Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on July 24, 1965 · Page 20
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 20

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1965
Page 20
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1965. BEN CASEY Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Sunday. July 25 "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the| way." ARIES (Mar. 21-Apr. 19»: Important, you finish whal you' start. Read—absorb knowled g e. Now you learn much by observing. Follow example of one you respect. Reunion indicated be-; tween family members. < TAURUS 'Apr. 20-May 20: ! Future events may be subject of. 1 stimulating discussion. Take' long-range view. You will be re-] paid for sincere efforts. Be in-i dependent. . .show sense of humor. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You appear to "bubble" with enthusiasm. You can now give joy. . . receive complime n t s . Friends and relatives may appear to descend on you. Make them feel welcome. CANCER (June 21-July 221: Fine time for being with friends, associates. Much accomplished if j'ou exchange ideas Key is versatility. Don't feel you must adhere to one method. Experiment! LEO (July 23-Aug. 22i: Spread goodwill. Apprec i a t p friends. Be grateful for past and present favors. Exp r e s s feelings. You could gain greater freedom by following friendly suggestion. Spiritual adv i s e r may have valid answer. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Important you reflect on obligations, promises and potential You can now take steps to insure success. Be quiet with i n. Realize necessity for cert a i n CREATIVE CHANGES. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You can now achieve degree of spiritual enlightenment. K e ep mind and heart open. Fine time for reunions. Gain indicated through reading, writing— and listening. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 211: Be as good a guest as you are a host. Accept gifts in the spirit in which they are given. Shake off emotional lethargy. Come out of shell. Chase away worry with humor. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): others may tend to "lean" BRIDGE BY JACOBY WEST NORTH 4 1052 V K6 * A J 54 + KQ92 EAST 24 AQ6 4KJ943 VQ J 104 V 8 753 • 8 7 2 • 9 3 410875 + J4 SOUTH (D) 4 A87 V A92 * KQ106 * A63 Both vulnerable South West North East 1 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V Q tiiiit by playing low to the king and back to the ace. East played the jack on the second club icad and when West followed low on the third club it showed ihat East had either played the jack as a false-card with jack- ten or because he had only that one card and therefore no choice. Thus the finesse was Indicated and those declarers who understood the principle were p r o- perly rewarded by making one more trick than those who simply played out the top clubs. Quick Qui: Q—What breed of clog is believed to be the oldest in the world? A—The Ibizan hound, with blood lines that trace back to 2000 B.C. By 2034-H BRIGHT BEAUTY!— Breathtaking linens are so easily made -simply embroider them with Q—When does "summer" occur in the Antarctic? A—Between October and March. JACOBY & SON ' The classic example of the word "good-bye"? principle of restricted c h o i ce comes a suit drop either the queen or jack en the first lead. If you d o drop one you should play the suit to break three-one because wlth a Singlet ° n h ° llor a t n fascinating to wouki have tne choice betwe en A—It is a contraction of "God when you miss four of'be with ye." to the queen-jack and Q_ what American college or university was founded by a pope? A—The Catholic University of America at Washington. D.C., founded in 1889 by Pope Leo XIII. the player would have no choice but Pattern No. 2034-H has hot- iron transfer for 2 designs; color chart; directions for crocheted edging. , To order, send 35c in coins to: I Anne Cabot, ! Ironwood Daily Globe, i 407 S. Wacker Drive, ' Chicago, 111., 60607 j For Ist-class mailing add lOc two cards had he held queen-j jack doubleton. | In today's hand, taken from I the open pairs at the recent Eastern championships, most' Ewen Personals Mr. and Mrs. Lester Carlson few enterprising here for several weeks their way to six Mr . and Mrs . James Niemi and family, Kalamazoo, are visiting relatives and fri e n ds uouls worked diamonds. At three no-trump declarers who finessed against West's ten *° r each address with zip code, style No. on Print name, • of clubs after the jack dropped made and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 cnlv four Pall and Winter Album! Regular When the features: custom collection; items to crochet, knit, stitch! second lead of the five odd, others diamond slam was bid the club play really became four club tricks to make the slam. from Capricorn message. Offer encouragement. Stress optimism. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20): Previous project, complicat e d situation due to end on positive ! note. You can now profit! where there was fear of loss.' on you. Give support where ! Domestic tranquility tends to! practical, but accept basic res- 1 override threat of friction. ponslbility. Welcome cooper a- 1 * * « tion of mate, partner. Heed | If today is your birthday . . . counsel offered by spiritual ad- you are introspective, analytical, viser. able to piece together bits of in- CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.j formation and use them well. 19): Many due to respond to' o * a your abilities, services. Long-j General tendencies: Cycle distance communication c o u 1 d! high for Gemini, Cancer, Leo. provide important mess a g e . Special word to Aries: Avoid Give attention to wardrobe, gen-! scattering forces." Finish one! eral appearance. task at a time I AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. I8i:| - j Utilize constructive influencel Some African gazelles have! where younger persons, loved: been paced from a car at 40 i ones are concrned. Obtain hint mph over a short distance. Everyone started the club Q—The bidding has been: East South West North 1 V Pass 1 N.T. Pass Pass ? You, South, holdi AAQ76 VK J86 + 3 *K 9 4 2 What do you do? A—Double. If your partner leaves this in you should do all right and if he bids you should not be hurt. TODAY'S QUESTION West runs to two diamonds and North and East pass. What do you do now? Answer Monday , Mrs. Lloyd Pirlot and family, suit. Milwaukee, who visited her par- made ents, Mr. and Mrs. George Du- Cleaux, for two weeks, have re turned home. Monica Aileen Vadnais and Patricia Hebert, Baraga, are guests at the home of Miss Vadnais' grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miesbauer. Jennifer Fleming ret u r n e d home recently from Crystal Falls where she attended Bible Camp. Mr. and Mrs. Nels Kanutila. Seattle, were recent guests at the Leroy Fencil home. Mr. and Mrs. Al Swiencicki, daughter, Laura Lynn, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Baumst ark, Racine, visited recently with Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Fencil. Mrs. Raymond Gries and daughter, Susan, and Mark Fencil, Detroit, visited her parent: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fencil and other relatives and friends i n Ewen. SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox BUGS BUNNY THIS STEAK IS SO ^ TOU6H I CAN'T CUT JT.' BUSS! 1 WISH TO WEGISTER A COMPLAINT; NONSENSE! I'D \ NEED AN AX TO CUT THIS MEAT! PUT IT BACK WHEN VA FINISH EATIN'-WE AIMS T' PLEASE; CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner C l»« tr HJ«, I,, T W lig. U ! 1,1 nil > Dacl? 1 want . uslng the car tor the class picnic tomorrow!" •7-0.4- • 1*5 If NEA. l«. TW. *.,. U.S. fa. OH. "The Wrights have a swimming pool, but they're not what you might call high society. Nobody ever gets thrown in!" Fishy in the Sea Answer to Previou* Puzzl* ACROSS 1 Frenchman's fish delicary •1 IMo 9 Pikelikc fish 12 Narrow inlet 13 Embellish 14 Falsehood 15 Annoy 16 World s (baseball! 17 City in the Netherlands 18 Observes 20 Compass point 21 Progeny 22 Name iFr.l 24 Lone Scout group (ab.) 26 Pertaining to a region 29 Exhausted 33 Harvester .15 Tell 36 Masculine appellation 37 Characterize 38 Frozen rain. 39 Iraqi unit of currency 40 Color 42 Onager 43 Money of account ipl.) 16 Rodent 4U Seed plant 52 Knave of clubs 53 Edible rootstocl-- 55 By wav 56 Hail! 57 Caliph. 58 Worm 59 Fowl 60 Antiqu: 61 Legal pi> DOWN 1 Goddess of/ discord 2 Ireland grant 3 Fish may be found in this -4 Existed 5 Revoke a 6 Antler 7 Recessed window fi Single unit 9 Merriment 10 Assistant 11 Bamboolike grass 19 Red ipl.) 21 Swordfish's relative 23 Oleic add ester 25 Chargers 26 Circle parts 27 Genuine 28 Comfort 30 Shower 31 Heating device 32 Forest creature 34 Railroad (ab.) 35 Highway lab.) 41 Stage play 42 Particles 43 Atlantic denizen 44 Rant 45 Prayer ending 47 Brazilian macaws 49 Always 50 Get up 51 Game fish 53 Cant 54 Mariner's direction MEWSPAFER ENTERPRISE ASSN. By Neal Adam* IF 1 WERE TO ACCEPT YOUR. FATHER'S OFFER,I'P HAVE TO SACRIFICE MAW OF MV GOALS. GOALS THAT I'/A UNWILLING TO SACRIFICE, YES AND NO, JOAM. kWfV THERE'S ROOM IN MY LIFE FOR MARRIAGE, Z IVILL MAKE THAT DECISION. BEN! WHAT 15 IT...HAVE I SAID SOMETHING WRON6 ? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Mcrrffl Blosser . , A .MOM HEY/WMATASRE-AT- 1 BOUGHT ir OL' PMOMOGRAPM / / AT AN . =-* BUT, \ DOMT WHATS } ASK THAT WHY- PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermecr AND SOMETIMES I GO AFTER BIG-MOUTHS.. SOMETIMES I GO AFTER SMALL-MOUTH BASS... *««*»_•«. Ji- •*«£•••*" ONLX x EXPERIENCE HAS BEEN WITH BIS MOUTHS... WATCH \ * V IT/'/ S iMORTY MEEKLE By Dick Caralll PON6M/OWL IMITATYON ^n. &f 'st^&^^Z&t HOW CO YOU LIMB WAT? A CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner /WHAT! YOU SOUGHT THAT .HANP1CAPPEP Y i *>'>ni • IWM s*vfc"»»*!i inn* tCflrfcll' " ***** »^ / CONSULTED ANY OP U5i WE'PRAVB TOLP YOU ... AS I : WAS,,.AM> PAVIWCI. RU6BNS/ VAN .GOSH. COROT, \ THAT ECCENTRIC'S C0UECTI0U DUPE* THE NOSES VANDYKE ANP GOYA. FOR A MERE ICOULP-ER- WR VI510M IUPROVE&1 BY AMATEURS) WITH t>\& NAME51/ QH.WV OP YOU CASEY PEALERS. ALVIM... I MAPB THE BUY OF THE CENTURY' DONATE 'EM / THE 5KSHT OF THEH WSHT l£ TOO DEPRESSING 1 THE BORN LOSER By Art Saasom ALLEY OOP By V. T. HunUa BUT IT GOT PRETTY LOOK AT SLOPPY", PIPN'T PI?/ ME.. .I'M e IMS kr HI*, I*. T.M. IM. U.I. fri. OH. OUT OUR WAY—By J. R. Williams LISTEN--THERE'S Wt> \* WELL, I'M V AM' WHAT'S WROM6 POWT IN YOUR COPY- \ PAIWTINJ' MY ) WITH MB PAIWTIKJ' IWG WHAT I HAVE / IMPRESSION / MY IMPRESSION OF HERE.' A PAIMTIM6 < OF YOUR \ HIS IMPRESSION IS5UPPOSEPTOREP- \ IMPRESSION, k_, OF RESENT THE ARTIST'S/--! \^> ALL.' / (IMPRESSION? 7-Z* 1M IM Ul f«> 0" OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoople NOT A CHANCE.' U MACK, YOU MADE ME CH/NK OP TH£ OLt FREEZE PLAY/IP 3E£N S\ HOSE 6OE4 II ALL WE HAVE TO LEAMI OUT/

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