The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 24, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, January 24, 1933
Page 3
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THE BAKERSFIELI) CALlFCmNIAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1933 SELECT SlIEf OR INAUGURAL BALL '.•Washington Auditorium Will House Social Event of March 4 ' '. (AimiHitatcd'Preif T,cased Wire) WASHINGTON. .Tan. 24. — The AViislilHtflon (ludltoHtim has been selected us .the 'site for the crowning social event of Kranklln D. Roosevelt's Inauguration. It will house the In-? augural bull, which this year will lia'vo official chnractor for the first 1.1 mu Mince the Taft inauguration, members of the president-elect's family, hnvliiK accepted InvRatlons. A 'clotlblo tier of boxes In the shape <•(• n horHeshoe will be creeled. A guard of honor composed of soldiers, slillors nnd marines will be formed from the center of the hall 1o the stri«e. Elaborate ceremonies have been planned for the greeting of dele- Bates from each state. Governors of many states and their staffs will bo seated on the stage during the ball, which will have its climax In the grand march—a traditional event since the official ball was inaugurated by Mrs. Dolly Madison, wife of the' fourth president. Socially prominent person* who will riflrtr-i! al the ball may find.a District of Columbia regulation Interfering with their pleasure. "Because inauguration clay falls on Saturday, dancing will not be permitted after midnight. (Axsnrinlcit Press Leaned Wirr) CHICAGO. Jan. 24.—Stanley Mc- ''ormlek's budget for the first six months of 1933 amounted to $103,000 rind ?7!i,000 of it will go toward maintenance of the Santa Barbara estate o^f tho wealthy Incompetent. Judge Harold ,T. Taylor in Probate Court ordered the Continental-Illinois National Bank and Trust Company to disburse the money according to the budget outlined by Dr. I.anglcy Porter, chairman of McCormlck's personal guardians. * The conservators provided J2ii,000 for nurses, musicians, motion picture operators, film rentals and drugs. The remaining $3000 will provide n contingent fund. McCormlck, son of (he founder of tho International Harvester Company, has Jx-en n ward of the Probate Court for several years, with his wife. Kath- '•rino Dexter McCormlck and his brother, Harold F. McCormlck. conservators. ' Boston Nteht Club Proprietor Is Slain f,\»»nrialFd Pi-ex* T.enxert irire) BOSTON. Jan. M.—Chnrles "King" Holomon. Boston night club proprietor who was recently indicted by a federal Grand Jury in New York In connection with a $14,00.000 rum smug- Kliiig" conspiracy, was brought Into the city hospital early today fatally wounded. . A taxi driver found him lying on the sldewwlk outside a night club In which Solomon bad a part Interest. There were bullet wounds In his abdomen, head and nock. "The dirty rat got me" was Solomon's only statement to police before he died. CHANGES PLEA LOS ANGELES. Jan. 24. (A. P.I — • ins Cerney, 23, charged with beating his hjpireKS-wifc, Ideama Cerney, to death with an automobile tire iron and throwing her nude body in the Mojave desert last October, today withdrew hl» plea of not guilty and pleaded not guilty hy reason of insanity. Trial on the Insanity pica w;is set for January :il. "MENDICANT FRIAR" TOURS NATION Baby Born With Esophagus Closed Djes; Case Has !S 7 o Parallel Accompanied only by,his faithful dog and driving an automobllt that cost him $50, Father W. M. Partridge Is touring the United States on a, mission for the Episcopal Church. Photo taken after he reached Los Angeles. I-SHIP CASES (Associated Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, .Inn. 24.—The Supreme Court ruled today 'that British or Canadtnn rum-running vessels can not legally be boardeu, searched and j seized by coast guardsmen when more ! than one hour's sailing distance from i the shore. ': The decision was handed down In a j case brought by Frank Cook, Cana| dian. j Unusnnl interest a.ltached to the decision because of frequent friction arising from the search and seizure of Canadian and British vessels by coast guardsmen on the lookout for rum runners. | The court held that, the treaty with 'Groat Britain in 192-1, which author- i Izerl the boarding of British vessels suspected of liquor .smuggling. If found within one hour's sailing dis- j tance of American shores, hnd superseded conflictlvo provisions of the tariff act of 1930. ; The United Slates hnd contended , that under the 1930 tariff act, coast guardsmen were authorized to b'oard British vessels within four leagues of the coast. f/jiiflrrf I'ress Lamed Wlrcl LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24.— The $30.000 estate of the late Miss Violii Kaufman. who died in apparent poverty In Memphis nearly a year ago, will be devoted to the causo of birth control. Superior Judge Joseph P. Sproul today dismissed a contest over her will, brought by W. H. Kaufman, n brother, and Catherine May Basnet!, and Grace Birchard, nieces, w^on-they failed to appear to prosecute their claims. Miss Kaufman, 70, provided In her will that the estate he loft to the national committee of legislation for birth control, and if this organization could not accept the bequest, It should I go to n blrlh "onlrol clinical rene:iruh ; huroau. Margaret Hanger, nationally known birth control advocate, was the liiinl Micressive recipient. Miss San- gcr was in court, today roady to testify for Miss Kaufman's eslatc. fAmuclalcil Press Leased Wire)- IIASBROUCK HEIGHTS, N. .!., .Ian. 24.—Ulllo Helen Mario Taylor, the baby born with n. closed esophagus, died n.t 1:2B n. in. today at Hasbrouck Heights Hospital. The baby, whose case was described an without, parallel In medical annals, previously had been given only "one chance In a thousand" to survive, After she was born last Friday, nurses noted that, whenever she was given nourishment, she suffered severe choking spells nnd hor facu turned blue. Dr, William J. Greenfield of HackiMisaolc found that the esophagus or gullet, the tube through which food is carried to the stomach, was closed nt tho third rib. Five physicians performed ;m emergency operation yesterday, Inserting a tube through the abdomen to permit artlflcal feeding. Previously the child had been nourished by an Injection of Niiitnr and water. Not. being able to take food normally, tho child had an excess of saliva, and a physician said It hnd been necessary to use a suction pump to keep tho mouth dry. Tho Infant, who was otherwise normal, was the daughter of Sir. and Mrs. Herbert. Taylor of Hldgofleld Park. mm GROWERS OF STATE MjyPIMSIC (United Press Leased Wire) l.OS ANGELES, Jan. 24.—Carl V. ! Newman of Santa Ana was re-elected president of the Calavo Growers' Exchange at the annual convention of the Calavo Growers of California. Cliarles L. Lewis, Puente, was i elected first vice-president; A. F. Yaggy, Santa Barbara, second vice- president; George B. Hodgkln, Pasadena, secretary-manager; C. H. Young, Los Angeles, treasurer; and ! Edwin G. Hart, T,a Ilabra, Dr. .T. 'Eliot Colt, Vista, and George E. Foley, East Whlttier, directors at large. In an address, Hodgkln said that despite tho fact the calavo-avocado tonnage has Increased seven times In the last three years, no "overproduction problem" is in prospect for California growers. He predicted the Industry would still increase eight times over present levels. MOB DEMANDS RESIGNATION OF COUNTY OFFICIALS This shows part of the crowd of 3000 persons who held an Indignation meeting In Medford, Ore., to demand the resignation of three county officials who have been under fire. Petitions were presented George Codding, district attorney, and R. E. Nealon and Ralph Billings, commissioners. fAmHHilnlr.ri Prrss Lennr,d Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.— There vns a lightening of pressure of business failures In the larger Pacific. . coast trade areas during the week ending January 19, Bradstreet's reported today. Failures In and about the five largest Pacific const cities numbered 37 compared with HO In the preceding week, and liabilities Involved declined to '$3,r>00,r>01 from $4.021,047. Aside from tho $2,000,212 1101)111110? attached to 9 failures In Seattle nnd its trndf area, the claims against failed firms wore of modnst proportions. Oakland had only one failure. with $20,090 In rlnlms agiilnM It, San Francisco six with $120,901 In llablTI-. ties, Portland (1 with $347,730 and Los Angeles IG with $!9ti, with $180,553. BUY POST OFFICE SITE SAX FHANCISCO, Jan. 24. (U. P.) 1'nltod States District Attorney I. M. I'eoklmm today was authorized by the p-Ht office rlnp,irtinent to conclude negotiations for the purchase of a post office at Salinas. The site,' costing $:i4,000, Is the block, fronting La Salle. Church and Howard streets and Lincoln avenue IS LOSER 10 WIFE Court Orders Albert Brunker to Turn Over to Spouse Children's Custody Fleeing Underworld | Character Is Slain (Amncialrd Press Leased ll'irr) BATON ROUGE. T.a., Jan. 24.— .Stanley "Swede" Anderson. SI. Tennis underworld character who escaped | from United States marshals yesterday by leaping through the window of n swiftly moving train north of New (Orleans, was shot and killed near I here early today as he sought to flee northward on a fast freight train. He was shot down by a deputy sheriff In an open field near Louisiana State University after jumping from the freight. Skin of Young Pig Used to Save Boy fAsunriatcd Press leased Wire) KANSAS ClTV, Jan. 24.— A strip of skin peeled from the abdomen of a young pig has been used by surgeons at General Hospital in a grafting experiment In an effort lo save the crushed, loft foot of John Gentry, ti, ! victim of a coasting accident. I If the first graft, is successful, another piece of pork will be used later ; In rebuilding the foot. j | Kept 270 Days in | Respirator, Dies f (Annnriatcd Press T.-ca.ic!i Wire; ! NEW YORK, Jan. 23.—Herbert I Fuchs, 15. who recovered from Infan- |tile paralysis after lying for 270 days I in an airtight steel respirator, died I today of a heart attack. ! He died In the respirator, to which 1 he Ijad been returned for a week suffering from bronchial pneumonia. He was recovering from the pneumonia attack and was to have been released t odn y. After spending approximately nine months in the respirator, Herbert was taken home May 29, last year. He had been making excellent progress, his doctors said, until he contracted pneumonia. I United Press Leaned Wire) CHICAGO, .Ian. 24. — A bitter legal battle between Albert Brunker, millionaire Chicagoan, and his divorced wife, Mrs. Margaret Ruppel, over custody of their two children, has ended In victory for Mrs. Huppel. Superior Judge Charles A. Williams ordered the children turned over to their mother at 10 a. in., Wednesday. They have been at Brunker's L>»ku Forest estate. By terms of n Tleno divorce decree Brunker and his divorced wife have custody of the children for alternate six months' periods. Brunker had refused to give up the children on January I on the ground they were ill. Representations of attorneys for Mrs. Uuppel, whose homo Is at Pasadena. Calif., that the children would he prlven the best of care and testimony hy physicians that, they were nearly recovered, brought the order by Judge Williams. Brunker agreed to the court's ruling, despite an Injunction which he obtained in Ijike county courts preventing Mrs. Ruppel from Interfering with the children. Richardson Handling San Jose Company ( A nnof.lated Frm* Tifasrit ~\\'irc) SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24.— Friend W. Richardson, building and loan commissioner, announced today he had token charge of operations of tho California Mutual Building and Loan Association of San Jose, with assets "upward of $12,000,000." Richardson said there are about 11,000 certificate holders who have invested "around $11,000,000, most of it belonging to San Jose people." •* I ELECTRICAL PERMITS LUDEN'S SECRET FORMULA GIVES Qutcfa&t Cbuqh. KsJUtf LUDEN'S Menthol Cough Drops REDUCED PRICES on PLATES • Quick Service .Office Over Klmball A. Stone Nineteenth and Chester DR. GOODNIGHT MONTH-END SALE OF PAINTS House Paint gal. $1.35 Decorative Enamel, quick drying qt. 79c Lead and Zinc Paete 100 Ibs. $8.76 Floor Enamel gal. $2.25 Floor VarnUh gal. $1.95 4-Hour Interior VarnUh 7 gal. $2.49 Boiled Llnieed Oil gal. 79c EJfino Your Own Container Free City Delivery .United Iron & Metal Co. 3810 Cheater Ave, Phone 1441 S. E. Dillon. $300—2130 Twenty-third street; T. W. Drury, contractor. Jastro Estate, $90—190ti West Nineteenth street; Sam Fingerhut, contractor. .1. C. Hershey. $15—1313 lieirle avrnue: Advance Klectric Company, contractor. H. F. McCormaok, $35—1700 K street; Advance Electric Company, contractor. I Miller & I'uccinelli. $11—1011 West Eighteenth street; Advance ICIeclric Company, contractor. Jastro Estate, $75—1900 West Nineteenth street; Sam Fingerhul, contractor. O'Uiley & Brown. $72.50—130 Chester avenue; Advance Electric Company, contractor. Union Oil Company, $2u—Northwest corner Twenty-fifth street and Chester avenue; Jim Bnkcr, contractor. Virginia Billiard Parlor, $65—1212 West Nineteenth street; Jim Baker, contractor. Granada theater, $10—618 Kentucky street; Jim Baker, contractor. 4 » » I BUILDING PERMITS | I • I Mclvin McCoy. $125— Garase. Thirty-first street. Frank J. Gonzales, $150 — Washroom, 817 Flower street. K. Garrett, repairs, 3025 Q street. National Market, $100 — Alteration of store front, 701 Baker street. Otis Hymer, $375— Garage, 2411 San Kmldlo street. . O'Rlley & Brown, $175 — Repairs, ISO Chester avenue; Alva Hackney, contractor. Nathan Strauss, $631— Alter front ami Interior, 1900 Chester nue; Fred Cremer. contractor. J. D. Hesslck, $200— Screen porch, 2601 Q street. AGAIN SOTO THIS YEAR... TOO... IT'S AMERICA'S SMARTEST LOW-PRICED CAR store | ave- I PLUMBING PERMITS I --„_ L I--1---1- - - ._ "-I-.-..- I TT.-.I L J _ _ .. I <«| I Frank J. Gonzales, $50—817 Flower I street; ICern Plumbing Company, con- I tractor. I Frank Sikola, $SO—1231 Qulncy j street; Modern Plumbing Company. | Mrs. B. l.'ounlorlne, $50—948 Baker 'street; Jack Bergman. W. A. Cunningham, $50—J922 Seventeenth street. • OU belong ... in the new DeSoto! It makes power. It has Floating Power engine mount- you want lo go places . . . and do things! ings, hydraulic brakes, automatic choke, coin„.». ...i.~. . 1 1 cidenlal starting . . . step on the gas, the ear starts! DeSolo has these features and many more! See this thrilling car! And realize the thrift in these surprising prices. NEW STANDARD MODELSt Business Coupe {695; Brougham {695; Special Brougham $725; Rumble Scut Coupe $735; Sedan $765.NewCustom Models: Coupe$790; Sedan »835;Conv. Coupe $845; Conv. Sedan »975.Allpricesf.o.b. , x y° u - 0 . Tltat's what a, smart car does to you! Imagine showing your friends DeSoto's fifteen feet of smartness, its new richness, its new bigness—and saying, "it's my car!" Sit them down inside, in the lap of luxury . . . and point out those "tufted" doors. DeSoto has the "lift"... the speed of 79 horse- AUTO GLASS SPECIAL (Two Wt«kg Only) Any Slie Crystal.Door Glati Installed for »2.25 Tribble Glass and Mirror Works 1906 Nineteenth Street Phone 314 APPROVE "BUY-AMERICAN" TULARE, Jan. 24. (A. P.)—Hesolu- tlons favoring .purchase of American- made goods and hiring American labor were In records of the California-Nevada administrative council of tho Veterans of Foreign Wars tn- ilay following « meeting here. NEW DE SOTO SIX *695 AND UP F.O.B. FACTORY KERN COUNTY MOTORS 1919 H STREET PHONE 2288 [BUY AMERICAN UIGH LIGHTS FROM OUR lg JANUARY CLEARANCE FINAL CLEARANCE-]J n <y er i e 1 Group at \/ R egu lar Prices Tlils llnnl clearance may mean a loss to us, but wo have the satisfaction of giving our customers a rare treat In the offering, one which you will appreciate, we know. Gowns, Teddies, Dance Sets, Step-ins, and a Few Slips This assortment consists of high quality merchandise only, trimmed with equally high quality imported laces—just the remaining pieces from various broken assortments gathered together for quick close-out—lovely things for those who appreciate OOOn tilings at very little cost. Formerly $] .98 to $8.50 NOW 1/i/C to 3)4.^5 J Lingerie—Second Floor EBUY AMERICAN! Final Clearance—Boys' Suits BRIDGE SHADES AND STANDARDS The Shades A value at their regular price, 95c. Mode of Parchment paper and decorated in various designs and colors. . Very special at the price 59 The Standards $ 2 . . . Beautiful, new Bridge T.iUinp Standards of antique brasH, very doco- native and an outstanding value at the special price— Don't forget Unit we still have Mrs. I.rown in our art department all tills week—giving free instruction in knitting and urofhetlng. Art Uepurtmcnt—Second Floor Just eight suits in tin's final clearance. These are all wool suits, some with two pairs of pants. Sizes broken. For quick riddance, $7.00. Boys' Shop—Main Floor CLEARANCE Men's Union Suits Regularly $1.00 Small sizes only, 34 to IK). Nainsook and broadcloth suits made by Topkis and other makers of fine quality underwear. Full cut. If your size is here this is a big value — Men's Shop — Main Floor ;BUY AMERICAN! Coat Clearance PRICE Final Clearance of fill our high-grade Fur- Trimmecl Coats — regular slock garments distinguished in style with massive, real fur "collars and cuffs. Furs are: Heaver, Blue Wolf, Fox, Caracul, Mannink, Skunk and Cross Fox. Colors: Black, Brown, Green. Sixes 1(5 lo '12. Formerly $29.75 to $69.50 NOW $14.88 to $34.75 Dress Clearance Every dress was bought to sell al $18.75, imagine getting such quality dresses for so little—but, they have to go. Beautiful styles for daytime, afternoon and dinner wear, cape amlrt* jacket effects. Black, navy, brown, red,Jh grey and green. Sixes 12 to 44. Brock's—Fashion Floor 10 M ALCOLM BROCK CO. KERN COUNTY^ PROGREJJWE J7ORE • BAKER/FIELD

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