Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 14, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1965
Page 12
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IWtLVe t> uL I MOi-JDAY, JUnc 14, Iy65. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omarr BRIDGE BY JACOBY Quick Quiz Tuesday, June 15 "The wise m&n controls his destiny . . . Astrology points ,he way." ARIES (Mar. 21 - Apro. 19): Disputes over m one y could prove waste of time. What APPEARS important today is subject to chance. Realize current Jesire is of transitory n a tuix-. Think! TAURUS i April. JO - May 20 >: What yea sn-k may be close at. •isnd. Knowing -'li.s oouki save .ime. money. Lung jouiney may :ioi. b?. pv.'icUcal. G'neck available •ourccK. Reference books, files Drovide "missing link.' 1 GEMINI (May'25 - June 20): Finish projects. Don't complain .0 associates. It's possible fellow worker is envious. Permit ogic to rule emotions. Get neccl- _'d rest when day is done. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Pine for relaxing tonight. Social affair could lead to new, meaningful relationship. Look your oest. Public appearance at special occasion indicated. , . LEO (July 23-AUE. 22i- Don't A border of cross-stitch pansies; tor is far less than ...„.., depend upon promises Gather aclcls a touch of flower freshness ; other form of cards. . version printed at Basle in 1569 your own material Get the' to a sew-slmple apron! You'll -i opened the king of ci i a -, was so-called because the wood- facts. Applies to current assign- want to make this {or yourself. mo nds against the six spade 1 cut on the tltle pa ^ e 1S a bear - ment, job. Many may want to; a ™ others for gift-giving! contract in the last round of ai help. Be tolerant ... but reach : . Palitern rN °- ' 28 ' 1 ; 5 : H llas , llot - duplicate game. When South 1 -. . , ,. . independent decision. ^. ^ ! *L^, y ^^\.,? f ™ffed I realized that I was due Q^y |p HlStOPy NORTH n 4.13 V A 106 5 476542 * 5 2 WKST EAST * 6 4 4852 » K J » 9 8 3 » K Q.I 10 4 A 983 + Q 9 7 G 3 * J 8 4 SOUTH (U) 4 A K Q 1097 V Q7 42 * None * AK 10 Both vulnerable South West North East 2 4 Pass 2 N.T. Pass 4 4 Pass r, V Pass <i V Pass 6 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—* K skill payed off. South was unlucky. Q— The bfdding has been: South West North But ? You, South, hold: 4K654 VA32 •KCS +K43 What do you do? A— Bid one club. With 13 high card point* you eaa't afford to paas and this to • perfect spot for » three eard cl«k open inc. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner responds one heart. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Q—How do Alaska and Texas compare in size? A—Alaska is two and one- fifth times the size of Texas. Q—When did "The Star Spangled Banner" become the national anthem? A ~ On Marcn 3 - 1931 - b y an ' ac < of By JACOBY &. SON Jon Sinister of Mont real writes. "You frequently write about the luck factor in dupli-! Brown at Harper's" Ferry? cate, but I am sure that yo u i A—Col. Robert E. Lee. FLOWER FRESHNESS! - A' feel as I do that this luck fac- Q—What is "The Bear Bible"? in a n v ! A—This Spanish Protestant 2845-H \^V-J-/V*1 I V4V-1I Li <_H~\_*1OI\J11, O1 *' 't I 1 *-l" --<--•-•— — ••-.«*••-••-*.•« vtiwM,*. •<v«u\-»vi«.- VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. T2r •• 'r wiae D01 ' aer; apron ciirec- f 0r a k acl score since nly nearl " * r i nns i i^i;.__ . . . i , i . n ,, Today's Aries message applies. Avoid extravagance. What ap-' pears to be a disagreement may be "lover's quarrel." Emotions' run high; be calm in face of opposing forces. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): holding was such that S o u t it To order, send 35c in coins to: .would surely make his contract p y xiIE ASSOCIATED PRESS " ' ' and it appeared that few people Today is Monday, June 14, the would be in a slam contract. It; igsth day of 1964 There are 200 seemed that desperate m e a - i days !e ft in the year, sures were necessary and I; Today's Highlight in history: Anne Cabot, Iromvood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For ist-class mailing add lOc decided to risk giving an over-1 Oii this date in" 1941, President Deal now with PRACTICAL peo- i for each pattern. Print name, trick. i Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered pie. Many claim to have com- \ address with zip code, style No.; "South cashed his ace of! the freezing of German and , BEL inn J PR.THOR CtARK ENDS BNNB? ON A DISWflDlKITING NOTE. MY FATHER HAS HAP A "\ I K)N'T UNDERSTAND TIRIN$ DAY AFTER THE LONG ) IT. i JUST ASSUMED , TRANS-ATLANTIC TRIP. •/ HE WOULD ACCEPT PLEASE EXCUSE US. ) JiJIfT\ THE GRANT. I'D H6WWHE V*S DBJStfTED WITH THIS GRANT. THIS PROJBCT IS THE'LOGICAt CONCLUSION to HIS LAST YEAR AND A HALF OF EXPERIMENTAL WORK. WENEEPW, BEN. MOT Of US. WEU....ME MONT TURN IT DOWN FLAT, HE JUST PUT OFF HIS DECISION FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS. ~> FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrffl DON'T LOOK AT WELDIMS LK3MT, LARD--ITU HURT EYES/ I SOT IT PROA NOT LOOKING ATA WELCHNK5 PRISCILLA'S POP ByAlYt >P VACATION WANT NOTHING- IMAeiNE WE'RE ON A DESERT ISLAND) plete solutions, answers. B u t and size. spades and ace-king of c 1 u bs your best bet is experience. Rea-1 Send 50c now for your new '65 and ruffed his ten of clubs with sons will be clear later. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Day features travel and variety. You can put ideas to work.; Your personal magnetism rat- individual. Mutual Spring-Summer album! Regular; the jack of trumps. He ruffed a features: custom collection; > diamond back to his hand and items to crochet, knit, stitch! : cashed two of his remaining | trumps while I dropped a club. Italian assets in the United States. On this date In 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the U.S. Flag In 1934, Benito Mussolini met Deile f j ( R I Then he led the deuce of hearts ing is high. Sales quotient goes could accrue. Friendship ac- !and : Played the king! He won! Adolf Hitler in Vienna, up. Accept compliments with cented. Hopes, whiches can be' with dummy's ace and stopped j i n 1940, the Germans occu< appreciative attitude. fulfilled. Realize this — act ac- j for a lot of thought. Then he led; pied Paris. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dcc cordingly. | a diamond from dummy, ruff-| in 1944, American forces in- 21): You can now recognize quality when you see it. Includes If today is your birthday human skill, loyalty and love, you are artistic, creative, inter-1 llis ace ot diamonds, where- ing with his last trump while j vaded Saipan in the Marianas, my partner false-carded with! in 1945. the U.S. Chamber of Understand by reading libra ested in drama and music — message. Appreciate f a m i ly, i would make fine teacher, coach. home situation. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. General tendencies: Cycle upon South decided that E ast had to be holding the jack-nine- eight of hearts. According! y South led the ' four of hear t s 19): Cycle high. Now it's "Full! high for .Capricorn, Aquari u s,! from llis nand with lne inten- steam ahead!" Opposition turns : Pisces. Special word to Leo:! tion of end P la y ir >g East - I took _ ^ __. into creative challenge. Key is Get work done before you m y J a . ck and cashed the rest of j filipinos" turned"out in Manila to CAPTAIN EAST Commerce announced it favored a peacetime military training program. Ten years ago — Russia offered Japan a draft peace treaty. Five years ago — One million MORTY MEEKLE By Dlcfc CradB IT£ A OZeST FEEL/MS, GR&Rff being perceptive. Check with "play." legal advisor can provide clue.i AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. SOUTHERNMOST CAPE the tricks for down two and a j greet President Dwight D. Ei- top score. j senhower. "Only three pairs had bid! One year ago — Eleven steel By Leslie .18): Best to be with congenial' Africa's southern most point i slam so mv P lav nad risked j companies and the Steelwork- persons. Don't brood .or hide generally is considered to be | onlv one ma tch point and gained ers Union signed an agreement head in sand. Obtain hint from j the Cape of Good Hope, but' 11 -" ' to promote racial equality in the Taurus message. Many are sym-i Cape Agulhas actually deserves ; Quite a P lav! Mr - Shuster ' s | industry. pathetic. If you are receptive . . . that credit Agulhas, which parts others cooperate. the waters of the Atlantic and PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): ! Indian f. ?ans, lies 32 miles Give helping hand to Aquarius ' farther south. BUGS BUNNY 4, CAREFUL OP TMAT\ TRUCK...WATCH THAT \ PED£STR!AN...SLOW J DOWN A 3IT....X LOOK OUT FOR THAT BUOY. . WATCH THE SWIMMER ... DON'T KIT THAT BOAT... CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner .I«I««A ^ ,- -i.' rd age • • • y° un e enough to ,«lp$ie and old enough to con his way out of it I" SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox "I don't' know art, but I know what I'd better like"" Golf Answer to Previous Puiili ACROSS 1 in one 5—— hazard 10 Oil-yielding fruit 12 Hot Mexican dish 13 Club for distance 14 Glossy paint If) Inverts 17 Feminine appellation 1R 102 i Roman l Ifl Canvas shelter 20 Allowance for waste 21 Sicilian volcano 1!3 Region in general 25 Agents 27 Norse god 28 Wide-mouthed pitcher 30 Obligations .'M Dwarf fowls .17 Sand 38 Unicorn fish SSKather iFr.) 42 Southern constellation 43 Pheasant hroprt (dial.l •M Idolaters 46 City in Vosges Mountains (var.l 49 Aromatic resin 50 Entwine 51 Beer mug 52 Reopea (poet.1 5324th letter (pi.) DOWN 1 tow volcanic mound 2 Green garnet 3 Living 4 Turn inside out i i'allicl 6 Kncharistic wine vessel 7 Animal trainers 8 Number 9 Recount 11 Gaelic J 2 Tried out 3.'! Cubed 16 Approved 20 Creed 22 Rugged mountain 2-1 Midway position 26 Southwest Africa (ah.) 2!) Group of centralized nations crest ^ wooden cluh .12 Scottish plaids 3.1 Sudden effort 3-1 Obstacle on the links 35 Anybody .16 Black alloy 40 Steals 41 Kxalt 40 Molly genus 47 Cartograph 48 Excelling sportsman NEWSI'AI'KK E ASSN. GOOD Of VOU TO LOOK ME UP, EASVl'HOPEVOU ANP WcKEB TOOK. MV LITTLE PRANK. .ALL IN GOOD FU OHiSUREiZACK 1 . WO DOUBT HE ENJOYED IT. WBUrWB GO ANO FINP 50MEONE SIR ROLUC& FROZEN FOOD LOCKER 19 FULL. I PKOMI5EP TO WAKE ROOM FOR ANOTHER BAG HE'9 BRINGING TODAY! ZACHARV MAV KNOW SOMEONE WHO UKES WILP . HERE* THE KEY TO LOCKER IN CHEPWNSTONl P M9LK5EtF...THEN PROP KEV OFF AT AW IMN t ' THE BORN LOSER By Ait ALLEY OOP fVOU GIRLS ALWAYS COME TO EARTH FOR YOUR CLUB* PICNICS? By V. T. HIME: MILLIONS OF YEARS AfiO... PLACE: MOO, A LANP OF QUESTIONABLE GEOGRAPHY... CAST: ALLEY OOP AND OOOLA, MOOVIANS OP PROMINENCE; DR. VWDNMUG, A RESEARCH PHYSICIST OF GREAT RENOWN ANP A COVEY OF LITTLE OLD LAPIES FROM MARS,» CABBLERS • IN ASTRONAVIGATIONAL. RECONNAISSANCE... ...WHENEVER \- < AND IT'S SO WE CAN GET/ IT<S \ QUIET ANP ENOUGH / SUCH A \ PEACEFUL.' FUEL TO LOVELY MAKE THEV PLACE! TRIP' 6-H OH, I'M AN WHAT \EARTH-y YEAH, PLANET \ MAN /JUST LIKE AREM3U FROM. DOCTOR? ALL RIGHT/ X THAT OLD BOV ALL RIGWT.' \WAA HUFPED ALL RIGHT'J BECAUSE IT ' J LOOKED LIKE HE'P HAVE TO WAIT—MOW HE'S HUFFED TH' DENTIST SMOOTS 'EV\ OUT A BACK POOR SO THEY WONT e\\ BACK DOWN AN' FINISH TH' STORY.' LOOK AT THOSE NW3AZ.INE61 WHEN HIS WAIT \Z> UP' OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople MA30R, A GUV CAM ONLV 6O & POUNDIN 1 UtATHef? AOAINST LEATHER, YEZ. 6ET WHAT I /V . ROOiy OUSHTA SPAR WITH 4OM6 PUM< IN THE RlSJS TO SET ffEADy, FOR SONlseiRD SMITH/ OAT GUy WOULD PABBIT-PUNCH HIS OWN 6RAND/UOTHER,' ;'M WAY AHEAD OF YOU. ' WHILE OSTEM-SIBL") . TRAINIMS KOCKY I'VE-ALSO , BEEN PUTTIM6 M3U IN CONDITION / TO L)S£ THfc VERNACULAR, YOU'RE IN THe , PlNI</ TOMORROW I'LL HAVS ' t VOU <sO A FEW FAST ROUNDS^ WITH ROCKV/J KNOWIN6

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