Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 18, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 18, 1928
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tian re\ , inspe REGISTER'S CircuJa- tord^ open to public tion at any time. • " VOLUME XXXI. No. 73. Sm -«-!«si >r tn The Iiilii Dally Regiater. The Iwlii I>:iil)- R «^>r <l; anil lola Dally Iade£ lOLA. KAN., WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANU Center ;Eliniinated, Say» Commission GEMADE LESON FARW arking Will KO ;DOtJBLE PARKING Chahges In Rules Made Following Trouble And Crashes GOVERNMENT SHOULD BEAR FLOOD RELIEF BURDEN, SAYS CAPPER Wa.shington, .Jan. 18, (AP)—To ask the people of the Mi.s- .si.ssippi Valley who have been so hard hit by floods to make further cbntributions to the cost of controUing the river is unfair and Senator Capper, R*publi(!art. Kansas, declared today before the house flood control committee. "Th»»« people lit ill*- valley ar<^ : •• '•— bled whlK^io Iheir battles ,wlllij The two representutlves also past floods," he said. •"The nation- favored tbe reservoir jsyiitem and WELLS TALKS CROPS; TELLS OF FAILURES Corn Acreage and Yields i Cubaii ' Secretary Pays In County Take Dfop; He Declares DELEGATIONS \RY 18, il£(28. The Weekly Register. BitabUaii^i T The lol* Dally Register. EstablL-ihea ISW. Tributes al government should get back of. nald the cont of tlie reservoirs' LJ]|^p] USE STRESSEII the flood problem and completely I Hhould be devlded between the fed-' • ' *" • bear its cost." '- jera! government, the iilate and 'o-!,,..., » . , - ,J i, ^ n«?prespntatlve Sproul. Republi-cal communities. ' H Ith Aid 01^ I .iegUmCS, It MariineZ Or Representative] Senator Capper said that live or| 'Will RevitalizC MonTOC I) County I^nd to U. S. Officials HUGHES IS HONORED can, Kansas, and Repre: , _,. Ayres. Democrat. <)f (he .>jame .slitw,' .«ix re>!ervoirs uotild practlcilly :i!sn favored the colnplete-shouUl»;r-: fonlrol th"? flood How of the Arling of the coi^ji. , jltanHa'f river. Describing; how the - Onler .'parking iirounrl th«j j To solve Ki^nsas fl^od problems • productivity of the western prai- ' sfluare in will be eliminated I Senator said he favored n; rles wouW he increased by irriga- after midnight Suiulav It xva* dei |^>'fof reservoirs which not j tion, lie .said that in ea.stern ColtKij,, ^„,.„ „ ^ ., . Buer iiiiuii^sm ^>iii«ia.%. ' , |Q^ I V would Store up.flocid waters-rado an^ western therej - f cirfed yestfrday by the imard ot ^ but would greatly benefit develop-1 were numerous natural storage if' iz Speaks On Dloctrinc As In t'li- I. II v'iir periud fn.rii 1S71 ll:lv ;I ^.^.^lan. 1 tc l.s.^J- tlie aveiai;.-:.vifi;) i,f corM PiUi- Ami -rU'ail <• bushel:* its '.lusiitess se] Iii'tlii- rill \ iir-riod o'l luck fhfs nmrr Bi^ Aid SATURDAY WILL BE BIG DAY OF city comniiissiouers. I ment of Irr^ation in the tViiter niTlcing. tlw rommision- j arid sectionl. of the slate, crs cunteud. has failed and ihreal- • ens the safety of nioturists: There liave hecOja numbtrr of aiiiilentsi and near-acc!deni.<i since the e.\p-Tim Mit went in:o efiVit. slse loni-! missioiiers im'iuied out. Sigu-i will be j/li^ced ai i-a.h- oir- ; the .*quare advisiilg iiioioi-; I't.s'thai there will be, no parking: in (he centftr of tlie street. A trai- ; fic officer rflso will spend liis time i warii'iiig motorists fur a i-.iuple of week's. • :. i Tlie fart that ihe fire department has tiad trouble making runs Vino-1 ctfnter parking went into eiiVct. ( has j-on.?iderab:e to do with the <it-' «i-i-m fii the cq[nmissioners. I No ItoiJtle Parking. nouble parkiut; will not be pei-• mitted around the square, the toni-' inL'iSJoners said. I 'Xtept ' in emt -l" pehMts. If farmers have produce to deliver to stores iu loia. their c-.trs niay be pj:rked behind curs already parkeil if a jxrrson is left iH the c'ar to run it when t':ie i-ar . in front desires tf> get out. .More jparking .-[i .Ve wouM he nvaiWhlie. Chief of Police Ira An- st-mi- j haslns which could I flood reserv;oir .s. be used asl'endini: in the ^avHraue yield tine/ Ortiz. Culilin se, rotary of i iug local firemen and others sum- HOTELUNG CASE TURNS MYSTERY ;was IN.6.'. bushels to' tlie avre.' ; i istate. delivering ( Thirty years :igo .Xllen .oiiutj. weli onie to th ^ planted s:,.i»><> .aiMvs In corn. Ijsl. th»- .\nierlt an c< iyear the acreage w-as 4 .*,.tii)i). ; . Haying •trfbuti These very signifi.aiit fignreH lldge and the :\vere brought helore thn fhaniher-Ortir. dw .dt mi The sixth iiifer^-ni-e opened Ifsions about II iiig. with Dr. Mar- FORMER POLICEMAN HAS: ADMITTED STARTING OF TWO WASHINGTON FIRES Wa.shington, Jan. 18. (AP)—An "irresistible impuLse" is given by the wihce as the confes.sed reas<»i why John J.iFish- er set two firM of the .series that scattered ruins throughout the city yesterday morning. • >' y • Declaring that Fisher. 29-year-* old former policeman and recently a«'ps.vchopathic patient here, had confessed to causing the two iilazes, policti authorities said he had done so after watching firemen battlit two earlier downtown blaze.-^. They said he .admitted touching matches to the .McDowell apd Sons grain warehouse at Eckington Place and 0. street, in the northeast quarter of the city, and then to the. Lank With a charge of arsoa ;Iodged against Fisher, police continued i their ot t]ie other conflagrations: Fire department official.^ said they held no; doifbt that three irt the big (ires ^ere of incendiary :Origin. that twoiothers lyere accid.igntal and that another was of aues'tionable origin. ' In the ruins of twio of the fires a number - of oil cansiiwere found, supporting Woodworking company at 14th and'the suspicfba.of arson. W streets, ' The city-fire; department'svas on Fisher was arrested as he re-1 normal scHeduIe today, with all turned to his home after having j companies jback in their regular spent more than two hours watch- stations recbvered from more than 12 hours ojicontinuous duty,| "Water POULTRY SHOW: IN COURT TANGLE lit foninierrf liin. ileou :'.t isii.jn \^^- Cijl|i;ilishHl at Attractive List of Speakers The >;oiuliea .-t Kaii^a.s {.'<tr\\ aii'i Poultry show opens tomorrow and wi.'I continue through Sjruniay. Kntries are coming in rapidly iKith in the c<frn and poultry de- ; pariiurtits and it i.s expected that' the entry list.'*, which rIos»i ai .1 | o'clock' loiiay. will fx'eed the ex- ' pectatioiis K' tiiose iii < harire of the show Today will hi- civen over to arrangenieiii of ilisjjlay.s wi'h di'rs,™' sugeesteil i:' ui-rchanVs Thursday niarkUic the first i.iil would ileave their cars ;ii licjiie. ilay for the public. <'hief .-tiider ^oB e.stimates that, at.; ..''aturday'.-. (irogram, according, least a third of t lie parking spaie • to itoy (.Iwin. i-ouiiiy agent, will be! in front of busiiiess houses on the the fiatiire of the show. .Miu.'ire is taken the ears of An opi>ortunlt.v for e.xhibltJirs meiThani.-*. .A.iider.-on alsso pointed out that Dinner Is Planned With No Change of Venue Is Permiftted {or Child i Slayer Flint. .Miih . Jan. IS. (.\P) — .\<lolph Hotelling. slayer of little Ihirothyl Schlieider. of Mt. .Morris, is on his way to Mar- <iuette prison thisi afternoon to begin, serving a life term. Hurried secretly into the ••ourt of circuit Judge Fred W. Hrennan, presiding judge of the Cenesee eotinty tdrr.uit court. Hotelllng pleaded teullty and sentence was pronounced lorwith. He was immediately taken in charge by sheriffs officers and started on his way to the northern prison, where he will spend the rest of his natural life. day by.'pjof. K . il. WVlls oi the . nces ai.d adm> . State A^ri.ultural college. vvho ,„ , ;.„^i-r proceeded to draw f,,„„ ,Uem .he ! "".*'" "^"^; ipipressive lesson. Ki>ry "-^^1"' .farmer. kiii>win.K t!ie clMniauds corii .Al-jat-iiro I, hfake- upon th»- soil, (jiaiits the f'liilean dele'.;ati.| • best soilmn his fa; r.; to com. The faith,in tin I fict lliat.ti'. a<r-.-s ,.f lor.i lan>l .^•"••ricairtsni ai has bfcii t(i:[ieil <,vi-; to other Paii-.\me I crops ;> proDi .Moi;«li th;ir the soil ^''''e bestowing tl!*' address of . delegates of all iiuirier-. to President Coo- nited States, Dr. he uood work ac-i previous 4uut»»r- )Jiishe(| his hearers florts toward am- had deteriorated io siuli an . xtc-ni western heniisi*iere. hu! on the in geiieri alie. Hut- svhere only meagre Prior to tin i »rops of tir:ii laii !-e n.-ivyn. nine f«rence -a Iiau i is no 1 ham e of prowlng iiis i rops oui-id.-. \u wim jof anyihii.i; else. The prortleni countries therefore in .Mien county is to re- raise..', aroused !store the fertility of the soil. This >2"e:'t <;ro« lis no mystery. Kvpry one who "-•'eMibliB}; sim , tares to inform liim.-'eif has lound Trilinle lout or can find out th::; the re- neMveriug : Hiuirenielit- ol oiii- woriroiit soils co'ii»- to ?li" for are lime aii<l lecuiues. That Tftis letarv .\Iartiii''Z be-n dinneil into o:ir .ars hv everv i^omage i,, Pre aludent of asriculnire that lui's «o Charh-s Evsjns irii.. , hief of the 11. replied -.-vprcss- ptocl-ess ot Pand in the benefits can .conferein es not iinlv on the Many Sent it© ! Points for Act^i^ Agaitist Soviet •.f^'c-vi .Vote: The following: dter patclh delayed by cea8ors ^K*> is the first direct word ^'t^niL Moscow on the exile of Jbeod -^Trotzky and fellow oppoaU^jf Ists received by tlie-Asisoctof* •/-^ ed Press. Prevlons: news the exiling of the ppposlCbiL '''' leaders has'come throagli ^^EV and Berlin. ' -" -"^ t JIoscow, Jail. 14. {AP)-^(DS«b';g laved)—Ail opposiiionary"T ILeii^w |s of every shade and ctaarac^t^bM^^ been orderetl to leave MoBCoif^^-amS ^Tift to proceed to various distant^ij^^v^g where they must remain for.lad^-.V* nite periods. . ' ^4 f In administering pnnisbmeitt; tbe opposiiionaries were difld^.|. l^tc Senate Passes Electoral. Robinson Seeks To ; Oust I three groups-the incoriri^i^^; J Him^'As Leader of 1 penlents and non-penlteW • l imoned from out of town fight the j department lofficlals estiihated that during the';fire period hundreds of hoses poured out more than five miUion galjpns of water. ; flames he had' caused. He stoutly denied connection with the other major fires. NICARAGUANSARE DIVIDED ONU. S. ELECTION PLANS SENAtORHEFLlN BRINGS REPUES ;i ft mmm Associated Press First Direct SttUTf ; : . - Of Soviet,-.^^Iv^C^ llEAPEiRS~BANiaBBt) 1. petiing of .tl;>' con- \ raiding lerenionv ' 111 the .-.-.andanls of Bill, But House Turns Measure Down' Pemocrats come wt'thin reach of i>- until it "lan of it he .\ilierican delegation.! j,^ to the e.xteni the'government has got to be an old story. But tt The roriner, wh Is a story that has got to be heeded *ana to deliver ^ .,, none the less if .\lleti county ag-'t''*' fnaugura V V, .1 tr!cu:fiire i«. to profit. day. the. fifban there is a large amount of parking sjiaw available on streets ad- joinliig the square, ptortlrig .Monday mortiliig. ^tolice 'wiJIt'he ordered to prevent rtouble -parking. WEATHER and ROADS FdR KA>S.VS: Mofstiv nn<>etlleif tnnlijht and .Tl^ursday, posxIW.r rain tonliiht extreme ^ast portion: not ntnrh rban?e. in tem|ienitnre. For, loin': Mo<iflf iiii«eltlpd to. i nlirhl and Tbnr«idav. {io<.Hiltly niln j ^ ^ , , tonltjht: not mneh rhtinae In .tem -^.'f '-f',''''* >e.,i .01 • i.emturP. ' P variety and Flint. :\lich.. Jan. is 1 and the public to get together wilP-'Ii^l'-';s>Mou of the of Adolph ! I'n.trres, in'ume.. characterized a be Riven at .noon Saturday when ^^>Iea..g.conress,.,l slayer of five-, f.„„,i,|^rab|e progress has b , tive of ihe n ditmer will be served at the Kel-: >-»r-^>'I rx «."thy .Schneider, --ud-• j„ „, ,.',,..„,,i„^ denuuracv an ley hotel. deuly became M matter:<if mystery Poliorwing the dinnei: J. C. .Moh-:«oday with th« belief growing t^iat ler. seorttaD' of the state board he would be returned to Genesee of agriculture; Ceorge Catts. agri-I <^'»'o*y 'Flint) for a rjrcult court cultural commissioner of the Kail-I l>*a«"in«. Hope of a change of venue so he could plead gullt.w In another »a- City ChamlH'r of Commerce, and others will addre.sS the meeting. Following the addresses.' ^'ouiity faded when two Genesee {•ha.mplon.<=hip awards, trophies and Judge.i declared a transfer couhl prizes wSli be given out and the not he gnitited under the law. They jternlure. Temperature—Hiahesf vp .sterria%'. 44. at .'i:'!" p. in. lowest last iiich*. :!9, at 1 a. ni.. normal for today. .'!i>: rxcess yn.-terdav. In; e.xcess rince Janiiiiry 1st. '•'i I'esjrees; this date Mast veair. hi^hes;. 4"; lowest. Pr«cip!tafion for the- 24 hours >eniii:!g at 7 :i. m. todi'y. .12: total for this vear tit date .H: deficiency sinee Jani!;»r\; I<t. .fil ii'ch. Relative hcni'dit^ .11 12 noon yes- jerihtV, S.I per e-nt : 7 m. today. 517 per rent: baroniet'-i- rediieel io sen l"vel. :'.o (i:; inihes. .'^un pses. 7:^1? a. m.: sun sets. ."..-29 p.^iii Road i'linditl ms. lUiiehinson, m s'lii:;, ro-il- g: .id. SaJiua. (' niads en;.! winners intr<)duced. . Corn growers will halve their inning .in the afternoon. At .Memorial hall, the scene of the show. corn will be sold, tests of eaih bushel sold will be told. Tickets for the luncheon Satur- niioi'.r 1 pointed out that the only substantial reason for a change is the contention that the defendant cannot secure a fair trial in the county in which the jc'rime was comtivitled. .\norney' William A. SeegmilUr. counsel for, Hotelllng. came to . Flint and af|ler. ,a brief conference day may l)e obtained at the (ham- Genesee county prose-a„j ,hr ber <l' C '^.w.n^,....... ^rtir.^ .1... : ciltini' NlforliAV iHica»il TliAr#» ! F-AITU be FriU leguminous . lojw In 1!«22. ei- :>i"""i-' •V"'-' a:i'|d-. Allen t.iuniv liati only 49<t«'l> (he ailiial^ oi acres of sweet clowr. while in l!ci7 Tra<fn».' in u' It had 2.-.00 acres (In the otl^.!r ""e Pan-Anienc hauil. in I92-. w.- had S..!(MI I „,..« Its inceilioii ui of allalfa while last \.-ar «e liad '"'M': onlv .-,.;tiii. ari,..- fii on'er to re- .Monioes; i.;irl huiid the s„ii . iiii.ilv LS ir rei>ii P :lns at: shou d I).- .lone. ;.t 1-a-i or.—tiftli cue.- of .Viiieriv i. of our a. reat.. ;t\,i,.)» Clay"- dr^ain .>l acres. «ui;U; i> Ii.- pl;ii!i-.l to man l.ilir:'y 111 leriinics -vry year. Th's shoiiM ''' -Sn rejary P.I be done no', only t.. lilni: back our l**;^! '"• j' i-orn v'ield hut for the purixise c>f '«<>" wbijh supplying the risht sort of feed for IS-^S ""'H'r l're}*ideut Harri.-ou. our t over.; for I .istiir" are teen points alii Washington. Jan. IS. <.\Pi — .Vn ir.vestigation of the \icara- guan situation will b-.- recommended by the Senate Foreign Relations committee, chairman Borah forecast today after the (Itiestion hail, been discussed in 1!'.- committee. ;>resentedj were, the enthusiasm of which hail been i early morning, j jlo'Coolidire. .iddress .(if wel-• :>;n ile'.egriies. Sec-, ^.^ " Ortiz paid special' Manaeua. .Nicaragua. .Ian. [iident Colidge and | The Xicaraeiian congress . imlny HugheSi chair-'was a house divided ag^ itself should support Amet^can super- : Wasliingtpn. Jan. IS. i.\P)—In 1 the midst M a row ii» tie senate ; today precipitated by a bitter attack by SeSnator Heflin, Deijiocrat. of Alabama, on Governor ^ Smith I and the lioman Catholic bhiirchl I isenator Robinson of Arkansas, 'said he -would call the Deiqocrats ' together tomorrow to determine whether he should continjue' as ,'j their leader. • Speakini;: for two , and a: half | h6urs, the Alabaman started to talk about.the .Mexican documents printed in the Hearst newspapers Leon Trotiky, former head. oCUfe' Red array and once aaXiUaa^OX^^,^ figure in the councUii af -^^Sovinf 'l Russia; Christian Raka*a'k3r^t^--3 mer Soviet ambassador^ to Ertujdri '-f^ and Karl Radek. bbl8beTlst ':iti >nip '-^ji nalist. head the non-penients^ s^OK'.:li they abide by their prliie ^i ^rp Their punisbmenti' is iheiwfprei more drastic. .^-i'-(,••'% Rakovsky and Radek wero'-spnt to Ust-Sysoisk. a small towit-'for jj north in the Komi region border- Ling on Archangel proTince.! * • In flxlng al place for .Trpf-"— "-^ [o travelled ;t6 Ha- ''spss'ion '^Klt '^'Mmw ' Pisors :i! the forthcoming presi-j and mentioning his name in con- se "eta",'^^^ stMe .V.ntial ..U-.tions. • - ne^tion with a fund of JU15.UO0 the "chipt execu-, The senate passed the electoral ""•"he^^.S::;''"" ^'<>l^ the American lei. h are niem.-rable house of depu- the u'oiid." .ties, however, .refused to pass it in| tail the history of'the form appiroved. to :uc.;eKteni sin.-e ^ changed and amended measure alleged to have been raised by the Mexican jroivemment for United States senators *ul sooa lattncbed info his. attack on Smith aiid the ! Roman Ca.thDllc churcib. . " As Robinson replied in irigor- ous Tein .i Heflin interri^Pted to d .M i;<di^ar. Marti- """T, "".""u"",' I 8**6 notice that he would 'ask to President ''^r "^'^r*' i have the •^Democratic leader dis- d-featinu iCuro- '•eading >;esterday. Opponents,, charged as a member of tht spe- '"'-fl'""!'- of the senate bill .said the congress jdai committee irhich iavest:igated in-t ye in.iepena- Nicaragua, although accepting j me Mexican documents, u .M.....N and lieir> jj^^ j^ypgrvision of the United -it is iiot fair to me," Heflin a Lea rue of Ilu- A'ln^ rical" leading line's invitation in -shouted, '-and as a represeiitatlve of the Democratic party I resent States in the coming election, does not approve, of the forth proposed ,^^.„„ .. i by the American legation undef | your spee^^h.' in. \\ushtng-^ „a„jp ^y^^ McCoy I^w. inas- This biriught another shaji) realized only mucha.-i the efficiency of the 1 tbrt froml^Robinson and He I Bud White Purchases Chanute Car Agency Bud White, owner of the Hud- son-Kssex Motor eonipany in lola, has purchased the Chanute .Motor company .of W. F. Bradliury. It will be operated as the Hudson White .Motor company. Acconiing to announoementa from Mr. White, ther- will he no Ri:r Cnip« Possible. lac; tli.-if with ! r.i|.er:y reviewi I .American supervision is reduced the lur dairy cows The dairy indiis- •4''"i't'>^'" pmi.-e was reser\ed in .^^ approval or disapproval of ry cannot proisper e.x .Hpt where the speeih for Secretary Kl'bu | ^.j^^^j ^^j. j.,;^. C ^jt^jj gtat^j, urge (|uantitie.< of alfalfa for dry Root, fot; Presi lent Wilson's four-| ' _ , „, ,.iav and the ilover.; for : ;istiir.>;.re teen points an )er of Commerce office or at the c"tiiig attorney, disappi-ared. Tliere | ,,ro,i„(.^rt mnii pri'iitipl-s •'•am Bureau. Re.-ervations ' muft ' were rumors h.- on his way. This was the fiat iifad- r-tarv f{:iKlie< .e made not later than 4 elthet;. to Ionia or to meet a party ^v Prof. Wells an.l it is ,„„ti,ii ,ed' eMiif .r ..i,.-.- ju 1 =-riday afternoon. bringing the pri-<,ner her- en- ^.j^j,.,,,.,. sWetche- for t'>e Oisarma-lg^^^g jj^^j Arknnsas Citv. .'.md.v. ro.^.i- areK'i'ang*'* 'be personnel . of tlie slinpery. ' f^^anute agen<^y pian^ are being by his reported promise to admit his guilr. , . If Hotelllng is brought here for his^ circuit court appearance, it is h»-lteved it will vaJte place in a court room. If he pleads guilty he probably will be imnw^diately rushed back to the Ionia refonna- tor>- from wher*! he will'be start- entered the contest fo- the biggest upon victors aij five acre yield of corn sponsored "The insuffi by the lola Chamber of commerce, mameuts for tlife defense of the su- produced yileds conslderahly in ex- preme interest k of humanity has ressof .=iO bushels to the acre, many been stainped ift the annals of the irrible demonstra- •it has been proven of the fields running as high ns world v^ttii h 7 ."i and SO bu.'bels. The fait that lions." hV said: M.mhittaii. cVu.iv. PMM. co.„l. j'yl** him to remodel the ills- ed on the long, journey to life im-. f^fmers can do the same •thing 'f "Pre.sijlent Topeka .!o,„h-. nulls .:o,..l P!ay room at; Chanute. Mr. White r,r,sn„n,.>nr 1. C^ffeyvi'!--. ihr; ;il 'iilns. rain Ki.-t n'^ht. roa.i- tiniiii'v Pittsliur?. mi-'iii!:. roails slip- 1 .TV ^ W'l-hira. I lotidy. road-* pood. 'Ottawa, c'.ouilv. roads good. Ktuporia. cioiuiy. roads good. Poiige City. <-loiii|y. road c.xiil. took charge of the agency yesterday. He also lias ,1 branch at MadisoifT Two Cars and Two Trucks in Crashes MISSING AVIATOR SEARCH GOES ON New Clues Bring Action To Search New Areas For Hoyt prison men? .Mrs. .M.vrtle Hot/»lling. wife of the ctinfessed slayer, was in a .'tate of i-ollapse at .her home in I (>wos Her jih.vsiclan said she broke down last night when informed her hUHbiuid had confessed he liad attacked two other- young girls, both of Owosito during the last two years. (they treat their soil the same w.iv. points will alv Cars, belonging to C. C Robert- .eon. who lives east of (las City,. 1 '?,'"' ^""^ ,V.H'";' •'^""r"''"'* f-a-'Small Boy Fires Gun Harpe. col !iilPd on the slab east 4 j xr T ¥.r-ii j of lola last night. A Jiiort time And lOUtH IS Killed later two trucks. apparAtl.y blind-: eil by the lichts. collided. The Indepnndence. Kas.. Jan. \S. i.API accidents occurred just east of the Crefuhfon Wlilte. l -'i. was killed late .Mi.ssouri Pacific trarks. Robert-: vestenlay when a shot gun. be- 9*n\'f car and one of the truck!" ' licvcd unloaded, was accidentally were forced into, the ditch. No di.«chargo«l by Robert (Jroth, 7. at, again in <onnection with the Corn to the *orld 1 Show and all »-ho heard him to- in that ' gloom day will wish that every tarmer iiiaht of. the li 1 in the 1 ounty might be in his audi- 1 "Perhaps so ne ence. .; o'd cont'iient : .Mr. Roy Gwin took occasion TO upon thfse gat announce special features of thcei.-i hemisphen Corn Show, particularly the lunch- not s,-ek<- progri eon to be given at the Kelley Hotel: use: sue seek! .Tt noon on Friday to vhich every 1 •world." business man in Io!a is invited and j The Cuban foreign, minister ad-j to which he is urged to bring a! mOnish"il \iVs d?leuates tp "bear in' fai^mer frieqd. Interestint; aildres.s- mind that not ling stable can be e« by J. C. .Mohler and others will' founih-tl'on ha e. anvJiilibn or riv- follow the Saturday luncheon and airy. Von are! going to work for the affendani'c ought to he liniite.l the futit/e mor' than foe the pres- only by the capacity of the dininfe ent.' if you s icceed ill taking ;i xpoiiniled by Sec-) _ at ihe wasiiintton Saudino TrOODS >21. • Har Honors. j jfanaga. .Vicaragua. Jan. IS. 1:; t!i.- work of the API—Harassed by three days of v.iiious< an conferem e< ,|j ,^P ^j^tj,„t anj heavy bombing from iiiiernaiioiial .lis- ^Marine corps planes, rebel out- efully siiilerl. Mar- ^^^^^ ^^d fled, from the txhed the horrors g^,, Albino region, .Marine head- re- Henin, wearing ah overcoat after tie exertions of;;his long speech, declared that the Arkansas eesator I intended tb reply every tiiqe the i Catholic Iwirarchy was attacked in ; the senaiei be would demand that i there be i^neje leader of tHe Bemo- j cratic party,'; . ".^ny time' the senator froin Alabama can dictate who sfaall be the Democrat tc leader in this tx>^, tite Democrat* <»n get somfe one other than myslelf- to be that leader," Robinson itbilndered. war had heapeil. quarter-; atmounced. The an- Before,»r<wded galleriM,; the d vanquished alike.! „Qyn^.gp,g„^ ^.35 made upon the Arkansasjsenator ntidertoofc to re- iency of great ar- ppt,,^^ airplane patrols from the ply to HetliS's lengthy speeclii.and regioil where the Marines are as the eicSange became :more heated, meinbers of the liouse jammed the reer ot the chamber to listen. : ^ Robinson said he was tired of massing for a drive against the Kebel general. Augustino Sandino. ' \ conrbat patrol also reported i tliere was no evidence in' the Qui- .some farmers can grow this <iuan- that only eauif.v an-l justice canj,.,); district of R^bel activitv. It i hearing tW AlabaiBan's attacJis tity. of corn is evideme that other prevent :the capannties of war. j was believed that Sandino's forces i against the."Catholic church; and had retired to Kl Chir/ot. which hej drew a dare from Heflin to make Wilsons fourteen ays be In history I made hi.-i .headquarters after the i such statements in Arkansas, 10 Prof. Wells will speak in lola one of the brisjit .>^iars that showejl ^^lanne took Quilali. A company | which Roiin«on thundered tjat be w-ould make'rthem in Alabaina. Heflin said,he did not intend to 1 presa for . any action against the end of the storm and apocalyptic man cons._ience. nations of the iiav look with doubt 'lerins .s in the west- but America doe.s ss for her exclusiv.^ it for the whole one was injured aii.l fhi» cars were .'he Groth home in Bolton, eight' only slightly ihimaged. miles southwest of here. 31 room. Ss.nlt. Ltike City. Jan. l.s. (APi — Reports front two neighlKirlng Idaho towns that residents .Saturday -afternoon had sighte.l two planes, OIK; \ believed to be that pjjoted by Fred Hoyt. missing avi;(., •tor. pix)mpted.'search today in a ^sectioti. not .vet covered by the /squadron of eleven planes engaged . in the hunt. Residents., of the towns. Rupe-rt r.nd Declo. report t.liat one plane . was trailing the other until the i^ear one veered to the north, off :he roHfe to.Boife from Sali I.Ake ,ind was lo-st -to!sight. pilots last night expressed grave . doubts that Hoyt would be alive. The mountainous . nature of the 'southet;n Idaho country leads the aviatoijs to fear he might have crashed into a _ iu tne lannoanced. Liquor Raid Is Made For Second Time in Year, Auburn ^> s*'^"^^^ ^"^"^ Bank Robbers Are TakenSameDay Topeka. -Ian. IS. lAPi—For the | charges of. entering a bank ivifh secotul time in less than a yeaf. | in'ent to i^ob when arraigned in the Seiiirily .State bank of Auburn ! the court-of .Topeka today. Con- has iM ^en roblM'd and the alJogeil I viction on these charges carries a robbers captured the same <lay of {sentence of from Irt to ;ifi years In state penitentiary. Prelimin- hearjng was set for January of .Marines went to Matagalpa to strengthen the garrison there. j leadership, ^f Robinson, but that if there was a caacus, "I am! going Sandino^s Followers Flee j to ask for-a roll caU and hav^'each! ; Democratit: -senator put on record .s;an Sklvailor. Salvador. .Ian. l.*!-i whether He repudiates my attack (API—.\dvices from, the Port of on the KiiTghts of Columbds.". difTiculties arose-on acccmnt'of-biarM; poor health: since he is tnbeircplai'" Physicians 'opposed the, o^^iBal 1 plan to send him to A^tiwdun! While the government opposed.; tbej physician's anggestion that j fie ;%e. sent to Succhuni, Gaocasi*.:! Leon B. KamenelT, once v sador to luly, and' Gregorr! ieir, formerly bead of the ct^mmij ist Internationale, head tt' ^ tenta, having declared the tiefore the entire^party as eij their views and tactics. KantoaMt [if^ hap been asked tfl. proceed ta.Pe 1- za; a provincial city ii^ Centryr Rip 4 sia. and Zinorieff to Volgod£ Ifioh ^ have been assigned to ]bbs tilrti% I state education departments;;, .ii iif".^ will remain until the cenfraljicmn- ]vj mittee seeR fit to restore thinn to their rigbtsf' . . ti; The incorrigibles, -beaded ^jr M i;; Sapronoff, former secretaiT ,qf the ! 1 central executive' committee^ 'rer 4 ceived more serious punisdunenti- .-Sa The Sapronotr group were aenilto.-^^ various points in the remotest re^*' gions of Siberia. ' ; . This groui> is regarded as chron-^ -^^ ic oppositlonaries. haVlng- jopQOfled .f^ everything and everybodj, ""iWiBit '^ijj while Lenine was alire ad' 'ocatlngr- the abolition of the commi nisfr In- • temationale, the foreign .''trade -.i!^ monopoly and kindred meaiiireti.;7 f .tl Detroit Men Hop Olfl!' On Flight for Cuba Detroit, Jan. 18." (AP)—A j^l p. ii^ Bement. Detroit advertlsiig man.' and Leonard S. Flo; cbief ]^u4t fOr kbday a Detroit flying cliib, tookotfj Selfridge field at-lCi:42 a. ni., on a proposed non-stop fligit. ta Havana. Cuba. Bement announced'he Iras Imak- ing'the trip "for a feVr. days |raca« tion." . • forward, step. If the whole world that beholds y>u finds ;a hope in your resolutioi s the ^ book of immortality will 1 e opened to you." United Brdthrens to Assemble Here Soon the crime. • ' (he Less than an liour after the cash- arv ier 01 the hank in the smalli'town 17 mile."^ southwest of Topeka had been held up yesterday by three' 24. The men were unable to give J.i.fiO*^ bond. Young, who ba.s a wife and seven 'children, the oldest unmasked men.) who obiaiuerf al-iU years|old. and Viar were said niost $l.oeii. thtee men were ar-fto be in the garage business. rested ) a short distance from Auburn. They since have iconfes-sed to the rtjbbery. saying they "needed rashed into a ridge. Hope.? for j tjie money." county authorities have hts /safety were 'fastened =•• ''•nnn-in/.a/i possib^iitv.that he might have 1 i All the ioot. $9S9. was found hid" ' • • -rib made a forced limiting near .some i den in a cornc •isjiattd ranch and w-as iinabi.> u '" "' -• consntinicate with the outside. Farties of ranchers have beei liearcldng the section near Stre Telle, ildaho: i southeast of Rupert ^—where Hoyt'a plane was last . seen astttrdtty. The bank was robbed at, 'l: 4.'> o'clock yesterday; aftefboon. County officers and vigilantes who joined in the, chase -werr? hampered by tacks-jwhich the robbers were believed jto have tbrow^n along the' road as they fled;' Ono a few miles f^-om inlo'iig Harveyville wherg the trio was | hour later, the' three men were captured when they stopped at a arrested at Harveyville. 15 miles restaurant to obtain food. lawav. Learning that "Voung bad a The three men, Ivan Young. 32, Lemon Viar, 44, both;-of Council brother living t*o miles north of the town. Sheriff Oscar Carlson dl- Grov«, Kas., and Reese Harman. reeled a search there and found 30, Topeka, pleaded inot. guilty to I the missing bank fundt.. A raid at the home of John Tiii- nell in the northwest part of Oas j City at .s o'clock this morning net- j i-„i,^A ted .-ountv officers six gallons of 1 The C'hanutt group of Lnuea what thev sav is either mash or Brethretj churc les will hold a con- beer. TInnel is held in the coun- i fen nee . Thursday at the loia ly jail pending arraignment in jus-'Church. tice court. Onlv Mr and Mrs! The progran. ^""^^ '"^"f„_^' Tinnell were at the ]>ome at (he|l" o'tlo«.k in-tie morning, ["''"''^s 10 a. m. De otionals Jed by -M. .A. Folleit. of .;herry Mound. 10:20:. CaustI and cure of Non- time it wa.=! ent.ere<l by Sheriff H. D. Sraock. Cndersheriff Ed Bunfee, andLee Dunfee, deputy! Second of Weekly Union Prayer Meetings Tonight jof wichita.' 12:00:: Dinnet; The .second of a series of weekly! 1:30: ;Devotionals led by union prayer meetings to prepare i Dalley. of Earl on. for the Billy Sundav evangelistic campaign, will be beld at 7:30 o'cltck tonight at the Presbyterian church with Dr. J. H. Sowerby of the Baptist church as leader. The Sunday campaign will open .March II ond will continue for five-weeks. Leaders of the prayer meetings are hoping that the church auditorium will be filled for tonight's session. La I'nion on the Honduran border state followers oi the Xicaraguan Rebel Ceneral Samtno have fled into Honduras.. The Rebels were routed by .American Marine detachments at Somotillo recently anil tried to e.s- cape in a northerly direction. This failing, they crossed! ' into Honduras and fled down the Rio Negro in canoes to the (Juir Foi»seca. Several of the Rebels.' some of them wounded, reached .Mapala. Honduras, and La fnlon. Harry Stephenson - ; Loses Court i Suit After hearing th» evideace in the ca^.e bircught against Harry M. Stephenson k)y Mrs. H. T. Mitchell, District Judge Frank R. Forrest dismissed 'tlie jury and aprarded .Mr.s. AIiu.'he3l $1,000 and coats. Today a-jury,is hearing the case of G. W. .•\nder.s»jn against Oearge O. Dix. i , When OperaticDebut Fails, Thea . Tt jr 1 -rr ^ .' r\ T r. 'A 11 1 conoitions laivoraoie, tne Marovska Uses Gas to End It All \ cap"'« charies Kn^sfo r ! ii' -.Australian air ace. and FOURTH TRY p. DDRAHONREC^ "Spirit of California*':^ 1 Been In Air Since Eariy Tuesday - San Francisco, JaiL 19. (AP)'— ^ In her fourth atteny)t to break-the world record, for sttstained fUgitt ff by an airplane tbe= tri-m&ored Fokker moDoplaite "Spirit of i^di- »-1 fornia" today was' circling 'Orer northern California. • V . The plane took off here at 8:99-. ; a. m.. yes»*rday. and flew orer i ' section of the sOate thoragboat,i£»>:<: I day and last | night Witlt wwitWr ' j conditions t^orable, the New York. Jan. IS. i AP)—Thea .Martivska, .'{('-year-old l.vric singer of hauntitig folk-songs, m^de ^Ier debut at a -Vew; York theatre last church ,*ttend^nce, by .V L. Vazle, Sunday. of lola. . I '( ^'^^ another debut to the ll:0*>: Sermin byC. V. Priddle. critics and tnoat of the city, hut |.to Miss iMarovska it was the real- ,izacion ofutariy years ot dreams, study- and privations. C. L. 2:00: ;Confeijence Pension Plan, by A. \% Howli nd of Chanute, 2:.'i0:-Addrei s by F. M. Testerman D. D. of I awrence. 3:00: .Address by AVm. Schell, D, t). of Daytbo, Ohio. 3:45: Business. 4:1.';: Adjouu. ".•.IO: Song service by the choir. a:00: Address by R. C. Russell, of Hntchlnson en word- anti the public would be hers."' Other reviewers did not even sav Whether she was good or bad. ' ; HeartbroJ^n. Miss ^larovska .telephoned. ^Arthur Warner.j associate edito^ bf The Nation, who bad befriended! tier in her stnigglesV He invited "her to his Brdt^iyn inpartment: and when hfc Arrived; The audience, many'of them ber j home last' •night found ber; body. friends, applaiided politely at the j conclusion of Jier recital and went home. Newspaper critics, for the most part, gave her appearance only casual mention. "Unfortunately," wrote one critic. ".Mme. Marovska cannot sing. Her sense of pitch is so flagrantly inexact that it neutralizes her otherwise deligiitful performance. She should confine herself to tbe spok- fully cIotb|ed. in the bathtiA. d tube attached to^n open gas jet, in. her mouth: ; "I am a failure in my vowJation and it is iibw too late to n(ake a new startj". she said in afajrewell note. ' In;private life she was Dor- cHhy Meii-pyrsky and came io this country a child from RnsB|a. She Studied h(;re and abroad ^ under notpd ins ^ctora. . i :- .Australian air ace, and ant George. R. Pond. U. . i^. 5C, ..-^ slowed doiwn the engines late last '-.'-M night to conserve tthe gajdliBa; supply. The, propellers regi^fed 3^ only ,1520 revolutions, per: inlmrte.f «|: The piane.came witliin: ^aAonf ^^|§ three hoara-of breaking ,tb«f^rec% 'r^ ord in a prervtoiis attemptl Cribto^ line shortage forced the:fiy«r»:to'^ descend, and' they- deteiim&i^Vt^ ||f^ proflt by that experieiicev Tanks.if*|_ for 200 extra gallons^ of faelNrerc»-'||3 .built on the plane 1>efore tber IasC.:||.W takeoff. The record, 5? hod^iS8v5;<^j 'miiintea, and 31 seconds, 'w^ ut.|^ by <>ermani aviators. -To estidilla^ % a new record offlcfatl^, ii &e|^^riar 'r $J tors most' beat the old marlE >ibCK -Si an honr. • '•- ' ' ^ PICKWI(?K COlfKKlS mskes v«<>- ple'diasadafied iritli.aU otSeqiUtiU your fgrooer.. ''' '• -:•;. ^'•-•'^"'5*'

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