Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 14, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
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Monday, June 14, 1965
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNt 14,1 MS. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN KVIN Berry's World is fast as running and romping, for the leg muscles carry the entire body weight and thus burn up far more energy per minute. When youngsters fidget on their seats or twist and squirm, I they are using such action as! safety valves' for their inner! ONTONAOON — The high steam" pressure. ; school gymnasium was fill e d • mi t? NEA, IK. "I'll ott wfoft Mister Dt GauMe Aears we stopped servin' fnneh wines. Mil stop strvm' American wines?" Thc WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Graduation Rites For 76 Are Held Chewing gum is a favorite of kiddies because it lets them keep their Jaw muscles work- Ing, even while they are seated and thus helps drain off tension. If you school teachers would furnish a fresh stick of gum to each pupil every morning and again after lunch, your children would be less jittery! to capacity Thursday evening when 76 members of the 1985 graduation class received diplomas at the commencement exercises. The blue robed schol a r s entered the gymnasium to the processional played by M a r e n Reynolds and heard the Rev. George Luciani offer the invocation. For chewing gum does forj The girls chorus, under the youngsters what the cigaret does for the tense salesman, business executive or seated adult. Mothers, encourage children to direction of John Talbot, presented two numbers, "One Hand, One Heart" and "If I Loved You.' runl^ive them a puppy to help! Class salutatorian Joyce Sha fer welcomed the parents, teach ers and friends to the occasion and expressed gratitude for the many services given to them i through the years. Miss Shafer do this. Let them help carry the groceries! Assign them more chores to drain off their energy in constructive action. And send for my booklet rtl . H 20 i indicated that the real secret 01 . , enclosi "& "success in life is the ability to long stamped, return envelope, | rec0 ver from the ups and downs plus 20 cents. ; and keep going forward a step (Always write to Dr. Crane in' care of this newspaper, enclos-i envelope and 20 cents to cover! typing and printing costs when' you send for one of his booklets.) Dolly is no more to blame for brr restlessness than is the ?team engine at fault for the zooming pressure in its boiler while the fires are raginr underneath it. Use strategy to drain off this natural surplus energy i f you adults wish to have more peace! Send for the booklet below. CASE W-419: Dolly B., aged I, is ') very energetic child. "Dr. Crane," her weary mother protested, "Dolly Is more than energetic. "She is a little dynamo! She keeps moving all the time and Is constantly getting into mischief. "In 'act, she can't sit still long enough to eat her cereal in the morning. "How can a person quiet such a child without using tranqulli- zers?" If yru can remember watch- Ing the old steam locomotives, pressure to remain below the danger point Healthy children are much like the steam boiler. In the process of growing, they consume a lot of food (fuel). It Is converted into bones, muscles and blood. But it also generates a terrific amount of energy. Unices the child can drain off the energy, that youngster feels you will be better able to un-i exploding. Two Escapees Are Captured ST. LOUIS (AP) — Two trustees at Marquette, Mich.. Prison who walked away from a baseball game Monday, were arrested Friday in St. Louis. Police said, the pair was driving an auto stolen from an . agency in Litchfield, 111. literally as if it will explode. Booked as fugitives from In World War II, sholdiers' thus spoke about feeling as if they would "blow their top" unless thoy could smoke a cigaret or move around. In fact, one reason why confirmed cigaret addicts continue smoking is this "muscle hunger" for action to drain off surplus energy. When I was a child twice as old as Dolly and sat through dull sermons on Sunday morning, I Mterally felt as if I would have to scream or pound the pew in front of me to keep from Billings, 28, and were Frank King 23. Billings was serving a term for passing bogus checks and King was in prison for auto theft. Police said they found in the car two rifles which they said were stolen from a farmhouse in Michigan. derstand Dolly's case. For steam boilers have a safety valve to Jet off excess pressure. Otherwise, if a locomotive has been nulling a long string o f freight cars and then suddenly All healthy children have this same need for muscular action, which is why school teachers must grant a recess period to let the pupils run and romp. For leg action drains off energy faster than arm action. Several Islands Are in Danger of Destruction MELBOURNE (AP) - Several islands off Australia's south ern coast are in danger of washing away and rabbits are to blame, the director of the Australian Foreign Ministry's Ant arctic division said today. Dr. Philip Law said rabbits have eaten all the vegetation on Citadel, Rabbit and Mac?, eatftd a A th ^! r d . esks . ln sc hool, j quarie islands, and the island stopped at a town, the ris i n g pressure inside the boiler would! children are limited to use of! now"are~e~rodinK"ranid'fv make it blow up. i their hands and arms. . So snfety valves permit the! These drain off energy but not I USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS Large Luscious Red Rip* California W. Aurora St. Ironwood Top Tasto STRAWBERRIES 3 H,,, PI ,, 0 4 00 Pint Boxes • Frying Chickens 99' 99' Frtsh White Button LEGS 2 Ib. pkg. rrw»n TV mi* auiian ^^_ ^^^ MUSHROOMS ""< 59' 39 Vine-Ripened Fancy Slicing TOMATOES pound Breasts 2 Tasty Unghorn CHEESE pound EXTRA "GIFT-HOUSE" STAMPS FREE 100 With TM» Coupon And Your Purehow of Giant Potted PHILODENDRUM PLANTS Redeemable at ALL NATIONAL FOOD STORES LIMIT—On oof Each Coupon Per Customer M Coupon expires Saturday, June 19th Coth vniu* i/lOi < jn^ . . .... i i^Jw-TV^^TS N«wl Uw Calorie Hawaiian Punch 3 4o«$1 can. | Pillsbwry'.-Mo.t Varieties Cakt Mixes 3 •it* 00 FREE 100 EXTRA GIFT HOUSE STAMPS With Thit Coupon and Your Purchase ot Armour"! Star SKINLESS WIENERS U 1 *' Redeemable at All NATIONAL r'OOD STORES LIMIT — On oof Each Coupon Ptr Customer Coupon Expires Sat.. June 18 Cash Value l/10c »»imniwr \m -ami i Orchard Fresh Frozen Orangt Juki Egevisf s Fresh Gluten IREAD fill Pro* BREAD Top Ta.te Fresh Sliced Wiener 5 ^g«O^k ^g«^|w ™ ™ •^BFBJW.^B'W 89 C BUNS 12 to B pkg. 29 For Top Taste Froth Cracked Wheat BREAD 2 lib. loaves FREE! DINNER FORKS With 9th Week Coupon from Mailer and Michigan Higher Education Assistance Award. Jean Trlmberger, Michigan Higher Education Assis t a n c e Award. David Kalivoda, Onton agon Woman's Club. Joan Volek Scholarship. Kay Voss, Student Council of Ontonagon High School Scholar ship. Ann Marincfcl, PTA Scholarship. David Hegg, PTA Scholarship The class of 1985 memo e r s concluded the program by sing ing the class song and throwing their mortarboards in the air to the loud cry of "hip hip hooray!' at a time. Valedictorian Dixie Rahko i a the class motto "What We Are Is God's Gift to Us; What We Become Is Our Gifi to God." She stated that with a spirit of determination and de sire to take their places in the world of tomorrow, the class •nates must go out and pro v e hemselves to this generation. Supt. Victor Keefer introduced Dr. Earnest C. Parsh, pastor o the Congregation Church of Phelps, Wis., who gave the commencement address. The theme of his talk was "Earning the Right to Lead" and the noted speaker equated personality with power in the world. He discussed the many opportunities for service in the world including politics, industry, science, s o c i a , betterment and religion Dr. Parish related many humorous anecdotes which expl a i n e d clearly his main themes. He continued that "you must earn the right to lead through inspiration consecration, preparation and perspiration." He explained inspiration, as that "which comes from the elevation of spirit through association with great causes and a great people." The speaker explained that education is the instrument of power but "how it is used depends on what kind of consecration you make in your life." Dr Parish explained preparation through a pointed story and noted that each graduate must expect to do more in the way of preparing himself for life. He noted that the other requirement for success is perspiration and that is "good honest hard work." The speaker said, "Communities, the state and governments are seldom in the hands of the greater brains, but in the hands of those with the greatest capacity for hard work." Principal James Webber presented to the audience the class of 76 members, the first to graduate after union of the three districts and including thr e e graduates from the community of Rockland. He noted that the class of '65 has been an active and challenging group and as far as can be determined is the 105th graduating class of the Ontonagon High School. He noted that 21 of its members plan to seek employment, 10 to entei vocational programs, three to go to college technical programs, three to enter nursing one to enter degree nursing, 30 plan to enter college and eight to the armed forces. Principal Webber concluded his presentation by giving the graduated a blessing, "God Love You." The diplomas were awarded by Principal Webber and" Supt Keefer and the following; scholarships were given: John Talbot, University of Michigan Regents Scholar ship and Michigan Higher Educat i o Assistance. Verlyn Kangas. Delta Kappa Gamma International Women's Educational Award and National Award and National Honor Society. Northern Lights Chapter Award. Priscilla T-Niemi, Nation a 1 Honor Society, Northern Light 3 Chosen to Attend Meet ONTONAOON — A meeting of the Auxiliary to Lake of the Clouds Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, was held at the Post Home. During the business session, Catherine Jumisko, Miriam Luoma and Jennie Hill were elected to attend the convention to be held at Lansing June 25. Alternates are Mary Beck. Hed- wlg Giesau and Enid Gordon. Ruth Hebert was elected as national delegate, with Hazel Barry as alternate. Mrs. Hebert reported that the Poppy Days sale was successful. Notes of thanks were read from aod Star Mothers, who were remembered on Mother's Day with flowers. Mrs. Mary Beck received the attend a n c e award. The next meeting will be held July 12 with a picnic supper. A social hour was enjoyed and lunch was served by Jennie Hill, Norma Rigoni and Evelyn Ongie. The Doctor Says By W. G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. A mother writes that two years ago her daughter, then 6, w a s hospitalized for three weeks with nephritis. Since then she has taken penicillin daily. This mother wants to know how much longer the child will have to take this antibiotic. About 97 per cent of all children who have acute kidney inflammation (nephritis) make a complete recovery. During the acute stage bed rest and a low protein, salt-poor diet is advisable but, after the child begins to improve, these measures are no longer necessary. In any child who has had nephritis, us- him for much of the time, Hamilton said. Hamilton, rranager oi a transport terminal in nearby Owosso' said he escaped by loosening ually as a complication of • streptococcal infection, It Is Important to guard against rein- fection. This means prompt treatment with an antibiotic or a aulfi drug at the first sign of • fever. Unless there is some other reason such as damage to the heart, treatment with penicillin Is not usually given. Q—My daughter, 4, was vaccinated and a week later she got sick. The doctor said she had nephritis. Could she have gotten it from the vaccination? She died and the autopsy show e d she had penumonia, nephrosis and thymic hypertrophy. A—The autopsy diagnosis of nephrosis is technically more accurate than any diagno • i s made before death. Nephrosis is kidney degeneration which may be a complication of pneumonia. the lock bolts with a screw clriv- i In children of preschool age er and pliers he found in the i nephritis is rare. In addition to darkness of the car trunk '< infections such as pneumo n i a, I Shortly beforehand. Hamilton i nephrosis may be due to a her- jsaicl, the robber had abandoned! editary defect in the kidney or i the car, two blocks from the po-i to an allergy. ! lice station in this southern i Your child's vaccination woulrt !Michigan community. That was!not cause either nephrosis or Ontonagon Briefs Mr. and Mrs. John Crowley have returned to their home in Skokie. 111., after visiting their son in law and daughter, Dr. and Mrs. R. w. Keller. Mrs. L. E. Chabot and son, James, Mrs. Dean O'Connor and Neil Harrington are spending a few days at Maryknoll. N.Y., where they attended the ordination of Mrs. Chabot's son, the Rev. Peter Chabot Sunday. Mrs. Fred Hecox has returned from Duluth where she .received medical attention for s e v e r a 1 weeks at St. Luke's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Roger K. McDonald and daughter, Linda, are on a three week vacation to Alburqurque, N.M., and Riverside, Calif., where they will visit relatives. Mrs. Paul Kyyhkynon and JUNIOR DATE-TIME — A pretty, all-over flower print is Ideal for a simple date frock in junior sizes. And you can have short sleeves, or none. No. 8229 With PATT-O-RAMA is in sizes 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18. Bust 30«/ 2 to 38. Size 11, 31'/ 2 bust, sleeveless, 2'/ 2 yards of 45- inch. To order, send 50c in coins to: Sue Burnett, Ironwood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name, address with zip code, style No. and size. Send 50c today for the Spring Si summer '65 issue of Basic Fashion—our complete pattern magazine. i Saturday. Hamilton free himself about midnight. During his hours of imprisonment Hamilton said his only nephritis but if, thr o u g h scratching, the vaccination became contaminated with strep- tococil or other disease germs a food was two lozenges he j generalized infection could occur scrounged in the trunk. He said he was able to judge the passing of time—it was too dark for him to read his watch—only by cool-i er night-time temperatures. Hamilton's wife, Mildred, reported to police when he failed ! to return home Friday night. At home. Hamilton described himself as a little sore and weak but refreshed from a good kitchen dinner. and this might affect the kidneys. The tliymus is a gland that is normally enlarged (hypertrophied) in children. This finding would, therefore, have no r e al significance. Q—An examination of my daughter, 10, shows she has a hole in the partition in her heart. Does this require an oper- I ation or will she outgrow it? He described his captor as aj A _ A congen iui defect in the d *f* sl ?l k ! heart is fairly common and the Man Spends 40 Hours in Trunk i FENTON -AP) — "I was scared to death. I was ready' to do almost anything to get out," Howard Hamilton, 61, said Sunday in telling police of spending 40 hours in the locked trunk of his car, prisoner of a hitchlker. ; A knife - armed hitchiker rob-: daughters of St. Paul are spend-! bed him of 58 and forced him! Ing three weeks visiting h e r j into tne car trunk Friday morn-1 mother, Mrs. Howard Scott, at| ln B. tnen drove around with I their Lskeshore cabins at Silver City. Miss Carol Koski has arrived from Milwaukee to spend the summer visiting her parents, Mr. anrt Mrs. Bruno Koski. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Waller and daughter have returned to Wausau, after spending a few days visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thompson and family. A meeting of the Westminster Guild will be held Tuesday evening at B at the home of Mrs. Donald Miles, 625 Seventh Street. Final plans will be made for the Rollins dinner to be held in the near future. and biue shirt and with long sideburns. "ISLAND OF THIEVES" The Mariana Islands in the Pacific originally were call e d the Laclrones (Thieves) by Magellan, who discovered them, because the natives had crowded aboard his ships and taken everything they could carry away. severity of the symptoms it produces varies widely. The hole will not close spontaneously but, on the other hand, operation is not usually needed lor this type of defect. If your daughter develops marked shortness of breath on exertion arirt waterlogging of her ankles after being up and around all day, she may require an operation. PHONE 932-3902 TWIN CITY FUEL CO. 323 S. Lowell Si. Ironwood Mrs. Kanfflrr« 2 Railroads Ordered To Install Signals LANSING (A'P) — The State Public Service Commission has ordered the Grand Trunk Western to install flashing light signals and half roadway gates at a crossing south of Edwardsburg, Cass County. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad was ordered to install flashing light signals at a crossing with Cook Rd. in Midland A Daily Thought I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the Lord helped me.—Psalms 118:13. Chapter Scholarship, Michigan! As a physician, I have seen Higher Education Assis t a n c e Award. Norman Ruotonen, Illinois Institute of Technology Scholarship men, after all other therapy had failed, lifted out of disease and melancholy by the serene effort of prayer.—Dr. Alexis Carrel. SPECIALS for TUESDAY ft WEDNESDAY FINER ffllRLURY FOODS U. S. No. 1 "•" Site, California 4 ft mm 4% White Potatoes! 0 -79 Jumbo 45'. CANTALOUPES 3 f.' 69C Fresh CARROTS 2 bl 29c ROUND STEAK 97t BONELESS, Suptr Right, Ib. CHICKEN LEGS 49c With Thighs Ib. ll» IB. • » w g SPECIAL Rose Bushes 2 ^ 1 PRICE I OF • Angel Food Aged Cheddar Baked Beans Gravy Mix Libby Drinks Barbecue Cake Jane Parker Save lOe < Cheese Regular 75e Campbell Picnic Favorite Frenee-Amtricen le«f, Chicken, Mushream or Chicken Giblet 2 11 Fruit Vartetiet iCj Sauce—Ann Sove lOc THI QK*T ATUNTK: * PAOWC TIA COMPANY, we uper AMIRUAS DEPENDABLE FOOD MERCHANT SINCE AU Pricei Effective Thru Juitt IttH

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