The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 23, 1939 · Page 2
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 2

Ludington, Michigan
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1939
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USE TWO THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. MONDAY, OCT.' 23, 1939. SOCIETY Local Amusements the "Royal Palms' 1 overture and "Booster March," played by the St. Simon's band under the direction of Adjutant Kyle Piercy. The poem "God Sees, r> the song "My Top" and the action song SOCIAL CALENDAR TODAY: The Junior Literary church club room. Girl Scouts of First Methodist church will meet at 3:45 p. m at the church. The prayer and Bible study "Hickory, Dickory Dock" were I club will meet at 7:30 p. m. at presented by students of the First ! the home of Mrs. Reginald fede Su Thin£ friends at 2:30 p. m. The circles of Emanuel Lutheran church will meet at 2:30 p. m. as follows: Circle 1 will meet at the home of Mrs. Ben Ander- l SntPnp'itinn iPrnnram Fntpr ^aue AU inuigs wen," -uear , IUBOUAX: me weiicuc: uivi- ; jwaunew will be presented with i.ntenejling (program truer- jAngel," ••Nutting" and the action S i on of the Woman's Literary i the sermon topic "The Messiah tains Group at Meeting ' --•--—• > — «-• - • H • on Friday hour of Washington Avenue! son, 319 North Rath avenue; Baptist church will be held at Circle 2 will meet with Mrs. 7:45 p. m. A continuation of the Charles Franz, 401 East Loomis the Gospel according to I street; Circle 3 will meet at the \_. ^"^J^ __ __- ,__ ... * j •_.; » ,~~ 7 V« ~~ """ v "f^* M.^^W*. vtiiig v\j j out t^u , \--AA wiw u Will 111CCU ttU TUESDAY: The We faie: dm- j Matthew will be presented with homeofMrs. Myron Myers, 923 • „ ^.4" i-l^rx AX/rH^IOTIO I .1 T OI*Q t*V I 4- lv n n.MMu_ — A * _ ., i _ _ . .__» . . " . _ —_ '__ I song "Looby Loo" were presented ! c iub will meet at 2 p. m. at the | a Nazarene I by the Second grade .--tudents. : home of Mrs. Corwill Jackson ; Mrs. E. A. Smith's LYRIC THEATER— At the conclusion of the pro- ] a t Hamlin. I gram. Mrs. T. J. Barber, presi-i p ere Marquette circle of , - —-» « u«* vsAt^ \Ji *su.&k^.w« ^ w wu uc*.i^ W All WC ; The Community church . will at this meeting. Circle East Melendy street, with Mrs. Emil Gunberg as co-hostess. A baked goods sale will be held 4 will its regular Evangelistic service at 7:30 p. m. The Epworth League of Bethany Methodist church will hold a supper and devotional service at 6 p. m. at the church. The choir of Bethany Methodist church will rehearse at 7:30 p. m. • The Ludington Grover Cleveland club will meet at the home (Please turn to Paee 3. Column 5) 1 . 4.«« XTrt ! . J x^iiMiv,** win i «w vii»o »*i~i.viiig. ^/llv;iC 1 Will chapter No. \ meet at 2:30 p. m. at the home I meet at the home of Mrs. Ernest Presents "Fifth Ginger Rogers in rr-l,~ ..~~ !„.. ,,,~«H,,~ n t *U« ' " ""«. ^. ". "«*~.-i, *jti,.ji 1-flU IVlclIUUCtl/C V,iimJU<-i J.1 VJ. i UlCC U III ™""-»~ 2 '°i»^,S^<S l Mable M. Sohuiz «.** ^S^A^ Robert VanBurger at Lovely James Ellison. A1 ™ -i™^ buildme. mroved. l£. .,.-,r f _ ^-i., ^,.^ t , •;.„„ ° wuinen wi.^ De P'ayed at; lang sueei. I Evening Service short subjects. Charming in its simplicity was the ceremony which united in m'arriage Miss Mable M. Schulz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- Also iunch n uhe Dancing. Dancing. llftm F. Schulz of 118 Pine street, arid Robert Z. VanBurger, son oJ Mrs. Margaret VanBurger of 1231 North Walnut street, Lan- j HAMELL'S LAKE SHORE INN— sing. "The vows were read at 7 o'clock Saturday evening in St. John's Lutheran church with Rev. William Opitz officiating at the service. 'The bridal party entered the church to the traditional "Wedding March" from "Lohengrin", played by George C. Hillman. Lace Gown The bride chose a wedding gown of white lace, fashioned in ,~vprincess style with a finger-tip Veil of net. Her flowers were white roses, tied into an arm bouquet and her only jewels were a single strand of pearls, a selected building. I proved. The meeting wa/opened with Mrs. John W. Snh community singing, led by Miss report on the mnt'.s hot OSSAWALD CRUMB TAPROOM Luella Alter and accompanied i project Being conciucivd by Miss Madge Herbison. school. Tne "The first selection on the pro-'out most gram was the reading;, "An As-! Scnm °ck piring Warbler." by Marilyn '• mothers \va.s solicited at this Schrader. As an encore. Miss i t im e. Sister M. Concilium, Dancing. OLD HICKORY INN— o-nvp i i iu lhc Masol " c temple. Cards , 6:30 p. m. at The Community! THURSDAY: The prayer and I Mve^ ; W in be played and refreshments ; churchhouse. * I Bible study service of Evangeli- j \\ill be served. . The badminton section of the ! cal Free church will be held at 1 A district conference of Meth- | Men's club of The Community 7:30 p. m. j .'«•; odist churches will be held at, church will meet at 7:30 p. m. in i The choir of First Methodist i Central Methodist church, i the churchhouse.. | church will meet for rehearsal, _ _ , _. j Tne choir of The Community i at 7:30 p. m. in Hudson parlors. Troop 5 of The, church will meet for rehearsal! A prayer meeting will be held school i Community church will meet at: at 7 p. m. in the church. ; at 7:30 p. m. in Free Methodist! ' P- m - , , ; The Ladies' Aid society of • church. " | The Four Square club of The , Bethany Methodist church will; The Salvation Army will hold There will be an evening ser- gift of the groom. Mrs. Herman Dreps, sister of the bride, was her only attendant and was attired in a floor- length gown of pastel blue lace. She carried an arm bouquet of pink roses and wore a cluster of white rosebuds in her hair. attended groomsman. Both men wore dark busi- Mr. VanBurger was by Herman Dreps as Since the reopening of school. the children's department oi' Ludington public library is again a very popular place for children, it was reported by Miss Eleanor Hillman. librarian. A large number of new applications have been filed by children who arc anxious to take advantage of the fine books to be found in the library. Many teachers and their Schrader gave the reading,; :—--- — • ••*.**~~- . , "Pp'iohps " thp stnw nf n wnif principal, gave an interesting!^ Two musical selections the resume of the magazines used in ' l ne *'°« r »g uar f C1U ° OI ' ine , \ Bethany Methodist church will; T "Barrel Po?ka* ; andr-ThPHelena the school. The magazines are ' Community church will meet at serve a supper from 5 until 7 p.' = Polka' Jere pTayed by Miss I Purchased for school use each j 7 P, .n^at : the_ churchhouse. __ j m . Jn the church dining room P IM Ruth Anderson upon her piano • eai bj the i T " A accordion, following which Miss> Sister M. Liuaana extended a Barbara Hamilton entertained cordial invitat i0n 10 -,11 the ner audience with a tap waltz * rs Present to attend the Sodality and clog. Miss Hamilton was ac-; Carnival, to be heid m he;."-chooI companied by Miss Ruth Ander- : audltonum al ' :3 ° P- m " Oct - 25 ' son. It was announced that the A demonstration of a First' First and Second srade room. grade reading lesson was given Caught by-Sister M. Vincentia, ' £>' m^he' ScouT^roo'm "of hv Miss Tnp7 Hnririipctnn ^ritin'had won the loom award for the j^ ote i steams at 7 p. m. The Lakeshore Study HOMOGENJzfiD Soft Curd Milk Will Not Form Top Scum When Heated. Cream in Every Drop The Park Dairy Phone 55 We Deliver The male chorus of Methodist church will meet for rehearsal at 7:45 p. m. at the The midweek service at Beth- i anv Methodist church will be j held at 7:45 p. m. in the parson- ' Bethany : acre. The study of the Book of; Acts will be continued. j The adult Confirmation class! home of Mr. au_d Mrs. Arthur of Bethany Lutheran Benson. 805 East Filer street. will meet at 7:30 p. m. church, Girl Scouts, Troop 4, will Church of the Nazarene. 6 | i Ludington lodge No. 87. Re- I : bekahs. will meet at 7:30 p m I club in I. o. O. F. hall. A" social i by Miss Inez Huddlestun. critic ' teacher of the 'Mason County monUl Normal school. The was interested in the _._,_ . . ... of the children, who found their of Mercy. The event was pro-:street, at 7:30 p. m. lesson enjoyable and compre-i nounced .1 success. :".""'„" ... ,.._...„ ttll „„ ¥ y,- u ,.-^uuv , hensive. i It was announced by Mrs. : pendent Order of Odd Fellows. , at anv time durin- the Hav to At the conclusion of the les- : Anna Ereon that the banci moth- ,\ v ill meet at 7:30 p. m. at the clean ' the hall " ' ! audience A feature of the meetinu was, w ill meet at the home bf Mrs. I hour will follow the meetin- response'the fruit shower for the Sisters irvin Clark. 215 East Melendv i The ladies of 4t Tnhn's ,". . nf t./ln-n,, ^ rl^Q oir«,,t it.r,. ,\,.« :_»,..,_(. _f rf . o n „, , , lOUlCi Ul OU. dUIHli ieet. at 7 30 p. m 'Lutheran church will meet at_^? 1 J.°l^.?°AA 59 i..?, n .l e :i th e chur .ch J^ll on Wednosdav. i son, Mrs. Fred Newberg. assisted "'? *°". ld "^ a^ h " ho ' 1 ? e °" L °. °: ?: hall. . The Senior Child Study club by Miss Marjorie Charon and J^^-Y aTfternoon - Oc t- 24. at There will be a regular meet- will meet at 8 p. m at the --- - - .o.on^M^i, hi!- of Edwin H. Ewing post No. ; home of Mrs. Clarence Kron-1 ^6. American Legion, at the D.; lein. 416 North Gnvlord nvenue \ Miss Elsie Johnson, gave an in- ; 2:30 o'clock. structive demonstration of first; hp ^' Old "fi flt^r* XTrt ***U>n.. n- „.-.—!__ _^ il__ ! UCio The co-operation of all mem- aid" Mrs. Ne^e^g^e of ^^ ^f ^^^-"-f A. V coach in the evening All j with MrsV^n Dickey ^co-\ need of care and of safety at ill ; ••.. "?? £ , y i e as " members are requested to be hostess. Reports on the con- • times. A she explained the ifofiationm the school auditon- present as important business vention will be given at this ! . . oil1 - C^XJJil'ilCU L11C • lirn On NOV IS. ,,,n,fn,.^ ...ill u_ JI 1 Hr^ex All ,„ u_^ »- _i I treatment in various emergen- classes have been making visits i cies, her assistants illustrated um on Nov. 18. At the close of the meeting a to the library. ness suits with white carnations i During the past few weeks as boutonnieres. Mrs. Schulz chose an noon dress of blue silk. several books have been added after- to the juvenile department, all •\vornjofwhichwillappealtotheyoung with black accessories, for her^ readers daughter's wedding. Mrs. Van-! Books for the older children Burger wore an afternoon dress! include "Hello Michigan" by in grape shade, worn with blackiLowe. "California: The Story of - • -•-- [Our Southwest Corner" by Daw- json, "Little Greta of Denmark" accessories. Hold Reception Immediately after the cere-i!? T y. B , ai i e y-," sk y ( ; i : uise r b , y Bri t r ' mnnv a rprpntinn was hplH at Lief Erickson the Lucky' by many, a reception was nem at .,,„„_,„,. .. T ,..,.. n^c.,,^,,;, ««, the instruction. matters will be discussed. time. All members who sicnWEDNESDAY: The Sodality '• e ? u , p for the-"Parents' Maga- . y. : 71 >"\ C» O t*Q r» i»lm/H 4- n V* »!>-.» A 1- — delicious luncheon was served at O l St. Simon's high school willi zine " a !.' e a t ked to brin ? the „ io^« ^«,..,..^j .,!,!„ —4.—^ o monev for the subscriptions at '*-*-* *UVitA\,Ll\_/ll. ' . - + \ 1 +• f3 V^*VJV. "-****»!_'** O*** O 4* **\*i »\-*V/4 VI li J ' f George Humphrev professor' q •^ c "~^'^ l '°^ T' r . e , cen . tereG sponsor a carnival at 7:30 p. m. i^V' ie .\ I0r the University of Wisconsin a'mhemum? ^ked^'oSi?^ nt thp SCh ° o1 a ^itorium. A pro-: "^J 1 ™:,, ,„*-! n_i _ . JIlLlltlllUIIlri. l^dliKtrU U\ 'JI *i lliitr .^,. ^ »• : _i J-lIClc \\1 by orange es in wrought iron hoiders. of g ames. concessions and ^oV'oSce chu^hVt'^! Mrs. J. l-(iCl Jil H-.A.OU11 U11C l_;UL-r\V U V f» % -. rt*^,^ • •, -.-.— *, : Kummer, "Little Mossback Am- j ! J ' e Ame «can people would term at the University of Wisconsin. aiiuit , 1 irHSHrESEF 1 ^ ™^^^-^:™;o 1 ^Si ™^rZras,,S en "' '• Z """"ii ™°™"°1 M,,. „. t hh e o ,k st t u 'cr si ; 1rgom o IE ? br ° pe . NO<>ri - "'C'^Lrrr^- 0 . TS '^ ™^ r™*-.?*?*™™.:™ s ° uih w - h - mandie," told of several hi°li- committee in charge of nlnfand dL'^e^JK nHh" ^rT^^cha'Sai? 1 Mrs^An^ European C p?ople "and S their Ereon ' Mrs - John ^Donald. Mrs. cheerfulness ;n the face of what The committee in charge of j n o n f First Church of Christ, ington avenue. The members of the .Scientist, will be held at 8 p. m. . *"•': »'«"oers oi ine Ladies'j „.„}, H : Arbtiter society will meet at 2: O'Connell and Airs. Joseph the home of the bride's parents, i^ia-bv Fox "Pueblo Jones" bv want and siinnpr wns sprvpri t.n 9?i' £ ua . Dv *°^' fUBDlO Jones D\ _ . 21 the church. The midweek prayer service of First Methodist church be held at 7:30 p. m. in p. m. at the home of Mrs. Theo- wm dore D ubrish, North Rath ave- j th : nue. Cards for members andi BLUE MONDAY? SURE! BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE ... Not When the American Laundry Does Your Washing! Why not take advantage of our laundry service? It eliminates that Monday morning fatigue which results from doing a big washing. . . Sometimes under adverse conditions. Monday can be as enjoyable as any other day IF you let us do "The Dirty Work" for you. Our services are most complete. IT'S ECONOMICAL TO SEND WASHING TO US! American Laundry Co. Phone 186. and supper was served to 25 Rubicam. "Persimmon Creek" bv ' guests. The table was beautiful- • carter "phantorn of the Forest ly appointed for the occasion j b^Hark "Mvsterv Z Unden and a five-tiered white wedding | Suft^ea^Wnv Marsh cake, topped with a miniature. supervisor" by Deming. "Marcia's bride and groom, formed the \ Farmhpuse" bv Widdemer, "Sky C .« rp !i e- i Service" by Lansing, "Klondike j a Scout flag for the Boy Scout 1 After the supper. Mr. and: Gold" by coryell and "All Qver troop sponsored b v the associa- Mrs. VanBurger left .on a brief'Town" by Brink ' During- the business meeting which followed the program Miss Ethel Humphrey, former principal of the school, was wel- corned as a ,?uest of the occa- ! sion. The unit voted to purchase •• motor trip. For traveling, Mrs.; For the younger children there VanBurger chose an ensemble in \ are "Picture Dictionary for Chil- matching dren" by Walters, "Ezra the Ele- Mr. and phant" by Barrows. "Down Our Mrs. VanBurger will be at home'Street" by Gates. "We Grow Up" to their friends at 1231 North , by Gates, "Wide Wings" by Gates, Walnut street, Lansing, in a few i "Jim and Judy" by Gates, "inky a wine shade, with hat and accessories. days. Out-of-town guests of the oc- and Pinky" by Charims, "Present for Auntie" by Brock. "Cock-A- tion. It was announced also that the association will sponsor a pancake supper on Dec. 6. ; At the close of the meeting, 1 refreshments were served by the Eighth grade mothers. Mrs. Arvid Carlson, chairman of the: committee, was assisted by Mesdames Albert Bentz. Robert ,,i casion were Mr. and Mrs. Her- :Doodle-b..-o!" by Hader and man Dreps and children, Billy i "Wishbone' Children" by Bying- and Doris Jean, and Mrs. Van-1 ton Hamilton. Hjalmar and Rasmus Jensen. Sedlander Burger of Lansing. - * # Yo-Ad Class Enjoys Novel Entertainment All children are reminded that Miss Doris Shoffner is again in the children's department and conducts the Story Hour every Saturday o'clock. afternoon at 2:30 the shot, the hammer marathon and others. ' putting ; throw,' Members of the Yo Ad plaw IA «,, the ^l 5 ^ Of the i" ee * . the I ed at the re " ular meeting" of "the ' Memoers or tne Yo-Ad clas-s , "Alley Cats" emerged victor-| Parent-Teacher association of i "Have you ever noticed that Camels' burn longer and give you more smoking?" ^ /, A laroje attendance was report- ASKS VAN CAMPEN HEILNER FAMOUS GAME AND FISHING AUTHORITY Whatever price you pay per pack, it's important to remember this fact: By burning 25% slower than the average of the 15 other of the largest-selling brands tested—slower than any of them—CAMKLS give u smoking plus equal to EXTRA SMOKES PER PACK! on FrSav^erdn? afthfho^J ^ S wi ^ h the grejitest number | St. Simon's Catholic" school.'held ! of Forrlst Hamment 7ia X |0f pomts in . t , heir l avor " Pr j zes fj » Fridav afternoon wiiov efvfL ' East | were presented to the members j school auditorium of the winning team. Miss , it the ! Filer street. The meeting was nallPri tni£ f • winning , team. Miss, The program was opened with the; SdSr Mr° Sef dS^ SS^meS. "^ ! ^ ^^ ^ ^Lewiston." niirma tha h,,e«. I L ^ ter in ^ evening .; del j. . Du ™S. th e busi- session an election of of-| C ious refeshments were" served fleers was held. Executive' by the host, assisted bv his SSSrt-«°t r ^ c ,° mmK , yea iLn : mother. .Mrs. Adelia Hamment. %% ? d rf«cUE r ; S 6 "^ 111 ] 11 , 001 ]; i The Yo-Ad class is a Sunday* SS^to^r d Mlc« ^7 ?I l ard w L ft lrd: SCh001 ClaSS I0r VOUn B adultS. secretary, Miss Viola Mallory The class meets at 9:45 a m and treasurer. Forrest Ham- each Sunday with Mrs. Allen ment - G. Robinson as teacher. A #--#—» — # — # — vf — •»— # The meeting was then turned over to the new president . cordial welcome is extended to anyone interested in the class. ?ft d n 0P c lanS f f ° +r v, the wlnt ? r ? c " I In addition to the Sunday tivities of the organization ! meetings, a program of were discussed. con- • 8? AirA^S -- -j*f»r- : | ^At^L C ^inlo h f bu fl! dh l g ' • There have bee " 2 . 22 3 makes of i * jne« e S Sle^iSa l^^T™""™* in the ' i took charge of the evening's ! ====~=~=^u==—. entertainment. A track meet i "•" three teams competing ! •• provided hilarious merriment, il 1 The teams, the "Pussy Cats" i •! under the captaincy of Miss j !• ., Margaret Woodland, the "Alley i f & Cats 1 ' with Woodrow" Hall as i -I 'i Captain and the "Wild Cats" !• '• With Miss Helen Fitch as lead- 5" made banners of bright |C , _.,.. paper and crepe paper f ! streamers. Several events were " 'KOOfl,ducted, including the 100- dash, the 50-yard dash, HOME Ambulance Service hone 65 SUPPER WEDNESDAY EVENING, OCT. 25, Given by the ladies of Bethany Methodist church Washington & Danaher St. # Roast Beef and Pork. Mashed Potatoes. Squash. Harvard Beets. Buttered Carrots. Apple Sauce. Pumpkin & Apple Pie. Coffee. Serving from 5 to 7 p. m. Price, 50c I THE COALS We Know That G-ive You the Most for Your Dollar • SILVER BELL • PGCAHONTAS • EASTERN KENTUCKY • PENNSYLVANIA • SEMET SOLVEY COKE • GAS COKE • OIL TREATED STOKER COAL (Pocahontas) CALL 181 Prompt Delivery—Full Weights. L. E. Vorce and Son i wV-VAWW Above, " VAN" waiting in the duck blinds for the "aero hour." Explorer, sportsman, scientist, conservationist, author of the authoritative, new "A Hook on Duck Shooting,'' Ileitner knows the waterfowl fly ways from California to Maine, Alaska to Mexico, and those of Europe too. "VAN" has been a Camel smoker for J8 years. Y ou can tell a lot about a cigarette by whether slowly," he says. "And I think the way they burn is it burns fast or slowly. Camel cigarettes are a good way to judge the quality of cigarettes too. I noted for their long burning. In fact, they burned can smoke them steadily and they still taste smooth and cool, and my mouth feels fresh—and there's no throat irritation. Camels are mild x flavory. They give more pleasure' per puff—and more puffs per pack." Get extra smoking per pack-topped off with the delicate taste of choice tobaccos. Smoke Camels! longer, slower than any other brand tested, in recent scientific studies. Van Campcn Ileilner, the famous American authority on wild game, points out an interesting angle to this. "Camels give more smoking because those choice tobaccos burn so MORE PLEASURE PER PUFF...MORE PUFFS PER PACK! Cigarettes were compared recently... sixteen of dip largest-selling brands -..under the searching tests of impartial laboratory scientists. Findings were announced as follows: J CAMELS were found to contain more tobacco by weight than the average for the 15 other of the largest- selling brands. O Camels burned slower than any other brand tested-25% slower than the average time of the 15 other w the largest-selling brands! By burn- >ng25%sIower,ontheaverage,Camels give smokers the equivalent of 5 extra smokes per pack! ^ In the same tests, Camels held their ash far longer than the average time for all tfie other brands. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of smoking Camels, the quality cigarette every smoker can afford. Penny for penny your best cigarette buy! Co»rt)»bt. 1MI. R. J. B., M |d. Tobuco Coowur WIUIOQ.8*J«m, Norlh C««tta» (^ A JV1-C/-L/S Long-Burning Costlier j Tobaccos

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