The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 30, 1976 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Friday, April 30, 1976
Page 5
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Minerals are important part of healthy diet By KELLENC. THORNTON NeusSm ice Intern University at Minnesota Every time he needs extra strength, Popeye whips out a can of spinach and pours it down his gullet. The cartoon implies that spinach contains iron lhat surges to the muscles in times of crisis. . False. Although three ounces of raw •spinach contains three milligrams of iron, one sixth of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), it is not available (o the body. Mary Uke, a clinical dietitian at University of Minnesota Hospitals, is con. cerned about the lack of nutrition knowledge, which has led to an increase in deficiencies of two essential trace elements, iron and iodine. Iodine Of ten Missing AJong with iron, take said, iodine is increasingly found' missing from some people's diets. There is no problem among people who live on the coasts and eat seafood and locally grown vegetables. Iodine is found in vegetables grown in iodine-rich soil as well as in seafood. In the Midwest, however, where (he soil contains little iodine and seafood is not a major parl of mosl diets, people must depend upon iodized salt to provide the iodine. People who buy non-iodized salt are risking a deficiency, because the salt in commercially prepared food is rarely iodized. Deficiencies have also been reported among Midwestern families who cat home-canned foods that are prepared with non-iodized salt. Iodine keeps the thyroid gland functioning properly. A deficiency of iodine is manifested as a goiter — the lhyrokl gland swells, overcompensating for the lack of iodine. Unless iodine is administered, the person will ullimately be forced to function without adequate amounts of cells. Bu.1 iron. is most con- one-tenth of what we actually the tivo hormones produced by -centrated in the red blood cells eat. the thyroid. Administration of where it combines with oxygen entering the lungs, releasing it to cells throughout the body. Without sufficient iron, the red cells are not able to carry enough oxygen to the other cells, severely restricting their life processes. The result is anemia, and an anemic person is tired and listless. an iodine supplement eliminates the problem, bul Ihe swollen goiter remains forever. People following a low-salt regimen may also require the supplement, unless they are using an iodized sail subslilule. Anemia Is Epidemic Trace elements are required only in minute amounts and arc poisonous in large quantities. Even so, iron-deficiency anemia is the mosl widespread nutritional problem in the United Stales. Among low- income black women and pregnanl women of all races, the problem is epidemic. Infants more than six months old, who are fed mostly milk—a poor source of iron—will be anemic unless they are given an iron supplement. For the first six months they usually have adequate amounts of iron stored in the liver. Iron is a vilal ingredient in the life processes of cells, all Thirty percent of the iron is stored in the liyer, spleen, and bone marrow, where other trace elements are also stored. In lean limes, the body can call on its reserves to a certain extent. Also, when the cells that contain iron die, most of the iron is saved for use in new red Mood cells. Therefore, the body requires only about 1 nig. of iron a day (2 mg. for pregnant or menstruating women) to replace that which is excreted. But the digestive system is so inefficient about extracting iron from food that we only absorb Uke said the iron in animal foods is more available than thai in vegetables. The most valuable sources are organ meals. When the body is really desperate for iron il might extract some from green leafy- vegetables, dried fruits, legumes (lima beans, soybeans), nuts, molasses, and grains. Since iron is not found in large amounts in many foods, the general inefficiency of Ihe body to extract it occasionally becomes serious. In order to assure adequate iron, the RDA is set at 15 mg. for growing children, 11) mg. for adull men and for women over M, and 18 mg. for adult women under 50 years. Glancing at most diets, it appears that iron shortages are common. In fact, anyone v,ho doesn't eat liver probably needs an iron supplement, Lake said. Lake made a simple suggestion for raising the usuabk iron in the diet; cook in cast iron utensils. One study showed that spaghetti sauce cooked in a cast iron skillet contained 87 mg. of iron per 3.5 ounce serving while spaghetti cooked in glass cookware contains only 3 mg. per 3.5 ounce serving. Cooking scrambled eggs in cast iron tripies the iron. A final warning for tea drinkers: avoid drinking tea with meals. Tea hampers the body's ef forts to absorb the iron in the food. Other Minerals Needed Two other trace elements that are necessary for heallhy blood are copper and cobalt. Again, without them a person would be extremely anemic. However, a deficiency of either of these elements is unknown in adult humans. Some children require extra copper in their diets, but generally a wide variety of sources — from meat to cocoa to copper kettles — supply adequate amounts of copper. Cobalt is obtained from any food that provides vitamin B 12 (cobalamin). Unlike the other trace elements, cobalt is not assimilated by the body in its inorganic form (such as iron from cast iron and copper from copper kettles). Only as a part of the vitamin B 12 molecule is cobalt available to our bodies. Since vitamin B12 is found in a wide variety of foods, a cobalt deficiency is unknown. The other minerals lhat our bodies need are manganese, zinc, fluorine, selenium, chromium, silicon, and nickel. Of ll.ese only a zinc deficiency ~- reported in alcoholics with cirrhosis of the liver — has appeared. The exact roles of these last seven elements are not fully known, but they have been studied enough to know they are necessary for health. Fortunately, unlike iron and iodine, there is little danger that they will be missed, because they are widely distributed in food. Fergus Falls (Mn.) Journal Fri., April 30.1976 c family/living ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Runningen of Fergus Kails announce the engagement of their daughter Vioki to Dennis Dorn, son of Mr. and Mrs. David Dorn of Fergus Falls. A June 11 wedding is planned. People and Places Senior citizens' menu Lake Region Hospital Discharged Thursday, April N: Julia Albertson, Brandon Mary Anderson, Henning Sondra Carlson, Dent Jean Hnnson, Evansville . Gertrude Nelson, Green Acres Tr. Cl. Vernon A. Peterson, Brandon George Rice, Wadena Ruth Salmon, Foxhome Delilah Smith, 413 E. Washington Births Born Thursday, April 29 at Uke Region Hospital: To Mr. and Mrs. Steven Nagle, Underwood, a boy. Monday Baked ham Sweet potatoes Fresh peas Apple rings Baked custard Tuesday Meatballs Potatoes - gravy Stewed tomatoes Citrus fruit cup Wednesday Swiss steak Au gratin potatoes For week of May 3-7 Glazed carrots Ice cream Thursday Turkey-dressing Potatoes-gravy Cranberry cup Green beans Peaches Cookie Friday Pork chops Baked potato- sour cream Green beans Peanut Duller pudding West Otter Tips 'N' tales Personal & Social Paul R. Dieseth, Dorothy Eschweiler, John Lu and Gregory Olson, all of Fergus Falls, will be among the 1,000 St. Olaf College students to be honored for academic achievement during the annual honors day convocation May 5. School lunch menu Clubs & Societies Daughters of the American Revolution will meet at Haugen's Restaurant at 1:30 p.m. Monday, May 3. Heart O'Lakes Camera Club meets at 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Hiawatha room of the public library — rear entrance. Explorer Post 300 meets at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Federated Church. Barbershop chorus meets at 8:30 p.m. Monday at Our Lady of Victory- Church. Note change of lime. Underwood AA and Al- Anon meet at 8:30 p.m. Monday at Sverdrup Lutheran Church basement. Dalton Legion Auxiliary will hold its regular meeting at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Ifgion Hall. Uonelles meet al 8 p.m. Monday al the Hiawatha Room of the public library. North American Benefit ' Association Review No. 51 will meet Monday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the community room of Security Stale Bank. Monday Pizza burger on bun Whipped potatoes- melted butter Buttered corn Toss salad-French dressing ' Pudding-whipped topping Milk Tuesday Chili & crackers Fresh fruit Sandwich Fruit spice bar Milk Wednesday Hot dog Whipped potatoes- melted topping Pork t beans (May 3-7,19761 Molded salad Toffee bar Milk Thursday Roast beef in gravy- Mashed potatoes Buttered green beans Vegetable sticks Orange juice Sandwich Doughnut Milk Friday 2Tacos lettuce-cheese salad Fruit cup Sandwich Ice cream Milk By ANGELABERGE (West Otter Tail County Extension Agent) Buying a raincoat this spring? Then know what you are getting so you won't be disappointed. One consideration is whether you want waterproof or water- repellent garments. Waterproof means that no moisture will go through either from the oulside-in or from the inside-out. Because of its water tightness, a waterproof coat is apt to feel warm and clammy. Water-repellent garments willkeepyoudryina medium or light rain, but will lose their effectiveness in a downpour. The water- repellent finish eventually will come out and need to be renewed by a dry cleaner or by using spray-on finishes. Some water- repellent coats have double or triple fabric in the shoulder arid upper back to keep you dry longer. Mi) I 2:00 lo 5:00 Trinity Lutheran Church Fergus Falls MOTHER Ricq Sty!. NO. n Set with radiant b>ih- stones — one stone for each member of tke family. In precious lOkt. yellow or white gold. PlusS3.00for Each Stone Although the fashion trend is back to sport coats and suits, leisure suits still are popular. Look at the tailoring details before you buy. — Buttons — Are they masculine-looking? —Topstitching — Is it straight? Where parallel ro ws of sttching are used for trim, are the rows truly parallel? — Pockets — Are the shape and size of matching pockets the same? Is the trim put on evenly? Married women buying stock If your sewing plans in elude items of knit fabric, especially those that reflect light, it's important to handle the fabric as if it had a nap. These knits, particularly in solid colors, look different at various angles because of the teardrop shape of the knit stitch. Lay out pattern pieces in the same direction. CONCERT Presented by Moorhead Slate University Chamber Ensemble Fffji* Falls feartrtilv [allege Dualities BiiUiig Tknlrr Sunday, May 2 at 7:30 p.m. Open to the public and admission is free. AAEN IN SERVICE LEROY J. FYHRIE, 17-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Fyhrie, rural Fergus Falls, enlisted in the Air Force's delayed enlistment program, and is slated to begin four years of active duty in October. He will attend six weeks of basic training at Lackland Military Training Center, San Antonio, Texas, following with aircraft maintenance training. Fyhrie will graduate from Fergus Falls High School later this year. He was.recruited by his brother, Technical Sergeant Leonard J. Fyhrie, Air Force representative at Rochester. NEW YORK (AP) — More married working women are buying stocks and bonds in their own names and not jointly with their husbands, according to Myrna Liebowitz, president of the Women Stockbrokers Assn. "They are building their own portfolios and aren't concerned if the securities they buy are or are not in the portfolios owned by their spouses," Miss Liebow- iU, a registered represcn'ative with HerzfeW and Stern here, adds. She says it is just another way of women declaring themselves to be entities apart from their husbands. "Since statistics show that wives outlive most husbands," the stockbroker explained, "it creates fewer estate problems if the stock isn't owned jointly." Piano students to perform Piano students of Mrs. Clay- Ion Hart will present a recital at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 2 at the Pioneer Home. Refreshments will be served following tbe recital. Students participating are Paige Reiser, Tammy and Jana Keller, Joan Frerichs, Kathy Rose, Linda Johnson, Cory Jo Wealherly, Terri Brogard, Holly Farrar, Susan and Linda Orandi, Malissa Johnson, lisa Burau, Ronda PorUnann, Janel Anderson, Rolf Nycklemoe, Joe Cranslon, Mark Walvalne, Eric Lundeen, Jodi Okerstron and Yvonne and lisa Malhieson. If your're planning to make playclothes for children, durability and washability should be your goals. Lois Ingels, extension textiles and clothing specialist, suggests these methods. — Sew with polyester or cotton-wrapped polyester thread for strength with "give." — Double stitch seams in stress areas such as the crotch and armholes. — Sew stress areas of knit garments with narrow zigzag stitching. — On fabric that ravels, use durable seam finishes such as zigzagging on seam allowance edges or making flat-felled seams. —Use your machine wherever possible. Try blind hemming on your machine and stitchirg "m UK dilch" to told facings se curely. Children's swimwear is a good use for leftover scraps of polyester fouble knit. Fabrics should be firm, and you shouldn 't be able to see through them when wet.'Avoid white, but use your imagination in combining different colors or prints for front and back sections of swimwear. DRIVE-IN THEATRE Starts At Dusk—Adults (1.30 Children Under 14 FREE Always 2 Big Pictures Pray lor the Devil Within Her - before it preys on you! "THE DEVIL WITHIN HER" HiT "THE MARK OF THE DEVIL" iailiwiiiiiiimiiiiminiiiiiiiiiii mmiiimiiimiiimiiiiumiiiiiimiiiwiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiimiiiiiiimumiimiiii^ iiius By Abigail Van Burcn Either he's sick or the doctor is = COMMUNITY SUPPER = Daly's Daffodil Chili § Salad Bowl 1 Fruit Cobbler Beverage I DALY'S DAFFODIL CHILI = = A New York restaurant kind= ly complied with our request = for its special formula for this = popular dish. It worked out well = when tried in our test kitchen. DEAR ABDY: My husband went to a doctor six years ago, and this doctor gave him a complete physical and told him he needed an operation. My husband never had the operation, he never went back arid he's'never fell better in his life. What do you make of this? MRS. A. DEAR MRS. A.: Either your husband didn't need the operation in the first place, of he still needs it. DEAR ABBY: In reply to OFFENDED, you wrote: "If you have told this person that his language offends you and he makes no effort to clean up his act, you have the right to absent yourself from his company." Abby, OFFENDED also has the right NOT to listen! In "Freedom of the Press: A Framework of Principle." the late William Enwst Hocking wrote: "The speaker has no right 10 compel a hearing; there could be no right of free speech if there were not a corresponding right NOT to listen. It would hardly do to make free speech free and listening compulsory, though that might be the speaker's dream!" g ^ ARTHUR H. PRINCE DEAR MR. PRINCE: And tiow do« one exercise his right "not to listen" without absenting himself from the company? For example, if I am enjoying the conversation of a group that is joined by "Foul-mouth." whose language offends me. I can't tune out "Foul-mouth" while continuing to listen to the others. If 1 ask the offender to clean up his art and 1'm-ignored. I have the choi« of leaving tht company or puttiDg U P w ith offensive language. Is this fair? DEAR ABBY: My husband is the world's dullest man. Whenever we go to a friend's home, he goes off by himself and listens to the radio, or else he just sits and talks lo the dng! He never has a thing to say. I try lo draw hirrnnto the conversation, and he answers with."Yes" or "No." What does a wife do when she is married to a moron like this? BORED DEAR BORED: Who picked the moron? And why? DEAR ABBY: My daughter is contemplating marriage, and she has asked me why it is necessary to get a Ikense. She doesn't like the idea of having to got permission from the government in order lo be married. And she doesn't know why a pastor or a judge has to perform the ceremony. She would like her father lo pronounce her and her fiance husbrtnd and wife. Young people today question so many things that we jusl took for granted. How should 1 explain it to her? HER MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: Tell your daughter lhat a marriage is a legal contract lhat must met! certain requirements in accordance with the laws of the stale. A license is mandatory- And the ceremony must b< performed by someone who has the legal authorily to do so. Her f«ther can give her "permission" and also his blessings, but unless he's empowered by law to perform the ceremony, he can'l officiate. Everyone has a prnMfm. What's jours? For a personal reply, uritc lo Al»DY: Box No. 69700. LA., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, sttf-addreswd envelope, pleas*. 'i cup bacon drippings 2 pounds chopped beef 1 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped green pepper 1 tablespoon garlic powder 5 tablespoons chili powder 2 teaspoons powdered cumin 1'j teaspoons dry mustard Pinch of oregano Pinch of crushed dried red pepper 1 leaspoons paprtxa Two 17-ounce cans plum tomatoes, undrained 6-ounce can tomato paste. undiluted Three 21-ounce cans red kidney beans, drained and rinsed Salt and pepper lo taste In the not bacon drippings cook the beef, crumbling with a fork. Add onion, green pepper, seasonings and tomatoes. Mix well and cook gently, stirring occasionally, for about 1'j hours. Add remaining ingredients and continue cooking gently for about 1 hour. If thicker than you like, thin with beer. Serve with finely chopped onion and crackers. Makes about 4 quarts. The FunntestFtfni Ever Hade! STARTS TODAY AT Show Times: 7:30and 9:3) p.m., Sunday2:00—7:30 and9:3t p.m. Admission this ArlullsSZ.M - Children Under 12, Attraction Only: Jl.COlnc.Tav

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