Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 27, 1974 · Page 7
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 7

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 7
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Afrterico's Bicentennial NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla., Thursday, June 27, mi Pag*7A ryone Has Ignored TA JKASHINOTON-(NEA)- Wheh officials first began discussing plans in the. jnld^MOs, there were grand hdpfes. for America's Bicentennial birthday party, But then one by one they faded: .Philadelphia voted against hosting a focus fair, Congress failed to generate any , enthusiasm or .'much money, th#;official Bicentennial Commission his flubbed all of its responsibilities except the Collection of salaries, and the. once fine idea of SO new paries for 80 old states is now as dead as public interest. Current prospects for 1976, then; are exceedingly dim, despite President Nixon's latest call for a nation full of mini-celebrations. Other than some spirited proceedings planned for a few states and cities, it appears American business will undertake the bulk of the hoopla; ITT is considering the marketing of a "revolutionary" new loaf of bread, some auto manufacturers will doubtless produce red, white and blue cars S rid the whole patriotic thing lay turn into one year-long Washington's Birthday Sale. But there is still one small and poverty-striken chance to rescue the 200th year from commercialism. The People's Bicentennial Commission; ah alternative to the official' American Revolution- ' ary Bicentennial Commission, is still plugging along with the fundamental dream of celebrating the birth as it .should be - not with tacky bread promotions, but with a re-education of, and reaffirmation for, the base principles that created the land. . At first glance, the PBC does not appear able to pay its light bill much less organize a commemoration among 212 million people. With headquarters in a stuck- BARBS By PHIL PA8TORET One of the best ways to get into trouble is to attempt to stay out of it by doing nothing- We hear that the boys in .the local slammer are plan* *rii*K an escape - sort of a midsummer crook-out. This is why we are doing what the ARBC can't do getting citizens interested in 1976. You wait, we're doing some tremendous things." Indeed, the PBC already has a program that, at its level, outclasses the official governmental planning, of those who have, moreover, consider it a nest of radicals; says one ARBC member: "They're Just kids, out to raise a little hell." Kids they may be (well, Rifkin is 29, and some others are in their 80s), but the PBC insists hell raising is not one of their goals. To the contrary, Rifkin considers his group the personification of true patriotism. He says the official Bicentennial group is made up of old fogies who, had they been alive during the Revolution, would have been on the side of the Tories. "Would Rockefeller have fought the king?" Rifkin asks. "No. These people are flag wavers. What we Far from wishing the destruction of the American way, Rifkin adds, "the PBC wants to re-enforce it. He sees a proper commemoration of the Revolution as bringing everybody - the VPWand the SDS, President Nixon and Daniel Ellsberg together in mutual devotion of one Just nation. "If we do this right, we're going to phony _. _ stand for is real Americanism - equal opportunity, S ivernment by the consent of e governed - and these are the things we stress for 197«." i have kids reading the Decla-, ration of Independence rather than, Mao's Hed Book, were golngTd have'every­ body wearing flag lapels, not just thejjonservatlvesi we're going to have a whole new political thought where there is economic as well as social democracy." Such dreams, of course, are the engaging stuff of youth. But PBC spirit to the contrary, it may well be too late to get the Bicentennial off the ground. Even if a her­ culean, well financed effort was immediately instituted, there is no guarantee the public would buy it. Watergate has soured at least some spirit for nationalism, the energy crisis has blunted the once tierce belief in American Independence - no doubt about it, the 200th year could not have come about at a worst historic juncture. Yet the PBC is stubbornly confident that Americans want to and will celebrate the First Principles two years hence. For adversity is the glue of a great society. As the PBC thinks Tom Paine would have said it: "These are the times that try men's souls; the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now. deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.' WORLD ALMANAC PACTS Creek (Colo.) Massacre of Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians resulted in the deaths of about ISO men, women and children, Nov. 29, 1864. The Indians were awaiting peace terms when Col. John Chivington led a surprise dawn raid with 900 cavalrymen, losing 9 men killed. The World Almanac recalls: Black Kettle, the Cheyenne chief, was later killed in a surprise attack by Gen. George Custer, Nov. 27, 1868. away corner of a second-rate Washington office structure, with mildewed boxes piled high and haphazardly along paint-chipped walls, the PBC is not much more than nine young people - including a gas station attendant and a school dropout - who run around in sneakers and Levis and complain about the cash box being empty (again). Yet along with the roaches that surely Inhabit the corners, there is spirit and energy at the PBC office which has never materialized at the cross-town suites of the official ARBC. "We are not civil service cm- S loyes," says PBC founder eremy Rifkin, "we are dedicated people making $65 a week salary and loving it. Working with grass-roots Americans on the Idea that 1976 should be a rededication to revolutionary philosophies, not a crass lot of corporate flag waving, Rafkin says the PBC has accomplished the following: Drawn up commemorative programs for a variety of groups, including YMCA's, Camp Fire organizations and the National Council of Churches; begun one-minute radio spot advertisements on 750 of the nation's stations; K ubllshed several instruction ooklets on subjects ranging from the whys of the American Revolution to the hows of celebrating it; and compiled thousands of names and organizations which are to form the core of the 1976 celebration. No mountains have been] moved, yet The PBC operates on a 6200,000 annual budget, mostly contributions (vs. the yearly millions for ARBC), thus extraordinary measures have not been K ssible. Besides this, despite energy, few Americans have heard of the PBC. 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