The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 23, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, J\J NE M, 1948 7 /'KNOW, sod*., / WES ASKED *XJ i ( IN A NICEVSW 1 \ TO D£V_IVER fcO THEM REGISTERED P1 COWS TO TH' X3LQ HELL LIKE AKiy PUKINY JOKES/ ur HKVIU.B (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MV EYE/ \ ITM JUST REMIN)n>iM' | HIM TH<r i HIRED I HOW ARfe ifcOR VtSITtDTWfrTVl OOT HlOEOOT, «£[ ALONG WERE WKS *^? A BIS CRftCti FOR MV PAIKiTtN6,eH? , I'VE DECIDED TO PRCSEMT T TO THB OVJLS CLUB~~ T SHOULD LSNO TOME TO e PLACE, AMD IMSP1R& THE M6M86RS TO OUT HERE AS A COWPUMCHER. MOT A OUTDOOR OFFICE eov.' SECRfcTARV CONQUER STILL THERE, UKfc 6r\FFL6D 8V E YiOftD'EEL' PACK Adis-Chalmers Offers Pay Raises Of Eight Per Cent MILWAUKEE, Jmie 23 _(OP>— Tile AlUs-Chnlinerx Matiufactn.ine Co. yesterday announced il was offering 33.000 employes In nine plants wage increases which would cosl the firm $8,500,000. Increases of eight per cent will become effective for hourly employes represented by certified unions " XXIX JESSICA found Doris deep in the scattered sheets of the Sunday ;oper. she agreed to lake care * Betsy. She would be glad of ?ompany. she said, for Eiill had "•jjicacuLea oy certitiea unions as - - wlu i JQ "Ji sue :»<iiu. IOT ma had soon as the unions agree to accept] ? OIIe o" early that morning and tne offer, the union said. .„_ ho .,,,> .„„. ,„,,„,„,„„ • . , the offer, the union said. k Sinillir Increases were put into ilted as of Monday for all hourly employes not covered by a collective bargaining agreement and tor all salaried workers earning less than »«,000 annually. The increases provide a guaranteed minimum boost of nine cenls per hour and will range up to 15 cents »n hour for hourly workers salaried employes receiving a minimum »n » month increase or an eight per cent boost whichever was greater. Aim-Chalmers has plants in Oxnard, Cal., i.a Crosse, Wls., Springfield, U!., La Porte. Ind., Norwood, O., Pittsburgh, Boston, Gadsden, Ala., and West Allis, Wi». Uncle Jot, Who's Only 102, Wanders Off Again CHATTANOOGA, Term., June J3 'UP)—Relatives yesterday began a search for Joseph R. (Uncle Joe) Vandergrift, who "get!, around good" but h&sr.'t been seen sine* Won day. VandergrlJt left the house of hlj 72-year-old brother here yesterday to return to the residence of hlj son, Joseph R., Jr., In Hlxon. A daughter, MM. Fred O. Whit- JNOW! i :he house was lonesome and de- icrled. She wonted io delay Jessica and v,'as eager to discuss the events o< the night before, but lessics told her that she inusl return and persuade Tom lo jet ioine sleep. "Ariy change?" asked Doris. Jessica shook her hud. She re- iurned to the Bloke house, i"S the moment when Tom should show r»«i alarm at Lucy's ai)- sence. possessed by a growing un- ?asine.« as the noon hour came » T ith Ihe doctor'! visit and still no word from Lucy. Genevieve prepared a dinner from the food Mrs Blake had put in the refrigerator for Hie Sunday noonday meal. There was a roast and browned ootatoes and a vegetable, a mince pie. excellent rood which Tom scarcely touched. He was nervous and roved about as Genevievc sat with his mother while Jessica tried to eat and found the food unpalatable. Aft*r dinner. Jessica persuaded lorn to lie down and rest tor a while. He went into the little hack room which had been his in boyhood. Had he Blessed he would w unwelcome in the room they had shared logcUier before h« went away? Jessica sat in Ihe room wilh the sick woman, feeling mor* and more low-spirited as the afternoon advanced with no word from Luc-y and no change in the inert figure on the bed. Surely there must be SOITM sign <x life in that rigid figur«. Once Jessica imagined ttiere wa* the slightest flicker o[ an eyelid. Several times she bent over the bed breathlessly, nnreriain whether she imagined .1 IhiUcr ol movemcm. Finalljr she decided lo awukcii Tom. She stole down the hull, Bloomy now Rf til* afternoon sun sank low. and caichillj opened the door of the back room where Tom slepi with his arm} overcoat thrown across his shoulden, his arms sprawled out on the bed, lie loolied young and weary and defenseless. He stirred and opened his eyes, then sat up quickly, lossine the cnat away from him. lie said. "1 slept ..." "I'm glad." We swung his feel u(r liie bed and s«l "taring blankly ahead o[ him. "Don't worry aboul me, Jess," he said absentlr. She stood twisting" her hands nervously, leelinn ill ai ease and uncertain. At IM< rix »id. "Lucy wrote you?" He shook: hit hcwl. 5» e smiled grimly. "J Knew th* instant 1 slopped into the hall lasl night that something was different. You had changed. AI first—at lirsl I thouslil it was Mom. Later 1 knew/' She said hastily, "Must we talk about that now. Tom'. 1 " ''You don't want to 7 " -No." "Okay," he said. Together they wetil bac-k lo Mrs. Blake's room and stood beside the bed and studied the face on the pillow. No, there was no apparent change. "I'll sit with her now," Tom >aid. JESSICA went downstairs. Genevieve was jfone. She felt relieved. She took down her coal in the hall and went over lo bring Betsy home. "She's asleep on my bed." said Doris. "Why disturb her? You had a telephone call—David Gregory I lold him what had happened. He said he would call back this evening.™ J Of- FOUNTAlhJ^I '""' s "'" """ unele J °e goes anv. f „ . m ""^>» 1 place he wants lo—he get* around! . 1" » single day, nn Oklahoma Everywhere! 11gooo ner, sain that "uncle Joe goes an |, : he wants lo—-he gets arounu • --- - *•••*.— -...j, «.• ^^muoum good." Vandergrift will be 102 on dust storm whirled 397,800 acres of David Jessica died to bring her IhuuKhts lo David, lj )R ),i now stie was unable lo think of David (or the day w;is over nnd night ' W a« coming (asl. anil siill 1K> W01 . d from I.llcy. Doris Kiilliercd toMelher Hie sheets ol l),e papei seaHcrerl on the sofa. "Have you read these?" she askixl. "No." "1 want yon to rend this" said Dons. She selected a sheet mid pointed lo a headline. "I don't want lo read about th»t fire. It's made trouble enough," said Jessica. "More Ihan ycxi |hi,,k.- ^^ Doris. "I don'l see—- JcssU-A't roict died abruptly ^.% she cHnirht • Slimpse of tiie boxed-in itorr «, the front page: LWIDKNTIl-lKn G1RI. IN CITY HOSrMTAl, iir Slie dropped the paper quickly "Tile doctor lold us about that girl last night." she said soberly. Then cmighi by something in Doris' (ace, she »skcd. "But why should Ih.s (merest me? Because Mrs. ulake was there?" "Partly." nori» looked M M en?e. her round face gj.iv*. Jessica picked up the paper, sal (iowji and began to read The girl in (he s(0 ,._ v had ^^ imcotiscioiis when fuuiid. she could speak now but refused to sny anythinn. She was horribly •rigured by burns on her fact although her body was almost untouched b.v the lire. Slir- would bear the marks of the fire forever. Her identity was a mystery. No clue? Yes, there was « clu« The clue wa-, the high point ot the' slory. The Kir] wore a r, ng an unusual and valuable ring, and by means of Ihis rin K the aulhorilies lioped lo solve her identity. For an mslam Jessica's horrified eyes slnrcd unbelievingly ai »„ illuslialion and the words under it: CAN YOU IDENTIFY THIS RING? Slip could. There wns no doubt in her mind aboul the ring's identity. 11 was her mother 1 .* ring which she had sold lo Ihe jeweler on Mniji Street. The ring Hugh Union desired and had purchased. ('In He Continued) «vwUttr v Political Announcements | The Courier New.i has been Tumorlzed to announce the following candidates, subject to th e Democratic primaries. July 27 and August 10. COUNTY TREASURER Frank Whitworth COUNTY COURT GI.ERIv Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOI/r FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shlppen STATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Autry H. E. "Bud" Fisher Leslie N "Dllkic" Sue'* For County Judge "olsnd Green Fielder pecry For Circuit Court Clerk Harvev Morris CONSTABIE (Chl.skasiwaba Township) J. Robert Crosskno Arch Lindsey S. land, six and two-third* deep, Into the air. ** *m»t ff y«t*r Mn<H« has got th« biggest wnrt In town i «•• !»•«? I'M bet you n*v«r »«w my gr««vJ(»tri«f with hi< t««th (Nit!" * M» FRIENDi 9f MtMULL What tiu««, Bttck? PttlSCILLA'S TOP BUCK. KAJOWS „ STAY lllfRE TMC REST OP HIS LIFE, AM SELFISH L1IOU&H <L ; WOULD'' K'c. Willutrnwnl He//, if • fapfWfKa jgarnf Tfta fiids Hand// my mar Mas,' By AL VEKMEER VIC FLINT You're (JeHiitif Warm As Silk-herded the ttvo girls ahead of him into the abandoned Swiss Chalet... By MICHAK1, O'MAU,Ky~«ii(l RALPH LANK WASH TiJBBS AIL RIGU1.F11NT. W('VE KXK EIGWI MILES AMDSCLU NO1HING W)T 1 ElCPHONE (XX£5. . UP? KCEPOW A ClT.GROW!.. WAVBt WC'U RUN ACROSS SOMf THING. Help Yourself, (Jirls See E. H. FORD Before You DIE! "51 Remember Rolhrock's for Dr. W. F. BREWER DENTIST OFFICE 209',i W. MAIN ST. ! DD EC r D I DTI f\ WIC PHONE zna r rKtiLRIPTiONS PHONE 4451 '^COUHPRELSTHATrBUT, „ LS»r * DOUBLE I THE FAIKTEST 1 .^L™^r ur wrmi i$^^™"™»'««»'•"-. l)v UCSI.IK TUHNKB STEAM BATH MASSAGE • For Reducing & Nerves ! Phone i ! Vi : ett;i Morgan. Masaeus ' J i i K. (.'.' Diivis. iMasscur [ ! You Art Cordially I Invittd to Visit I The II ^Accessory Shop H • Feminine Apporel I ! ! Mab«l Hogan Jessie Srlt« ! i! i Hotel Noble BWg. {)« • BI.vlhevilI«, Ark. BOB MALONE Plaster and • i I Stucco Phone 2029 It's Nof Too Lote for SAFE FUR AND WOOLEN STORAGE Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners 220 North Second Srr«*t Phone 4474-4475 2071 for Repairs! • RADIO A PHONOGRAPH Service—Both AM anri FM • RKFRirSERATIOX SKRV1CK Household—Commercial Kleclric WASIIKR.1 «.« ^ '' . We SeH >M Serrlce All Types Sm»ll ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. M _, M . J - W - ADAMS, Mgr. -W5 W. Mam |>h((ne 2()71 ICE-COLD WHOLE or SLICED Blytheville Curb Market 130 I. Mo WM I* THt Vplff DOWM.V ^OUWMJ ;i"» u »'.':.X IMASINE.' \US*<*T' "HERHOID1N' MH'IWUIESIM! DOWN fll»TH(TW.\ «P » WHOLE /in&WZ VWILET tV\JU . »ISTMfS CKOOMt fOR IHE CKRM)T By KHED HARMAN "THAT'S tHE S»GfJftv.l\IE 1H£RE.'U.BE A PASSEriGER ROLU Or-5 •THE STAGE' 1 LL ROLWD UP THE" Oofs AiOD BOOTS AND HKK KUODIKS By EDGAR MARTIH Phone 973

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