The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1948
Page 12
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SACK TWJlXVtt BLV'J'HKVLU,^ (AWK.) UXJU1K& Explosion Razes Building; 19 Hurt N« DeatfM Reported , In Downtown Bloit; Got B«li«v*d Cause , Y»., June 23. (UP) —An explosion ripi>ed through n three-»tOTy building in the heart of the Winchester busiuew district lo«Uy and hoepttfcl attendants said » tMnaiu were injured. H» de**w w«n reported. Offl- ••*• »14 rMeuc workers were dig- fiac thnwth the rubble to jee if •ttwr p*non* were trapped then. BtapfUl AdmlnMrttor Homer *. AJberti Mid It person* were admitted with Injuries from the blast. four wVre released after emergx'n- ttf treatment, two were in critical condition, and the injuries or the others hud not been determined. Albert! said lAwrence Owens and Christopher Spunos, both of Winchester, were In critical condition from burn* receited in the explo- aton. Moot Injuries were burns, Albert! •aid, but fractures and cuts from flying gla£« were reported. The hospital alerted all medical personnel in town and called out. Red Cross emergency units. The explosion collapsed ceiling beams on the ground floor and blew windows out of the entire building. Believed Caused by Ga* Police Sergeant Warren Rudolph taid the explosion wn ; believed to Jiave been caused by ga-v "The building was completely blown up," Deputy sheriff Henry Renner said. "It's one of the bis- gest In town. The blew up through all the floors and blew the roof off." A police officer said the explosion rocked buildings all over town. A crowd gathered immediately nnd firemen, gas company workers, police and volunteers begnii A search for Ylctims iu the wreckage. There was no Indication whether any person were buried in the •wreckage but a frantic search con- linued through the rubble. The blast, shortly after 10 r..m. EOT. wrecked (he Raylass Department store on North London St., "Winchester's main thoroughfare. It' also damage ritwo adjoining stores, j the Solenberger Hardware and ihe ! H. C. Sheetz Clothing Co. | Witnesses believer] it .was n gas I explosion. They said the entire shopping district felt the force of the blast which shook windows five blocks away. Renner said imoke rase from the building after the explosion but firemen quickly poured water on the wreckage and It did not burn. WorlcTs lr> His Lop This big world is just a laugh to as he sils in Pan American Airwa NEW York. .Stephen rind his molhi more, Md., new lo London to visit her husbnnd in Kncland when 21-.month-old Stephen Fischer, yf? terminal at LaGunrdia Field, cr. Mrs, Ernest Fischer of Bnlti- grandparenls. Mrs. Fischer met, he wns n c:i stationed there. BANDWAGON Cirif Case on Trial Trial was under way In Mi?sis- lippi Circuit Court here; today of » clril suit brought by George O. "Wilkerson and others afiaiusl E. C. Burnett and others Involving nn automobile deijl. The plniiiliffs seek judgment for tl.718 from the owners of an agency dealing In used automobiles. ((.'otklitLUuct from I'ufct- I.) The convention, mcunwhllr, wound up the hist bit of business before the nominating oratory yets tonight. it ununiinously adopted a campaign platform calling for an internationalist forelfin policy, extension of civil rights, reel- era) eioiioiny- aurl reduced tn.vpx. and a iinfsh fi^ht stKiiinst Coin- inuiiisin. 'I'hcn it rccesscci until 9 p. m. EOT. Trifl, Slnsscu. and Duff luei. this moniiiiR and colled another secret session this nftcrnrxin iii their effort to agree on a tandictntc lo bent Dcwcy Tafl wiiil their nmin purpasu was Strike-Bound Food Ships Unloaded by Guardsmen 'LONDOX, June 23. — (Ui>i— The government called nut the Coldstream Guards today to move !ood- stuffs roiling on the slrike-ljoimd London waterfront. The order to the troop's to eel the food moving \vii s issued after nil but M handful of the 20.000 strikers ignored appeals 'by the government, aim union leaders to get tack to work. Graydon GriHirt, District Legion Commander, Diet Graydon Griffin, igea about 36, of Jonesboro, who wax commander of the Fifth nistrlct of the American Legion, died yesterday In Little Rock, according to Information received here today by members of the Dud Cason Post, Mr. Griffin, who wns in l>ic insurance business, was K veteran of World War II ami served in the South Pacific. He was married and the son or,the Rev. H. H. Griffin, Methodist, minister "f Haragould. Earlier llils neck Mr. Griffin announced plans for tlie Fifth District, Let-Ion meeting which was scheduled for Sunday In Lepanlo. lo give each delcication plenty of time to pick nmt choose among ihe candidates without being stitmped- t'tl. The ohlonn predicted his own victory on (lie third or fourth bal-1 lot. I Slassen said (he anli-Dewey people wriri dckTinlned lo make it an ojien convention. Duff nsscrtccl "there is a definite jelling am! u growing anli-lX'wey scntimuil.," Seek Airil-newey Hermits The r,tn|]-I)e\vey crowd was trying to get Gov. Kim siglcr of Michigan and Gov. Earl Warren of California lo join forcc.s with them. Stgler, meanwhile, announced that he would put Senate President; Arthur II. Vancienuerg openly into tlie presidential contest tjy delivering u speech formally nominating him tonight. Heretofore. Vanden- herjj hns contented himself with a dark horse role. The convention was rolling rapidly toward the big business of putting Its candidates in nomination. Tlmt will come tonight -with Deivey getting the No. 1 spot on the speech program. The Alabama delegation deckled to yield in the roll sail of suites to permit Sen. Kdward Martin ot Pennsylvania lo make tlie Dewey nominating speech. I Tnfl » nominator, Sen, John W TJrfcker. will go on next when is«5, No. I. In'the roM null, vli-lds to Ohio. Cotivantioii chairman Joseph W M>rtl>i Jr., of M»M«cnU3«U»—him- self * potitible nominee should a deadlock develop—nald the speech- niaklng will be wound up tonight and th" first ballot taken tomorrow morning. AinoPK today's boosts or Dewey »'«s an announcement by chairman James p. Kem of the. Missouri delegation that he Is for (he New York K ovcri'or. The delegation IB spill,I however, with Sen. Furrest C. Don-' nell holding /or Taft. Estimates of Dewey strength in the 33-member delegation rnnge from 15 to 25. IHwey (iris Jersey Votes GOV Alfred K. Driscoll of New Jersey i^tive Dcv:ey a shot of staving power iiy rrleaslng the K-vofe Jersey delegation after its first ballnt for lifin, Driscoll plugged for Dcwey - i Hie second ballot. Majority of rielcgates are for Dewev. bill Driscoll said the delegation Included votes lor others, loo. The day's most Intense opernlions' were carried out among tile Tnft- Slasson forces wagltiB the countcr- ofTcnsive ngainst Dcwey. Conference followed conference as the two generalissimos tried to enlist other leaders on their side. Tuft, Stii.ssen and Gov>Ditft kicked off the campaign with an hour- long meeting after which stasscn issued n communique. He said that they and "other Republican lenders" were angered by what lie called a deal between Dewey and the Joseph R, Grundy (action of the 73-mcnibcr Pennsylvania delegation. Pennsylvania's Sen, Edward Martin, who withdrew ns Pennsylvania's favorite son candidate in Dewey's behalf, is a member of the fnctlon. In his communique Stassen said the stop-Dcwey people were developing "a program that will give delegate the opportunity (o express their decisions and work out through their caucuses 'openly the selection of the next president of the United States." Stnsscn denounced Dewey's blil/.- kricg Inctics and accused his managers of putting out a lot of "false reports." Military Rites Conducted for Sgt. Ferguson Military services for T : Sgl. Willie I/. Ferguson, 31, husband of Frankia O. Ferguson, 820 South Lilly street, were conducted today in the Holt Funeral Chape] by the Rev. Allen n. Stewart, pastor of the First Methodist Church. Serg«*nt Ferguson'* body wa.1 re- lumed from th€ Army Ground Force* Cemetery, IWAF-Pinschaf- len No. 3, New Guinea to the St»te» for burial. Hii body nrrived in Blytheville yesterday with »n indivut- ual military escort. Sergeant Ferguson wa* killed during the Maflln Bay campaign June 34. 1944, on New Guinea. Ho lint) .served 11 yeara with the Na, lional Guard Unit In Blytheville before fining the Army, where h« served in Ihe Aleutians »nd the Pacific. Survivors other than his wife Include a son, Leon F'erguson; a (laughter, Mary Ann Ferguson- his parenU, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ver- Huson ,all of Blytheville; three brothers Tommy Joe and Bruce Pcrijuson of Blyihevilie and Chester Ferguson of Pine Bluff; nnd ilnee .sisters, Mrs. Mary Richard- sun. Mrs. Oracle Hanim nnrj Mrs. Katie Uavis, all of Blytheville. Two Men Forfeit Bonds In Municipal Court Cases Two men forfeited bonds of $35.25 each in Municipal Court this morning when they failed to appear to answer changes of driving while under the Influence of liquor. The men were Haywood Bensley and Otis Jones. Both were arrested by City Police. fn other action Floyd Fisher forfeited a J38.25 bond on a charge of Illegal possession of whiskey. He was arrested Monday by Deputy Sheriff J. W. McHaney of Lenchville. NERVOUS cranky 'every month'? Are you troubled by distress of fern ate functional periodic disturbances? Does this make you feel so tired, hlRli -strung. nervous — At such times? Then TO try LydLa E. Plnk- ham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms! TlnXham's Compound is made especially for women. It a )so hns wJiat Doctors Cfvll * stomachic Ionic effect! Any drugstore LYDIA E. PINKHflM'S WKDNESDAT, JUNK Zt, 1949 isf@r, I!D you have COME TRUE Yes-We •„«,,, modcrn , , f , M ' mllW i; , ehM ^u ,M o W ., w ie<wifiejly orrangcd so you _ ^ LoM K%T ; '"" * <r ^°" ° f *' '™' !t ""J •« M: M^ic T.p-0-M.hc* h.nd, e , pop door, ope, „ . ^ . . . ^ ' nn; 1 ^"" v, r"- on r e( ^ ;i •••"• "•- r M ... and there are doicm of other msrvelou. nsw your kitchen—NOW I 'Exeluiiv. on VYON Coi^i, BLAN HEATH CO 417 West Main ' S2R That's What You Get With This Great New Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil! "VTTHAT is this "Lubri-tection"? Why, it's the V V new word we've coined for the lubrication fjlus protection you get with new Phillips 66 Premium Motor Oil! Pliillips 66 Premium does more than just lubricate—it helps keep your engine clean . . . free from varnish...helps prevent harmful sludge formation. Put "Lubri-tcctioti" into your engine today. Call on your nearest Phillips 66 Dealer! PHILLIP OTOR OIL J)i "l-uhri-Uclinn"— Hie pnltelion rtnJtrtJ kj an nil of Jint time slock containing special Jclergott anJ oxij*tiait inbi/iilirtg rngrei/intt. Livestock ST. IXJUIS NATIONAL BTOCK- YARDS, III., June 23. _(UP> — (USDA)-Ltvestock: Hogs 8,200; salable 7,500; weights below 240 tbs strong 2Sc higher; heavier kinds up more; spots 50c hlgher. Top 28.75 equals year's peak Ibs H.SO-27.25; 2«.25; 100-120 130-150 Ibs 24.25- Ibs 21-23.25. Sows! strong to 2Sc higher at 21.50-23, with a few at 23.25. Cattle 3,100; salible 2,500; calf receipts 1,500, all salable, i^iuni, supply of cattle finding somewhat moderately active inquiry. Hardly a dozen loads of steers here, those mostly medium to good. Several lots fully receipt* made up of cowi, thes« M. live and fully steady. Cannerj an4 cutlers H.SO-I7.50. "Pardon my P.MtS.BELL-ANSulIrt.««HEARTHJ|i5r price uald "in January.' Bulk' M~230 steady "at' 30-35.50? 'some ' coVmo'n S^^L^H^jlSHnSVoS'ffi? IBs 28.25 to mostly 28,50; 240-210 Ibs and low medium light weights 26.50; l'»' or ""i"'i'o!iiei<ju,iorcioubiemo M .v'fi,kg 27.50-28.25; 280-300 Jbs 28.75-27.50; medium (o good heifers and mixed BER-ANS fOfAudfaffCftlM254 few lots 350-450 Ibs., 23-25; 160-170 yearlings 26-33, upproximately « of, *w«w*«^ The style of the future . . . tlie car of the year . . . il's the- Fuluramic Olclsmoliilc! A brand new word was coined to describe it. A hrand new thrill will be yours when you drive it. For tlie Oldsmobile "98" is "FuKiraiuic" in acUou, too ... with Gil Hydra-Malic' Drive* ami "tt'lurlaway." See it in our showroom aud you, too, will say . . . "Irs the uuurtest new nr at them all!" LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. l*V ^ L 1 • *• _ " 307 E. Ma in St. Phone 2056 In America's shift popularity poll ARROW DART ARROW DALE Here'i why more and more men ore making rhcy'e handsomely loilored from trurf Dart and Dol« o muit in iheir white sriirl luxurioui fobrics. wardrobe: • They're Sanforized-shilnt Insi rtion 1%, Their ccllon nr» perfsct-and they never Se« them here: Arrow DART 53.50 wiM No itor<h ii tver needed Arrow DAIE MEAD'S ; 1X2 MAIN STRUT *.,

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