Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 17, 1928 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1928
Page 4
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1?AGE iFOm. THK lOLA DAILY KEGISTIMI. TUESDAY EVE NINQ , JANUARytlT, 1928 roiA DAILY REGISTER ChMS. F. SCOTT Eiitt>r<fl at the tola rn^lntlice • StM ^ond ClaFs Mattpr. Teiephone 18 ^Private Branch Kxrhaii(?r<' Conijcctliie All Deparmifinsi. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By C'arrier in lola. Gas it 'lty, I^Harpe . ; • and Bass.-tl. On« Week 15 Cents Oni- Month' 7« Cent." Ont- V -ai •• JT.SC BY MAIL Outside Allen County One Y«ii J5.00 8lx MomKs ,...»2Tf Thrr-e MoiithK ; »1.5(' In Allen County ttne Y«-ar UM Six MonihM 'J'hivf. Month J1 .2B One Month Member of— National Editorial Asiociatlon. Kansas Press Association. The Kansas-Daily League. Audit Bureau of Clrculatidn, Press Congress of the World. tJfHcial Paper City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper "Allen County. MEfUIBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. 'I'ln- Kf-KiMt-r carrlfM 111-'- A-oioi -liitcd l'fS>: P-IXTl li.V S|K-<lill wir .v Till' .Vyoil.iiiO is ix<liisiv<Iy cn- tiil'fl I" 111.. Ufif for iciiiililii-.itiiin of III! II.w tlispiiti-hi-." iT.ifiiiil III it or IK.l nili.iw,l~"j ci.dilcil ill Uils iKiiK.-r. !in>l :|i-^i> Ml.- IidMl iic«>- r 'iil 'lislKil li'Ti- In .\il titlii- r.|.iil.i;. .<iivu ai«-- rl:il iJi.s(.:il.-li ".5 li.r.iu an- ajsti n- KiTV .'.l. nible Thought for Today. . The f<i«e.s have holp& :inil lhi> hiiils ol tlip air have iK '-'its: hiil thi- Son of .MHII hatli iiol whi-re m l:iy hi.-) lieuiil.—M:ilt. S:2<). ^ <;uiXfi .4FTKK KIBUKK. • .\iiicri( a con .'iiiincs <>•! per rent ol ilif- world's siipiily ol' rnhhor anil iimiliici'H four' per i-Ji'nx^ of i(, ll Is a poriloiis .siiiiatioii aiiil tilt' woiidi -r is w liavt' not .siifl 'tTed from it iiuir>- iliaii Wf liarc Bin The ReKlMter lias been forced to believe that Prank L. Smith dis- playeil u callouA indiffeiVDce to the liioprietiP.s of public life wiien lie apceiitetl. a large contribtitida to his cainpaiKii riin<l from the liead Of a puhli<i HtiUty with which he M as oj'fifially called upon to deal. But it ivi not to be denied that as Senauir -^leet this ;iame Smith has shown a hlRh' degree of respect for.his Stale and of Ipersonal dlB- nlt}-:. He has Kteadil^ (lecliiied to tippuar arid plead for, his right to a seat In the Senate by the .sufferance either of a committee or of the Senate Itjielf. "The graclouK and lemporafy privilege of the floor /or the limited p'urpoH^ of makini: a Ktaiemont IK not the right under the {.•oji.slitnllon to which a duly elocled Senator is entitled." he said. "When illl'nolH huN been aecrrrded her riKhl. iiuti t\\v •^Va^^^ of office aiiinini.stered. I shii'll then willingly, gladly and unafraid Invite and meet by the fnllest of cooperation' any lesi of moral flt- neBK or oflicrvrlBc to' contiiuie aa lueuihci' of the; Tnited States Senate. I 'niess iitid until the rights of Iliiuoi!-' are conipiied with I can not wiihoiii deplradation to niy Stafi- waive hei^ irights." That position i.<3 .<oiind ill 'law. sound in Common .«!<:nse undsniind in dignity and self -respect. The folks who live in the big ciiies are more or less always talking about the "siicker.s" anil ihe "boobs" who come from the coiintry ::init Uie small towns.. Hut there are resiauranis in .\ew '\'oik. .Viglil Clubs" ihey call tlioui, wliere . , ,ibey juake a "cover charge." thanks in a iimp e ol our rich men I ' • ' i .1 . i • ».,r , i - luc.-iinnK liv that a ('barge oi i'lVt it is a silualion iliar is not to coii- . .• , . • , . . • Ijiisr tor leiiiiig a man sit down at t.nue Mulennilely. 1 wi. or three „i,u a phUe years a.u i. hecamj known ihat|^,^,„ ^ork. and then Harvey Firestone, tile tire manu­ facturer, had leased a million ai're .>T <Jf rubber land iii J.iberia. on the African west coast.; and had starl- e«l in Id produce rubber on a great scale. -Vow il is a^inouineil tliai Ileury iMird has oblained from the llr.i/.iliaii g(iver)iuieiit a loiieession of' helu'eeii i :!,iliMi.nilli and . t.illlll.Ollil acre.'! ul land in the Amazon valley.. iln'. nai ive Inline of the I'ara rublier iree. aud is |ilaiiiiiiiK (o tiiaki':il all over ii'ito one vast rtili: ller ;iilariiaiioii. .Actual |iriidiicflnii •will li.-Miii ill I!t.';ii on Ijie Kiresloiie Ijilaul.iliiins. and liy •ISV.'.T, the Fonl ilsiali-M iiiru'lil III liej^iii To l>i.^ ln-aril I'l'iiiii. .-III. iiiiilerraliiim il is. Kiiiil has plaeeil his \ VM wlial lio \%hii-li .\1 )i :.iid' i'iiltire a wild, iiilkliowii land eijiial in area li> ilie stales of ('<iu- neeili'iii ami Itlinile Island coni- biueil. hiia>.-ine liulniiig a way throii):!) ilie'jiiii,i;|.'S. slashing trees and laii?led unTtT'igrowt li. and finally converiin .n III.' wilderness into ail iifliiieiise. orderly farm of rubber. Here is a ira<t thai is hliiKisl -eiiiial to the coniliined ari'Jt of all the rubber plantn-itions in Ihe world. . For months Ford has been carefully laying his plans. In li 'lJG he sent I'rofessor Carl l .anie of the I'niversity of .Michigan to make preliminary surveys of the region, now the work is 10 begin, riir army, that will be sent to light the jungle will be led Kkilled let'huical men — engineers, forcilers, ^botanists, soil experts. Chemists, rjiiiway and marine 'e.\. perls. Ftr-si settlements and supply bases will be esiablished. These will be served by steamships of the Ford fleet, which will iiiake regular trips to Hit^ distri<;t,, and latei' jierhaps by airplanes. From Ihe settlements thej.voods- nii'ii will advance, leveling the forests. . Til'. ;^l .-.;.;i I.-; wiU tolldvv, nultlvating the soil, fertilizing It. lifantiliK selei'led seeds. Kncli year, as ihe lernis of \\\r cnnces- Hl(iii'^diila(e. thousands' nf trees -Will be planted, until e'ventiially the whole wilderness \yill be eoii- vi -rled into ,a fortune in lli'\'e;i • iiiblier trees. The enterprise Is' fiunllier one. of Jhe roiiiajices of A'liiericaii Imsi- charge him for a cup of coffee and other things in proportion. And there are Himilar plnc^s in Chic.-igo wliere li bottle of pinger ale and a sandwich will cost $5.(iii There are theatres and, p (i 't"ir« houses in all the cities: where a man apiilying at the ticket window will be told lliere.'is nothing but standilig'ro <im left', and then as he I urns away be will, be touched jiin "ilie shoulder by a man who »ays.\ "(•oiiie .lct;oss the Street and I will sell you ally seitt in the house yon want." which be does—at 2Tt cents 111 advance t >Yer "the regular price. Ami the folks in New York iiiid (.'hicago and the other cities stami forsthat son of robbery. They are the real suekers atiii boobs! The speech of J'resident Coolidge yesterday, opening the si.vlh Van- .Amerii'.'iJH Conference lit Havana, Cuba. Was a model of statesmanlike and Christ iaii -liKTe iiratory. He refrained with admirable modesty from so much as speaking the name of the I'nited State."* and re- Verti'd even ui the government of whiidi he is the head only to say tliht it stood ready to co-operate with all its neighbors on thLs hemi- fspher.e in the arts and works of peace. He declared that at ;this Conference all the ' nations, the least and the greatest, stood on a Iilane -of absolute equality, and 1,^., there was not a sentence in the 'eniire adilfess which might not have been uttered by the repre- .sentative of the smallest and weakest 'of the .natltins. The address cannot have failed to make a profound impression SmX must have gone far to reniojve from the minds of thobe who heard it any lingering stii^^icjon ih.-^i the "Colossutl of IN THi: HAY'S I '^V'iy- now and ibeii .1 sn-cplleil Mililiei -iir-Iortiiiie .'ipriugs up' tO' ; aiiia/e ilie world wilh his roniaii- ric advi 'iit iiies and ai-liieveiiients. One i.f \s ('.••iiera) Frank " Sntluu. au KuclicJiiuati WIKWC e.>;.• ploil!!, in China have rivale«l the mo ^t ihril'ling of tales told in film jji'' iipvel. A one-time offii-ev in , Hie Uoyal Kngineers. Sutton imll-^ ed up'slakes in the hoiiie land and' di'paried for the Far Kast iii search of adventure and fortune. He found bolli. ' FoV six years he ke^il Ihe ' Chinese civil War g<iing by organ- Iziug Ihe'arhiies of Chang Tso-lin. tilt: .\orlherii war-loiil. "Oiie-arm- _ed Siitlon." as he was known to hJs friends, made $i ;..''jUi ).<iiiii iii five years "by supplying the .N'orihem •• forces, with miitiitions. (."hang gave bini $r.(i.(llM)0 as Tt parting present. .„ Lady Luck contiiilied with him. He • Went ^o Shanghai, saw an aii- "Dounci'ineiit of a sweepstake, piir- elia.sed a ifckeli, and won $125,001). Kow tjieiroinantic adventurer has AOVANCEfi STYLE Hi WHITE'S CARS SELLING ACTION LESSENED TODAY Prices Move Moderately Upward During Trading Number 1 (I'liiitiniieil from PiiRe One) He was three of FallsburgH, New York, held for iiiAcs -tiga-tion. Fisher was arrested alter i men said Ihey had <.li-ervei| him lading Mispiciously al a fhe bo .x in ilie Kckingiou sei'iion where a • grain elevator wa.t burned at .\c\T York. .Ian. IT. -Sel!- j .-o„rtli and Q streets, northwest. ^ ing, pressure was lilted from to-; („|„.,. fj,.,.;, '^.^re at tlie Wool- day-s .slock market and pnces j i.(,,n,j;ylvania Avenue between .Ninth iind Tenth moved up "niodVralely. I Trading, however, showed a marked reduction in volume, than i .iKHi.iiiiti shares changing hands in the first lliree hours. KxceiiT'ror the- re-' ported 'struggle I 'lir iiiiiirol iif the: l^lligh Valley Hailroad. which was without market «'ifect. there were | no business developments of Jiii-' poriance during the <lay. | Corn Prices lllglier. -Chicago. .Ian. 17. lAl')-I'ersisl- ent .sipecnlaiive buying based largely on nn.seasoiiably warm weather tending lo hinder \\u\ movement' of the corn crop led t»> higher p.rlces today, for corn. Alay delivery of com reached tlie topmo .st priie since the middle of DMem- ber. -Corn e.xport business today wa-t e.s-iimated at as high as ."inii.iiiMi bushels, and the trading basis at the Ctulf of Ale.\ico, wasl cent up with sales It ."i ceiKs over Chicago. K:insiis City jlay, Kansas (*ity. .Ian." IT., i API-Hay unchanged: recei|ils.!•!• c:irs. Kaii<ii»<i Cty I'ritdnce. Kansas City, Jan. • IT. (AIM — Poultry: Heavv hens. :;(i'-jc: .spring.s. 22«/2Tc:' turke.vs. T.'.niXW. Other producf unchanged. .•<ireets. a nuinlM-r of jiroduce stores near Center Market a little more than a 'block away. .\ grain store yji H strwt. northoiist. near tlie ii'iiloi: .s'tation viaduct and a lumber yard at Fourteenth ami W s'rj'< i.s. in Ihe northeast residential lii.sirict. Che<k-ii |)s revealed no fataillies ill any of the blaxes. although a seore of firemen were ovi rconie when a gas main 'broke . in the U'oohvoriii store, the first blaze in the Series that kept a continued proi'i.-sion of fire-fight lug equipment running over the city for more than nine hours .oiid started ten piece.* of apparatus over the Jong. 10-mile run from Baltimore. • Firemen from the Maryland cily, beside -s aiding in c'onibatting two of the fires, were placed in vacant fire, houses in various sections for prote<'tive purposes. The police department threw an einergen|cy fofce into every section of the city to run down any .suspe<'ts. while a score of^others were placed on guard at large in- dustrta'i ptants. lumher .vards and other establishments to foresitall any other possible fireei. Fisher was aiTested at a 'home I near 'Walter Reed hospital after Kiiii>^:i >i Cllv Cniin. j he had lieen trailed there on an Kansas Cily. .Ian. IT. , A P(-- ""'"'""bile n4in»ber tip. . Wheat, recteipis .IS cars: iin.lianged \ Po?"-*" » clieck-up of his to 2 cents lovVer: .No. 2 dark har.l • P-''^' record lo .see if he had been *l.DS«f?1.65''.; -No. .-! .<i ;.-,.!fi l.r.O: \ implicated in any ar.son cases here .No. 2 hard 'il.2Tir/ I.^.T: Xo. :! .«i.2.". i f'allsburgrh. (T/L .-I.T: .NO, 2 red S1.4T: .No. .'i : •'^" inspection of the burnert ?1 .40>^. " ' i a""''"** Clc*e. .May ? 1.35'.J : .liily .?1 .207,;,. Corn, receipts. IIT cars: toj 1 cent higjier: No. 2 white .Sl-^fri K2',ic: -No. :! T9<r ;Sl'.:.e-: .No. 2 v.^1- of the showed lhar the fires had done several hundred thousand ilollars damage. Four minor fires liroke out after nine o'clock tlii.s morning, im-lnd- I lag one at the Hungarian legation. low S4W.S4'.c- -No :! si'?/S2'''^c: ""R one at ine nungarian legation. No. 2 jui.\cd '<t<>-.'''.si'.»c: .No. .JiTi' ''"t r*'s"lti'd lit great loss. (T/'SOV.c. I'olice later said that Fisher ad- cino..' Mnv SR,.- till." ssu.i- 1 milted visiting several of tJie firef. the,North'- has purpose thai^ to at out the entire World and particularly lhri )Ugho |ul the We 'stern lieiiiisphere. [my other plan or [iromote jieacu a.iiil prosperity and good will through- Close. May Sfic: .lulv ssu.c. i mined visiting several of tJi< (lais. receii.t.'i I cars: iinchangea-i•*'"« "1"-' -^1"'' to if.chigher: .No. 2 v.liiie C.ti'..:..; ' No. ;» -t'l: ; .Milo maize $1.40"!? l..',n. Kafir. Jl.'iUil.TS. live, fill lie, Hailev. .<lc. Af;tr long grilling he was turn- cii ov (T to the district attorney's office for further qjicstioning. .The wonders ijf the radio again were iliiistruied| .yesterday mnm- ing when, l'resid<'ni MachaUo. oi' Cuba, and I'resliient Coolidge, of the I'niied SliileH, speaking from I hi" same platform in Hiivann were Slates. «jf Mu- hiiii-d all over the Fnlted liieidcntally thej Knglish cliado was as faultless and its frei friiiii acieiil as thai of Cooliilge. -A good deal more than incideni ally; il wa.'i a remarkable occasion, tiiie never liefiire iiiatched in the AVi-sterii world.' this; bringing lo- r;etlier of Ihe chiefs Of two natiops to address words • of amity and good will to the representatives of twenty other nations. It was such a .scene as iiunitit olil Havana in all her :'.t>*> years of history, never has seen and is liot likely to see iigaiii. "1 know what life is. I want lo know what death is like. "Thui wrote a boy of 2.'! before commitv ting suicide. Me knew ' what life was like up to 23. Hut what rtii^ hi.' know about what It was like at Vi or 4:! or fi.'! or S.I? And sinc^ he was to be dead all the rest of the time why could he not have experimented with life a while longer? His logic wa.s fauFty.' 'The ItaMan Airmail, 'Major de •returned to. England^ with. hla' bu'ig-! B«>rMrdi irij -Jngj-eeently at Venice, lnit^ntir «B : I ^ *" re^hed tW aiwizlng speed Of good heavii>s held .higher: bulk fed steers cligibb' to sell aroiitiil $12'i7 I."..2.'.: veal top $11. Sheep: '4.imO: Iambs, generally strong to 1.5c higher: sheei) are .-te ;iily: inp wooled lambs. 12. SU; others $12.2."><rrl2.7.'>:; dipper!!. .«lii.i ;o<r/ jii.T.'i: shorn .veiirling weth- Kausas^Sly l.lveslock. Kansas Cily. .Ian. IT; (Al'i —(!'. P. Dept. of .Agriculturci—Hogs: 21 .itl"i: liciive, uneven.' mostly Hi (f (20<' lower than Monday's average: .'<toik pigs wi-ak to 2ric lower: | crs *.:"(;!i..In: lop ewe«) $T. pai'ker iiip isV, on 22 .''.'<i.".iiu-lbs.. , bulk .desirable i;m-lhs. up. *M5».S .1.".: , i4<l«( l«."-lbv!,. $7.."i0if(7.!iu: packing; sows. Jii.'iii'^i T. I"; stock liigs $T'ff ; T.T 'i^ C.;itlle: lii.uilii: ealvi-N l.r.iili: bel-i ter gfiidi 'S I'ed steers l'l,illy .sternly: ' others slow; she sinek steady to; .strong: spot.s .slightly higiier on I desirable cows .•iiid heavy heifers: \ bulls njlil vea!er.< steady lo Weak: slockers and I'eeiKrs sirnii^: gmid iuediiuuiwitiehi itccrd. eitrii". ^SlQ.Ta \ - I OF 6/^ CIlT l ,ndl«'s» .\U\ %fets .\H .|»ay Wi-dnes. dnj^ i -lloll (('eiienil. Chun-h KU'ciiuu tVednesdaJ- nlurht. ; ' Per 'Oiiiil Items. The l^uHes' day m«reting •I.Mrs. A. F. HoUen.l (;.A.s''CITY. Kaiis.. .fah. 16.—Mrs. C. (J. Peterst^n of lolij spent the day Tiiursdu • with :^Jrs. H. \V. <'haney\ ; .Mrs. I»ttie fKinmun of fSiirlini^ton. Kjansas, was an afternoon \i»W>T. Chanute Banks Mer|t^ed ; By Directors Todiy Cli'anute. Kan.. .Ian. Ifi. HAP)— The *^)ples Home State b^nk and ihe Bank of Commerce were nierg- 1 ' J -ni HiT J » i ''d here toda.v. forming the Peoples iraason ana £<ssex Moaeis i Bank of Commerce. v,ith a&sels of More Beailtiflil ' i*le=i«i>.Otin. The nierged bs^nk has mu-• -T : capital of $1011.00(1 and surplus of . iniS 'lear .Sl:-,.(100 eash. $500,000 sight e.x- r- change and $"00,000 of bonds. Advanced style is the outstand-: -N. S. Jones is president! of the ihg change in the new Hudson-,new bank: H. C. Bodley an<J W. H. ^aaex. Uile of cars recently Intro-• Riley. vice\presidents. and William need and now on display by the;:(iough. ca.shier. The directorate Ilud White Motor Co.. 221 South • Includes directors of both banks. Washington. These new cars are Headacii7.biSoni.cbnBtipatedI Tafc* fR-NATtlKE*S KBXEXfr—tacigbX This i^dia, mte, veseubleremady wiU^vejrou teeliijgfiaei by morning, fmiyitmy^ fistt, thoransji iMwel aetioa «ifib6at,» liiirti ttt gijpjng or discotTrfort. OnljrtSe.-: TONIGHT THE FOUR . IOLA . DRUfeOIST^ Birikingly improved in »tyif and, Meauty. The price of the fcUifse-x four-door t dnii is reduced $40. and is the! ly six' cylinilen four-door sedan ' sjelHng lielow $.soo. On most of the i *|ars in the line, however. thcjTe | no jn-ice change; oiKt or twoi Have been advanced in price. , E.*sex is iiow equijiped wiih Heii- ix 4-whe"! brakes and ii heavi-erj nti-friciioii .stt;i;riug gear. Hud-. !^(m frames have t-wo tubular cro^.^ iiembers'. a."* well as Hud- Ion, now has the.Klei 'tro-lo <'k anil j laieft device. Both car.s continue i ^leir high compression, high effi- : iency motor.o. ' \ The new line offers a varietv i off inodelsi —io closed cars imniedi- ' tely,' with additional oyeu au <l sjport type 'cars to be ready for lie spring and summer s<>a.son. i liotii Hudson and K.ssex cars'; ave higher and more slender j rj[i(lia]lors. Both have new. .sculp-; iired radiator ornaments of Cla.=-'| c die.sigli. repres^-nting ficetne«s. . otomerers have been removed to ; ijie dash. Both cars are fitted with , :'ad ilamps of Colonial design and : ith i?ad (Ue lamps of liko design, (luntprt on the cowl. i For silence as well as strength ; tlie doors are built, of three lay-i of stamped steel, wiili f.»!i iiiid fibre lioaid .saiidwiciied in as ^ound [joy ybiir food— '<jas it nourishes your body If yoJnr appetite U not keen y*u owe It to yoiir»^lf lu lake S.S.S. r«sul;irly before facli jnvaK II will give you w good uppelittt. In these days of fast competition, only full-blooded, j-obust healthy i>eople. can keep to the Iront, and success comes td those Avho have the snap, vigcj- aind magnetism that go with a jvhole- .eoiiie, healthy life- i Don't despair because 'others ioijpc ahead of you. Star^ right now lo regain tJie health -which will help S'du progress. A hearty appetite will restore your ejiergy, buud you up and give you "'pep." Thousands have bene^ted-them- selves and kept their bodies in good repair by occasionally taking ft course of S.S.S. It helps Na- tuic build up ned corpuscles and it iniprtive.s the processes by' Which the Uxjy is nourished, . : S.S.S. is time tried and reliable. It is made from the roots of fresh herbs and plants and is prepared in a scicntiiic way in a niodera la'ooratory. S.S.S. IS sold at all good drug stores in two sizes^. 'fhc: Iwger size is more economical. ' Aid will have an alV j ,,,27 Ihe • • '' five been taken similarly around ' e door !ock.«*auiI a silencing pad ; j «-.|inented insifk^ llie cowl. In the 1 c istom built Iwdies the con.s-truc-1 V on i.s of hammered aluminum ; speets over harihvood frames. This ; iiminnm cons(ru<'tioii is said to s <V 'e the weight of one i)assenger. Rear quarters are covered with • li^ndau leather. | The (iresent daily total of ctirs biilt is the largest for this .time year, in nudson-l':ssex history. ' ho new models are introduced.' after the most sucee.'ssflll year the ;' company has ever enjoyed. 2.S0.O00 \ cars hein-g maniifactiireit during j IMCXI'KNSIVK M.\RKERS We make iiii-iiiorials, raonn- iiienis and markers lo me >f all lieiiiaiids. Simie of llii-se, while ofTdiive and approprial*), are price clovers- pllon The voii quite llli'.\|n.llSlVii. lli'at V.-.' will (|iiole the iiicii'rori:il. the in.scr f am! till- erect ion 011 'a aul stan- tial loiicnie foundation. You call easily ami quickly select whrii Villi desire from our ilus- • rat ions. Wednesdiiy at home of airs. A. F. Halteii. Kach lady brj'ng a iji-ih f<ir tlje dinner. .Mrs.*Edward Unssell and .Mrs. Hollen .attend|'il the funeral of Mrs. .N5 )rtoii at Carlyle Satunlay morninie. J ! .Mrs. Pi^arl ifo <ire auiji Mrs. .lohn 1 Foster jrfj loU^' weri^ Friday, atter- iKwn visitors lat the li«yme of .Mr. and .Mr »t. H. W. Chane.r. Thur-jday night. Januar.v I 'J, at the clojie lOf the mid-week service the gerteral church election will be held and all hiemberti are urged to be present! All who are-in-i terested are welcome. .Afr, a |Hl .Mrs. Joe Brundage and two ftonp. Albert. Lynn and Junior, ami Mr'j Perr^ Abbot motored 10 ' .Nevada. Mo., last Priilay night. Mr. and :^rrB. Sherman Dickerson and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ham-! ikon attended jthe funeral of .Airs, i Norton •at: Broiisoii Sunday afternoon. .• : • ' i Mr snid Mi*s. Eilwa.rd Ru.s^^ell > (spent Sjinilay iit the hbnie of Mr. and 'Mra-. Orange:CTICe»ofJola Khiwns llriitt Store. Neiv liowttii.ii, HIS K. Mudisiin. Firsi; ItiMir Kasf til' ] IMinne ITIi, t YOUR case Of PILES !« no difTrrent from othcn, wid if etbm have obuaird mbsolut* relief by uiiiiK PAZO OINTMENT. M can yoa. K»ny dn«(ut »«U. VAZO OINTIIEWT owlM- a KuanntM to cure lu-hinii. Iliind. Ulcvdlajr or Frulrwiiiitf fan. In >ut<« »i<li pile VtV. or la an tMX, 40c. Why net try it. SUPER SIX J^flf Bodies-Larger and Roomier^ NewAppecirance from Radiator toTaULight- Finer FUtinos-roHr\\iieet Braises- Higfi Coikpressiofi'Long life Motors All .\niazinuPrke THE SEDAN, 4-Doors. in two >Iade<ivf blue, wjtlicreiin atripmg, ia Urgcr and roohiicr, with form fit- tiogicaUj wider doors, rich ujihoUlery tiM appoiDtment j. •795 I Grandmother Knew there was nothing so good for congestion and colds as mustard. But the old- fashioned mustard plaster burned and blistered. Musterole pves the relief and help tliat mustard plasters gave, without the plaster and without tlie blister. t It is a<:lean, white ointment, made with oil of mustard. Gently rub it in. See how quickly the pain disappears. Try Musterole for sore threat, bron- > cbitis. tonsillitis, croup, sliff neck, asthma, neural.gia, lieadache, ci^ngestii >\\ pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbigo, pains and aches of the back or iointk, sprains, sore muscles, bruises,chiiblaiiis. frosted feet, colds of tlie chest (it majy prevent pneumonia). ; 1 - Notice THIRD LIBERTY LOAN Qilay Now Be Exchange4 For TREASURY NOTES Holders should consult their banl^ at once, as exchange privilege vfill expire shortly. Third Liberty Loan Bonda will c^o^c to bear inter eat on September IS, li ^28. .1. W. MiJLLOM Secretly of HI e rreasury. TH|E COUPE ha, widf >e3i. .iiiiplit laKgJge »p*ee in tlic rc^i drclk, iii.ii ruaible scit wlliv-lj i» ItlliLiViUltr' ; I *775. f. a.'t. Dttrcit, p.'ui'i.-i'-txcue tax\ THE COACH U longer, wider, cuomier — it "full Hue iivc-gu&cagtt Supfr-^iix, distinctive in •ppeaauK* 4j il ia practicil. «735 One look at the new; Essex Super-Six will convince \k)U that it will excel in popularity the which hafs just completed the most successful year ever achieved by a iiix-eylin<|er car. From radiator, to tail Kght it i.'' a smarter, more beautiful car than even the/Essex whi<?h preceded it. And in performance it,surpasses in shiobthne^, r<?li- ability, speed and ease 6i handling, the standard Essex owners arc so proud to acclaim.: You get an nnprc^ion of completeness and fine quality^in rJie design of every detail. ^P>onj the new pattern Colonial lights • —the higher, narrower radiator with vertical shutters—theheavy sweeping Renders—the rubber- covered rtmriing boards—the new improved steering mechanism and - the steering wheel similar in design and construction to that now used on jthe very latest and very highest priced cars—there is outstanding reason; for pride.. With all these advantages, there is also an amazing price reduction. The Sedan at $795 f. o. b. Detroit is $40 below the Sedan price of last year. 219 South Washington, lola, Kansas l8S

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