The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
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VOL. XVIII. NO. 1«. CARUOLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1894. WHOLE NO. 904. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, g'\f. attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and feverf and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met with the approval of the medic*, profession, because it acts on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable.substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug- okta in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Figs, and being well informed, you will not accept any substitute if offered. OHUBOH DIBBCTOBT a.; •renlng Mrrlce* HI 7 p. m.j T. P. S. c. B. imle*, 6 p. as.; Sunday school, 12:1B p. m. j Prayer MMtlni, Tbondaj •venlng, 7:80 p. m. REV. en. VOLBOM, Pastor. BAPTIST. services p. m.! ann< „ Ji.; Franc Meeting, Thursday ting, 7 JO p, n. BBT. J. C. HaxDBiouoM. Pastor V. B. Ovaar, Superintendent, M OBMING serrlM.ll a. m,; evening 7 p. m.; Junior Ipworth League. » p. ay •pwortb League, « p. m.. Bandar Behoof liai p. m,! Prayer Meeting. TOurosVf Bvenlng. 7 JO p. in. Bav. W B. TBOMHOM, Pastor Da. WM. HbMpmui, Superintendent . UarroUPoa«-Offloa. Halls at tbe office close at felons: Going east: 240 and 7 JO o'clock p. m. doing west: 130 p.m. and 7-JO o'clock p. PI. Office open on Sunday from t to 10 a. m. and from 3 to 4 p. a. STAB BOHTE8. Mt. Cirnnl »ad Kentner, dally aicsjt Sandal Departs 12 m., arrives at * 18) p. m. Boielle, Tuesday, Tbunday, Baturday. Dspart 4 a. m. arrive* Urn. Coon Baplds, Oarrollton, Wtlley.-Twday, Tbunday, Saturday, arrives II m. doparto 1 p. n. O. • N. W. tun* Oara. N». 7 PaclBeBspNM 1B6 p. m. Ho. IS Carroll Kzprew » W p. m. • •» f»" r ,.818 p. ta. He. i OtarlandttmlUd 9 60 p. m Be. 4 CW-.oi I BXPIOM. 9 Dttmr Limited t • Ho- 16 Det Molnes Passeoger.......? 00 a. m. .. Bits. a*. UWIMM '^ j;'E."OBBAoSi, Agent O. M. *Bt. P. VI, rajsaiaaa TBAUS »f iuasuia 2MS.SS. ilgbt .1 vaius aoiaa wan l« p, W. 1:87 p. m 7ilO U .'"".".'.'.".'.'.".'.".".lOifp p. m al* at th*oa*«. AIM a» tloaa44MM, w, w. BaaoiswajpeB. *•«•• L The Twenty-firat Annual Normal Institute Convened • Monday With <•» One ot tlie ijurinMt BMroiii»o»t« 13v»r County, V .-Will Illl MJIHI1HI* UK lioRda? morulug Ut* star* and war* mo op on l(i« tuww of tu« high •Aool bulldiuj aad (turn 8 o'olook until pigbt Iba work or •nralUuft Mid ol«»lfy- Ing tb* 0lt«danla in attandaooa want mwrU^ on. '#"i»w« »»'• * suBMunl immbjir ou biutd to liart tb» Q>»M work atoml«« »'»• Md illhougb MW arrival* k»pl oouilug til 4*7 M»« work iu room vift! Ml uuiutwruuladl/. porpt of tMOtWNi bw charge ot the work o( instruction : E, L. Esslev, J. E. Am«jt, W. E. Atkinson, 8. L. Onrrett, J. E. Smith, A. J. Stone, F. E. Lenooker, O. M. Lisk, Grace Kail, Lain Long, Mabel Stack and J. J. MoMahon. The work of the institute is divided into tour grades and the class is conducted by teachers especially prepared for the work they have in charge, so that each one is supposed to do special work in his line. The following are the names of those enrolled: CABROLI,. Annategge Mary Kelly Christine Welderhold Onrrle Nance . Laura Scbollenbera Lulu Long Bertba Bangs Josephine Patty Emma Stevens Ada Thompson Nettle Fox Ora Quint Anna Kelley Mary Bowen Mary O'Herron Mano Bowler Ellen Coates Ada Graham Hary Barrow Csrrle Walz Maggie Wolfe Belle Supplee Bacbel Hartel V. A. Oolllion F. J. Rettenmaler Hary Graham Martha Yegge Frances Cloney EmmaYoung Elizabeth Msrtel Lillian Mlcka Florence Folken Rosa Floyd Alice Cavanangit a»rah Camp D. C. Hurdook Lydla Uoonl Hay Galantine OtlllleZerwis Viola Cook Gertrude Smith H. B. Walling Jno. B. Cook Florence Bailey Emma Arnoll Grace Kail Hae Wolfe Nellie Haher Nellie Atkinson Llbble Maclean Katie Murray Fannie Wlederbold Addle Supplee Oattarlne Zerwai Edltb Lefflngwell ttzcle Pape Lizzie Barr J. M. Balpb OUe Hickman Klla Morgan P. V. Lenz France* Lucey E. B. Copp Catherine Hunter Katie Barrow Annie Fiord Emma Matting BttaBoban Frank Duryee Katie Hatton Maggie Hatton - Vlda Price BobtCoburn O. II. Ltak W. A. Doming HatUe borejoy Mamie Button Nellie Atkinson Klla Griffin Anna Bohnenkamp Mabel Bailey Jacob Beit Zetta House Minnie Horton Mary Clifton Alice Bberer Jos. Woblenberg Barley Porter 0. A. Noble Maude Andrews Will BoioheMlng Cora Horton Hannah Dlllluger Belle urrla Steve Crlttenden Nellie Cook Jennie Ferguson D. Sylvester Grace Bubter Lillian Paul Sam Baselton OLIDDBN. W. Meyers Florence Oadwell Mary Waldron Luella Sherer Nellie Klgert Virgil Young Fred Kllngoi Grace Crlttenden, Ida Dlilavou Jennie Hunter D. W. Dobson GerrltJanssen Irene Mavlty Lizzie Bell Anna Orlttenden Bdlth Green Flo Huelton Lou McCollough Kmlly Wllley Clara Blakeslee kilDnle rarker Belle Toung Mary fibea Maude Johnston Olara EntmoDi UitUe Leonard Marr Qardaer Elsie Studeman O. 6. Olson Dora Atherton Alma Vranke Lillian Aaroni MAMMIMO. Erwln Funk Clara Parker Albert Halley Alta Shepherd May Lee Effle Woolman Llta Blair Alma Studeman Jessie Obllngor Oiuboh Hall Battle Hall Jamas Signal BBNAN, Lara Duokett DID1UM. Battle Johnson Maude Mlnnlch Iladda Horton Mary llortou KroaBoderlck B.U. Hess MAPM B1V»B. Mettle Bran Mabel Gettr uaaiu. Stephen Bell Mary Jackson Little Knobbe Anna Potter TKNMJtTON. Bdna Uliklmlui Frank Meyers D. J. Bumervllle Minnie Uaggertr it ALSTON. Llule Sand* EUo Howard KINTMHII. Q. D, Jacob* SIOCX OITV, Jesilo Urabam OOON sUMDN. Lola Wler Klliin Parker Mrrlle 8batn«r 8t«lla Wler Walter ButbrsuB tuella Itamaer Uartle Anderson A. G. HuRerd Laura Wilson D. N. M«drow Anna Uaikor Mlioy llufferd Beitba irrUlte* Mary out roll AlloeBtoulo ilrrtlelteela C. V. Mullet UOUHVldLK. Katie Hamilton LAM CITY. O«o, ttentaburg Myra Katie E. J. Uc»l«d Mfcttle Kreauun U«nla|Vlnoentou Lulu BolwrUutt Vluley Uoberll OAHIIOLUOII. power Bwoni J«»e ScUwlber VWfc* OfMTICN. Aoua t'aler AHOAPIA. MMrBlalert Llule Xloeaul«» 1'aullue Molir Kull» Lnui(>uutun Wlllui*y Uolllni ti««. Aucu Alwlo»Mobr Jo«leBottl«i CurliUma LaUanu Katie Klaiweii Buiidt Buo KUtmburil W. L. KulaKUl««U Auua Jaekton wan MUH. 8. 0. BUokuian Ofttu Bruok MT. «*HM«I> LliHlo Burger Oounr. MM ot tb» untoniM (roiu aomutoo vWM oar ail* «ud if) •M0«n!inf to MbiMt Iba •upnlji «f UM wjd olbjf driulw Atop**** »t a flral oU« (ouod Ibftl b» btd u»' derraken too big a contract and giving it up in despair, he left the alluring soenes ot Fourth street. Being attracted to the merrr-go- round bv the sweet music the wheels in his head began revolving und in a short time he was prostrate upon the sidewalk. 1 be night watch notified him to "move on" but be was loath to desert the enchanting scene and attempted to put the official to sleep. Mathews was too mnoh for him and after some close in-fighting succeeded in landing him in the city quay, In the morning he was brought before Mayor Parsons who gave him 815 and cost. As he bad exhausted bis exchequer in riotous living the day before he • was allowed to "lay it out." A tramp by the name ot Ooleman, who had been caught stealing some clothing from O'Brien's hotel' was brought before bis honor but was released upon the conditions that he would elide out ot the city, and he slid. Bliss Maggie Madigan, the youngest sister ot Thomas Madigan, died Wednesday at 3 a. m., at her home in the third ward. She was a victim of lung trouble, bnt was able to be up until the day prior to her death. The disease developed into lung fever and all effort check its ravages proved useless. The deceased for several yean bad charge of her crippled sister Mary, who is unable arise from bed without assistance, and it is thought that her untiring devotion to her shortened her life. The surviving members of the family have the sympathy of their friends In the loss of this faithful and devoted siatcr, who sacrificed her life to lighted the burdens of her less fortunate sister. The funeral was held today at 10 o'olook a. m. at St. Joseph's church in this city. HOTSPRWQ8. HOW IBB OAT AND FBSTTVX OABBOUL CROWD ABB D1BPOBTIKO THKIIBBLVES. THE IfBBMAIDB AT THB PMJNdB. EDITOR SBNTINBL:— -On Saturday morning, had your perch been on the summit of any ot the mountain peaks surrounding the springs, yon could have observed a tired and possibly sleepy party alight from the F. E. & M. V. ex onraion tiain and hie themselves to various hotels. Ot course Carroll was represented as she always is, where there is a good time on the program. A portion ot the Oarroll delegation is well known to the writer and, adding to snob knowledge the testimony ot the citizens here, I feel safe in saying that the Carroll banner will float from the highest pinnacle, so long so long aa the boya remain, avan though they have to seals Battle mountain, and there tar above all competitors raise their motto, "Excelsior," to welcome and woo tb* first kiss of the morning sunbeam. Fearing their proud state of Iowa might suffer for lack ot champions, the Oarroll boys, like so many b— d b— *, peuetnttod tba innermost raooasos of the first olsas hotels, though a majority decided that the Oitlespia offered the bast ground for conquest. Briefly then, without fear of contradiction, yon can aay lo your raadara that many are hunt ing maps of Iowa, that they can locate the much talked ot Oarroll. The boys all speak in the highest praiaa ot their trip, mad* doubly pleasant by tba unoaasing attention of the oompany'a agent, Mr. Qablo. His aim aosmad to be to win tba good will of av«ry member ot the excursion and if bersaay evidence is to be accepted Bis auooaas is simply immense. Of course, owing to the peculiar com position of (he •xoursiou, bis duties were numerous and varied and it required but a fsw hours to convince him that no ous agent could nil tba bill. In till* dilemma ba sought the counsel of the Hoc . M. M. and upon wnoaa ad vie* two ot Carroll's bast young man w*r* appointed amarganoy agaola for tb* rauaindar ot the trip, and II goaa without saying that Mob aud avary duly assigned them rooeivad |»raoual attention. Should tba tutura a** aitbar ot said gautlaman away up in railroad oirolas it will ba for aarvioaa raudvred during thin trip. Mora able writers tban I hava so often aauUd to your r«adara \»u pioturea ot Hoi Springs, it* (ttlrnolioua aud advantage* as wall as of tua surrounding otwutry, thai (or ma lo rajiaal would aaeni prasumpluoua. Tba party w*i nlMwad to find oropa all along thair route baiter Ibaueipaotod. paoiaUy is this tru* in Klkboro valla*, liiougb trow raliablt) inforwatlow Ibay war* l»«d to opnolnoV tbit MM out of tb* v«U»y, on tba upland tba oropa van badly damaged. Orass lands show that showers have been less coy ot Nebraska than western Iowa and the crop, while not, large wilt still well repay oaring for. This vicinity has been blessed with frequent rains and presents a lees parched appearance than do tome of adjoining counties east. Rnmor has it that Saturday and Sunday brought to this resort the largest crowd of the season. The Evans and Oillespie hotels were [reasonably well filled, though like the stage coach of olden times, could have stored away a few more had necessity so demanded. The plunge is the beet patronized resort Bbd apparently furnishes its patrons •more tun for the mouey invested than any other attraction. Proof ot this will be furnished upon application, by Charley, John or Ben, each ot whom seemjto have fonnd the sparking baths more charming than they expected, or even dreamed of. The writer is aware that letters of this kind lose zest unless the "personaF'spaoe baa attention. Sha also knows that personal items often over estimate one's ability aud true merit, hence due caution will be bad herein and all semblance ot fiction promptlv discarded. It will be no surprise to your readers to know that huge bills are now posted on buildings, fences, trees and in fsot on everything to which paste would stick, announcing that Professors Wright & MUler will soon give one of their exhibitions on, in and under water. The acts advertised by the professors are many and varied, so mnoh so that apace forbids but minor mention. The great performance will be bald at the plunge, which has been engaged and is .being strengthened and refurnished that it may prove aafe as wall as comfortable tor the vast audience expected. Prof. W. will appear as a beautiful mermaiJ.and as snob, will show true to life that creature's habits. That the professors are sparing neither time nor labor in tbisjmatter, allow me to say, sub rosa, that a space 40x50 feet in the plunge will ba excavated to a depth of 40 feet aud lot,' ia of coral and maee placed therein to truthfully represent ilia mermaids home. A supply of fish will also be placed therein that the professor may show the mermaid's deftness in catching and disposing of the finny tribe. Prof. M. will then appear and astonish the audience by leaping from spring board 10 feet above the water, alighting on his bare feet, be will walk upon the water tbrioa around the plunge, the dimensions of which are 50x100 feet. Prof. M. offers 8 0001 reward if any committee selected by the audienos can prove that in this act the instep of bis foot ahowa Irtoes oflmoistnre. The next act as billed, shows Prof. W. again in the mermaid's bannte, where, under water, be will for fifteen minutes aitoiiish tha andianoa by acrobat's feata ou (tie turning pole and trapeze. That tba professor is king ot acrobats none who hava saan this act will attempt to deny. Prof. M., resplendent in his star be. spangled bioyole anil, will appear astride hia glittering Columbia, and as be before walked upon the water, au will ba now ride thrice around ibe plunge and reaching the daap water ot tba mermaid's borne be will gracefully ride to tba bottom aud Ibara will, still aalride hi* Columbia, gradually sink from view, tba pebbly bottom dosing above him. This act requires graat axertion as also caution and is performad by the protestor only to prove to a oartaiuty that "there's a bota iu the bottom of the sea." After Ibia act it is expected that many ot the audienos will require time to inquire "where they are at; hence bills read 15 minute* for refnwuuieute. Just here the gaulla broeaa wafts to my ear tba supper call, heuoa I rasarva further comment (or future latter. Heat asaurad I will keap an *y« ou tba other boya and their every aut will ba food for futura reflection. Alwaya the tame MAUU. UATUI. To whom It may ooucuru: Notice I) hereby given that the following polltloo wa« Uloii with Uvo board of railroad oou»wl»»louurn ou Au«usl 9, 18W. To the honorable the board ot railroad couuulealpner* of the »uiv of Iowa: Your pa|ltlouerii,thB|llllnolaUt>utral rail road company, tho Ulvluagu, Mllwaukoo & St. j'luil railroad ouiui>»uy, thoOhloaso Ofc Nortliwettoru railroad company, UioCui- otgu, liupk talauU & 1'aulllu railroad oom- pauy, the Ohlo»«o, iiurliugtou & Qulucy railroad QQiunauy, aud the liurlluatou, Cedar Itapldj & Northern railway oow uany, respectfully represent that they are corporations now owning and operating railroads in and through the state of Iowa, and that they have so owned aud operated their respective railroads for many years last past, and are common carriers in said state under authority of the laws thereof. Your petitioners respectfully represent that the rates they charge and receive upon shipments between Iowa points have been and are eo charged and received pursuant to the classification and schedule of rates promulgated by the order of your honorable board under date of Mny 10, 1888, together with the several amendments thereto and revisions thereof from time to time made, aud that these rates have been so charged and received as the maxium rates for,the service rendered. And your petitioners complain and say tiiBt the rates have proven by long expui i- ence to be inadequate and unremunerative and to yield to your petitioners an Inadequate compensation for the service rendered. And they respectfully petition your honorable board to revise the schedules and classifications now in force and to Increase the maximum rates which may be charged in Iowa by your petitioners, so that your petitioners may receive a reasonable, fair and just compensation for the service to be rendered in each particular case; aud your petitioners will ever pray. The Illinois Central railroad company, by Stuy vesant Fish, president. The Chicago, Milwaukee!* St. Paul railroad company, by Roswell Miller, president. The Chicago & Northwestern railway company, by Marvin liughitt. The Chicago Rock Island & Pacific railway company, by K. R. Cable, president. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy railroad compau}, by Geo. B. Harris, vice president. The Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northem railway company, by C. J, Iver, president. A hearing of said petition will take place at the office of the board in Des Moines at 10 o'clock a. m., Tuesday, August 21, 1894, at which time and place the board will bear all interested parties who appear. By order of the board. C. W. AiNgffOHTH, Secretary. HEALTH DEPARTMENT. OFFICE OF THB STATE BOARD OF HBALTH, DBS HOHOB, IOWA. In order to prevent so far sa possible the injury to persons, the loss of human life and tbo destruction of proaerty resulting from negligence and careless handling <•< products ot petroleum, by which gasoline is substituted for kerosene, are made the following regulations as a measure ot protection to human life, towit: Evary package, caak, barrel or vessel containing gasoline should be properly and distinctly labeled, and no gasoline should be sold, given away, or delivered to any person within this state until the vessel containing the same has been plainly marked with the word "GASOLINE." This rule shall also apply to gasoline sold or delivered from eocalled delivery wagons. FHEDEBIOK BAKBR, M. D., J. F. KXNNIIDY, M. D., Preside nt. Secretary. SHOT BY A BAWD. Coon Rapids again comas to the front with a sensation. This time a lewd woman of the city by tba name ot Margaret Foster shot young Elmer Shane in the arm. The report is that Sunday evening Mr. Shane, in company with three other young men from the city, were returning from Ibe camp meeting in the grove and just as they were passing |the bouse occupied by Mr*. Foster and a-ooupla ot lady friends some one threw a stone against tba building and Maggie not taking to this kindly opened up fire ou the passers-by and wounded Mr. Shane in the forearm. No booas were broken and the wound is not considered dangerous. The keeper ot Iba house was arrested but afterwards diaroiieed. Last week the Enterprise ot that oily made complaint of Iba "bouse" and suggested that if the oily authorities would not aaa that it was closed that it was Iba duty ot tba citizens lo lake Iba affair iu band. Mr*. Foster at ona time lived south ot Arcadia and weal of Ibis oily and bar maiden name wa* Margaret Button. pile* I PiKMl iMiulnjf Pile* ... lomn uiolstUM; lutaiuo Ucliliw a 1 uu«tatulKUliw«r«* bjr luntiouliiii. If Byuiutoiu* uiolstUM; lutaiuo Ucliliw ami stlua IK, uiu«tatulKUliw«r«* bjr luntiouliiii. If m oww to omilliiue tumor* form, whluli otuu blotxl and ulcerate, beuoiuliiK vary sure. t)wuy< teu ue't oluuuant HUIM lu» IteuUm aud heals ulomtlou ami Iu luosi UWMW rwuiuvon HID tumor*. At ilrmuUts, or by until, (or OU oonU Dr. Bwayu* A Son, I'hUitUolf bla. 6-l-W AdvertiMd Letters. Tim (ollowluu letter* reuialu uncalled for at tbo uoatoUloo, A»U. 7, IWi, Unless delivered wltliiu thirty day* from dtttothey will bo forwarded to tlu> (load totter umot) at Washing ton, 1>, 0.: Ut». »lluute Owoiu N. 0. Butterworlh 8, K. Ooburu w.u. I'rti The law provide* that ouo cent *b*ll be paid for all letter* adwrtUed. YYueu calling for same please state ilutn of advertisement. JNO. L. PowKiis, i'. W. Council Proceedings. Carroll, Iowa, August fl, 189». Councll met in regular session at the office of E. Mi Parsons. (Present, E. M. Pnrsotw, mayor, J. A. McNeil, C. H. Hoeft. E. N. Merchant, W. O. Rich, W. Llewer. Treasurer Hess reported the comlltloii of city treasury as follows: Corporation fund on hand CSWJJT Bond " ', " Sidewalk " " •' • 61.81 Road " " " JlSOJB Sinking " overpaid 23,94 Waterworks" " I" 235.00 Total on hand .1381.61 The following list were acted upon and allowed : B. H. Brown, digging 118 ft well @ 15 c per ft. B. L. A Power Co coal ...................... 37.W P. W. Young & Heart, labor on tower. . . 7.50 J. B. Hungerford, tax receipts ete ........ 3.00 B. T. Jeff rey, board for prisoners ........ 7.00 A. Kesslcr, salary health officer for 94. ... 60.QB Woodward, Dickey A Co, gate valve ...... 12.0S BarliParsons, hauling lumber etc ......... 15 O.D. Mitts, hauling coal .................. 5.00 Powers A Colclo, placards ................. 2.!i> J. Conway, hauling engine etc ............ 1.75 Martin A Clovis, hardware ............... 8 .SB Electric light A Power Co, 5 lights to Aug. 1,94 ........................................ 98^» Sheffield A Patterson, labor and hardware ....................... 1 .................... 3145 J B. Bolster, 1 da. Shr.labor water works US B. ', Ida " " " 1JD B. M. Parsons, express on goods .......... 4JB\ United States Supply Co.,1. 1 x 12 Curtis power pump, less air chamber'. ......... 42.7* E. M. Parsons, pipe valves, etc from Churchill Pump Co ...................... 299JH B. M. Parsons, rushing from Churchill Pump Co .................................. l.fls E.M. Parsons, freight ..... ......... v ..., &B Merritt Winter.hnuling lumber and repairs .................................... 1J» A proposition from J. P. Hess and Geo. Selzer asking to buy the strip of land between lots 7, 8, block 74 and 6 A 7. block 75 in 9 and 10 addition to Carroll, for the sum of $37.50 ma on motion accepted. A petition for a drainage between lots 4 A 5 iu Gulick's first addition and along Fifth «*. along said addition was on motion laid on the table. A petition from C. G. Brooks asking damages to the amount of KOOfor injuries received from a fall was on motion laid on the table. Motion to adjourn was carried. John Schachtner, Jr. E. M. Parsons. City Clerk. _ Mayor. WANTED. An active agent in each county in the United States, to solicit subscriptions for the Twice-a-Week Republic. A liberal commission will be paid to bustlers. Address, superintendent circulation, The Republic, St. Louis. Mo. or«n Editor. SAN FRS.NCISCO, Aug. «•. — Dnrant D* Poute, a prominent citizen of New Orleans and one time managing editor of" the New Orleans Picaynne, died suddenly in Lameda. Deceased was a native of New York and n grandson ol of Lorenzo Dt Ponte, a Venetian dramatist who wrute several librettos tar Mozart. _ Demise of • Pioneer. CORTLAND, Neb., Ang. H. — Richard Wallingford, one of Nebraska's pioneers, died at the age of 75 years, at his son's residence in Cortland. Mr. Wallingfort came to Nebraska in 1858 from Ohio, where he was bora. He was a member of the territorial legislature of Nebraska. • * Farmers' Fight Kndi In Murder. ROLFK, la., Aug. H. — Herman Bnniet and Joseph Wiley, two fanners, had a quarrel and agreed to fight to a finish. The battle was a bloody affair, and Barnes was badly hurt. Later be died of his injuries, Wiley wa* arrested oa the charge of murder. Illojrcle Heoonl lloittcu. DEKVKR, Aug. 8.— Ou the Denver Wheel club track, O. E, Bowles of Denver, with Wells, Zeigler and Foster sa pacemakers, made a half niiloinl:00 3-5, and the tuilo iu 9:03 'J-5, the beat tin*e ever made west of the Mississippi. IlrMdh of froinlM Suit. HAMMOND, Ind., Aug. 6. — Miss May Livingston, one of Crown Point's belles, began a breach of promise suit against Professor Qeorgo W. ChrUtie of Hobart, placing damages at f 10,000, Vroiu an A|>|tl« Tree. DAVKNI-ORT, la., Aug. 8.— Joha Drtuurer, u wealthy fanner, hangvd him* self from au applu tree. 8MAU. SPARKS FROM THE WIRES. New York ciiptUHaU will erect a line BiuulttiiK (tluut tit Cheroktie, Kan. Burglars robbed the etora of Fred Stub- lur of Mmitlculla, la., of WOO. The farmhouse of 0. O. Ontouson, near Willmur, Minn., waa buritvd aud he and hl» four uhlldren wuro eronmU'il, Extra uiuotiittfwvaro uvcewutry to ueoonj- uioiluui the crowds of visitors to UM Moody ooiifurwuc*) at Etutt NorthUeld, Maw. Guorgt) lUohrtrtl»oii, a Wisconsin farmer, wan itUot uuil killed by hU Imithvr. A vtut trttct of land him U'tm puruuiMMl iu Arkuiuuw, with a vlovv to culuuuilnji Slav» lt\ it. J u leu Dutrll ilw Rhine*, au emtuout KiviH-li i'X[>lorur, bits bituu fuuud «uur- deruil in China, Tlio J)cmorr«tlo convention of the Suvt'iith KiuiftuM ilUtrlut dlil nut liuionw Jerry $lni]>iou, but It uuuuxl no oppouout to him. Mm. Lilly Hvrtulau of St. l<o«U ha* Miu-il Major Murytttt Wlllltuu* of AtJutiU, Mo., fur (5,000 fur brwuh of pronuitut «rf marrlugo. Ju ouo hour I1SO.QQO worth of propertf \vaa duhtixiyi'il Iu St. Paul. Northwp»u>rB \viin the Ueuvlwl lo»vr.

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