. Cleanest car we have ever had. Max Duitch Auto Ex. Phone 1000 323 Fifth Used Round Oak Range $12.50 Christensen Hardware Phone 12—125 Main 61—Garden produce FOR SALE: TOMATOES AT right prices. Also cabbage, acorn squashes, Hu board squashes, green tomatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, onions, egg plant, peppers, sweet and hot radishes, spinach, parsley. Free delivery. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. TOMATOES THAT ART NOT ON- ly nice but excellent. 40c bushel at farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. TOMATOES, CABBAGE, PEP. pers, egg plant, turnips, beets, carrots, onions, pie plant, melons, grapes, chickens. E, 0. Robinson. 55F21. TOMATOES, VERY NICE. SOc BU. Pumpkins, acorn squaafi/ large ripe, 25c doz. Melons at the. farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. ' 62—fVnit 7—Anto Repair* WE FIX THEM OK They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage 323 Lincdnway Phon» 910 "Well, It's This Way— 1 know 'it's run 25,000 miles because I kept track on my speedometer, and I know thats 1 right because I bad it repaired at— Cliff Roberson's Garage 12—Beauty berrlc* N. W. .GREENING apples, $1.00 per bushel. Also wind falls; 50c per bushel. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. , OUR HOUSE,-TO- I WEU..6CE~K= HOUSE CAMVAS »S \WE POKE. ACCOM! CALLED OFF, FEUA&! J TOO tON*, WE FRECKLES AMD I < NEVER Will GET HAVE A MEW IDEAJTHE PIRSOW WHO AM 1 WE'RE 60WNA f POISONED POODLE HWJDLEfT 6tf A If OURSELVES! .Mo DON'T WORRY'. FRECKLES) *WO 1 oar A,*URE-FIRE HUNCH THIS TIME—AND HOW! V <f 5 a. „ ByBl YOU WAMT TO 6E ) MOPE.—CANT- CAREFUL WHOM NOlAlMAGIME /kNY- SOftPfiCT OF POI50N-lOWE IK» THIS IW6 POODLE-HAVE < TOWN WHO'D vou AMY SUSPICIOUS ) at MEAN AT AIL, SOW ? / EMOU6H TO DO SUCH A THING-— ^t MO ....BUT O&SIE AMD I HAVE A BRIGHT IDEA* WELL,! GOTTA 1 RUM MOWf WHAT DID VOU FIND OUT FROM I HAVEN'T BEEM IN vet-I'M JROM MI?. 6HULTZ. THE.BUTCHER, THEY HOPE TO FIND out WMO PURCHASED PORK.CHOPS THE POODLE WAS POISONED !.' POP GONG TO WVE. A STEAK/COOKED OVtO THE OPEN FIBC,fSND HOT WNNEQ Right Back at Him! By Cowan ALLEY OOP mrr stxj CAN'T MAKE DOUGH UKEMOM,AND BISCUITS PEPEND ON THE DOUGH VES-AND YOU CAN'T MAKE TOUGH UKE CtTHEPF WMJJJ.U.IJtA KMVtCC, UK. What! No Fatted Calf? THAT FUNNY SOUL IN SIGHT/ WHAT A SWELL RECEPTION " By Hamlin © l»33 1Y NEA SEBVtCC IHC. 79—Poultry for Sale P L U M P, MASH - FED, LATE hatched fries, 35c each, dresset and delivered. Phone 24F5. 83—Rooms Without Board WEALTHIES. WOLF-- RIVERS Jonathans. Cider to order. J. E Brown. 63F3. # mile south Ontario 64—Household Good* 150 Yards of Hall Carpet and Stair Carpet 27 inches wide. S1.50 value $1.25 3 good used living room suites . $20.00 to $29.50 Walsh Furn. & Hdwe PERMANENT END CURLS, 25c each. Oil perrnanents, for dry," brittle hair, $5.00. Aliene's Beauty I Shoppe. Phone 427. Used Round Oak Heater at bargain j Christensen Hardware Phone 12—125 Main 13—finsineca Service Offered UPHOLSTERING Refinishing Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Cabinet Work Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 231 »i Main Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces, New low prices on new furnaces. • A, G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop Phone 662 400 Main Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW I Guaranteed work with our super service vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 103 Havward Ave. p ho ne 1091 TO—fiadlo Equipment C- E. GORE'S W0rk and Weil Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES" Gen. furnace repair work. Furnace* vacuum cleaned. Eve trough work F. A. Gould 3011. SERVICE. 21 » ALL 75~For Sale, Mlsccilaueons Used Circulating Heater $14.75 Christensen Hardware Phone 12—125 Main A Good Ueed Oil Burner For sale—A bargain. Plumbing & Heating W. G. Madison Co. 1204 3rd St. Phone 1002 FOR SALE: PIANO, GENUINS, small Steinway upright near Ames. Cost $600 new. Wonderful condition. Only $95 left to pay. Cash only. Write Critchett Piano Shop, Des Moines. THREE PIECE WICKER FURNI- ture set. Suitable for living room or sun porch. Phone 2414. % H. P. INTERNATIONAL GAS pnginp. Call 1929. 76—Wasted, Miscellaneous Phone 527-J 312 Main St. | WANTED: CIRCULATING HEAT- Pr. Call 1234 L. .1. PIANO TUNING: FINEST WORK. manship. o. ! Fey, 403 Lincoln way. Phone 233$. AMES GARBAGE CO. LEW COLE 2061. :S—Help Wanted, Malc-Fcninl U'ANTKH: MAN, LADY WITH Story, Boon* countirn. Per- ni.-nioni poM'lion. Steady income. ('•'II XiiS Burnett unll! f) p m READ THE WANTS >• T»—^Poultry for Sale POULTRY— DRESSED CHICKENS igc per lb. i» c Hens . No charge for dressing aiid deliv ery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. COMFORTABLE BED ROOM garage and breakfasts for 2 men T employed couple. $3.50 . -week or one, $6 for two. 117 E. 12th St ... FOR RENT: TWO SLEEPING rooms. Boys preferred. 218 E 7th. SL ' • LOVELY FURNISHED, UNFURN ished rooms. Adults. 114 Seventh PLEASANT SOUTHEAST ROOM, also garage. 609-W. FOR RENT: FURNISHED ROOM, 807 Sixth street tH^-<-HoiiKkeepiDg Booms FURNISHED LIGHT HOUSE- keeping rooms. 611 Douglas. Phone 1613. TWO FURNISHED HOUSEKEFP- ing rooms. Phone 743-J. 8O-—Apartments, Apartments and houses, close to college, clean, neat, convenient, priced right Cha«. Miller, 132 Hay wood Ave. SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished 2 and 3 room apts. Newly decorated. Light and water furnished. 1 block from campus. Phone 1457-W. % OR NICE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campus, reasonably priced, -see \1. A. Countryman, 2728 Lincoln way. FIVE ROOM MODERN APART- ment All in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone 2129. NICELY FURNISHED 2 ROOM apt Heat, lights, water. Washing privileges. 815 Burnett. 1266-W. APARTMENT, LIVING ROOM, bed room, kitchenette, private bath, private entrance. Phone 1473-W. 'URNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. little Brothers. :LEAN APARTMENTS, FURN- ished or unfurnished. Also house, th ward. Phone 2147-J. HREE ROOM FURNISHED APT. with sleeping porch, bath, garage. Call 13SS. • 3ESIRABLI; FURNISHED APT. Laundry privilege. Outside en- rance. 310 Lincoln way. )NE FURNISHED ROOM WITH kitchenette. Garage. 607 Carroll ve. Phone 761. CHICAGO (UP)—Livestock: HOGS: 45,000, including 5,000 di rects, 25,000 government pigs. Hold, overs 12,000. Market active, steady to lOc higher. ISO to 230 Ibs., $4.60 @$4.70, top $4.75. 240 to 340 Ibs. $3.70 @ $4.50. Light lights $4.00 @ S4.60. Commercial «igs $3.75 down. Packing sows $2.90@$3.50. Light light, 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, $4.00@$4.60; light weight, 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice, $4.40@$4.75; medium weight, 200 to 250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.45@ $4.75; heavy weight, 250 to 350 Ibs., good and choice, ?3.40@$4.60; packing sows, 275 to 550 Ibs.,- medium and gcod, $2.75@$3.60; slaughter pigs, 100 to 130 Ibs., good and choice $3.00@$4.00. CATTLE: 5,500, calves 1,500. General market fairly active, strong with instances higher on fed yearlings and heifers and light steers. Fat steers steady to 25c higher than week ago. Early top $6.75. Choice steers $7.00. Weighty heifers $6.10. Slaughter cattle and vealers: Steers, 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50@$6.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice, $5.50 @$7.00; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75@87.10; 1300 to 1500 bs., good and choice, $5.75@$7.10; 550 to 1300 Ibs.. common and medium f3.00@S5.75. Heifers, 550 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, $5.00@ $6.25; common and medium $2.50® 5.00. Cows, good, ?3.50@$4.50: common and medium $2.35@?3.50; ow cutter and cutter, $1.25@$2.35. Bulls (yearlings excluded) good (beef) $3.25®$4.00; cutter, common and medium J2.25@S3.35. VeaL ers, good and choice, $7.00@$S.50; medium $5.50® $7.00; cutt and common $4.00@$5.50. Stocker and feed- 86—Apartment*, FlaU FOR RENT: Fifth. APARTMENT. 716 90—-Bniiues* Places for Sale 'OR SALE: BARBER SHOP near college. Cheap. Call 4S6-J. 94—Houses for Rent er cattle: Steers, 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.00@$5.00; common and medium $2.75@$4.00. SHEEP: 19,000. Market steady to unevenly lower on fat lambs. Few choice- sales at $7.75. Others $7.50 downward. Little change in feeding lambs. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs, 90 Ibs. down, good, and choice, $6.75@$7.75; .common and medium $4.00@?6.75. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice, $1.50 @ $3.00; all wts., common and medium, 75c@$$2.00. Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 lbs. r good and choice, §6.00 @$6.50. CHICAGO <££)— Grain range: Open High Low Close •WHEAT: ; May 97% Sep't 89% Dec. 92% CORN: May 60 Sept. 48% Dec. 53% OATS: May 44% Sept 3S% Dec. 41% RYE: May 82% Sept. Dec. 76 BARLEY: May 63 Sept. 52 % Dec. 5S 98% 95% 96% 93% 6Q14 48% 5414 47% 45 38 8% 2'f 43% 37% 40% 82% 80% 76% 74 63 52% 5814 52% 57 91% 58% 48 52% 44% 37% 41% 80% 69% 74% 62% 52% 57 43 PROVED DAIRY INSTATE New York Stocks Close Today 1 fWO APARTMENT HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished. 1225 incoln way. •IODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE near college. Redecorated. Phone 77. OR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 4S6-J. MALL KITCHENETTE APT. Also bachelor suite. Call 1809. OZY, TWO ROOM, FURNISHED apartment. 939-\V. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FEU. .-ft to 4 ibs,, lie. lb. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-j. KOR^AUS: snii.\ (J FRIES, SOc. l».v'- out. M29 KcllogR. Ma-, r.stou. 5-ROOM menu FURNISHED 1243-W. APART- FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT. Dr. Proctor. 1DF.AL 1 ROOM Call 1020. APARTMENTS. T\VO ROOM w. L53-U n;RNI?HBD APT. URNISHED OR PARTLY FURN- ished modem house. Phone 703. FOR RENT: MODERN BUNG Alow in good shape. 730-\V. NICELY FURNISHED 1564-W. HOUSE. >7—Farmi A L*nd« for Rent FOR RENT: IMPROVED ACRE- agf. Close to college. Write 26SS Tribune. Exchange, Keal U*t«t CHOICE Ifi'J ACRK HAMILTON rrninty farm for rooming hoiw In .\\nr.f. L. K. VVplirlirlm, Jewell, low A, NEW YORK O> — Following are Thursday's closing bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can 92% American Locomotive 33 American T. and T 131 American Tobacco B 91% Anaconda 18% Atchison. T. & S. F 68% Bethlehem Steel 39% C. & N, W. Com 12% hrysler 51% 'orn Products SS DuPont 82% General Electric 24 eneral Motors *. 34% International Harvester 41% Montgomery Ward 25% New York Central 50% Pennsylvania R. R 37% Sears-Roebuck 44% Standard Oil of N. J 42 Studebaker 6% U. S. Rubber 18% U. S. Steel 55 Westinghouse Electric 45% Standard Oil of Inrt 33% Cities Sen-ice 2% Forty-three proved bulls are living and in use in Iowa cow testing associations as compared with 20 a year ago, according to Floyd Johnston; .extension dairyman at Iowa State college. This fact became' known following the judging of bull record books in the annual better sire contest ;\vbich closed Sept 1. The winning associations will be announced at tlie cow testing association banquet to be held in Waterloo Friday night, Oct. 6, during the Dairy Cattle congress. Forty-two associations or 79 per cent 'of those operating had bull record books entered in the contest, Mr. Johnson revealed. Represented in the books were 752 sires —Ill Holsteins, 165 Guernseys, 120 Jerseys, 21 Brown Swiss, 7 Ayrshires and 29 of other breeds. The judges were E. M. Clark, extension director of the Holstein- Friesian Association of America, Madison, Wis.; E. M. Harmon, associate editor of Successful Farming, Des Moines; and Dr. Jay L. Lush, of the animal husbandry department at Iowa State college. Mr. Johnson revealed that the winning association this year obtained a much higher score than last year's winner, exceeding it by 561 points. The winning score last year would mean a fourth .place .this year, he says., Judging is done on the same basis each year. One of the objects of the better sire contest, Mr. Johnson points out, is to stimulate a greater interest in herd sires, for meritorious proved bulls are the surest and speediest means of developing high producing herds. The dams of the 43 proved living bulls averaged 442 pounds of butterfat per year while^ the average of the daughters or these dams reached 500 pounds— an increase of 58 pounds. Duck Hunting Begins at Noon On First Day DBS MOINES '<UPJ — The annual exodus to the lowlands and lakes by Iowa duck hunters will not begin this T .year until 12 noon, Oct. 1, official regulations issued Thursday by the Iowa Fish and game department showed. In previous seasons, duck hunters have arisen in the early morning hours to be on band at dawn when shooting was allowed. The season's hunting will close promptly at sundown Nov. 30. Bufflehead, woodduck and ruddy ducks will not be legitimate game for Iowa hunters this season, the department warned. Bag and possession limits on others species follow: "Twelve in the aggregate of all kinds, but. not more than five eider ducks, and not more than eight of any one or eight in the aggregate of the following species may be taken in one day: "Canvasback, red head, greater scaup, lesserr scaup, ringneck, blue- wing teal, greenwlng teal, cinnamon teal, shoveller and gadwell. "No person may have in his possession at one time more than 24 ducks in the aggregate of all kinds and not more than 10 eider ducks, nor more than 16 in the aggregate of the following: "Canvasback, red head, greater Ames Merchants Schedule 2 More Baseball Games The Ames Merchants baseball team has scheduled two post-season games.' The Merchants will meet the Minneapolis and St. Louis team of Marsballtown on a Marsballtown field Sunday afternoon. The game will be called a: 3.o'clock; A benefit game for Luke Dcaring, veteran Merchants catcher, will be staged, by Ames and Nevada here next Wednesday. Probably tire game will be played on the ; old city diamond on Kellog avenue south of the North Western tracks. It will be 'called at 5 p. m. WRIGHT FLEW TWO MILES PARIS <U.R>—While the International Aeronautic Federation is preparing the promulgation as a world record of the 9,062 kilometer flight 'Cvclone of Codos and Rossi from New York *-J rv -* u "' s to Rayak, airmen are quietly observing the 25th anniversary of the first distance flight. In August, 190$, near Le Mans, Wilbur Wright set the first official distance record, 3.5 kilometers—roughly, two miles. scaup, lesser scaup, ringneck, blue- wing teal, greenwing teal, cinnamon teal, shoveller and gadwell." Under the new regulations no person may shoot more than four geese or brant in the aggregate or have more than eight in his possession, the department said. The limit on coot was placed at 25 and 20 on the Wilson or jacksnipe. Not more than 50 artificial decoy ducks or geese and not more than 25 live decoy ducks or geese will be permitted at any one spot, the department ruled. 7,725 cases; PRODUCE I CHICAGO (U.pi—Produce: EGGS: Market firm; receipts extra firsts IS; firuts current receipts 13V£©15; dirties 13 HBUTTKR: Market, firm; receipts 15.192 ttibn; specials 23<&>23V4: extras 22 Vi; extra first* fir»ls 17"it 0181-4; »*cond3 17; standards 11'. 3 . POULTRY: Mni'kft. Heady; receipts one rr>r, ."" tnieKs; fowls 10 "'H'.4; «<jtiin-:« i 1 . 1 ?!'•.•; leghnrnH S; ducks S; gctav s, lurlusys &^.;i; Today's Markets Price* bid by local dsaleri Orders 40 Ducats to lowa-IS Game It won't take many orders for tickets like one received from William Allison of Des Moines to exhaust the block of 5,000 seats reserved for Iowa State alumni and students and Ames residents at the Iowa-Iowa Staff football game. Nov. 4. Allison ordered 10 tickets to be No. 2 corn 35c j wserved for himself and Des Ear corn 33c j Moines friends in the Iowa State at the Minneapolis and ; Columbus Square in Playoff Serie^ COLUMBUS OIE) — Minneapolis and Columbus were all square Thursday in their playoff series for the American Association baseball championship. • Minneapolis took a well-earned 3 to 3 triumph in the' second game of the series, Wednesday, night-: Most of the game was played in 3 drizzle of rain^and it was necessary to suspend play for 52 minutes in the eighth inning when the drizzle turned into a downpour. '• Paul Dean, the Columbus fir.ebalf artist and an effective "night ball'' pitcher, was to work*for the* Red* Birds on the mound in the third- game of the series here Thursday" night. Manager Dave Bancroft of Minneapolis was sencP Walter Tauscher to fhe box -" ; — § . Wide Range in Shoe I Sizes of Gridder«~ Footb.aII fans picturing their gridiron heroes as burly giants will frown somewhat to learn that Ikf, Hayes, of Cleveland, 0.. 155-pound? yclone sophomore quarterbacl^.' wears only a size 6% shoe. But their frowns will widen into, smiles when informed further that! Harold Terapleton, 200-pound end' ff oT ge ° rchs - vedan - wears a size ^ Tells How She Took 4 Inches Off Hips, 7 Ins. Off Waist Oats 28c Hogs Ji.OO Cream, swept 23 ^c Cream, sour 21'•jc Eggs, No. 1 Lie Eggs. No. 2 »c Heavy hens, I 1 ,-. Ibs., and tip..Sc Heavy hons under 4>£ Ibs. and leghorns 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over Oc Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs ic Leghorn springs nc Leghorn cox '. .5c All roosters 4c All number n-os, two cents less. C'-UKESB: Twins, POTATOKS: On track 222: M-- rlvfl.lN JP2; shipments 02S; market lightly weaker, section at the traditional gamp Allison, an Iowa Stair alumnus, was a prominent athlete while school. In 4ft days by taking Kruschet Salts, Mrs. Helea Blaugh of York City reduced 2 6 '.7 took 4 inche? off hips. .7 Ibs.—. inches Big League Batting Klein, Phillies Foxx, Athletics Davis, Phillies ... 43S Manush, Senators 80; : Simmons, \V. Snx M9 Horn* Run* Toxx. Athletics, In [off bust and 7% inches off waist She writes: "I haven't gone him Kry a moment—I ieel fine anc look 10 yrs. younger." To get rid of double chins bulging hips, ugly rolls of fat or •waist and upper arms SAFELY and without discomfrrrt—at ih« same time build up glori-»i: health and acquire a clear skin bright eyes, energy an>" viva- cionsness—to look younger »nc feel it—take a half teaspoonfui a glass o: AB R H Prt. ..32!) I'l 199 ..•57(j!icei u-—i»m a liau . ..">20 117 186 .35$! of Kruachen Salts in 43 ISO ."W 195 Ruth, 2S; Kluln. Phllliwt, Ynnkvrs, 27; «iirftve8, 2fi, hoc water every morning h« t>r«Mkfa>~», On« Jar 1/t.iU 4 v/f.<>ks co&tM but a trifid *• *iny rt s'.oro tho world over. Mnko you KH Kruschen h*ciu*«i SA, P< '>' Mon^y buck If nr>« full.v i&tlsfte<l.-—Ad'

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