The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on April 29, 1976 · Page 10
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 10

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1976
Page 10
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Ferjis Palls (Mi.) kmial Thins., April 29,1976 |Q DANCE .. Back by popular demand - one ot the lop western -^ ,£T BETH bands in the area. . . ^ ELIZABETH "STERLING STRINGS" Friday and Saturday, April 30 aad May I Call 739-mi to make reservations lor Wedding Dances, Anniversaries, Clubs and other Private Parties — Free Rental ol Dance Hall To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson Age discrimination cited—in reverse ^^ i • _.i ii.^ ANGINA PECTORIS IS A SPECIAL PROBLEM EAGLES AUXILIARY SUPPER and DANCE AT THE SHIP Saturday, May 1 SERVING BARBECUED RIBS 6:30 to 8:30 Dance at 9:00 - Music by ... KEN BAKER For Members and Escorted Guests Only Dear Dr. Thosleson: Is angina pectoris always connected with hardening of the arteries? Can you have one without the other? Can you strengthen your heart as with other heart conditions? It seems that if I walk after I eat I'm in trouble. I'm 62, and would like to know- where 1 stand. I've always been able to fight back after other illnesses, but I'm not able to this time. Stairs are hard on me. I'm Moot-4 and weigh 122 pounds. -Mrs. E.Y. Yes, you can have generalized arterial hardening without angina pectoris. Angina occurs when the Enclose a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope. DearDr.Thosteson: I'm a 15- year-old girl who loves iced tea. I drink five 15-ounce glasses at supper, and 1 would like to know if drinking too much could hurt me. -P.R. That's quite a bit of liquid for anyone to be drinking at a silting, especially in the evening. Remember, tea 1 contains about the same amount of caffeine as does coffee, and caffeine is both a mild stimulant and a mild diuretic. This would lend to both disturb your sleep and increase your need to urinate. More importantly, your urge coronary arter ies fail to supply to drink large amounts of liquid sufficient blood to satisfy any can be a symptom of a problem sudden increased oxygen your family doctor would want to investigate—for instance the SATURDAY NIGHT PRIME RiB SPECIAL Includes Salad Bar and Beverage demand by Ihe heart muscle. Rest and avoiding situations that increase the heart's oxygen need are important in treatment. Medication can improve blood supply temporarily, but is no substitute for caution in the mater of activity. You should not exercise for the sake of exercise. Your weight is in your favor. At your age, and with your anginal symptoms, it is important to learn what you can do to help you through a normal day's . activity. It is you, rather than your doctor, who must decide "where you stand." You know .what activities bring on attacks. It is up to you to avoid these or to minimize them. If a -moderate walk is possible without symptons, that is fine and desirable. If it is IHTTI.K I.-IKK Open Fridays and Saturdays Lounge Opens 5:Mp.m. — Dining From 5:30 U»*2>x<?X?»<?x4>x<?x<?x^x<?v?*<?»« FRIDAY. APRIL 30 SPECIAL 0% Off on All Meals - 10% Off ALL MEALS 10% OFF - FRIDAY DMA STEVE & STEVE Entertaining in the lounge SATIRDAV, MAY1 Featuring.. . ••RIDING nu;i Preview ol Coming Attractions mm niTiHiu. HH ;u mim -ROCKING HOLLYWOOD^ iSUIRDAl. SU iU tt "IMAGINE THAT mill) flll M42) "CANYON" DINE & DANCE IN IHE BEAUTlftir*60rjte' COUNTRYSIDE OF THE OTTER TAIV EMPIRE. FRIDAY, April 30 WEDDING DANCE Keith Bunkowske- Shelly Schmidt SATURDAY, May 1 LOCATtDONOTTiRTAILCOUNTYHlWAY = BETWEEN VETCAS. MINN. & CTYSTAL UDA possible only with help of your medication, then you must learn when to lake it, how to time it with such activity. This way you can gradually develop a daily routine to keep fit while not aggravating the angina problem. It is better to work up to your limits than to work down to them. Dear Dr. Thosteson: My husband is H. He has been taking medication daily for the past three years for hypertension. He is currently being treated for depression. He has had three bouts of depression in the last three years. Do you think the drugs he is taking can be connected with his depression? —Mrs.- J.V. 'i , .. The medicine 'you mention' (elsewhere in your letter consists of two separate drufcs-hvdroflumethiazide and reserpine. The former is a diuretic, the other acts on the central nervous systern. Reserpine shouldn't be' used in cases of severe depression. It could be causing your husband's symptons. There are other possible factors to be considered in depression at your husband's age. Sometimes anxiety over his hypertension (high blood pressure) can be itself involved. Such complications are discussed in more detail in my booklet on hypertension than space allows here. If you would like a copy send 35 cents to me in care of this newspaper. Religious feelings are noted LCKDON (AP) - Preetam Singh, wearing an elegant white silk embroidered turban, made law court history as the first member of the Sikh religious sect to become a Queen's Counsellor. The 31 other new QCs wore traditional long grey wigs as they were called within the bar Tuesday at the London high court. The Sikh religion, a very strict monotheistic sect from the Punjab region of India, forbids the cutting of hair. This makes it impossible to wear a wig and is the reason most Sikhs wear turbans. QCs are the top officers in the British legal system and are chosen from the ranks of senior barristers. possibility of diabetes. Your parents should mention this to him at your next visit. Whatever the outcome, I suggest you cut down this excessive tea-drinking. To Mrs. C.T.-Yes, there are boutiques that specialize in fashions for women who have had breat removal. Your local cancer society would knowV one near you if one exists. I am told the styles are quite attractive. Some large department stores have consultants in such matters. Is angina pectoris dangerous? Is there a cure? If you would like to learn more about this heart condition, write to Dr. Thosteson, in care of this newspaper, for a copy of his booklet, "How to Handle Angina Pectoris." Enclose a long, self'addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents. Dr. Thosteson welcomes reader mail but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Reders' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. EASTGRANDFORKS, Minn. (AP)-Richard Monson calls it agediscrimination-in reverse. When the International Harvester factory outlet in Grand Forks, N.1X, sold out to a private dealer in 1975, the company granted immediate pension benefits to its employes who were over age 55 and had worked 10 years or more. But because Monson was 47 Sentencing disparity is cited ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The indeterminate sentencing principle and parole boards were attacked Tuesday by the chief judge of the Minnesota federal judicial district. U.S. District Judge Edward J. Devitt told a Rotary Club meeting that Uie federal Parole Board should be abolished. Fixed terms should be meted out for each crime, he maintained. Devitt characterized the-indeterminate sentence principle as "an abysmal failure" in the 18 years it has been in effect in the federal system. "The disparity of sentences imposed for the same crime upon persons with the same culpability is the most glaring defect of the criminal justice system," he said, adding, "Disparity in treatment by parole boards is no kss evil than disparity of treatment by judges." Devitt said each of the nation's 25,000 judges has a unique background and set of values. It is only natural, he added, that each has a different judgment as to the kind and length of sentence in each case. While rehabilitation should be available for those who want it, Devilt said, the principle purpose for incarceration should be as a punishment and as a deterrent" "Punishment for crime should be quick and certain, but confinement need not be for a long term," he said. at the time, his pension benefits will be delayed until he turns 66-despite his 31 years with the company. "What .difference does it make how old you are?" asked Monson. "It should be how you perform your job with the company." Monson was disgruntled with the IH action and refused to go back to work at his job as a bodyman-mechanic under the new owner. He considered a lawsuit but decided against that action because his attorney told him it • "could cost me too much," Monson said. In addition, Monson was soured with a battle over vacation pay when the company sold the store. He took his case to the North Dakota Department of Labor and received $369 in vacation pay, but legal fees amounted to (300. So he's given up the job and it s $135 a week take-home pay to open a fix-it shop in his garage, which nets him about < 100 a week. The Monson's have dipped into savings but have not had serious financial reverses because Mrs. Monson also works. "The biggest reason I didn't go back was that there were men there who had less time on the job and were getting a pension," Monson continued. "I felt 1 would have had to work a couple of weeks longer just to make up the pay difference." Monson also said he was unhappy that the new employer did not offer a pension plan or vacation during the first year of operation. "It would be rough to work alongside a man who was getting (300 a month (in pension pay) when I wouldn't get anything," he said. R.H. Stevenson, manager of Ill's pension department, said it was possible that some of the formei employes were getting $300 a month under a temporary benefit option exercised by the company. The employes could get their regular pension immediately if they were over age 55, plus an additional benefit until they reached age £6. Monson's pension will be (169 a month once he reaches 55. We did exercise our option for the temporary benefit," the IH department head said. "This is an estimated provision of the plan." Monson thought age should not have been a major consideration. . Stevenson countered that the . age requirement was "consistent with plans throughout the American auto industry." "What be .wants us to do is give him individual treatment," Stevenson said. "The plan provisions do not provide for that. ' We cannot take him as an individual. To pick him out ... would be an illegal thing to do." • Stevenson said the company pension plan covered between 5,000 and 6,000 persons, but he was unsure how many other workers were in a situation similar to Monson's. Monson admits he could have gone back to work under the newouncr. And, UK?ne« owner wouldhaveliked to have him. •I definitely wanted Dick to work for me," said Joe Raymond, the new proprietor. "He's a good man." Monson emphasized his disagreements were not with Raymond, but said he still coukti t go back. "I wouldn't have been happy there," he said. DANCE Last Resort Saturday, May 1 Music by KEN LEIIE DANCE AT "THE BARN" ELIZABETH Saturday, May 7 MUSIC BY CHARLIE BENGTSON AND THE RHYTHM MASTERS ATTENTION V.F.W. MEMBERS - FREE DANCE - SATURDAY MAY 1 9:00 P.M. Music by Ken Meyer All V.F.W. and Out-of-Town V.F.W. Members and Escorted Guests Welcome! The utasigiel will sell at Piilic Asctin 5 liles sulk if Retisay n Ciiitj 21 ir 11/4 liles lerth, 3 illes west and 1 Bile iBtlk of Carlisle H: TUESDAY, MAY 4, 1976 STARTING AT 10:00 A.M. TOWNSEND LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS f RACTORS & MACHINERY 55 Massey Harris Tractor, 18.4-34 Duals GB Hpls. Moline Tractor, Cab, 14.4-34 Tires, Duals, Hyd. LA Case (netds some work] SC Case, Narrow Front H Farmal, Narrow Front, Starter & Liles 40 Cockshull, 6-cyL, U«{ Power, complete overatal 12 months ago 103 Versatile SP 15 ft. Slither 55 John Deere Combine 4-16 Hpls. Moline Plow 3-16 Case Plow 3-14 Cockshult Plow 4-14 Cockshull Plow 2-16 Alfc Chalmers Plow No. 5 John Deere Mower and extra sickles Windrower tor mower 14T John Deere Baker, Dual Tire 4-Bar John Deere Side Rake 5-Bir Minnesota Side Rake 490 Jotin Deere Com Planter, Fertilizer Art. Mprs. Moline PTO Manure Spreader, single beater Minnesota Manure Spreader H-FL Tandem Disk 10 Ft. Tandem Disk IK lift Tandem Wheel Disk 10 Ft. Alis Chalmers Single Disk 10-FI. Jeolfrey Chisel Plow 8-Blade John Deere 1-Wiy Disk Plow Genuine Mots. Moine Disk Plow, 5-BUde, Hydraulic 8-Blade Mpls. Moline I-War Plow Steel Harrow 3 Wagons & Racks 11 Ft. John Deere Dril, Low Wheel with Ftrtrizer 5-Section Boss Harrow, 180-tooth 35-Ft. Melroe Folding Drag. John Deere Sections No 6 New Idea 2-Row Corn Picker 127 IH Coralline, Straw Chopper (needs some wort) IH 12-Ft. Digger 6 Ft. Dearborn Woods Bros. Combine for parts (Ford motor is good) 6ln, 42-FI. Grain Master Augei, 3 HP Electric Motor. 4-ln., 16-FI. Auger 23-Ft. Bale Eletator 5-ln., 36-FI. Auger with motor 26 Ft. Open-fight Elevator Bale Skid Universal Field Sprayer, ISOGal. Tank, 50-Ft. Boons IH Grain i Roughage Feed Mifl on wheels Saturday, May 1 Serving Of (Menu In Dining Room 6p.m to 10 FREE DANCE 9p.m. to I in Ballroom Music by HIRED HtiiDS Serving Oil Menu Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from i p.m. to 10. TRUCKS 1969 IH '/p-Ton Pickup, 50,600 actual oiks 1943 Ford Vi-Ton Pickup, 50,878 actual Rifles 1951 IH 2-Ton Truck, 14-Ft. Bos 4 Hoist 1938 Che»y I'/i-Ton True* MISCELLANEOUS Hero Fanning Mikr Cipper Fanning Mill, Sieves 9 & 16-FI. log Chains 4-H Lead Kilter Steel Cabinet 2 HP Clinton Engine Miscellaneous Tools Steel Locker Lanterns Wash Vat McDeering Cream Separator, electric -NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS- MISCELLANEOUS Electric Fence Posts Barbed Hire IH Gas Engine Plastic Sacks Treasure Probe Metal Detector 15 15-ln. x 30-ln. Cement Curierts 2 Ruling Shields 2 Field Measurers Sack Holder Truck Chains Spadei, Forks, Sho«ls Scrap Iron Wire Netting Grease Pumps Stone Puller AhB'mum netting Zenith 8 i W TV Truck Tarp Swede Saw 12 x 38 Tratlor Chains 7 Bales Twine 3-Gil. Agriseium Spray Chick Feeder 500 Chick Electric Brooder H.y ,Hog Crate Othei Hiscelaneous items loo numerous to mention. ANTIQUES Waling Plow, Breaker Bottom Double Buggy Harness Teacher's Desk School Desk Feed Mill Sheepskin Winter Coat & Driving Glows Copper Boiler Grindslone Laundry Slove Meat Grinder Road Grader Road Drag Wind-Up Phonograph Singer Treadle Sewing Machine 2 Trunks Washer Porcelain Pitcher Long Tom 12-Ga. Shotgun Hopkins i Aden 12-Ga. Shotgun 7i35 Binoculars USUAL TERMS OF SILE: Mike jfrajeiMls nit! clerk fir credit ketae Mliij. Id fills ti ke mini 1 tt» prmists util settled tor. WALFRED and EVELYN LARSON, OWNERS Dean Silemd and Warren Beckman, Auctioneers Famers State Bank ol Rolhsay, Clerk

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