Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1928
Page 2
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••ME." Elle'< little kinder, let me J .rfB^lf Jltfle BHirfer ! ..To-JiMa't^tspt tbose albout me; - ^ ' li^t «^ jta-afee 8 litaV moi<e. -liet mVM wBen I am wteary. just Lander; rrom |a;q[itt}e bit more cheeryi , I«t I A»,8«jrfe- a- little, better -those ' - 'tm.€'i iaH sfrivbtg tot. IM.'^jme^ tt* 3 litU* brsTer wben temptation bids nie waver, -.IM"»)fiStaTfi a Uttle harder to be , - that I afaonld be. 3l«»iil(lHbe' a lltOe ideelcer with a I - - i bN>{taer who is weaker, iLet ^me think more of my neighbor ' '^and'ics little less of me. ' —^Exchange. Bedtal by: Youigr Artkts 9(r.: audi Mrs. U^yd Brown willj ttteettt thett artist btudcnts. Jdmes R«id.,Tfolinist, and Adelaine Reid. I)fittHti.'ia Joint rdcital tomorrow iiSgH%> S o ^ciock kn the auditorium 6^ ma BttptiBt tjemplB. - Theat yomg artists, children of Un.aad Mrs. C. A. Jlcid of lola. . hst«,i>een makinR rapid proi;rc88 In SsBstonlMiMMl «9eietr Meets r The JSustdo cbajiter of tlte Del- :phian societyi held a meeting yesterday aneriloon In the home of Mrs. Geo. C. balgamo. Jr. . Mrs. C. B. Crick was^ln charge of the lesson, "English Fiction bf the Eighteenth Century." and the following texts were given: "Robinson Crusoe," Mrs P. B. J. Adams; "Pamela," Mrs. M. Blanche Wood; from "Torn Jones," Mrs. Otho AIcx- "Trlstam Shandy," Miss Mary Remsberg. • The" next meeting will be with Mrs. O. T. Peterson,-307 North Jefferson avenue, January 31. '> <' '> Mohawk Campflre Olrls Hold Meeting A meeting of the Mohiiwk Campfire Girls was held Inst night in the home of Dolores Kry, with June Thonipiton and MIKS Kathclenc Carter as ussiKting hostesses. V Miss Lorraine Wiley p^-csided! COOLIDQE IN HAVANA The jincctlng. ew for charity over the business girls planned to se Miss Beth Brlnnon, sponsor, met with them. Thtaso present were: Yapaii Cox Apel ichc Smith, /honta Jone.s, Oa- histlpi P^y. YupkVi {ireon. .NlHlnia- ba Thonip.son. Cliolnna ("nnalHey Okayoka Wiley. M.IIHU "Hnwlnii riHakastl Carter, Ali.sonzong Rum- Here is tli" Coolldge smile of friendship for the I'nlteil Slates' I.iitin-Amcrican'iieiBlil! resenteil .-it the Sixllii P;in'-.\tnerifan Congress wliicli 'oui neil ;if ihiv.'iiiu Mond.ty. ;Tln' p ; just after his arrival'heing »velcon)e(l by liis olliciiil Itosl. C^n' ' Cuba. itmatot Wi thetr firrt recital will scy. ]\Voape ('oghlli. Kjin.iW.ilmk.i b*^ ftk example of profesBlonal, MclmcrBoit and Wltonolil ilrinncni tnMattf^ under Mr. and Mrs. Brown, j ;! •> <• l )0tlS ?-«f whotn formerly vJere on:Mf«t« B. A V. W. tbo: tiwctaing fltaff of the Chicago > Exreiil ire fn lola NEWS NOTES FROM COLONY -Mailc«l c6ll ««c. Miss ErneMlne l.easnre of Ar- 'fljW.recital will be open to thejkansaH City. Hiatc pruHident of tlir gtfnenl public and a cordial Invl- . \tstlon Is ektended to all to attend, i Tbo program will be as follows: ..A^e de Ballet t)e Borfot ' f." ' MJames Reid .: ."FMiderCtTBte Bhure •IBelienEAsdo _ Beccher Adelaine Reid . JDftnce^ot the Sylphs. Goldblatt "; liondonderry Alr_._ ...Kroislcr ; ' James Reid JWT'a Wat^rlUy-- MacDowell BuHlncHH & PfofeHiJIonal Women's cliil). was the gnesl pf ten 'loin bHsIllcsa and professional, women at" .ifluncheon at the Kelley hot,e1 jat^ nbon today. .Site explained ,Iiit> j !nro^ant»a.l«4.'» principles - ' nlftht Anierleiin l.rirlun llolils H«irular Monthl) Un>lness Mpelinir—.\. HenderM:n. <»i" (»rrjr<»n, .Makes Kxiended VMI. lal Uerardo .Machaijo Y .VDorale.'i. pre.sidfnt of MORANNEWS \'M::i who v.evc rep- esiiU'iit i:. • .".hown! OF ("laiide .Uvei Fillintr ;sia1loii .Nmorfc MKS, i:. NiUI'I'OV , Militli Ktl^rl Kil'^.-i-ll w;is li'irii in t('li;imii:itf.ii ~<'i>«i.(.y. <ihit>. Anv;ii»l : j2!>. ISM. WIM M a .'.ti'Mll cliiM tuir; ipiiri'iils fiillinvi'd iln- wcsi waiy.l < ' miivi'ni <-nl aii<i |iii':it)'il :ii Kincaicl,, . (Mr.-:. W. I^avtonl '" i Kans. lal .r m..v,.ji: I.. Hrv Iti-lKC, (•(.I.ONY. .Ian. Hi. .Mr. and i'"" ''•'"nlH-n . .uinuv . K f will .ir 11.-nil. •. Hill i<» K-iii-' l-'l KM «• lo wiinifuilioncl. ^is'riu't; haAc'^-- > ^ « , a,^., iorsarilzatloii's prtneiples ; at Ihe.ltheir ear whiHi had bee^i at Ola-••••''""''""''••'"'•'''•'•>'''"'« """'^^ ^Wtesque- Marchc Sindlns, „,ep„„^ Ifrlday nlftht .-.t lii.mlthe. sin.- (i,e sm.w .Kiorin. when M-HHI ^^a.<^ siui.i. K\liit)l Felitfilations to Col. .MOK.V.y. .Ian ;i very rritiral o'clock business and profeKKjcmal .women of. the city will have dinner atJhe PoHIand hotel and wili dtscUBR perfection of an organization here. • •:• •:• Junior Current E»Tnts M 111'-' .l!-.!' of tWCiVr tliev were nnalili" to drive il home. e • , „• .Mi>-. C. I.. I.nwren.e is in (Ula- I'" '"I"*'' ' P'TM.MMI fnemi.s .ij;! the I: wa. <arinK f..r Hom .'one there who i •'^•"^i""'' ""' '"-"" ••^"'«'''"'- >t»ieit«lBe In A Major Chopin Club Dinner aud Study --a Adelaine. Reid The members of the Junior t^ur- Sielody --_ifaJor,Gen. Charles Dawes I rent Events club met at Old Retrain Kreisler }o'clock. last night in the Hotel Kel- BMeAodo; Badlne Gabrlel-Maric jley grill for dinner. James Reid i j MIss; Marvolle Clark led the i ^alei "\ralse . Lack i^'^^y iio"!" «:'>'«Ii f""ow'<><l--slving Adaainc Reid , ^'"""y ''^^'^ •"'• t)"ke's" , |hy Linn. Shi* also told of the artists* colony at Indian Hills. Colo., where she spent la^t snnimer studying musicj .ind played two , .' piano selection!^ "DeeY l>anej>." liy j.Ski!ton and "From the Indian - Mr. Brown at, second piano I '' lifrs. R. L. Koenig. accompanist <• * • STonlor Ifomeiits Huslrul ; Xndb Xeets . Ji. meeting of the meWrs of iheh,'.'",,, i.'""',, '"'A'"" loi - iTtffiTor Moiflents Musidal club was'^."Sf/ »^P°^.«>'- f;'!|"- u. held-yeeterday afternoon in Ubran"."^V^t^1nt« n?l " '"^ Bail- -when definite arrangements Vrd.ih C IJ^"^' . ; wra.made for their first public re- i ^"-^^ ^y"'"'" ^'"""^" <aial which'°w|iU be given the night . of I%l>ruary 3i The young students arei putting forth their blst efforts _ <s"make their firs) recital oC the 3^:'^!S6 ^:^y!%^^^-^-''^'^ ^»'«'-' there who is ill. i Areh Henderson who eaine from Orepcm at Chriftmas time for a family rennion at the home of his parents. .Mr. and Mr.-^. .1. I. Henderson, i.i malu'nK lliem :in exlenil- lid visit. .Mr. and Mis. Karnest Harris and .Mr. and .Mrs. Keteliein of .Mildred called on .Mc and :\lrs. H. 1). Swiek- ar<l Snnd.-iv evening. I'rof. C. C. Claxton refereed a li.-iskelliall »;aiiie at Welda Friday evening. Tlie .\niei iran . I.eiiion Auxiliary lii'i; ill 1 )1 eeivid.lhe i.niinr.aie ai liapilsnj by Wilfred I'erkl ih.' Hi 'V Ceil. \v. TiiHil who wan ••' •'^''"'•1 visit Sii rast<:r_i. liii.e. Topeka in (he Wllib' holdiliK ;. |'<.::ilji.'^ .-,1 l.dii '"'"''''y fo'*: Ilif* w she wa'; .iflHiat. i| wi!|i llu' I'liris- lian (limi-li. (lii r-tiiiMii:j; lo Hi'in:-"!! |il;ii<il h'-r Illi miiiT- sl!i;i witli Ih' '>'. !•;. iliaulK l-niiib. ill •.vliicji ; hi- w.'is ,1 divnti'd woiki'l' a;: liin.; \:vi lir.-llh pir'ii'llid. She alio a viTv ai-live iin-ni- bci- .'it Ihe Wdman":' Chri''iaii 'I'l-ni- r<'iaii-«' I'lii'ii). S!n' w.i-, iinitrd in nianiar.i' l_o .M'-. i;. I'.'. .\'oi;lon .liMir t<. Ifnii;. .i; iiijr. Wilfred i.H <'lfi< 1- of t<tale S inu the tji.'ii" of llie stall'/ailt(ili+ .Marvin Tanl for a sh"!-t vis| III.' iritiifal illn falhrr. .Mr. .1. .M Mr. and Mrs. v.-pie hiT^ Siind .Mrs. ItmOsey's ell and funiily. • .Mr. an<( .Mrs. spooaors of the club, was |in of the meeting. menibBrs attending were: »^&f<ie L^fler. Viola McKamin. Bretm "^a^^uao^ >argarot Trom- boRl» Jewel tamer, RuthPaul, Ruth Harlot Taylor, Harvey He'rr. Lu- «dtl», .Caoatsey, Lester CoU, Helen 'WUklnSk Katherln'e Gilbert. Donald ^leb,.^^ FranU, Louiso J^Chicn, iItid8Qi& IjUinfBey, Margaret Griffith, ]^berta !dr«gg, Elvin Glass and Iiola - Belle JjBwett •» <* <• J^stosBee toFIdelln Gnfld Miin Joy Hershberger and Miss inia Vesle were hoBtessM to the iTMeite Qutld of .the First PrcHby- tmiaa chtircti, which mot last night fd the guild iroom. Tbe pre«ldon"t,Mln« Viola Dal- sarnOr preBl(£»d over the devotlon- aU period, and Miss Kate Hliiolds !Wa »leader of tho lesson. The regular. bueloeBslwaa transacfefi and tiiere WBA a good attendance. ' * «• * jMertaln Xn^cheon 'Guests Mrs. Anna Beard and MLss Slan CJowley of pte North Chestnut street entertained at one o'clock Isiiehebn y^terday,- Sirs. Roberl E. ^ct^y, Mr. and Mrs. George An. . 'dfersoti:,. jMr. apd Mrs. C. G. Dobio ? kiind daughter,; Bernice Dobic. ] .'Vrdmain Honfe Missionary ! Beefetr' ' : Th* Woman's Home. Missionary iBOciety of the First Mcthodi.M Epis-1 • cOpal church- pie' yesterday after- [ , Boon in I the choir room. • sMra, George Vosse, vire-presi- i dent, presided^ in the absenc-.' ot '\Mr& P. H. Chtlds, president. The j ' d^ttohais consisted of singing :^*'Ii«ad"eth Me;" prayer by Mrs / jp. -O; Hanson: the lesson .from r JoMtt 10:1—16 on the theme of "Jo'- Ass; tbe. Good Shepherd," given by [ Mrr. Floyd Eailott; the Lord's •'Prayer repeated in unison, and the ' Kyttn. ""Wonderful Peace." '• Rbll call resfionses were items r/, Interest frofa &e "Woman's Home: i'MlasIpn'; periodical. Mrs. H.nudlevi 1 .^plained the j^Jeclpictnio which >. la SeiUg shown in the ml-jsionary TCcfettea. Mrs. R. B. Warner, secre- taa^ lof B(ewardshipl stressed the vieeeilfalily of tithing. Mrs. N.'O lCN >£Sie' reviewed chapter four of the .*"Ai*reDture8 of the Church." for the lesioa" Mrs. Q. U Culllson tftaaurer. gave the' financial .report TtaehoBtesses were: Mrs. W. D 'dafk, Mrs. W. E. VanCSmp. Mrs. W. H; Anderson. Miss Alice Miles *ftd rtre. Floyd Elliott. * i + • * PEO Fonftder* Da^' Annlrersary ! Oiapter lU • PEG., celebrated -fott|iden day yesterday with a one ti'iiloek:.. luncheon in the home of Jlrtw Clyde Thompson, with Mrs. J. yf. Hesser as the assisting hos- 1 The member."^ attending wt?re: Miss Rachel Purcell, .Miss Catherine Gard. Miss palherine Cannon. Miss Margaret Roberts. .Mrs. Clifford Funston. Miss Garnet Case. Pearl Johnson. Miss .lossie Hackelt. Miss Marvelle Clark. Miss Millicenl ils ri'KnIar monthly nieelint; . I''la; Kai:;. 'fa I'li-; imiuu '.vi'i*' Jaiin.iry IL' with Mrs. AV. K. I'ay- Imrii ililcr si.n:.: Kirrell U. Sot- on. The ni'W pr.'sident. .Mrs. I-.-.' ton. u b,,' .N-d ai ihe a;;.' m one "i 'r daiiKhler. Hellick. presided and Ih- usual iiiiiiiMi: Ccume l.'ii':.-;!':! .\'ii';iiii .iiid '/l'"•'")"j;* biisini'ss wa-; rttndurl<'d. As an Kirk <liiiiin .'i' N'ovlnn. win-, wini aildilioii III the (reasiiry the l;idii's llnir f.-illicr, iI. K .Nniii-ii. hi r iiiv- h:id lieeii initting pennies iiilii' en?-: Mi-. .I'.il .dis. S. K Ivii-M U, "sunshine" aiid "rainy day' lians . l"jTeit:i'r- with a sen i mv iiij; iniii- fnr 111!' last ihrei- months, and sev-• m'.inil•. ar.' Icfl li- iiiniini liif, iiri'- eral of Ihesi' bacs w'ere tiiine<l in' lii;s: nf a i| bivliis as llii> lime limit onded with lli.- i-r. -i V:>nbf\il wil". a diitifnl d !.Ianii.-jry leeetinK- It was d''('!d.'d , tor aad i .^iii<'i"-i' frieii'l. that the diifenril day.« had been j Hiiriim ln-r Inn;; illmss nearly eipial iii'-number. The si-r- .Vml-hi lin'c llu- iitiiusc pain .lUl ' III niilh- iiich-1 Mrs. with fi.r- lii.t Willi iiiiiiisli lit,I till relarv' ri 'iiiirli'il that Hxleen inein-'lrite Cliiisliaii rmlrtiide \oorhees. and the sponsors. Mrs. "l,.,,, ,,,„,j, f,,^ ihis b.'arane.'. i -v .r : .dii il.)ll,- A. G. Spccgle. and Mrs. G. .1. Trom- j j.,,;,^, Tlie next meelinp; will be welfare of ibo b*''.d. - iiield'-al Ihe honif of Mr.-.. M. I,.,her i imilorl. o. mt .1. 41. t '^.1 * t i-Iom's. . • I AM liial m.' an. St. Timolllj- S t nurch hrnlfP j Mrs itinn'ss Mnndiy was given , (tmlir lai.' ol lnv, d Leninie i., ^tjowfr al the home of her ninilb- friends roiild dn was diiiii' i A meeting of St. Tlmntliy's! ,.r, Mrs. Kr :ink Stieeie, , iasi ln.i f :-.ivliii; llu llli' nf Ihi Church Service League.- was . Iiebl jTlinrsday afli-rn'oon. The Iaille .4 of lilc wmvan. leu wln'ii hiinia last night in ithe home, of l )i=: aiidiih,- chrisltan. <'Unreli and nlbi'r in foris narlnd their liniliaiioiis Mrs. O. L. Cox. IvIU'd filrndK wer.- t>resen(. njim-1 .Noiicn 'iiraiiH' iisi);iii 'i! ii> 'In The Ri 'V. Thomas Gels Hill.-reel-i herliiK aboiii forty, .iiid llu-.lirlde i f Ihi' .Maslir wlmiii sin- so or. led tlifl devolioimlH itnd Mrs. (J reieiviul a lai 'lse iiiiinli'-r of nii-e fully si'j'-v.'il ,,iul iiass.-,| (., |i. y. IteynolilSi . preHlrtmil,' pi'esided JuiriC .\ lijihl liiiirb was servid 11-. .nil. a'l' tin' li"im-»i;i ln-r ji.. ^ver {he buKlliesH inei'lliiR In uhleli i by .Mr:. :;|iii'ii', a^slvti-d liy Mrs .-it Cii h le.'Kan- ..l.iiii!;i! > IL'. Aiiirphy. . . ' ' .'il flu- ai..' ni | llini : I'l- ]•', .1. Willl.-iiiis was iiviT ri -iiiii liiiir iiiiinth'; .iiid IIIMI-I'II 'layi Neii^hii l'',iil^ Saliirday ivi 'iiiH!>. ' 'Ih-' In ri';ii<d niirs h:ivi' llu senior warden, wan eleeled deb--1 VISHIID; his '|i.irriils. .Mr. and .Mrs. I p.ilh • nf bci h Urnii^'ui ;iiid Ci gale to repniHi'lilj Hi. TImolIiy's Kraiik \\ llliaiii... nf 1,1/liin IH'IKII- < niiiiiiuiiil ii::. elinroh nf the anniinl dioef'san con- bnrbnod. ' | \'i'i y I1111 1 •'^ ivi' .'^iivii .'s were •Venllon. which will In- held t''ebril- .Ml-;; li'iiii' Cnx ni'd" a liilMiie i.; 'iild tm' Mr .Nnilnii in llir linini ary 12 to H at; Christ 'ihnreh iiriii l.i Monday her ) =. Mr. and Mis. S. (•: Cathedral. Tojveka. The peiieral | ' . Ifii'si-'l nf (..irlvli. S.iKi-il.-iy .i| ,--W.; pnv H'' on Full Paid and I" 1 n -dm-l.'.! by tlie It. v C. r;. InstallJiienl Stork. The he.-.l Invest- Ihimillne nf ibe Ci^rl.vli' rvi'sb.vl 'r- ment. Ilii' brst nielbod to save. iaii. rhunb We ic -ii 'd .1. his text .Serurit.v Hld-J^. A- Loan Association, 'hi' Kiih v «:i:i' of ibi- lir.ih I'sttlij). lola, linnHa*. ,• ri -eeinns ill Ihi' siplil nf ilie Lord - - is- till': il".-illi if !M>! saints." Mem— For Heal Kst.ite Ixians see the ; bev-; nf tlii;> Carlvl.' ehoir sanu'. ".N 'l 'V Srnirily Hldsr, * l .(i ;in Assoelaiion,, Miiribns Yniubr." .-iiid ".A City Four I 111' Ki^'st'j of fri] Cl.-Mifle -.Myres c.-iinpbell "fillinKJ nnrtli pari of t «.'IV. and - has l .-i Old Moran fri li-r Or. and Mr! crii'vi'd to learn has been i in a early last: fall : Mr. and Mrs. H Air. .1. M. I<nnier. I)r. <). L. Cox lUid .nr. O. K. I 'eiyJarvlH were reelected veslr)")!!!'!! iiiid J. M. Lamer W. Trout of Pill ail's Chrii-tian liink p.irt 'in the ;,„ ! .'Win. Tluj l.irgi 111,., bi-aiitlfnl flowers III, \ gave si?ei{t lesll ^|._ I (.ytiwiii wbii-h Mfs. '"Id. will I ailh -l r VI'- iri'lil.'- IHJS, I'a IS, syin riylo business of Ihe parish was i^i«eii.' Red. Thirteen ineniberH were picf ent nJid Ihe liostes.s served refreshr mcnfa. —It yon want to buy or bnlld. city or suburban properly Tlic lola Building & l^an. Assoei.-itlon will make you a lo^n, low intelrest fata no coraraisslpn. See G. K. Pees Secretary, at old Register building southwest corner of square. lola, Ks. Office in First Natl. Hank. —Dr. A. R. Twadell. Osteopath. .Vew Globe Rldp, Phone l&l. " -Miliar''. .Svrvici's wei -i' h'ld .il.-o in Ihe _ Haptist Sbnich in f'.ronson 'at l::ti> rnndiu-ted by Uev. George 'Hie luiicheon was served at > qaartette tables lighted with yel- t.low;caddies- and-, the nut cups and • Ittesn / were In yellow and white ?. tlito official colors. : The program was given In com-i • Idenmorstion of the seven founders, f «tlje BiSterhood. : . | 5 :-,The: mejUbers present were: rHTa-'^- H. Arnold, Mrs. J. T. Reid -:„HJ »a.; P- E. "Wangh, Miss Jessie Fry ?-Mrs. Paul Klein, Mrs. D. P. North,;nip;:Mrs. T. B, NoFdgren ,iMr8. H J A. BTOI ^ Mrs.! F . a BeatUe. Mrs • lV.-R.,Heylmnn. Mrs. B. ^. Stbdg- ri Unr Hrs.^'Florence IC Bdding, Mrr P. a-^tchell,. Miss Hazel Bowlns Mrs. JV^ Stadler. MnLjL^B. dtodgr , . hiu, ane«V "ia6rtoTMd Mre.'R Sale Some Special Values in \ Women's Slippers Assorted Into Two Lots I $2.95 & $3*95 SEE WINDOW Children's and Misses Shoes, Soles Guaranteed Not to rip. Any size, 8 to 2 THE DAY l.ea>es ('Hiupix'n .Koniii Krtendii nd Itridr. H. Ford I Hi. .1. .M. Paul, siroki- of aitopIe,.\y nil]*.', remains in Iconilltion. with no of"; ri'ioijery. The ni.iny mily^are extending ^iipalliy during the inxli'ty. IH eame'liome for nday. returning to afternoon to lie irk .Alonday morn- assist'ing in Ihe erelary Ryan dnr- be di.<4ri bill ion of iblle licenses. |anie. home Sunday I., called here by s.s of his gfand- I'aiil. Riimsey of : Inla y the Kiiesl.s of irolber. L. Twad- here went to Canada and^had been greatly pleased with tUeIr location and business advantages there. Mrs. Hewitt|has written friends, here that she is improving and: hopes to be able to be at home by the summer time. Mrs. Irwin, of Boone, la., arrived Saturday to he with her father, .1. M. Paul, who is so ill. It was very gratifying to know her father w.-i.s able to recognike her and to know- bis faihily is at his bedside. Bud Hurley returned homo Saturday from Kainsas City where be underwent an operation for the re- inovul; of a growth in the nose. His friends are'glad to know he is rapidly recoverinc and will soon be in good liealHi. The Open Circle ('oiintry Club oifjoyed its regular afternoon parly last Thursday at the hinne of Mrs. Conk. The following guests were present: Mesdames .Min'er. Lena l.nriie, Minnie Miller. Isaac and daughter Vest a. AVheeler, Sloane, Alderman, AVillianis, .lefferies. No- Icn, Mary Uobb, Fanny Wood, Ben Bacon and son, Mrs. Tice, Ruby Opal Larue and daughter. Chester A'okum and daughter. M. Knapp and children. Roy Sitiger and children, Perkins, ' Ford. Mary AVond ami daughter Klsie..Allss .Medora Wood. Guests iHclnded: Mesdames SIrnnk. Wright and Olson. The next meeting will, be Willi Mrs. Hen Bacon. January I '.'i. .Mnrun friends extend sincere gootl wishes' to Sheriff iinil • .Mrs. Smock, as they begin life together. May abundant success be th'-irs always. tmiimwm MteR.BEST Famous? iAdvehturcr, Ex- plorcFjiand Lecturer to Mdiiday Evening .* What is expected to be one oT the best; if not ;?he very bcstpwigram evi!r given.;by tho Current Topics ^;lnh durinft thfe entire H years of its .exis(s>nce will occur nt thr meeting of.i^the club ne .xl Monday rvonitrg. when the spea 'icer will be i)r. Cora .lojuistone Rest, of .Minneapolis. Miim. i Cora Johi^tone Rest is an adventurer in the;true sense of the word and has tfie'j-are faculty of sharing her experiences with her aiyliences larve Redden and |lrs. W.-irren John- were here Sunday lends, has leased the station in the iwn on Ibe liigh- Uen I'hargi': nds who reniem- Hewitt will be that Mrji. Jlewill sanilarinm^ since fferinp froin T.R. Kvitf. after leaving Tho Rev. TIioma,s Cetz Hill, ri'ii- tor of St. 'rimotliy's Fpiscopal church, lola and Grace i-.,! .si-opal chnrch. Phannle. with rc-ideiiicin Channic, wa.s- the giiesr. n' llr. and -Airs. -W. L. Cox over nigh:. Mrs. C. AV. CwnphcII of 'iitr, South State street, who was badly burned last Thursday when her elolli- ing -.caught fire' from a gas stove, is reported as rwoverini; .satisfar- torily. Airs. Campbell is Ihe daughter of Air. and Airs. W. I). Hall of 632 Soulli Waihlnglon avenue. - Tir. F. S. Ilealtif bfl this­ ing on the Oil Flyer-^or Wichila to altend a ni'-etingof llie Kansas anil Oklahoma Fair and llacini; COR.A JOH.VSTO.NE I'.KfJT the *lias lof Canada, explirlng:* hunting grimly bears and oth^r big game; looldbg for and finding unusual places and thin*;s ar,d bringing them back in pic::nr?5 Shb has climbed.every considerub'.e pcuk^in the Canadian Rockies luclti.liDg.l. Assiniboine. the .Northwe.<jt |VrelC.' of Sir Donald and the second a.s- cent of Sir Douglas Haig—a imost difficnit and treacherous climb from . a new and untried side ol the rnoiintain '^Klntrdoni <>i Ihe ( Inuds"* The. title of the locturdrrii'." Bes» will give in lola is "The.;Kingdom of the ('louds." It will be Jllu^- trated by two reels'of iwiving! pic? ' tnres and two groups of slides; and will he a grapic account: of s6me of her mountain—climbini;, csper- iences. i . ! ^ Dr. Rest is speaking utKlerj the dlrec'tion of the Hurean \ of 'Cojm- inevcial Economics, of AVashirigion D. C, and comes withotit charge to lola upon invit.ition ofiihe'Ciir rent Topics club. There wilt [lie. .some to..tlie cliib conpejst.- " ed with her visit; howeve.r. andftc ; meet these and at the-same tlrheito afford all who would ;)e intdre-st- cd in this most nniisual opportunity lo luar it.; arrangements have been made to have the lecture given in Ihe .i.!ii!iJi)riuni of the Uapti.^t Tiinple wi'ri a nominal admission fee of ".ir. cenfs. As n matter of convenience the usual dinner of the cliib. inst-ad of being at one of the hotels, will he served bv tiie ladies of th" f!:ifti.<t church ' at the usual hour. 0:l."i. To this dinner members of I he club arc in- i vlted; to bring their .vlvcs cr any other members of their families ; Dr. .Best will perh.ips .^pe.-;'K briefly at this dinner. Tlie li'>:luri! will begin in the aiidiloriuni at 7;:l0. iMSTi RBIN(;M(;HT coroH ijrrcKi.v sTftppEi). i —"A distressing conga and irri-"' la led tji roar kept, me miserably aw.ike at night and prevented other.-: from sleeping. Foley'.s Honey and Tar Compound quickly com- fnrteil and relieved mc Helped ray neighbors over "^flu" couglus.' too. Fef.M miisLtell you about it." says hiiri;. The AVoih- 1|emperance Pniori services at Bron- alleiidance and from both places |iiony to the. high .Mrs. .N'orton was circuity to b«^h,dd thereon .lani..-.ry speniling months in th-^m l.S.and m. The dates for all .vi,„. .s ,.;,^„ns: were si.ent in Yell.e.v- stone Park. ' . tbriiiigh her vivid style a.s -a lec- 1 tii'.er. She lias hunted, climbed :!!id been oij exploring expeditions from Ibe .-Vrctic Circle to the Trop-i . ,, i.-s. She lias mushed over bund | f - ' • ^ai'"rs innug Harbor. leils of miles Of.Alaskan snow P^- , ^' Wonderfully .soothing and trails; .irivcii d(ig teams; hniilcd""':''"'K- Bland to the tender whales Willi- Eskimos; explored i """"''l " ^l^'!''- Pfwtive in siop^V and brought out specimens of pre- l"ne slnblwrn coughs of grown htsloric animals from Alberta bad pe.r^-wns.—Brown Drng Store. lands on Red Deer River; was iJic — firsi iierson-'. to explore Sapphire i .Aloiiiitain ' where she gathered banrffnls of -.sapphires. .Alr.s. lies' has been tlirnjigh all our .N'ational fairs will Ojo maile at this nieelint Dr. Beattie in sw-rrlary nf this circuit as well as secni'lar.v of- die Allen County Fair, ;He will hi- homo ThursMlay night. .Air. and Airs, .lark .Smithard ami son. of diaiiiile. A)r. .mid Airs. .Aleader /and danghler. Alelvine. of Lallarpe. and Aliss Ceraliliiii' Ronthwaril anil .loe Taylor, of lola. sp^nt Sunday at'.St. I'.'ml. Kansas: .Air. anif lAlrs. .1. R. Kirk left Ibis morning for Wichit.-i. .Air. Kirk will attend a meeting of Ihe Alasonic Home board. •• • .Miss Klla Chamjiers. of Carnelt. who has been ht-re visitiiig friends, rctiirneil home this :iflernoon. For seven snmniCTs she ha.' spent from four to seven months iii ASTHMA mjk No cure for it,' bat welcoma W relief is often brought by— VI CKjS Qpgr JT Million Jan Ummd Yimt, ORyCOODS-^WOMEN'S WEAR-MILLINER» •OLA - - - - KANSAS DLA'S POPULAR STORE January Clearance Continues All this Week One great group of bt-aii- tiful Silk Brocades. 'Silk Cantons and Charnieii.^c. Special January price— : $1.59 Yard See [These Silks in Our South Window At- Cleiirance Prices One grt>up C Coat.s, sizes.3| All other .'^iv'.es G "to 16 prices, -' .$1.98 v'alue (hildreri's •ses Gingham Dn (iLll Sizes.) 20 ,P<5r Cer bildren's (gQ OF% to 6 ___^«PO «t /ll Childrenis Coats in at greatly reduced $1.25 t Discount on all iitsnruTiON- y^here adwnga are greaieat" SOIITjIrSIDK SQUARE ' lOLA, KANSAS OUR FEATURE TOWEL —i.s a heavy double terry, extra large ^Ilarinon Towel. EA^ery housewife know.s that Cannon Towels are the; best on the market. These are in fancy colored or plain AA'hite borders. A real hoiiest-to-goodness value at— 25c HEAVY CANNON TOWEL A very high grade, luxurious Bath Towel, colored or while.border, made of extra heaA'y Terry. Size 44x24, a real value at— 49c CANNON TOWEL A lighter Bath Towel, made of good Terry, in either colored or plain Avjiite borders. An. excellent towel for general Use. Size 18x.36. and priced Very low at 390"^"' CANNON TOAVEL .A good towel, made of Terry in either colored or plain Children's Wtiol Dresses. Clearance i rices on all Blankets, Sheetings, Miislins, Comfort Chalfies, Wool Xloods^ Winter GJoves. l/nder- wcar, etc. Seneier's—The Store of Values I Avhitc borders. Size 18?c34.; Priced a PAIR only 29c • CANNON TOWEL A lighter towel "but one that many housewives use. An excellent hand towel or .shaving towel, either white or colored borders. Size 18x32. Pricdd at only— BARBERTbWELS A fine fluality Barber Towel with red borders. 12.X21. Only— 79c DOZEN , WASHCLOTHS Cannon Wash Cloths in a very desirable size, weight Terry, in blue'or pink plaids. |Each— Size Good 5c

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