The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 6, 1933 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 6, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE tWO in •Harrrr THE MALVERNLEADER A* ALL.COtTfrTT frfiEKLY SEWSPAPfiR Stapt Whm Yea* T1«H* I* Out *•"•"" W. P. WORTMAN, Publiihet Entered la the Post office at Htafrern, _ claw joasii matter. Term* of Subscript ion: Payable in Advance copy one year - - - $3.00 One copy three montis - .60 one copy sit month* - - single copy . - - - i - - 01 ?«*** «<? the i* fat « a *** «bo*i the time to which tbe rt It paid. NATIONAL EDtTO&iAL ASSOCIATION COtSffif PAPER:—All the official proceedings of are printed In full In this paper. Advertising Rate* DISPLAY, 25 cents a column Inch; 6 cents an Inch additional fof ,...„.. composition. Extra fof guaranteed position. LOCALS, Classified - - - EC a line LOCALS, among reading matte* ------- lOc a tine Obltnary poetry - - - - EC a line Resolutions ---... EG a line Car* of Thanks' - - - - BOc SEND CHANGES OF ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADED aUbscribtr* are Mked to notify the subscription depart' tnefat promptly of .an/ changes in their. addresses, tinder the new postal laws, newspapers and perl' odicais mast par postage due for ooUcee of any changes In address furnished by the post offlfe. In iddltloo. there is also the p»b» [em of delay In deliver/ or failure to get the paper. The best plax is to send the chants of address In advance. EDITORIAL March went out more like a duck than like the traditional lamb. Decentralization of Industry la being suggested as a means of Ironing out problems of distribution. This will mean that sections of the country that heretofore have had to depend entirely on agriculture, or any other one industry, will be more diverse and less subject to tbe drastic changes In buying power which extreme centralization has meant. It is remarkable that this point of view has not been had by our industrial leaders before this. It costs nearly as much, for example, to transport an automobile to many important buying sections, as it does to manufacture tbe car. made by efficient production then, are lost through inefficient distribution. Decentralization of Industry will help remedy that. Rural communities, mourned over by sociologists for years, will greatly benefit from decentralization as it will ! bring payrolls and stable vork to them. It will stimulate commercial Improvement and result in better stores, better living conditions and better recreational facilities for tbe rural towns and cities. • We have wondered since the national legalization of 3.2 per cent beer, just how many will find that the new suds fills a long-felt need. Comment on the streets and In loafing places would indicate that there will be a general rush to tbe nearest beer outlets (1933 term for saloon) as it goes on sale. Beer is relished by possibly five per cent of the people. Pos^ sibly another fifteen per cent like an occasional stein and perhaps twice that number would take a drink upon strong insistence. The truth is that only a small minority actually want beer, and that this minority has made as loud an outcry for Us size as we could hope to hear. It has been sufficiently loud as to move a considerable number of non-drinkers to believe that the country must have liquor back in order to quiet the outcry, while they do not actually want It them' selves. What has become of the inflation which we were led to believe would follow the national banking emergency act? Money has become tighter since that measure was passed SendSI *"*••"•» 5 months of THE ATLANTJInQNTHlY M AKB the most of your reading hours, Enjoy the wit, the wisdom, the cowpttntonBuln, the charm that have wads the ATLANTIC, for seventy-five years, America'* mo#t quoted and moat cUerUhed ni»ga*lu9. HI. ib,U lo — at least In this part of the country. Only the continued rise in the price of corn makes an optimistic note in the picture. Spelling, as was shown by the spelling contest here Thursday afternoon, is by no means a lost art. Lusty pupils of Malvern schools spelled words which.would floor many of us, as they competed for the championship honors. The ability to spell easily and accurately words of general usage is an Invaluable asset to anyone. The spelling contests stimulate Interest In spelling when the pupils most need It with tbe result that present day pupils are Increasingly able in this field. Malvern pupils seem to have unusual skill at spelling. For the fourth consecutive year local pupils have won the county championship honors — and there is always plenty of competition for them. The local school seems to make up in spelling what they lack in athletic competition. READER'S FORUM Men are never so likely to settle a question rightly as when they discuss It freely, T-Ma- cauiey, - -- - ..- - ~- - Readers are urged to keep their letters brief and to the point — both for our sake and the sake of our readers. What a Wonderful Age We Live in Dally I am amazed by the marvels of the age. Things discovered by the past month's deep research: -f-t-1- Colored linger hulls, which run be shaped and filed (detachable ones by the way). -f-t-I- Fatlgue proof tires. (You Idn't know that your tires get (red, did you? Well, they do and hen's when you want to look out or you'll be forcibly retired). -f-t-1- Cottrt plaster tacks to pin back jutting ears. (Not used by Clark Gable who maybe does* n't know about them), -f-t-1- Four room (and bath) houses which can be bought ready made and set up a day or two later at a total cost of $3600, (There's a catch in it. You have to have the $3600). -f-t-1- Gold plated nose shapem, to be worn Inside to make straight noses saucy. (It would take a darn good one to help my ole nchnozzlo much). -f-t-1- Medlclne which, if taken according to direction, will enable you to over eat, over drink, stay up late without Injury to the health. (Such stuff, in different form, used to be sold in considerable quantities in wandering medicine shows, a favorite field for which was Iowa. Now such are sold in erudite New York, whose Inhabitants go in for such conduct more vigorously). -f-t-1- Charmlng young gals can get detachable Up covers 1-lOO.OOOth of an inch thick which are kUo-proof, fool- proof. (Safe* wear and tear on the fleshy folds which surround the orifice of the mouth), For the benefit of the. Young Intelligentsia, who discussed Poetry at a recent session, 1 reprint an old favorite of mine, recently clipped from & country exchange: It your nose is close to the grind' stone rough, And you bold It down there long enough; In time you'll say there's no such thing As brooks that babble and birds that sing. These three Will all your world compose — Just You, the Stone and your darn old Nose! As proof of my (and Walter Breen's) contention that the schools don't teach economics I submit) That the class fighting school boys who have been climbing the classic girders of the water tower so frequently of late could have capitalized on their exercise. I called Town Clerk Byington recently to ascertain the regulations governing such conduct and he told me that Verne Crook, local electric magnate, had promised to put a new light globe in the socket on top of the tower but that he could find no employe of the company with nerve ent/ngh to climb up and do the job. The school boy should offer to do the trick, charge the corpora* tion a stiff old fee. -f-t-1- It's hard to realize Just how extensive the depression is. Saturday morning I saw three school teachers from Qlenwood hitch hiking across the barren tundras of east Mills county on the way to Red Oak, ttenv&ert tftst nWes* fft* fifotrs* floes ina*6 foil fateirtrgatie* t»« Senate wttt tnsM upon h. A Opun Lettur Too Mi Frend Bil Boack Malvurn loa 19 + 33 Deere bll: i thaut i beter tel yu hou 1 pheel aboutt Beer, wunt itt bee fin whenn wee kin git aul wee waunt 100 moar like wee ust? just fil rit eupp too thee chinn an slopp ovur malk boggs ov our- selvs? An on coarse bill wee'll hav aul thee whlskie wee want butt doant tel em sow fer wee mustt II too em er thay wunt lett uss repeel tbe constttushuu see? Soo II to em bill II too em Bll fer thats hour ownly hoap an mebbe tbayll caul uss trayters er rebles fer tryln to bust thee con- stitushun like Jet daviss did butt hoo keers iff wee git bye? Tel em wee doant wantt noe salunes fer thatt iz thee Best 11 uv aul and mebee wee'll hav sumpn wurse an iff Mis rosyvelt gits aul thee gals to drinckiu thee bois will aul rite see? an wee'll sho themm soar bed dries thay kant run ovur uss no moar. an iff thee kidds git hungrle thee kounty 11 fead em or iff sum ov em dize thairs two menny ov em enyhow an wee're gonto have Itt. Az ewer yer deer ole frend, Whiskie Bloak. P. S. Mr. edltur (or hiz devole) bee Bhure ewe doant maik noe mistaik an spel nun ov theze wurds wrong. W. B. With the Iowa General Assembly * y The Leader's Iowa Press Association State House Correspondent (Continued from page 1) time about August. The bill ran into snags immediately and a special committee undertook to rewrite the bill and make one that might command enough votes In the Senate to pass. But, provision of the new bill proposed is that beer by the glass 3> Senate two weeks ago provided for a 25 per cent cut in all tax districts. The House amended the bill to provide for 15 per cent, with some exceptions. Although agreed to by the conference committee, the new bill faces a fight In both houses, especially since tbe delay on all tax revision bills at Gov. Herring's behest. Radio Voice Speaks for Brigham Young Just what ambitions, opinions or bits of history would prighanj Young reveal to us moderns were be allowed by some miracle to step into life again? This Is a question wbicb. Continental ou company attempts to solve in its regular Wednesday night radio broadcast planned for April 12 over twenty N.B.O. *ta- tlona. Co-starring with the globetrotter, Curvelb Wells, in this program i» a voice representing the spirit leader — wtt» "Builder of the West," gov- of Hie great Mormon man who In hla day ernor or Utah, 1'rtwldent of Indian of Jt»u» CbrUt of the letter Day Buluts UttU Uuuurul of the Ml lit itt. Tliu njtmui'ttl Kuwjevt of tuU Utt- usually broadcitm l» "Utah — the of tbe Hwiey Bj«,» tfee uut plftuto Yuuuif and Ul* by In «MiM$f WOW a,t lilt for consumption where purchased may be had only in hotels and restaurants and cafes, and in these places no bars shall tempt the hilarious, nor fixed tables — Just straight beer service with or without meals. And for beer in quantities groceries, drug stores or other stores of reputable sort where it may be sold in containers, bottled or Jugged, to be taken away and consumed anywhere besides the premises of the vendor, Licenses fixed at a minimum shall be charged each place handling or selling beer or 3.2 per cent wines, and no saloons outside of incorporated towns and cities with facilities for law- enforcement. And no brewery, directly or Indirectly, shall have any pecuniary interest in any place where such liquor Is sold. It seemed that the first bill proposed aroused the prohibition advocates to a frenzy, and one day a representation from almost every county in posed of young character, appeared here and at the state, com- people of fine tlons to the beer bill to officials and members of the General Assembly, They presented petitions bearing 50,000 names, The question still seems to he whether to provide for repeal of state laws that would interfere WltU the Bale of beer and light wines in Iowa before tbe special election to be called later, or whether to set the tables now and he ready for the 7th of April when the pew federal regulations come into force. commute* oj Tbe rewritten bill takes care of many objections offered against both the original Senate bill and the bill as amended by tbe House. It contains the same exemptions as to state and soldiers' bonus levies, county poor levies, and bond and bond interest. It also contains the House amendments exempting city police and fire department levies, It contains a new provision for appeal to the budget director when the 1930 levy in any tax district was lower than the average levy for tbe four proceeding years or the levy to? '1981, and where tax districts in 1930 used accumulated surpluses, and made low levies. It provides that no taxing district shall be required to levy In the years 1933 and 1934 less than 65 per cent of the amount in dollars levied in 1930. Consider Beer Bill Immediately Advocates of the legalizing of sale of beer inform us that the beer bill will be forced to an issue in the House this week. And their objec, a dry Senator gaya that Jt wju Jnflfefiiry An attempt to require nomination of supreme court and district Jtrdges on a non-partisan ticket at tne regular primary election was defeated in tbe House last week, by the close vote of 54 to 50 — one short of tire required constitutional majority of 56. An attempt to change the method of electing county superintendents to the general election, instead of by the county board of education, also tnet defeat. However. In the future candidates must be given twenty days notice before election by the county board of education. May be Deadlock On Appropriations The House Friday forenoon completed its work on the blen nlal appropriations bill, which had taken its time most of last week. Very few amendments were made to the bill as reported }y the appropriations committee he only two of importance being by Representative Ditto, increas- ng appropriations to the state fair and for the aid of county 'airs, about $50,000. The optional military training question was njected into tbe debate Friday when Representative Teeter of Marion county attempted to provide that no funds appropriated should be used for military training. The amendment was defeat' ed. The bill carries total appropriations of $11,601,747, which is almost $4,000,000 less than the amount granted two years ago. The report of the Senate appropriations committee was filed Friday and Chairman White advises your correspondent he will bring the matter up for consideration today or Tuesday. It will take several days for consideration in the Senate, and the bill Is certain to go to a conference committee as the Senate measure is known to make reductions of less than half those made in the House bill. This means a long drawn out battle in conference and a possible deadlock of many days. Adjournment April 12? A resolution was introduced in the House Friday by Representative McFarlane of Blackhawk setting April 12 as date for adjournment of the session. It may be expected nearer April 18. Real Tax Reduction Accomplished The tax reduction forces are greatly pleased with results thus GREED MAKETH THE ROAD HOQ ,. ___________ „_„., _.^ WTT ,_^. bills have passed both bouses; six have passed the House and two others the Senate, and two are In conference committee hands. Senator Hicklln estimates savings to tax payers to date at $10,000,000. This Is a remarkable and creditable showing to meet the serious exigencies of tbe times. World's Fair Notes In the middle of the street of highway, fides the toad hog, a ton and a half or more in weight. Like his farm-yard counterpart, sometimes the road hog waddles, sometimes he grants along, looking neither to the right nor to the left. Avarice makes the road hog. He takes delight In narrowly missing pedestrians crossing the streets, in holding up traffic, in denying to others privileges he accepts and in gleefully saying, "I Just shaved that car." the road hog canses fnany accidents at Intersections by refusing to slow tip to see WHO has the right of way. Me canses many of the accidents which result from Improper passing, from cutting in and out Of traffic, ffofit driving on the wrong side of the roadway. These types of accidents, according to the book, "they Call Us Civilized," published by The Travelers Insurance Company, were responsible tot the deaths of nearly 10,000 persons last year. ; JN WASHINGTON By Otha D. Wearia Representative, Seventh IOWA District Note: Sir. W«rln's residence address in Washington in 110 Maryland avenue NU. His office may be reached by- addressing the House office building in Washington. The House has been in session a very short time during the past week considering principally the emergency relief bill to employ 260,000 men in some forestry work that will not come into competition with labor gainfully occupied at present. The measure met with but little opposition on the floor except for a few of the republican leaders. The thought In mind was of course to relieve a little of the acute unemployment situation In some of the large centers of tbe population. The medicinal liquor bill also passed the House on Thursday with but little debate other than Congressman Blanton of Texas who led the opposition. ftitt ***** « ***?fwi9f < M n " f ***»B^i m been in session a considerable portion of time during tbe last few days. The Senate agricultural committee has been deliberating and consulting with the administration in an effort to mprove the Domestic Allotment Dill and add some feature that will give more direct and prompt relief to American farmers, with as little machinery as possible. It s hoped in many circles of officials who are close to the farm problem that in so doing it will be possible to keep the federal government out of tbe brokerage THINK OF IT! Car storage, meals, lodging, information, lectures, friends, Chicago transportation, World's Fair admission — $34.95 covers all this for a full week's period at Beacon City, At the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, thousands slept on floors and in hallways. At the Paris Exposition many slept on the ground. Moral: Make your Beacon City reservations now! UUl llevvrittw The conference House and Senate which has been studying tbe Beutty-BeiiueU datory tax rutfuollou bill for liust ten day*. Ua,u rewritten tU.e tt*ea»ur« mid their r^wt wtw filed last Ws4tte*d*y, Tke cow, promise b(U provide* {or a p u*r cant eu,< below tha )»$a »** for red,uetUm for , towns «ud dlntrlftt! will fte low toy? tut i not be considered in the Senate at this time. He bases this view on the fact that there are several Senators oppose)} to acting on it before the repeal amendment is voted ou next summer, and that it cannot be passed without these Senators' votes. 4 couuutttce Bamw ago by the House to the "cement trust" an,d tfce lei* ting of cement eontrwis by th.e . highway commission reported one day last week that tfeer^ fc eoj|ii- slon, and that tUere i» "f raw nag Jlgen.ce if not crimjftal ue*a on signed, the r*iw« aad It is easily worth half the Beacon City membership to know where you're going before you leave home, Not the least of the pleasures of your Beacon City membership Will be the delightful dally ride from Beacon City to the Fair, through a most interesting portion of Chicago. Drive Your Car No traffic to worry about, The Wncoin Highway avoids , and leads directly to Olty, where you cap, > owr cwr in gaiety and for, get all about it until you aye reaily to return home, 4 group of four or fire in one car re. the transjmrtatloo cost to We know pf several family unions scheduled lor iea City, FanjlUea wJU meet th«e from various sections to enjoy the Pair together. What a Enroll Now! tap* vwaw A tmwum m tbt Jectionable and disastrous * feature of tbe Farm Board. It is rumored that the agricultural measure, when It comes back to the House will contain a provision for refinancing farm mortgages at a lower rate of interest which Is so fundamental to the rehabilitation of agriculture. The American farmer doesn't want to borrow more money, but he would like to be placed in a position where he can pay his interest on what he owes regard* less of the moneyed Interests in the East, Giving the man on the farm a chance to breathe while be gets back on his feet with Increased prices is "farm relief." If someone has their toot on a man's neck you can't improve his condition by rubbing salve on bis stomach no matter bow good the salve is. The first Job is to fix it so he can breathe. Public Works Planned Congressional committees are also planning a program of public works that will be considered on the floors of the two Houses In the near future. Tbe administration is cooperating, In fact leading, In that direction.; enterprises mutt effect • such/i saving over present practices that a residue will remain which is only good business. Last week a number of committees, including Rivers & Harbors and Flood Control from the House were in conference with the President discussing waVs and means of effecting the above results. The spirit of cooperation between the executive and legislative branches is still complete and harmonious as the effort is continued to meet tbe various . , - , emergencies before the country business which was such an ob-'which Insures result*. wwlwy Attend the World's Fair In Group JBrgMtee a group BOW rod amngi aa<j neigkbow, rosy toge&er, Comfortable . wr PW&BS faomtie*~flll piwrdepi go with ~

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