The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 23, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
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Monday, October 23, 1939
Page 6
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I ANTS, PACKERS POINT AT TITLES /fl-IF f v~, s " &\',*t* • t jff* ' ' THE DAILY NEWS—LUDI^GTON, MICHIGAN. MONDAY, OCT. 23, 1939. Increasingly Largie Crowds in Attendance at Professional Grid Games CHICAGO, Oct. 23.—New York's sturdy Giants and the Bay Packers are rolling along Season of Big Gridiron Yawn Is Now Approaching NEW YORK, Oct. 23.--1.4')—i tough three hour .-;crimmagc a- They der— preaching the season of the yawn. From mid-October until the .vciW avjjvrv, <JUL. ^o.—IM ;—| luugii uiiuL' iiuiu .-.ui uuiiiujji; IV e'y're getting away with mur-I gainst Pcly's plays, as portrayed Mj r |ij na ,i Qfatp r—and getting paid for it—or| none too successfully by the) IYU J' M| y ttl1 aitue put it mildly, we are now ap-| Fresh. Freddie Fumblefingers • Having WOPST lanli i n n i 1m cr»n crm t\f t Hr* hid urill rrmln pr. T-Tinnv: ' _ r\ few days before the "big game" at the end of the .season, the grid . will replace Hipps. Thursday—Hipps hobbles out of his hospital bed, bandaged CoJIege Is Season in a Decade *j M. » » -~ »» v ,^j^.-,-~. , — — —. £y~- — l*j/\& i I i llN O-LiN VJ like a mummy, and accompanies _Michiuan State EAST LANSING. Oct. 23.— (/P) ., , • . , - i i * 1-1 i ! ~~—iviiv-i n;~, n u oin v>^ COHCgG. tile the team south for the Poly.' viclim - of its most unhappy game. A workout is planned at| foot ,ball season so far in a de- raln in thPeenpraidirectioL of customers can virtually p,- c -! game. A worKou is planned ai | foolball scason so far ln a de . a g tit?e Slavoff inthe Nattonal diet what's coming from the boys i tlC , Pettl P °i ntl , Va " ^""^icade. faced a breather in both Irn Voff 1 azue *SS along football's Boulevard. , c ub^ where the team will be (practice and competition this keeping click of Zestful correspondents during the , quartered, who F ,. irM v_._ a title playoff Pro 'Football league, step with the merry --, whirling turnstiles. ! gave their all These two powerful teams, | weeks of the title playoff participants a year! ning ago when the Giants won the I there snoiucl oe a lortune lor; .TcrYpDlps" "" 'as "overwheTminB lda\ - -- • '• turned backj the lad who can develop a new; ni . p _' 0 ' :imp r , lvr ; H)p[; Hjrm(! du ei t he championship, (week. . i Friday—Coach Damon (Whirl- j The Spartan regulars, who of the rin-mii«n irn rim ' ing) Dervish screams like a;lost 20 to 70 to Purdue univer- f,U nn^ nf "/ripT ™rt! ma spie when he learns the local,sity at LaFayette Saturday, .1 " , L , 0 f ', af i bookies have established his i were promised a vacation to- theie should be a foitune for. .. m . irmloj ., !10 r,v n r«.i-,nimino irtnv a nd easy scrimmage for remainder of the * week. develop n. ntv, • •, p rc -game favorites. Hipps. v..^,— ^..^i,....... ^. „**. ,.~^, s nom looioan. large jy tx) the train ride in an'while Coach Charley Bachman prepared reserve players to u.vA*t» \j*.tv<**>ji*v,u. i A nt; uu.y-u.>-nti_y, jjia.y-u.y-jjiav; QJ ^^ jpa^i iio meet Illinois \Vesleyaii here A total of 81,521 fans saw the | journal of grid-dom's belles let-; Saturday Henry iHulat next Saturday. fro vm no i n rrrrVi i r* Vi f Vi ft /"J-i onia '+-.-»»»,. -,-,,,,-. ,^ ,-,-iii-> ,-,•*-l-\i,-.,,,- l; i.-,-, 11-.;,,. ;•»•»• . ... * , T 1T1P f'm f* h Tom T^in CT }T Q C major foes in Sunday's games, angle in his yarns irom looioau; i ar , T e] v with an impressive display of j training camps. j uoper" berth, has a temperature versatile offensives. I The day-by-day, play-by-play ; 0 {- at least 115 two games, in which the Giants: ters runs something like this: i Hipps scurrying like a scared -— —- defeated the Chicago Bears, 16j Monday—The Varsity, after! rabbit scampers to six touch- been lookin "' all fall for a to 13, and the Packers handed I beating Tucumcart tech 99-0 'downs as State " smothers' Polv lcl } ancc to see what some of •'i'his secondary linemen can do, [but to date 'the efforts of the crs 13. Hlllsdnle 6, Almn 0. Central State Teachers 14, Michigan Normal 0. Assumption 16, Ferris 7. Adrinn 21, Olivet 0. Georgia Tech 14, Vanclcrbllt 0. Kentucky 13, Georgia 6. Tennessee 21, Alabama 0. Mississippi 42, St. Louis U 0. North Carolina 14, Tulane 14 (tic). Mississippi State 37, Southwestern (Tfiin.) 0. Duke 33, Syracuse 6. Virginia Military 16, Virginia 13. William and Mary 26, Hnmpden-Syd- ncy 0. Texas 14. Arkansas 13. Texas A. & M. 20, Texas Christian 0. Utah 35. Idaho 0. Demcr 7, Utah State 0. Colorado 13, Colorado State 0. Duquesne 21, Pittsburgh 13. Dartmouth 14. Lafayette 0. Princeton 14, Columbia 7. Pennsylvania 22. Harvard 7. N.Y.U. 6, Carnegie Tech 0. Holy Cross 20, Brown 0. Cornell 47. Perm State 0. Yale 20. Army 15. Colgate 31. St. Lawrence 0. Manhattan 7. Auburn 0. Southern Methodist 16, Mnrqucttc 0. Tulsa 15. Centenary 7. Gonzaga 12, Oregon 7. Pacific U. 14, Whitman 0. Bngham Young 7. Nevada 0. Llnfield 21, College of Idaho 0. California 13, Washington State 7. ed to hold their meetings on the first Friday or each month with the first one tcfc be Nov. 3. At that time a box and pie social will be given, the proceeds to be used in getting the work started. The following officers 'were elected for the year: President, Mrs. J. H. Reinoehl; vice president, Kris Knudsen; secretary- treasurer, Miss Catherine Reinoehl. The program committee for the next month is Mrs. Armand Stovesand and Mrs. Kris Knudsen. ; V\f •••«*» «*AAU ViiV- * M,W*»^».W **%.*»* M ».,».» r 'UWttl/IiJl^ -L M V_ Li 1J i W-tl i L the Detroit Lions their first loss j Saturday gets the day off while of the season, 26 to 7. The total | the scrubs scrimmage against attendance at five league games i the Frosh was ' 121,166, an average of| Tuesday „, ^.^^, more than 24,000 per game. our hero, is hurt in practice and The bears, showing before j-won't be able to play next Satur- 68,936 in New York, second larg- day against Running Water Poly. S u n d a y—The R o s c-B o w 1 bound state i experienced Varsitv line has est crowd in league.history, ran mm TO c;nrn p,.p., „,...: .,„ ! c-vuvilfliuru vctlAlu.v J1IJC liita T^-H™, -HU,., H. B p*i=:™KJ ! A., Hi-pp. wmjas -sss! to jr&s±s K.IIU an aii ^iiiitiiLa ""^'•"•j linemen will iT et all the atten- -m^. m L-, . slin B'- 5h .°, t " J- l \ c s °P h tion they can° stand this week. T - IT -v^ , ;--" — —^ •; .-en^ation. hurt in the Poly game.i Kfi t p pvnppts littlp trnnhip Sffttt S-JSSSI ----- -5K' ^.'^tftssa.T^ rtHS , while the Giants were building ' ~~.--.~-., -^ _ ,. . ^ w,th virtually the same team ruff n «•• i • ^*.u « ^. State defeated 18 to 0 last year, ouu R n i ^r-VB » ^ Wesleyan has dropped three and won one this fall. Akron i beat them 13 to 6. Louisianna | Poly Tech 12 to 7 and Du- iquesne 31 to 0. Wesleyan whipped U. S. Naval Station 16 . to 7 last week. State has won one and lost three, also. t,muAtj(_>, uct. 23.—(/P)—| any would-be challengers to his A tetanus injection given i Michigan and Ohio State, leav- . individual scoring leadership, Willie Davis. State's top Sooh .._! ^,_,._ ^,,,^,.^ quarterback who has i M. I. A. A. up a 10-point lead. Ward booted a 43-yard field goal in the first period and Feets Bar- ( num accounted fqr a touchdown , in the second. Cuff added two j more field goals in the final I period before the Bears awaken- j ed and began moving, although; their two late touchdowns were! futile. AtxGreen Bay, the spotted the Lions seven Michigan, Ohio State Face Non-Loop Contests , ....w.;.-,«,. mi>., ^,iin_, ._,i.u.n_, i^cvv-. njuiviuiuii bLuiing ifctut'ibiup, vviiiie jL^iivis. ouues Lup ooun- Packers ; ing four sadder but wiser Big i scoring 18 points against Chica- , omore quarterback who has »£„„.„... »^v ^^.» ovv^ t j points in (Ten teams behind them, forsake : go on two touchdovms a field been primed for the Purdue the opening period, then crushed i conference title competition this • goal and three placements for same, took affect just before them with 17 points in the sec- week in favor of important in- ! points after ~ " ondtosew up the game. The i tersectional clashes. 1 m arMiHm\ tn tv,» vni n _n;n 'urnis auer tne Purdue engagement and In addition to the Yale-Mich- Bachman was forced to rely on — — i.^.v i/™m icxwjiiuco iui uiic i igan Ohio State-Cornell and untutored efforts of Bob for first place in the Western di- grid title, Michigan and Ohio Iowa-Wisconsin eames this Sherman, a Lansing Sopho- vision with four wills in five! State take on Yale and Cornell, | week, Illinois plays at North- m ° re v 1 Bachman was pleased at the ond to sew up the game. The outcome left the two teams tied tersectional clashes. Now twin favorites for the ! i: gamfes. Both face pivotal j respectively, Saturday at Ann clashes next week, the Bears! Arbor an 3 Columbus. The Wol.—- —,, •• ' -• "* —*'«-.", **A ^ui, cm i v^i^iuiii uuo. iiit: vv ui- • \_-iUici iviinnpsnr.T nnm teKing on the Lions and Green; vormes have been, a red-choice ! Chicago have open dates Baymeetmg Washington's Red-1 all along and the Buckeyes 1 ~ ~' Ol^lMO » , . < . . _ . _ skins. r. Eastern Division Club W L T P New York 4 o i 70 Washington 4 0 1 118 Brooklyn 3 2 l 78 Philadelphia o 4 l 27 Pittsburgh 0 G 0 42 Western Division Detroit 4 1 0 Green IJay 4 i o Chicago Bears 4 2 0 Cleveland 2 4 o Chicago Cards 1 6 0 Sunday's Results Green Bay 26, Detroit 7. New,23ork.l6,.cixtcago U... Washington 21, Pittsburgh 14. Brooklyn 23, Philadelphia 14. Cli/'.-cland 24 Chicago Cardinals 0. This Week's Schedule Sunday—New York at Brooklyn. Washington at Green Bay. Detroit at Chicago Bears. Pittsburgh at Cleveland. Western and PnrriiiP nt <5anto -uanuuau was jjiL'ttsuu uu tne ^ nM r^%V-£S : S- ?vS"r,,o°,y; ls ,f^g: permit two touch- I moved up with them ' when thev outlasted „ , The Ohio State-Cornell bat-'downs Saturday i tie will rank as one of Satur-• Minnesp- ! day's highlight games as both untied _ ^<I i c h i - gan's foe. Yale, has defeated Army and Columbia, but 87 112 170 112 03 177 147 Harmon Far Ahead In Loop Scoring OI'l "**•*-•* v »»v. t - v^i*ui--A.'^.v,\« ^.VJ.^1111\^OVJ~ I UdV 33 i ta's defending champions, 23 to I are undefeated and 38 I 20. The winning margin came I against all competition l % i on Charles Maag's field goal. ! 133 Meanwhile Michigan was running signals on the hapless Chi- ; bowed to Pennsylvania 80 cago Maroons, the final score —•-' BG | being 85 to 0. ; — • '"" i From here on out Michigan j plays Illinois, Minnesota and i i Ohio State in the conference ' •j and-tire-Bucks - play "Indiana, Chicago and Illinois before taking on the Wolverines. Rated off their records both should come together Nov. 25 at Ann Arbor with the Big Ten title in the balance. After losing two games, finally got LOUIS BOCKSTANZ and in 1929 at Detroit they triumphed 20 to 6. Tulsa is reported to be a big,! has : heavy eleven and Detroit will | undoubtedly concede plenty of poundage. North Carolina State had the ball in Detroit territory only twice here last Saturday and the Titans threatened almost constantly. Paul McLaughlin, a' Sophomore halfback from Flat! Rock, was Detroit's outstanding performer, passing and running brilliantly. (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) An undisputed leader will be determined in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association football race Saturday when Albion and Hillsdale, both undefeated in league play, tangle at Hillsdale. The state's only undefeated and untied team last season, Hillsdale nosed out Alma 6 to 0 last Saturday for its third straight M.I.A.A. win. Albion routed Defiance in a non-league game last Friday night. j While Albion and Hillsdale are alone at the top of the! league, the championship may not be decided on their game. A surprising Hope team is unbeat- j en but was tied by Alma and j will face both Hillsdale and Al- j bion before the season ends. | Hope plays at Olivet Saturday; while Adrian appears at Alma i Friday night. Kalamazoo enter- j tains Michigan Normal Friday; in a non-league contest. ( uuster PT-A Has Meeting The patrons of Jenks school met at the schoolhouse last Meeting Held by Sugar Grove PT-A SUGAR GROVE.—The regular meeting of the Sugar Grove Parent-Teacher association was held at the school Friday evening. A program of music and recitations was enjoyed and a mock trial proved very interesting. i Following the program a lunch was served by Mrs. Perry Beebe and her committee. The program I for the next meeting will be prepared by the graduates of the school and Mrs. Maurice Paulsen will be chairman of the refreshment committee. New indirect lighting features have been installed in the school to comply with the requirements of the state law. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Parker and daughter, Inez, of Flint recently spent a week-end at the Will Parker home. The Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Burley were recent visitors at the John Conrad home in Amber. Charles Barton and Miss Katheryn Gucilla of Ludington were recent callers at the George Reed home. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lucas and Dr. and Mrs. George Mc- Eowall and son, Richard, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., called recently at the Perry Beebe home They were week-end guests of the T. E. Moore family. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Wolfe and son, Russell, visited at the Harry Pappe home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Courtland called at the home of Mr and Mrs. Art Gulembo Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brown and children, Ardith and Jerry, of Ludington and Mr. and Mrs. Art Friends wisn Mrs. Charles Isen of Ludington a speedy recovery from her recent operation at Paulina Stearns hospital. Joe Hronek has received word that his mother, Mrs. Joseph Hronek, Sr., has undergone an operation at University hospital, Ann Arbor and is recovering nicely. Lincoln River Mrs. Elmer Foster, who has spent the past two weeks visiting her sisters, Mrs. George All and Mrs. William Appleton, and their families, left for her home Sunday at Iron Mountain. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben B. Wheaton announce the birth of a nine pound son on Oct. 16. He has been named Raymond Alfred. Mr. and Mrs. John Wexelberg of Detroit came Wednesday evening and spent a few days at the J. H. Reinoehl home in South Custer. Authorities estimate it takes 17 men in manufacturing and transport to maintain one soldier fighting at the front. Mercury will dissolve any common metal except platinum and iron. r «v*r~ of Teacher society. They, decid- Swanson and daughter, Jean, visited Sunday, Oct. 15, at the! Will Genson home. ' Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hronek and I rs. Elsie Waite were dinner] guests at the Erwin Rozell home 1 Sunday, Oct. 15. i "GOT YOUR FREE 100-WATT LAMP BULBS, YET?" ^l " •^•"* :•& asks Reddy Kilowatt "HERE'S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET THEM: "Buy a handy assortment of six lamp bulbs and we'll give you a 100 watt bulb absolutely free, during October. And if you want more than one, you can have as many free 100 watt bulbs as you buy assortments." Telephone us your order or give it to one of our employees. MICHIGAN PUBLIC SERVICE CO. Mitch Read's Orioles, the team that was favored to take ! the Big Seven title and now ' ii7mr e; r ,t,,,.Jo,, «~,ifv,"" i°-r"* -•"."-* i finds itself with some heavy; way Satuiday with a 13 to 7 vie- | competition coming up while ' tory over Wisconsin. Don Claw- | Alpena sits over on Thunder ; Chi Oct. Tom up 18 more points against cago Saturday to take a manding lead in the race for scoring- honors in the Western Conference. i Dhjstrating his versatility, | Correvont. another and highly prized newcomer, some neat running. The loss was . the Badgers' second in the con- into chance to clinch the title, is more girding this week for the final did home game of the season. 'Friday evening, the Cadillac Vikings will roll into Oriole field to do battle with the local gridders and at that time, the Orioles will be in- strength three points touchdowns and fired a .^^ goaly running his Big Ten total In two games to 45 points. Erwin Prasse, Iowa end, although idle, held onto second place with 18 'points. Seven others are tied for third place with an eyen dozen points. The leaders: Player Pos. Team G Td Pat FR Tp Harmon, B, Michigan ' Prasse, F. Iowa . ., Ruclnskl, E, Indiana Herbert ; Indiana . B. Smith, B, Minnesota Langhurst, B, O state ference and dropped them the Big Ten cellar. Hal Hursh's passing and a placement conversion for the •directly maichin"- after touchdown gave In- i with Traverse City" a 7 to 6 victory over Bob!opponent the following week. airpr , -. stubborn Illinois team. Traverse City swamped" Cad- fiplri i wnich Previously had never iliac last Friday evening in an tAtoi bowecl to the Hoosiers at Cham- i unexpected come-back drive. . one that threatens Ludington 'chances to take a co-champ,. with Alpena. Friday ^ ^ evening's game, to a certain plays. Iowa was idle"pre c par'inffl e , xtent ' contains the answer to r ~- ; -- -- ••• —- - l the Trojan threat. Cadillac, oddly enough, al- ha.s been ' paign Purdue defeated Michigan State, 20 to 7, with a crafty : Jonship mixture of aerials and ground Wisconsin for its game -with next Saturday. Tom Harmon, Michigan's finel^^L halfback, moved far ahead of i years No crucial matches are on tap in the Industrial league this week but on Wednesday night in j Commercial league bowling the i first place Willoughby outfit) tangles with the up-and-coming | Bleser Beer five in what should | be a match well worth seeing. j Willoughby has only oncj game this year and leads the league by a substantial margin. Bleser keglers, on the other hand, after dropping seven con-j .secutive games to open the sea-' son, have come along fast and byj winning seven of their next MICHIGAN SPORT BRIEFS ways has been a late season The Vikings in other ; eight games, have emerged as) , have wallowed along ; one of the principal threats to! during the early part of the I Willotighby'.s supremacy. It will I season, allowing any team with i be a match between two hot -—..- r —, B, Northwestern 2 Strorw, B. Michigan . 2 WestfeH, B, Michigan 2 Klanick, B. Iowa ... 2 Scott, B, Ohio State 2 Wi'eman~Has"Off Day but His G-ridders Win (By TIIE , ASSOCIATED PRESS) • ALBION—A tri-city league "/-,' "L ' —j has been organized bv lawn «Dh»B~WT,r~ Y> acn Tad Wie- ! bowlers of Albion, Grand Rap- mans bald pate suddenly began j ids and Niles and matches will «>rcmtlng grey hair today, no-|be staged next summer Fred *odv down Princeton way would j T. Lawler. of Albion, is chair*>e peatly surprised. i man of the league while Ru• Wleman's football squad, on dolph F. Kompass, of Niles, *]* ^ a y to I> la y Columbia Satur- an d Frank R. Burnett, of """ """- U " 1J — J - -• ' ' 'Grand Rapids, are members of the executive committee. KALAMAZOO—It will be pupil vs. teacher when the Western State Teachers meet the Toledo university eleven at Toledo "-*—' .'t was held up 45 minutes bv ,,^ 'Wrfrck on the main line of the •.Pennsylvania railroad and the "-*- arrived that much late for In New York. broke down and the was delayed another in the start to 20 the Princeton equip- truck arrived late because ow travelling in heavy fog , slippery roads. aker field some sort of forced the Princeton 0 Share dressing quarters noisy Columbia Fresh- Brew, on the way back to the Wieman 's taxi broke ately for everybody ?ftch Wieman 's Tigers , 14 to 7. Saturday. Mitchell ^ i (Mike) Gary, Western's coach, 'was a star at Mmnesota in 1925, and "Doc" mentor, was ahd : gold ?n-e ttietals, However, they form 1926 and 1927 Spear's, Toledo's ,,.^, ull WUJ> then head coach of the Gophers. DETROIT If to the Detroit he is cit elected council, c, Charles B. (Gus) Dorais. Uni- virsity of Detroit football coach, will be a busy man, particularly in the fall The council holds most of its meeting in the morning which should not interfere with Gus coaching job , ,,..._, t-***j uv-tnii Yviuil | '-'v, «, iitc* l/Lil U^-l/WC*-!! LWU I1U l> 1 eleven men and a water boy to i teams and according to advance! link thpm i-hm-, !.,)„ *„ n,« i indications the alleys are in for a burning. Feature match in the ladies' league pits Schrink's against! Handy Things Thursday night, i Second place is at stake. j Bowling schedule this week. INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Tonight ] Moose vs. Recreation j Camera Shop vs. Weyenberg American Laundry vs. Rotary Tuesday Willoughby vs. Ga.s Corp. Nelson's Service vs. Park Dairy Hansen and Peterson vs. Eagles COMMERCIAL LEAGUE Wednesday Willoughby v.s. Bleser Beer Watch Case vs. Electric Tamper King's Court vs. Birke's Shoes LADIES' LEAGUE Thursday Russell's Beauty salon vs. Band Box Schrink's vs. Handy Things Friday Tamper vs. Atkinson Mfg. Co. City Foods vs. Orange Kist 'lick them. Then, late in the season, they habitually gain [considerable strength and up- jset the plans of potential i champions. I .The visitors thi.s Friday eve- I ning also have a score to even with the local team. Last year the Orioles went to Cad; iliac and handed the Vikin»s a one-ended defeat, thereby incurring the enmity of the Wexford county gridders and fans Nothing would please the Vikings more than a victory over Ludington on the local battlefield. Friday evening's game will be the last chance for many, local persons to see the Orioles in action. Subsequent to Friday evening, two games will be played, one at Traverse City and one at Manistee, so except for practice sessions, after the lights are switched off Friday night, they 'will remain darkened until next fall. most of his because he does campus work in ' • Dorai " ran primary election. wr , on. Nine men will be elected from a surviving field of 18 candidates on Nov. 7. Detroit Gridders Intensify Drills DETROIT, Oct. 23.—(/P)—Victorious 21 to 6 over a weak North Carolina State eleven here last Saturday, the University of Detroit football squad opened drills today for a game with another Southern team—Tulsa university—at Tulsa, Okla, • Detroit conquered Tulsa 39 to 14 here last year, coming from behind with a fine passing attack to clinch victory. In 1928 1 the Titans won 19 to 14 at Tulsa Football Results Michigan 85, Chicago 0. Purdue 20. Michigan State 7. Notre Dame 14, Navy 7. Ohio State 23, Minnesota 20 Indiana 7, Illinois 6. Northwestern 13, Wisconsin 7. Nebraska 20, Baylor 0 Detroit 21. N. Carolina State 0. Drake 7, lowu State 0. Missouri 9, Kansas State 7 Butler 33. DePauw 0. Cincinnati 21, Wayne 0. St. Norbcrt 20, Michigan Tech 0 Western Stati; 13 Iowa State Teach- Interesting Facts About Your Newspaper! FOR EVERY DOLLAR RECEIVED FOR LOCAL ADVERTISING FROM MASON COUNTY MERCHANTS THE LUDINGTON DAILY NEWS PAYS OUT 85 CENTS IN WAGES AND SALARIES TO ITS EMPLOYEES WHICH IN TURN IS SPENT WITH MASON COUNTY MERCHANTS. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE MONEY SPENT FOR SUPPLIES, POWER, ETC., PURCHASED LOCALLY. THE LOW ADVERTISING RATES ARE MADE POSSIBLE BY THE PAPER'S LARGE PAID A.B.C. CIRCULATION WHICH ATTRACTS NATIONAL AS WELL AS LOCAL ADVERTISING. " IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN NEWS •V I*" 1 .

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