The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 18, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1958
Page 9
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Little Help for Housewives on Turkey Buys Sy THE ASSOCIATED PRESS lR»uwwWw wto cwrt dwiite when to buy Christmwr tutfcey wartf* iHBc>btl|> tern n Mint MM ftoetry stotw tiStnftftte fete WMfc. BUMF Mows* offer itoftb Wfcfl» Ottafe Wffl WtVttt flfcll" special jRftw etriy Ant wee*. for twstwbc* wte don't mat turkey tbtr* m special tattfaiw on potk toinv ham, k§ «t lamb. anil Mftfc? item* such as rack confab tea and Mfcmesola goose. The shopper who waste to sam a bit now in preparation for mart week can usually find chuck coast. Lamb i prices are. fbtu? cento a pound lower in some areas this wtek while other .meats, are about unchanged. Eggs, reversed their recent trend and rose two to eight cents, a dozen over a wide area, Bumper supplies of soybean oil, cottonseed off, peanut oil and corn oil have pushed shortening; prices down to then* lowest levels since January 195S Department of Agriculture seers say supplies of winter vegetables wilt • be sub- stantiaUjr- greater than kst yew, assuming more normal weather particularly in Florida. Canned: vegetable supplies will be slightly larger than last season, and f roe- en, however, will be considerably above the average of recenl years. Buys in Potatoes Outstanding vegetable buys this week are potatoes, radishes topped beets, turnips and parsnips Good buys are sweet corn, egg plant, endive, escarole, iceberg lettuce, mushrooms, sweet potatoes,. spinach and Idaho potatoes Nearby cabbage prices rose sharply thu week, but still were rated a good buy as are onions Apples are at bargain levels. Florida citrus is moderatelj priced despite the annual moratorium on shipments, a move de signed to clear abundant supplies on hand early in the season. Battle-Scarred LSU President Lists Desire as Top Factor in Peace, War i* W. B. RAOfDALE JR. i sell* Riw in Lu*smbouff thin-IOnt ftd Infantry Divttfon had BATON ROUGE, La. Oft - Lt. Gen. Troy Middleton, who. 14 years ago midft the vital deoU slon to hold Bastogne against the Germans in the Battle of the Bulge, said today desire it th« most important (actor for success WEATHER FORICAST — Light snow Is forecast for tonight fn the northern Appalachians, the eastern Great Lakes area. northern Minnesota, North Dakota ana th« northern Rcektes, Rain is expected in eastern Washington. It will be warm- er in Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska and Kan* $as; eoolej- In western N«w York, VI r- giniaj the Ohio and Tennessee valleys,, the Great Lakes region,, Illinois, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Montana and western Washington. (AP Wirephoto Map) in war or peace. The M-year-old Misaissipptan, prwident of Louisiana State University since 1951, explained, "If a person has a desire to make good, he will make good. Our football team is a good example. They had a desire to win." Trampted 10 Poea LSU's light but fast aquad trampled 10 foea for its first perfect season in SO yaars and the na- ly told by iliddleton'i tth Conn. "i ordftrtd th* men to fight in iiiSiMr" he said, "they couldn't withdraw ... The next place would be worse. "Two of our infantry divisions wen under strength, badly shot up from the fighting in the north," the general remembered, "they had been tent to our area to rest. Pope John Places Red Hats on 20 at Colorful Ceremony tional championship. "The same thing is true in legal Notice By FRANK BHUTTO VATICAN CITY UP) - Amid glittering and moving medieval pageantry, Pope John XXm today placed the red hats of their irigh office over the heads of 20 of the 23 new cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. More than 35,000 cheering per* sons filled the vast Basilica of St. Peter for the glittering public consistory, the climactic event fn the ceremonies this week which, have Increased the College «f Cardinals, to 74 men, largest in history. The new cardinals approached the papal throne singly, hands folded in prayer. Their bright scarlet trains trailed nine feet behind across the green velvet carpet. Cushing Is 10th Tenth in order was one of the two new American cardinals, Archbishop Richard James Cushing of Boston. The other, Arch bishop John O'Hara of Philadelphia, was 13th. Each of the new princes of the church knelt quickly, kissed the Pope's slipper and then his hand. Each time the pontiff bent tow to touch cheeks with the new member of the Sacred College. Then for each, Pope John repeated this solemn charge in Latin: "For the praise of Almighty God and the honor of the Holy Apostolic See, receive the red hat, the special badge of a cardinal's rank. By this you are to understand that you must show yourself fearless, even to the shedding of your blood, in making our holy faith respected, in securing peace for Christian people, and in promoting the welfare of the Roman Church. In the name of the fa- AT "AXE" JOHNSON'S TOY SHOP ther and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen." Galero Over Heads While the Pope spoke, two assistants held one of the broad- rimmed, flat • topped hats — the galero — over the head of the new cardinal. The ceremony proceeded quickly, lasting about a minute for each cardinal. The vast throng was hushed and the pontiffs strong voice rang through the basilica. Each cardinal moved away without his red hat. They will be delivered later in the day and will never again appear in public until the owners are dead. When a cardinal'dies, his hat is placed on his catafalque and then suspended from the ceiling of his cathedral. ON ALL TRUCKS and DOLLS LARGE SELECTION TO CHOOSE FROM! * BARGAINS GALORE ALL OVER THE STORE * •AXE" JOHNSON'S "Our Own" Hardware HI I. Mill • HI3-3250 Seaport Group Starts Terminal Construction ST. PAUL (AP) — The Inter- lational Duluth Seaport Corp. Dlans to start preliminary work on » multi-million dollar private terminal in that city shortly after the Irst of the year. This was the word from officials }f the company after the State Executive Council and Gov. Freeman late Wednesday approved an agreement for a lease with the City of Duluth on 135 acres of waterfront property there. Start Jan. 1 Alexander E. Freeman, Winnipeg, president of the corporation, said in a telegram to state officials that engineering work on the pro- ect would begin shortly after Jan. so construction can start without delay. Present outline calls for build- ng bonded warehouses, a three- evel parking area, office buildings, grain elevators and bulk liquid storage facilities. These would be leased to shippers and maritime companies. Kenneth Duncan, president of the Duluth Port Authority, said the project was the only major one of its kind being developed with private funds. Approve Lease The Duluth City Council already had approved the lease, which covers tax-forfeited acreage along the lake, much of it now under water. Approval of the state and city agencies was necessary in view of the investment of 10 million dollars in public funds in a marine terminal the port authority is building. Duncan said the new, private terminal would complement that facility and that both would be of tremendous economic benefit to the entire state and area when the seaway is opened to ocean traffic. Bab/ Beaten for Not Posing Quietly for Christmas Card OLATHE, Kan. (AP) — A couple are in jail here on a charge stemming from the beating of their 11-month-old son. The mother told police the boy kept moving around while she and her husband were trying to photograph tiim. They wanted the pictures for Christmas cards. Rapid Thefts Net $1,000 in Twin Cities MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - A good- looking blonde man carrying an evil-looking black pistol raided seven small Twin City stores for an estimated $1,000 loot within four hours Wednesday night. The youth, in his early 20s, well dressed and with blue eyes, start- ee his rapid-fire forays at a beauty salon shortly after 5 p.m., made his last visit at a dairy store at 9:24 p.m. The raids also included two neighborhood groceries, another dairy store, dry cleaning office and a jewelry shop near the university. All of the robberies occurred in Minneapolis except one. Midway in his campaign, the bandit looted a dairy store on Ford Parkway j in St. Paul. All the victims reported the man! hatless and unmasked. He wore a' stylish grey tweed car coat. j Although they followed numer- i ous leads, police were unable to determine whether the gunman had an accomplice in a getaway car. The two groceries yielded him his largest loot, estimated at about $600. At the gem shop he stole a pearl necklace and pocket secretary. I Mrs. Sophe Welsh, clerk at the jeweler's, said the intruder, "looked just tike any other aver/age college boy who comet into 1 the store." Orlan C. Cook, 27-year-old technical manager for a sound transcribing firm, and his wife Betty Ann, 23, were jailed on a charge fighting a war," he added, "If you want to hold a position, you can do it, The other fellow will quit first." Couldn't Withdraw It was a cloudy, cold day Dec. 16, 1944—with ceiling so low even observation planes couldn't get off the ground—when the Germans launched a major attack along the 88-kilometer front of the Mo- Surprise Attack Meeting Ends in Total Failure GENEVA (AP) -.The 10-nation conference on prevention of surprise attacks ended today in complete failure. The talks never got down to a serious discussion of a surprise attack alert system because East and West were in total disagreement on the very purpose of the conference. The Soviet bloc made a vain effort at the 4H-hour final meeting to have Jan. 5—or any other date — fixed for resumption of the talks. The Western group, led by William C. Foster of the United States, firmly told the Soviet bloc it was useless to reconvene unless an agreed bases for \he discussions could be established in direct contacts between the governments concerned. The United States, Britain, France, Italy and Canada represented the North Atlantic Treaty powers; and the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania and Albania the East bloc. The conference opened Nov. 10 and became bogged down from the start in procedural arguments. The Western side submitted numerous technical proposals in the hope the Soviet bloc would agree to discuss these without bringing up political issues. Prince, Ohio Girl Wait His Parents' Okay NEW YORK (AP)—A Nepalese prince and a pretty Cleveland, Ohio, girl have taken out a marriage license, but the girl's father says wedding plans await the consent of the royal family. The couple — Prince Basund- hara Bir Bikram Shah, 36, broth- ORDfcft JfOf (ttAfttNd OM Mttl* TtON tO »«lt Oft MOfftf GAO* fttAt MTATi STATB or unnniaoTA, county oj MOW«N-«* in Probate Court in tt« Bsute of Annu« Barkhutt. also known M AhflU Batthuff, Adult Ward Tb* representative of Mid e»ute having filed herein ft petition to sell or mortgage certain real *etate de»- cribed In Mid petulant rr IS ORDERED, Thai the hearing thereof M had on tht 31*t day of December, IM«. at 10 0'flKxfr before this Oourt la room In the court ttttfi. IB hid only about half pi Alt it< fttotid dlviUoft in lUppeft, "The (ait w« could dd Wil try to build islands of Wil»Unc«, they would be •flitound- ed," Middleton s»ld. was Hk« th« hub of • thctl with roadt l«idfoi In ill direction!. I felt we ihauld hold It it any cost. $«n. (George) Fatten first criticized m« for hold ing it. Later, h« laid it wai a stroke of genius." Minn. (AP) «. *o Minnesota college atudffit* weff picked at candidates for hode« ftehoiafihipi Wtdne«d»y Ight, It Wit announced by Dr. ' fi, Prultt, Morttary of the «t«fe »y oi • V AV,.VWIVUK A>U'. in th« probat* court rt house In Austin. tin to th« W«f. Ordinance NO. Ill corporate limit* of Am- nil of the OWMN own- inc the prnnlias h«r*ln»fUr d«*ortb- M h»w p«tltion«d the common Council of Austin, Minnesota, to htw the hiwlnafwr dMottMd pMmlMS »n- nued to th* corporate limit* of Aw liswtu iu VUV VVU4V UVUVV IU AUBViUi Minnesota, and that nolle* hereof be given by publication of this order In the Austin Daily Herald and by mailed notice as provided by lav. Dated December 2nd, 1958 PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge. (PROBATE COURT SEAL) MEANT, LEIOHTON & MEANT Attorneys for Petitioner. Austin, Minnesota File No. 10893 Dec. 4, U, 18 Ordinance NO, 882 An ordinance to amend the coning Ordinance 713, Austin Compilation. THE COMMON COUNCIL OP THE CITY OF AUSTIN DO ORDAIN: SECTION 1. The use district of the hereinafter described premises shall be changed from residential to industrial use and *ald premises are hereby removed from the residential district of the City of Austin and placed In the Industrial district of the City of Austin. The premise* are described a* follow*: Beginning at a point 9 rod* North of and 27 rods west of the Southeast corner of the Southeast Quarter of Section 4, Township 102, Range 18; thence West 19 rods; thence North 17',4 rods; thence East 19 rods; thence South 17li rod* to the place of beginning. SECTION 2. The above rezonlng from residential to industrial use shall be added In its proper alphabetical sequence In the Chart of Zoning Revisions In Ordinance 713 of the Austin Compilation. Passed by a vote of the yea* and nays this 5th day of December, 1958. Yea* 7. N»ys 0. APPROVED: CHARLES B. HANSEN Mayor ATTEST: J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Dec. 11, 18 Legal Notice ORDER FOB HEARING ON PETITION FOR ADMINISTRATION. LIMITING TIME TO FILE CLAIMS AND FOR HEARING THEREON 3TATE OF MINNESOTA. County Ot of contributing to the dependency and neglect of their son Kevin. Juvenile Judge Joseph Davis Jr. placed Kevin and his 3-year- old brother Bryan in a foster home pending disposition of the case. The couple was arrested after a baby sitter took Kevin to a doctor for treatment of bruises on the face and body. The doctor called police. Laughs Too Hard — Lands in Hospital PERTH AMBOY, N.J. (AP) Richard Block, 18, laughed himself into Perth Amboy General er of the King of Nepal, and Lynn Waldron, 22 — obtained the license Nov. 13. The matter of the Hindu prince obtaining his family's approval was brought up Wednesday night in Cleveland by the young woman's father, George E. Waldron, a brewery company executive. He did not elaborate. He said his only child met the prince while she was touring the world. TEMPERATURES In. Minnesota WKBRKASM and Mid premise* adjoin the City of Austin and are subject to incorporation within the corporate limit* of Austin, Minnesota., by pe tltlon to the governing body of the MOW THEREFORE THE COMMON COUNCIL OP THE CITY O* AOBTm DO ORDAIN: SUCTION 1. That th* land here Inafter described be added to and Incorporated within the corporate limits of the City of Austin, Mlnne sota, and aaid Common Council doe hereby declare said premises herein after to be Incorporated within an to be a part of the City of Austin: The East IBS feet of the North half of the South One-third of the West three-quarters of the North half of the Northwest quarter of Section 4, Township 102 North, Range IB West, Mower County, Minnesota; Mower—as. in Probate Oourt tn Ro Estate of UlUe L. Bunge, also known as Llllle Bunge, Decedent. Donald H. Bunge having filed herein a petition for general administration stating that said decedent died Intestate and praying that Harold E. Cummlngs be appointed administrator; IT is ORDERED That the hearing thereof be had on the 30th day of December, 1958. at 10 o'clock A.M., before thU Court in the pntbate enur< room tn the court bouse in Austin Minnesota, that the time within which creditors of aaid decedent may file their claims be limited to four months from the date hereof, and that the claim* so filed be heard on the 6th day of April, 1950, at 10 o'clock A M before this Court tn the probate court room In the' court house in Austin, Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order tn the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law.' Dated December 3nd, 1958. PA0L KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge (PROBATE COURT SEAL) BAUDLKB <Sf BATJDLER Attorneys for Petitioner. Austin, Minnesota File Mo. 11848 Dec. 4, 11. 18 That part of the Northeast quarter of the Northwest quarter of Section 4, Township 102 North, Range 18 West, described a* follows: Beginning at the Northeast comer of tract A-l described In the. deed from Oehler to Busted recorded In Book 209 of Deeds, page 73, In tbe Mower County Register of Deeds office; thence East along th* North line of said tract A and In a continuation of said North line to the East line of the West three-quarters of tbe North half of the Northwest quarter of said section 4; thence South along the East line of said West three-quarters of the North half of said quarter section to the extended South line of tract A-2 described in said Oehler-Bustad deed; thence West to the South' east corner of aaid tract A-2; thence North in the East line of said tract A-2 to the point of beginning. Intending to describe herein tbe tract* of land described in the deeds recorded In Book 218 of Deeds, page 557 and In Book 91« of Deeds, page 558 In the Mower county Register of Deeds Office SECTION 2. The above describee land extending the corporate limit of the City of Austin, Minnesota shall be added to the end of 2300.63 Austin Compilation, In It* regula chronological order. Passed by a vote of tbe yea* an nays this 5th day of Deo., 1958. Yea* 6, Nays 0. APPROVED: CHARLES R. HANSEN Mayor ATTEST: 3. H. WEILAND City Recorder Deo. 11, 1 2 Selected as CancNatti far Scholarship! AU.VflM Minn.) HFRAI.D Thursday, Dec. 18, 1*58 9 fh'ey are Thomas E. Rift fit. Paul, currently a wnter Harvard, at*, ion, a aeniOM |t NoTthfleld. Their nfttMtfTt* •? gethw with those o| i Candida from tnlttedT to the group at D«« Motnen Saturday. Hospital. He was listening to "Green Christmas," a recording by satirist Stan Freberg, and doubled over with laughter—thereby stab- ing himself with a letter opener in his pocket. It took several stitches to saw up his punctured left thigh. Meadow larks are not larks, but members of the blackbird family. Alexandria Bemidji Intl Falls Redwood Falls Rochester St. Cloud Duluth La Crosse Madison Minot Fargo Rapid City Calgary Edmonton Regina Winnipeg H 31 28 23 94 26 30 26 21 29 37 29 42 46 42 32 26 L 16 7 1 22 19 21 12 18 15 20 19 22 28 It 11 -2 Legal Notice STATE OF MINNESOTA, County Of Mower Bids dene Januray 9, 1950 In the Matter of County Ditch Mo. 8 of Mower County, Minnesota. NOTICE OF LETTING On January 2, 1959 at 1:00 P.M. In the Commissioners Room at the Court Home In the City of Austin, Minnesota, a complete contract for construction of County Ditch No. 8 will be let to the lowest responsible bidder. The estimated cost thereof Is $10, 007 and the approximate amount of work la: 62,130 Cu. Yds. of Excavation: SO Un. Ft. 18" Reinforced Culvert Pipe Installation; 1 Floodwater Inlet; 1 Concrete Bulkhead. Bids are Invited for the entire work as one Job. Specifications for the construction are on file In the office of the County Auditor of Mower County. The right Is reserved to reject any and all bids. Each bid shall be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond payable to the County Treasurer of Mower County, Minnesota, for not IMS than 10 per cent of the bid, at security that the bidder will enter into the contract and give a bond as required by law. The engineer, C. V Jones, will attend the letting and no bid will be accepted without his approval as to compliance with plant and specifications. The job will be let in one job to the lowest responsible bidder therefor. Bid* shall not be received which In the aggregate exceed by more than 30 per cent the total estimated coat of construction. The letting may be adjourned from time to time. Forms of bidder's proposal are on file with the said County Auditor and are available from the Engineer, 0. V. Jones, Corner of Margaretha and Eleventh Street, P. O. Box 648, Albert Lea. Minnesota. Dated at Austin, Minnesota, this 8th day of December, 1658. GRAHAM B. UZUK, County Auditor County of Mower State of Minnesota D«c. 11, 11, J8 General Electric MAJOR APPLIANCES WASHERS • DRYERS • RANGEf REFRIGERATORS - TV - Moke It o Whitt Christmos No Payment Until March 1st* '59 CLEVELAND'S ACE U1DWAIE Ordinance NO. 880 Extending the corporate limit* Austin to tb« West. WHEREAS all or tb« owners own Ing the premises hereinafter descrtb ed have petitioned the Commo Council of Austin, Minnesota, to bav too hereinafter described premise* an nexed to tbe corporate limit* of Au* tin. Minnesota, and WHEREAS said premises adjoin the City or Austin and are subject t Incorporation within the oorporat limits of Austin, Minnesota, by petition to the governing body of the City of Austin. NOW THEREFORE THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUSTIN DO ORDAIN: SECTION 1: That tbe land hereinafter described be added to and Incorporated within the corporate limit* of Austin, Minnesota, and aaid Common Council does hereby declare •aid premises hereinafter described to be incorporated within and to be • part of the City of Austin, (A) Out lot* 11, 12, and 13 In Block 3 of Auditors Plat located In Northwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter and Southwest Quarter of Northeast Quarter of Northeast Quarter in Section 4, Township 102 North, Range 18 West, which said Plat is dated August M. IMfl, and was duly filed for record In the Office of tbe Register of Deeds of Mower County, Minnesota. on October 8, 1946, in Book S of Plats on page 37. (B) Out Lota 7, 8, and 11 In Block 6 of Auditor* Plat of Re-Arrangement of Block* 5 and e located in the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter and the southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of tbe Northeast Quarter of Section 4, Townobip 102 North of Range 18 West, In Mower County, Minnesota, which wld Plat Is dated August 11, 1952, and was duly filed for record in the Office of the Register of Deed* of Mower County, Minnesota on September 19, 19S2, in Book 8 of Plat* on page a. (C) Lot* 1, 3. 3. 4. and 5 In Block 3 In Plunketf* Addition to the City of Austin, Mower County, Minnesota. (D) Lot* 1, t, 3. 4. and S In Block 1 of Plunkett's Addition to tbe City of Austin, Mower County, Minnne- •ota (E) Lot* 1, 3, 3, 4. and S In Block 1 of M*uer*s Addition to tbe City of Austin, Mower County, Minnesota. SECTION 2: The above described land extending tbe corporate limits of the City of Austin, MlnnewU. shall be added, to the end of 230043, Austin Compilation, in it* regular chronolog teal order. Passed by a rote of the yea* and nays this 17th day of November, 1958. Tea* 7, Nay* 0. APPROVED: CHARLES R. HANSEN ATTEST: J. H. WEILAND City Recorder Dee. 11. 18 9* Your Chriilmas Shopping at STERLING ALL YOUR NIRDS IN ONI eONVBNIBNT LOCATION... The 1959 Schwinn Bicycles Are Here Juii In Time lor rhristmas Trade in Your Old Bikt On a New Beauty W« Oivc "S*H" GrMit Stomps ON All iUT fAlft TRADED ITEMS Small Payment Holds Southern Miiwtiota't OWttt Sthwlnn DcaUr MYERS CYCLE SHOP Aiutia's Only IxcUniv*. licydt •«•< Wbttl too* (tore 109 I. IrUa* |». "Slow 1910" HI 1-9921 Over 100 Bicycles From Which To Chooit Open every nitt till Chiritmas. 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