Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1933 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, February 24, 1933
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BULL HENRY TO THE MAT AFTER A LONG SESSION Burlington Heavy Throws Darling of lola in Chacoma Card It took a Long time to get Mr. Bull Henry to rest his shoulders on the mat but a gentleman with a 15-po\md advantage turned the trick in a show put on In M. W. A. hall last night by Wayne, Bull, Art, and Eggs, once In a while addressed by the fans'as Long, Henry, Jeffries, - and Melton. The first grappler in the list, Wayne Long of Burlington, pinned the heretofore unthrown Mr. Henry .for a pair of falls after the Bull had taken Long, for an airplane ride for the first throw. Messrs. Art Jeffries and Eggs Melton wrestled for a one-hour period for the first match, each accepting a fall; Melton won the first after 43 minutes with an airplane spin. Jeffries, the St. l«uis, Mis- .^ouri mule, did an about face and butted Melton around a la Billy Goat before slamming him to the canvass to annex the second fall in 7 miriutp.-v Ten more minutes of play failed to produce a decision. Long Wins Audience. Wayne Long, who appeared to have .sprouted a few more muscles .since his last performance here, impressed the spectators—who were con-slderahle in number—more than ever with, his beautiful and power- ful physic. Mr. Henry was forced to abandon some of his showman tactics in favor of caution and seemed to lose a bit of his' popularity to j Long! The latter had ah edge in _the cheering. The match was characteristic of Long, slow with much of the time spent on the mat. The onlookers gave evidence of enjoyment. It was purely a matter of too much power on Long's side, however, and he decided the match in comparatively short time after Mr, Henry had spinned him at the end of 43 minutes. Wayne came back and sat on Henry's Adam's apple after 8 minutes of the second act. and the third piece ended in much the same manner after 11 minutes. The first match, Jeffries and Melton, surprised the fans' in that the visitor failed to beat the Jolan. Melton was always equal to Jeffries • and at times displayed superiority. THE lOLA' DAILY REGISTER/FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 24. 1933. CHURCH LEAGUE PLAT Standiass. W. L. United Brethren ,..6 1 Presbyterian —5 2 Catholic ^ 3 Methodist r 3 ChrlsUan Sr .3 4 Trinity 3 4 Baptist 3 4 Christian Jr. 0 7 Pet. .857 .714 .571 .571 .429 .429 .429 .000 The finalgame o( the first half of play in the league was played last night and the United Brethren five finished on top with six victories and one loss. The loss was received last night by a 24-13 score from the Catholics. Second place went to the Presbyterians. Two second-half games were on the schedule for yesterday evening but the contests were postponed and games with out of town church teams were played. Second half play will begin next Tuesday, following the regular schedule. Results Last Night. HUMBOLDT NEWS Humboldt G. A. R. Ladies ESter- . tain Circles from lola, Cba- nnte, and Thayer. Cath(>Hc—24 PG FT V S. Zyskowskl, f. ... 1 1 0 A. Zvskowski, f. ... ....:o 0 • 1 Metzinger. f. 0 0 1 Blxby, c 7 0 J CHahcrty. g 0 0 •> Grant, g 3 1 1 Totals ....11 o a United Brethren—13 FG Roberts, f ...2 Dale, f 1 McClay. c 0 Baker, g 0 Matherson. g 2 Totals 5 BITES. The Bulldog is evidently an aU- around exponent of the game. He was taking tickets last night. They haven't given him a thinking job yet, however—just wrestler, referee, and doorman. Wayne Long is a former Kansas wrestler. Long wrestled in bright" red trunks, but the sight failed to bring a charge from the Bull. .,Londoh—Wallflowers get a chance In the "threesome dance" being tried out in ballrooms. By the new method, invented by Alex Moore of the British board of ballroom dancing, each man dances with two women at once. The two women stand one behind the other, facing the man, who dances with them as if they were one. Moore predicts it will become popular, especially in dance halls where more girls than men are present. Have you a house for rent? Or for sale? Want to buy anything* Use the Classified eolumnttt Baptist—23 G^^ Thompson, f 2 Dice, f-c 0 Tweedy, f r. l Neff, c .- •• 0 Krause, g l Miller, g 3 Totals 7 Humboldt—9 ' G Hayes, f 0 Humes, f -2 Bowman, c 2 Adams, g 0 Martin, g •; 0 Totals 4 Referee—Sanger. Presbyterian—30 G Mclntyre. i 3 Troutwine, f ..4 McClay, g 1 Sutherland, g 1* Gilbert, g 3 Totals 12 Parsons Pres.—7 G Roberts, f 1 Pruit, f 0 Smith, c 0 Philips, g 1 Pennington, g 1 Totals 3 FT 1 0 1 0 1 FT 2 1 3 0 0 3 9 FT 0 0 0 1 0 P 0 3 0| 0 0 0 3 F 1 4 1 3 1 I^OLA; KANgAS Brushing Up Sports - - - By Laufer 1 10 FT 2 2 1 1 0 6 FT 0 0 0 1 0 Political AnoouDcemeDts For Finance Conunlssioner. . I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters In the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. J. D. BUCHANAN. HUMBOLDT.'Kas., Feb. 23.—Jesse Van Nice of Ottawa Junction came home today for a few hours visit- with his family, returning to his cm- ploj'ment on the afternoon train going north. Funeral sen'ices for Mrs. Anna Oroth, 80, were held in Coffeyville Tuesday, with interment in Mt Hone • cemetery, Humboldt. Mrs. Grbth was an early pioneer of Humboldt, and is well | remembered bj older people here. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Hauser, Redcl and Guy Adams, all of Chanute were guests at the J. K. Adams home, Humboldt, Wednesday. Mr. J. W. Vamer of Topefci, ar- rivetJ here Wednesday evening, to spend a few days with Mr. and Mrs. Fred 1.1. Rhodes, Men are busy digging deep around the west pier of the new bridge for protection against undermining influence of high water. The heavy stnnS« taken from the abutment o: the old steel bridge are being placed { arounu the new pier m order to secure a defensive protection. Mrs. Jennie Doolcy of Neodesha. is here for an Indejfinlte" visit witli her aunt, Mrs. L. Holtschneidcr of Bridge street. j Charles Fronk. employee of llie. Humboldt branch off the Kansn.s Utilities, was unable to be at his work the past .sevenkl days owmg to injuries sustained in a recent autu accident. / The Ladies' Aid and Calendjir of the Methodist church met Wednesday afternoon in the church parlors with 33 ladies in attendance. The meeting was conducted by the president. Mrs. A. J. Tnieblood, 'ana tlu- secretary. Mis. Virgil Hume. Election of officers for the ensuing year was the main factor of the meeting, the following persons being elected- Mrs. James Arthur Smith, president; MrsM/'irgll Hume, vice-president: Mi-s. Chester Chatterton, secretary; Mrs. Chas. Strieby, treasurer; Mrs. Robert Leimenstoll, secretary of Calendar, and Mrs. Susaj\ Barrackman, chairman of calendar. Mrs. John Norris and her Days wer? hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Reynolds had as their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Kimbell, and Mrs. F. F. Hogueland; all of Yates Center. / Mr. and Mrs. George Moon, North ......CARESt NEWS OF MILDRED Belfry Community Honors Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newlon with a Shower Monday. lALLCEN PPeSHMAM—!<» BEHASNEvERBKfl I 'alAkB CHOP WHO Bfro\teR ..>oo|NTrtE- NATbtJ^LLe^(itteiM-i93a., oouLP HilEjRlHftT ior Sinclair, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Sinclair, which took place recently at Fredonla, Kas. Both these young people are graduates of Humboldt high school, and are well known here. For the present it is their intention to make their heme with the bride's father. D. C. Ellis is moving to the Mc­ lntyre property on MJilberry street. For Commissioner. I wLsh to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner, subject to the will of the voters In the coming primary. Your votes will be aopre- ciated, O. W. HOLMES. For Finance Commissioner. I wish to announce my candidacy for nomination to the office of Finance Commissioner subject to the will of the voters in the coming primary. Your votes will be appreciated. F. B. MURDOCK. 5!^ WILLIAM BRAUCHER iStagg's Successor !TN more than one way Clark Shaughnesay, recently brought from Loyola of the South to become Amos Alonzo Stagg's successor at , the University of Chicago, Is step:ping into a tough assignment. - Chicago for some years past has not had very good football teams. But this was not Mr. Stagg's fault. Every {all at football time a mere .handful of. young men from here and there would turn out for football. The reason was that the scholastic and entrance requirements at the Midway sent good blacksmiths elsewhere. The University of Chicago gradually got the reputation of being a place where all t^he football players wore glasses and studied Pliny li the <ocker room between halves, . • • • About the Old Cr'ads CHAUGHNESSY first faces the *^ problem of material. Then, there are the ."C" men, too—the old Kruds. Athletic Director T. N. Met- oalf was a 'bit brutal to 'the "C" - men in his choipe of Shaughnessy forithe Job.;They held a.meeting to discuss the matter of selecting a )iew coach', Mr. Metcalf was sorry he could not be there. They called him by telephone. He assured them simply that the coach already had been selected. No mpleting of old grads could do anytl)lng about It. . What was his name, j Oh, that would be announced in due time. An bour after the meeting adjourned, the University of Chicago announced that Shaughnessy had been named. The old grads naturally were chagrined. And chagrin -in an old grad quickly turns to high dudgeon. The "C" men will be waiting to receive Shaughnessy first with rnqulsitlVe anxiety, then with searching analysis. Shaugh- will be taken apart to see what makes him tick. But they win find Shaughnessy prepared \to meet them. He bap- pen.<i to be a fellow with ideas "which sounded funny bqtor^Jte put them into practice, but they-have been Ideas that worked. • » • . Says It With Music M R.' SHAUGHNESSY will bring tho "sonata shift" to the Midway, among other things. "My theory," Shaughnessy said in a recent interview, "is that light,^ fast players who have brains and use them are better than tons of beef. With split-second timing in perfect rhythm, you can use deception combined with speed which advances the ball fartiier and faster than all the beet can crash It. After all, a light, fabt player can tackle, tangle up and throw the biggest beef that ever donned a football suit." When Shaughnessy was a^ little boy, he was given piano lessons. He lived at Gladstone, Minn., some seven miles, over the hIlls-\from St. Paul. At ,the age of six. Master Shaughnessy was schooled In such piano stuff as Mozart's Sonata In C Major. He had the technique and timing then, beliig a' concert performer . when he was 10 years old. He toolc that timing into football! • • • • Players Chant AT Loyola he taught his revised versions of Minnesota shift plays, and the players had to count, "one-two-three-four" and so on, just as if they were taking a music-lesson. He hasn't Introduced tho metronome on the practice field, but gets the same effect of rhythm and timing. It may sound a bit strange, but Shaughnessy has- gone on year after year winning football games that way, beating big fellows with little lads who could keep up the tempo. You may get a wrong impression of Shaughnessy from thisidea. He is practical and vigorous. He won football immortality at the University of Minnesota by being named All-Western for all positions on the team. He played the lin6. backfield or piano with e^al abiUtjriu Mrs. J. H. Andrev(^s was a dinner guest Wednesday evening of Mi-, and- Mrs. Fred H. Rhbdes of Souti -i Eighth street. Mr. and Mrs. Fern Doty and sonr. were dinner guests of the Prank Doty family of Soutlh Eighth street Wednesday evening. On Wednesday, February 22. the Lawton Circle, Ladies of the G. A R. was hostess to Circles from Tola. Chanute and Thaye^.at the Legion hall. At noon a three-coui-se luncheon was served at quartette tables to as vt'siting sisters and comrades, and 30, including one comrade, Mr, Sinclair, of the home Circle.- Folj. lowing the reading of a prayer by Alpha Shoemaker, the adUress of welcome wasi given by Mrs. 11. D Smith, a charter member of Lawton Circle. Response was given by Mrs. H. D. Smith, a charter member of Lawton Circle. Response by Eiuiice Rash of Thayer, past department president bf Kansas. Patriotic and pep song^ were sung between courses with Miss Mabel Fackler at the piano. At 2:30 a program provided entertainment for the quests consisting^ of: piano solo. Mabel Fackler; biography of George Washington, Mrs. Robert Works; harmonica music, Howard Shoeniat:- er; reading, Mrs, Mollie Shields; reading, Anna Hess; patriotic song, Martha Lou- -Peters^ reading, Mi-s. Imogene Wise; songl Bobbie Geist; tap dance, Margaret Reno, accompanied by, Doi-is Kent; piano duet, Genevieve Stewart and Dorothy Barricklowe; quadrille by eight ladies of Lawton Circle. The Circle wishes to take this opportunity to thank all who contributed to this fine and interesting program. Cecil V. Brinkmeyer, .until lately of the Self-service store at Chanute, now In charge of the store here, will - soon occupy the OUve Ernst property on Cherokee street. Friday night the Humboldt high school basketball team will play the Yates Center team at Yates Center} and Saturday night the team will play the Cherryvale team at Clier- ryvale. W. P. Gerrall, Grant Junkih and Elmer Bryant, rural mail carriers out ,of the Humboldt postoffice, attended the annual mail, carriers meeting, held, at Parsonsi Wednesday. .Miss Bea Clark, .Humboldt, 'supervisor of Red Cross sewing here re- port4 the task fully completed, with 443 articles of clothing made and turned over to the local welfare board ,for distribution. .The sewinfe was done at the Washington school where sewing machines and equipment .were provided. Miss Helen Hamm has arrived home following a two months vacation in Cincinnati, Ann' Harbor, Chicago and other places. She reports a most delightful time spent with .relatives during her' extended trip. . i Visitors at the high school assembly program Tuesday morning were. Mrs. G. W. McCireary, Mrs. il. H. Stewart, Mrs. Jack Johnson, Mrs. Omar Allaire, Mrs. Ida Peck, Mrs. W. J. Casper, Mrs. Ward Barrick-, lowe, Mrs. Albert Picper. Mrs. Emma Whlghtslll, Miss Inez Cole and Mr. Morris Rogers. •Miss Nellie Gear and Mr. Melvin Root, Topeka, were guests Sunday, of Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Rhodes pf Humboldt. Miss Mildred Bowman, iHumboldt, vfas a week-end guest of Mt. and Mrs. Kenneth Jackson of Emporia. , The members of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs and their families met in the I. O. O. F, hall Thursday evening, and enjoyed a fine program and social time together, the meeting lasting until a late hour. Miss Lucene Crook, Topeka, spent the week-end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Waiter Croos. Mr. Fred Seefken, Hunsboldt, announces the marriage of his daughter, Miss Helen Scelken to Mr, Jun- Eleventh street, spelit Sunday eve- ^^'^ Sparks property on nlng at the Will M<i>on home. | ^^^t Central. Mrs. F. W. Hartwig was hostess to Frederick Funston Chapter, D. A. R., Tuesday evening. jThls meeting closed the fiscal yeariand commit- fee reports were made for the 35th annual meeting of the state chapter D. A. R., which is to be held March 28 to 30 at Dodge City. Mrs. J. v. Amos, leader, gave a talk on Baron Von Steuben. Roll call response was, "Historical Events in Februai-jv" Mrs. Hartwig, assisted by Mrs. R. B. Shook, served refreshments. Other mentbers present were: Mrs. James Arthur Smith, Mrs. J. H. Ai-mel, Mrs. J. J. O'Connor, Mi-s. Nannie McCarty, Mi-s. Walta Stevens, Mrs. J. W. Brauch- cr and Miss Eva O'Connor. The Twentieth Century club was delightfully : entertained at the horne of Mrs. J. J. Amos, Tuesday afternoon. At 1:15 o'clocK the members were ushered fntb the beauti- 'fuUy appointed dining room, where a most appetizing luncheon was seri 'ed by the hostess, assisted by her daughters, Mrs, R. B,-Shook, and Miss Margaret Amos. The program for the afternoon was a review of the book, "George Sand, Search for Love," by Mane Jennie Howe; in charge of Mrs, C, A. Brooke, who gave an interesting account of this gifted, though erratic writer. Following the program a pleasant time of cordial social intercourse was enjoyed, to be recalled hs a happy memory. , Word has been received here to the effect that Benjamin T. Foster, of Carlyle, and Miss Grace Cornell, west of lola, were recently united, in marriage. Mr. Foster, with his JDarents, formerly lived in Humboldt j The following persons wfere duly elected the new officers of the Algj* Doty Post Auxiliary at its meeting held Monday: Mrs. Faye Clarki president; Mrs. Opal Williams, vice- president; Mrs. Irma Beall, chaplain; Mrs. May Wulf, historian; Mre. Jewell Campbell, sergcant-at- arms.' The next meeting will be held Monday evening, .March 13. Mr. and Mrs. John Ellison, west of Humboldt, entertained with a dinner Sunday, honoring the 68th birthday of Mr. Charles Feeney, which occurred Tuesday, February 21. The afternoon was spent in vis-* iting with-' the following relatives I NEWS OF LAHARPE Friends Successfully Carry Out Surprise Farewell Parly for Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore. LAHARPE,/ Kas., Feb. and Mrs. Ralph Bright 23.—Mr. and his brother and sister, Mr. Bright and Misi Bright were dirmer guests Thursday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Danforth. In the evening they all Attended the operetta, "The Fire Prince" in lola, of which y George Danforth was a member. The boys and girls basketball teams will go to Bronson tonight where they have games with the BrorLsoii teams. Otis Barker returned Tuesday to Ada, Okla., to his work, after being here to attend the fimeral of his mother, Mrs. Charity Barxer. Frank "Trbxel and Harold ' Stlth took a load of stock to Kansas City Thursday night. Mrs. Lee Limes entertained the H. Y. club, Wednesday, Februar>' 22. The following members were present: Mesdamcs Nelson Walles, Walter Thorman, Geo. Stephens, Elsie Walton, Hag«r, Eard Hutchinson, Fred Heathman, S. I. JGlfford, Misses Josephine Weith, and Effle Stevenson. Mrs., Q.: Lacey and MJss Ruth Limes were guests. Roll call was responded to by all present, after which refresliinents were served. . j Leslie Boi-ker, Mrsj Tom Green and daughter Lennie ^pent one evening this week with Mr. aha' Mrs. Will Fronk of Salem. l Saturday evening friends and neighbors gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W>iU Moore I during their absence from :home,; for a farejft -ell party, the surprise was sue-, ce.ssfully carried^ out.! Cards were the entertainment of the evening At a late. hour refreshments wera sen 'cd to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore and Cecil, Mr^ and MJrs. E. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. 'Ivan Homes, Faye, Buddy, I and Nadine; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Horn and Helen; Mr. and Mrs. Mbte Robinson. Elvin, Nadine, and Arline; Mr. and Mrs. Will Cox and Clsu-ence Marian, Wayne, Beverly, and Betty Jones; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Scofleld and Florence. All departed wishing Mr. and Mrs. Moore" success in their new home. I Omer Turner and Bill Livingston went itjo Independence to visit Bud Sellman who is attending junloi; college there. Mrs. Will Daugherty . visited Thursday with her sister, Mtrs. F. i H. McCoy, Moran. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Duzan, Moran, visited his father and mother. MILDRED, Feb. 23.—Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hunsaker of Superior. Neb., are visiting relatives here. Joe and Russell Taylor and Jim Upton of Fort Scott and Mr. and Mrs. Frank IJennison were dinner guests at John Justice's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Brown of Nebraska are visiting relatives here. ' Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Rodrock and iMrs. Henry Rodrock spent Sunday • at Walter Rodrock's. John Kllgore arid family have moved from Frank Helder's house into the house vacated by Clyde Cowan. ' Charley Garrison and family spent Sunday with, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Garrison, near Kln- cald. : Miss Lucille Hunsaker spent Sim- day with Mr. and , Mrs. Harold Dnu-y and Mr, and Mrs. Drury and Mr. and "Mrs. Charley Merrlfleld spent Sunday evening at- Hayse Hunsaker's. Maurice Holding of Klncald visited at Rubel Sinclair's Satijrday nlgl}J and at Russell Reynolds's Simday. Frank Thompson and family .spent Simday with his parents at Klncald. Roland Farmer spent the weekend with relatives at Elsmore, Mrs. Johnnie Williams is nt La-! Harpe helping care for her sister who is ill. Mr, and Mrs. Scott Brown and the yoiinger children spent Sunday at Jerry Hacketfs. Mr. and Mrs. R, R. Nevltt Jr., and Delia Ann spent Sunday with friends at QarnetU Don Miller and family spent Sunday'evening at Prank Coonfield's. Mr. and Mrs. llay Shlvely moved to Yates Center 1 londay. He traded his residence prjperty here for a filling station, house and tourist camp with three cabins there. He expects to build ai garag;e there right away, and after lie gets it completed will lease his filling station here. Mrs. Stough and Miss Margaret Stough spent the week-end with friends at Chanute. Misses Ruth Brown; Lola Pugh, Beulah Brown, Wilmja; Brown.and Floyd Heath wer^ dinner guests at the Ater home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Urless Nevltt spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Miles Keeton, Bush City. Mr. and Mrs'. Cheezum and their daughter Mrs. Roy Slders were called to Kansas City by the death of theh- son and brother. They went on to Plttsbiu^g for the funeral Mr. and Mrs. Earl Stout returned Simday evening from a week-end 'visit with Mr. and Mrs. Estil Dixon at Claremore, Okla. 1 Miss Eva Sheffer, i Jlrk. Ray Shlvely and Mrs. Raymond Jaynes called at the Ater home Saturday afternoon. Miss Dorothy Moore spent the week-end with friends at Klncald. Mr. Knight and family of Yates Center have moved In the Shlvely property. Mr, and Mrs. Russell Hosley and children and Mrs. Ida Hosley spent Sunday at cHarley Merrlfleld's. Miss Mildred Clark spent Tuesday night with Miss Lola Pugh. Mrs. Lottie Laury is staying at Roscb Adams's. Mrs. Bob Harris of Moran called on Mrs. Mabel Merrlfleld Tuesday. The Belfry folks had a "shower" Monday night 6n Mr. and Mrs. Dale Newlon at the parental Frank Curley home. They received many beautiful presents and all enjoyed a delightful time. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newlon, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curley, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bibens, Mr. and Mrs. Gill Ruxtbn, Mr. and Mrs. George Ruxtbn, Mr. and Mis. Tllgh- man; Booth, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Anderson. Mr; and Mrs..Ray Wlggens, Mr. and Mrs. Myrien Young and children, Mr. and Mrs. Moi^t Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Urless Nevltt, -Mr. and Mrs.: Elmer Norton, Mr. and Mrs. Hank McAdams and Donna Lee, Misses Ituth Brown, Velma Gillham. Louise Hummi^n, Wilma Brown, Bemlce Norton, Mildred Clark, jPauUne Miller, JMeribeth Ater, and Messrs. Prank jAter, Floyd : Heath, Lloyd Curiey, Harlan Ruxton.'George Carney, Rollln Curley. Wallace Rux- tdn. Max Nortori, Curtis Curley, and John Young. The "check In" man who came to the depot when George Stone left has returned home and Miss Ed- JOHNSON TO JOIN STAGERS. Kansas City Team to be Augmented By K. U. Cage Star. Kansas City, Feb. 24. (AP)—Announcement that William Johnson, center on the Unversity of Kansas basketball team had agreed to play with the Kansas City Stage Liners in the National A. A.-U. tournament here, was niade last night by Art Marshall, manager of the Kansas City quintet. Johnson will complete hisr college playing career March 3 in a game between the Jayhawkers and the University of Oklahoma, now tied for„the Blx Six conference leadership. The National tournament opens Monday, March 6, leaving the K. U. center only two days In which to qualify by participation in at least three pre-toumament contests. Mr. Marshall said the necessary numt>er of games would be arranged. GAS CITY EVENTS Mrs. A. T. Cnndy Elected Superintendent of M. E. Sunday School at Meeting Wednesday. present:. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fee- i ^^r-,^"*^,?*^- ^ Duzan. ney; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Feeney and Charlotte Ann; Mrs. Genevieve Setter and daughters, Margaret Helen, Mary and Jeah. A fine time is reported by all present. On Friday, February 17, Ml-. Owen Adams and Dele Allen, both of Chanute.. were, married by Justice j. S. Lehman, of Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs., Raymond Jordan entertained at dinner Tuesday, the following guests :i Mrs. J, H. Jordan. Mrs. B. C. Coakley and daughters. Delta Jean and Thelma Jane, all pf Chanute. Out-of-town relatives attending the funeral service* for J. B. Johnson were: Ted Johnson, Carnden, N. J., William Johnson, Denver, Coin.; Floj-d Johnson, Kansas City, and Frank Johnson, ElDorado, Kas. County Commissioner Wm. A. Hess left Sunday ; for Topeka, to transact! busine^ss, and expects to be gone several days. Mrs. Jim Moore and Mrs. V/alk- er went to Erie Thursday to visit their sister and daughter, Jirs. Hallie Beard and family. Mrs. Moore remained for a longer visit. A number of friends of Mapleton called on Mr. and Mrs. S. LGif- ford Friday. KANSAS BRIEFS (By the Associated Press> Chicago—When George Graham's automobile stalled on a railroad right-of-way he was, naturally, concerned because a train was coming. The train was on another track but he wasn't sure that it would clear so he got out and gave the old buss a lusty cratik. It leaped out in front of the train. He surveyed the wreckage and said: "I should have^ remembered that I had left it in reverse." Hutchinson—An unsuccessful at' tempt to rob the bank of • Pretty Prairie was reported last night to county officers by Roland Notestlne, assistant cashier, who said he and his wife had been kidnaped by two men and later released, unharmed, several miles from„|own.- Notestlnis said the men, armed and-masked, appeared at his homie and soiight to force him to open the vault of the bank. When he told them it was protected by a thne lock, they forced Mr. and Mrs. Not­ estlne into the bank employe's motor car and drove Into the country. They fled In their own machine after disabling Notestlne's car. Wichita—Pinley Ross, 86,- known as Uie father of Wichita's park system, died here yesterday. A Republican, he served three terms as mayor of Wichita. wards of Klncald is operator. -L. I REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS | I fFrotri the Office of Thft Tola | • Abstract _Co., 108 W, Jackson) | « — : : : _ ^ You probably have something you want to. sell and the best way to let the people know about It Is throuidj Register CtaBBlfted Adfc February 23, 1933. Bud Hurley, sheriff of Allen county. Kansas, to The Penn Mutual Life Insurance company, NE'4 of 14-25-19. containing 160 acres, more or less, $5530.69. The Fidelity Trust company, Winfield, Kansas, to Illinois. Life Insurance company, a corporation, SEU of 29-24-21, $1: Allen county, by Ralph Elarton, county clerk, to Winnie Trimble, commencing 200 feet north of SE corner of 8W'.>, of 36-23-20, west 70 feet, north 150 feet, east 70 feet," south 150 feet; a^so tract commencing 200 feet north and 70 feet west of-SE comer of SWM 36, west 50 feet, north 150 \ feet, east 50 feet, south 150 feet in 36-23-20; also commencing 269 H feet west of SE corner of SWy, thence west 50 feet, north 150 feet, east 50 feet, south 150 feet m 36-23-20, $5.00. :Nellle F,..Smlth, administratrix of the estate of Frank E. Smith, dec'd. to F. M. Romlne, NWV. of NE>4 of 32-26-21, containing 40 acres, more or less, $340. R. W. Thrasher, a single man to C. O. Edwards, lots 4 and 5, blockj 58, City of lola, $1. GAS CITY, Feb. 24.—Mr. and Mrs, Maurice Rosebaugh and children visited Sunday at theMowrcr home In Mount Ida. Miss MJaud Morgan spent Sunday In lola at the home of Miss Esther Steeley. Prank Reeves of lola, visited Sunday at the home of his sister, Mrs. E. Boucher, . • ~ Mr. and Mrs, H, H, Benton of Liberty district, were Monday afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs, E, W. Ellsworth, Jack 'and Shirley Anne McGrew were callers Wednesday evemng at the Holten home. Mrs. J. W. Thomas who has been quite ill, Is slightly Improved. Mi", and Mrs. JW. F.RoSison and children, George and Billy, of En- uinclaw,. Wash., who are visiting relatives in Yates Center, s\ient Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of Mts. Robison's brother, Edmon Kldd and family. Mr. and Mrs. A. T . Ellsworth and Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Shepherd and daughter, Evelyn, of Fontana, spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and. Mrs, E. W. Ellsworth. Mr. and Mrsi Roy Boucher visited Sunday north of Moran, with the latter's parents, Mr. and-Mrs. L. B, WlUiams. Mrs. Dora White, Mrs. L. A. Shipley, Mrs. Ed Shipley, and Mrs. R. S. Goble were visitors Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Carmain, of East Gas. Mrs. C. L. Osbom and Mrs. D. D. Deneen were Sunday evening callers at the Ellsworth home-. Buzz Folk, of Wan, OKia., visited Wednesday with his mother, Mrs. May Boyer. Mrs. Roscoe Thomas has returned home from Lone Elm after a week's visit with her.aunt, Mrs. Josephine Arthur. Mrs. Belle Hobart of Kincaid, came Wednesday, to be with her brother, John Beeding, who is seriously ill, Mrs. J, E. Campbell of East Gas was a caller Wednesday at the home of Mrs. J. M. Mason, of South Gas. The M. E. Sunday school election which was held at tho church Wednesday evening resulted as follows: Superintendent, .Mrs. A. T. Cundy; assistant superintendent. Rev. J. M. Mason; Missionary superintendent, Mrs. J. M. Mason;; temperanca superintendent, Mrs. Leslie Beeding; home . department superintendent, Mrs. Fnink Prase; cradle roll su- perlntenaent, Mrs. Alfred Tompkins; pianist, Mrs. Hazel Moore; .chorister. Rev, Mason; treasurer, Mrs, Carrie Wright; secretary. Mis.' Sherman Dickerson; librarian, : Margaret Wright. Teachers are as fblTows: Beginners class, Mrs. Charles Fine; primary class, Mrs. Will Schumacher; junior class, Mrs. Fred Morris; intermediate girls class, - Johnson; young peoples class. Rev. Mason and Arth,ur Beeding; women's Bible class, Mrs. J. E. Campbell; men's Bible class, .Mr. Stimson. Mrs. Fred Tompkins and Mrs. Alfred Tompkins called on Mrs. A. T. Cundy Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Sarah Maish who has been spending the few weeks with her sister, Mrs.' May Boyer, expects to leave the last pf the week for her home in Girard, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Thomas, Miss Kathryn Thomas, Miss Nadine Close and Lionel Morgan attended a surprise party at Neosho Falls Wednesday night which was given In honor of Gerald Dykes. Mrs. Belle Wood of East Gas, visited Wednesday: at the home of Mrs. May Boyer. j Mr. and Mrs Allan Ensmlnger are moving to the Trubey property in the west part of town, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Hill and two children of Torington, Wyo., spent Monday and Tuesday at the home of the formerls aunt, Mrs. May Boyer. Morning worship services at the M. E. church-at 10 a. m. Sunday. Sermon by the pastor followed by Sunday school at 11 a. m. Junior League at 5:00 p. m. una senior League at 6:30. Sunday school at th.d Chur;;h-oi God at 10 a. m. Sunday. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the home of Mrs. Prank Prase on the afternoon of February 28. SEVERE TESTS COMING Missouri and Kansa.s Face Sledding in Foreign Gameji as Season Closes. Big Six Standings. W. L. Pet. • TP Kansas 6 Oklahoma ..6 Missouri ...4 Kas. State .,4 Nebraska , . .2 Iowa State.. 1 .750 .750 .571. .500 .286 .125 245 261 208 233 203 183 Kansas City, Feb. 24. (APi—with a slim chance to tie Oklahoma oi- Kansas for the Big Six basketball championship, the Missouri Tigers today sought to overthrow tlie jinx Hard OP. 184 ' 233 203 242 219 252 games that has dogged them in away from their own court in Columbia. They play last-place Iowa State college at Ames tonight and Nebraska, the fifth place team which has caused the leaders trouble all season, at Lincoln tomorrow night. The results of Ihose two gamte.^ will definitely determine whether^ Mis-souri can pass up or Oklahoma in cose the tied lender:^ .slip going down the stretch. If the Tigers can defeat the two northern teams and then take Kansas Slate in the finale at Columbia, they will be BS-sured of at least n tie for the runner-up honor, for Kansas and Oklahoma have another meeting, a week from tonight at Lawrence. Before leaving Columbia with eight players lost night, Coacli George Edwards was optimistic-, over his team's chance of winning away from home. He .said they are In much bettor condition than they were on their last dlsa-strous road , series. Phog Allen's defending champion Kansas Jayhawks have a severe test tomorrow! night in their game with Kansas State at Manhattan. Allen. * dissatisfied with the condition of his team, gave Bill Johnson, the conference scoring lender, a vacation from practice in the belief that he had gone stale. MONTEVALE Mrs. Martha Dozior was calling In this district Monday. Callers at Chas. Isaac's home- Tuesday were Mrs. Ida RG<;ers. Mr. D. L. Isaac and Mrs. Martha Dozier. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Carleton Stlcknc .v spent Tuesday night at the parental Isaac home. Mr. and Mrs; Clarence Isaac and Billie spent Wednesday at Chas. Isaac's and helped butcher. Iva Mowrer called on Mrs. Isaac Sunday afternoon. Mr. E. T. Wilson has been helping D. R. Hopkins get ready for his sale Tuesday. Professor W. A. Brandenbur?, Pittsburg, called on Chas. Isaac on business Friday. Miss Iva Mowrer spent the weekend with home folks. Rollin Hutton and Lyle Smith spent Sunday with Donald Mowrer.y Mr. WiUard Smith called on -• Chas. Isaac Sunday. Miss Iva Mowrer visited Hope Williams Saturday. LAST TIMES TODAY! "THE KID FROM SPAIN"' is coming! Sec the Battle Royal of Jungle Beasts in the most amazing scenes ever caught by camera! 9r A thrilling jungle romance with TALA BIRELL MELVYN DOUGLAS ONSLOW STEVENS "TECHNOCRACY" CHARLEY CHASE LATEST M-G-M NEWS Hutchinson—John Black died here yesterday at the age' of 103.! sK years short of the Ufe span of' his-mother. Black was active until about six yreeia ago. They've Stood the Test of Time Established 1906 Williams Monument ' Works 301 So. Wash. lola, Kas. Neodesha—Mathew Allison, 66, who was found with both feet frozen ten days ago, died in a hospital, here yesterday. He lived alone and his plight, was not discovered for several days. ' \ MOTOR OIL 1 Gallon 45c 5 Gallons $1.75 Tractor Oil 1 Gallon 50c 5 Gallons $1.89 Guaranteed 100% Pure Paraffin Base IDEAL GARAGE 210N. Washintfton Phone 174 SATURDAY! 'JUNGLE MYSTERY' SPORT THRILLS SCRAPPY COMEDY

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