Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1928
Page 5
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4t LYNN The -r'Anry Thus Far. ~ The story is laid in the Indian • territory ami aliiuc; the Kansas -ixirtlcr in tiic 'Sifs. when a light was l)elnc wased for the open-, inf; of,'Oklahoma i'> settlement. I "Chief characters are: J - ' ~r TONY HARRISON, orphaned' r'at 13 when his faiher \va.s shot in a poker Rarae: -PA\V.VI:B • BILI.. wlventurer. teatlier. Indian interpreter, and shiJwnian: ' J^iK (TtAK;. who takes Tony to the H-.iir K raiicli to li\-e; V TITUS MOORH owner of the liar I\ i >ran <i: . RIT.\. his daughter. ' .Moore iK one of. the chief op• TJonenfs of tile movement to open Oklahoma. PAVin PAY.NE, leader of the movement, ilies midden- ly and Tony in his loyalty • to - Moore is fronliie*! becalise of his s^ynipathy for Payne's caii.«e. He tries' to forset Rita Moore, "with wiioni he has fiillen in love^ and < TK -compaiiibH Pawnee Ihll and niKKAI.O niLI. on a wil.I show tour.- .Xffer'niany adven- 'nires he reijirns;, lull Rita <onies . liack lor a visit and he^ is unahle -to k>'"'p from, dei-laring his love tor her. When she adinitn she i.-f ensri^ed to another, he Uls- .Tl 'lit -ars. - , ; < I'awpe.- Mill orKanizes hit <.<iwn ihow Tony HIH-H. with If, It VailH aful PaWiL .e Rill i«. p.T -ii ;'d- ed by the cilv of Wiihita to Ko wi*h you. Five hundred buys a half interest. What do you say'.'"' "If it's all riciht »Vh you it's all richt with me." "It's settled: Come ahrtig with me." anif still holdin:; on to Harrison's arm he led the way to his chiim. ".My name." he said, "is Perkins - -Fre.i Perkins. .Man. you don't know what a liCesaver you are! had every penn.y tie<< up in this thing. What's your name, bv the there and Ihi' HcMinier|i into -oklahfinia. Tli. fisht tiiii«!l,\ is vion. <ln Apiil 22. is's:». llie KUU r« lire:! that s<'n <lr .'.o,n(io ji.iine- .«••( ki'iji '•;iin)>liii« iiviT ih'- t'or- • !iT, ill a wiM rtisti Triny '•Likes I ,» .ilaun fur a widow smd two • •lilldr*-n and i fun rid'"- '"U in • It'll'irij- whti-ii ill "Me i!;iy • is "Harrison—Tony lluri isiui " "Ohid: to meet you- now llia( you're my pardrer. This is i^iy son. KrediJy.' I'm a widower." Freildy Perkins was H ireckie- facMF boy of fifteen. He'accepted TJiny's handshake with a grin auil tlien stood in op«'n-mouthed a.we in coniemplntiou of Cherokee. ••Soon as the lum')''r comes in. We 'll build." announceil the luisi- ling elder Perkins. ".May lie in to- nifrht.". "Am\ iuayi)e not for :> week." Tony told him. "The \\:iy tteight's coming down, the i.aiks'll h- 'bIfK'ked soliil." ••l»id! I hope ii'i.t. Where you slr'.pin' touighi'.'" Harrison snille<l. "I' MI v.xtl to sll epiUR in the <ipell." • "lluuk rij;ht In this tent pard- nc"-." He w.uild think al)out It. Touv i ^ai.l. ••.Meauwlii e, I iliitiK I'll liiiiwse aroiitid town. Ii'." kind of exciting ;lo look al. Kii:^I of all. though'„ril put that" five hundred d oiiri in the hunk." Half an liniii later lie liail .:i re ceipl for Ins deposit and Cherokee was Mkltig hint tlirinigh the lowii.i . ' Wmildiu'l I'awiiee ^lill I. IIIK I I -.vlieii ' , 111 learned iie wa-- in the liardwai"| husiues.;? .Viid .loe Craig what THURSDAV. JAM. 19 till/The A^aoctuUil /'rffj*) ; Pr>>kriims in Central Stiindard time. .\U lini« is I' .M. uideKS otherwise tn- lUi .alol. Wave leiictliM on left u( cull Ictti r .H, kilinyvl's oil right. CENTBAL. c|uinKinKf...m nothing to ., .ity , ',,;. .j^.^^,, > ...TL -i, vt It. jtcrtained.a vast contempt for -vei-y : • , .< "•^'•T^-'l lo.cupallnn save one. He would: (.Ulhi :ie' A mere way station (.^ j ^...^ this inOrniug and now a city • tain. As soii'ii as things were inoa.and... Tents were .pnucit.g • ,(,„,. j..,,.-.,, ,„ ,.„„,rj„ : up everywhere. .-i,„l .r sigu ou 'he . ,„.^i,„^,, ^„„:,„,. ; /'["'^iV'^r ^T -'^M''"'"" ' ^;.*";-O .!' running smonthlv. he would ol-th^ t.uthr.e House. A -Itlc ^^,', far|hor on a bank, also doing bust- ^, ^j,^ ^„„,,. „j,.„ ; riess lUM Hani^.n marveled. ; j.^, .i,,; .. ,„|,,! himself, •('hero- ; J-he .l.l.cbaess witn "'eu.:|.,„. ,o:rre.s-one ! ^'"i'l'"-'"""?^: ;,Ua. : <oul<ln'l keep my mouth shut i i\at..r wa.s beiii^ :^ld fcy the j^^,,, ..„„,r Uvir I've , ..ippcrtnl .u.d bu, ket. Another Jnan. „„g,:,teiMl t,. Titus ' oit nl a huge slAck of sandwiches., „^ speutj the night in Fred IV,-j Kiod a'Kl drink. Itlic nrimal neces- '•I ... kins' tent, but Ciulhrie diil not set; • • , •. ,. tie down to !<leep. .Men talke.l \ voire ^poHc in Ills ear: oil „,.;„„„,, „„. „j.,„ n,„v,.,, about, i., .,,';-j;inii„ "UovaV oreh'stra get a claim, parduer.-, and Ham-, ^ .j , ,.p., and more than 272.6—WPG Atlantic City—1100 T : — I Mmifr I t;uic»* 7 ::•>—n.i.vKrfiiiiid ItfTVPllors . :• J,'/ - I 'ik-ni It- 285.5—WBAL Bjltimore—1050 r, 'II -I ii.i:.oi 1 jMi —siritii: i.'ii.olit X 1(1—.M.i^wt-ll Hour •j 111 —l!:iU,ii« lluiir w:8.2—VA/EEI Bolton—5»0 T:ii*' —pit»l;;*» t*ri >5 *.-ritiitioii T:Z>t —ll»c'\fp Si'nttri«-In H i*i ).-t *|i<-<iiiot K.ilfinios :i.'ii>—Sjdiih lirolhers 461.3—WNAC Boston—«50 .'.:"ii—.Iiiv.nile Smilvrs • i.::;ii—ToH.r .XtlVHOiiiri r.s 7::iJ—.M. ir<.p,>llian 'rit»at<>r 302.8—WGR Buffalo—990 T;n.._|i,..ij.., f-r> 5><nt<-irlon s mi— I 'Ihiiui-.t Kskiuios It ;Jli—Star i.-r's lioiiiisyivaniaiisi . 545.1—WMAK Buffalo—550 — (•iinio rirclu'stra s .rur —.M«].«:. Ti!.* •j:i,i)—i;,.rl(i;nmdiiiii Banif : - 535.4—WTIC Hartfoi-d—560 .-.-n—Tri.i . T .ii'i— 1 ••iilse I'r.'scntation T.-Ii.—Tb-ator IT^sontation 422.3—WOR Newark—710 .-. i.-.—I'i.u.o f.lN —li'iii:;.- Vil'tory Six »;:iiii-.siiiitoii i;ii.-ieniblo »i —I;yi r't« Orcht^stra 7 iMi_>.'i-.v Vi-rk I'liivt-rsity; Finni;*! T .T.—.v. V I'liilh.iniiiiiiiv: Orchestra :ion snvnni: amund atiil belieM rotund little man, hatle.-;s and i i-^ik (,( ..ijxi "iiiis once the echoes ' r;ihg "with the Iri^aded... Th- firm of rerkin-- and Harrir; ••.\o. J navent. Don t kn.,w whali^.,^^ fortunate. The next day i ! d do ,x-,f.h one , ., . , .'their lumber ari-ivf.l. and part, of - The mati eye,! h.m calculatingly slipplies. Tli- rjound of ,|riv-! i .::;,,_na, ..nhes .r .ns (I 'i hrs.) 491.5—WEAF New York—610 ; i.ii--.\V;tl<i'.rf .Xstoria Orrhestta lim'—.Mi<l-w.vk Jlyiiiu .<ing —I '.iuitpi I 'litnfort Huur 7;»iii—Iloili;.* Pr.^sentalion T ::;'i —I Tip.iv .T S.iil inils s iin_( Ii.-)i:..t K^^kimes "llic .v luiK/li nioney h .ive yOil gf'C' "Well. JKiw." Tony began Irril- ahly. • rieihad live huii<lrei| dolJars in hi-i ;i4 ket. representing p:iil payment 6t' Pawn-- nill'.-: ibHi; to ,t> but Iv; saw ntire.isoii f<.r .ell- L iiig his hvisiiiezis tl) slraugers. The hand. fa! lilfle man I'.e'd ii|> a "I know .vott're •thiiikiim !t iiKi't .inv of niy luisine but I 'lr. ii'g hauuuers rang thioiich C.iiih-- rie ;iiid wlirn the sun went ilowu on the sfecond d.ny there were other; frame biiil'liiigs in the town to keei> tl;e land offi'e <ouipauy. j Th" Iiard 'A -ar-- store iiegan fining bu>iiie-'s befiire tile flimsy slriic- j .i iM.—.siu:,-;.. r .Mii .-<i'-. lure whiclt- housed it was finished. , 4CS.2—WFI-WLIT PhiladelphU—740 There was a rush tor timls-ham- j s i»i _-i n,:;:.. ri. s^ntaiinn ' triers, .vaws.llitils. planes-aiid I'ef- :"-lli-'\ er .^-ntinf Is luns had to .yrder a new -upply. | 348.6_woO Ph.lad.lphia-S60 454.3—WJZ New York—660 .- iiii_-.\l Kri >'dn?.Tn '.i! <in-ln?stra i;;c..i- t'. .< .M.irin.' RTIHI t, —l.i>i :!iH .j-il,\- I »rchfi:lia 7 i.ii^ I;,.t..'.fT:il<s 7::!ii—.\:iu>le<> H"iir S -.M.i\w< 11 H.iiir •..:.iii _i:,ilkitf IbiiiC in trouble.; If you're lixikiiig for a real opportunity. I've got it to gjv.- yo„. How w.iuld y „u like itnr-t presently v.m'll see them com-! 315.6-KDKA Pittsburah-950 ^ ""'''"f^'^^ , in' for plows and feed and such ] r ,.-_,.„,..,.<,„„,,„,„). urthe.-tia <"iiric.rt "Everybody's riishin' to huild.i 5 j„ _L,iiin. r .MiL-i^ "Hadn't given it a 'Iioug'.it \\'ha! , . , ,, • K.ud or-buMne.s."' • ' tiling- J'he farmers all around-..XI,. 1 i„. „ .,11- wtiit ti! thev begin to need things. ....J ''';en^' ..^wt: r v'""""i ";r:\T-^ ed com.-u' down o;! ,r:,m fn.tli ^' '"=•/ ' . .\rkaus3s Citv an. 1 i,av..M'. go. Z",,''': \i .l/.ii.... 1 t, f, , ' • • blocked with the h-avy traffic tinif I \ / ^, callle weie dying lor l :i k of • I'v.. go. "•••' ' ' 4 a:i%e. I'm up agMin • :!' • I've go. • Cilhrie Wiis mv lowpsite mv '•"•' ;j;;"\,;"^^tmimied. d.-spite the fa.t that Co,,- gres': had neglect, d •lo V M, :ni I .ill my ^ now. hdldiu' it . l'ro'-I)e.;s 've ;'.i ''e lip Iti Mlioke." He itiad" a m:- of •!. ;pair. '"niii 'k.r .r it' 'v i hardware b:isi- lie-" piowy .iiiil lifoi.;. -c'-ds. r <T(| -111 a jilai e like t'li.s. There's a fnrtune in i'" ' - IlarrJi^on t 'ii '.m e .i:; r thrill and H'.oved ills liatid in bi> pnrl .et. To be .a p .i'rt of til!- I laiiiol •ng. bustling gr.'iwth !bo ||t him: to hell) '•utM a "ni ;-.v cllllufr^ it. ... .. "I've got livi. Iic'idreil. ilollarK. ,. _ to provid Oklahoma with a government. Mi'u i W ;ilke (J t (i lite prills ol; ;lle secoli I llay and <ast their bal!r»'s in a li'- t!" tent flying the flag : of the rnileil St.ites. I.;iw and order was the watehw'irrl some .riffjci.-iIs I 'o head things up. a mar'slial whose honesty and learhs-iness < ould he relied '>n.' lie a nart oft ^"'^ ^^^^1'<- »"! ' arriverl in nucst of Tony Harrison. I s.iw yoifr sign—r'Pcrkin.'; aiid . I • • ... ,„..„ Harri.son.' Hardware'—and wan^aid .(,v. i T!ie little man ^^^^^ j„ .. ,„. jaughrd. "Hreat Cae- I S:i.ii_.\la\ ir.Dlir •j.i,.i-_Ba!kit«! Hour 483.6—WJAR Providence—620 ' I '.iwaitl i'i.nifi»rt Hfiur 7 .,11—1 1,,.|.^,. iTi s.-ntalliin h^'i'i--*'la'juot l-r''kiirt.>^ 277.6—WHAM Rocheiter—10M T- — .\iM |iii i> It^. itaj •• — H.ilkii.- lliiii- !„...-,—u.-.iu .«t. "iraan K.cUal 379.5—WCY Schenectady—790 ' :;i' -liiiiti.r M'l»ie 7 11., _ii,..i-i- rf .">T.ii.THon 7 .I'l —Mn«,v..r S*Tniln»-t»— 1 *ii .'i }i|..t IC>kim'..'< 333.1—WBZ Sprinofleld—900 ."..'f —'dCan Ueeiial ^:.Mi „Mir,..<trrls s fill —.Maxwell lI'.Tir 'ji'iii—Balkit.- Hour 468.5—WHC Washington—640 7 ^1,11 —T>» Pr<'>'"U 7 :;it—:'Ki".y#*r S.ntin.M N '111—4 * l-Nkirii ...M •J : i'>'!iilli Br.'tin 516.9—WTAG Worcester—530 C '•'"i—*'«n\n!(l *'t.infort H'.*iir 7 ....— ILid^- l*r*-!..s..ntati .iii ^ , ,,_<-|„ ,;,„,r l:^k^InlJS •J.'.'V —t^nmh ISrothtm , laid a trembling li.m.l on bis arm.' -', think'that vou've settle .l | •-1 wnu't try f. run bargain | ,^ :, career:" Prevent Dandruff SOUTHERN • .' I . . •^1,.^ —WWNC Ashevilte—101) ^Xnd making money-thai'._ the | 5 ,l ;C ;r--^--,„ " • * """ t 1:.—Til'M< rJir.iIic 475.9—WSB Atlanta—630 7:.... —l;.-Mt:;#> r^r^pnt.'itioii j best part of it." Tony told him I "We selt out"; faster than we can LiquidZemok^sScalpclcan buv^ ^^^r'-lmi Pleasant, healing. Liquid Zrmo plows, and w.;ve ordered a .~ii !>ply| ma -'jappdintotheMralpdestroysdan- of kitchen ranges. Harness. fee<I—^ druJf. lTnt ;'.lions. sirrrv 'ss and itch- anything yo.ti want." I inK,frequcntl;A disappear nve'rr.ipht. "The long-hdireil man's eyes twin-] Zennpenetrates,snctne«.anricleaihses kled. H.-re was "nthusiasm wher" the '^.•'Ip. keeps it he.ilthy and pre- i h.. le-i^jt e.xptcteri to find it. Ven sdandruff. Itisadean.safehcal- ;-"'ynu don't know how- tlownright inR; iquW—convenient to use at any ' ptea-f<i I am in s«<e von pe.ijed twl ;AUdntggists— 35c.6Cfcaa(l$lW. ; satisfied. Figuring "on staying?" j 'He'd beifi-r stay," Kred Perkins I put in. ••He's the hrainK of the FOR .SKIN IRRITATIONS |,j,„.;,.,f ;Where'd I he without iiim?" • "Ho has a habit of n|.'iking himself us<dul at tnosi auytliing." Pawnee Rill said ;tnd h t his hand liner on Tony Harriiiou's shoulder. Through with the,., show " bn>i- tiiiB^.AUdntggists-35c.6Cfcand$1.0C zemo •rmmi PtUl la tU4 *a4 «*l4l TakaM«tki«. Mar . ^^SS!^%MSoiTO !''.e.s--- ••>^ke''l hinj. i ii^»*Si&Si^'i^!?iuSi' J '"'"'"^ 'i'"'^ '^'"'^' iMnM'iuuKasTSni trwaaf jhere: why. don't ynu ^:^ay down 1 \ here'/" I "I contracted to lead them in: not to slick. .Vo. >ir. .\ext year I'll have, another show of my own." Ho had been to Oklahoma City. > Dorsctt Produce Co. I2(« Kast StiTpJ, lolii I'ltone Cash for roallry anil Kevs tall I's An^iTlnic. .:ii—H'".v..r Sfiitin'-Is S '111—.Maxw. II lliiir ;. h„_i-rnh t'r..sram 384.4—KTHS Hot'sprlngt—730 S fr,pii;.-ir Refrains ;t -..r. rrt nrrh^stra |r>.yii—iiaii.-*. e'oii.-Art 340.7—WJAX Jieksonvitle—653 8;(i.i—Orrhpstra and A''.s 7:3<>—Happy Girla g.ij<>—WriRley P.ort»w 322.4—WHAS |.oultville—933 • 7:"it—I>0'lRi» rr<>.s»rtt«tlon 7..11I—Hoover Sontlhels a;"')—Band Hour ; 616.9—WMC Memphii—580 T;'.."!—ILHICO I'fe^firitition Ne.'i—.M.iwvll Ibiiir le..;';—Kiftti Aiiniv.Tsary rfi«;.a?ii 336.9—WSM Nashville—890 7;."..i—I)f>flpe rr'-ientatJoii « I'll— ell Hour I'.'.'W—.s'pirltiials 322.4—WSMB New Orleans—930 £:;•'—Orchestra!"; Iii..<Tuniintul; V.>c.<l 254.1—WRVA Richmond—118a r. :0.';—Vtrglnirtii*^' S.'i'J—.M!IIIM:;I HuUf 826—KYW Chicaao—670 T;00—Corisrc.«s Hotel ijludto SiHiC-MaxweU Hour •.i :fiO—Chlo.'»iro Opera lM:n«—Congres-s Carnival 346.6—WCBH-WJJO Chlcaoo—820 7 : IVxIisa I>r*l«iilntl<in x -iiii —.Moewlieart Hour •j.M) —t.'tiieaxo UJK -ra ll;mi—i'niiner llouw SluUlo. 416.4—WON-WLIB Chieago—720 7 ml— I till l.'..|..4iiiftne(l Alman.ik ^ iMi— CUnitau Kxkliii'is V:W—Chiiago Opera 344.6—WLS Chie'aoo—870 S:'iO—Supp<T »>»ll Program 6..'.0—Spoil.M <;iub: Drchciitra 7 :1rt—T^ui»er.orae Hour 447.S—WMAQ-WOJ Chicaoo—670 s.iiu-Contmlirt an.I Whitney Trio ;.:iHi _C|,iea >Ki> Opera lieiin—Hamilionian..! 11 ;1W—Orchestra c; hrs.) 428.3—WLW Cincinnati—7O0 H:'iii—Orch '^.^fra . .7:1111—In a <;arrl'»ii of MusiO 7 :.^ii —Anipici> Hour s:iin —.Maxwell Hour •.':UU—Chlcaco c>p..ra 361.2—WSAI Cincinnatl -^3a 1) :.".•>—l>ano? Music • 7 ;iMi—[).Hlge i'res.>ntatlon 7:3u—Hoover Sentinels 399.8—WTAM Cleveland—750 7;n.i—Dodge Presentation 7;.1ii—Hoover Sentinels - S;i«>—WiLnrrt Cavaliers 545.1—WFAA Dallas-550 7 :iii> —Iiode^ Pros^rpntiofi 7:31.1—Hoover Sentlricls 374.8—woe Davenport—800 7 iiil—l>,Klge I"re.«entiition .v:""—.Miixwcll Hour' •-';'.ii'— Smith Brothers 535.4—WHO Des ^oine»—560 6 .111—r>iniier Pronraiii TiiHi—Doilge Presentation >(;i <ii—.Maxwell Hour •J.31)—Sluitio E'rograni 440.9—"^CX-WJR Detroit—680 . t ;;iKi _.\l Kv>'ntitlo S.mi—.Maxui'll i.'.moert : Orchestra »;U()—Balkito Hour 352.7—WWJ Detroit—«50 .'i:.';0--L'inurr .Music 7;(tti—t'l'dg 'T ^r»-^t•n ation 7;.:i'—Hoover S'-iitineis ' Jj.'iii—Ciicipiitt Ksklm.'s 499.7_WBAP Fort Worth—«ip0 S:'|«— Hour |u nil —i.'on«.'ert HiOti—Orsaii 381.2—WOS Jefferson City—830 I 7 iHi_.<tiiilio Pr'>!;ram 7:3"—.\'Wre.«.s . S:l.>—total*: I >t pr. of K<lurat:nn 370.2—WOAF Kansas City—810 —.School of the Air ; iii)_lK«lgi- Pre-s.'iifatl.,.n 7:::il—Hooiir Sfhtiiifls b.ijHi— Maxwi'll Hour 293.9—WTMi-Milwa-ukee—1020 • 7.1111—Doilifp I'r >-H.>iitation 7:::»l—.Vmpliii ll'iu:- N:i >u—.Ma.\w.|| Hour 405.2—WCCO MInneapolis-St. Paul—740 . S.IK)— Hainllne I'nlveralty •j.'.'M —I 'hliago OiKTa l».7,ii— K. of I". IJanil 508.2—WOW Omaha—690 t, 1111—L'. S, Army Itand 7 'Ml—l>o4lKe Pri '.-ientJitton \ tit) —JklaxwpJI Hour IclO—Italklte H.iiir 499.7—WOAI San Anlinio—600 | ;...ti1 _K« Ivinator H"iir 545.1—KSD St.. Louis—550 7 1..1—ih^lcp Presentation 7 V> —Hoover Sentinels . >i no—.Maxwfell Hour •j.iHi —Siii:th itrothers 348.6—KVOO Tulsa—860 7 nil—I).«li;e Presentation 7 III— H 'xiv .r Sentinel* V iM) —.Maxwell Hour 344.8—WCBD Zion—870 c.<".i—.Mi-v/d yuartet; Celestial Bells; CUiinet Trio WESTERN 468 5—KFI Los Anfleles—640 1-1 1 j—Phlliiarmonic Orchestra I...,(i-_.Mnd<yi'ii i.'lassieal Music • 416,it—KHJ Los Anfleles—720 '..I'll— Iiiverslty Hour It ii'i—Beverly Beareast 336.>—KNX Los Angeles—890 I "—orean Ino-Hi.til Orchestra I iii'a "Ijan-ie Mu'lc 384.4—KGO Oakland—780 j). 1 .1—iirarna "The Sequel" I I ini_-iH -.flg« Presentation 1! .1"— M ..on .Manic. 5D8.2—KLX Oakland—590 s .7" nf ^rtge Trio Ii.iin—rMne« Program, ~ 491.5—KOW Portland—610 '.nil—Music , lr..l,l.—l-..n.-ell Ii ITe .eent .Htlon' 454.3—KF«C San Franelseo—660 • !• iiii —i'oneert Orchertra 1; im—Uanco Music i2 hrs.J 422 .3— KPO San Francisco—710 pi |i«—(;.n).well Hmir 11 '»< —.\' BC Progni ni l- '")—Boriea and Allen 348.6—KJR S«attl»-860 • M—l-lresiide Hour p. —uiH-rHtIc ;Stars 370.2—KHQ Spokane—810 s ..o—r >:<veiip <,rt Orchestra II nil—]i..<lge four tl:3')—Moon Magic Uanuarl- 17. 19J.S I.-e .N'ichols. s ngle to Levi lack- sou, an u idivi.|e«| l-2l»lh lii- in Xi;. ol SK'i it-M-'n. P. .1. IJ'udley and wife :Minerva. to Krank'l.;. I> tpulou. $i. patt of NWi; .,f ^. ANNOUIMCEMENTS HI'I.I. 6'>C.- Hm ;iir bla.k ihild 's [iel. phoni- :iy!t-ll. AUOTIONS - A act nn.s 11A PUBLIC JVUCTI yj *~-Pubtlc aucHon •?very Sq,turday at 1:00 o'cloc"! at '8' Sales Pavilion. prni.ic .\rcTi nub'ic .I 'liction Pavilion • Satt hor IS. ;«allle .calves, aiiiomol i|esj harness, farm Jn.achiiiery aud[ good householi Hishop. -.Vuctioileor _ j ^yrofTonvE Antoinobilk> AtrfiiMes \ I'i^KD r.\k--lk as dependable as ilie dealfr lA-Ji Sales and Sorvi <> sells it. IlodKP •e. The best place trt buy good, dejiendable used cars. .\i preseht ue li of both open.':i price>» tfi * ell. I'll .North W.-isli HUnSO .N '-KS.SEX ice. Burt Whide .Motor Co.. 219 South Washing AatomoMliis for Sale Bjirter and Kxchnnpci 51A t). K..rSKH C.\rtS~ 1927 C^ievr .det ! ••t'hnmiey Sweep coa.ii: i'.>27t Chevrolet touriiig:! l ''-'7 i:ii.'vroIet toil truck-: llt'Jll I'h'vrolet roadMer: l!»:;i Ch-vilo- 1 u 'lLI. TR.\I)K- I Dcl.aval. 1 .Mi let toil truck, with grain body, other thcapcr ised Motor r.o.. Ill; West .I;ickson. Phone tU(. OAKL.\Nli -- I) OakjUJid coiihe: '2.7 .Huick light six toiiripg. fin advanced^ roads Foril roi{il.<ter; '23 Fonl tiidor tluklund jouring let touring: '21 iidet s 'H|;i:n: Chi] s «-<lan: ciwy .slcr ing: Ford road.' .\M. are ill g' >oil Itoss .\tt>iickle's dealers. Phone Aalo AccejiHorlH WE ARK UltEt Knight: gooii : Auto WrA'ktng ,f;ARAC,K^ And i good county se. j rent. Trade foi| i come pr.opertv lola. Knm. .WoTln^i- Trncljliur. Storaue ; -SS.'!. will lijove ycj traci, n-itp exporienced nicn WHEN YOi; MOVE—qr <»tore yoar I gootJa cal( Corr*; Transfer. Offl-Te , Help :Wantf|d—Female iWoMA .V—Wanler Call at nOc .N. W I WinoWKft— Wants housekeeper in j sitburb o^t-lola: state name and 1 age. Adtl|-esH "^^'.'feCurtyRegiyter. Help Wanted-) Wanle 'FAR.M H.^.VD -j ; Murphy. ;• • . MO.VEY TO LOA.N—On real,^te. repayable in small tnontUiy payments. These loan:! never come due - -better because cheaper and more convi nient. Setiirity Buildinf; M I»i»n .Assn.. 1st .S'ati. r .ank Brdg. UVE STOCK 10 dog, tolify Ouv c;-iver. U02 .V. .leff.-rsou ).N- I will ^ell at at Bishop's Sales rday. .lanuary 21. hogs, chickens. a AMU Id of real furniture. C. , I'tiiiltrjr anil .Snpidles 49 BABV CHICKS- Kleveu Icdiug breeds.^.511 ami up per hen.iircd: discount <ui orderx plac .'.i! :;u days in ;idv;incc Si:uflo\vr llaliii- cry. Bronson.. Kan-". BABY CHICKS I.Mi S C. It I. Reils for tomorrow. Cusinin hatching Ic per ogg. Conic In anil look liver our line it 'uomli .S'urdy Chi. k Hatchery. 22 'i W.-...t; stret. MERCHANDISE Artirlft) For Sale SI CRK.\M SEP.\R.\T 6 II.* Slightly used .McCormick - Ilocriug ..liall- hejiring. -?fi">: slightly, lised .-Xnker- H»iill!: .Vo. ."> scp.iritor. f«.^. guar- antei'd as new. .MIi'U Coiii'ly Im- plemer.t Co. HOUSE-4Xice three room h"use good garden spot, and some: fruit. Can ISiBSj;;^^ _i . -l-J.- Hoi 'SE—Plea.-^'ant fi\'e room modern, dovble garage. Rent. fIS.uu. .">l .'i .Votth street. Ke.\. door south. REAF. ESTATE FOR SALE Ilmkers In Keal Kslat* R FOR S A'F .K OR TRADE ^-LaMarpe: t"n acres well improved, idose in: sliire blinding. w<dl located.. lola: ' four room hciu'c in city: ::>; acres three tulles out. Hiimbcddt:. Two] improvi;i| citv. properties.- W. H. Wood. Liillarpo. Farms and I.nnd For Halo 87 SMALL ivVIRV F.VRM ; Two mile.s from lola on hard .sutfacc,'d road, fhone .i7.">. ' ' l7> .ACRES -:; mUes on. North Kek tiicky street road, known .ai .lef- f"rs farm. I). W. .leffers. Selm;«. K .insas.'. ' 2" .\CKE.->--!^)catcd 2«-j miles norlh»-ast on gravel road, imme- j iliaie. possession: or will rent. Thos. Fitzpatrick. LaHarpe. i'hone ."..'.:; l«iriarpe extendii»g in a west-and «oittherly direction to a iK>int oa the west right-of-way of the' Atchison, Topeka & ijauta Fe Railroad, which is the west ciiy limits of; said city. ' said sewer drain foilowing t&e tteil or water course of what ii com- mi'iuly known as- Coon Creek, has been tiled with the City Clerk of .said city, and all interes-ted parties are hereby noiii'ied that a meeting of the Botird of Commissioners of said <ity will he held at two o'cloirk cm tlte :!1.-: d.iy oC .faniiairy. 192S. at rhe Commissic,ners' room tn the- City Mai'l in -aid city.' for^ th«^ purpose of iiearing all objec- lioiisp to ti»e rejior' of s4iii> Upprals- c>rs. at which time said report may '>e con(irm"c|. approved, modified or amencfed aeeording to thf find- inai^ of said Board of Comrais»ion- ..ers. • • ij ' Oated at lola. Kansas, this 17til ' il:iy of .)ai»uarv. 192.S. ' BOARD OF CITV COM.MISSIO.VERS. V.y H. HOBART. Mayor. ' Alte^f: B. L. Mc.Viel. Citv Clerk. NOTIl K OF APPIH.VT.MEXT AiliDiinblrntor. State -T )f Kansas. .-Vllen Couiity.i Sj-. hi. the matter .of the estate of , Samuel Bus'I-ey. late of Allen coun- '.»'> .\CKES - improved .Misscmri j ty. Kansas.., farm for sale or e.xc hapge. II. S. j ' .\oiifM> <it Appoinlment; clerwood typewriter. 12-it,ch .uv-\ ^!^'"'^L^' ^•"'_ ^ ' I is hereby given, thft oix. • • —— I the lith day ot January, A. D., FOR SALE .\T BARCAl.\-ij)u account of leaving - lola: Oti'e I'n- •xw a complete line nd closed tnodel.s Kills. Motor Co., ington. -Sales and Seifv- on Phone l.SO.I riage. al-uio^t new. Pbo. t .'.ii soon. 1112 .ACRES—Rottom lanci. wc^ll lo-: 192s, the unehjrsigaecl was biy the - ' c-at..,i. cjrici iniprovenients. t""i<''>d Lproliate Court of" Allen County. much value. AVritc fcjr full Kansas, dulv appointed and quali- dos,ript;ton.\\f;^ Archer. ! j riect Administrators ot the es- CtTOU OAK WOOD For «alr^! $::.!ii) rank delivered. .\. O. IlillVrant. Phone .S7.<!. .V.VTtVE Ll'MBER - .Mo.-tlyoak. any dittiensions. Sec Paul Atkins at Owl Cr(.-ek Slock Farm. .'> nfiile.-; west Miimljoldt or call Bud White! •Motc>r Co.. phoiie 1^0. lul.-i. Honses For Sale fiV' taie of Samuel Busiey, late of Ali len County, deceased. All parties 1 ROI >.\r -MOOER .X llor^I >-(;ood! interested in .said esitute will take parage. 1,11 p;.veil street. .'. blockM ! notice and govern themselvcii ae- froiu the- Sii'iU're, for sale' at. a cordingly. i bjrr.gain:' .>.-|ini.i 'i> cash, balancei- F". E. n;\_NIEI^, . _•' likje rent. lola Laud Company._ ' -f- BlfSLKY. II SPECIAL—Tuesday and - Wednesday only: •"•O lb. new .mattresses. ! all cotton. J .'i.uu Only a few kf:. SnbiirbanFor Sale ST.- Administrators. ll)-l.S-25 121-1. grain body, i j,,,,,, i po,,,, cream scparalor fiSr c -ms. Shelly r ^„uk. Allen Countv Cream Co. alers— Pf>NTlAC shape: '2fi .N'ash r. AI shape: '2ii '27 Ford coupe: fine shape; •2.'{ good: '2.T Chevro- Chevrolet conpe: I •'21 F)odge totiri ig. Several other j cheaper jised c irs. term.t or trade.' Uoba t Motor Co. 192'; CHEVROLET COCPK—Chev- ysler".''.'!!" leather ••.')S" cf.-up<': 192i; Chevrcd'et- roaiLstei*: Do^Ige fi)ur- ers: Ford 1 oppe.!. |shapc-.' We iraiic?: fJarage. Chrysler .'ili. RuNinesH and Office Euuloment &I Sl'Bl'KBA.N' PLACE -For sate; on j t Fin-^t publiished in the lola good road: good improvements: ; Dailv Register. .lanuary II. 192.S.> at a barcain if taken soon.; Call j SHERIFr .S SALE OF CONFLS- phoiie ri <>s_F::2. S. Keiiiitcky .^lr«-e'. I C.VTEIJ Al'TO.^IOBILE .f T i .-ri » 1 e- ' ~^ State cH Kaiisa,-^; County lot IjltiOALo 'Allen, s.s': iFirst Published in The lola; Daily ^ •Register Dc-niher 21. 19*7.J NOTICE. Ku.-'-^eJl Elasi.' sontenced .>-2:{-21 ! TYPBWRITERS-For sale.-rent or •„.,„„ t'ount; for Forgerv 2nd • , ^5 '1'': ?' trade. Williams . Typewriter Co, | i>e «r. e. will present hfs ..pplit-atirm I f:' " . "o t ilI'lV, i 11. west Madiscm . ^ f..- Q.arcde .0 n... Board of Ad- 1 -;[,,;J^=--[' Farm Eiinipment .\o. l.'tTST. Stale of Kansas. Plaintiff, A. I>. liiton. Defcnilant. By virfue of an order, in the to me direct- ued .out <)t ^• !i''"i':!^:"i"':'. 'i^'i^^:^' -^"'^'^; :;ici^m:irict':^ u.rsta^ «f Kan: ;-SiLs. sitting in and for'Ailen Couo- i ty. iiKi-Miirl State. I will oa the 26tlj i.lay of .lanuary. .A. D.. 192S,-at thf (hour of 2::J0 p. m. of .saiii day aX • the- .Vorth door of the CQurt House ' at' lola ill the County and" .State aforesaid, offer at public sale anij -o.dl to the highest Jiidder. for casIP AVERYCtiR.V PLA.N'TER—In .'.'c>.)d j Fc 'iri .ury 7. 19 -S. running order. Swan X. .lohiison..' Pc-iii'oiicr; half mile west .Moran: c ,:iieteVv.' KCSSELL EL.^V.M. - - •• ; . - • ,V2i 111 4-11 -is. .MA.NTRE SPREADER -On- good, as new Intc-rnational. Will sell 1 or trade for cattlo or hogs. Cha?. i ft. Horde. Mildpd, l?o\ 17. 'One I mil" west. 3. mirth .Mi !'lre.|.. 1 Tires. Parts I >OTH E <»F .VPPOI>'niE;\T. .^E.vecutor) Sta 'e of i ^aiK -^as. .Ailcn County,' in hand, all the- right, title and Inf teri-.-,t of thf! al>ovc- named defend- TR.V.f.'TOl: And for sale in [ \V. .<ii :iivan. la-' »i Allen C'luiijly, ' A. l- Ealon. and any and alJ gojvl c-ondiiioti. 'Teriri:. or will • ' j. p 'rr-ons c-laiming any interest jn trade for hors<-s. mules or cattle. Mlfll E O^ .VPPOi >'rMK >T. folUnvingi described Phone 71.S or 2» ', .Vcric.- hrnbv given, tlfat cin Property, to-w it:. One l »J2t; Huffcton "' ' ' vnli cjav De.'enib' r i\, I).. Super-Si.x Coac-h. .Motor No. •10.S321. Fuel, Feed, FerliHzers 5fl Ill,c- 19':.'7. I!K - -iii.df r.^Tgntd was iiy the ----BALED flAY -^.-^Uc and 2uc. Trine M!''"''^^" of -Allen L'?"n'>:- l,,?';'!^'?.' vI.VC.—A Willys- Rarn west of citv ^ duly api»ointed and .quail-".""r*- jKLVI IxIVr "tires. Tola I'o Phone 7S2. Kiinsas 1927 License.So. 115-030. County. Said projierty to he solil on order^ I 'quali- ; fied as e .xc -cutor of the- estate "of J.! 4 H. D. SMOCK, Sheriff. (iarair«?s—AuBos For Hire. .11 filling station in t town: well located, well eciulppe;!.' reasonable livestock or in- Powell &• Co., BUSINESS SERVICE ICALL DBA.N TRV.NSFIiR — Phone ji by hour or con- ElttPLOhTMENT 25 TON" ALFALFA HAY-r.'! miles W. Sullivaii; Jatc of Allen County. , ,., , . . , ^ e.-isf of Carlvle. f. Thoiihoff. . .I-:c.-a...e;i.'-AI; partle.sinierejted in : By Ed Dutif.-e. Lndershenff. | --.said esrate will take notice' and: Sheriffs office. lola.- Kansas. IIoDsehold Goodd 69 I govern rhc-ni.selves accorlinglv. CONOOLEt-M Rl-r:S -$5 up. fix9 's: | , i^iyT,!^ St:LLI VAX. I-xecptor. • linoleum specials. Henn:n'g'er Fur-| ,V"..; j : * • .laniiarv K. (11-11-1:5. niture Stc»re. 'I Fir.-^f. published in ^he . lola '——'—~ ' i Dallv RcEiiiler laimarv l<i Vf'S » i r >aiU- Register. December 2 .S, ^^^"^^a^^...^! PhlJne • ^"^••'•^•n^ SxiT'oy VoXHs! \ .7^" H'^"- Kansas Allen C hand. IIS Ea.^t .latksoil. .rs. Mel w; Fuller. OAS RA.N'GES - .Ve'.v and used. W.r exchange. , pa v men Is... !>e- 'llver.v servii e. Curtis Furniture Co:. I..aHarpe, Kan.^c. . .Hnslcal >|ercliandlse PORTABLE VICTROLA-Conditio:! .•came as new;: also, sonje -re'cord.s. WiP sell right. noB^ South St re*-!. ROOMS AND BOARD * .state for. iMUisework. ishington r.ventie. Rooms WItfaont Board 2 SLEEPI.VG ROOM.S—For rent. SHERIFF'S SALE. (First Published in the lola December 2.S, 1927. ;oiiti. \TKI» AITO.MOBILE.- i>' of. Kan.-is. Countv of Allen. I Di-trict CcMirt. Thirty / r. " .Sev>-uth .Judicial Di-lrict, sitting fn \0. Is'jtt. ^"^ .Allen County, State of Staff of;K:inH:!s p'iahitltf.' Kansas. v.s. -. 1-i I .Metropoiiran Bank of Kansas^ :.;.i-ber' Wliiteaer.'.iohn Brown, j <''•>'• ^ corporaticm. plaintiff. - -:.\Ibert Aloxaiif,'>--'r. Lawrence (^rcen. " - CIiar!ct:i Hfjoper. .uid Ewell Oliver.) Alan Edwin Fiizsimmons. et al., By virtui- of an order, ik the i. . above latiijr-il case.' t„ mo dii^cctecl i By virtuo of an Order of Sale iind delivered, is.sued out ojf the |^»>' th»- clerk of th& Thirty- Seventh .liicHria! District (kiurf. In and for Allen f'ounly. State of " K.'th.'a.s, in the above -entitled [cause, and to me directed and de-" .lustice Cciiirt of .(. .M. Latner, a S^,- ] .lustice of the Peace in and for the citv of icdai Allen County.- State of J— j Kar.^a.-. I Hill, on Ll;^ 9ih day of ent. i February. 192.H. at the hour of 2:30 I'vered. I will on the .lOlh day of Inquire 12 .\orth .'•'ycamore street, p. m. '>f said day, at the .\of1h -'anuary. A. D.. 192S. at li> o'clock. Jietween t and 6 o^clock. j door of tht- Cpur; Hou.-e Jt lola * ^- m. of said day. at <he .=outh door i>«<K_. V-.- «>•'" '•^^ Coutity and State afortjsaid, i'^f <'>arl In the CUy'of ^. Rooms lor Housekeeping 69 , at public sale and sell t.> the ""a- Allen County, state of Kan- -Ifale • a FCRKLSHED ROOMS—For light'hicfder. for in hand. "ff*"" f"' and sell to the _'.._-; 1.; houf-ekeeping. modern. Inquire j"" "^^ •"'SP': f^^i^ and interest Of highest bidcter, for cash in hand. .'anted. W. E.; 2ol» South Che-ctnut street ,'-"^ above named defendants. Xar- following described real estate, I 1- ; : ; bt-rt WT-iiiiiiitr. .John Brown. Albert I '•"-"'it: , ... -. 1 - FINANCIAL We will come arler ponltry. : GRENNAN'S MARKET Pawnee Bill informed them and shook his head Krtdl.v. "Couch Is dead. Did vou hear"about it?" •Coluch' How';" [ "H' took a qtftirter-.sectlon In i Oklahjoma City and It seem.s there ! was :fnpthef claimanc The other j man ihid behind a pile of -fence ! posts I and shot him. If .s a damn ' hame. First Payn.e then Couch— : neither of them lived to see their work brfng fniit." Corner Fdr all-, their ; efforts—death." r East Monroe and Elm Sis. !Harri|son murmured soberly. "JA'ell. lOLA, KAN 'S. 11 suppose the next move is to agi- I We Want Your Poultry, Eggs and Hides AXD OrR PHOXE MTMBER IS 87^ loIaN Prodae« IIonM ~8Ii >re I9I1 C. 0. CO6HILI1, Maaagw : agitate for the opening of more land —the Sac and Fox country or the Strip. ..There wasn't near enough to. go' arotind, this time, was there?" ; Pawnee 'BHI shook his head. "There's a. I9tlot ,he•rtbK*en- ;:-^;^^;^= j TWO RbOMS -f.Fu'rni.shed for light' Alexandcjr..; La.wrence CJreen. hoiksekeepins. chi|-ap rent. Callaf. ^ f'harles Hnj)p«r. and Ewell Oliver. - ' . ' fi-'i .N'orth street.'_ fanfi anyjaud all persons ciai-ining Strip. Tony. .11, the la«. to j Moner I^oaf-^ortpi.e. i^l'S./'VSe.^.' t '-S:"^ Buick Touring CAr H-l.".. Engine The cattlemen will hang on till 'h-lp^fj^ LOA.NS—f —' I'M ccuitinuo to do wliat I ' * ' ' end. can." ^ He lig .hl 'cl' a cigar, "rni nulling out tomorrow. C ,ot business that 'll FARM A .VD CII T Y I^ANS—TTje rea.ionabl^ ratck A. I>. Havf-i thoriic, 1.7>i Weld .Madiicon. take me as far as Red Fork From Allen County In thero III take Cannonball C.reen's ley Hotel: Btdg., stage to Caldwell: and then home 1 - -j. „ to Mri?. Lillie.. Reckon she's ---et- FARM A-VD CI _tY LOA .\&-Base ting worried by now." rate on farms, 5 He left the riext morning. Ahea -.r or shprt rime. B of him traveled a report ihat he: ,,f,».p-y T:„ i„an had been killed in a fight, and in .-^^O ^^J-^^^^^ a farm house, ne .-.r Wellington, rLSsKrukS Kansas, his wile and mother were "^'^^ ^rug b half crazed with grief and mourn-' MONEY LO Ing bi.s death. ' - ' (TO BE CQ^STIXUED) JIte Hooiv ani her father PRIVATC rMO.VE^—To L start WKM tk ^lbv raadraCi COTT. -4 rooms, modem, large ulck service anci estment Co., Kol- loTa. Hans. city 6'r. Long M. Cunningham. on farm and city |i Realty Co., o»«r ore. X—On farms .or citv property. Lo|iest rate. Stewart & Ftmlt loan . ott broperty. -W. Ri Apartments and Flatsi it .AP.VRTMK.N'T—1 room, down.stair-t- with garage. Inquire .>"1 North Jefferson. Beginning at the Northeast c;or-. ner of Sectiom- Twenty-five (25). Township Twenty-three. (2.3). Rang»» Seventeen (17). iV>uth Ninety (Vtt] rort.«i. West Eighty ' IJiO) rods. South to North line of .Madi.\o. .-..-.2.S .S0. Ki/nsas lV >7 Iicens« No. •Avenue in the town of Geneva. 2«-.VI .r .Said property to be sold | •'"fffrson Ave„„p i„ said Farms and Land For Rent 76 35 j\CRES—9 room house. . city water, just south of Bas.sett on Humboldt road. Dr. John Wilson. Humboldt. Phone Humboldt 19?. 165 ACRES—For rent tor clash to man with stock: Sr> jjcres Uftg tight, good improvements. G. W. .McKinder. LaHarpe. Kans^ [HoAes For Bent 77 on order of Court. H f). S.MOCK. .Sheriff, Sheriffs Office. lola. Kansas. By EdJ;, IHinfee, Vnjiersheriff.! January i*;. 195s. •(l)-lS-25.; town. .Vorth to .Vorth line- of'A. T. & S. F. railroad right-of-way thence. Southwest along North line of said- right-of-way. to East line of .N'orth- west quarter (.VW. hk} of the Northwest quarter (.VW. W), ol- .said Section '.Twenty-fjve _f2.5). I thence }Nort.h to Section si'line; theiice'.East to place of beginiiing. MITICE TO WHt>.M IT .\tAY CO.N'CERN: Notice is hereby given that the | containipg 120 acre.-; more of less. report of the apjpraisers. apptais- Said lafnds ai>d tenements-will be , ing damages to lots, .pieces' of sold without appraisment to satis- ': ground antf ail )ther ju-operty in fy said Order of Sale. • connection >with the cOTstruction j '• H.| D. S.VIOCK. of storm seWer from,a point commencing 0B:th.e ast city limiCs of the-City oe^^ola. Kansas, 400 :re^t Sheriff of Allen County. Kansas. ; By Ed Dunfee. irndersheriff. : ^ ; SherifTs ofHcei lola. Kajusas;' Dc- ^ member 23. 1927. ' i " ^r"

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