The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 6, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1933
Page 4
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tHE fcALVER* LtAt**, ItALVtftH, IOWA, APRIL 6, 1933 LOCAL "f oar OF TO emiiiiiiia Pino* let. t»* B esfL Mrs. •.B. O. feox&«. G. S. t a*§ laa»l of th* ««*«« Branniaa, Mn. B jfrt. ft«1»«t Kflmtrk*. ««. Br- mtt Snttsrowe. latwiJMWt to tlrt eem«t«i7. sptast a CwMreftar Jt. W. f*i C3wlE WtWfCJtcrd 5.. BT- f^ ?*!!*!< Ti^O J fjj* ^ Tt* JTrXJ— T Tbry rsrerBsfi Sriit* sorti w-pr f sa.i» Jtr*. -S •*•«* h«re Stratum Sfetttsy is tb* 3. SL ; Mr. and Ibi S. Mrs. ftetert HST daagfaMsr leyee Asa la fiaa^&li*^ wrwal of of • • FvnenJ oo 1886 dieaee. Tbey fere ia tb* an-1 Rot B- OMftfer. te> Crait, Tk* aBMOBj- snt .tiv£ A. SnsfJt frcir IT »•»* it. -pwi S Kn'ittw to* Mr. las: i-er IBBTB iw Mrs, t: l r,* IV A. *t lor s»rni>«r r »-tti hins -»>nj fist! tbf r •.nfi J8r«, fcftf tr«r>6 tit* pr whirl t» BUT.. i' t ff^ ifcr*. drfl* hr. Jrr t t-nfiinr T6r«L. JL. Kr. an etisti!t«r.. E r»? Mr. ax-fl *• Hr*. 7. B. Bfctr, vtft- Xr. •»TsSt«S it Mr. jfet. isfury. to fcer roea «j> tor a »M3e. Fraak ClxrtfeSll r*Ja-i day* • : TB* larre M«!M»di*t chafes of 10 ' S«Eday aftwsooa for tb* fsa*ral **rrte* of Chas. H- FJefct»r. as that eoajBjaaJt; 3iir*n, H? Msrtls S!. after a ferf*f IU- hlas character a»d worth. A of old tla»e frt«B«H faa«ral of Th« **rtje» a*st Market* f«P ft. j 19 sod preachfar at 11. i t«afa« at f. sad th* • 1e« fa 16* M*t6o4Mt ehareh Vt Tifiil- c-r* Friday. IB ?« thf hrrttw Kr. and SSr*. Tbars- tc BraC ttirtr lif toRtn tuC i- tunfe t hare T-tr Stnt. hf sale thiK si Irror sf ih» hnj h»fi inadf tin eftn-; tr T-ti, i, tilatSF it ilw wmtwtt hf ihrtnctr: fc ww in i.r hta tr met? sit p.'Jors tr hrtnf: faiav EC {tei; Imtt *r*nt •*•» it Sat tbt Bttlf «»£ raliw: Tr aiiikr ir*- •nmrsBiTOTf Irr Tht l*»afr u emu* tr hfr Kdd-es? Jrr thf Bfeln»«t hir hurt hr-r rr l*r- f dK^- ,tr«f Alihnr; -v-Ja tiifr T»ni-u|;l»«, &Ttr*i PTT citf hte Tnnthfl- lur-f S3* fttic lErs "W. r fi*p"'*f tr ASfc!a»£ ?»«>h* tr an AD£ thf ftrtm-t" ffiusii. TBrf, Ear" TitBlsa*fl tlmt th-rr* Mt-c.1 if,. tft t Irmr niiH>st. IKrR HitrliEr tf HSR- hm tliar* if rrat- SL-T- Krs. H. *.t tb* of J6r, G.. A3- 6* Siia&er »ic Mr*. H-c^- at . C. Bret*. fri«aa* f "W.. T. L<c»Trdts B. lb* SET Jti Kr, Km, Boy .if W- tbf £ Jit" Cteac bmm war: tt> T&bnr ttnrnint Jnr & »«*-€m lf> stte&C tbf T&hnr hlpt ir tJjBi tt* Kr £, 'Wurtmtt Ti Kb* Ejuosf iii faaiilT jtr» ttsMksst* of Jtalve-a its*- . CE« dowm for BltCt Ssiarftsy 1st* tte E. tVj W. D. Kaytoi. Kr. aad Mrs. BeEBtox rejsasatw la «a*f Xafr^ra.! G*o. f . Salyers, asd Mrs. K. C. XT. Baax? wE3 fara a part ef | Kayioa drore ic- jday afteraooa to Mr. FTtltw caaj« to the «*mth«ast of Raa!a tb* fall of 1S7», a litil* »or« tbaa sixty-two years ago. H* was t.h»a a lad of elerea. His e la this state dates back If?* whea tb« family caas» from JJortij. Xew J«««y to Jose* He was born Jaly 29, bad putted bis e*r*aty- third blrtaday. Mr, Fl*b!«T and Mary Ionian, daarbter of another pioaeer faai- Hy, wen; aiarried Oct. 24. 1882. Last fall they ob*err«d their fif- th* dis-; children were bora to them. on« of ayw Fs>r4* ss<3 to briagjdyiac IE iafaacy. The tiring are la Use Sal- A. W. Fiebter of Ebenandoab, Mr*. Howard Kaytoa of Strahaa. Paa! neater. Mrs. W. J. Kilpat- rkk. Mrs. Holland Trirely of Ran- San- <3o!ph. itteud the fa-' Foarteea graadehlldrea aad Oal« top OB <« to lOe Creaia --- ^— — ---- l?e to ISe H*a* 4 Ibi. aad or*r aad 4Jej morning *fll b» "tfcs Great De» ISeictdos." *f« are liopia^ to hare $J.6§ a miMtttMrf froas Burma to to M at tt* aaion c«rr}ee. If s&e does not speak a local pg«. >e;tor will be prepared to preaeb. Good marie is BfJaf prepared for -*e i tfe* «T«Blag. rpris* oJ c-sr sear Hesder- r yerserfiay New* of tbe Churche* H«ary Dale Walt«, MiaM«r Sunday ecnool at 10. Moraiag wortbip at 11. Tbe tneaie for tbe moraiag i« •» bar daughter it c n>nit>- I*DBltiBt. y^wer — KSnnflty fl«r» fist: E K it ta Trnr. O [>J Hrmficj Ott it the AJ»«ri- JBfciaUBtftf iwcSira oJ tb* QKAHA EEE-S3TWS. 3ffl«i«Jt»«lK AjirJJ I — « JKr. fron «owx \ a«ral of Okas. B. Filter, whom os« great rrandeblld will us tbt AJ WSk2£* fara a«ar Ta- j tb*y Said kaowa !« xeaay y«ar». < miss bio> for be was mott dearly ; ttsr. was !a t«wx Tvcwoay. Mr. | Tkey say that i: wat ea« of tbe j b«lored by them. A raoet woader- tk«y were feacy; larrest atteaded faaerali taey! fat family spirit characterised . oat*, bad Ilk* stalks cat, | rter atteaded. 1 tais home. ^liwftaipw lOaated. ai» a faaaBj &. L. Bale, F. £. MaltolUad. A sister. Mrs. W. H. Cadwell. early eartaa aad ti* cittekea Fred XterMa, aad W. p. Wort-i Arcadia. Nebr.; two brothers. Ed- for ataa drove to Dw Mol&es Mea- 1 «wa Fichter aad Joseph Flchter. SB- it C. TT J6f»or«.. S »•»» tii nun t«aiinr u* JSowx bfcfi «jc *tt»ck ol lint i* ht£ »«t-a>«rw! t! aafi ytrt. Fr*Lt Crotan <of ' troy was already atatcriaf w«r» ii tfiwi SattJ*ay, «arty «u«»niptiCT as he was par- day aad atteaded a *«*eioa or two 1 of Raadolph, a half brother, Tbrr a»i fcwas to Oats-j dtaatxr raj^SJes for tbeei- of the tecitUtcr? Mr. Mulbo'r-1 Harry Fichter, of Raadolph. a * Btfrn*C MS t»*!r wsy 3 XT. aad Mrs. O. E. Darte, a u| laad aiso rwted CTBT aigat with I half sister. Mrs. A. M. McMabill. tr fit BMP* »bt>w>it-c is | D»rt» a£d faaaSy of L«aox. aad I hi* daarhter. Mrr, Fraak Siar- ! of Tabor, and a step-brother, | Jc* D*rt» aad faafly risfced with i ratt, aad hasbaed aad his IOB. i Fred Woodward, of Dearer. -t* Khtrjw- 1£r *** >tr *- •*• * Amatrowtjiieir B3Oli«. Xrs. Elizabeth Da- j Jack, who is ia school there. ! moura hi* death. E*I«- fp* 11 *** Ti * •"K»«f*3 P? Charles | T**, at the hos* of their brother, " • — - • it Ett)6£,2j,jj Scaaay. {gaa, ta Gleawood Saaday. Xrs. Ben Tottf t >f Sfee&axdoah aad | Darit is coaralesei&c fron her re* Ficfcicr of KJiiflDiyt were ia; oeat t*r«re Ulaeas, t?r«n tm tm^i«w Friday. j ji^ ^^^ p ttmais ^ m9 i^j Hr fesi ^L. V !* I< !L-?* ! *** T ' ! «"«^a«*4ay vtreaia« for a Ttatt ia C ! wvit nitree Taw>4*y troas their ] «>i;ti of Xalrera isto th* \ :Jc-tt KilSw boa** in vest Xa3- • CtUsem MT. i Mr. Fichter was oae of the oat- j ctaadiag men of the Methodist | church of Randolph. For years he j occupied some of the most promJ- „„._._ Tfe*wei weather ef late ha» re-j neat positions on its official Kaaee boa»* aad withj!*'*** f*™ ** rk - *?* «•»•»'S board. He was oae of the most cecn t* aids t» be out ! frieads. A aaasber of so-1 ******** a*"a« tieir stalks raked geaeroas contributors toward the held ia her 1 **1 bmt !S* d w <ii * l * d - f aew church aad oae of the mott Xiases!_ E * rt aook »*^ lh « asisfortaae loyal supporters of erery worthy T«tern» CSrS **r. H* wu j-**rt clfi tl» UK ih* XiBer becte. are la tit. t* tk* gaaday aad maraed bot=e Wed- a3est_ Aaywa,y. last a »- Dr. Jotc KHa« reports the Xrs. Irriag Scfeapeott Taei- aesday with their xaother. Ton Gidley. Jr. met with week while deUreriag aUIk oa tie too ctraag lor th* attack of]^^^f^JlT^l^**^ 4 * ^T'ltheroate. He tripped aad tell oa ~' " • a ceaaeai walk breakiag two aiilk I aotttos aad badtr taeeratta* both i oa the Ge&e Croe*e farsa Kefch Brace, alae rear «dd to lose a cood tors* lately. A pott mort«m examiaatioa dis- cause. He shared with others the risioa that expressed itself ia a ckwed that it had swallowed a | hoase of worship worthy of a aail which lodged ia Its throat. mue h larger community. During the pastorate of Rer. R. E. Carter. 1SS»-1S»1. he . Less Shaw reecatly sold all bis cheep except a iiuill Sock that be has ia his feed yard. Oae Btoraias last week tea or aiore flocks of docks aad ceeae ARMOURS STAR HA —I of Mr. aad Xrs. Ed Brace of Hast lag* was operated oa for appea-fgj^ isooEresieat tie wocads are* dkjtu Us Friday BOOS at the'healing *&*& aad we predict to! Jeaai« Edaaaadsoa boratial ta iiomi ff ,i f ktar ^ t asflksaa'sl Coortil BlaSs. Dr. Joba KUa«|tBerrr whinJe- was sp to see hia Xosday aadj jt/. ^^ jjj^ j Tf f wmtsias^ reported his oosdltiom as geod-jug sos. Jimjay. of Oania ri*- ] Mr. Breev xsored tro» aerih of |tu4 is tfc* W. W. TasaisoB teo»*: oar serriee oa Sabbath last we enjoyed the solo by Xtes Eiaily Bolaad aad the music by Xeastt. J. Wesley Cannom aad Melrla Morri* of the Omaha Presbyte- riaa Seminary. R. U. Lacas aad Albert L.tBd- say of the Semlaary dfore down for the T/atoa serriee la the Bap- Ust church where Mr. Liadsay gare the message of the ereaiag la a kflfal and foroefal parallel- tag of the lire* of Joseph, soa of Jacob, aad Jesas Christ. Tbe Ladles* Social Catoa will meet at the home of Mrs. C. M. Joaes this (Thursday) afternoon. Sunday after a«st ft Easter Ia these day« pr»«dlng i the first Easter Jerae was facing i difficult prob}»ai* bat he was not j without bop* fa it alt Hamaatty 1 is faciag difficult aroMems today j Do we bare faith that Jesas j* i the answer ta •oHrtfig those prob- luttoa will we do ft regardless of how It may effect «»? Jens did. The Bible reading assignment from March 31 to May 11 it Psalms 1-41. fity aad Mr*. G«* Visj*a ^ Jiaxsioa were b«i«** ia wn TMatfar. Cfc^di. La*e- «« O«aM iiak aatasa*- ^alie Memrre. ! Mr. asd Mr*. Walter Swa* Mrs. BaJj* H««ie TMferf S ^^^^ ta G Se«we*« u bnae «t MH. A, E. Veil. jg^ ^ c . j^^ M c^ Btag, nas** wisi ber ptr .jfr. *,& ji^ c I_ arpff» ' aad H* ? Maw Mrs, T>ey are gix>d *By OZB* bos esij«i£jlj si is* Ease- sfcaaas. Plsjs yoar diHsar ir&sad c»c of ibese ^Deliciou, Fixed Flavor Hams" Whole ««• Hilf Waffi, fi». 14c Xiw ES&es XcO&ae «i Hari&x I o^s ««?r* s® w«s* nasa* MJ-. tii£ Mrs. &esr£* A I'tM, XT. £££ Mrt. Srrise iier, Mi- *ai6 MJ^ IT, B. llisd. tie Jtr ti>£ Strt St3yss» eror* s* CSKiata Bs*-:t Fsars«Ssar*s nctlker. MJ*. C3at»l aaited with the Methodist charch jat Farmer City. Utter traaafer-j riaiE his membership to the: _._«— * . ^ Saasda/aeiool saavrtateadea? at aOgraUoa dae to the the Haatptoa aefcool hovse aad weather of tote. also at Raadolph. ^»» to the wet, aaddy. aad \ The coauaaaity deeply felt his slavery roads th* teacher. Xfes gotog. They aeased his worth as iMAtttj-, BM lad to draft her a pioaeer aad as a dttxea. He fcrotlwr. Lyi*. iaito eSsaaffearfag '• was iaterested ia erery forward' a*r o*t to th* ftcfc4w4 hoej«. Th* asoreaseat and espoased erery • *""** «~ "-r^ja * nan. pucabie s good aad worthy caase. He was ti* ess do her owa • gefieroas ia his respoases to his i 1 coeatry's can* aad to erery tis ier maJsj*ea*ee 'wholesoaae aad hdpfel eater-i wi read ataiEtaiser; arise. Xr. Fichter esteemed a* r«ad »*5«rra®r. to-aad asaiataiaed his high staad- :r scod a«*dy-eeia«-ands of life aad ideals throagh- • f •»* rotes. 5 ^t tfce yeM ». He was kiadj -jtafcsd *ad d**gh-* tfeoagatfal, aad geeeroas to his t-I Pacs£e JssatSoa tored oces. They wffl remember r t w*t* Sjast^y ca-^ hJa store for what he was than white Dor®- j for what he did. Retiring IB dis- Mlaister, Lee Roy Bobbltt There I* ranch discnssioa about education today. What aboat r«- lidoas education or Christlaa edacatioa? Help oar churches aad Bible schools to dereJop the three fold Ufe of spirit, mlad, aad body. Saaday morning we are to hare as oar gaeat speaker. Miss Carrie Hasseltiae of Moulmeia. Buraia. The Community Serriee" win be at the Methodist church at S p. m. It is hoped that the missionary from Sanaa will speak. If not the pastor of the Methodist church will speak. A basiaeas ana said this week: cteQr th* aa^ehU varMr oaee a aunth to the flaest thiag the charches hare doae ia yean ia Marrera." We caa make then *tfll better if we can bare more of oar people cooperating. The quarterly business meeting with a coTered dish ** f »a« writ Joat owTuWe s^ L «• 45 sharp. Ta* Misstoaary m *« Vr ° j Circle Si will Owing to Our Increased Volume of Business We lite Mmd to oar new location three doers norUi of oar old store, where we will be pleased to greet yon. WE PAY CASH FOR Poultry, Ens and Cream -~Hia;hect WE PAY 2c MORE per tb. for btttterfat in trade for any anon desire to trade. The present prices, (April 5) of 13c in casb or 15c 'toad.. ___________ '» wortfc '«€duce !» worth $1.15 in trade. The price Wedne s ednesday's pce and subject to market chances. COX GROCERY Mahrern Phone 9 " «J- qaiet, aas in ie O- XT. Mr*.. Caai , uJ. -, Xr. H, 1 «i 13. f&t iitoirt- «f lite: , Xm. 2ui^% 1B^?fti?-i1 ^T**fa7 • X3&E Ittrit ***E£*m *j«an imc' : f'&ef sx BSrtff OB? ta li* ituaiA ;«* J»w faaasc, XT- ja^fi 9ftn. k.' rexan(4< saexses FSwaer «i » •». .. _« w »»« C*ood Sdkool News *•** T *ifc«|y FrS- *«r si 17 ii* ca^fews «r£B fee lMf P^tty- FxrHBts «x4 a «* ii-ri** to asMaji. aiag. mea j had faith la hiau Men had eoafi- d«»e i* feiar, A worthy neighbor. j * tra* friewd. a devoted father, a i loyal titize*, a faithfal foQower 1 of the Ckrfst has coae froaa their [aueat. AH ttroagh these receat [Tears of trial, storm, aad stress " e ia* aerer loot his faith ia God &d ia that faith was rebaUdias tt resoarcsis. '—*- rmrlint firraiosi T** feaenl serrieas were held Ea4ay aftenme* at J:J» COB***** *T Her, R. C. Bacaaaaa. *»* * ii* Deardorff's Grocery 9f* &ar Hat ®f Eit £«-Ee-a G&«i£- flsit is * ttfajad ilfes? Js fc&BiRB ererfwlsa* as r^rfseastaRjg ^aa^iiy f««4E, ££d w prkas D* sjgfeia- I&SJB bruadf of ttfxii- BSIT gsaliij. W* -stea fe»r« K*mt J. H. ^©4* tefe .tiiat we 3sr« j&erlliBjf «t wery k»w pm*a. 3fcr. Jtr a. W. g I»E3. rrnae* tit intrant* ai Hioiii«m : »«aae*- JJr, M***6*a*V r«ry ia ta ia*' : ^^ **** « r -«*?l«B» tit **' >***- Jftrt «! rl ««*r of ta# efevrcb. 8ew, Peter Uaoefes. sSMStaa4o*fe, wao had ; • i*esi Mr. Fickier's aUaieter for f«*»WB FBSTS. yraacxtef tlwsctaaea, i w%c far Us l<ft. **A aaod aaate f *» ndfter to fee rtmncm taaa ereat rtcfcas* Mrs. «. T. Qojd, aeeo*, a f«ato| ay Miss Mafcel Ficater. *«•«« two sates. Tie casket tear- i«* w«re A, W. Fleeter. Pael Kr. fcirf Sfcn. Cieris tdu* sewers! msAxar ] *r* KUvstrfek. Roll wfc« were " NOW is the time i To protect yoor trees, plants, etc. from peste We suggest: Lead Arsenate Lome Sulphur Liquid Lime Sulphur Bordeaux Mixture as some of the Best Pest Destroyers you e*a get for the money. It takes tat a few minutes to apply these Pest Destroyers aad you'll he surprised at the saving it will make you ia h«Uer froiU and Blasts. Doat delay action «s the tine to do it is BOW. COLLINS DRUG GO, «»«•» Tht Rwall start MahMii f Grc«£ ^ 3S. eaa. i Ttniil»n B»i>y tt^*w*wis a 5ft Ko. 8 «uu.lWl Fe*t4» J. M. Brtad «* Ill T«* Adro . Ptfcft* Mr- H> 444 Mto- e C. »M <^B»ii» »*»« vwak ««4 «%M Ifcr- wrf Jb*. i&wj Bw« Jlr. i th* 4, C. Ha*- •T"^—•"•*• '~-'T^<m™*r -ii M Lilian ^1*9 *^ ^^P sB^p- 'MMttttfia^ tfe^A j^^B£d^^«^£ Aa^tttfl '^^^1^^^'* ^WW •^P^Pl^P^^P' ^p^P!P w^^w ^^p ^P ,9ip-flM|p'. WE INVITE YOU TO SEE THE NEW cordially invite yoo to . Wt Um new, larger oir^thu ftwl showtof no one waata to buy « c»r

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