Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
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STATE r'lSTO COMP. K ICAL SOCIETY. TOPEKA,KAN». The REGISTER'S Circulation records open to public inspection at ami time. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity a Newspaper^ Has to Sell Its Advertisers. VOLUME XXXI. No. 74. Surf.»«'r 1(1 Til.' I Ola Daily Register. The l.iln Idiilv Itocoiil iimt IKIU IJally Inileji. lOLA. KAN.. THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 19. 1928. rue Weekly Register. Kstabljahwl 1S6T. The lola Daily Register. Established 189.. TEN PAGES OPENING DAY orsHowis BIG SUCCESS LIFE SENTENCE TOO QOOD FOR HOTELLING SAYS JUDGE. BRENNAN Entries in ; Poultry . Corn are' from Many Kansas Counties Flint. .Aliih., Jan. 19. (AP)—A judge'.s vigorously expressed regret that he could not. under the. law, impose a death .sentence followed Adolph Hotelling today on his jour-! and ney'To a lifer'.s c,ell at the Marquette, state pri.son Solitary conflnemfnt. at hard Ia-<. ; i bor'for the r.'.st of hisilif.- was. tli.- minute., and HotoIllnR was Inimed-1 MORROW TO LEAVE CUBA FOR MEXICO SMITH SEAT VOTE HOPED UTE TODAY CHICKEN LIST IS 300 Forty-Four Exhibit Com With 42 Showing Poultry 1 Departure of Ambassador I Session Is Delayed by Mav Mean Trouble In ; Democrats Holding . . I, , I lately Htarti-d on his way to Mur- punlshmpni Circuit JU .1 K<' ^^••d •>» Iqu,.,,,, by autamobil*-. as u precau- Urcunan dwrePd for doacon as the utinuBt Conference Meeting tho church lion agulniit mob violence, penally the; "You appear to have no regrets.' ACTION IS SURPRISE SilORTRIDfiE TALKS state could e.act U,r •''''-^inK ' «a.d ..ud«. Brennan^^^^^^s^^^ ExpeclcdNo Constitutionaf Right j proceedlnss required Wiih 4:; poultry exhibitors andj 44 roni enlrleH. the .Southeast KiiiLsas Corn and Tonltry Sluiw I wt.irteil in a biK way this morniiiK ! Approximately :!((0 birds lire belhfi j exlilblied by ili.p poultryinen. i ^.^ Anoljier-feature of today's pro-' . gniin ii< the alfalfa .school, wliicli; this ahernoon attracted a'pproxi-! mayely; T.l farmers of .Allen couniy ; At one fanner from each '•; which is iircsided ov.r by *^ Tour Hiiecialisis. from Kunsiis .Siutt ARrcuUural t'oll<-Kf ;it .Manhattan In.'strlictors 'are: K. 1. Thtiick- nuirtim; heail of the^ soils depart- men!: L. K. Willoiishby. ext.'usion agronomist, specializing in crops; K. n. Wells, .soils specialist, and | . Frr.nk HIecha. disiri<i Farm Un- j reau supervisor. ' slByintc an<l tnutllalion of live-year-.sentence, after t old Dorothy Schneider^ 'adinltted details of the usuault and The trial anil senieii«ie took place flaylnR without show of emotion , here veste rday after Ifoielling hail ["The details «s shown by this con- been spirited Into the lilty from the fession and the proof convince me stjite r«rormatory at. Ionia. The | that we should have capital pun only . a few Ishment In this state." To Smooth Out All Difficulties To Oust Senator, He Declares CHRISTIAN^ TO GATHERINlOLA NEXT TUESDAY TAXI DRIVER IS HELDINSLAYINfi OF MAN IN Havana. .Ian. l!l. f.M'i- IlwiKht Wa.shini,'ion., .Ian. Ifl. (AIM -Hop:W. Morrow. Anieriian Aniliassador. Ins ol reachii)); a vot.- l)efore_ ad- 'fo Mexico, will-leave the sessions journment. the senate re.Humod de- iof the l'an-Amer:caii cimference bete today o(i the resolution de- .Monday aflcr„„„„ and return to ';I^>;lnK va,::nt the seat of Frank L. , •, ..^ , , 'Sraiil.. of Illinois, on the ground I .M0.XIC0 ( ily where he . has import- his credenti.ils were tainted [lyi! work to do." ; ' This aniKiuiicement caused FLOOD RELIEF UP TO FINANCE PLANS FOR GONGRESS, DENISON Washington. Jan. 19. (AP)—Congress alone has the right to formulate the method for financing the Mississippi valley flood control pripgram, and not the army enjfineer.s. in the opinion of Representative Denison, Republican, Illinois. Expre.sslng his, views . today be-*— - —^— • —7-= ; •— fore the house tlood control com-("bad laqds".of North and South Da mUtee. the Illlno.sau declared that | S^^^^ SaUTXe^^^^^^^^^^^^^ he favored the engineering features^ Tp^as. could be planted. wUh trees and thdt these toresta would retard much of the flood water from flowing^ liito the tributaries. Doctor Rapheal Zon, of St. Paul Minn., director of the Lake States ForeBt Experiment Service, described fhe effects of timber growth in keeping rainfall out of the rir- ers. ^ of the control plan, but was opposed .10 the recommendation for participation of the valley Hiates in the cost. The establishment of national fore.sts on the watersheds ' gf the .Mississippi tributaries was iirged by S. A. Sherman, associate I'nlted Stag's forester. He said that fht Dinner Willi Self Defense Claimed By Attract Array of Speakers • Joe Forthmyer in Shooting .with "fraud aiid corruption." sur- Although culled Into session an; among the delegates today as l>our earlier tljan usual, that move' Mr. Morrow was regarded as one P''"'''*' "^^ l>*'cause the , • . , . ^ Democrats, JIL a lonference pre- 1 .ot the siratecic advantafi.>s of the ,.(pj,n„.,, |,U ,o„ between .Sena! i nited Stales at the coiif. renc.. Ii i»iis Hohinsoif. of .\rkansa.s. and li.-li.ved his presence here lleflin. <it AlJibiima. were absent Uv.nild countTaci anv possibilitv of x""-''""" wa:^ opened, ' controversial or reactionary mat- '''"vin.u no (|tiprum on .the floor. WARKTOHEAO DRY FORCE IN THIS SECTION TORNADO SWEEPS SOUTHERN OHIO; ONE MAN KILLED HEFLINSTILj. OF ROBINSON After Democrats Approve Arkansan's Stands He's Off Again ROBINSOOPPRQVED Overwhelming Power- Is Shown in Party Conference Washington, Jan. 19. (AP)— • Undeterred by the action of; Senate Democrats in votingi confidence in the'leadership of Senator Robinson of Arkansas. Senator Heflln. of .Alabama, gained the. Senate floor today; and renewed his attack on the party chief. Washington, .Ian. 19^ lAP)—In overwhelming strength the Demor cratlc i)arty in the Setiate rallied: Rob- Present Deputy To Have!Damage^fe Estimated .At\^ TS^:.::Z^::Xu^: Tile six Christian churclies in ' Hays. Kas.. Jan. 19. from Al- ; Poultry'exhibitors are ... J... ... leii. Wilson, .\eosho. Bourbon I'nivvfilnl. .\ndersiiii. Cherokee and Woodson counties. " Theie art' several e.xliibiturs fnini outsid.' counties. .\. 1.. Harris, of Parsons, veteiau Jioultry judge, declared the illsplay is unusually good for the <irst show of its kind in iUe county. 'ler« being brmight up and also , . any movement against the I'ni'.ed ' ' * Slates which miKht he puposed by .Allc-n ciiunty will eiijoy a I 'eliow-, O l.ouRhlin, son of a Hays mo-,pj,j. .\i,.xfcan ilelegate. !.i)i|) liiiiiier in loI«' Tuesday eve-; tor car dealer, was shot and fa-' .\!r. .Morrow explain-d to the i -or- ning. Januarv 24. at G:4 ."i in ilieltnlty wounded earlv todav bv Joe r .-|H .ndeut that he originally ac- dlning room of the HaptLsi temple. I Forthmyer. taxi cab driver, at the • j;'-?""'' |>e'»i;"' =' I'Mited , . . i r r - w^. • , , Stales ilel.';;ii|.' wil'i Ihe iilid -r- Two hundred and lifiy uduft home oi Mrs. .\Iable Dickinson here.: ^,.„.,,i„^ ,„. „„ ,„. f„rce<rto members of the Christian church , Forthin.ver was held by . Sheriff; re-.Main Ii .iii-'ei- than the short time necessary to participate in the organization of til • and »o get his di'iegation on a favorable - M . hv th^ lat-l''<""'''«=^ H*" departure ter. said i-ffidavits given bv ithel '•!<"'"'d by the iimeuci taxi cab driver auil .Mrs. Dickinson.'" - I'oli''<al situation in Mexi talks .jii the Kansas Christian : The affidavits said O'l^ugblin " ' " ' ' Crusade given by three of the out-'and .Miss Cracy Boyce' called! at st.;in.l;ng men of the cfirisiian "''"'^'P''"'* *'•»<''•« >'orth- Humboldt. l>aHhriw. .Moran.JAlex Weltz pending- the coroner's Savonburg. l.eainia and lola are'inquest today. 1 e.vp.cred K. sh together and en- 1 l-'orthmyer shot OT^ughlin after , <• .. 11 II I a quarrel precipitated joy an evening of tellowship and ; „j music, followed by three short urgencies xico Imt in fulfillment of the airre inent !!••!( bed when he became a dile- Ic .ll' ' Various breeiis ol poultry.and the Ml; Light Hrahina. 9: P.uff Cochin number entered loPow; Auconas : ^,^,1^.^^, ^ Pilisburg: Rev.'F. L, r.; .lersey Ciaut. IS*; HulT I.eghoriis , p^djj pastor oT the .ChrisUan men .... ............ Visiting, and that chtirch m Kansas. Tito pnueipal ! (,i,„,.phlin and LMIKS Boyce began .speakers will he Dr. W. .\. Brand-iji quarrel. O'Loughlln, the affl- Ithe enburg. president of tne teachers' ti quarrel. O'Loughlln, davlt»i said, then threatened lives' of ever.vone in the hotjse, whepcupon Forthme.ver seized i: White Leghorns. 20; S.f. Black m i'itt*burg, dnd John D.jgun hw'ned by .Mrs .Minorc - 11;- Huff Island Reds. 4; S. C. Rhode, Island U.ds. iO; Rhode Island White. 3; IhilT Rock.s. 7; Barred Rock.s. SI; Willie Hocks, a; S. Su.ssex, 3; Part- •.lidge Wyandotte, 7; W. ^^•yandotte :!•>; Muscoxa Duck;*. 3 pair; Wlilte Kindeii (Jei'se. ] pair; Toulouse tJeeseC'l pair. The ^totals, .show 299 poultry ent- rii's iuicluilvng 22 cocks; 41 cockerel; 61" hens; SO pullets, and 17 pens. {(.'rading started tinlay. . PiiHlfry K.xliiliilor'^. .Mrs. Bruce Armacost lola; Ralph AJ-Stover, lola: .Sam J 'trown. V'a: .\\ J.iUocers. I-one 'Klni; Selden U'lgeps, lione Kim; <'. K. Brown, .Alioonu: II. J. .lolinson. Cb.nniite; .Tolin 'Perrenoiid. Humboldt; L. .V. \\ fiiioiiiMWii: MIS .'Win. lOrii'k- >;i>ii Chanute; W L. Ti-rner.. Lallrirpe: Mrs. Klor .T Larsen. Chanme: Airs. .1. -.1. Co'lins Carnett; ,•• iioy .A Mlis. Cliannte; K. J.- Lo(|ua, Arniaj K. H. Mace, (larneti; Fred 3?eiiie; Yates Center; I,. E. Mace, C.-irneti: .1. A Steiniel. tola: H. C. Mtigf;t. .Meran; ,Mis. W }|. C.rev. l.>la; ' IC. 71. Brown, lo'n; J. E. IhnchiU'On. lola Il.-a!iy Hay lola; S B. 'A'-'ee Ci'.v; Waco Creat- linnset i<da; C. J. Malouf. tola: :\i;s. B. M. .McCali.-. Carlyle; AV. T_ .Mevrinder. :I.Mi'^. ••ic-'\i>i>. lola: C. K. .lames. Car'>le'; .•^vha-i Miller. IJun-boIdf -V. \I. ilearr.J. <"ol-j jj„„^,. uniltiis: II. \ .McCnir.. T-inutuwu; I j-^j.' Os.-ar Brown. .Moran U. <). 'War-j attend 1'l.OUgll liour jlate'r. Charge-of Three - - ^ States Now .Short rl<l !r<> .spenk-.. The day's ddbaie was opened by S.Miator ShovtiiAge. Uepublican. Caiiforni::, who coiii.eii'Ud that wM'.:- the senate hail the stren.gth iind powt-r ii» ilose the iloor.s against Smith' it ;did uot have the constitutional right to do so. .Xiii-weriuu 11 question yesterday by .Senator W;ilsh.^ Deir.otjrai. .Montana as lo what !)•• wi>uld have done had he been a member of the senate immediately following the Civil war. and men who had r'-belleil against the L'niteil States presi?nteil , cVeilt-ntials, • Senator .Shortrldge; s(i1<l h'.- woiild vi.ted t.i seat fbeiii. district comprising -N'ebrn.ska. Kan-; court house. "I would have vntc"! to se;it the ' • leader. Kfibert K LVe and wel- More Than Hundred Thousand Washington, Jan. 19. (.AP> — Names of eliglbjes for five ad- mlni.stratlve post.s^ in the fifteenth prohibition district, comprising the states of Oklahoma. Kansa.s and Nebraska.- were certified to the., treasury today by the civil service com-, mi.ssion. .The names- were not announced. thad been chatlenged after he re- ibuRed Senator Heflln for the 'Alabaman's repeated attacks on the Catholic church and Governor Smith. By formal resolution, adoptefl in minisfrator for Kansas, was today have appointed administrator ifot the AVark was the only applicant who •as. 5; S. C. White .Minorcas I xlmiiierman, secretary of the Kan- wounded O'U iff Orpington. 17; R. C. Rhodejj^^^ Christian .Missionary society. died huU" an h..u. .ow... , , , ' 'The purpose of this dinner meet-1 .Miss Boyce w.ns Mdng sotiglit by l''^''"*:"''"^,"^^^ ng is to afford all members ofjEllIs countv anIhoHtlos as a nia-'" ' Cordrallfy Kniphaol/eil American-.Mexican cordiality was t'omed him back again to take the visibly empliasi/.ed In the eves of "ath at th»'< har," be declared. .'elegates when An.i.a .s .sador Mor- "•'^""f i" '^''W I ''evereiitly Relieve'^uecessfullv passed the civil serv-i riw entertained the entire Tnited Abraham Lincoln would, have ' e.ver »ei£eu si.^'""^'' Mexican r 'presentatlons done." Dickinson and''" dinner last night, in twice He; ' cTemony was definitely• be- :b'nd the conference today and the the Christian cburck in this county an oppohuuity of hearing in detail the story of tils most Interesting forward looking program of the church known as tho "Kansas Christian Cnisade." \ Among the siM?ciaI musidal fea- ture.s arranged for tho evening terial witness. fiherlfr -\l<>x Wilta and M.; J. Driscoll, city martjbal, today said they had informath h leading them to believe Miss Boyie and O'Lough­ lln were married ilecentl7. The officers understood Miss Boyce's home was n Kutisas City. I'' ^, ,, ,, a quartet from the teach-; Lat.r reports .said MIsfi Bo.vce was!^'"'',^ ;•' '^'•""''!'l er.. college at Pittsburg. The or- a resident of Junct on City, Kaa. ,lhe PaM-Ain-ru-n I ..Ion chesira of the <:hrlstian church In , .lohn H. O'Lougl lln. father of' '"''"'' InternaMonal lola will irlay several seli-ctlons. victim. 4«- widtly knowif here The meeting is being held in the j.s a business man and rancher. He B.'iptist temide lje<-au.'!e of the | js H formei-state repre.senlatlve limited dining room facilities in j fr„m Ellis countv. having served! the Christian church, but the din- I two terms In the legislature, ner will be served by the ladies i. The inquest, ori^inallv set f<.r of the Christian church under the! m a. m. todav ivas postponed until j^'"!''^^";- <^ " leadership of Mrs. E. C.\ Cannon. J3:.-?o p. m. to give aiithorltles more!""" i-'„,,pr,v„,,,i \..„,rA So charge is made for the dln-|,i„,p to attempt to ll.oate the miss-. f.,,-,n,,,,,i,. . inderw ...d ner tior will there b? any money linKsiri. ^p.l^^.h?'" rai.sed at this or any other public j it-ieiiner. bent on imiliediati Aeenda (•'i.-ir!es Rvrns MiigheH. chairm-iii ot till- Am ?ri-aii delegation, work- ill out his coniinittee as.-.iciinienis wMi bis col 'Heiies. The dlslribii- •ii-n --iiliiti'itfd b.v them in the con- fi r-'ice WIS- Paii-.\iiieric"n I'liliin: .»Titb ;iss:i- dor M ..|T.- I' K' •<•' '•- i''i.;li..s :in.i of "If ^ve pask the resolution to'-. j . seat-Frank L.. Smith, we might as Headquarters well advertise that seats in the.'J'Q ^t Topeka senate arejfor sale." Sejiator .Vor-' ri>:. ItepuWIcan. .'Cehra'ska. .said. Smi'h. iiM 'hari'ed. had been ••b«,.~r(,t Uy,Samuel Insull. the wa- "ler ni'Wer jnignate who wanted wliat he had "bought and paid for. Law : Hughes. FN'tdicr. fonii'-r Senai<.i Osi-ar W. ri'diiwood «if Alab.iiiri and Jani-^s Brown-Scott, iiri'sid.-ui .>r t'le American Institute of Ini.-i- national Law. Private International Law:Jiidee of .New Yolk Topeka, Jan. 19. (AP)—Headquarters of tho new 15tb prohibition dLstrlct comprising Kansias, Oklahoma and Nebraska will he "U liisnll nui '-onirol.ihe .s,mate;niain^inpj Topeka. George H: .s<'nt Irom - Illinois, wc j;iusf re- , ' . j , ,' ., : Work, the new administrator, said today. _ Administrator Wark said the change would bring the old 15th district headquarters . from Sioux City, la., former headquarters of the district comprised of Nebraska* ,Iowa and South Dakota. 19.) Kansas formerly was in the 16th • -\P»—Reports were current today district, comprising .Missouri and that i;eneral '.Aneustlno Sandino, Kansas, with headquarters at St. We IilUSt III 'iilx-r that; lie Is also operating in 111 nv '>• hi.r.stales." .Senator .\i )r- ris adileii. Sandino Is Killed In Marine Bombing, Report .Managua, .Nicaragua. • Jan. meeting in the interest of the Kan- | WEATHER and ROADS sas Chrmtian Crusade. It s sinlr j '^•^"*^"' •ply txj be a great inspiration and j informational meeting. The go'al for the Cru.sade is $.iOO ,000_and over one-fifth of that amount has ' FOR KAN.SAS: Uiritonlcht anil Friday, colder'tonight.' For loin: Fiilr toniirlit vinA Frl- Intelleciiint co-op Taiion- ll-'v Lyman Wilbn.-. Presidem'of S;ai.- fopd Cnlvrsltv. and Howe Economic nrnlilems: .\lor-ow. administrator of the since already bi-en given by about one-'«'"''• <'nWer tonight, third of the members of the Chris- ' Temperature—Highest yesterday tian church in the seven counties | ^t 5 |>. m.: lowest last night visited. The money !.« secured 3^. at 7 a. ni.: normtil for today, through individual ^ift«=. but with- 30; excess yesterday, 14; . out' regard to attendance at the siitce January 1st, 73 degrees: this Pers<ms are not obligat- date last year, highest, 30; lowest, financial support because'^''•^ Precipitation for the- 24 hours . tord. Koit ^ Scott": i lien i -o!t; I-: llix .-iii V Kelley t-'iTt ; meetings. these great dinner ending at 7 a. tn. today, .03; total that H< !iei leader., had been slain in an airplane Isombardment by .Ma-, rines. ' /'Iwith Texas. .Marine Iieai.'i|uar;ers attf inp:.?d. The new to confirm the reports, which ori-jl-^th district had served as deputy ginated with :.\icar<euans coming • administrator for Kansas .r in .\U'-vo .Secov". P --ciic oi tlie I May. 1921; Marines drive'against Smd no. He | Essentially a soldier, . - r.coiioiiiic iimi.i.-in?. ..ixi-un. was said to have been killed Sat-: ^Vark has served his state and nn- Ambassador .Voble Brandon Jndah iirday at his'monntaln stronghold tlon on battlefield, in legislative at El Chipdte. .Marine planes I halls and on the bench. One of straffed Rebels there .Saturday and j his services to Kansas was as on their retui'h reported 40 Rebels i judge of the court of indtistrial re- Cincinnati, Jan.' 19. (AP)—Onp matt was dead, numerous persons injured, and buildings blown down in a tornado that swept; southern] p^rtv conference with but one jdlai- Ohio today. F^rst reports indicated j senting vote, the Democratic senaj- the storm extended from Washing-i declared;.their "confidence!' in [ton Court House near the center of >'*'l^''.-.*i'''*^u- i» • , .If- I ' Heilin himself, who issued the jthe state down into the blue grass challenge to Robinson's leaduhlp 'district of Kentucky. jyesterclay in as colorful a pasiBge 'Washington. Jan 19. i t.\P)— i A. R. Kruger, bavton traveling [at words as the .senate has heard O. H. Wark. deputy prohibition ^d- " "'""'^ vears. did not; attend I tiie coping of a building was blown j ^brypsorution" adopted "was"^ noi rej^ down, on his car at Washington ;buke to him. and that he had 'ijust. ! begun" his senate speech making sas and Oklahoma. ! Heaviest damage was indicated;"'^ -'^'^'^ governor Commissioner Doran ideclared j At Cumminsville vind ' Eakt Hamit-'''';^^'°-'-«'l'f'"n^^^^^ i 'ton. suburbs of Cin^'innati. and at' Tnimniell Totes >o Hamilton. Ohio. The one ni*Kative vote was caj^t Communication lines were down!'»y Trammell of Florida, who is^ (and definite infordiation was lack-1 ^e '"'^ jot regard ye.sterday's tHt ling. Early estimates placed dam-!between Robinson arid Heflln,asHa 'age at more than 1100,000. j matter for party action. InaU.jja -So far hospitals reported that ten ' '' '' persons w'ere being treated for injuries, none serious. ' . Two school children were re-{South Carolina. Dill of Washingi ported Injured at East Hamilton land Neely of West Virginia. • when the storm hit a school building. Heaviest damage appeared tc have been done in Cincinnati'.s northern siiburbs, where houses and barns w:ere unroofed, garages blown over and ^telephone and telegraph poles iind trees levelled. A blinding rain storm accompanied the high Wind. The rain was So heavy th^t for 5 time automobiles were at a standstill. , Shortly before^ noon the rain abated, and the sun came out. The storm apparently^ jumped from, here ice requirement for tlv'e place. l.ouis under administrator • Sam! toward Louisville, where several Haley, while Oklahoma was aligned 1 persons were reported Injured and Colonel and Wil- and Judge O'Brien. Social problems: Scot biir. Since each' delegation has only one vot€ in committee meetings the nutriber of delegates from u conn- trj* is arbitrary. Tho quarters provided by the Cuban.government for the conimit- buildings damaged. In Cincinnati several buildings w^e wrecked, but no one was reported injured. At East Hamilton the Van Bureni public school was damaged, but so-far as is known no school children were hurtl killed and mamy wounded. Sandino had been expected at Jinotega Suiiday'and^although the signal for liis arrival was given lie never appeared. .Vicaraguan-';travelers 5;aid Sand- lola: Marry j Rp«ervations should .1)e mad^? .nt i lor this year to dtite .17; deficien-, c:reatho.ise. lola. Kny llardn. '"l"once bv inailing cards or by notify- 0'«infp January 1st, .63 inch. U VcKuineV. lola; Call 'Wil-! the pastor, the Rev. J. Leei Relative humidity at _ 12 n )s;„„s.. Ch :.'nn.- " IReleford. .yesterda.v. 9S per cent: . a. m. . - (i.m Kxhihilori. • • da.v, 7.-. per cem^ barometer leau I';.V'-'*;^', Program Is Arranged o«-o ,„..u„„ Wilson, (.eueva, _ , fe meetings are no less sumptuous/ ino's wife lefl San Rafael hurried- than tlie great university hall in ly for El Chlpote in, to wnlch the plenarj- sessions are an urgent message. IVji^iar Brower. : nil, G.eiieva: Jolm 'rh'-<>dt»ie Ciiiiis. Geneva; • .\llen Curtis'. C.i'iieva- Freil Baker, lola; W.illet- Sani|i. lCI.-<niore; E.vler Jtnis.. Colony; .lohn .McCabe. Ciir- Jyl,-: J. II. Porter, loin; E. , K. Triles, .Moriiii; W.. S. Heistand lola; Louis Uirsoii. Lallarpe; II. C; AVehher. Carlyle; W. H. Ling, lola; A. HMcholas. Lallarpe; C. A. An- d.M'son. lola; Jas. Wynn, lola; Russell Hill. Carlyle; - Axel Bloom Savonbtirg; Elmer .Nichols. Carlyle; John'Zimmerman, lola; .Melvin H Bal7,i<r. lola: J. W. llunim, Hiim- Uoldt-!; Earl Houk. .Moran: Verle E .Velsdn. Savonhiirg: Carl Nelson tlerdin. Savon- . to ilea level, 29.7S Inches. held. They are mostly class rooms . noon 1 hut exquisite tn decoration and fur- to- nhliing. as a rule wiih beautiful liuced wooden I desks for the children and !hea\-y leather l>rass-studded chairs John Trinnell Gets Six Months in Jail 6 a ni.: sun sets. For Teachers Meeting.=1:30 p. m. Road Conditions. for the committeemen. .\n ad.'- nuate fMi-ct. of sfenograpl:ers and Isccielaries has been proviiled for .lohn "nnncll of Gas City, arrested yeejerilay at his home, by county officers, today entered a The program for the- Allen ; County Teachers .association meet-1 ing Saturday in the: high school ' auditorium has beeti completed, .MLss Dollie Adams, county superintendent, announced today. j The .HiimlioliH high school girls ; glt»'e dub. scheduled to sing, will; not be here because of a Girls Re- Salina. dear, roads good. Toiieka. clear, roads pood. ^ .Manhattan, clear, roads good. Emporia, clear., roads good. . Wichita, clear, roads good. Ark. Clt.v, clear, roads good. Coffeyvllle, clear, roads soft. Hutchinson, clear, roads good. Dodge City, c^ear. roads good. Pittsburg, clears roads muddy. Ottawa, ch'-ar. rain last night. smoothing the part of , plea of guilty liefore Frank R. For- serve; conference^at Independence ' and for that reason other musical I number-! will be arranged. : roads slippery. Dr. W. A. Brandenburg, presi-' - ' r dent of Pittshiilrg State Teachers EldOU Hawley ArSOU college, will he the' principal, ' Q^^^ TO BC Dclayjed T- th.' committee's work. Address Is Termed Sentimental Savonburg: Olif liiirg; Noriuau eKtle. Carlyle: J. J | speaker Keefe lola; I'hil Graf. Carlyle; R | Musical numliers will include , E-H 1) .Noi-ihwav. .Moran; J. H. Ponsler ; selectIon.s bv the lola high school attorne.vs for Kldon Fori; Scott; F: A. Corkbill. Nortonville< Albert Zeigler CorkiU. Nor- V lonville; W. A. MarshaH. Colony; I (7. B.Thompson, iola; Raymond ll:ik,<»r, Geneva. Speeding Costs Going Up In City—Edwards The cosl of speeding is gradually going* up. With the fining yesterday of Don Waldo. Police Judge Etfwards indicated that in the future citiiens of lola -would' Jie fined yiO -with fines for All lola teachers are asked to not be heard Monday as scheduled, meet with Miss Adams at 1:30 • The ctse probably will,be set for o'clock Satunlav afternoon for an- later in the January terra of dis- nouncement.". The program will ' trlct court. Hawley Is accused of be -given at 2 o'clock. buk-ning a barn in Bassett, Bodies of Joseph Smith mid His Brother Are Located in Illinois Kiansas City. Jan. 19. fAP)—The bodies of Jo.seph Smith, founder of Mormonisnl, and his brother Hy- persiins^fr^m outsVde'of the citjv I rum. found at Naiuroo. III. yester- Sneeders in the past have beeii i«!ay will be placed in a tomb there, fined $5 if living in lola. J^''^''l^l^^'i'j'l''."^.!!!.^./^/^^'^!"^..*^''"'"'''* ICdwards intimated that the le\-y might be increased to $15 ."won. - Nol just another icoffee— PICK-, •WICK Is incompjurably good and - ta^itejtnL ywjuf grocer,—^T. of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints announced today at their headquarters in Independence;" a suburb. It was announced .that the bodies uroiild be.idaced la a large-con- :.i-_ff'l * ^ - 1 cretc toipb on the spot where they have rested for more than SO years. ES-entually a, monument will be erected on the concrete base as visible for many miles because of its location a short' distance frotn the bank ot- the MlsslMlppi river. Officials said they had made positive identiflcation of the bodies aloitx -Aith those of Emma Hale Smith, -vrlfe ^of.' Joseph Smithrant Lac7 Uack, bis aotbcr. rest x^nd was sentenced to six months in JaiJ iind fined $200. . He entered a plea of gnllty to a charge of sale of li()uor for which he was given 120 days and fined j $100. A guilty plea for unlawful .Mexico City. Jan. 19. (API—El manufacture flf liquor brought fiO l.'nlversal In an editorial today said (Ia>-s and ^Ihii fine. Members of President Coolidge's address at Ha- the sheriffs force ;found six gal- vann wa.s lost in a sea of misly and Ions of beer a.t his home. . sentimental inconsistencies and i L abounded in common places and ]>f^^(QII g{|| Jg Bscked contradictions with the facts. ' r» TI T J* The paper asserted that if C<M )1-• iSy xioovcr andiJardine Idge'.s speech w-as to be used for ' : •.he int«>Fpretatlon of future "inter-: Washington.'Jan. 19. (AP)-;-En- nationai relations on this heral-jdorsement of tile Newton bill which sphere the meaning of-words such would set up American trade comas liberty, law, defense and friend-j hlnatlons to combat foreign mon- .ship would be alarming for the.opolies of rublier,: potash'and sisal weak American nations whose only,by collective ^urchasln» was glv- protectlon according to Coolldge Is;en by_Secretary Hoovei^ today be- found in a vague law by which the i fore the judicial^ commlt- mlghty.are entitled to pay closer tee. . ; attention to the spirit rather than j Secretary Jardine. In a letter to the text, ithe commlttee.ialso wenfon record -, jin support of tBe measure; Peru Has latious m 1919. ' He had come back from'the war when Gov. Henry Allen summoned a special session of the legislature to deal w|th the coal strike. Colonel Wark,; tvlio came to Topeka as state senator from the coal mining section oit southeastern . Kansas, was appointed one of the three judges whenj the legislature created the industrial court. Governor Paulen Will Name Road Grouii> Soon Topeka, Jan. 19. (API-Governor Paulen today said he would announce the members of his' road and flood and water conservation committees ihis week. Some of tiie men who will serve on the two tbmmlttees have accepted his invitation and Governor Paulen said he hopes to announce the committee memberships before he leaves Saturday for Washington enroute to New York where he will address the Kaiisas society on January 30. Senator Norris Says Court Abuses Power Kentucky Is ' Hit by Windstorm . Louistcille. Ky., Jan. 19, (AP)—A high wihdstom^ today damaged a number of houses in the western part of Ixiuisviile and at, Shively, fifteen miles from here, seriously injdred two men and caused damage estimated as high as 1100,000 Clear and Colder Is Prediction for State Topeka. Jan. 19. (AP)-—Clearing skies and slightly lower temperatures were forecast for Kansas b>' the weather bureau this morning. senators were "absent from the cibH ference. Three of theni, Blease jp' - ,1° Hamilton I and Neely ! near by In , the senate cha -where proceedings were tempo ily halted by the wholesale De|lf6- crattc absences. ' f The conference resolution -did not mention Heflln by name, ij it it did take direct issue with'him j n one feature of his attack on Ro i>- inspn. The -\labanian had deman Ied Robinson's removal from t le Mexican' Slush Fund commltti e, and the democratic conferen :e voted its confidence in-the leader's work on that committee. , Name Eliminated Senator Heflln told n^wspap >r men that in Its original form t le resolution mentioned him by nan e, • but that the conference-eliminat ^ the reference during Its three qtiar-- ters o( an hour of discu.sslon. ( « this point the senators wlio atten 1- ed'the conference were.iiot talk l- tive. ~y The Alabaman afeo s^id he hiii- self had thought of going befo e the conference with a ri^ue .st th if It'take some action regardingj his passage yesterday with Robiaso i, but that Senators Tyson of Ten^e i- see aiid Overiiian of North Car»-. : Una asked him not to do so. T son later said be merely had a l- vised the Alabaman not to co i- tinue his attacks on the party Ipafl- er. Robinson Presents. Brief Details of* what took place Inj the conference room, gathered f ftier the meeting ended; showed Senator Robinson had • presented his Bitse In brief form. He said at the outset that his Jeadcrshj^p on the floor and his membership on the '.sppclaJ Mexican committee had been ^hal- A northwest vclhd had dispelletl ilenged by ^ZlJlt^r^.^i^r the Clouds and would keep after-: he had I"« the Alabama Sera^^ noon temperatures under today.; on ""^^'V; r^^i^, predicted meteorologist S. D. Flora he opportunity at ^^is confei ence but nothing extretrie In the way of l^^^ir^S^^^lZ^l''^^^ So bis cold weather was In sight. Kansas City reported ;10 ot an inch of rain In the; last 24 hours; Wichita. .02, and Topeka a trace. Goodland. Concordia and Dodge Citv reported low marks last night oti28. Equalization Fee Will Bring Committee Split pose Robinson positions as leader a'nd comnllttee , member. In order that there might be ne mistake about It he said he hatl ad-, dressed a note to Senator Heflln that he,intended to call the matter up and did riot want him to be I taken Iby surprise. Senators Bruce, of Maryland, and Copeland. of New 'i'ork'. took the lead in the discussion of the controversy bet-ween Robinson and Heflln on the tlood. The Maor- Washington.j Jan. 19. (AP >T -The .Washingtori, Jan. 19. (AP»-The split between ^proponents ^ of. ^h^! j"-^e"; b7oii„ht the name of Gov- course of the District of Columbia ^'^Nary-Haugen bill over the equal-i^and^^ supreme court in the contempt pro-i Izsition fee was . widened in the ernor . nmun aei. ^ ceedlngs growing out of the recent fhouse agrlcultftral committee today ft r, D Thompson mistrial of the case against Harry P. Sinclair arid Albert B. Fall was characterized by Senator i Norris Republican, Nebraska, today as an "»buse of power." Praise for Address Lima,: Peru, Jan 19. I(AP)-In, contrast to the critlclsiri heard In some Latin American newspapers about President Coolidge's speech opening the Pan-American con; fererice in Havana. La Prensa, th? official government organ, today had nothing but praise for the "serene and simple discourse of the de fenderpf American democracy." ; .The newspaper's editorial particularly referred to what It termed the wholesome reiteration - that "sovereixntr of small nations -is (CeatIa «Ml.9B Fage^l^ 9*. 1) Garden City Now Has ^ Municipal Airport i Garden City, Kan., Jan. 19. (AP) This Western Kansas town, has- acquired a iputiiclpal airport. Mayor Fred Evans.'announced today.~ The city commissioners have signed a five-year lease, with option to buy, to a tract of 80 acres of smooth Buffalo grass sod close to the paved highway (Kansas No. 50-S) about; foitr miles east of Gar- deii City, apd ^already started Im-' pi^vlng the ground with the' purpose of making It a first ; clasi; laading'tiald. ii ' - [Signed Copy of Farewell Address Of General Robert E. Lee Is Found Ix»nisYill6. Ky.. Jan. 19. f.A.p-|— The Courler-Joui;nal today says that a signed,copy of General Robert E. Lee's farewell address to his soldiers, valued at $2a.O00. has been found here in possession of an attorney. i The unnamed lawyer, the Coirr- ier-Joumal says, has treasured the manuscript as an- helrloqm and recently; shored it to experts of the it was"ann.'vll day when any can- when Representative Thompson •'^''late for the presidency could be Republican. Ohio, sprved notice'attacked for his sectarian char- that he would; oppose inclusion of acter when his general fitness for the provision in the farm relief the office was; recognized." tneusnre. ->'ot Personal .Matter ' Senator Bruce also declared that, yesterday's senate debate could not be regardeti as a personal Controversy; that Robin.son-spoke not for himself, but for his party: that Senator Heflln had broiight an Indictment against eighteen million, American citizens, and': that the; party it-self would.have been subjected to misconception unless B defense wa3 undertaken by the recognized leader in the senate Senator Bruce, said the Catholics had been' driven into the' Democratic ranks by bigotry and added that the kind of bigotry advanced i by Senator : Heflln ' would drire them ito the Republican party. ^yxr the Democratlc'piwty Is to I Library of Congress who declared it took rank-as one of America's most valuable documents; fit to be preseiTred with the orig-irial of thie Declaration of independence and the : constitution of the I'nited States. ' : The penmanship of the document, is that,of Col. .Charles Marshall. Robert E. Lee's secretary, according <^to chirographers at the congresaloiMU library. - . (Continaed OB Page A Tf^'fh

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