The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 29, 1976 · Page 18
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 18

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1976
Page 18
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Drug industry questions arise WASHINGTON |AP> - A government expert says most doctors rely on drug companies to teach them the latest medical techniques, and a Senate panel is trying to discover it this is causing doctors to over- prescribe drugs. The drug industry selects and pays tor "the balk of educational information provided to the practicing physician," Dr. J. Richard Crput of the Food and Drug Administration told the the Senate Select Committee on Small Business Wednesday. Chairman Gaylord N'elson, D-Wis., said "the almost complete takeover by the industry of postgraduate medical 'education' isca'ose for alarm." RUMMAGE SALES GROUP RUWWGEE Sa!e, Men's, women's, children's ard babe's clothes; writer mash'ng rrschfne and tLbs. roll-av*ay Md; toys; books; lot! of misc. hojsw.o'd ilfms: dtsfiw; gls«*v FKiJay, April 30, i B p.m. Saturday. May I. ••3.303 E. wsaingarase. NO early sales. GROUP RUMMAGE salt. 111 E Vernon Friday, April 30. 5.). GROUP RUAWAGE Site, 536 East Bancrolf Friday, April 30, S:» ».rn.-* p.m. Uts of clolhi.-vg, f*.rn iture, 2 pair living room drapes with valances, misc. GROUP SALE Friday, April 30. Clothes, miscellaneous. Country Ma nor Ul 27, from 9 a.m. to J p.m. SAVE TIME. s:eps and enwgy Friday, April 30, 7 a.m.-J p.m., i!9 1st Ave. Neighborhood Sales. Bikes, 6 year crib, tires, go'.l bag. cooler, sw^nq. clolMns-multi. sizes., 615 Isi Ave. Ftreplace screen, light fixtures, pklures, racing car, clolh:ng—Vidi', ladies' size Sand 16, larger men's; colored TV, lufnitLre. 731 W. Maple; 1 year crib, round maple table, maternity and children's clones. CIGAMIC GROUP garage sale. Hillcrest Court, Saturday, May 1. 9:30-3:00. Children and adult clothing, sizes plus f^use*ares, plants, drapes, snower curtain sets, snowmobile- suits, bike, books,remr.amsar.d patterns, also kids' lunk table. No early sales! 3RD ANNUAL crc^p sale, 520 W. Douglas, April 3D. 10 am.-3 p.m. Ho early sales! RUMMAGE SALE children ar.d grown-c-pclomir.g. 7-4-year cribs. 9 to 5, April 30 and May 1st. 439 Linden Ave. West. BARGAINS GALORE. Baby and children's (Fettling: toys; books; adjll clothing and misc. Saturday. May 1, 9n<:30, W-fi W. Fir. RUMMAGE SALE: Tots, teen and Mom's good clothing. Miscellaenous items, tois of craft material, new. large birdhouse. Girige, 621 East Gustavus, Saturday, tf.ay 1- 9 to V GROUP SALE raspberry plants; men's, women's, boys' and girts' clothes: crib, new campstave, pool table; Honda: new rugs: mattress. Friday. April 30, all day. Saturday till noon. 815 W. Bwch. LARGE GROUP sale Saturday, May 1,8:009 m. Free puppies. 1004 Jefferson Place. MEN'S, WOMEN'S ana I«n-a3e girls' cEothir.g; babies' ar.d rr.isc. furniture; 9.5. 320 N. Sheridan, Saturday. May \- MAY 1,9.5. Men's, women's, leens', children's ar.d infants' ctolhes: Avon; dishes; appliances; furniture; weddV.g cj-ess; motorcycle accessories and pans: aquarium and trop'cal i:sh. 32S E. Cec'J. 1 block Wev of Armory. BOYS'. CHILDREN*', adulls' clothing; Daked foods; miscellaneous items. 341 East F'r Avenue, Satirday, May I. S a m. to 4:30 p.m. MOVING SALE: Lamps; oak d'ning set, baay furniture; knick- ctorhino and miscellaneous Friday, April 30,10 a.m. 8 p.m. No early sales, 215 East Summit. He said mo more days of hearings will be nek) in May to determine if "physician education programs sponsored by the companies actually are promotional campaigns to sell more drugs." Crout, who directs FDA's Bureau of Drugs, said the industry's efforts are "consistently tilted" toward convincing doctors to prescribe drugs, even for patients who may not need them. The result can be costly ind sometimes hazardous to consumers, he said. Croat said 2C of the nation's 23 largest medical publications exist entirely on drug ads and are sent free to physicians. The drug firms also under write seminars and audio-visual materials for doctors. The cost for those "highly professional ... and obviously expensive" magazines, books, tapes and films is in turn passed along to purchasers of prescription drugs, he added. Dr ug companies also pay for 80 per cent of the scientific exhibits ai American Medical Association meetings, according to an internal AMA memo he cited. "I do not consider my colleagues to be pawns of the communications industry," Crout said. "Nevertheless, it is reasonable to ask why our profession should be subject to an onslaught of allegedly educational material — not subject to the kind of iniiependent review given the scholarly medical literature — which is financed by the drug industry and ultimately paid for by our patients." Neither Crout nor Nelson ventured a figure as to how- much such activities add to the retail price of drugs. DEATH CAPSULE - Vice Adm. William F. Rae m, dainnan of the Coast Guard Board of Inquiry 1 which is luvestigatiis tbe deaths of 13 offshore drilling rig workers, Inspects the interior ol the escape capsule in which the 13 died after It overturned and filled with water. The saucer-f haped capsule w«s In New Orients lor the inspection. The rig saik April IS of! the coast of Texas. (AP Wirephotii) . county court Richard H. Heihm, Underwood, and Todd C. Smedstad, 430 N. Union, have been convicted on charges of driving while intoxicated. Both were fined BOO and ordered to attend safety seminars, Prison fund plan rejected DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)The Senate Wednesday rejected two proposals for new mediumsecurity prisons. One would have provided (1 million to convert a building al Mount Pleasant, the other would have given the Social Services Department $3.5 million for a new prison wherever the department wanted it. CIA Krogseng defeated MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - Former Minnesota Republican Chairman David Krogseng lost a bid Wednesday night to win GOP endorsement for Hennepin County commissioner from the 3rd District. Richard Kreiner, 52, an Edina land developer, won the convention endorsement on the eighth ballot. Krogseng, 39, currently executive director of the Hennepin County board, was eliminated after the sixth ballot. . Pam Morse, executive vice- president of the Minneapolis YWCA, dropped out after the seventh ballot, clearing the way for Kremer's endorsement. Continued from activities." The women's liberation movement was infiltrated by FBI infrxmanls; the NAAC P was the subject of a 25-year FBI investigation; Army' intelligence agents opened files on Sen. Adlai Stevenson. D-I11., and Rep. Abner Mikva, D-1U., and spied on a children's Halloween party. —"Covert action programs have been used to disrupt the lawful political activities of individual Americans and groups and to discredit them, using dangerous and degrading tactics which are abhorrent in a free and decent society." Under Cointelpro, the FBI used informants and anonymous letters to break up marriages, get people fired and incite warfare among rival groups. The FBI tried to destroy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by wiretapping his phones, bugging his hotel rooms, attempting to ruin his marriage and sending an anonymous note that King saw as a suggestion that he commit suicide. —"The most sweeping domestic intelligence surveillance programs have produced surprisingly few useful results." Between 1960 and 1S74 the FBI conducted more than 500,000 investigations of persons suspected of being subversives, " *Ward DINING..DANCING COUNTRYSIDE I-U Skellv. We appreciate your business. Come and see Ruby B. Cy. TEN MILE Lake Sieakhouse. Winter schedule, open Friday and Saturday 5:10 p.m.-Midnight. Sunday, 4 pm.-ll:00 p.m. Phone 56) 88*5 Dal ton. LANTERN CAFE.H3 East Lincoln, open 7 a.m. to midnight, Mondays through Saturdays, serving breakfasts, dinners and suppers. Finest steaks, chicken ar.d seafood served 5:CO p.m. to 18:30 p.m. SlUB'S DINING Hall. Satoon ar.d Beer Garden, Bottle Lake, now cpen Fricay and Saturday nights. Lounge opens 5:00 p.m., dining fro^i 5:30. All Friday niqlu rr.eais 10 percent otf. Steve and Steve enterra'nir.g in me lounge Friday night. Featuring "Riding High" Saturday. A'.ay 1. yet not a single individual or group has been prosecuted." —.Senior officials frequently ignored the possible illegality of intelligence-gathering programs and occasionally carried put activities they knew to be illegal. William Sullivan, who for 10 years headed the FBI's intelligence division, told the committee, '"Never once did 1 hear anybody, including myself, raise the question: 'Is this course of action which we have agreed upon lawful, is it legal, is it ethical or moral?" Publication of the report, entitled "Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans," came two days after release of a similar volume on foreign intelligence activities and all but ended an unprecedented 15- month probe of U.S. spy agencies. A subcommittee headed by Schweiker has not yet completed its investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. ContiBiHd from page I a bus system is considered important for workers in the downtown area as well as senior citizens. One of the comments at the second ward meeting came from an opponent of increased parking space "downtown, who noted that if fewer employees were occupying parking spaces, expansion to accommodate shoppers would be unnecessary. By-passes for highway traffic on the northwest and northeast sides of town were generally considered a subject that needs more discussion. There was no clear-cut majority in favor or in opposition. While First ward residents were in favor of a city bikcway system by a 10-1 margin, second ward residents were less sure. The same was true of sidewalks, with very few people having an opinion on which areas of town should have them. Facilities rated "most needed" in city parks included natural areas, cross-country skiing trails, walking trails, tennis and picnic areas. The third ward meets tonight at 7:30 at Lincoln School and the fourth ward Tuesday at Adams School. Residents who missed their own ward meeting are encouraged by May to attend a meeting in another ward. King CotrtiBiMd Irm page 1 Pottinger also confirmed the previously reported FBI campaign to discredit King and the civil rights movement he led. Evidence released by the Senate intelligence committee last November revealed that the FBI had wiretapped and bugged King, sent his wife an anonymous letter which King took to be a suggestion he commit suicide shortly before he was to receive the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, and sought to promote a successor to King as the "national Negro leader." Levi said he has directed the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility headed by Michael Shaheen to complete a review of more than 200,000 documents on King in Justice Department and FBI files. That offke handles complaints about the handling of Justice Department investigations. The FBI investigation of King's assassination led to the arrest of James Earl Ray. Ray pleaded guilty to King's murder and was sentenced to 99 years in prison but he has since tried to repudiate his confession. Ray has asked federal courts to set aside the guilty plea and allow him to face trial. Various civil rights leaders, including 'Jesse Jackson, have called for appointment of a special prosecutor to reinvestigate King's death. Derailment reported MAPLE PLAIN, Minn. (AP) — Five cars of a 112 car Burlington Northern freight train left the tracks early today, blocking the main line near Maple Plain about 2S miles west of Minneapolis, BN said. The track was expected to be cleared by 10 p.m. and other trains were being detoured through Staples or St. Cloud. BN' said the ears, carrying gravel, derailed because of a failure at the point where the axle meets the wheel on one of the cars. Fergis Falls (Mi.) Jourul Ttars., April 29,1978 jg Lawmaker's son killed ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) A young Blue Earlh man was killed Wednesday in an accident at a highway construction site two miles south of Rochester in southern Minnesota. The Olmsted County sheriff's office said David Erdahl, 22, u'as operating a grader at the intersection of U.S. 52 and Olni- sted County Road 1 when a tire on the machine blew out, causing the machine's feeder lo hit the young man in the back of the bead. He was dead on arrival at a Rochester hospital. Erdahl was a son of former state Rep. Dale Erdahl, a Blue Earth area farmer who was elected to the Minnesota House* in 1970 and '^a. The elder Erdahl's cousin, Arlen Erdahl, is a member of the Minnesota Public Service Commission and is a former secretary of state. The first $200 worth of options for only 'Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Piics. WHITE FARM EQUIPMENT WHITE Plant/Aire simple, fast, accurate • Simple Air System ' ' • Monitor - Standard Equipment • Pull-type 4 to8 Rons. Mounted 6 lo 16 Rows i • Wide Choke ol Options HIRE'S A SAMPLE OF ONE OF SEVERAL ON HAND AND READY FOR DELIVERY. Vega Estate Wagon W449.55 Destination Charge 203.04 Soft Ray Tinted Glass M.OO UO-2 Engine 56.00 Five-Speed Manual Transmission ...244.00 Wheel Trim Rings 2.00 White Stripe Tires S2.00 AM Radio 7C.M Sporl Cloth Bucket Seats ...11.00 LESS ..-200.00* 13918.85 Offer ends April 30th ...l».7t* U938.61 INCLUOESTHE SPECIALM.OOOMILE, 5-YEAR ENGINE WARRANTY. LESS MINNESOTA MOTOR'S GENEROUS TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES INTERSTATE, INC. SALES and SERVICE 1-94 andWendel Road No. 1 - Ftrjus Falls, Minn. We're Pieced To TSIT Service Satisfaction MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. 1108 PEBBLE LAKE RD. (HWY. » SO.) FERGUS FALLS-PHONE 739-3331 Genuine A Complete Line of COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL GARAGE DOORS Electric Garage Door Opera tors We service all garage doors and operators! OVERHEAD DOOR CO. OF FERGUS FALLS Call (218, m-m Sales & Service primitive looks" For "admiring glances" put on the "primitive look". Our batik ruffle top and floor length skirt brings out the essence of a very special individual —you! 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