The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 4
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 4

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
Page 4
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"What the Gay World of Fashion is Wearing—The Very Latest Styles. HATS AND VEILS. .Ttquant Accessories Which Conceal De- lects anil Magnify Beauty. A certain ninrqniso who Is not nbove turning on honest penny, or rnthcr sou, by giving good counsel to her country- tromen on various subjects connected with the toilet h.ns deckled opinions as to the TBil, which may interest American as well as Parisian women. After descant- Ing on its rise, development and uses In the past she goes on to speak of it in its GREEN BEKKETTA. modern capacity as "a piquant accessory which conceals imperfections and displays beauty." Her advice is characterized by good tasto and is worth remembering: "The veil par excellence is the white one, with black dots. It gives a look of •freshness to the complexion and adds to tbo effect of tlio eyes. The nil white veil is only suitable for a brunette with a clear skin. A plain black veil is not becoming 'to anyone, but a black one, with black •dots, is becoming to everybody. Never •wear a red, violet or blue veil, as it gives a sickly and unnatural tint to the most beautiful complexion in the world." The pretty alpine and crush crowned straw hats with wide curled brims are «oming into great popularity. They are a ndiof from the ubiquitous rigidity of the Bailor hat and thereby fill a long felt want. The sailor hat Is really only suitable for children and young girls, but it las been the only sort of outing headwcar, short of caps, provided for women for years past. These new shapes are moro .dignified and more generally becoming, ami it is to bo hoped that they have come to stay. They may bo trimmed with the severe band and dunlap bow or may bo softened in effect by the addition of a ciiou of ribbon, a bunch of violets or a tuft of black or white cock's feathers. An illustration is given of a hat having it berretta crown of green straw and a brim of plaited black luce. It is trimmed with black gauzo ribbon having moire stripes, •which surrounds the crown and forms a knot at the loft side of the front, held in place by u jot ornament. JUDIC CUOLLET. USES OF ALCOHOL. ADVANTAGES OF VANITY. It May Be Employed In Innumerable Way*. A Handsome Ilousu Gown. Alcohol is one of the most useful adjuncts of the; t'jilot tablis, as many persons know. Colojriifi in ihu bath is otai rco- ominondiid. bin it. is beneficial chiefly on account of thu alcohol which Is its basis. Used once a wcok mixed with water it cumulates the skin, makes it smooth and keeps it In good condition. Pure alcohol rubbed on the neck, shoulders and arms Self Esteem Is the llest Soul and He»rt mdillng In the World. Time out of mind tho vanity of women has been held up to publio\!xecratlon and ridicule as tho causo of extravagance, envy, jealousy and other vindesirable tilings. For tho sako of argument let us admit tho soft impeachment and not venture to suggest that n woman's vanity has tho effect of Inspiring tho least cultivated of her sex to somo attempt at neatness and decoration, while that of a man of tho BLUE SERGE COSTUME. same class is so strong that ho often conceives himself Irresistible enough" to dispense with all pretense of personal oare. Nothing need bo said about that, because it is undesirable to habitually draw lines of demarcation between men and women and place them in- comparison unfavorable to either of them. But there is much to bo said on tho affirmative side of the question, "Is vanity to be desired or not?" A woman who has a reasonable share of vanity will dress becomingly as well as neatly and thereby help to brighten tho world, which needs all tho brightening that is to bo had. She will be courteous because she desires to appear well. She will read a little, oveu if she has no taste for It, because she does not wish to be thought an ignoramus. But these are mere externals not worth considering in view of the main advantage, which lies in tho fact that self esteem is the best soul and heart padding in the world. It is sensitive to small pricks, but is a shield against wounds in a vital part. Given a thick cushion of vanity, tho possessor is secure from all fatal thrusts iu . region of tho affections, all stabs of conscience, all lasting, soul imbittering humiliations. Dress is a vain subject, and a sketcli of one is therefore appropriate,. Tho gown illustrated is of ck;ctrio bluo diagonal cloth. Tho double breasted Eton jacket fastens witli largo pearl buttons and is out short enough to show a folded jvliite silk sash at tho waist. There are double rovers of blue cloth and white moire. A whito bosom, collar and cuffs are worn, and a black necktie. JUDIC OHOLLET. AIDS TO GROWING OLD. How a Woman of Forty-five May Appear Sixty. When youth is openly admitted to bo a desirable thing, it seems strange that many women who are past their first bloom should choose to appear so much older than they really are by means of tho wholesale uso of cosmetics. Bleached hair, face enamel, rouge and penciled brows and eyelids would make a girl of 16 look 86, and they make a woman of 45 appear at least 00 in spite of tho fact that they are patently artificial in all eyes except those BATHING COSTUMES. HOUSE GOWN. before going out in evening dross In tho winter will act us a preventive of catching •old. After painful or exhausting (.'Xpert- «oc«s, like a morning at tho dentist's, fur instance, it cloth wet with alcohol rubbed .briskly ovor the fuco and tlirout will ro- f Jv« one greatly. Alcohol will take oil (mintoff tho hands, .•ml tlio best spirits of camphor can bo •made tit home by putting gum camphor In • bottlo iiixi pouring alcohol over It Al• ouliol also uffurdx relief from tho pull) of bisect bites and sUngti uud U usually effective when applied an u liniment fur femunoae, strains or woiik imiBuliis. U is • vftun used thus us u dully treatment for weakly Infant* und children, with fuvorit- 'trie results. In fact, Its uues uroiiiinimow- lilts from cleaning jewelry to washing the >fkcu, but 1C must not ho Bullied on luo- . qiii'rotl silver toilet articles, as It dissolves Uie transparent vurnltfh and leaves the silver exposed to tho air, wh.luh BOOH turns • it black. Pink Is greatly favored In Paris for tea mid house gowiiH just now. Alone und In combination with white and color*., It Is much used. An illustration Is jflvon of u liotise gown of white embroidered /"'.Uiso. •The full guu/.o skirt is niuue ovur it >-l;irt of pink tuffotu, und a ruehu of thu >< 11:10 luuturlul trims the bottom. The li!- 11 -. 1 liodlue IB of talTittu und Is guthiuvil I i ' ;(be wulut by u Iwltof rogemolvo, with !••: •• «j|48, Tlio giuuc pi'lurlnu IK jimdu ovn i Ifffotu )lning and trimmed with a tali. < ruche. 'I'iip vluuvuff urw of gauze biniila: tilled mid trUumwl Juinc tTitdlc Chollet Says They too Thing* Better In France, A womnn fashion writer has lately lifted up her voice against tho Institution of show bathing gowns, used half tho day a9 promenade costumes along the beach— garments fitted ovor a French corset and never worn within roach of the spray of tho ocean. It is very rarely that anything Is said against this custom, which is odd, considering how exceedingly ill bred, even vulgar, it is. For a woman to show so plainly her desire to mingle with the public In tho stage attire of a burlesque actress Is not to raise her In the esteem of well mannered persons. If she goes into the water, short skirts or none are a necessity! if she merely lounges on the beach, they are not, and she lias no excuse for appearing in any except tho accepted costume of the ago. The clothing should be appropriate to the occupation, and it is as absurd to uso a bathing suit for dry land wear .as it would bo to go into tho water with a parasol and bonnet. It is only in America that this state ot things obtains, for abroad sea bathing is conducted as a business rather than a social function and affords little scope for TRAGEDY AT CHftBITOH. fealous Lover Shoots His Sweetheart and Two Others. TEA GOWN, of the wearer. Although such accessories are employed by many a woman of undoubted social position und perfect propriety, they invariably give tho idea of vulgarity and arouse a feeling of disrespect In tho observer. In Itself there Is no moral transgression involved in tho uso of cosmetics or artificial coloring for tho hair, but such practices are indications of frivolity and bud tusto, und their suggestions and associations are unplousunt In tho extreme. Uut reaving thut consideration entirely out of the question 1C remains undeniably true thut face enamels bring Into ghastly und unnatural prominence the wrinkles that they lire supposed to con- ceul; thut golden looks und penciled brows make the pleasant middle aged eyes beneath look positively bloury, and thut It requires only the additional touch of rouge to convert u woman of 40 thus "made, up" Into an octogenarian. Simple clounllnosH, which means washing the face us many limes u day an Is noc- essury with the aid perhaps of some sort of lino suup; good health; tho use of un emollient, such UK camphor ice lit oold or sunburning weather, und u dust of rice powder—no bismuth—un hot days, will keep thu complexion in us good condition us it is possible for it to be, provided there Is not some disousu of thu sUn thut requires medical ircatinunt, Fuce spoolulUts as u cluss are to I to regarded with SUB pleion. Many of them make up their own complexions artificially, although they profess that thu jilinnomenul pink und wlilUs fairnt'ss IK a natural effect caused by Kpiuilul KcliintlHo treatment. A good ill Kesllon and philosophic views are the only certain altU to yomhftilmttiiof apputu'ttllce. A clear skin ilepemU more on tho general health than on anything elso, and no In Ycnllon that human belngu have yut. produced will piwrni one from growing old. A bkeich I., given ui it tea gown of black inurwllh'iu lined wiih grass given hhot s.111;, the si. eve* belli); of ihu latter, covered • with Ijhicli nel. Aeronlioli plaited black : net drapes the hide uf die gown and falls 1 from the lower cil;.;» of thu bleovcH. Thu ftilllcs arc of nii-ueilli.'ux, bordered with : icru (jtilpurc Juu^ (Jnou.iiT. THEN BLOWS HIS OWN BRAINS OtfT, Weaver Nominated For Congreii by the Democrats of ifcw, Ninth lotra District. Leon Badly Scorched— Port Dodge Painten fell Three Stories— Another miners' Btrilke at Ottntn wt». OTTUMWA, la., Aug. 8.—W. 8. Jen- tins, night baggageman for the Burling;on at the depot at Chariton, la.,Wednesday shot his sweetheart, Julia Murphy, icr sister Josie, their mother, Mrs, Eliza tfurphy, and himself, Jenkins and Josie are now dead, while, the mother and he younger sister are fatally wounded. Jenkins had been devoted to Julia for ive years and she had received his at- ;entions. Mrs. Murphy kept a boarding louse and Jenkins boarded there. Becoming more and more enamored each day with Miss Murphy, he became more bold in speaking out against the attentions of other men until after a quarrel over the matter, when Mrs. Murphy requested him to find another boarding louse. This he did and did not seem to 'eel at all hurt, but kept calling at the Murphy's. •No one knows why he became particu- arly excited and jealous on Wednesday, )ut he went over to the house in a mad uood. fie had some words with Julia about the attentions of a man. He then drew a pistol and shot her. Turning to he mother, who had rushed into the room, he shot her twice without a word, after which he stepped into a hall where he sister stood and shot her, killing her nstahtly. He then blew out his own )rains, firing the pistol into his right ernple. Jenkins has always borne an excellent reputation and the general be- ief is that he was insane. The coroner will investigate. BATHING SUIT. airs and graces. In Franco the bathing man who takes a woman into the water is her companion only during their Immersion, and as he is of tho servant class there is no question of social amenities. Ho attends to his business so thoroughly that when the bather emerges she is dripping wet to the crown of her head and in no condition for conversation with her friends. Tho liberty of American sea bathing is much pleasuntcr, but it ought not to bo abused and made the excuse for a display of bad manners and mistaken vanity. A groat number of Frenchwomen wear suits cut all in one piece, without a skirt, tho trousers being made in so flaring a shape that the inside seam forms almost a straight lino. This gives nearly as much fullness as a skirt and is much less clumsy. A sketcli is shown of a bathing costume in two pieces. Tho blouse and skirt are ono garment, reaching almost to tho knee and belted in at tho waist. The trousers are gathered in by an elastic band around tho bottom of the leg, and the short sleeves aro similarly secured. A plastron, embroidered with an anchor, fills in tho open front of tho bodice. ' This costume is moro suitable for more blithers than swimmers, us tlio latter require a union suit, with removable skirt. JUDIC CUOLLET. THE WOMAN BICYCLIST. she Now Attracts Little Attention If Be comiugly Garbed. The woman bicylist is now so ordinary a feature of both town and country road- ivuys that she attracts little or no attention unless she is dressed In so striking and unusual a garb as in itself renders her conspicuous. Yet but a very few years ago, when tho woman's wheel was first brought out, what a universal outcry there was against it us unwomanly and Immodest! Now it has become an institution, and tlio exercise is considered no more unfcminino than horseback riding. Tho general public is utterly tumble to arguo from analogy or learn from experience, however open to conviction tho in- dividuuls composing that public may bo. Otherwise wo might say that the present agitation nnd alarm in regard to woman's entrance into politics are quite as futile and unnecessary us tlio former crusado ngainsl her adoption of the bicycle. When tho WEAVER NAMED FOR CONGRESS. Nominated by Democrats of the Ninth Iowa District. COUNCIL BLUFFS, Aug. 9.—General J. 8. Weaver was nominated for congress >y the Democrats of the Ninth Iowa district by a vote of 72 to 20. P, P. Kelly of Mills was permanet chairman of the convention. A resolution advocating the free and unlimited coinage of silver was adopted. Painters Foil Three Stories, FORT BODGE, la., Aug. 9.—C. C. Ames an! David Van Lew, painters, 'ell three stories onto a brick sidewalk. Van Lew will die. Ames will probably recover. They were working on a swinging Bcaffold and the pully slipped, letting one end fall. XiBon Badly Scorched. LEON, la., Aug. 9.—Fire broke out in Shields 13ros.' livery baru and swept everything before it for two blocks, the ire being stopped at The Reporter brick block. Two livery Btables and eight store buildings were burned. Loss, (20,000. Frank Q. Stuart For ConfrreiiB. CORNING, Iu., Aug. U.—At the Democratic congressional convention of the Eighth district, which was held in Corning, Frank Q. Stuart of the Chariton Democrat received the unanimous nomination for congress. Another Miners* Strike. OTTUMWA, la., Aug. U.—Three hundred miners at Mystic went out on a strike because the company insists upon holding back two or three days' wages when paying the men every two weeks, Killed on a Railroad Track. OTTUMWA, la., Aug. U.—James Haley, an old citizen, was killed on the Q tracks here. He stepped off one track to avoid a train and was struck by another, Receiver* Mukt Sjhow CHUM). Los ANGELES, Aug. II.—A number oi striking employes of the Atlantic und Pacific railroad made application to the United States district court for an order to show cause why the receivers of tiie road should not pay the wages for May and June. Judge Boss has cited tho agents of the receiver* to appear one show cause why the claim ot the men should uot bo paid. AgulUr Mined Walk Uut. TRINIDAD. Colo,, Aug. 0,—Trouble haa again broken out at the Aguilar mine* of the United Coal Mine company. The miners walked out refusing to do any more work unless they were paid an advance of 5 cento per ton. They have been getting W cents (or screened coal which price the men claim is not equal to thut paid at other mines in the regio'n. Lord bmllnbury •* HU Evolutlonlit, LONDON, Aug. U.—Lord Salisbury, as president of the British association for the current year, delivered his inaugural address before a brilliant gathering in Oxfdrd. Professor Huxley, seconding a vote of thanks to the new president, declared thut Lord Salisbury has set the seal of hi* authority upon tbo doctrine of evolution, DICVCI.K COSTUME, now order of things Is ontubllulled, none of tho awful consonuunoos tiu luiitf jirogiiogtl' cutixl will bo soon to follow. A woman will still IK; it woman, will love iiur IniH- band und olilldron ui much uuuvur und do her duty by thorn qulto im fulilifully. i'olltlcal power in groat, but nature U !»• flnltoly gruatur. Women 60 yuan) honco will look on un a» wo look on thowomun of MIHU Hur- noy'B day, who wuru oallod antl uvun ualle4 thuniBulvoa 'funiiiloi" and uwounod rogu- lurly Buvural tiiuua u day. Tim most con- bfrvutlvo among womon of llui jirunout would huvu boon rogurdod then us a uho- iioinuiion of rank rudluullHin und it lit oun- tlltlutu for u btraitjiioluit, into which nttlvu bho would no doubt Imvo IHTH Hjiixidlly l)luw«l in ordur to kiM^i ihu iMiiintry from golllg to Hi" du({». U bUl'IIIH til Illl llllJKWi blblu for tlio human raou to udiult tho fuot thut It IK htill progiviiulng. A iikuU'h IK «lvim of u bloy<'lM itoKtuiuo Of ulutll, COIIhll I ill^t 111' H C'll^.l, |ll,'.'!rl| tikll't and trouburti I'ubtuiiliig bflow thu knoo. A plquo vt'»t U worn uudor tho cout, with tlo Will oollW. JVLlIC Cllol,L)iT, Onmei. Bnltlmore, 4; Brooklj-n, 1. Gleason ftnd Rolilnson; Dalley and Kennedy. Umpires, Emsllo and Lynch. Seoond Game—Baltimore, 18; Brooklyn, 6. Espor anil Robinson; Daub and Klnslow. 1'lttsbiira, 10; Cleveland, 3. Ehret and SUK- den; Petty and Zimmer. Umpire, Moaglnnd. Chicago, 11; Cincinnati, 14. Straiten, Kit- tredgo nnd ScKrlver; Dwyer and Murphy. Umpire, McQuald. Waahli'gton. 12; NRW York. .10. Sullivan and Men litre; Meokln, German, Westorvelt and Wlliiim. Umiitre, Keote. Boston. 10 Philadelphia. 18. Sttvetts, Staley d Gaimtil! Harper nnd Buckley. Umpire, Gartne)', WE8TF.HN T.F.AOrjR OAMFJ*. Thdlanniiolia, 7; Detroit, 0. Phillips and Murphy; (Jayle and Jautzen. Umpire Korlns. Mlnnea- nils, 15; Sioux Clt.y, 13. Parvln and Bnrrol; ll.vrt and Krans. Umpire, Sheridan. Ki.'o. HI; Kansas City, 8. Rettger and Fields; Hastings and Donahue. Umpire, Ate- Donald. Toledo, l:i: Grand Ilaplds, 9. Blue and Me- Farlnnd; lihlnesand Hplus. Lmpire. 1'eoplen. Wli THKN ASSOCIATION OA.MK5. I'corla U: Lincoln, 4. .luckuonvilli!, 16; St. Joseph,*. Oinahii, 8. tjulncy, 7. Hock Island, U; Ucs Mo i lies, 7, Asthma, Hay Fever mil kindred uilmento absolutely cured by a lowly discovered specific treatment sent by mail. Pamphlet with references, mailed free. Addreen, World's Dl p<Ti8Hry Medical Association, 663 Muln street, MnKulo, N. Y. K. H. GKnu, John Williams and John Holton were arrested at Whiting, Ind.,' for contempt of court in declaring the strike not «HC. My heart leaps op when I behold A, flower ever so fair : SO was It when my life began; So It Is now ' am a man; So let it be when t am old I What man with a heart would not feel his leurt leu D on beholding roses blooming anew In its wife's cheeks? No true man likes to see In its wife a s'lllow complexion, dull eye, and all the II IB attendant upon the Irregularities and •" peculiar to the BOX. Happily lieso can bn bnnlshod. nnit the roses be Insured >y the use ot Dr. Plorce's Favorite Prescription. FornursiiiK mothers or those about to become mothers It Is a priceless boon. It lessens the pains and perils of child-birth, shortens labor. iromotoa the secretions of un abundance of lonnshment 1'or the child, und shortens the period of confinement. •\v.«;ie'msaVo, ixa t:ie iv'.r.Ut of a quarrul with hor hustland, Mrs. Merrill Baker of Uoutgumery, Vt., huugud her four young •jihui'eu to bedpoStB. Buoklen's Armoa Salve The best flslve In the world for Cuts, Bruises, borne, Ulcers, HaitRheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns and al' Skin Eruptions, and positively euros Piles or no pay required. It U guaranted to give perfect •atUfnctloB or money refunded. Price « o«nti por>">x. Forialeb J. W. Hatton. •i-";e iVUr'.nwiKCVH jHuituhi lissooiiinon of tlif Hony ol Veterans and the Ladies' Aid society will meet at Plymouth, Ind. A Household Treasure. D. W. Fuller, of Cusnajolirle, N. Y., says that 10 always keeps Dr. King's New Discovery In the louse and his family has always found the very best results follow Its use; that he would not bo without It, If procurbule. (T. A. Dykeman, (lru«- gtst, ratsklll, N. Y.. ears that Dr. Kui,;'.s New Discovery Is undoubtedly the best cough remedy; that he has used In his family for eight jvars, and It hai never failed to do all that Is claimed for It. w hy not try n remedy so long tried aii'l tested. Trial bottles free nt J. W. nation's drug store. Hegulnr size 603 and $1.00 New "York's rapid transit cominissios adopted pluna for an underground road in order to get the matter before the vot- Specimen Cases. B. H.Uliflord,Now Oaescl.Wls.,was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism, his stomach was disordered, his liver was effected to an nlarmlng degree, appetite fell away, nnd he wiis terribly reduced In flesh and strength. Three bottles of tlcctrlc Bitters cured him. Kdwurd Shopard, Hiirrlsburg, 111., hud a running eoi-o on his log of elghtyents' Btnudlng. Used three bottles of Elcctrlcliitters and seven ooxes of Itncklen's Arnica salve, und his log IB sound uud well. John Speaker, Outawba, O., had flvo largo favor sores on bis leg, doctors said he was Incurable. One bottle Electric Bit ten and one box Uucklen'a arn.lca salvo cured him entirely. Hold at J. W. nation's drug •tore. ; 8 Next ISiMter. Easter will come three weeks later next year, or, to bo exact, it will come vu the 14th of April. This is one of the favorite' dates for Easter, as 1805 will bo tho fourteenth time that that day ha* |iad Easter since 1500.—West Chester T<nnal News.. DR, DOWNING Thin well known and sncoceufnl epcclillttlB Chronic nnd Nervous diseases and diseases ot tho Bye and Ear, by request of many friends and paMenti, will visit / CARROLL, IOWA Saturday, August 25 Burke's Hotel One da; only every month. Consultation fret. DR. DOWNING Author of "Nervous Debility." " General! Kxsuetlon, its CHUBB and Onr«," etc. This Skillful and Reliable SPECIALIST Well and favorably known throughout tt» northwest (or the many wonderful cures of all forms of CHRONIC^ NERVOUS DISEASES hlch be fans effected that had baffled the (kill of other physicians and specialist*. Ho Cures When Others Fail. Diseases of Eyes and Ears, Granulated Lldi. Cataract, Gross Eyes straightened without pain or danger, DlncharglnR Ears, Denfi>e-i- oto., Diseases of Nose and throat, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Agtbma, etc. Discuses of stomach and Liver, Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn, BlIllousnoKB, Jaundice, etc. Kidney and Kind- Jar Troubles, Blood and Skin Mseiiees, Sorof ala, Pimples, Blotchei, Eczema, (Tlcera, etc. Nervons Diseases, Headache, llyetcrlu, Insomnia, Lack of Vitality, Laiigor, NervouaneM. Rhenmutlsm, Neuralgia, etc. Diseases of Women, Deformities. Surgical operations of all kinds successfully performed. VOUIIKT and Middle Aged Men Suffering from Lost Manhood, Nervous or Physical Debility, Seminal WenknosB, Lost Vlfror, Decline of Slanly Powers, Drains, Discharges or Losses, Vorloocele, itnd nil the train of evlli resulting from KXCCOHOS, Errors In Youth, etn. producing suiuo of thu following effects, a* Nervousness, Emissions, Pimples, Ulotohe*, Debility, Dizziness, Defective Memory, Abseno* of Will Power, Oodrnsion of Ideas, Aversion to inulety, Sexunl Exhaustion, Pain In tho Haok, ulo., blighting tho most nidiunt hopes, render- dering murrlago unlmppy anil business a fall lire; sweeping thousands to an untimely grave Xo matter who lias failed, consult tho Doctor, (le has cured thousands who have glvou up in despair, A perfect restoration. Consultation* sacredly confidential. Uo'ays n ro dangoroni. MARRIAGE. Those contemplating marriage who are uwtire of physical dofocU or weakness which would render marriage a disappointment wonld do well to call on us. PR EC examination of the Urine, chemical and microscopical in all cases of Kidney Oil- ease, Brlght's Disease. l>luli«tes, ulirt Sparmn- tonbooa. llrlug Specimen. REMARKABLE Cures perfected in old eases which have Dcen neglected or unskilfully treated, No experiments or failure. Parties treated by mall or express; l)»i where possible personal consultation preferred. Chseh and curresiiondeiici) Blrlotljr contldOB tlal and medicine edit to HIIV part of the United States. List of questions free. Ad- r«B8 with postage. Hit. DOWNING, <1SWe«t MadlHon Struct,Chicago,Ills. PARTIES Interested in Grain, Provisions and Stocks WATCH 241 B. C. Co., Chicago The ART AMATEUR. Wlu» Two H»ot», EUR., Aug. U,— lit the bicycle tournament Zimmerman, the American champion, the 10 utilea scratch rave with liunker of PitUburg second, und Wheeler of Nww York fourth. Zimmerman also captured tho one uiUo international race. Bunker cumu in second but wu» disqualified. Wheeler woe lAift lu lluliu by (CartlKjuukei, PAKISUMD, Aug. U,— Nearly all tho hoasua ut /all are now left in rums by the ourUiijuukus. Thu shocks were also Bovuru at Ad Sun Autuuu j, sevua liiilua west ui' At:i, uud suui'uoly a housu in the town wiis loft Htitinliiig. Four pui'doiiD were hilled im-.l 10 wuru iiijuml. lilulMi Ollltiliil Arriwttul. .UOIHH, MIL, Au«. H.—U. N. Hiiildoy, iiuiliti.:' in I ;:1 u.i i- I':1,V, ll.lli iu-.Mnl clmi'goil willi lurgiug tu. Amount involved lu vurlctuly KUlud i'lvm *'.'UO to *l J.tXiU, Seat and.; Practical Jkxt X _ (The only Art Periodic*) awarded, u Medal «t Invaluable for Mil who wiiU to make tlu<lrh>. log by art or to make their homes beautiful. lOfl J! e wl " 8 ?'.' <l •o.».''yone mention AV/L« tlonliiaihlB publication )y, with superb color |ilitte», Hood's is Good Makes Pure Blood •orefula Thoroughly lr*<tlcat*d. "0. 1. Hood * Co., Lowell, MKM. t •'It li with pieiuur* Uut I give you the deUllt cl our little Hny'n »lcku«»i and her return t* health, by the UM ol Ilood'i BumuarlUa. Mit Wat taken down with P*)v«r ami • ••d Cough. Following Uila»tore ewne oil her right ild* between Die two lowur rlbi. In » lUort tin* •«• other broke on Uie left tide. 6ue would take «uelU ol euro mouth aud when we had. Ml m overcoming tnt* lliu would i ~ •orn •ot* n overcoming tnl* iho would lullor is of high lever pit expel bloody untlou. Her lieau WM unnoted and Mfroui her ew». Alter each attack Hood's?* Cures Wllej uiilll wtthfli After ijholiuii tali... _ lit «lio wua lioltur. came worse and all triwtiueut f allot! to give 1 ••lUMllgod'iiBttwuiiurl! IMlUll UOltll) WO UUUM L, w Wo coulliwud until BJJ» Tho Bloom of Health »ud li (at u» it plK. Wo luul grutoliil, nnd oaiiuol uty luoiiiucli In luvor ul lloou'ii HurtupurlUi.'' HIM. A. M. AUAIJB, linuuu, ' r «uuu»«(io. Hood'e Pllli act easily, yet proinutly «o| aoleutly, ou tU« Uv«r mid buw«U. !*). .-j-— _ design* (wgnliir price thirty live cents). Or l /\f OFir* we will send also " F^INTINO / OF AOG tfOBBKGINMBB8"(90p<W!e«), f Montaeue Marks, !J3 Dnlou Sqtmre, N. V Many Tears Ago The people of Arizona Uv ed in caves of cliffe, ate and slept upon the ground and did not wear many clothes. In those days there were no clothing stores. To supply the demand of these changed times we are carrying a fine stock of all kinds of spring and summer clothing, and not only that, but many other things in the way of new and nobby furnishing goods thut are perhaps no more necessary now than they were in the days of the Cliff Dwellers, but thut help to make a man or boy look neat and nobby und up with the unieK. NOOKMLB ife GNAM, The Koliublo „ One-Price Clothiers, South Bide Square, Carroll, lowu.

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