The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 30, 1933 · Page 5
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 5

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 30, 1933
Page 5
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S T R AlOTN fum M&LViitft 6i ifitirttt to «*fty fit flfl* SoftMliMty «* cnfred IM SatnTday aftertoem, Match 4S. *?!>en Htrgo Sefpold iM BWdfir UftlhHi teot ftj«m theftseWrt the to^f *hieti s»ad« t&ett itnftWd *M wife. fhe w*d«ftf tee* pi*ce at the e of fte>. »Ahl, ftiflfstef 6f 8t. JfohtS ehsfct &6fth of itat- we t# JBjpWterated. * tot tra*fcrM*e been made wtS 1 tKNMJ f A fSSS* to fraTK iStt soft fe% tit tf*» owes of MfSfe S1VBI ffr* aentofs ate ftew s for theit- class . to Hi tltaft Si. ***» « »* Wit » the rMig ctttpls ^ef e accompanied by the bflrfe's stttef , , . Sarah Klein, and by the gfootn's bfothef, Albert Mfwld. Mfs. Seipoid is the youngest dattthtef of Mf, and Mfs. 8d Laoghlta, ft ftailfiate of the han high selsool, aad ft young wotaafl of eteeptional ability. Mf. eeisold has tited an his life in the fieighbof hood of his home and Js A irotthy young man IB all fespects and in indnstfions yonng faffflef. They afe stendlng a taw days with their different felatires and will go to hbnSekeeplng on the tenant farm of Rush Kamtnefef near Imogene. whefe they will be employed fof the coming year and where the best wishes of of college." Rehearsals tt * . Ofcftrfc* ning. •* ***** teaehets wife en- rt Mf - t^iday «ftd another «**» fo* the test ftfed fefote down sfatn. while they . were oat of ofdef it wa* tteces- * la the ttothiiii to make . ia efdw tb tet *» «*• to Bchooi by 9 o'clock. their hosts them. of friends follow Th!fd and third grade, AM* Beaaett t frotn Maltera, making u« thitteea and sixteen A »«*.» „. e«««*«o luui have five aew pupil, ia oar . OT111 . Both grades drew some steam* lhree ia grade four. We **»• eft to add * tft«« fit aird le> help tnta ate* t&rft luff* Att fto*«-«roi«i feeds ate «ittf*ctort to* tfre b*s*I i*- Snppiefteated *ftt» a Ht- tt« soyb*** ffiifn, <tfr«t ton* of IH«*e*d ottfte*!. Alf art*, etorer of toflted fcats make tft« most tati*- factor* f oftfnafe. gotte eefft fb*- de* of good ott Jrfrt* e*a to ted With alfalfa of cloter. Whea idle hotses are bfoufftt tt frotb the stalk fields fof this preparatory feeding peflod, Ifcett dally eieteise should fcot to neglected. tt ma* be test to start the conditioning in the fields by feeding a few eats of coffi and a little legatee hay once a day to each hofse. ro£HKtu& in tiro wfl Wriftity ftThtrra. Iti tot ffiUw ft w£$ #0t Ifn trn'pt'&iisairt entertsfffttwi, strtd ! never heard *f ftnttfM gbta* t« JMI because of iodetng toto IM eMtogrftptte r«- Drag OAQ Or fntHEft £oti tfi inco. B$* CnQov « CQ9TCPBI W (ml ifl trt) fftjfcfttift to b*«ete that ft is not a good one; ffift honesty is the best policy is ift old Baying, Wt tie one has eve* tttfeft »tee to Mai It^bon Wright Ifl e&rWnfcte. fh« UtioM) fofaft in Vermont, tit Off tidaity of Stifttton, Benning- tot i&d Manchester, tt known ss the <3re*n Monntldn fwtlonal forest and it administered as a part of the iloefttftlft National forest of Imogene - S. E. Mills Everett Glpe Honored at Lincoln Untveratty Everett, the youngest BOB of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. OIpe of Stra- haa, who Is a Junior in the Vat* versity of Nebraska at Lincoln, has been chosen by the students of Engineering to a membership ia Sigma Taa Fraternity. This honor is only bestowed on oae person who can show scholarship, practicability aad congeniality. It Is aa organization the faculty highly approves of boys accepting as it means a great deal when elected by the engineers of this student body. It is a national or- ganisation and an honor to be proud of. Week, GleftMKt Killed in Chicago March 19 John Thomas received a message Tuesday morning saying ships for their art lesson i«t that Jr&me * Oleasefl, for maay a*~~t. lesson last i.,,.,. _^ ...ti^j, .„ it ,, »,»«... «.m*«.. years in the first Mr, and Mrs. Ed JJagel entertained at dinner Sunday, their guests being Mr. aad Mrs. Al Lovell, Gail aad Betty, Mr. aad Mrs. J. W, Wilson, Wesley Spears, and Kenneth Allensworth. Marjory and Helen Laughlin h -were guests Saturday and Sunday • *• A* %*• ?) »^^Te»» 1 «... _ . .__., _ Fifth tmd Sixth Grades We have a new boy in the fifth grade. His name is Oleaa Bea* aett. He came from the Malvera school. Now we have tweaty* sevea ia the fifth grade. Doris Williams was oat last week with an earache. Charles Hall was out with a sore throat, In Art we are painting jars for vases. Everyoae brought old jars from home aad we have paiated them. The fifth grade is making note books of South America. First and Second Grades The first aad second grades added two new pupils to their list today, Marion Bonnet, first grade, and Leo Bonnet, second grade. ' During the moath of March the first and second grades have been doing some free hand drawing of tulips, pussywillows, kites, aad birds. Elgie Degase has been absent for several days with the meas- al Bank here, was killed IB Chicago Sunday evening, March 19, aad fuaeral services were held there Thursday morning, March 33. No farther particulars of the accident have beea received. He is survived by his wife, four sons aad three daughters. Mr. Gleason and family moved to Chicago ia September, 1926, where he took a position ia a baak there. He was a member of the Catholic church. He had maay frieada here who are very sorry to hear of his untimely death aad who extead their sympathy to the bereaved family. E. t», UughlJn S«lls Cattle 1ft Mr». Ro»e Wiman Has Operation tor Goitre Mrs. Rose Wiman who has been in Council Bluffs taking treatment aad staying with her daughter, Mrs. Vincent Slorac, is now in Mercy hospital where she was operated on for goiter Saturday morning. At 4 a. m. Bunday her son, Gene, of Shenandoah received a message stating her condition was very serious and for, ie and his sisters, Miss Anna aad Mrs, Prank Dorsey, of Imogene . Walter Angus entertained them I at a fine birthday dinner at her home last Sunday. They spent the day in visiting, then as a fitting .climax to their perfect day their daughter and niece, Gladys Brad,ley, called them by telephone from her home at Glenwood Springs, Colo, wishing them every good wish and a happy birthday. We want to add our con* gratulations also and wish them maay more happy birthdays. Mr, and Mrs. Chaa, Kayton entertained at supper Friday evening, Ula Misses MarJorJe Taylor, Myrtle Bisden, and in Production of a Crop Oats, barley, aad wheat oftea carry maay weed seeds laciuding mustard, sow thistle, quack grass, Canada thistle, horse net- tie, ragweed, and foxtail. All of these weed seeds'can be removed by a good faanlng mill. This practice also removes the light weight, shriveled or scabby kernels which produce weak or sick plants. The scab disease attacks principally wheat and barley but may be found on oats. Severely infected kernels are always light , ,. „ „„„„. '« weight and can be fanned out. Helen Cllpaon, Milton Headerson, Testa by the seed laboratory at Miss Stewart, and Miss Cadwell, Ames this spring show that many Horace Walts, a former class- s »aip}es have low germination be- mate of qbas,, K»yto% and Miss.wuse of scab, Good seed is the Margaret Shaw of Red Oak were 8 rs t *' e P in the productioa of a week end Tiiitort at the home of "" Mr, aad Mrs. Chas. Kaytoa. Mr. and Mrs, Will Wolfe were BBW gueate Jjist Sunday at the home of Mtfa B( j,Mrs, Willis ~ of Rock Island, III, Sunday evening she was still in a very serious condition but showed a slight gain though not much' of a change was expected before Monday. Henry Ayer wat bwn at we. Rhode Maud. July as, 18«. and departed this rffe at nls ho«re fa oaftftmd, ttarea «4. 1948, age efgntjNrf* yeatt, seten months, aad twenty-stt «*y*. He was the eldest ef rt* cMMrea of John atd Matilda Ayef, four of whom survive Mia and afe as follows: Bwa of Anfora, William of Lyons, Peter of wans*, one statfef, Mrs. Lavina Rhineborh, of Brunswick, all of Nebraska, one sister preceded him to the heavenly hofte ha** lag died ia early childhood. He was united In marriage to Miss fitteabeth Ellen De Bolt. free, il, 1886, In Licking county, Ohio, and iooa afterwards moved to Illinois where they resided till 1889 when they came to towa and located oa their farm west of Henderson, to this union were born three children as follows: Charles H. of Carson, Joha M. of Henderson, Mrs. Mae M. Ronsh of Nora, Nebr. They resided oa their farm till the wife aad mother was called to her heav- ealy home oa Jan. 25, 1906. Then the home was broken, Mae moving to Nora, Nebr. to reside, her father accompaaylag her. He' united with the church maay years ago. He was a good neighbor aad a kind friend to all he came in contact with. He loved his home aad home SUN rouadiags. Oa Jaa. 8, 1916 he was ualted ia marriage to Mrs. Hattie Bur' her who with the children and stepchildren survive him aad who has given him the best ol care and attention any wife and mother could give. He leaves to mourn his departure his wife, childrea, Charles John, aad Mae, bis stepchildren, Friday Hep. E. P. Laughlin and daughter, Lucille, and V. M., , ,, Saaer drove home Thursday eve-1 nelgnbol> * ftd * kln * aing from Des Moiaes, Mr. Laughlin being excused from his duties there to attend the sale of his thoroughbred Polled Short* bora cattle at the tale ia South Omaha Friday. A tea month old male calf took flrst prize in his class and was sold to Gus Sum- nick of near Waterloo, Nebr. Mr, Bumnick aad family were the ones who eatertalaed President aad Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt when they were oa their campaign trip to Omaha last fall. The Snmaicks plan to visit the White House this summer. Mr. Laughlin, Miss Lucille, and V. M. Saner left early Monday morning for Des Molnes to be on duty at the morning openlag. George Houts of Shenandoah bad business in this locality last Thursday. Paul Delehant spent a few days last week with friends in Shenandoah. Darrell Costello is visiting in the hoaie of his uucle, Floyd Gee. Mrs. Charley Stilley aad SOB, Clareace, drove to Olarinda Saturday where Clarence represented, the Golf schooj in the. Page There HENDERSON Died jfi Oakland tfeftfy Ayef , the father of John Ayef of this tfctMty, died at his home in Oakland the last of the week, fhe funeral was held Bnn- day In Oakland. He was past 90 years old. .The Jolly Eight Bridge club met Tuesday evening with How- j ness. condltioas three schools were aot represeated. First prise ia writ- tea spelling was won by a Clar- Inda boy and first in oral by a Shenandoah boy. Mrs. T. G, O'Connor and nephew, James, Mrs, Lew Gutschenritter aad son, John, and Miss Vonceal pool were In Shenandoah Monday afternoon on busi- Roy Surber of Chas county, Nebr., W. F .Surber of Indiana, Mrs. Georgia Farrington of Carson, Mrs. Iva Martin of Oakland, Lloyd of Emerson, Nebr., Harry of Lamor, Nebr., one grandson, four granddaughters, three great granddaughters, brothers and sisters, other relatives, and maay friends. Funeral services were held at the Church of Christ, Oakland, Sunday afternoon, March 26, 1933, at 2 o'clock. Interment in the Macedonia cemetery, Eye Handicap a Cause for Trouble The youngster who is restless, always looking out of the school room window and frequently get **fl]f lnfrHajjplMl.l.t*. . CTJ...HCT 4. Mr, Mrs, Wjlsoa a«4 daughter.,Mrs4'8d JfUfel, were day, last Mr. and Mrs, w«l Bradley Monday gains * er f to . up to the Jtebery f w a haby cMcks, Ray gen, Ke^eth cf Q| lik s er« will he Another practice which is of great value is seed treatment before the grata (s sowa, Covered smut aad stripe of barley, stink, tag smut of wheat gad the smuts of oats are common to Iowa and can be controlled by seed treat» meat with chemical dusts. The experiment station has not only will found treatment control these diseases, out it materially increases the Flew tejtj, in jss? and showed that Cerejas «««B?d the yield of barley from the itb o.f Jwly,J.f«ttP to twenty-two JWT <a»t, M $ the yield of oats ewryiai only five per cent smut was increased ard Minnick, Ladies' high score was won by Mrs. Wendell Stuelke and Harry Comstock and Wendelle Stuelke tied for the men's score. Mrs. Minnick served a two course lunch assisted by Miss Anna Maude Abbott. Mr. and Mrs, Eddie Gutschen* ritter spent the week end with Mrs, Gutschenritter's mother, Mrs, Carrie Head, Ed Collins, our druggist, is giving the inside of his store a new coat of paint. E, 0, Westenburg of Emergon was in this locality last Thursday doing griadlag witft.bis portable grinder for several farmers. Vincent Gutschenritter of near Coburg came Tuesday evening and spent the remainder of the week with MB parent* and his sister, Mrs, Ed Maber, and fam* »y. Dornnio Martin Jr, and George NeWt ere eenriag on the Jury in this weefc Tommje Conners aad Edward drsve ta Pasha Thursday to attead the funeral of a |Q W to, twnnty ner Wh8»t carrying svw §Q per seat stinking snjut when treated with either copper carbonates or Cerer BBR gave an. iapretaae Jn, yield Of BWrty 80,0 m wit. Tfee gerwtoa, tiew of much barley can he ma, fsrially incr*ftse4 ^j, year j, y trefttweot with. Cereaan. Tfle eoat of trestment varies from five to par bUSheJ. t a u&e is dust; 8 o». p,er bushel H ttlless bayjeyi Use cop &e r cay, | oa. per UualveJ. Use Ceresftn or Cproui m eftl*j t USA bffe friend, failing Tommie Martin who was oa the sick list the past week returned to school Monday. Howard Mtnnich left last Thursday for Leavenworth, Kan. where he has employment. Sheriff's Sale BY VIRTUE OF AN EXECU* TION directed to me from the office oMhe Clerk of the District Court of Mills couaty, Iowa on a judgment obtained in said court, on the 23rd day of February, 1933, ia favor of L, A. Aadrew, Supt, pf Banking Receiver of Iowa State Saving Bank Malvern, Iowa,. as Plaintiff sad against Nellie Aistrope Frit*, as Pefen* daat, for the sum of |2,U3.49 aad costs, taxed at $149.48 aad accruing posts, j have, levied upon the fojlowiag described Real estate situated in Mills county, lows, taken as the property of said pheasant to satisfy said troubled with some eye handicap, declared Dr. B. Franklin Royer, Mfs. C. H. Amide and Hazel Rtggle went to Tafklo, Mo., Wednesday taking her daughter Alice back to her school work. Mfs. Victor Norton last week received a bouquet of Calla lillles from her parents who live ia California la honor of her twenty* fifth wedding anniversary. They had been grown in their own garden there. Janet Houser has been ill for several days. C. H. Amtck was a business caller in Chicago a few days last week. Mrs. Jane Darnell of Omaha who celebrated her birthday last Friday with open house received quite a few presents besides lots of bouquets of flowers. The day aad those remembrances were enjoyed very much by her, Art Allensworth and family, Floyd Stephens and family and Mr. and Mrs. Den Gayer were guests Sunday in the Nora Orav- itt home. Mrs. Oravitt returned home with Mrs. Gayer for a vis- It. Pauline Brown has been tak- lag care of Pauline Smith, daughter of Elmer Smith who lives near Wales. She has beea very sick for over three weeks with the flu which settled la her head She is better aow, Mr. aad Mrs. Hugh McSweeney attended the funeral of Henry Ayers in Oaklaad Sunday. Art Phelps was a business caller ia Omaha Wedaesday. The members of the Bridge ub were entertained Tuesday afternoon in the Fern Gravltt home. At the close a dainty luncheon was served. Mrs. Mills and son of Silver City have been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Leslie Aliens- worth, several days. Mr. and Mrs. Zell Bolton of near Oakland visited Mrs. Belton's father, Joe Edmoadson, and other relatives here Tuesday. Mrs.. Perkins and son, Dan, of Macedonia moved over a week ago into the Addle Bolleau property. Mr. Perkins will operate a truck. After the business session of ilng the time was spent in work- lag a jig-saw puzzle. Later Medical Director of the National, lunch was served by Addle Boll- Society for the Prevention of | eau and Margaret Harbpr. Blindness, In a recent address at | Mrs. Roy Viner and daughter, rtapids, Mich, before the I Mrs. Herbert Stephens, visited relatives in Glenwood the flrst of the week. Mrs, Emma Workman returned home Sunday from a visit of two weeks with her son and family at Glenwood, The WesUHalf of South- Ifejf of sottthTWee-t Quarter yery S thte writiBf, He in gra4»aiiy Art Greea and fgmliy ajre ing tenant bouse to a farm three mUes west ftwr Mrs, s. 8. wiers in Q!en,woe4 vlsUIng her »n4 son, Rejso to Sfeen&ftdQaa yisttjng his mother aaa ststere. at the biggest sftawa ft f the Jell bera Frtd§y, ?fea ftloioat a» f M t M it «a4 ftiftde very b«| vwy few cars were o,ut Ma»y eawe to c^oii in m uujKta ttftd wt* mm i*4 m -- a m Qw»rter iSWH ) of Sectioft Seventeen (17) Town^ Ship geyeaty-One (JJ) Rajjge ef Michigan Education Association. Upon correction of his visual dif. acuities he said, it is generally easy to interest a child in his studies. Doctor Royer went on, as qupt ed in a press bulletin Issued by the Society as follpws: "The youngster who is inclined to have headaches and digestive disturbances, and who. is continually nervous, may be suspected of having too great an eye handicap to overcome without scientific aid. "In addition to glasses, there are ether aids for the school child, such as correct posture while at study, intermittent pe* riods of eye use for near and dls^ tant vision, safeguarding of the eye from ppsslble congestion from faulty posture at wprk er play, maintenance pf general nutritipa. and a check up to see that the protective measures instituted at schpol are appreciated, under- stpod, and Pbtaiaing alsp in the home. "Fortunately, science has made jt possible to correct the two ma* Jor faults of the eyes — farsight, edness and near-sightedness — with very simple procedures. A convex lens is used to correct far* sightedaess, while a poncave lens is used ~ A. i. Harbor and Mrs. Pearl Barber and daughters, Leora and Marian, and Mrs. Hall weffr Couacit Slnfto callers Thursday. Mfs. Cora Maynes and son, Ma- Hon, who have beea living ifi Gflswold have moved to Cafson. Mfs. Maynes is a sister of Otf* Farrington. Harry Clark and *.fe of near- Carson were visitors In town Tuesday. They like their new to* cation real well but Mrs. Clark hasn't been very well. At the M. E. Ladies' Aid meet- Ing Thursday they had two qntlta oa display that they had Just completed. They were both very pretty. A luncheon was served by Mfs. Waldo Edmondson and Mrs. Ivan Fisher. Mrs. Marry Paul's Sunday school class gave a history of the flag at Sunday school Sunday morning which'was very Interesting and greatly enjoyed. Will Fritcher had the mis tor- tune one day last week to get one of his fingers hurt In a corn shelter while shelling corn. Marian Keaat and family of Macedonia visited in the Mrs. A. P. Creamer home Saturday. Mr, and Mrs. Fiddler of Red Oak visited their daughter, Mrs. Blaine Parker, and family last week. Nick Simmons of Council Bluffs visited his brother Jim and family most of last week. Reva Goodnight spent the week end with Elaine Small. Beginning next Sunday evening the services at the Methodist church will begin at 8 p. m. instead of at 7:30. Keep this ,chaage in mind and attend the services. Several from here attended the bridge benefit held In Emerson Monday evening. Pearl Mercer and son, Marlln, visited relatives in Macedonia Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Penwell of near Morton's Mills visited in the Jud Coppock home Sunday. Mrs. Coppock returned home with them for a few days visit. tl for the next fl 5 months of THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY M &KB the moat of your reading hours. Enjoy the- wit, the wisdom,-tba- companionship, the charm that have made the ATLANTIC, for seventy-five years, America's most quoted and most cherished magazine. Send 91. (mentioning this ad) to The Atlantic Monthly, 8 Arlington St., Boston COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF THE COUNTY AUDITOR n* ,,,• »i, ln .u M y is Count y- Glenwood, Iowa, March 10, 1933. On this the 10th day of March, 1933, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of March 6th with all members present and acting. The minutes of the meeting of March 6th were read and ap- Bu, The following claims were allowed: S. V. Cooney, boarding prisoners—County Fund S 134 40 W. S. DeMoss, mileage—County Fund __.,.__ 118.10 Frank Alexander, provisions—County Fund Dr. Q, M. Agan, medical aid—Poor Fund K, A. Baker, provisions—Poor Fund — - CitlsenB Power & Light Co., services old ladles proved. Poor Fund 2.80 5.50 6,68 3.97 Dr, Edgar Christy, medical aid— Poor Fund __ ......... 71 00 N. W, Colling, provisions— Poor Fund __»___„ _____ .__ R. W, Davis, provisions— Poor Fund ____ . _______ ._ Dr. Ward De Young, medical aid— Poor Fund ?' W A,fiS# a ' rent °W todies home— Poor Fund— ——I ™. Provisions— Poor Fund B, E. Goodrich, provisions— Poor Fund 9.43 o.oo 7.00 20.00 17.01 2.60 3.00 17.06 hospital'services^-Ppof Fiind°—iril 4is!25 Provisions— Poor Fund -,— ?J' r?i'. W ' ^ ftrmrft »* »!<Hcal aid—Poor Fund ,^,,~, ---la. Children's Home Society, care of Cbas, Long— Poor m * Dr. Kline & Kline, medical aid— Poor Fund Ker Tw§Bty (go) Township (H). ef of 9wasJ»l» safl also Jtorth*Ki|lf Quarter (71) Range Fwty-Qne (|j,), And the Narth %iJ of All 1* JftWft, iu However, cbildree having Vstig» matism together with other eye faults are the children most apt to suffer from eye strain; they are, incidentally, the children [least apt tp dp well in school." I —-—^rc7T~~JTXF—JJ 1 -' --,—- ~ The man who bit.» wprjn in s plug of chewing tobacco has won a judgment for $800 damages. Evidently the worm wasn't repre* seated in the case, — • - Courler-Jpurual. Son, provisions old ladies home— Poor Fund — Meat Market, provisioas old ladies home— poor Fund ..... _._.!_.: There are over three people on all tlie public of whom almost a mlliloa draw tUelr existence from the Federal government, but there are qjuly two million people who pay income Uses, a ratio of u wolf and a heir, or Hulf a wolf, to the way you tiguro It, for <^ Colonel it, jj. Ia v, few vrevks «uw w0 way tw irtl w bet bar Adolf Hit- to in really u HtattwRMHk oc ju*t Geo, E, Masters Trustee, rent--rpaor Fund'— ____'! Yerner J. Scott, milk old ladies home—Poor Fund —— Hoyer Hardware, supplies, Co, farm—Poor Fund — Bradley Variety Store, supplies, CP. farm—poor Fund -,. Citizens Power & Light CP,, services, Co. farm—Pppr Fund Farmers Cash Store, provisions, CP. farm—ppor Fund ,~ Gleawoo4 Lbr. $ Coal Co., coal, Cp. farm—Pppr Fund — Kier & Son, provisions Co. farm-r-Popr Fund Klempp Meat Market, provisions, Co. farm^—Poor Fund — Morgan Bakery, provisipns, Co. farm—Poor Fund 0. W. Stpwe, repairs, Co. farm—Poor Fund , A. 0. Trively, grinding feed, Co. farm—Poor Fund 15.00 24.70 1,40 7,70 78,70 3.00 6,20 1.20 1.85 15.00 8.26 158.84 28,53 1.55 7.00 9.25 Otto Judkias,' CP. freas^ McCartuey T levee""tax*-rr_I-ZIII 43l!s4 Otto JudWas, CP. Treas., Pony Creek ditch tax 351.98 Ottp Judktns, Co. Treas., Mills Fremont ditch tax ._ 34.02 Otto Judklus, Co. Treas., Peny Creek ditch tax—Construction Fund _ _ .._ 40,33 T, B, Martin, mileage— Construction Fund 33 3« Maintenance Fund, journal vouchers—Construction Fund 1,70880 The Burglary and Robbery Policy No. MB 1163 of the Fidelity ana Casualty Company, insuring the county treasurer, wan approved. The official bond ot Chaa. Kayton, assessor of White Cloud Township, was approved. The i-luims of WUllutn IleUi and Etull Royslpu for soldiers' exemption \voru approved. The appalii'Uueetit of Ward L. FU-kel us cleric of Amlorsou Township was ai ' iur.v bU K. ,»,,• » v herott«. W. K. Aguu, uierotwr of the Uoui-tl of MilU i'uuutv, lowft, liftst fllyd a innv bund, taking uffovi on J .mi 1, I8JU. ttui Board UwraUy aireeN the County Auditor • • imtliv Hd^lity ttwi llo|K!»lt Ceiupauy af Maryland that th,> '.umi ,,r W Assut, K'q. S4«iUtt!ia b« termhtaterf snw of Juumn-y i iu;i;i On roll e»U (ht> wwufcora vwtoa «H follow,;' ,\yn«; Aauti, ti;.w, aud l|)(Jl«>. Nftyti: Nuuu, The hu^ytMU) »f »be i*Ctf« «xpttu«« u' ih« Oaimty Audlun-. , OftttttU- Rse&wler, Olwk o? >»i» UUUU't CKmvi, t',»uuty Shvntt Ku-

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