Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1928
Page 6
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-J I PAGE SIX SEXIEAGOE LEAD GOES TO THREESQUAPS Parsons, Pittsburg And Fort Scott Are in Win Colurain lOLA IS AT BOTTOM Chanute Also Has Failed To Claim Victory In Lea^e w. Parsons 1 Plttsliurf!: 1 Pt. Scott ' 1 Chanuto 0 lol» J^---0 U 0 • 0 0 1 •I Pet. i.ootr 1.000 1.000 .000 .000 THIS MEEK'S G^UIESv Tuesday-JClianute at Inde- pencieucie; Parsons- at Coffey- •lille. ' I , Friday—Ft. Scott at lola: Chanute at Pitts'burg. Saturday—Coluriiljus at Par, sons; r Htmboi4tafid lola Qi^intetto BattieTbnight iHuuiboldt, Kans.. Jan. 17 -Tllum- baldt bBDkc^lmll fans are.looking forward with IntercBt t,oward iht gtiipo here tonight .beiween tin- HutnlioJdt "CycIon(L>»"; and) the lola city team. Humboldt's team work hu^ developed wonderfully durinK the last two week* and the local team will prove to l>e a strong toritender. A preliminary game will be played "between the Humtioldt' Rirl.s team'and the Yates Center girls team, frhes* teams are very C I O.HCT ,ly ^piaK'lied. tsjch having defeated Iheother once., This game will be interesting. • THE lOLA DAmY REGISTER. TUESDAY; ^VEt^NG, JANUARY 17. 1928. SEKANOPENS SECOND HALF MildredMs Only Quintet Withbut Defeat For Season- The tlircc teams favored to rank high in ^he Southeast Kansas league in basketball this? season, are now h«jding the standings .•H-ilh-only five of. the eight mem- lEIsmore Is Second, While BRO UNTRIED CLUB OF AMERICAN I Entirely New~Team Will Take Field For ! iOpener ONLY VET~AT S^ORT Young Infield Has Not Been Put to Test I In Majors Thii i.s tile thirteulJi <if a . •Mi 'riesof iirti«-le« on the pios- . iwbt.s of the major league clubs during the coming season. AND HEEE'SraE WNNER I J SI. Utni^i. Jan. 17, (Al'i —Ke- moUi.-led ami rejuvenated by re- placemVnls. tlie St. Loui.-* UV OW^IH j IKri's the c ii<l of the annual Ijoa Angeles JjO.OOO open championship. of the American league, under the i,,^ .MaiDonahl Smith, indicated by tbe tirrow. enfer 'lr ^^ce ^1^1"- --"PionsUlp and top pr ze o Jaru 'i- K"l'<*''y ihat lollowed Smith around. lOLA STILL LAST bers having playe<l. Ki\-e league ' contests are to bo played this week with ;all ' conference membcr.s twinging into action. Friday niglit.^i games' found I'ilts- burg and Ft. Scott entering the win : column "With Par.^ons, while lola ^lildred - ; . , was joined liy, Cluinute at the hot- ', Klsmore torn of the .standings. The games llumlK)ldi this week will put Independence IWuinuiii Columhus and C()ffey\ille either In i^coJi the win or lofes column with Cha-' HuffaUjl • rnite and lola having opportunities Yates (liiitcr to clin|b out. Independent has shown Its strenga n the Verd'igris Valley league'and may jirove to be too much for the Chanute team. Neode- «ha humbled Clianute recently ; While Independen<:e may do the flame for Chapute. From- present dope the Parsons U'am sJiould gijin n victory over the CoffeyviUe Iteam although the actual strength of (he Golden Tornado squad Is noi.'known. \ Friday, n'ghl Iho Chanute learn w-lll invade Pittsburg, due to' a Humboldt Holds, to Third Place ,vr .4MH .\(;.s, w. I.. I 'd. 7 ii l .OIHI I ..S .'M . J .r.7i •1 ;! ..^71 I 1 i; .11:! . <l 7 .(11)11 lola <;A.ME.S THIS UEEK. Tuesday-lola at nHmlmld(. tWdnefday—.Mildred' at Chanute. I Frida.v Kl.-more al Ft. Scott; Yatcl^ CiMitcr at ljuf' fhlo. » . The Sdillliea.'^t Kansas indepcnd- en*. li-agiii' yiari.s (in the si-conil hal." of i!.s season tills week with each team having: pla.ved seven ganii-s and each Vine having an season, an untried and entirely unknown quanlity in the junior 'ircuit. .1 i ,«ai <;uiui from (he rank.^s is Ccorge S:sItT. I!i2(i nuniiigcr and star first baseman. (lone are Williams, tia.-^ton. 11. nice. 'Van Uilder, anil siveral other veterans who last fia:'<iii performed iu the spaogles oT ihe Urowns. In their places i'jWill be untried youngsters, many ' iif them m-w lo the Tiiajor.«. The la.-k- of reiflacing Sisler at first 'have at jrresont stands between l.u llluej obtained in a trade with. Detroil. iind ,(!uy Sturdy, u heavy hitler frmn Tul.sii of liii- WtsLcrii league (Jli.s Hraniiun and l>s<:ar .Mellllo. will try tor llie keystone u.s.signmenl:, white Kalpli Kre.-js alid Walter CerlH-r. Ihe latter the only veteran inl'ielder back, ari' sr-lieriuled to palrol sliorl.slnp. Fr.iilk O'Kourke will be |ires>ed hard liy IJiily .Mullen fur iln' <ip- por(unity t<i hold down liie hot 1 onier at third. At pr.estiit. lleiiie ..Manu.'ii. Kar! .Mc.Veeiy aiid.Kniz .SiliuM'" are ihe only ouifielilers on the lo.-ier. fiut the addition ' of .iiiollnr lii-for<' .s))rinK training seai-nn yr ndlrt around, is r'xpcriril. Sturdy, should he be crowdi-d off of by IJlue, Is a likely candidate i'l.r th er gardt'l iHy the A.ssociated I'res.s.) New York—Paulino Iziudun, SiKiiu. kiKMked out Kd Keeley. linsio!! .lajk Delaney. IJridge- pcirt. C^inn.. knocked out Sully .Montgomery. Chicago (1). Tony .Vsceiirio. Spain, won b.v a techiil- lalkuoi-koiit from Vic ile la Cruce, I'l .ilippiiMs (i). hui^ Virentini, CliiN'. di'V.alcd Augie I'isano, New York. (Hi». WiiiiiipiK. .Man. -Cl'i •'it? Itelan'g- i-r. Wiiinip'-i;. defeali ,i Harry lon. Winiilprg iioi; .Vew Haven. Conn.—Hobby May.s, .N 'i 'w I/iiidon. won from I'eli I 't- irolle. Fargii. .V. 1). i .Si. K'.iii<-r t'iconni'. S. liiicc .tady. .V. Y.. aiul P'-ie .\;,'uiiial(!o, I'hilippiiies, drew, (1.1. .\iwaik. -V. .1.. • .l <ie DuiKie.-. |!al- liiiiDir. won liy a icclinicjtl kiKirk- i[iit ovrr Jean .Mi -ngi-nol, Frani-e, .:>.) Itul'falo. .V Y. Frisco Craacle; out-i I'lillijipiii"'^. «un 111! .•• foul from ' Frciichy liel.inner. Toroiiio i."i) preparing for the J3.500. '.Vote the SN)RT Sports -EdBor of The artjcie ofl Mildred. w4iich a [Register: Mr. Xevitfs of l)peared Ifi an Issue of the.lola riaily Register last week statipgi that of Mildred" iiad 'Mlfiie, manager Terrilile Swwles." jn'ijfeclly true; bi the '-Red.DevlIri Iwritten to Mr. of "Anderson's about a game Is lit I wish to say thai, when the Mildred tc&m. can me''t our terms gltid to play pocsi'ble dute ha.sltetball penses anil valuable and then we will be theiki at the earliest \\> would .Hke Mr. Xevltt to kiiqw triat when we play e I hat our to fat lo play for nothing, as Mr. .Nevitt wlsli *8i The team .should be strong be- ' HyJiimon- -Hu.-ii r llrown. Haiti- hind the liat with Uirt-e giMid re-I uriri-. dil'caled .lose I,uu\.)..r-lo. ceivvr.i on the list. Steve ()".\'eill. | I'.uiania. (l:i». \V;ilile' Si hang and Clyde .Maliioii j .Mcadville. I'a - .loliiiny i grace the list of backstop 's. I With determined youth on wiiith YolJr^^ res .Mgr. ".XnderscJn 'H I ^i—l—_ i-qual liuiuber yel lo piay. Mildr* d Fchedule change, and will probablv ! i.'« still leading with no'defeats i , ,> „ , , . ,. „ have a ^^Iff game there. It had i marked up and seems d.^ti.ied to : «••"»<• hang and . l.v.le .Ma.uon , .Mradviile. I'a - .lol.nny K ..u, tieen previo«<Uy planned to have keep In the vi.tory column. Knu;;; the list „t back.stops. , I o<on. ">:>l';-"t-l „^<'""K„ the game nl Cham.te hut tH.ih Four ga.nes. aie to bo played , \S iih <Ie'ernm>ed .vouth ot, wh . h , \k.on. (• . U <M. ..thon>. teaifls d«=^ired a Change so ChauMlc ' this M with lola At Humboldt"" U"" r"""- ^'"''n ,^ ' rue-dav night, i The Humboldt! ''"''V''^''- -^'""'^^"^ "^'^'''^ ''i;: '^"^^^^^ team after a drtlp in its playing,probirm in groon.u.g 1 Council Ulults. la.--.I.mnh.. Ma- abilily- revived and l)-ounced the City Team Jrurneys To Humb)ldt Tohighjt accordingly will be pla>nug on a foreign court. The same night lola will be entertaining the Bourbon county scat Invallers. with Elsinore team lo give Klsmore its little comparative dope on! the firsts defeat 'ot the .'^>a.';on and ganve, though Fort Scott due to Its break a losing ..'streak "for Hum- onV-''\ictory and the two loses boldt. lola has as yet to break checked up against lola. has the i into the victory column but with €^ge. Last with a new Scott. t)ut lost by a tleci^ive with -another Coach Smith may give the risitors I Wednesday evening the .Mililred mound^nien to foil Uie,opposition, ller.ein, close <ibsi'rvers insist, lies tlie answer to the (lut-slion of whether or not the Hrowns will h''-abie to elevate thenuselves from their lowly position of 1927—ope The lola c vades Huitibollit w the Uumboldi high school g.{ ing the secon^ ha season. , j The- Utinfliojdl I lone "lietroii. won .>ii a foul from majority of Kraiiki.) .Kohlf.-. ( Blufis ,i,.,^ l,e,.„ „nabl Oil Production Is Increased for Week I—An reg- pro- lart. .lack Ogdeii and .lanii-.-i W. ght i jlm-t:<in of crude oil In the I'nited fromT=^.fVott "Koniethini^^lha 't .Vhev'^^ '"•i'-'.^- ''••^ the ...ily ' sial.-. from ^ilie r .-coni low fvel j "hifqnp^ of . ai-e not looking for and start a it should add another victory to its i'i «'»l '<'r of the club who ever made , iveonli ddurins; the previous week, , s ,re :,ks.' points : acains win. Tonight let that hag. games will ^ Humboldt has was'seen by i laat^week-ewl. Tonight's game s contest as the firs igame of the.reaso ty ^ Notre Daihe-Southemi Califorhla Fray Dec. 8 Los Angeles. Jan. 17. (AP)—A change ot the date for tlie Notre DamerUnlverslty lof Southern California football game here next fall was announced today by officials ofi the Southern California iustituUon. Under the completed schedule of the University of Southern California, the game will "be held Decemiier 8, a i*-eek later than the original ddte. This action was taken after the University of Call- foi^ia at Los Angeles had protest-, ed that tbe December 1 date was only two da>-s after the Thanksgiving L". C. L. A.-Oregon contest here. DELANEY AND PAULINO ARE UP Stock of Boxers High as Result of Fights Last Night JACK SWINGSrONCE ELITE Tonight, Toniorijow and Thanidajr .Matinee 10c-2(^; >lglit Kfc-SSc lay for our o.\our time - is too IMicketbooks are us t^i do. lectfully, . \LKX MllA'K, errlble Swedes." ^am tonight in- lere it ^vi^l meet to>|."n team .at the m it the game start- f or both:tiams' JUNIOR COLLEGE HASTWOGAM0 F|)R THIS WEEK Olathle Mutes Are Booked F6r Road Trip to I Kansas City — • — The trip of the local junior college basketball team, to ibe taken the last of this week is now an assumed fact .with the matching of a game; with;the Olathe Mutes, to be' played Friday evening at Olathe. The Kansas City, Kans., Junior college game has been changed from Thursday to Saturday night. Both games on this trip will be stiff and it -will probably take all of the ability that the team has to win 1)oth contests. The Mutes as usual have 'a strong team as was ;?hown 'by the small margin that Lincoln and Lee U. managed to gain to win over the Olathahs. The Kansas City junior college team showed its power when it defeated Coffeyvllle the other niglit by a 50 to 15 score. Coach: Stockehrand: will :be put- tjng hlsj men through isome stiff workouts in preparation for the games, (both of whifrh lola hopes to -win, ^specially the Kansas City game as that counts on the Kansas junior college conference. Then Montgomery Is Out For Five Minutes As Result Walker Rich Loses To Reese in Bout New York, Jan. - 17. (.\Pj — Knockout victories h^d boosted the stock of Jack Delaney and PajiHno' Uzcudun in the heavj-weight imar- ket today. Delaney furnished au unusual feat iu .* ring performances 'last night by landing a single haymaker on Sully' Montgomery.'s chin in 20 seconds of the first, round of a ten-round bout; • At about the same time, L'zcuduu eliminated Kd keeley from the pic- tiire in little liiore than two minutes of mauling in the second round or another ten-rouuder. Tlie referee stopped the bonl. Starting a campaign, for recognition as a challenger for heavyweight honors, 'Delaney struck but one lbIo<*-, a right to the chin, to bowl the giant Texan on the canvas. : '.Monlgpniery, with tho ponderous poundage of 21>> - against the Bridgepbirter's 180%. rushed on his ( rival after they shook hands and nrt^sed'a vicious left sAing by about two feet.^Delaney stci>ped forward jiiimbry and caught Sully | with a .wlid smash,, cjidiug the; fight. ' \ . • ; It was five minutes beforo Mont-, gomery was.revived with the aid of restoratives. Some .'>,000. fans were jammed in the St. .V'ichola.^ rink as ilclancy flashed the form | ot tho days w.hen he was the i world's light heavyweight champ-! ion. I "MY LOVE BEST THRILLS GIRIL' SIGHS— K AT H L B EN LOTS OF^ NORRI^ LAUGHTER I With Buddy Rogeips The Olathe Boy featured in the cii>>t The kind of picture you al vays hoped that Mary would make. A riot of romance—a cyclone of comedy and a real love story. Positively her biggest and-best comedy Comedy, "In and Out" Aesop's Fables and Topics of the Day ^ ' S gi e to an: the Mart Ithe a •am IvjH won a mes while lola [stack up enough opponent lo |tame lola (juin- d the last few altling for lola. vived team as s defeat of Elsmore victory streak. Saturday night Columbus will play Its first game in tke lei^ue at Par,sons. I Little i.s known a .«i| to the coniparaCive strengtli of the two teams, hjowever. the Parsons-Columbus gam<» i<f usually .hard fought aid may have a good deal of hearing on the standings this i year- • • The games tliii- week will tell a great deal of the ^comparative strength of the various' teams in tho league and niav have a good i Chiwigo. .Inn. 17. (APj—Head-, deal of 4)eariag on the final re-I nuirters of the American I^'agpe,! already lar^e li't Friday night 1*'°*"' "^^^ major-league hurler. j ili.-Oii ami Can .loiirnal .s-.ty.4 today, the remaining league teams .swing i ""V^""* »^ Premise in the new' Into action with ElsTiioro headed j ho^^^ver. with Ogden. re for an alihost certain victory at The starters for Fort Scott. The Yates Center-Buffalo game Is prbljably the most evenly matcl|e(l game on the .schedule, although Buffalo should win. American League Will Change Headquarters cently obtained from Baltimore, declared one,of the greatest finds of the year. v'Tlie daily avtrace prn .hKtion waii, Ra^er and Pigc; forwards: Svmnes, -1 given a .-4 -..iSC.l.^.;. barnis lor the >e„ten: Slayfon and Ciitbirtb. ,. • i center; week ending .laimary 14. as com-|«yanls pared -wiMi 2.S7S.-!tl.'. barrels for j" thu week ending January 7. milts tills year. Quick Tax Cut Action Is A|ked by Senators Waslilngton. Jan. 16. tAP),— Immediate • downward revision of tho tariff was asked today by the aenate. j established in Ihe Fisher huildiiig 1'7 year.s ago when, the ririuit was organl^ced l)y Byron Bancroft Johnson anil Ills associanw, -vvill ibo moved .May 1 to the Slratis build- j Ing. on .Michigan Hoiilovard. The! tww location is juVt a block aivayj from the headnu .rter--' m' lias'-- i TODAY LAST TI.MES MOORE Fun For lolal I IR H 'S conim!.>^ Lfindls. iSiUiV Keiii i.v .M I Your Clothes Will Wear Longer and Look Better If You Have Them Frequently Dry Cleaned Just telepKone pa. and we will send for the garments that you desire to have cleaned. Yon may be assured of prompt service and expert workman- C L E A N I: R S 1= tiould lie Ji good lola-Humboldt was,.. if the their scoring lola will be: Fort Scott. Kans.. Jan. 17. tAP) Fred Reese of Port Scott defeated ;\ViUker Rich, Kansas City, in the opinion of newspaper men. at the American Legion boxing show here last night. In the^second round Rich suffered a fracture of his right forearm, which 'will keep him out of the ring for some time. Frankie Lloyd. Treeoe. Kans.. and Steve Ketchell, Kansas City, fought eight rounds to a draw. Luther Ashford, Fort Scott, -'won a new-spaper decision over "Kid Fuqtua, Grand Island, Neb. Paroles Approved for 69 Reformatory Inm4tes " Topeka, Jan. 16. (AP):—Governor Paulen today approved paroles for 69 Inmates of the state reformatory at Hutchinson, •who were included in the list considered by the board of administration at its .January meeting. ' The mystery overPaulino's an-i ^ tics in twi-iee evading » tout with f Keeley rcttiained Unsolved after the Ba .s <iue .decisively whipped the Bostoniah. at the new Broadway arena in.-'Brooklni. About 5,00'»' l )ersonR (saw the tussle. Keeley's sout"hpaw tactics failed : to make.any impression on the | Spaniard,-; Ke^-iey landed .some' hard boiij- punches in thf first round J\M missed fn^tjuently. j Paulino rapped bis focinan time' and again with terrific riglit-haud j sm.ishe.<! tO :the head. ! Shortly after the second .stanza ! was underway, Paulino bore in furiously with a swift, two-fisted '• attack to the body and face which i sent Keeley .«pinning around the' ropes. Pai^lino staggered Uio Hub bo.\er with: a right to tlie jaw \«hich wonlfl have 'dropped'Keeley but for interference iby the referee.' Paulino, .leaves Thursday f<Jr a- 15-round bout against Romero Rojas in theXfyull.ring at Mexico City, on January 29. : Thomas Maloue. the Australian .sprinter, ran 17.'> yarrt.s in 17'4 seconds at;- Xorward Park; Australia. JulyiilS. l.s.s:?. i Cold Wave Coming— •• Hut we have cut,prices on all of our Overcoats. Sav' money by buying: tiow. Style- plus Overcoats ; and othei makes to show you at re duced prices. Sheep lined Coats $5.9ij. THEHU^ ('aptivatiiijr Colltrn is h<re again as the wistful wainesK of the lutich-wagoii - 111*' d:i/zliUK debutante of Ihe Uitz - Ihe'i darctlevil avialrix'wild gm-s lail-spitiningjinto society. It's quite the merriest I'uu-tilm l.'oUeen h:is ever give/ you—Willi the kind Jif a story, that keeps you guessing and gasping for one solid houi-an<l-a- half: , , ; Added—Comedy and Aew.s IVKI)M;SI»AY AMI TIIIKSDAV The Fun Throttle's Wide Opien CHESTEIV IN BANC igtaamouiiiQiaiar roar lion 1^ .-I.- « ,1 Full speed ahea(i for fun! The mere sight of these l«o logcth<'r is eluuigh to' bring forth \Ve;ie telling you. '"Tell it to Sweeney " is a liiugh sensa- Kverytioily s^iiles' Adiied "Around Ilii- ISjiHe*," nnothrr i'ollegiHii! Kridiiy I.iiiiNe .Monin nnd n big rust hi ~TIIK UlIIKI.HiXn OK YOlTir S.nturduj Jiirk lloxle in -.MKN «»K UARINtr ^ Coming All »xt Wefk THK IH'IMNSKV STOfK lO.MPANY / The Show Yvu All Know ; •Tiveniy degrees cooler'^ I —come on in ' " ' ' ' Y ou Jcnow how small kindlings make a quick, hoc blaze, -while big^logs burn slowly and evenly? Same way with tobacco—the finer the cut, the faster and hotter it burns. So Granger is "Rough Cut" in big shaggy flakes that biurn more slowly, last longer, smoke cooler. There's only one right'.way to cut tobacco for pipes—and this is it. Just match it against them all— REGARDLESS! j GRANGER. ROUfJJH ! THBUGGptrec • No bulky, toitly ' ttMf b€WfC • lO CUT ISjMADE BY llfYERS TOBACCO CO. l{alf pound vacuJm humidor, cents. A.

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