Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1928
Page 6
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PAGE SIX THE lOLA DAIlaY REGISTER. WEDNJSDAt EVENING. .TANUARY 18. 1928. YANKBARE Clubs Coulcl Soon S^d Out Two Good-TeamsX In Americans MANY 0EALS TURNED Giants and Yankees Have Started Others To. Buying Players Valley Cagers Open Play for Week Tonight KaiiHHM city. ;laii. 18. (AIM — Opi'nlni; of tliiH week's HIX-KIUIIV MlHsourl Valley conrerciKe .baMkfl- bull tircgrum will find Iowa Stiiie BOSTON HAS CREW OF BATDEAMONS PLANS VIGOROUS W^TOR OlN^MAT Placed on Field By Braves BY ALAN' J. GOULD New York, Jan. 18. (AP)—If the Yankees keep up their present pac* in. pennant-winning as weir, as iik player-purchasing it may be neces- eary for them to put a "B" teain on the field, as some, of the colleges are; doing iu football. To revive American league j-ompeti- tlon. and give the suriilus tuleut something to do. 'They will have Ui» material to do it by 192S. at any rate. The' club already has a second baseman, Hbort !'to!> and a few pitchers tagged for deih-ery next year or later. i The two -team idea would relieve iUller lIugsiiiK of no little embarrassment when his . recruit.s, such a»i I .yn 1 -ary and Jimmy Reese, »<!art reportiiiK for action and lild- d }ug- for places oA an outfit Uiut lyoks good enough now ' to with­ stand.most tests for at least two or Uiree ^-ears to comei (James might he arranged on the home-and-home bu-ms. If the other .American league clubs fell in with the id <;a. While team "A" was en- guging'the .\thletics at the Yankee stadium, team "n" would oppose tl ^e Philadelphia seconds at Shibe park. Or Hugglns might siilli uj)) li(s firm siring nine and ptit 1 naihizlng rig or Hulli with team "H" occa-' sfonaHy to attract the customers. •To :Offer a fuit.her alternative, iCuggins- might borrow the Notre I)anie isysiem. siurting hta second string; team as shock troops and ryshlug in the regulars when the r<'.>!'erv^s appeared to be weakening. It wouil!] be an interesting sight to HA - Hiiih. Gehrig, I.,azzerl. Meusel and thle rest of the regulars jlasli at MonhattHii tdnight to meet the rp HiffiinT '^flfl Psin RP Kaniyis Agkies I while Drake wllli ^^am Hitting L^aU DC play Crinnell. } • j Iowa State comes to this end of' ihe Valley with |ue victory in.fofirj Efarts as compared to one win and I cim A ii^ri r^r\f\T\ four losses for tiie Kansas-Aggies. I MOUND STAFF GOOD Drake-goes to Urinnell In aitie with Kansas for fifth place ^)•ith two victories and three defeats. Orin- nell has lost all six starts. Iowa State shifts to Lawrence tomorrow night to face Kansas. The remainder of the slate shows: .MIs.soiirl at Washington. Frida.v; Kansas! Aggies at Nebraska and Oklahoma Aggies at Oklahoma, Saturday. Southpawsi Are Added As Hornsby Also Is Purchased This is the fourteenth of a scr­ ies of articles on the prbspects of the major league baseball duV.s during the coming season. M MARKET ISN'TSETTLED 1 Rn.'ton. Jan: IS. (AP> ' baseluii; team we have —'The best ; had' in the, JKiX; yl-ars I- have • is the way Presidti been in Boston,"'; MAN MAYBEHEAD YALE COACH Former Washbuin Star Is Being Considered For Position FAVORED BY JONES "ko Action Has Yet Been Taken, However, Say ' Authorities. B0>: SCORE tola (II) PigB. c-rf.. Gillette, rf. Baker, If.. Symmes. c. Slayton. rg. (.'utlierlb. Ig. Totals li'mindf. (Ik) F(;. .-0 . 2 ...» I 6 HI. Wood .H. Hv.' Woods. Sage. c;-f. _ I'pdv-ke, c. Junkin. rg.-f| Kelley, rg. Bridges, Ig. itf. . ir. KG. -.S i 0 (C» ._4 FT.' 0 • •> : 2 n ; I) ! 1 It 0;' 0 1 nt Kmil K. Fnchs i ! regards his littiSl Boston Braves! Mere is SlrangiiT Lewis. re.>iing with Tiny lloj .baseball machine [which uets under •>•<"" =' hard -lay in the Kansas City ' next iiiiinth with a new driver bnckli a boxer (right). lA'Wis, denying the . • I , ... , . ehiiiii.s .if Joe Sterher an<: v.iil.ius comnii.sHons llia.t he is not Ihe heavy- Rpflr^rive Shakes Prices """" ''' . ^v.ighl wres.ling champion, ph.ns •., hard^wmte. near wnve ^n^Her> rmcb „„. ;„ „,p „^,.„„„ „f .\,.,„j,. ,.,„i,,,.j u, i\u- chanipionship. On Wall Street ,ger jack Slatler.v. . Today I AI the same time an integral pari of the machine destined to furnish I .\ew YOr't. Jan. IS. (AP( A sud-> the necssary spark lo pull it den "Bear" drive against Ihe railroad shares, which touched off :i num.ber of "slop loss" orders, unsettled today's slock ; market. The reaction Came after an opi-nlng display, of strength in which the public ulilltics had taken a proniineni • ml of an ha<biiiiiil seconil division r)il is believed to have been aci|uited in Ihe .•'-eason's 'oiilslaiidim: ileal which brought liogers Jlnrn.-by to ii' from the Giuiits lo cuplaiii flu- trilie at sei-iinil base I-'iir the rest, the s(|iiail will JUNIOR COLLEGE IN GOOD SHAPE FOR BIG GAMES campaign to prove he SMITH SQUAD IS PREPARING FOR SCOTT CONTEST part. Trading continued relatively , shape up as mostly veteran wiili dull, however. Willi indications Ihnl one or two iiromising additions to llie day's total would again fall'a iiilching staff which last year below U.fMHi.DiiO shares. jviifferod for lack\)f an <iutstandiim : , left-hander. Johnny ' ("ooiiiy. Vfl- I WhPilt I 'rk'es Lower 'erau southpaw who underwent an Chicago, Jan. IS. (.\i'l Wheal Uiperation on his left elbow, will :il- prlces averaged lower today, sym-|tenip! a comeback, while iimon:; with an easier lone ih.- new additions are Kd Bianill. a abroad, aiul wfllli we.ikness ,which liii; left-hander from Seattle, and developed in the corn market. Bi-.Art li.lauey, fnrmerly of Oaklanil. sides, export demand for whe:itlTlie veli-raiis include Kent Green- Squad Will Face OlathelHigh And Kansas City In Frays School Mentor Not Pleased With Results Is New-York, Jan. 18. (.\P)—Marvin Stevenii will be "acceptable as new head coach of Yale foot-, ball but noi official action yet has been taken on the question of a successor to T. A. 1). Jones, who resigned last .vear, Louis K. Stoddard, chairman of the YaK» football committee, said, today iu taking cognizance of repons that Stevens already had been agreed on. Selection of a succe.<isor to Jones IIP; to Ihe 1928 Yale football cbni- imittee which has not yet been ap- poinled, ' .Mr. Stoddard said >« I t 'Ointing out that no formal action 'was yet passible. The new com- 1 niiltee will be named shortly, how{ ever, and ' the coaching'situation 1 wi'l be one ofjts first responsi- jbilitles. .. • "• Stevens, an assistant bB <-kfield coach for the last few years at Yale^ has been frequently' mentioned as a successo^- to Joiies and 'it is understood is favored by Jones | for "the head coach 'posi. Totals . Technical .MfCIeirami P. TP.; u •()' 2 4 4 I) U 4! (I Oi If TP. 17 'S 4 4 0 0 3 4.S T.l 2 11 ifouls: Cpdyke. 1. of Humboldt, referee. iGim (By the Indiahapql Indiunapolia. ledo. dcew ( Ctf;velaiid. Associated Press.)' \s —Jimmy : Harkle.v. and Duffi- To- O.—^Lope . Tenorio, FiliprinW, w<jn from Joe Gliik. Brooklyn. 1 1 Danville, I'rbana.- III.. Hartwell, Dahvlle, (2>. Former M Miss Miller to^urwaha .Xiiwara (API—.\ Kl Coach Fl from North America. ' appeared slow, sales loi Kiirope being esll- maieil :ii only :!iiii.(iOii Inishels. Corn declined mi account of increased I'oimlry offerings southwest and becaiis • of prospeel ive enlarged recejpis here. ' Wheal closed easy. 1-1 to 1-2 The lola jllirfor col' ';e liasUel ball s(|iiail is lii-iiig .-.uipped inio j school isiio heller shape for ils iwo balilis this I his high sil week-iiyl when-I lie team meels presrnit so Kaiis;is Ci!y. K:is.-. junior i ollegu worktiiils a ill a Kan.Kas jiiiiior ( ollege eoiifer-1 shaking up fielil. Joe Geiiewich. 11. Smith.* j'ii'<- fray and tli<- Olallie Aliil.s in | paral4on foi (Uiarlie HiibertKoii anti Henry )ii iion i oiifereiic- game. t against the Wertz. |: n,-;, Is now ba. k aiil is woikiiig li'«l> school A ;:aping lio.V- apm-ars at pre.-^eui oui with Ibe of the .squau. bii! lol'i^ al the other end of lb.- 'liuiier's j,„ih he and Kiopk will be In- "< me alley line to the deparlure of .Kraii-, ,.:i(;iijlc as vel tor league •name's };o ! w"'Nn its s] out Of the dugout, along about the CP,,, ,„,, 1,,^^,.. ,.,„.„ S-S, n. 7-S fifth inning, and swing into action L-enl down. Oais. 1 -S cent to r.-H off agains a vl.sitiug aggregation that |„,„i ,„ovisions unchanged lo an b^d been finding holes in. the de- fejise put "ip by Ijiry. Reesw Gazella. Paschal and the 6ther reservists. " ' Now that the Yankees and Giants advance of 2 cents. (•is llogaii. last year's young but regular lia;'kslop. who w^Mit to the Gii.nts with outfielder Jimmy Welith. in exchange lor llorii.<t>y. .\ replacement in the forni <if| "an ; e .vperielueil big league < atcher" is may not n'ak-.' tli/' trip 'ilis weekend. Coach .Slockelirand iv •. not certain ;is tojii>-t how many men «ill make will lie as his ••iitiit'' • The lohi ed souridl.v Pittsburg I still J)e und ii"< - . y.'i ami so is working | mi"'rtP'< <>/ quail. M:iiii will rii'ic - scoring have stiff liallles both pho-es iliis wn-k ami it nia.v lie iiecessarv ti use a large jiroinlscd. soon, however, lo bolster Knn<i|l« Vity Hay. la catihing .leparimeiit at (-.reseiil Kansas Cit.v. Jan. IS. (.AP)—Hay i,"ej„|od by Luke ITtlian. former .jirregular but uiichangod; receipts • Hoston college star who came to n.;:ni some. The Kaii-as Ciiv team have dipped into the player market! Ill i-ars. ; .the Braves from the Giants. js eompose.l of larger men. how- wlth a few startling gestures every I ! ni.-k Burrus. slugging first base- <.ver.i the lolans receiilly oviriume Kjin^is Clly Produce. jniairwho led the tribe with a MIA .such a team when it defeat..-li I ii- Cily. Jan IS. <.M')--^ ;average last year, again is on lieck. |d,.pend 'Miie junior lollegc which Other prc^ With an understudy ahonl to bej was a larger team tluin iho 1 groomed in the person of Big Kl iteam. i ; - _ T——• . j Brown, fi foot 3 outfielder, -whose 1 A good deal of the work .this Kansas VUy Grain i weakening throwing arm but other-i \v<ek is to sniooih out the defeiise Kansas City. J{^n.' IS. (.^Pl— wise healthy baseball attributes de-i offynse. so that the team will :^^^leat: receipts 89 cars: un-lt:i,ip,i .Manager Slaltery in an at-i t)e uoing cood by the last of the start* d tha won 'tor lo: litt'e niore iloes . not 1 lira dices ad idayed- only, one year at Yale, 192:!. , l.ut was a sensation as a b:ill-car- I'rier and kicker. He has been an [>y<l Smith of Ihe ^high !'o Jones for four years satisfied with the'way . ~~— ool team is workintf at i Washbum GaVC will give it some id possibly do of the squad In pre , the game Friday .night: Topeka, IS. (APr-.Marvin invading Fort Scott: ^•t'*''"'"''under consideration (cam. r'"'" a 'poistion as hejjd fool ball team went fairly welpc"»''f> of Yale, -won letters in five Parsons when'it got i ^Ports during his three yeaES in the former said tO(iay t aiid .Mi.Hs .\ •Seallie. WaslJ will go\to B In a few'*days 'i'Si Stevens Letters marriage will| -Miss .Miller fi lo Ihe Hiiidii Hill riavis Ireland.: in p by Tom AH I2.(iiiii, ,raiii<ii IjOiiis. II). •- Ills.—L(V3 knocked Marriiier, oiit Harr.v aharajah And iya. Ceylon. Jan. 18. meiiber of the ! staff of laharajah of Indore at the former ruler ncy Ann .Mll^ler. of .. his intended briile. lOLANS FALL IN STRUGGLE ATHUMBOLDT Citv Quintet Loses To 14 Battle^ There • 48 BREAKS TO HUMME RS At Locals Trail 20 to i Half Mark In Encounter The Tola city team went (lAwn to' another inglorious defeat last night by a 4S to 14 score in favor of Humboldt. %yhose terrritiory lola invaded. The lola team w;as outpla>-ed throughout. The Humboldt t^am was going good and led during the entire game with lola making no threat at taking the lead due . to'{wild and poor shooting. The Tlumboldt squad was showing good iteam- work with the various indiv1dtials~ showing good playjng ability^ ^hat made it hard for the Iota team to do much; The 'breaks .e^vepied to bo aga: lola. Als <i. llowiver. If thfr men would avail thenipelves of free to ^sesj ihat they rccetve in St Tola he he- score could be run up some. .|ohi •failed lo accepn more than chances to .score' on the leam'.s fouls, when it had eleven chances. Hunri>ol 'ut was doing poor fniu shooting. wo hat were making up for it in fjeld goals. Tile score at tJie half was 20 to irwaha. near Indore. \ •>. in favor of HiiinlKjIdt. ^ymtnes .As soon-as the for-i| went out in the third- quarter due mer .Maharajajlis health permits the (to personal.s. su<cr>ssful. at be performed there, •sr being initiated in- b'lgon. he. asserted. was bom in' Belfast, :!2 ami was Vlefeated h.Yv-ing beerx more scoring foiiis than field goal.s. The Hnmboldt team siibslituted freelv. Charles (Buddy) Rogers, movie .>.tar from f)Iathe. will select tho in 4 .T ronnds^or I f'anipiis Queen winners for thi.i ly 12. 1S«<(. ;jiear-St. year's Royal Purple, .vear book of Kansas State Agricultural Col- ge. looting and was defeat-pVashburn college here. When the team .met • Ten letters were won by Stevens i St week it seemed to in 'a th .ree-year period ending in; r the weather and im- 1922, three in football, three in t trip or who iii,.v.l able lo do aiiich until the last two' basketball, one in tra};k. two in , Kansas iPoultry. ducks. IGffi 2oc. (!iice unchanged. club in either major i league has something to show for a record- breaking winter season of dealing. The Giants had to put their foremost star on the market 'before ing business with any of their rival clubs and even then. It seems, most of them Bbled at the idea of making a dear for Harnsby. When Boston finally landed the famous scv- ond laaseman it is proliaJble that Judge Fucha and the other.Hub officials expected: to wake, up the next day and find out it was all a dream. It has been, a, wide open season for dealings in infield ivory. Most of th<» big minor league purchases j white.' S2U : -N'o. liav*; Involved inner workers,'such 12 yellow. .S4ffiS5: a" had the team had a ime. Though the team ok very good in the •present, it is e.xpected hat the entllre squad will have and will fhow lAore confidence lii itself changed to 2 cents lower; So. 2 ,p„„„ ,„ ,„ake an infielder out; of week. Fri.lay. lolai The Fort ually close ably .be ,i turn out tt its sif'cond ' of tlw seas _as CIssell, who cost t^e White Sox i \o. 2 mixed the equivalent of $12:1,000,'and the)79(!iSI. Oakland pair. Lary and Reese, tiougljt by the Yankees for a rc- port'.d ?1.5o.Q00. The sale of Sisler to W^ashington 'by the Browns, tradliig of Hornsby.' tiyinsfer of Bancroft from Boston to Brooklyn and shift of Lu Blue from Detroit to St. Louis, added to the big . irarade. Just for variety the Browns sold or traded a' complete set of outfielders, Biiis .Miller going to the Athletics for Sam Gray, Ken Williams to Boston and Harry HIce to Detroit. dark hard. 1.4!)(fi l.Hl: So. l-IOS/ j,:™ 1.51; .\o. 2 hard. 1.27(fi l..'-.8: .\o. 3', 1.22Vi W 1.2H: No. 2 red, nominally 1.44W1'.4S: No. nominally, l.:'.6ffM.45. Close: Ma.v. 1 .27 7-S: July 1 .2nVi. ("orn: receipts 17!) cars: tin.- clianged to 1-2 cent higher: No. 2 simsi'A: So. So. :t. .S2T/81: ' Allen County Has 24 At Agricultural College ^Tanlvattan, Kans., Jan. IS.—StU- dt'nts from Allen county who are With the'"<'oniing-of llorii .'-'i vi thi Braves now consider tiiey ii; .e a! Japan May Start Work keystone combination wortbv of m r> -ij n ii-i f the name. The new tenm caplain nUIICl xSattlesnipS will run things from second base .ind across the bag in the shortstop Tokyo. Jan. Ix (.MM Comiuenl- berth will ibe Kddie Farrell, iHstP'": on llie as.<iilion reporied to year's regular and a former team ' in-.uh- by .Admiral Cliar- male ofi'llii' slugging c.\-Gij.iH, J^"• HiiKhes. clilef of American 1 Utile Doc { no.«- A ; '-'P. switched from second bast? 1 chVnLed vn 'I Ji. • ""••<' 1«'«'' »" <'"nipete for that I Admiral Okada. nava ^fifi^is Vn -i itri- ' PosKiim with Andy High, while l.>l -l «'l'l ""lay il would be nece ..Rary K;fir- i -jfT. ii« I'''- I'ot corner, probably will be- ""^ h.ifir. 1...4(ril.ns. I „ ,i»i,i„, ,.,.,1,,,.- n ,nn V,.. i italized. In the nieaiilimi Coolidge the game when a ter- baseball and one iu tennis, drive ami rally was Steven.-; was caplain of the would probablN- have/Washbiirn football 'eani which woji the Kansas conference chainpioii- .'•hip in 1920. He left Washburn in the -sunimer of lft22 to enter Yale. .Stevens 'came to Washburn from Osborne. • JANUARY jliome UK conference game Gets Great Weflcome on Return silif'Sl^: :.\o. :i. lautreau probablv | "aval operations, ihal America re-j 1 from second base''luires a minimum of 4:? cruisers. | Okada. naval minister. KnnviiM Clly Mtestock. Kansas City. Jan. IS. (.AP) — IV: a. Dept. of .Agriculture I.— Hogs. 'l2.0(Mt; .letivei. 10c to 20c, the hot corner, probably will l ,e-;th«^ »'lii»tion if such a plan were I coinO an (Hitfielder rather than re- j serve liiiiteriaj due to his .:!(io bit-. naval aiiibori- Pre.>.-iile Train -Kn Jan. IS. logg feel Presiden s^ieech" w delegates call cong purpose is to anioug a Ihe'new |it Coolidgc's Special •onte to Washington, AP)—Secretary Kel! that the effect of Coolidge's Havana II be to convince the to the Pan. Ameri- tess that the ohl>' ])f Che Cnitert ;Stales pfomote a Solidarity of Ih^ Republics of ivorld. ting abilil.v. jlies here are taking no steps in The outer gardeaj)att:oI will be. the , mailer, as .Adpiiial chosen from J^ance Ri<hbourg,.<Ioul><s wh.ilier cimgress .Moore, .laclf Smith, aiext to leading ' Pass sii< b a Iiill. Okada would .f n/. > ! V A -•|.Moore,..iacK smiin, aiexc lo leauiii.i; .mostfy Inc to 2(V higher than Tnes-,|^j„pr , „ ..^..^ apo, and '^"^'lo^.l^ll'"- ''i'.'!;''.,'"^V,r"".^- iKarl Clark who was purchasecl for '?'',^'^''?af?u'°/c'Ll^o:.-^" V;/'''' «S .«00 from Ri.dtmond last year. '"iWith Moore. Brown and Burrus in lfJJ ^''-o?'''''^V •• "'•":^J"'f^'i''IJl "'tl'.e line-up, the braves can present $6J ^0fiJ^,.2.-.: stock-pigs !5..oo«!J..... ,.,„irp ,pam of .Vm hitter^, ex. Cattle. S.OOO; calves l.OOO: fed ..^ ,„,.,•,_ „„] „„. steers opening slow, weak to 2.5e „f ,.p„,.„ averages Su.h lower: ijhippliig orders f(jr better;^ „f,j „.„„,j in,.,„ae: Hornsb.v, gr .ides limited: she slock slow. j, ..jg.. j,^,.,.^,,,!,,, .,1,.. steady: bulls weak to l..c lower: Parreli; .310; Richbonrg. ..-.oS: other cl.-.sses unchanged: bulk fed nrown, .30G, and iMooro. ..101. High Jaeksonv Fresh fron vaua. Pres a wijlcome JackSonvJIl , - _ . ih,. -only Reed for Governor Club Leaving Organised at Parsons Parsons. Ka ;:::hm. IS. (AP, Ai;';,^^.;^;''^^' < rowii.'J at'iendlng the Kansas State Agri- steers eligible to sell around $11.7 .-i ! , pl,ters cultural college this year number #i4 ..-,(i: a tow loads good weighty' . ' 2.f. This is the largest number of steers held around $16 .on .ifi 17 .00; i' '"' Kl^dents, from .Allen county In several year.s. ;LaHarpe: Paul Ayers, senior engineering; Joe Liines, junior, physical education; Pauline Klleh Ki»bman, junior, homo economics; .Mildred TredMk'ay, freshman, general science; and Ruth Anna Tred- 'way, freshman,'home economics; and Jess \V Wilhite. sophoinOTe. eWtrical engineering. lola: Clarence Barber. seui<ir. rfeclrical engineering: Thayer ('leaver, senior, agricultural engi- j ju-^ring; Carl C. Conner, freshman, agriculture; Florence .M. Funk, .sophomore, home pctinonilcs; Helen Gates, sophomore, home 'cc-oiiomlcs: Wajren Perham. sophomore, rural conimerce; R. H. Sherman, senior, architecture: Fran-j high M-IIOOI and tri'asiirer of the | cella SIratfon. senior, home ei'o-ia.ssocialion. showed. Ihe select erage. circle with veal top $11 .00. Sheep. 10.000: Iambs, generally .•^trong to loc hiKirer: sheep !.".<• to Cloudv Weather Billed 25c up- a few light weight lambs , . Pn-'ct^fp. Rnin in Vaai to .shippers $12..S5(Ji iri .OO; other fed i Siaie, KaiH HI ridSl lots to packers mostly S12.0oi?i [ -i 12.8.-.; wooled vearlings |10.2.-.(fi ! Topeka. Jan. IS. (APi Cloudy ^lO.'-.O; sliorn lots ?9.r .o; top ewes I "'•^'tlier with a .slight cliaiice for; j7..r,n. rain in the eastern portion of tliei y ' J' I state and temperatures continuing i TTio -h Q/>hnnl Alhl <ifif >c i a'love normal was the forecast of Mlgn S ^nOOl AinidlCS weather bureau this morning. - Prospered Dunng 1927 ;Wichita reported .04 of an inch of i rain yesterday and Dodge City and I Indeiindence. Kan., Jan.; IS. Kansas City a trace. Temperalures 1 (AP) The Kansas high school Kt'"crally reached 4ii or higher athletic assoclallon prospered ;last fvesterday afternoon and last night's w :is organizi'd here last niglil wilii 4011 memlier.s. O. 1^ Woods, local; _ „ lumber dialer, was fleeted presi- j Xiiefiday dent and C. J. Beckman, Ifgisia- 1 jyp ^ay wi^ live ri'presentative of the Brotherhood of Rail'Way Trainmen, was elected secretary. -An executive comiititlce of fifteen was named and a vice-president for each precinct in the county was appointed. Par- soirs is the home of Mr. Reed, publisher of the Parsons Sun. ing recorile this;Is not. but land] Ti>' L. moved froi home in S Convicted of Spying scoti-ioia game Is us- American and German and so there .will prob- ;j:ood battle for. all who see the; team, in this jMndon, Jan. 18. (.AP)—George Hanson, a German and Wilfrid Francis JlcCartney. said to bi- ar Irish -.4inerican charged with espionage in behalf of Soviet Russia,,' were found guilty this afternoon by a jury in the olil Bailey, court. McCartney and Hanson were' sentenced lo leu years penal .~erv- itude each. le. Fla. Jan. 18 (AP) his triumphs in Ha|dent Ctvdidge received in his owti countr.v at toda.v .where he made [irmal .slop on his re- Wa^hingtou. 1 is train here with 'Mrs. SiH -retary Kellogg and Vilbur. 'the president ur's aiitonioblle tour of along .'street-s lined with ; leering and waving jFire Destroys'Farm Exchange at Richland! Topeka, Jan. IS. (APi— Fire fol- j lowing .•iii e.xjdosion of a ilistillat; oil burner destroyed the Farmers' Kxchauge «levator at Richland early todav.f The loss was estimated at $7,000. of all SriT.-. OVERCO.ATS. SWEATERS. UNDERWEAR AXl^ FURNISHINGS. SAVE ON YOUR OVERCOAT SAVE ON YOUR SUIT S1.25 Heavy Ribbed Unionsuit ... 95c! $1.50 Heavy Fleeced Unionsuit .... .$1.19: $2.-50 Flannel Sbirts $1.98 $3.50 Flannel Shirts . $2.49 $3.00 Lumber Jacks ..: $2.19 $6.50 Lumber Jacks ...... .... .$3.95 Sale Ends Saturday Nijiht. Clo. Co. ,\meri<"an flags in greeting. nade fl/e" third success- Ihoui* some snnshine be- I here. A condition like unusual along the sea rather raj-e so far in- |D. Gib.«on family, have near ( their new erllng Heights. year., the financial report mad public today by K. R. Stevens,! principal of llie Independence, low marks were above freezing. .nomics. Mildre<l: - sophoniore. Carl Win. On January 1. there was-a bal- Brown, lance on hand of $7,2.1!).42. an In electrical engineering. I crease over the previous year. ReHiinrboldt: Georgia .Margaret llam/n. freshman, home econoinics Kftrl HarLsog, .sophomore, Indns- Uial cliemlsiry;. Martin Klctsbach. sophomore, electrical engineering; R. F. Petlit. sopljomore. daln'- .Moran: Claire Cox, senior, home economics; Joyce Cox, freshman, home nursing aurt home e<onom- ios; Dorothy Ciinuriina;s, Junior, - general science; Delbert Lacey, senior, civit engineering. Geneva: Richard Wilson, junior, "agrculture. ceipts of the ns.fociatfon in 192' weie $ir >.S12.71, while expenses V ere $S .r )7 :i .2!t. Iho report .showed. The report will be presented al the annual meeting of the association ill Topeka February 4. Three Men Are Found Slain Near Chicago ChIc:ago, Jan. 18. (AP.)—Three men believed by the police to be bootleggers or gangsters, were found slain in Chicago Heights and Steger suburb's, today. Two of the bodies were found in a ditch beside tlie road near Chicago Heights iind the thlc^ body- was found ii^ SIf gcr. ^ ^corner. HARDWARE &. IMP).EMEfnS 1^ IOLA-k^J*AX ELITE Matinee 10c-20c: Night lOcTic | Tonijfht and Tomorrow ; i Mary Pickford .in i "My Best Girl" This. a romance of youth—i with riotous comedy to rescue 1 you always from the verge of j tears. A gay thrilling tale of love and laughter. ' Aesop's Fables and Topics ! of the Day t Coming Friday Herbert Walter's Comedians With a Real Orchestra "The Sun Dodgers" .(Iso Complete CluiDffe of. PIchireiR MATINEE lOc and . 20c KELLEY T^DAY AN!) THYftSI•AY CEOIt^E inr iinil SOr I-^ill speed ahead for fun: The mere sight of these two together is roars. We're idling you. "Tell it to'Sweei ey' Is a laugh .sen.sation: : Kverybody smiles! Added "Around ihe na^e-.'? anoti er CoUeiriun! KrWiij I.oK .HoraD and a <>te sp|»cled in "tllK WIIIKLWIXIIMIF Y< I TH- S.ilurday-Jack lloxie In H.HEX (iF "HAniXCr ' . I'ominir All Xe:jt Wee i THE DrRIXSKT STlVCK CfljrPAXY Willi (aact B^IM and;Hfr olrhestn! ' enough to bring forth SPECIALS For THIS WEEK Men's Underwear, Ran- tloni Ribbed in a 7-8 lb. garment—the most comfortable for this time of year— , he The best testimonial for the style and value . of our clothes ; is the fact • that when a man;. has. worn one suit comes back next season for another suit; and brings a friend oi- two with him! Spring Suits— ' the style art^ value of which are typical $18.00 to $38.00 ^ with 2 pants • 89c Pajamas Genuine Amoskeag hea-. vy weight flannel. Al sizf's, full cut— $1.95 Final Annbuncejnent " V Men*s Overcoats Regular .$30 values quoted at a real special price All sizes, but only a few coats left— $19.85 Men's Shirts Broadcloths, percales and madras in a complete range of patterns and sizes. Values to $1.65, Special at— 95c i

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