The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 24, 1948
Page 1
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*AGB TITO BLYTHEVILLE (ARX.)' COURIER NEWt nmi: M, Jewish Civil War Brings Arrests 70 An Rounded Up After Ifflun Treepi •ottU Israeli Army •ntL AVIV, June 24. (UP)—Peler Bercson. founder of the Hebrew Committee of National Liberation, and SOD* TO other Jews were held today H "rebels" liable to charges of disobeying government, army and nary orders. The "rebels" w«r« rounded up by IntelUcenoe agent* who went into action to stamp out dissension In Jewish ranks after battles betweei In County Court County Judge Roland Green disclosed today that the order annexing about 4,000 acres of land, much ol it already developed as residence and business property, to the City of Blytbevllle had been entered in County court u of June 3, the dale ol the hearing on the annexation petition filed by city authorities. Remonstrants have 30 clays from the date of the decision In which to file a molion for appeal lo Circuit Court. Several residents of the O'Brien Addilion appeared before the court lo protest the annexation. Chancellor Prances H. Cherry of r« .«.- MIIIK neiweeu J°»«boro was in Blylheville today WEJS^nnETr I-*. £™ h <- r ^ £ CONVENTION (Continued from Pa** 1.) he said other switching seemed 'I* the Irtun Jem. Another captive was Monroe Fein, | U, Chicago, American captain of the ammunition ship AHalena, fiotn which the Irgunists sought to unload arm*' here and at Natanya where Israeli forces fought them oft. Leaders and various members ol the Irgun Zval Leumi. Ihe dissident organization which defied Ihe new government of Israel, were among those arrested in the roundup. One of them was Benjamin Ner- idor. Called Extremist Bergson has been nllnckcd by conservative Jews as a right wing extremist. In 1946'while he was in the United States as head of the Hebrew Committee of National Liberation, he was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as an alien agent not properly registered. sion was held in Judge Green's ol- fiee and involved routine mailers cases pending in the divorce co'.ui here. Circuit Court continued in session wllh the case of George Wilkcrson and others against E. C. C. Burnett and others before a Jury. The case involves sales ol an automobile by Burnett. Judge Charles likely. 4. Chairman Robert O. Bonnell of the Maryland delegation predicted Dewey would get nil of Hint slate's 16 votes after the first ballot. He said Sen. Robert A. Tall Iftely would get five and Stass«n three Maryland voles on (he first roll call Drwry I^adi KsllmaU* Added to developments of yesterday, lust night, apd early today these gains Indicated that the Dewcy bandwagon was rolling. A couple of hours before the flrsi roll call, unofficial estimates Indl cated DeweyV opening strength at 4U votes, Taft's at VX and Slasstn's at 146. with remaining votes undecided or pledged to others. It will take at least 548, a bare majority of the 1,094 delegates, to win the nomination. s Stassen made night-long efforts lo build up the road blocks he and Taft have been trying to put in Hie bandwagon's way. After a couple first order of business. I H looked like Sen. Robert A. Taft would be lop challenger to Dewcy on the flrat billot. If he is unable lo mike a strong enough showing (here may be a combination behind some other Slop-Dcwey candidate. So lar no combination has developed. All candidates were placed In lOininatlon last night and early today m one continuous session of oratory »"il parade* which ran for six hours and 40 minutes. It ended with most ol the delegates departed and the galleries emptying, too. The Republicans hart exhausted themselves listening to each other. They had knocked themselves out parading In the aisles, wavinij banners and shouting. The demonstration! were staged and sometimes seemed unreal, but the »"ow went oil to the weary end. The names ol Dewey, Taft. Warren and Stassen went before thd convention in that order. Connecticut insisted on naming her favorite COLD WAR hours of sleep, Slassen got on Ihe telephone lo jet up new conferences among Republican leaders wlio'r tomomie oy journeu. JVIUKC ^iiuura .-••—•- -•-. --- n.«/»«, o.t W Light of Paragould Is hearing Uke to see anybody but De»ey get the civil cases on the docket for the the nomination. Neue Zcltuni quoled pollllc«l tour ed as saylni thai the new fi« German government would be an nounced June 30 or July 1— n<: Wednesday or Thursday — «nd that the Russian-controlled Berlin Clly Council would be the ftr»t governing body o{ the new state. Berlin, if the western allies couUI be forced out, would be the logl- ( cal capital for th« new state the Russians plan. Th« Neue ZeituiiK said It was exacted that Marshal Vastly D Sokolovjky. the Russian military governor of Germany wlio h«s directed Soviet moves In the Berlin dispute, would »o to Warsaw to join In the dlicviMlocw there. Clay not only defied the Ru%- slans to force the American establishment out o! Berlin with any- of American famlllet out of the I OHV »tlll held If Uwjr wished to : leave. Asked about tn« contused currency situation In which both Russian money and [he nc« Dcutsche- inark backed by the Western powers apparently »'H1 b* circulated In Berlin. Clay said this did not worry him. "There are plenty et placet in the world where two curranden have been used it once," he said. "It can work if anybody wants to make It work." U.S. Patrols Kdnforee* American military patrols were reinforced and put on an alert after the Russians cracked down by cutting off vital supply lines for 2,500.000 persons in the Berlin occupation zones of the three Western powers. U. S. author itlet received reports that barrage balloons had been sighted near the international air corridor across the Soviet rone. home* had no water, ft appeared |24-3«: 100 to IX lb*, 11-21; that, the Russians, who control the water plants, had started shutting off the supply. Livestock thing less than armed might, but ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., June 14. —(UP) — (USDA)—Livestock: Hogs. 8.900; salable 8,000; general market 25c lower: top 2850, bulk 180 to 230 lbs. r 28.25-2&.50; 240 to 280 Ibs. 28.00. Pew sales heavier weights Some 400 to 475-lbs, 22.W-2J.2S: 150 to no ibs, w-rr; iao to iso i 2125-23 stags, 1 J-11; twin, $1* down. Cattle: 2,700: salable 2.000; calvss 1,200, all salable. Trading opens* slow virtually nothing done on steers; other classes about steady. Steers, mostly medium to good, in flesh. Odd loli medium to good helfem and mixed yearlings, 24-31; common and medium cows, *1»-$31; Gunners and cutlers, tl5-|17.M. They said the balloons presumably were aimed to hamper air traffic— INDUSTRIES (Continued from P>ge 1.) June term of court. the New Fraternity Plans Installation Banquet An installation banquet for new officers of the recently organized Phalanx Fraternity, under the supervision of J. P. Oarrott of the Blythevllle "Y". will be held at Rustic Inn July 7. An Inducting team from Memphis will inslall the officers. The Blythevllle group has not yet been granted a charier, but It Is expected that the members will receive their national 6hnrter within the next few days, The fraternity, aimed at promoting a betlcr understanding of problems facing the future community leaders, was organized. June 9 when Bill Dunaway was named primus; Robert Purtle, pro-primus, Their best bet seemed to lie s Vnndenberg-Stassen ticket, and not even that could do then any good unless Dewey can be held on the first two or Ihree ballots. Sen. Arthur H. Vandenberg of he gove: Germany. Allies to Carry Out Plans "Our plans for the West German government were made some time ago," C!«y said, "and we propose to carry them out on schedule," PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief DON'T riiJ.AY ANY 1.0X0KH! Now. t doctor 1 * formula you can *i*« *t horn* to relieve distressing dfoconifOJ't or pfiLn — Itch—[ivLlallim du* lo (I|]*K. T*n<l» to •often »nd nlulnk *w*ltlntf. U»e Ui1» prgyra doctor 1 * formula. TOM']! b» e,mai«<l at lt> M]i*edy Action relief. A sic your druKJflat tort«y for Thornton eV Minor'* Itectal Ointment, nr 8up |>a*l lnrl«w. Follow label In- «tcuctloiii. t~9t •*!• »t «U druc note*. owi [ot FOUNTAINS ' Every wh«re! furt. The U. S. Army garrison here Invoked precautionary measures in the crisis Umt stemmed directly from the East-West clash over currency reform but actually was a Ions range development In the cold war. The Russians shut off the dec- Miss Gestring Wins Steele Beauty Pageant Miss Bernice Desiring, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. desiring, was named "Miss Steele of 1946" at * Jaycee sponsored beauty pageant at the Sema Theater In Sleele. Mo., last night. ' George Spaelh, quaestor, and Ken- Miss Gestring won over six other ) n tth Prultt, tribune. The Memphis Induction team will :ome to Blythevllle under the dlr- Michigan wasn't saying where could be overheard whether would go along with such a deal. Taft's people, meanwhile, said the Ohio Senator was not In a position to throw In with a Vandenberg- Slassen deal because of pledges to industrial employes. Today, we have hls backers that he would keep ''whateTOr *caTn^s 0r orK*nlMd to 1 , and Is developing- n wholly new concept of Its responsibllliy lo the people, Mr. Moses continued buck Dewey on the convention floor, Its chances are slim unless the balloting can be prolonged. For that reason a fight Is anticipated to get , the voting recessed after a few Ijnl-INorth arc looking for new local ons. lots. Then there would be opporUm- They w«,,l to find '«»»''» Community Clinics llrned "Many concerns In Ihe East nnd contestants Including Shirley Burdon, second place winner, and Johnnie Knight, third place winner. Miss Gestring Is a 20-year old red-head and was mimed Miss Bteele after modelling a black and | ily to do some hot and heavy delegate snatching. See Emrlj- Victory attitudes of the people. They not strengthen the forces here, but will replace a Mustang group. There ] will be some over-lap between them however, he said. The U. S commander said the situation would not cause him to alter his refusal to order American areas to ,, families lo leave Berlin, but that his '.I offer to fly women and children The Dewey club will do 'its best lo ployes can own Ihelr own homes u . puj.. --. recess In event these Is and have gardens, where they can more than one ballot. It believes it rear their families simply and close -• • to nature. They arc greatly intcr- prevent i Y.M.C.A. At the present time a memuer- aqua two-piece bathing suit and ' sn lp drive Is being conducted In an later a black evening gown with effort to reach all qualified young rhlneatone trim. I men between the ages of 18 and Other contestants were Miss Man- 25 for the organization. reen Owens, Miss Carolyn Arnold I •nd Miss Ruth McCarroll. Bill Nicholson, state vice-president of the Jaycees, Sam Hodges. The infant died at the home of her parents this morning. Survivors other than the parenli both of Osceola, and Otho SianfleUl include two brothers. Wayne Danof Blythevllle were Judges, and. Ids, 5, and Wendell Daniels, 3. Phillip Koury was master of cere-1 The funeral was under the Conies direction of the Cobb Funeral Home "Miss Steele" was presented a lot Blylheville. bouquet of gladioli and each con' tesUnt a corsage of carnations by tht Jaycsw. Miss Qestring will represent St«ele In the Hayli Lions Olub Maid of Cotton Contest for the selection of Miss Southeast Missouri. The winner of the Southeast Miss- curt t»ie wll t* sponsored by the Haytl Lions Club as candidate In the National Maid of Cotton context In Memphis. When delegates left the hall 4:02 a.m. afler a night of nominal- ( . Ing oratory practically all slop- Dewev maneuvers had collapsed and 'the New York governor up- community development clinics have been conducted In this state and in almosl every case. Ihey have ested In libraries, in Rood schools, i resulted In amazing increase in adequate recreation and hospital'community thinking and activity. nf facilities." > The speaker then discussed the Mr nfen Mn*« rf mOMTBlY ^ FEMALE COMPLAINTS Are you troubled by dlilr«n ° f (emit* functional periodic dlstuiB- unces? noe» this make you suiter Irom piln. r«l so nervous, tired— »t such times? Then DO trj Uydln C. Fliikham'* Vegetable Compound lo relieve auch aymptoms. Pinkhnn's has a Kr»nd soothlnR effect on one o' icomart'l moj( important organs! "If I had known it was so •osy to get a personal loan from General Contract Purchase Corporation, we would have had triplets!" Build Your Home Town program is now being pushed through Arkansas nder joint sponsorship of the Eco- an e neared to be on Ms wny to another | nomlc Council-Stale Chamber and shot at the world's biggesl elective ; Resources &. Development Commi'- sion. The whole program resulcc" from the suggestion that Industrial Prohibitive odds on Dewey did not prevent his opponent.; from grasp- j advancement of Arkansas needed to ing at last straws, but Ihelr pro- be supported by better social, cul- gram was wobbly. This afternoon's I tural and spiritual conditions In Ihe climatic session was called to order i town of Arkansas. at 2 p.m. EOT with balloting the To date, Mr. Moses said, about 30 Obituary Rites for Graydon Griffin Conducted in Jonesboro JONESBORO, Ark., June 24. — Tuner*! services were conducted here this afternoon for Oraydon Griffin, 36, who died In Little '/ick Tuesday night. He suffered a heart attack. Mr. Griffin, commander of the Fifth Distrist of the American Leg- Ion, was In Little Rock assisting in the campaign headquarters of Sid McMath, candidate for governor, when he was stricken. Mr. Griffin was scheduled to pro lide over a meeting of the Fifth District Legionnaires in Lepanto Sunday. Legionnaires said that the district meeting \\ould not be postponed becouse of the death of their district commander. He la survived by Ills wife, a daughter, Sandra: a son, Stephen, all of Jonesboro; his father, the Rev. H. H. Orlffin of Paragould. a brother and four sisters. • • • Infant Daniels Graveside services for June 'Carolyn Daniels, seven-day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Daniels o Armorel, were conducted this nflcr- noon at Dodwood Ridge Cemetery EXIRAlRADtIN i ALLOWANCE /VWB.F. Goodrich Silveitown /* HtaNto/tf*4 as FINEST REFRIGERATOR EVER BUILT THE AMAZING NEW 1948 PHILCO REFRIGERATOR 1 Home Canners POM'T DELAY/ i *. r.innir»c -» .». r. ,,.• H,. rc.idx v>\\\\ \-.- -^ VKrtin ' aps i lot kv B«rNAKdii...becaM* m BtrNAKMn (ire* 7»« triptt K«tecti«i —(I) MM-ta HT* ranber ri««», < l«i< »fi wkite ewmellcd urftct Mt th* M. (J) lidi tKked Vi«ck- tack, •• «tfcii»j. BtrNARdln I* "Be»t br SMeM** 1 . 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