The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 29, 1976 · Page 16
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 16

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1976
Page 16
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THEY'RE ALL IN THEY'RE ALL IN ^M CLASSIFIED] Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising REAL ESTATE SALES REAL ESTATE SALES Fergus Fills (Nn.) loinal Thurs., April 29,1976 ]$ The DAILY NURNAl will not be responsible for errors in Classified Ads alter the first insertion. For corrections, dial 7347513 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. PERSONALS AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS wanted. Any size. Ha*eoui of irate orders. Can pay higr-.rtl price*. Check Q',r price* before you sell. 33 years of deper.datte service. Gordon Ness, Hecior, Minn. 612 B4J-3737. LIST YOUR livestock for cysiom processing. Killing Monday*, Tvcsoayarrt Wednesdays. Call Bill Maoffison, Pnone 73*7016, Lake Reg'cn indusiries. LIVESTOCK AND horse trailers for sale, all types :n siock. We iratfe andtmance. We sell corral panels Double AA Western. 736-3?76. WANTED TO bjy: Feeder p:gs. Heal Goodwin, Osakis, M.'nn. Ph. fYACHJHERYOF ail k ndi. Trac-of pans Tires, treated povs Roman RCPrS, 718767-2911 4 ROW p'am erf: IHC 450: JO 494 ana *10. 4 row*; Oiivtr i«0. 1 John D«ere LLA 14 fi. drill. Ir.teritaffl me, Sales arid Service, Fergus Fans. Minn WHITE AIR planters, s'rr.plest planter available. On hard 4, 6 ar.d 3;ow. Pull or tool bar. fnlersraie inc., Safes and Service, Fergus Falls. Minn MULCKER FOR discs and Fiett cultivators. Various s : /es mter- naie JrK. Sales and Service, Ferg-jS Falls. iVInn. NEW COLUMBIAN 3150 bushel a^ain bin, unassemBied. Special price, interstate tnc.. Sales dnd Service, Fergus Falls, M=nn. 6 OLIVER unit planters. Interstate inc, Sales ano Service, Fergus FaliS, Mirn. 200 AND 300gaVon field sprayers— farm wagons— augers— grain haociir.g eq.-'pmenl—tri,ck boxes ana hoists. Jim Britt, Route 1, Fergus Fall?, Mirnexrfa. 218-736- 5H3. TOR SALE: lr.ternat:onal 400 trac. tor, wkie front, w":n new Paulson loader. Sell as one unit. Greg Froslee, Vin'ng, Minnesota. 7694344. "MARY KAY Cosmetics. 7365313.' GUESTS COMJNG? Fails Moiel AAA approved — Cleanliness, comfort, ecooo-ny. color TV. 736 5401 NOTICES 'HIGHEST RATES savings. Western Savings & Loan. m insured Minnesota WANTED: MORSES and poniK, broke cr t,nbroke, also c^saD'ed hordes. Roger Kraus, Long. Pra'r>. 613.733-3970. _ WANTED TO buy — good clean feeder pits, 40 Ibs. and up. Nesiande Feeder Pfgs, Fairfax, Minnesota. Pnone 507 .4:4-7834. FOR SALE Pioneer performance* tested beef bulls, all breeds. 7192135. Edwin Eide, Route 1, Fergus Fills. FOR SALE Chester While boars. 330240 pounds. Good meat type- Ready for service. Ross Ret-.der, Comsiock, Minnesota. 21B 585 43OT. FOR SALE n bred Angus heifers trcm regisiefed stxk, to calf around June 1st. Also Angus bulls, of serviceable ag«. Lav/rer.ce J. Anderson, S'.'i miles -Scvrh of Erdahl. J?S 33SS. FOR SALE '7 Appakwsa rr.aie, broke to nde. Call after 5 p.m- 734 WANTED TO Ouy baby calves, Glenn Rogness, phone 739.9393. FOR SALE /eat nice homemade 2- horse trailer, in "excellent Condition, H50.00. Comati Mertfeih Herman, .Vining, Minn. 767- OtS. IHC 1299, 13" mower conditioner. year old, like new, $3,750; No. 510 IHC 20*6 drill. 12.450; John Deere No. 666 p:ow, 516, WOO. «5 A planter, needs repa'r, S5QO; iraae and deliver. Var.ce Sherman, Rkn- vllie. *?5-28SO. FOR SALE: Ford B91 d/esel, John OeereA, WDAji;sw;in loader, WWi 445, fM\ 2B, MM AZ, MM U, Farmall M with leaner, wheel digger, used wagons, garden lillefs. many other implements. StanMoe Ford Sales, Battle LaVe, M nnesota. FORD TRACTORS far sale- 3000 gas n'.-h loader, $000 diesel all- purpose with cab, 7500 row crcp. Stan Moe Fcrd Sales. Battre Lake, MJnr.esofa. FORD SALE: Ford 4-row corn planter, mower conditioner, 5 bar rafce, balers, 7' mowers, bale throwers, many other implements ready !or immed : ate delivery. Stan Moe Fcrd Sales. Battle Lake. Minnesota. NEW HOLLAND equipment for sale; Spreaders, bafers, grander- n-.^xers, hayb : nes, raVes Slop and tooX over our let. Stan Moe Ford Sales, Battle Lake, Mirnesota. MEET WE at Lixide's Cafe. DAREL JACOSSOH Construction Company. Earth fr-oving of all k'nds 430 W. Birch, Fergus Falls. Pnone 716ttll. DENZEL'S WELDING and HeaiTng, 73J Eas! Hampden, 1 block Nor in o< Dairy Qveen, Ferous Faits. 7393098 or 7362113. THOMPSON AWNING Co- featuring Humphrey tension, seated aluminum window i. ooors. anC porch enclosures and Hum pfirey awnings. Free estimai«. Underwood, Minn., Box U. Teleprrone 715836 6403. GOSPEL MEETINGS, Sunday and Wednesday evenings, 7:30 at Bernie Zwrers. 806 Sunset. All welcome. "Christ died for the ungodly," (Romans 5:6) CUSTOM DOZING 07 Cat. Call Lawrence Stwrwood. collect 218736.7973. OFFICECLOSED Doctor Thos. K. Smith's Op^ometrk Office will be closed Thursday, AprH Ivrn and Friday, April 3Qtn wsJle nr-ovlng. New address: 117 Edil Lincoln Ave. OFFICE CLOSED " Dcttor J.J- Buckley's Optometric Office w^ll oe closed Thursday, April 2? and Friday. April 30 white moving. New address: (adjacent building) 117 East Lincoln Ave. New pc.or.e Nt>. 736 7534. ORWELL TOWNSHIP will accept b'ds for road grad'ng and sno* p!ow"ng (or 1 year. Bids will be approved May 7, 1976 ai 9:00 P.M. at Orwell Town Hall. We reserve ine right to reject any or all bids. Gordon Jonnbon, clerk. THE BOARD of Re vie* of Orwell Township w'JI meet at :r-,e Town JUI1 May 4, 1976 at 1:30 P.M. Gordon Johnson, clerk. RUST PREVENTION for your new or near n*w car w:in guaranieed RUSIOP Corrosron Proofing at Minnesota Motor Co. __ 1975 DODGE Dart Custom .4 door seaan, slant six engine, automaiic transmission, power steering. demo with 4.000 miles, you can really save hundreds of SIM on this cr.e. Fergus Dodge. 1975 DODG E Coronei Custo m 4 door seddn, V-l, aulomatk trans mission, power steering, radio. brand new, only one left. Save i»S. Fergus Dodge. FOR SALE 197S CMC Blaier, 4 wheel drive, excel lent. FREE BUS for Mnr.esota Wo'or customers leaves lor downtown Fergus Falls every 15 nvnules, 7:30 a.m. to 9 a m. and on theho'-r through 5 CO p.m. FOR SALE 1975 BobCdt Wagon. V 4, power timing, power brakes, 13.000 milts. 739-1933. Musr sell soon. 1973 GMC Sprint, excel tent condition, 37,000 miles, steel belled ratals, a'r condit'cned, a'r lift shocks. Call 7347641 after 6 p.m. 1967 FORD 3 door hardtop Galaxte 500. Prone 736 7935. FOR SALE 1974Matador 2door,;ed v/ilh power steering, power brakes; 1»71 Maverick 4 door, airomatic, averages » MPG. 739 2024. 1974 PINTO Wagon for sate by orig'nal owner. Must sell! 7399342. 1974 OLDS Cutsass 1 door hardrop "S", automaiic transmission, power steering, factory air, V-8 engine, only 25,000 miies, excellent condition. «»W. Phone 716-7390381 or evenings 218 736 516?. 1W7 3 door Plymouth, slant 6, tww W After, clutch, valve job, ttHOO. ~ Phx)n« 1 36-7076. JOURNAL ing results! AUTOMOBILES 34 HEAD catlle, 5 Holsteins, 39 Gutrnseys, springer cows and heifers, bred heifers and open heifer*, will sen your choice of is or more court to oo as unit. Dennis Leitch, Unfierwood, Minnesota. WAKT TO buy feeder cattle of all k'nds. Dale BorcAerv Deer Crevk, Wnn. (71 S) U3-2945. FEED-SEED COMTACT US for top prkes on- sun I lowers, markci grain and seed. Knapp S«d, Fo*horr.e, MTnn. 7W3366(>r 4*3-5612. FOR SALE registered Ewans ar,d Common Swift SoyflFans and registered Snofrrd millet. Rcbert Jennen, 318-7346390. PIONEER SEED ccrn. alfalfa and icrshi/m, PejersonBl dndSSbrar.d soybeans. Clinton Olson, Evans- villf. I18-9ig.;m. _ WANTED TO buy good alfdIEa hay. 7366367. SOY PROTEIN for Jess! Use MI energy soybeans in your livestock rai«nsfcra 10 percer.i advantage in efficiency- One ion of Kill energy Soybeans has an energy value equal to rtie combined energy in one ton of commercial soybean meal plus a half ton of corn. Full Energy Soybeans — todays moS! economical and hiqn performaTce proiein. Available row at Farmers Grain and Feed, Erharo", M'nrt. 56534. SPRAYER FOR renj. Chemicals For sale. Farmers Grain and Feed. Eri-.ard. W.r.n. 54534. 843-5305. ALFAtFA HAY for sale. 500 baits 1st and 2ncl culling. Also Some large bales Carl PrTschrrarji. Elizabeth. M'nn. 7145475. FOR SALE: Lindsay*se;f-un?oadrng chopper box wilh running gear. 837-5534 SEoeka, Minnesota. SILAGE CHOPPER box. ? row chopper, Minnesota No- UO spreader; 13 foot Oliver disc; John Deere blower. 473-3370 Sebeka. • IHC "456" 4 row corn planter with ' Fertilizer" attachment and In SKtictte, good condittori. IHC 4 rowcvllivatorfor IHC"H"or "M" tractor. Mrs. Harvey Derby, Elbow LaXe. Phone 617-2843(41. WANTED FAST hit for Inier national 450. Must be m good shape. Menze Bros., Oitertail. M7 2UO. 3 BOTTOM Oliver piow en rubber, . S7j.OQ.9-li. John Deere digger. Old f<ff>\ tne mo*er, iemi rrDont^SIO.OO. 73*4671. INTERNATIONAL T5S baler and bale buncher, in good shape. 549 • NEW TRACTORS: Quantity 2 ot White 4-150, 3 150, 2 70. Used tractors: While i 150; Oliver 2655,3355. 1955, 1855. 1655, S-.per 83; Min- r.eapotis MoKne Jet 3. 5 Starr IHC J60, IHC H; Case 300; Cockshuil 5-M) with loader: Jc*-.n Deere 730. interstate inc. Sales and service, Fergus Fans, FOR SALE >300 bdlesaf B-.d Neison. M9-8747. nay FOR SALE: Alfalfa h-ay, red clover hay and straw. Lowell Fran!*, £ miles Sou-hwes: of Bsule LaVe. DAIRY EQUIP. DAKON ROCK picXers and rock v/ndrowers. tnterstate Inc. Sales and Service. Fergus Falls. MOA'ER. JOHN Deere Wodel 20i Gyran-^r. Three po'nt hitch, never used, 1650 new. Will se!l lor U50. 739-9537. REAR END Nade, 3', three point hitch, new, 5100. 739-9537. 1?43 D.U Atlis-Chalmers freitl tractor. W25131 events. FOR SALE tilt bed implement lra : :er; New Idea side delivery rake; M r fmeso:a 3 bar rake; & ft. Win Deere grcund lili d^ger; Caseptow and/nVnneSQta rake fw pans. Lewis Hanson. Battle Lake, jM>n. 644 6160. WANT TO boy S' pull type snaiher. MvSt be I eft hand cut. Arih-_r Boss, Ur.d«rMTMd, Minn. S26M13. FDR SALE Mustang &nia 1974, air conditbned, radiais, toaded. $3100. 7345453 between 1:30 and 4:30. 1969 CHEVELLE Molibv 350, 3 speed, good runner. Also 1974 Yamaha 350 Er.duro, 1100 mites, excellent. Phone Pelkan Rapids, 163-6468. U' FIBERGLASS BOAT, « horse motor, new' ira : ler. Must sell, BW FOR SALE 19« Ford Wagcn, runs ctood, body faT, S375. 736 3X». '/-* VOLKSW'AGEN Bug, new ccndtlion. priced reasonable. 739 1476. '74 CORVETTE T Bar Coupe, all rjpltons, ccns : der trade. 739 7476. ART CHRISTIANSON FORD at Pelican. Rapids, Minn. 1975 Toripo 4 door, 3H V-8, automatic, power steering, brakes, air conditioned, speed control, beautiful red. . 1974 Chevrolet Impala 4 door, sharp as new, low miles, air conditioned, light green color. 1974 Gran Torino Wagon. TWs TV.'Q BRAND new 1975 Dodge Daft Sw'nger 2 door hardtops, slant six engine, automatic iransmission. powersieenr.g,cr.ew;ih air. Going at close out prices. Fergus Dodse. 197$ MATADOR 2 door Cocpe. Lois oJ extras. 15,000 miles tattcry warranty remaining. Betow boo*. GI66&SS afier 6:00. '75 CHRYSLER New Yorker, 4 door hardtop, V 9, automaiic. power sieering, power brakes, a'r CCTV aitonr.g, excellent condiricn, tow mileage. 739-2*76. 1964 OLDSMOBILE 2 door, good moror. r.eeds iransrnission v«rk. 1965 Rambler 6 cylinder, a^to.-natic; 1967 Ford 4 door. 259, power steering, brakes. Best cffer on all, 736 7445 after 5. FOR SALE 19740:evi cyjinder, air, 31.000 miles. 17,500. 7397619 mornings. 1973MAVERICK 2door, ajfomaii"c, economical 4 cylinder, rad.'als, excellent condition. 7393505. REPOSSESSION. 1948 Odsmoblle Toron ado. Wi 11 fake ben . .f er. S'.bmit bio's to Don or Bill. Northwestern Bank. FOR SALE 1974 Impala Station Wagon, *tr. powff steering and power brakes. Call 734-3594, Fergus Falls, 1077 Jefferson PJace. FOR SALE 1974 Ford Bronco. V 8, automaiic, power steering, Vtttl bdow bock. 747.7816. 1944 FORD, runs exc«ileni r good condign, cheap. 864 6126. 1975 VEGA GT, very Sharp, low mileage. Phone 734-4931 after 6 p.m. FOR SALE 1973 Suiulu 4 wheel fl/ive,'Jeep style, excellent con Alton. 7343530. 1975 MAVERICK, well equipped, below book, excellent shape. 213- 863-5391. STATION WACOM S '73 Olds Vista Cruiser, '73 Pontiac Catalina SaFarr, '74 Olds Custom Cruiser, '73 Ford Gran Torino. "73 Volkswagen Camper, '68 Chev. 4 door. Werner's Auto Sales. 739 77«3. DEMONSTRATOR 'Id Pacer, six cylinder, automatic, radial white wall tires, t'ntglass. Buyer Protection Ptan. Werner's Auto Sales, 739- JM3. . ECONOMY CARS '7! Gremt'n X, '73 Hornet 7 door, 75 Maverick i door, 14 Hornet. Haicnback, '74 Nova Hatchback, '74 Buick Apollo, '74 Toyota. More • than 90 used cars. Werner's At-fo Salei, SALARY EXTENDER This 3 bedroom buogalow has a (ufniihed basement apartrrfent, E- Zltrms. Moen Reallf. 7166969 or after hours 736-7141, 734 4354. COMPLETE SOMEONE else's dream, N.E. countryskie location. beauiiMly landicaped, lower tevel ol ttx*0' split lover. Corner lire place, 1 bedrooms, dishwasher, carpeted and draped. 6y ap- P0<ntrr.ent, Miller Realty. 417 N. Fritwrg, 7343531, 7366S1S. 3 BEDROOM modern tame on l'-i acres *vith acc«$ to Otter Tail Like electric heal, lull basement kJeal tocation for retirement or imau business, Marino, Ba-i Store. Auto Hepa^. IV. Call 714-W* 4783 EXTRA INCOME Large 7 story presently uwd as duplex. Closelo t»wnloanon Urge tot with double garage, 177,90000 Phone 734-5*69, LaV< fiesion ReaUy. Events )3i-J470. FOR SALE -t acres of land. 736 4703. TWO 3 acre wooded lois near Girerd Beach Tn Battle Lake. &?& 6704, CM 5636 alter 6 REAL ESTATE SALES E-L-M 1103 NORTH OAK Easy to maintain 3 bdrm. bungalow with newer hi-tow shag carpeting: Reap the rewards by improving on the walk-out basement area. $23,500 Deludes KH.A. or V.A. financing. RIVER OAKS Gorgeous river view from the din. rm. or deck highlights this 3 bdrm. split foyer home with super traffic now. (49,900. HOOT LAKE fake living is super with this 5 bdrm. California style home featuring split-stone fireplace in L.R. and downstairs rec. rm. Lots of glass overlooking the parklike grounds. $77,500. Enstad-larson- Mann, Inc. ms.Miii PHONE 736-7591 After off i« hours call: Vern F.Johnson ....... 73$-3050 BillBchrens ........... 139-9038 Small Dealer Small Town BIG SAVINGS THOMPSON Sales & Service Ashby 747-2280 MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. Used Cars and Pickups 1975 Bulck Regal Sedarj, dark blue beauty with black vinyl top, W-» seat, AM-FMstrtw, air, cruise control, tilt ffbeel, steel belted tires and only 10.NO miles. 1971 Chevelle Wagon, economical 307 V-8, automata and power steering, ideal family or fishing car at a realistic price. SPORTY CARS '73 Cutlass'S, '74 ft/latador, "II JavelVi, '70 Dodge Charger R-T, '73 Chev. Impala 1 door, '71 Monte Carlo, '73 Monl« Carto. '73 LfMarH, '68 Cullass, '71 CiUlais. //ore than 90 used cais. Warner's Awo Sales, 73 1973 GRAN Tor i.ToSporl.SSVer.gif.e. excellent condit'ton. 813-5116 Erhard. FOR SALE: 1975 AMC Pacer Detune, a'r cortdltior.ed, power iietrir>g, power bidVtv AM FM radio, radfals, 10,000, lull wdrranty. 734-3015 afler 3:00. FOR SALE 1974 Gremlin, like new. 601 E. Vernon. AUTO-REPA1RS WALVATME AUTO Repair, vow economy and quality n-.uflier center. Exhaust and tailpipe bending. Lifetime guarantee. Dial 7343213, 321 W«M GuStavuS. EXPERT •BODY REPAIRS •FINISHING 2 Experienced Men todoyourwork FERGUS DODGE tti W.Washington WHY LOOK through all the oW homes in town when YOJ could own anew Wa\,sau ho me. We provide a complete selection from (20,000 ar.d up. Come do*«n and look a) our model home or give us a call. Christiansens Inc.. Elbow Lake, Minn. 218 U5-4467. DONTTCMJCHATHING JuM move in.'t> this spollesily clean, 3 bedroom rdmtiler, beautiful kitchen and easir.g area. Yard well. landscaped, custom drapes, central air, double at- IdcriM garage. MOHI Realty, 736 6769 or afler hours, 4-7U1 or 6 435J. DU PLEX Wl 1 H 2 bedrooms on both floors., exce: lent income, 1 block Irom downtown Bailie Lake. Lew ' I20's. Call Erickson Realty Dave Ell'ngson, 8M-5613, PROOF THAT good rhings still come in small packages, a bedroom collage, carpel ed, same (w-nish'ngs, 75 K 200' level lot. 'Wall Lake. MJIIer Rea'ty, 417 N. Friberg. 7M-3J31 or 7364515. SVALL 1 or 2 bedroom home with large lol. Great rcniaJ potential. 515 W. Douglas, iee inside after 4 p.m. Sold by sealed bio's end'ng May 1st. UPDATED OLDER 3 bed/com in Underwood 1 Surfaced ureet, all assess-Tienls p*'o. Miller Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 734-3531 or 736-6515. STORY AND V], 3 bid rooms, located Northwest area, in spotieis contflkm. Mow Rea'ty, 736 6969 or after hours 6 7U1 or fc 4354. SOUTH LIDA laVefronl. Newer 3 bedroom, exceptional lct*nd viev/. Will consider renlirvg. 31I-5S9 H». FOR SALE: 5 acre wooded lot near Jewell Lake. Ideal for horses and narden. 7399190. THIS DELIGHTFUL ranch has much to be pro'jd ol. I he incomparable view of Hoot Lake, the wooiburning fireplace, the private deck, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-car garage, spac'out grounds. Moen Realty, 736-6969 or alter hours, 6 7U1 or 6 4354. NEATRETREA7 i Fh-sspoiiess2 beciroom bjr.galow will oea pteasanl surprise, roomy tot wilh irees Vcfti Realty, 734- 6969or after hours, 6 71*1 or 6 4 J«. COMPLETE SOMEONE's dream, N.E. cotniryiide location, beairiifirily landscaped, lo^er level ot 78x40' splir layer. Corner fireplace, 1 bedrooms, d shuasncr. carpeted and draped. By appo-nt ment> Mfllec Realty, 417 N. Friberg. 736-3531, 7W 6515- 'HAVE YOU srr.elled country air on a spring morning? ND? Well come oui today and see this immacvlaie .split level 3 bedroom v»;in 2 car garage at ciiys edge. Moen Realty, 736 69i? cr alier ho^rs, 6 7U1 or 64354 BY QyYNER ? siory, 3 bedroom home. Has formal dining room, open siairway, on nrce corner k)i. Near Elementary School. Priced lower 20'i for qjick sale. 736 26S3 anyiime. I 1 '? STORY older home, 2 bedrooms downstairs, large lot, double garage,- fruil irees, close to school. Phone 73A 6797. Ust with an MLS Broker. MLS is the best way to sell or buy your home. n'SCAPTIVATING! New four bedroom home, 1 full bath, 2 %-baths. A step saver kitchen without the crowded feeling snuggled between a formal dining area and a cheerful eating nook, walk out through triple glazed patio doors onto a large Redwood deck. Unique fireplace has the efficient "heat-a-lator" unit. TAKE A WALK- GO fishing, or jump in the lake. Do plenty of all three in this nature-lover's paradise. Insulated 3 bedroom year around home, fronts on Stalker Lake. Well worth the 20 minute drive from Fergus Falls. We'll be happy to take you out to see it. Don'l be sorry tomorrow Call us today. Your MLS broker PARK REGION REALTY 325 Wtst Lincoln Phone day or nite 21&-73S-5616 FOR SALE I oedroom ncuse .n Undertvocd en floyble lol Pnone 6766143 FOR QUiCK i«-JIS in liSlir.g or selling vo.r nome. call Howard Greenagei. 66969 or 64154. Wctn Realty. Fergus Halls. OLDER HOME in Bailie Lake suitable for a du;He*, priced rigni 736 6969 of M ll PanHSon. B64 5S9?. FOR SALE I'.j acre wooded kit, river frontage and hign gwo-nd. Pnone 736 6289. FOR SAtE be owner ?.year oW rxj-jse with anactied double garage on I 1 ? acre lot, 2'j miles Irom city ' Inn is Call 739-9Sl4 0 r 7367776. LAKE HOVE. atira<liv*2 b«drocnn horr.e, iire;Hace, garage, screened per en. Wail Lake, *?i,$00. Jensen Realty, 739-3M1 or 736 7636 or 739 , 1IZ4. * MUST SELL is word (0 US From CivnErs aSou this well located duplex vrf-.Icn we know can easily te mad E? a lamilr home, it desired Pr ;ce juy reduced. Sceor call ys at once. Jcc Jcrgenson Realty, 7J4- 6903. Even'ngs 7V 7813 or 734-3»2. ftAembff VI. S ARRAriGFMEM AND the kitchen area you'll just love in ihTs n<ely carpe:ed t-ome near hosp:ial on Norths^de. Lo^s^nke yard for trie family. Call Jge J<xBenson Really, 7346903. Events 734 2S13 cr 734 3272. Member ML$. BEAUTIFUL NEWER Year roufMJ 2 bedroo-Ti rambter trpe !3*e home. Ciith.era'i Lake. See or call Joe Jorgenson Really. 7J6 6903. Evenings 1M> ?813 or 7360222. Member MLS. TOM'S STEAM CARPET CLEANING And Janitorial Service Restore your carpet to a new finish. Free estimates. Fergus Falls 736-2598 LARGE 6 oedroom home in Hen ning. Large living rocnv Dining room, kitchen ana two baihs. Anllq-eoak woodwork, sialrs and built-in chir.d clcsei. Nice corner lot with large garage, only S33,COO.OO. Oa:e ErXs Realty, Box 3«, Battle Lake. M'nn. Phone 8W 8116. END PAINT WORRIES W.SHMGI :ellulose Fiber Insulitionl Blown in side wills imlittks -FreeEsBmales- 735-7253 826-6731 BKHK9 K>0f1 :ksuitg FERGUS FALLS MARK ROSTAD AUTO PARTS DEL AVAL Equipn-.enl. DAIRY and Clay Sales and service. MISC. FARM UNIVERSAL PIPELINE nvlkers. safes and service. Also used ecifpmeni. DO-JO. I as Co. Cooo. Branrton, or Perr-am Co OP Oil, Per ham, WINPOWER P.T.O. Farm stard-bv generarors. fy free on the larm a-^lys s write or phone Jien W^ipo*er Serv:ces, Inc , Ulen. Mirn. Pnone 2>9 546S676. SURGE DAIRY equipment, sales and ser- : ce. Contact LS for all of >0wr da ry need^. Henn-rtg Surge PATZ BARN cleaners ar.d feed hjrvCli.->9 eqj p^.enl Fur.Xj-.Qyser Equipnnril. Da, 'on. Mirn. Evening 54S 4U2. USED SCO ga:lon bulk; oi'lV coo'er Contact H^n : ng Surge cr pfcone SI3 JW4 _ QUICK 5"fl E^SY Javrra; V.a-M Adsarcihe :tasf opens vt v.a> fa TRACTOR TIRE vu'cafrriig end repa'rir.g. Prompt service. Call 66503. X end K Tire Service. SOFT WATER: 7.500 gallons per load, delivered anywhere, holidays and SiHidays, S!00 load extra. Call collect 73649U or 6 6915. Mrs Otert Houg. THE WADEKA "All Cr C p" Svlo (eatures co'ored roofs, swing plywood doors. Equipment packages. Call 6311527 for more information and prces LETS GO ih« besi, both hay'as' and s tage. See the ratest ir* features, go Rochesier Si'-o irvc. Ca11 .tofrn.'on Repair SN:p. 736 3?*9. Squire model is just like new, ITU Okis Delta 88 Sedan with air conditioned. vinyl top, air conditioning, 19M Maverick Grabber, white automatic, power steering and with green (rim, 6 cylinder, brakes and in good shape, automatic, power steering, 1972 Caprice 4 door hardtop, 30,000 miles. silver with Mack vinyl top, 1974 Galaxie 500, 4 door, lime equipped with air conditioning, tilt wheel and only 58,000 miles. 1974 Cadillac Sedan DeVilk. A blue beauty with blue vinyl top and bloc katber (0-40 seat, FREE HOT-LIN E ServiC*. We haw*' a direct wire with over 300 auto- (ruck And tractor salvage yard* in 7 stales. And oM*r low rr.iteage drop-in mofors lo 1973. All rr>aV« and sii«. Car and truck transmission i. Car and Body parrs. Dakcla'* leading scrap. Iron yard. Phillips Fw and Wool Co., Wdhp«oo. N.D. PERFORMANCE —• ECONOMY heatfers. maniloldl, camshafts, carburetors, automatic irans- missEon kits, shifters, wheels, tires, gauges. All major brands. 'Arvio'S Shop. 8766133. FOR SALE •* Ansen M inoj wheels *.ih white lettered tires. Call 7147677 after 6:00. JOURNAL ADS bring results! FAMILY GOT DOGMATISM? This common "need room" disease is curable, see this -4-5 bedroom with formal dining, den, rec. room, family Xitchen. Waen Realty. 734 Wi? or after hours. 6- FOR SALE by owner, assume contract for deed, 4 bedroom. Ashby 747-7811 before 5:00. After, 747- .MIS. WE HAVE more buyers man houses. We need linings for 3-3 4 bedroom homes. For prompt, curteou* and experienced service give us a c*ll today. AV>en Realty, 734 6969 or af:er hours 734 7141 or FISHING BOAT (Damaged) TRUCKLOAD SALE 14-FT. FISUEIMM UUHItllM NUT Reg. sw.OO This load only COMING SOON! Mercury Oulboards Self-Service Live Bait CHAMPLIN SELF-SERVICE 54.9 U-Pump It Salf-Service ACROSS FROM GIBSONS grwn color, air conditioned, beautiful condition. 1974 Maverick 2 door, V-8, 3 speed, porrer steering, 16,tW miles, like new, good economy. 1974 Pinlo Squire Wagon, 4 speed, very clean unit, economy plus. 1973 Lincoln Mark IV. Everything you ever desired in an automobile. Test drive TRUCKS cruise control, steel belted radials and only 41,000 miles. 1971 Camaro Sport Coupe with 39 V-S and 4 speed. One of those hard to iin-d fun cars. TRUCKS sharp, lots of economy here, m LTO 4 door, beautiful light blue. Hhilt vinyl roof, pin ummer fun PETS, SUPPLIES A'ESDT'S FROPICflL Fiui Cellar. i'J W(i( BancroM 734*875. Vor.da/ ihrci-^h Sau'day. 1 V. REGISTERED SLACK LaSxado' (X.OP El F ; re h^-n'>g IfocV Even tf.spoi ! on Ca:i 735 iS4'. P9EE TO good rcT. S wee» cu CuCD Si. ' a Gerrrj.i $>-c&;e'(J and Ri-G'SFERED CHESEPEAKE c_p»ps oood fwl ng s!oc*t. e* f. MOSI-oo. 736 MM FAR.'A BUREAU [Tember* — Nwd (irelor barter:«? Checker pr c« (ir?T Prone Elbow Lake, MS "IS. vc'.r Firestone ar.d SafenarX fiea'er : n Elbe* Lake JA.VESWAY POVJER crorir.g Surqe CUSTOM SPRAYING - W 'I » crop sway-rg o' an t/p« wilh Spra COJF*- Call Donald Ber^ertd. Roule '. Ffrgus Falls. 7M scis w ra mi. <"OR YOUR ccncrele *ork, po'ebarr.s. garages, elc . contact BoS Nord ck. Fo-hoxt. It. nn. JJ4 eylhder. I speed. This baby JOURNAL AO^ tr r.g t EQUIP. RENTAL EQUIPMENT RENTAL: Cemer.t, cor.l'acors. lawn. <jardfn. psinl -ng. decorating, pl-^rrbing loc's. andother eQy-p.-r.ent Ferg^i Falls Rer'al Cen'tr. 7J5 1iV IJil Mercury Monterey Custom 4 door, beautiful maroon wilh black viayl roof, automalfc, air. Sharpest one around. 1967 Chevrolet Wagoa, above average unit Good body, runs like pew. We have many oldcrupits priced lor quick sale. Give us an Vfcr. Earl Aschixtrltz at home 7X-7IN, Fcrpi? falls Bob Arvidson at home, 312-U47, Vergas Arlcn JsonwM at borne, 342-2438, Vergas Garage N'omber 86J«11 truck with 350 V-S and automatic transmissiotx. 1973 Scout four wheel drive with hard travel top, economical 6 cylinder eigine and three speed transmission for en and off road fun. Mure to Chose Froi Always the Best Selection In The Otter Tail Empire MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. PHONE7JJ-333I NEW 1974 Dodge p : cku(» on hand.' '7 lor. J i loo. Club Cabs and 4- *ti«J driv* models. Immediate delivery. Fergus Dodgt 1976 CMC 14*1 'ancJ medium tfuly . trucks on tvar>d for immSd-atP deliverv *t Si^>ef GMC Truck Sales. Highway 59 South, Fergus Fails. FOR SALE 1«1 Willys Jttp, 90Od cond.iion, electric winch, canvas topper, exlra pans. 8*7-5151. 19ifl CHEVY ** ton, wide box, A cylir.tJer, t spwd, S7.0W miles. E^cfllenl cond>tk>n, greai milt»gf. SI350 E43 537? Erhsrd FOR SALE: 1974-' i TOO OWC pkk'jp, onlr 13,000 nnilcs Phone S« MC« after 7:00. Wj CKEVY Luv. BMt oiler over il.OW 7SB297J. W7J-J* ion GMC 4 wfheei drive V 8 picKitp. new tires, A-l mechanfcel. Svper GMC Truci( Sales. Fergus Faiis. FOR S&LE ChevroJet 1964 pkVup, C H) *i too with mech A.t. w:f propfMed mower, like new. Telephone 739 96U. FOR SALE 3—34' Wilson grain trailers, »" sides; 1-*0' CMm berifn Pot Mves'odi tra'ier wiffi fois of aluminum decking and el«lncdcck. Canbesetnai Don's Truck Wash or con'Kl Cxxxvan CK»n TrucV^g. Ferg-js Falls 734 3UI. 1974 CHEVROLET 'j Ton. power steering, power, i wf.eel drive. 34^00 m-fes, 3.M (rgirv*. automatic rraflSmissKxi. Can be seen at North Unw Texaco. 11M CHEVROLET '* ton, vnail 6, short wt>e«H baie. wide rear window. Phon* 734 61 SO. FOR SALE 3 betf/«xnand den. new carpeting. Completely 'insula:ed basement also. Basement paneled and carpeted, large lot and shade trees. Phone 736 3513 aHer 7pm. OWNER SELL1KG: 3 bedroom, recently redecorated, drapery, Vi baths, targe private kit, veel sid'ng. large screened patio, attached s'-ng'.t garage, excellent locelion to all unooU, S33,SOOOO. WEIL DECORATED rambler oilers gracious living with 3 bedroom i, centra I i red uaft;c plan, living room *ith Fireplace. The kitchen is appliance ecu'-pped and offers family dining area. Finished rec. room, s : ng*e attached ga/cge ar.d large deck. Minnesota Wesi Realty, 62236. Evenings 736-34*9. A.H. MORRILL Co. Real Estale, Fergus Falls. PhcM73* W46. Albin "Babe" M».nll. INTER [OR Featuring 34 bedrooms, all dectric spilt level, features formal dining, eitira large rec. room, 2 car garage. Woen Realty. 7364969 or After hourv 6 7U; or 6 4J54. SUPERTUNITY Brand r.ew 3 btdrotyn bungalow ncsiied in nice sorted area, tairly close fn, hurry (o P'tk yow carpet, don't wwry about selling yo~jrs, trade n ki. Mcen Rea'ly,7M 6969 or after hours, 6 ?U1 O r 6-'354 l ACRE with 2 bedroom mob ; le home in Underwood School District. Moen Realty, ?3A £969 or Milt Paulson. B64 U92. ilS.M 1 bedroom near hospital. Feaiwes new electric service and assumabie mortgage. Early possession to qualified buyer Phone 736 5*89, Lafce Region Realty. Evenings 736 ?470. ECONOMICAL HOUSING in a good neighborhood. Your decorating know how w=H transfer trits ' 3 bedroom Level to! witn garden Spactf. Garag* 513,500.00. Wilier Really, 4U N. Fr.berg. J36-3531 or 736 U15. $ PELICAN AUTO SALES 80,000 INVENTORY CAR REDUCTION SALE 1975 Die* Caprice, 2 door. 1975 Pontiac Lemans, 2 door. 1975 Buick Limited Electia, 4 doci. . 1974 Buick Riveria, 2 door. 1974 Oiev Vega, 2 door. 1974 Ford Gran Torino, 2 door. 1974 Buick Wagon, 4 door. 1974 Pontiac lemans, 4 doer. 1973 Pontiac Lux. lemans, 4 door. 1973 Buick, 2 door. 1973 Tojola, * door. 1972 Oldsmobile, 4 door. 1972 Ford Torino Wagon. 1970 Mustang Mach I, 2 door. 1970 Mercury, 4 dooi. 1970 Ford Calaiie 500, 2 door. 1969 Ponliac Catalina, 2 door. 1969 Dodge Super Bee, 2 Joor. 1969 Ponliac Catalina, 4 door. 1967 Ford Gslaiie 500, 2 door. 1962 Ford Galaiie, 4 door. 1975 Chevrolet Pickup, brown. PELICAN AUTO SALES Pelican Rapids, Minn. CALL - 863-6680 •- LOT 863-2018 863-4966 842-5146

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