Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 24, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1933
Page 5
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lOLA, KANSAS THE. IQLA DAILY REGISTERi FRIDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 24. 1933. PAGE FIVE THE NEWFANGLES (Mom^R Pop) BUT, SH-SH-^ERE'S^sss^SS: New I York, Feb. 24. (AP)—The stock market recovered most of yes- terday'p Josses today, as selling pressure ^as lifted and a recovery in U. S. 'government bonds prompted short covering. Many prominent issues i recovered 1 to more than 2 points,: and final prices were around the. best. Transfers approximated 1,100,000 shares. Sharp declines in bonds had been the most unsettling development in the previpiEs session, and abatement of selling there was imme- diatejy reflected in shares. A little ; further selling in the stock market was readily absorbed in Uie first half hour, and prjces turned upward under leadership of the rails before the end of the first hour. Late corporate news inchided brder- Inff of its regular 10 cent dividend by Genera! Electric. American Can and Allied Chemical pushed up about 3 points, while a short squeeze in Coca Cola sent . that volatile issue up nearly 5.. Among shares up about, 2 points were American Telephone, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Delaware & Hudson, Louisville & Nashville. Conti. riental Can, Union Carbide, Public i Service of N. J., and American Tobacco B. Issues up a point or so included U. S. Ste^l; common, General Electric, DUPont, Westing_ house. United • Aircraft, New York Central, Consolidated Gas. ' and South Porto Rico Sugar. Motors ': •iere slow in following; the upturn, but General Motors closed up a substantial fraction. High • Cities Serv 2'.; ' SO of Ind 19 Amn Can 53'i Aran T&T 98'i- Amn Tob B 53'x Anaconda ; 6 Is Atchison 38".i Auburn 38 Beth Steel ..... 12 pase J I 37'i Chrysler 9 \Si Con Gas 47'L- Con Oil 5^1 BAD NEWS! By Cowan VLU GIVE VOU TkAE FVVIE its aAWTkiMGi '3ER\OUS, POCT&R' TriE CHILD HAS MUMPS I' SWE MUST HERE • "POR TWO ujEEKS- THAT'S T \AE RULING OP THt BOMJ-Ti OF HEd -WTH COL. ROBINS GUEST AT WHITE HOUSE DuPont Gen Elec .. Gen Motors Int Harv ... Mont Ward . Penney J C Phillips, Petr . 121, . 15^'. 10 M . 22>i 5U. Radio 3^s SO of NJ .. Union Pac . Texas Corp U S Steel .. Westingh E 24--. 69':; 12 26-\ 23-i Low" 2 50 H 94 •» 52 •» 5-4 35^^ 36 ll'i 34-; S'-i 45N 5'-A 33"; iO'-:: 10 -'4 14-i 9 20'; 5 •-•8 3 23''66'^ II--; 24^-, Close 2V4 19 52 " H 98';i 53-s ^8H I 37 12 36--H 9'i 47 "-H 5--; 35'; 12'; ll'i 15-S, 10'; 22' 2 5^'s 3 'i 23---; 68'; 11"; 26 23''- Evidently fully recovered from the sudden loss of memoiy which led him to disappear and taJce up. anonymous residence in a tiny North Carolina mountain town. Col. RajTnond Robins spent" a night at the White Hoase as the guest of the president. He is here .shown as he left the White House. LOCAL PRODUCE ,Eggs, firsts 9c' ELSMORE Eggs, seconds Eggs, thirds . Eggs, ungraded • Hen.s, No. T .... ilcns, No. 2 ... No^ 1 Springs, 1 No. 2 Spring.s .. ^( Capons, over 9 lbs. ^ r. Capons, over 8 Ib.s. . Capon.s. over 7 Ib.s. Capons, under 7 lbs. Slips Bullcrfat, lb. ..... Stags, lb Cocks Geese, lb. Guineas, each ..... White Ducks, lb. .. Colored Ducks, lb. . Hides, per lb Mixed Com. bu. ... Yellow Com, bu. .. Wheat, bu. 7c . Pel). 21.—Mrs. Ira Puckett. Valley 5(, i Okla.. and Mrs. R. A. Beile, ...;...... j'c i Cwney. Kas., came last Monday' to 7g help care for their mother, Mrs. : Robovt Zimmerman. 'i lbs. up .3C 6c Mr. and Mrs. Winifred Jones and .. .. 4c I Mary, Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Edward 10c i Andcr.son. lola, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph .8c ; Si.won and family'were Sunday dinner giiests of Mr. and JArs. Wilbert Sctler.strom. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Nelson and Jiminie. lola, Mr. and Mrs. .^Ivin Erlcson were afternoon callers. Mr. and Mre. Charlie Nelson and Jiminie. lola, were Sunday guests of " ^4c i ' ^^''^ ^"^^ Johnson. • • •o ; There will be a pickled herring , : fish supper at the Lutherai; church, I Monday night. February 27. A. pro.!! ' ' 14c I '^''^ ^ given after the supper. " ' Misses Annie Libby and Ophelia ..6e; . 6c ; , .4c .14c . 4c ! . 3c I . 3c : 28c; Kafir Com i3c ] Krokstrom. Mr/ Harold Krokstrom ' _. I and Lois spmnt Simday at the Arkansas City Produce. \ th"r Libby home, west of , Savon- Kaasas City. Fek 24. (AP)—Eggs ; l>urg. -10c. Other produce unchanged. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Mo.. Fqb. 24 Hay, 20 cars, unchanged. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Krokstrom and Rosemary attended a reunion ^ of relatives from Ft. Smith, Ark., 'AP'— I ill Parsons, Sunday. } Mrs. Martha Gay is spending thic i week with her daughter, Mrs. Law- I rence Marrs and famili'. Kansa.s City Grain. Kansas Citv. Feb. | 24. (AP) — Wheat. 135 cars: '. lower to '; high- I ^""^ '^^'^^ Bennett and er; No. 2 dark hard nom 43% -52'"- i family spent Sunday with Mr. and No. 3. nom 43',-51'-: No 2 hard ' ^I'^-''- Ludluin.. Both families 43 ?-j-46: No. 3 44-47'.-; No ' 2 red i •^P^"''^^'^ evening with Mr. and Mrs. 44 '.-47; No. 3 -13 -48. 'close: July : Beit Bennett, east of Savonourg. 42'i; Sept. 43',-. ' Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Tippie and Com: 31 cars: unchanged to 'i ; family; spent Sunday with her sis- -hlgher; No. 2 white, nom 21-21'^: ' ter.<:, Mrs. Mary Sessler and Miss No- 3, nom 20'i-21: No. 2 yellow 21'-:;; No. 3. nom 20'-;-21'.: No. 2 mixed, nom IT--18; No. 3, nom 17-17';;. May 22; July 23-v. -Oats. 1 car: unchanged; No. white 21'i; No. 3 20'-.-. Mllo maize, nom 48-52. Kafir, nom 41-44. Rye. nom 33-34. Barley, nom 21';-24. Greta Haitman, near Unioniown. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Goyette and fanuly went to Kansas City Satur- ,.jday evening td attend the funeral 2 I oj Roy Chezem and returned home I Sunday evening. I Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Braden, Hillis ! and Korna Lee attended the play in Savonburg Friday night. Lois and Arolyn Bacon called on Dorothy Sloan Simday afternoon. Kansas City Livestock. | Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Bacon and Kansa^ City, Mo.. Feb. 24. (AP). | family and Mr. Ben Ludlura. were .(U. S. D. A.)—Hogs: 2.000 : 70 di' rect. Moderately active, and mostly steady . with Thursday's average. Top $3.25 on 180-210 Ib^.' Good and choice 140-350 lbs. $2.85'«3.25. Packing sows 2757550 lbs. S2.15»2.65. Stock pigs, good and choice, 70-130 lbs. $2.25«2.56. Sunday guesU of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bacon. Lee Bacon sjient Sunday night with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. E/ S. Bacon and took his father back to work Monday morning. Mrs. Lawrence Marrs, Mrs. Chas. Ciive and Mr?. Chas. Alderman Cattle: 700. Calves 300. Generally i .ser.ed a nice lunch at Ladies' Aid steady: mo^ly a clean-up trade A | Wednesday afternoon. Refresh- few loads light weight short fed \ ments and the prograrii were in !ln*ll1;^.;„^.^^ri;f^f^^''"'^l ^''='^''i^S ^-^^^ St. ValentmCs day. choice 550-1500 lb3 .^$4.00f.6.75. Com- There was a fairly good attendanc^. 'fm ''^%^^^^J^r^J:sr^Tl\'^^'' A''^ QUilts for SQ-cents the 4.60. Heifers, good and choice. 5a0-; inn yards 900 lbs., S3.75i?5 5.50. Cows, good S2.75 (fiZ-TS. Vealers (milk fed) medium to choice $350116.00. Stocker and _feeder steers, good and choice, $4.00 ©5.75. Sheep 2,000. Lambs strong to 10c higher. Odd lots sheep about steady.'! . Topi fed lambs S5.25. Lambs, good and choice (X) 90 Ibs^ down S4.«5fl 5.2&. 90 lbs: down S3.25@4.75. Good and choice (x) 90-98 lbs. .S4.50ffii 5.25.! Ewes, good and choice 90-150 fbs. $150®2.60. (X) Quotations based on ewes and wethers. Estimated livestock receipts for tomorrow: Cattle 300; hogs 1,000; sheep, none. ^ THE J. F. GRENNAN PRODUCE GO. C. O. COGHTTiTi, Matiager V POULTRY AND EGGS Egg Gases and Supplies start Year Chicks RiRht USE PILI^BURY STARTING FOOD Mrs. Earl Albert and Joan. Savonburg. and Mrs. E. S. Bacon sijent Fridav with Mrs. Hillis Krokstrom. Mr. and Mrs. Hillis iKrokstrom spent the week-end with. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Albert in Savonburg. The Epworth League had an ice skaiins party on the creek west of town Thursday night. After skat' ing the crowd came back to the church and refrsliments of sandwiches, candy hearts, cocoa and marshmallows were serveo. Grandma ArdVho is at the Roy Ard' home, near Moran^ i fell last v.-eeh breaking her wrist. , She is getting along nicely. I A crowd of neighbors, friends and 1 relatives came in with a 'nice luncl^ ; .ind 5i ;rprised Mrs. Mary Englehard'., iA'.onday night. The party was In ; honor of Mrs. Englehai^dt who is loiving the Old Elsmore commun- ; iiy- _01d and I^Uable—Established 1911 Comer Monroe and Ehn (Just We^ of the Waters Tower) •felwood, m.— Harvey Glos of the towns Ujjht and water plants will have to^eep his weather eye-cocked! The village board has j authorized him to turn out the Ughts on moonlight nights or whenever the weather is incleiaen( epough. io ketp all !good citizens Indoors. i LONE ELM NEWS (Mi -3. Bessie Penland.) Feb. 20.—Mr. and Mrs. Edd Hcs- t»T and the 'Scott boy from Colony who has been working for Mr. Hester, spent Wednesday evening at the A. L. Wilson home. The workers at the gravel pit resumed work Thursday, but broke a grader wheel and were off work until Monday. A. L. Wilson and John Butler hauled oats and hay from the Roy •esiandler farm. Mrs. Chandler is disposing of her farming material at private .sales, preparatory .to moving to Colony. Mrs. Wlispn purchased her H <Hne Comfort range. Arthur Hcaton moved a load of his stock to the farm, down by Bronson, that they have rented. Mrs. Hazel Schlick and son speni. Thnrsday at the Clyde Button home. Alfcrd DePoe took seriously ,iU at the John K'alp home Friday. He had taken the team over to get their water tank, and was stricken with an attack of acute indigestion. He wa.s taken home by ills nephev, and a doctor was immediately caii- et!. He is better at this tune. ' Little Kenneth SchUck, son of Mr. anfi. Mrs. George Schlick was quite 111 Friday and Saturday, but is better now. , , Mr. and ']\lrs. Clinton' McGrady wert! calling at Huttons Thursday. Mrs. Edna Murphy and daughters of Colony, spent Sunday afternoon at the parental Newlon home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and sons called in the evening. Irene Canier spent the week-end at the Claude Perrj- home in Welda and attended the basketball toiu-- nament. Mr. and Mrs. Harold HeweletLe spent the week -end in Kansas City, at the bedside oi" Mrs. Heweletle's father, Mr. Carpenter, who is .seriously ill at his liomt. Grandpa Howi'ktto stayed with Bob and Betty In their absence. Pcnland.s were business visitors in Io ;a SaturdaN- Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Denny- and family of west of Colony, were Sun- dny afternoon callers at Wilsons.^ Mr. and Mrs. Will SWnlrlc- of Welrta. were Sunday visitors at the I. C. Ellington home. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kulp aurl daughter and John Kulp took Sunday dinner .it the .WAy Sar\'er home. • r Frances Horvnk who works Ir. L.'.wrencc sucm the week-end witl\ home folks. Mr. and Mrs. ril ?hman Bootl' swnt Sunday at the parental Ciuiey h^me, near Mildred. Mr. and Mrs. S. Foster, "Ms. and Mrs. Dean Foster and family spent Sunday at the Brjan Caldwell home. Mi-s. Josephine. Arthurs has been under the care of a doctor for several days, suffering with an infected finger. "yjc. and Mrs. Arthur Manckiet .spent TTiurEday In Kansas City Oii business. Robert Oline McGhee is on ths^ sicH list this week. 'Mr. and Mrs. Olin Carrier-, an'l daughter Vera Jean, spent Sunday afternoon in lola with their uncle. Jap Hunter. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Prather and fcmily, Gorden Glasgio, Chanute, were visiting relatives here Sunday. • Tlie infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Nichols is some better. The doctor holds out hope now of her recorerj'. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Minckler was calling at the Nichols home' Sunday afternoon. Mar' Jcrie and Ethel Nschols were at home Sundry. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Powell and daughter Joan. Sundayed at the parental PoweU home Sunoay.- Fcr their part of the community pi-ogram, outlined by the Anderson county superintendent. Florence Graf and Jaunita Hester, teachers of Liztown and Praliie View, wil: give a joint operetta at Prairie View Friday R \-enlng. entitled "Sleeping Beauty." The teachers and pupils ha\e worked hard on this program and the public i.s invited. School Notes. The junior play has been post- IKjncd from Febniary 24. to Wednesday, March 1. ' Th^ £tui1enf .s ore working on the revievs- preparing for the six week .s quizes lo oe oiven February .2J and 24. L-ota Crrter took first In essav ana her work will be sent to the coor.ty co .ntest. AH students ^re working on the!.book reports in order to finish them before the final rush of the last days.—Oleta Prazler. reporter. Mrs. Lou Wells received word tliat Mr. and Mrs. Peny Barrett are the proud parents of a 7*i pound baby girl, whom they have named Katherine Joan. Little Betty Jo Sprague Is some better at this time. Georgia Childress drove to Pomona S-.mday to take her sister, Virginia Loper. back to her school \?ork after attending the basketball tour- nement at Welda. Mrs. Thomas Sexton is on the sick list this week. Arthur Church and B. W. 0"Har.\ wore the victims of some snea'i thieves Wedn °Eday night. They losr Ml their haipirss." The sheriff was called, but as yet no clues have been found that were encouraging. Teas is quite a misfortune to these farmers in these trying times. Lawrecc? Shields took dinner ai. the Ted Penland home Monday. He A Melodrama of tlte 0]|d West at the lola Saturday. Tim McCoy Is starred; In "The End of the Trail," a story of the Indian Wars which heads the lola's bargain show tomorrow. NEWS OF COLONY Hale HamUton Surprised on His . Birthdax Fridajr tqr Members of. Christian Endeavor. Is hauling farm machinery for Clarence Penlandi to the farm now occupied by George gchlick. The G. E. T. quilting club met with Mrs. Nelson Carrier Tuesday. Friends of Mrs. J. W. Bracewei! were heartily glad to see her abk- !to attend church once more. j Monday evening a few friends of Mr. and 'iJin. Jacob Thompson met at tl-.c'ii; home to give them a surprise for their fifty-fourth wedding anniversan- which they celebratec. Sunday. Februarj- 19. Those present v.-( re, Mr. and Mrs. T. A, C'lm-ch. Tommy and Charlelte, Mr. and Mr.s. Carl E)lingtorr-and Eeli> Harry Anderson. Mr. and Mrs.'A. L Wilson and son, Mr.; and Mn; O 'lbi -gc Lord and family. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sarver and • family. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Clark. Refrcslimsnts wcrcl ;;t rved consisting of sandwiches pickles, salad, coffee, ice cream and cciko. ; On Wednesday evomng. February 16. Mr. and Mr^. C. D. Clari; e:i- tertained the Thompsons In Hono;of their wedding anniversary. Mi-, and Mrs. George Ihompso., and two son* and daugnter, of Soldier, spent the ueek-end at tlu- Jficcb Thompson home. Copperheads. Dtirlng the Civil war Northern men who sympathized with the rebellion were called "Copperheads." The epithet was applied in allusion to tlie venomous character of the le'JlUc by that name, and to its' treacherous manner of striking without warning and when it has not been' injured. The term was also used in referring to those who wilfully added to the white man'.s burden in the Philippines after the war with Spain. PLEASANT VALLEY (C. E. Berkihlser) Feb. -21— Several of the farmers here attended "the Farmers Holiday',. , ^ j ^ . meeting in Tola Saturday. We be-j ^ ^ f '^^'^^f ^^T.'; Ueve there wm be good in this or- ^ SOUTH LONE ELM Feb. 20.—A. E. DePoe took ser- iou.sly .sick Tliursday and Is no' much improved at present. lAxz. S. B. Prnther spent Wednes- fiay^ afterhoon with Mrs." Mary Woolfc. ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hewlett and 'Eon Francis spent the week- eiiri- ill Ijiiiwood. Kas.. with Mrs. ganlzatlon for the farmer. wiio Is seriously ill. M. Hewlett stayed with his grandchildren Betty His many friends are ' sorry to | ''"^ .^obby while their parents were know that Ed James is not in his '^^'^J'- usual good health. Mr. James has been taking treatment at the Johnson hospital at Chanute. ' Several of the neighbors went In Saturday night for a farewell (Surprise party for the Roy, Gardner family who are moving soon to a Ml*, and Mrs; Carl Kulp and baby Joan and John Kulp spent Sunday at the Andy Sarver home. Mrs. Grace Lord and glris called mi Mrs. Frank Booth Sunday evening. ?Ir. and Mrs. Wm. Hawkins and new home near Colony. AU there ciaughter. Norma Jean of Kansas pnioved a oleasant evenine ^^"^y' spent the week-end with her T^tel 'sheS Iwfends La^ i -ter. ^irs^NcUie Kioozand family Harpe high school, and who visited: J^^. F- M- Herynk famUy were his parents, Mr. "and Mrs. Tom Sher- , shoppuig in Tola Saturday^ wood over the week end, was a Sun- ^l-". and Mrs Glenn Sarver and day visitor with George Thonhoff. ' ^p- J^^d }^^^ Nichols were 'Mr. and-Mrs. Frank Murray and the DePoe home Suu- Mlss Lorraine Murray were visiting. , , • relatives in lola Saturday. 1 M"". and Mrs Nelson Carrier Mr. and Mrs. Glen Snider and i ^Pent Sunday afternoon with Mr. Master Russell Snider were shotiping | Mrs. R. P. Sprague. and visiting friends In lola "Satur- Miss Irene Camer spent FYiday day. • :ind Saturday with Mrs. Zora Peery Mr. and Mrs. Claud Burt. Mr. and ^ind attended the basketball touma- Mrs. John Matthews, Chanute. old neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Klotz, were Sunday visitors and dinner guests at their home here. ment at Welda. A small ad m the Classified columns often puts over a big deal. COLONY, Feb. 24.—Tom Buckle and family are moving to the Haldeman farm, southwest of Colony. They have been residing at the Tom Murray farm, north of town. Mr. and Mrs. George' Reynolds and family, lola, are moving to the old L. M., Reynolds farm, northwest of C(*)ny. . Mr. and Mrs. George Nold, Elgin, Were business visitors In Colony Wednesday^ . Mr. and Mrs. F. Henderson, Kansas City, were here, on business Wednesday. . Miss Clara Sculley is spending this week; with Mr. and Mrs. J. J. OT**ra., Mrs. V. E.:Mastln suljstltuted as home economic teacher In the high school Wednesday on account of the absence of Miss Frances Conard who attended the funeral of a relative in Ottawa. JJrj and Mrs. P. V. Denton were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Paine Tuesday evening. They also attended the theater in lola. The second high school basketball team was defeated by Mildred Tuesday by ^ score of 24 to 17. The* Colony first team lost by a score of 31 to 16. Both games were exciting Both teams will play tonight (Friday. Mr. and Mrs! F. V. Denton attendee^ the funeral of a relative in Ottawa yesterday. Colored slides are being used in the Colony schools as an aid to the science, English, and geography classes. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Crammer and family are moving fi-om the Re.ssel property to the Cook property, west of the railroad tracks. / Mrs.' I>aisy Pogleman and children, who have been residing there, have moved Into the John .Hamilton residence. Mrs. Leona Beard and Mrs. John Moslng were lola visitors Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Cra"mmer and family spent Sunday afternoon in lola at the S. P. JacI:son home. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dickensheets entertained Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Dawson of Ottawa and Mr. Clark of Humboldt at dinner Wednesday. A large number attended the Washington supper at the Community church Wednesday evening. Mrs. J. H. Skourup, Mrs. F. E. Wilmoth and> daughter, and Mrs. Maggie Yokum srwnt Wednesday at the O. F. Goodell home. . "King," the grand Percheron stallion recently purchased by C. O. Beivoir from J. C. Robinson of Towanda. arrived at the Beivoir farm, southeast of Colony, Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones. Kansas City, spent Wednesday and Tf^ursday here on business and visiting their daughter, Mrs. Vem Wilmoth and family. Frank Ruth made a business trip to Neosho Falls Wednesday. A truck load of livestock was in Colony oveniight Tuesday at—the McCaughey garage. The truck broke down and was forced to remain im- tll repaired. Roy Pugh, Emporia, was a business visitor In Colony yesterday. Mortgaged cars are being taken by the bank and stored In the Golden service station until time for the sale. At present there arc four and morel are expected. , Louis Leavitt returned to lola Wednesday after a few days' visit at, the home Of ills'uncle. W. I. CaldweU. ? Friends jdrove to the home of Mr. and Mrs.?Joshua Jackson Tuesday and all enjoyed a covered dish din­ ner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Corbln, Mrs. Sophia Johnston, Mrs. Lillian Cook. Mrs. Addle Makemson, and Mr. and Mi's. Jackson.: Mrs. Ida Cox and Joe Marshall, of Welda, visited with Mrs. Addle Makemson Wednesday, evening. Mrs. Rilla Reeve and Mrs. Makemson spent yesterday with "Grandma" Vietje. The Christian Endeavorers surprised i^le Hamilton Friday night in honor of his . twenty-second birthday. Games were played and refreshments were served to the following: Misses Emma Hamilton, Pauline Martin, Arlene and Vleva Crammer, Roblnette Jackson, Mary and Beatrice McAloon, Dessle Johnson,, Maxine Brooks, Sadie Peek, Mrs. Guy Crammer. Mrs. Florence Jackson, Mr. ^nd Mrs. Charles Carress, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Brecheisen and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Boone and Sandra Jean, Lowell Martin, Amos B. Crammer, Lawrence Fogleman, Howard Hamilton, the Rev. Mr. Aten, Frank Aten, Mr. and Mrs. Zan Ballard, and Hale Hamilton. : Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones and son Gene of Mound City spent Sunday visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hamilton, and other relatives. Miss Beula Wells is ' working in a beauty s'hop in Parsons. Ralph Jones is in jMound City working in the Johes bakery. Thirty-seven friends surprisecl Mrs. Daisy Foglenian Tue.sday night. The evening was spent -dancing. ; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wells have moved into tl;eir property south of the Community church. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hill have moved from tiie John Kent residence into the house recently seated by Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Knapp. Mr. and Mi's. R. S,' Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mctcalf returned W»'dnesday night, from' a business trip m Missouri and Arkansas. Oxford.—An aged blind man and his invalid wife liavc set an example for younger and healthier churcli goers. In order to attend a .special service at the First Baptist churcli. John Louis Gray pushed Mrs. Gray's wheel chair from the poor farm over three miles of rough and muddy roads., The wife was the "eyes" of the expedition. - : . « CLASSIFIED RATES . (Effective Jan. 1,1933.). For one insertion, l^jc per w-ord. For three or more insertions, Ic per word per insertion. Jtflniinum, 25c per order, cash in advance. For special low rates by the month, call this office. SWAPPER'S COLUMN OUT OUR WAY rz By Williams OH, CoT »T OOT! SOU QOMV WAMt TO -To OlDVl' S,«\^ A NNORO.' BUT MOU GOOO co-z IT A\Ki-r IM FROMT wo! X AiNi-r''* So GOOD, Co^ vTS VOuRe — GOOO COX iT AlMT soB«'>/ «T 4 I'D FE€U BAD, IF a w/«\sv4' FEtUM* so G\-AO IT AlWT MIME. HOUSED—six rooms, 1 lot. Sell or trade for car or what hdve you. Harlan Taylor. Bring us any kind of rl pair ! job. , body worjt, painting, or battery serii- ice and we guarantee you the work and the price will be satisfactory. ROSSARBllCKLEGARiGE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parti LIVE STOCK 21 Hones, Cattle, Vehicles TEAM YOUNG HORSES-At Ijen- klns farm 6 miles north of MtJran. Make offer direct to H. M. Carpenter, 218 Easti Tenth street, Newton, Kas. : 6 HEAD OP DAIRY COWS-i -2 'i miles northwest of city on "T. E. Wilson farm. E. G. Gorrell. ' TEAM MARES—6 years old. wjeigh 2600; team blacks 6 and 7 yearsj old; weigh 3000; team mares. 5 and 6 years old. weigh 2500; five qther mares and horses; 2 mule.Colts coming 1 year-.old, weir matched; 1 roan Shorthorn bull, coming 2 years old; 1 Red Pole bull. 2 years old; 2 com planters; 3 discs, one new; 2 hay rakes; 3 dis'c cultiva- jtors; all kinds farmhig machinery; 5: sets work liarness; 7 good leath-,, i er halters; 3 wagons.' Will sell on .!time. J..C. Butcher. 22 Poultry and Supplies ALL STRAIGHT Breeds Chicks, day old, 500, $25; started chicks sUght- ly higher. Special deal on Custom Hatching in case lots. Sunflower , Hatchery, Gas City. BABY CHICKS—For February 20tli hatch, 400 iS. C. Reds. 175 Balrred Rocks. 200 1 Buff Rocks at $5.43 per 100. Book your orders now custom hatching, iv.c per Taylor Hatchery •& Produce, South Jefferson., for egg. 201 BABY. CHICKS 100% from flocks blood testjed and certified by Judge Han|ls, poultry expert. -Ask about pur 90% guarantee on Custom Hatching. All heavy breeds 5',jc Ass't Heavies .5( Custom Hatching l%c or $5 cise WlLLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W on ' L. E. Steele Supply Co. 'Talk Chicks with WUlson'l CUSTOM HAtCH—Ic in Modern Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have imre- brcd blood tested chicks. Leg. ^'ic, big breeds 5c, assorted 3 ',-c. Rassell- Hatchery, Gas. Phone 965 -3. NUTRENA—All chick st:lrtcr and grower. $1 .60 cwt. Ralph Mc- Klnnoy Produce, first door west of Ice Plant. Phone 658. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatches weekly. ,See us before you | get chicks or hatching. Siinflcrs-cr Hatchery, Bronson. ' I MERCHANDISE 27 Feed, Fuel, Fertilizers BALED ALFALFA—$6.00 ton. A. L. Townsend. I I 28 Hangehold Goods USED STOlVES and Furniture. Store packed. Hennlnger's Fum. Store 25 USED GAS RANGES—$2.50 Hennlnger's Furniture Store. up. WANTED TO EXCHANGE — Used furniture for baby buggy in good condition. Phone' 1052. . ANNOUNCEMENTS Aoetions 50-LB. WEIGHT All Cotton Ullat- •, tresses, $2.95. ,W. H. Wood Fine Purhiture, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 1 190. 29 Machinery and Tools PUBLIC SALE—Februarv 28 at 10:30 a. m., at the John T. Wood farm, 3'i miles NE of; lola, of horses, cattle, hogs, and implements. H. D. Smock. Auctioneer. AUTOMOTIVE AslomobOes For Sale Dodge SALES AND Plymouth SERVICE 1 Dependable tTscd Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 301 Cash—Trade—Terms 1927 OAKLAND COUPE in good condition will be .sold by us at auction 3 p. m. Saturday. February 25tli.—McCarthy Motor Co. THE CHEVROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST iUSED CAR •VALUES IN TOWN lfi31 Chev. Truck, long wheelbase 1D32 Chev. Sport Sedan 1930 Chevrolet Coupe 1927 Chrysler Sedan 1927 Chrysler Roadster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 DOdge Sedan 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coune 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe. 5-pass. 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. PONTIACTBUICK Sales and Service Guaranteed Used Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 6 Auto Accessories, Tirea, Parts TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Reynolds, 307 West Street. I Wholesale-^AS, Per Gal., 5% (Not the Cheap 3rtl Grade Gas) VINE OIL A; OAS-CO. - 1933 IS k BARGAIN YEAR] 14" J. I. Case Walking Plows..$^00 16" J. I. Case Hi Lift Sulky Plow $48.50 (A low lift sulky $34.50) 14" HI Lift Gang Plow $34.50 6-Blade Stalk Cutter $S7.50 Riding Cultivator S29.50 1':;" Team Harness .S37.50 I'j" Farm Breeching Harness $41.50 I'.S" Farmj Breeching Harness $44.50 Are You Going'to Cash In On It? SHANNON HARDWARE lola, Kansas 1 GOOD USED 12-holo Kentucky drill, $55.00. Allen County Imble- ment Co. 30 Mnsical, Radio SEVERAL good MStA radios. Terms. HeimiPBcc'a Fumlturo Store. | 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers GOOD KANOTA Seed Oat.s. M, T. Shlnn; 210 N. Colborn. See lola. KANOTA SEED OATS—Reclca led. treated for smut, s a c k c d. 1 At Holmes & Riley Sales Pavilion February 25. j NO. 1 KANOTA "SEED OATS420c a bushel. Sec Brigham Harclw^re. SEEDS—Oats, Lespedeza, .sweet fclo- ver, red clover, timothy, red J;op, orchard grass, all kinds of field and garden «eds. Brownie's. 32 Wanted—To Buy MILK ROU-m— Must be reasonable. Phone 448J. Real Estate'For Ren 37 Hoasea For Rent FOR RENT—Houses, good location. SeeG. E. Pees. I FOR RENT—My home on Soluth Main St.. LaHarpe. Cheap to right party.'^J. T. Tredway. 6-ROOM DWELLING—One stiry, modem, 3: extra lots and chicken house; close to Jefferson schdol; $10.00 per month. Phone 85. | Real Estate For Salie 40 Farms and Land For Sale MODERN SUBURBAN HOMES— With acreage; bargain prices. Cundy, Gas. 41 Houses For Sale TWO 4 -ROOM . houses to move, $150-$175, Box 16i lola. 10 -noOM HOUSE—1^; acres jolatog 'City. *hone 1334.

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